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\jjtm> ST £j& 



Class _ 










R.I. A 1905 


19 15 


President — Sion B- Smith, 450 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa 
Vice President — Henry H. McCorkle, 100 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Secretary — Howard C. Williams, 729 Garfield Building, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Treasurer — Dan G. Swannell, Swannell Building, Champaign, III. 


District I — Robert C. McCorkle, 300 West End Avenue, New York, 

N. Y., Junior Archon. Charles M. White, 716 Manor Avenue, 

McKeesport, Pa., Senior Archon. 
District II — Lewis D. Stillwell, 60 Matthews Hall, Cambridge, Mass., 

Junior Archon. Leon Fraser, 9 East 10th Stret, New York, N. Y., 

Senior Archon. 
District III — J. E. Kennedy, 708 Walnut Avenue, Fairmont, W. Va., 

Junior Archon. Otto R. Armstrong, Box 694, El Paso, Texas, Senior 

District IV — T. D. Meserve, Robinson, 111., Junior Archon. Raymond 

Pruitt, 2715 Sheridan Road, Evanston, 111., Senior Archon. 
District V — Arthur F. Collins, 229 Fifth Street, Minneapolis, Minn., 

Junior Archon. Lynn Lloyd, 425 Y. M. C. A. Building, Lincoln, 

Neb., Senior Archon. 

Attorney General — Walter L. Sheppard, 1106 Commonwealth Trmst 
Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Henry H. McCorkle, Chairman, 100 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Ora E. Monnette, 308 S. Broadway. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Harold G. Townsend, 621 New York Life Building, Chicago, 111. 
Elbridge R. Anderson, 84 State Street, Boston, Mass. 
H. Horton Hampton, 129 The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. 


The Shield and The Mystic Friend, Lloyd L. Cheney, Editor, Albany, 

N. Y. 
History, Daniel J. Kelly, Editor, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Grand Catalog, Thomas P. Ayer, Editor, John Hay Library, Providence, 

R. I. 
Song Book, Norman C. Raft", Editor, Canton, Ohio. 



AUG 30 1*15 

Dedicated to 

jRalpij Btttrettt i|aMeg 

R.I. A 1903 
who extended to me the in- 
vitation to membership in 
Phi Kappa Psi 


In offering this directory to the General Fraternity it seems 
advisable to call attention here to the various factors that have 
determined the character and scope of this edition. The size 
of our fraternity is now so great that the cost of publication 
of a Grand Catalog, in its widest conception, is almost pro- 
hibitive. Neither is it any longer possible to produce a small 
pocket directory. This edition, however, has been planned 
with regard to the second idea. The chief utility of the cata- 
log seems to be based upon the principle of grouping the 
members by locality of residence, and following that idea 
the geographical arrangement forms the main part of the 

The directory is in two parts. Part one, the geographical 
arrangement, lists the members according to residence. The 
name is followed by the name of the Mother chapter, with the 
year of initiation. Affiliating chapters have not been indicated, 
partly on account of space, and partly because the fraternity 
at large is chiefly interested in the members earliest date of 
connection with it. The address selected, when two addresses 
have been known, has been the residence rather than the office 
address. Part two is an alphabetical roster of the total mem- 
bership. Deceased members are recorded as such. Resigned 
and expelled are indicated by an asterisk, (*). 

In compiling this directory the 1902 and 1910 editions, to- 
gether with lists of subsequent initiates, have been used as a 
basis, but from sundry other sources many additional names 
have been learned that have not been recorded in any other 
printed fraternity record available to the editor. In some 
instances the full data could not be learned, but the incomplete 
entry has been included with the hope that the missing items 
will be supplied by the users of the directory. The Shield, 
chapter and alumni address lists, and college and University 
alumni registers that have been issued since 1910 have all 
been used as aids in compilation. The chapter and alumni 
lists have not proved to be, however, unvaryingly dependable, 
and the editor has been compelled to reject several of the 
revisions made on the proof sheets by alumni association 

secretaries, because of overwhelming evidence in favor of the 
original addresses. 

The editor wishes to thank the members of the Executive 
Council for their hearty cooperation. He is especially in- 
debted to Lloyd L. Cheney, Harold G. Townsend, and Joseph 
13. Sears, for their most valuable and extensive assistance. 
Thanks is also given to the secretaries of the various alumni 
associations for revision of proof. Acknowledgment is also 
made to the University of Illinois Library for placing at the 
disposal of the editor hundreds of university catalogs and 
alumni directories. 

Thomas P. Ayer, 

Editor, Grand Catalog. 
April 25, 1915. 


Inactive Chapters in italics 

California Alpha — University of the Pacific — 1881-89 

College Park, Cal 
California Beta — Leland Stanford University — 1891 

Stanford University, Cal 
California Gamma — University of California — 1899 

2627 Ridge road, Berkeley, Cal 
Colorado Alpha — University of Colorado — 1914 

1090 13th street, Denver, Colo 
District of Columbia Alpha — Columbian University — 1868-9/ 

(Now George Washington University), Washington, 
D C 
Illinois Alpha — Northwestern University — 1864 

200 Sherman av, Evanston, 111 , 
Illinois Beta — University of Chicago — 1865 

5635 University av, Chicago, 111 
Illinois Gamma — Mon mo nth College — 1870-84 

Monmouth, III 
Illinois Delta — University of Illinois — 1904 

911 S 4th, Champaign, 111 
Indiana Alpha — De Pauw University — 1865 

Greencastle, Ind 
Indiana Beta — Indiana University — 1869 

Bloomington, Ind 
Indiana Gamma — Wabash College — 1870-1901 

Crawfordsville, Ind 
Indiana Delta — Purdue University — 1901 

West Lafayette, Ind 
Iowa Alpha — University of Iow r a — 1867 

725 College, Iowa City, Iowa 
Iowa Beta — Iowa State College — 1913 

Ames, Iowa 
Iowa Gamma — Cornell College — 1868-71 

Mount Vernon, Iowa 
Iowa Delta — Simpson College — 1879-89 

Indianola, Iowa 
Kansas Alpha — University of Kansas — 1876 

1 140 Louisiana, Lawrence, Kans 
Kentucky Alpha — Kentucky University — 1865-66 

Harrodsburg, Ky 
Maryland Alpha — Johns Hopkins University — 1879 

136 Richmond, Baltimore, Md 
Massachusetts Alpha — Amherst College — 1895 

Amherst, Mass 

Michigan Alpha — University of Michigan — 1876 

Cor Washtenaw and Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich 
Minnesota Alpha — Carleton College 1883-88 

North field, Minn 
Minnesota Beta — University of Minnesota — 1888 

1609 University av, S E, Minneapolis, Minn 
Mississippi Alpha — University of Mississippi — 18 57-1912 

Oxford, Miss 
Mississippi Beta — Mississippi College — 1860-61 

Clinton, Miss 
Missouri Alpha — University of Missouri — 1869 

809 College av, Columbia, Mo 
Nebraska Alpha — University of Nebraska — 1895 

1544 Q, Lincoln, Neb 
New Hampshire Alpha — Dartmouth College — 1896 

Hanover, N H 
New York Alpha — Cornell University— 1869 

103 McGraw place, Ithaca, N Y 
New York Beta — Syracuse University — 1884 

113 College place, Syracuse, NY 
New York Gamma — Columbia University — 1872 

627 W 113th, *New York, NY." 
New York Delta — Hobart College — 1881-91 

Geneva, N Y 
New York Epsilon — Colgate University — 1887 

Hamilton, N Y 
New York Zeta — Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute — 1893-1912 

Brooklyn, N Y 
Ohio Alpha — Ohio Wesleyan University — 1861 

67 W William, Delaware, Ohio 
Ohio Beta — Wittenberg College — 1866 

134 W Ward, Springfield, Ohio 
Ohio Gamma — Wooster College — 1871-92 

Wooster, Ohio 
Ohio Delta— Ohio State University— 1880 

124 14th av, Columbus, Ohio 
Ohio Epsilon — Case School of Applied Science — 1906 

10022 Cedar av, Cleveland, Ohio 
Pennsylvania Alpha — Washington and Jefferson College — 1852 

Washington, Pa 
Pennsylvania Beta — Allegheny College — 1855 

Meadville, Pa 
Pennsylvania Gamma — Bucknell University — 1855 

S Third, Lewisburg, Pa 
Pennsylvania Delta — Washington College — 1855-64 

(Now Washington and Jefferson College), Washing- 
ton, Pa 
Pennsylvania Epsilon — Pennsylvania College— 1855 

Gettysburg, Pa 
Pennsylvania Zeta — Dickinson College — 1859 

228 W High, Carlisle, Pa 

Pennsylvania Eta — Franklin and Marshall College — 1860 

560 W James, Lancaster, Pa 
Pennsylvania Theta — Lafayette College — 1869 

Easton, Pa 
Pennsylvania Iota — University of Pennsylvania---i877 

3639 Locust, Philadelphia, Pa 
Pennsylvania Kappa — Swarthmore College — 1889 

Swarthmore, Pa 
Pennsylvania Lambda — State College of Pennsylvania — 1912 

State College, Pa 
Rhode Island Alpha — Brown University — 1902 

108 Waterman, Providence, R I 
South Carolina Alpha — South Carolina College — 1857-92 

Columbia, S C 
Tennessee Alpha — La Grange Synodical College — 1859-60 

La Grange, Tenn 
Tennessee Beta — Cumberland College — 1860-76 

Lebanon, Tenn 
Tennessee Gamma — Nashville University — 1870-73 . 

Nashville, Tenn 
Tennessee Delta — Vanderbilt University — 1901 

2016 Terrace place, Nashville, Tenn 
Texas Alpha — University of Texas — 1904 

2002 San Antonio, Austin Texas 
Virginia Alpha — University of Virginia — 1853 

Lhiiversity Station, Charlottesville, Va 
Virginia Beta — Washington and Lee University — 1855 

Lexington, Va 
Virginia Gamma — Hamp den-Sidney College — 1855-1900 

Hampden-Sidney, Va 
Virginia Delta — Bethany College — 1858-79 

Bethany, Va 
Virginia Epsilon — Randolph-Macon College — 1871-78 

Ashland, Va 
Washington Alpha — University of Washington — 1914 

4554 1 6th av, N E, Seattle, Wash 
West Virginia Alpha — University of West Virginia — 1890 

480 Spruce, Morgantown, W Va 
Wisconsin Alpha — University of Wisconsin — 1875 

811 State, Madison, Wis 
Wisconsin Beta — Racine College— 1876-77 

Racine, Wis 
Wisconsin Gamma — Beloit College — 1881 

1 125 Chapin, Beloit, Wis 




Kansas City 


St. Louis 

Los Angeles 


San Francisco 




New York 

Albany (Club) 


New York City 

New Haven, Yale Club 


District of Columbia 













Edgar Co (Club), Paris 
















Rhode Island 




Salt Lake City 

Cambridge (Harvard Club) 









West Virginia 





In this part are listed only living members in good standing, whose 
whereabouts are known. The second part consists of a list of all members, 
past and present, arranged alphabetically. 



Fickett, Harold Lord. N.Y.G 10 eng'r 1830 Arlington av 

Baker, Robert Lynn. Calif. B 13 mgr Household Appliance Co 

Banks, Herbert C. R.I. A 09 care Y M C A 

Bennett, George Horace. Wis.G 08 Jefferson Co Bank bldg 

Bennett, Horace C. Wis.G 10 Jefferson County Bank bldg 

Cocke, Charles Hartwell, Jr. Va.A 99 physician 19 14 13th av 

Johnston, Ewart. Va.A 09 1721 12th av S 

Mitchell, Paul. Pa.B 03 lawyer 

Nelson, Elbert J. Ohio A 96 stationer 

Phillips, Walter C. Miss.A 86 mfr 21 13 14th av S 

Spangler, Frank M. Ohio B 99 cartoonist 

Sutherland, William C. Wis. A 98 ass't gen supt Tennessee Coal, Iron 
& R R Co 220 Sarah av 

Swannell, Horace C. I11.D 07 salesman, Alabama Power Co 

Thompson, Winston W. V T a.B '08 18 12 S 10th 

Torrance, Gaston. Va.A 97 surgeon 1626 nth av 

Cooper, Jesse Dean. Pa.G 55 prin Centerville College 

Smith, Josiah Spencer. Va.G 60 clergyman 

Gilchrist, Malcolm J., jr. Tenn.G 73 

Garrettson, John E. Pa. A 55 mfr 

Browder, Hartwell H. T. Tenn.B 69 

Brown, Eugene Lewis. S.C.A 67 

Frierson, Samuel W. Va.B 95 lawyer 

Morgan, James W. Va.A 53 planter 221 Seminary 

O'Neal, Edward A. Va.B 93 planter 

Schuler, Everett G. Mich.A 83 

Stevens, James R., jr. Va.A 88 banker 

Johnstone, W. D. Miss.B 60 

Lockett, Powhatan. Va.A 55 lawyer 

Penett, Tames W. Tenn.B 68 

Gage, William A. Va.A 54 merchant 
Jacobs, Charles S. Pa.Z 92 adv mgr The Herald 

Baker, James N. Va.A 94 physician and surgeon 602 S Perry 

ALA,- ARIZ,— Montgomery -Tucson 

Clark, Lewis. Va.A 14 

Warden, James W. Pa.D 57 

Wiley, Robert A. Wis.G 09 R F D No 2 

Garner, William S. Tenn.D 08 

McNair, Daniel P. Tenn.D 12 

Tarver, A. S. S.C.A 60 

Wilson, James E. Miss. A 60 merchant 

Charles, William Taylor. S.CA 60 

Code, William A. Tenn.B 67 
Talladega * 

Henderson, Samuel Howard. Tenn.D 09 druggist 

Lester, Fred V. N.Y.E 87 prof math, Talladega College 

Johnson, John William. Va.B 97 



Barrett, Jesse Logan. Ill.D 05 eng'r Calumet and Arizona Min Co 

Johnston, Marshall. Kas.A 99 

Tones, William Henry Fish, Pa. A 01 gold mining 

Downey, Julian B. Calif. G. and Ind.A 89 

Wright, Frederick T. Mich. A 82 physician Calumet hospital 

Bennett, Clavton. Pa.G 88 mining engineer 

Gwin, Alonzo Perry- Tex. A 08 with Texas Co 

Meissner, Clarence Edward. N.Y.G 09 with Miami Copper Co 

Williams, Carl Thurman. Tenn.D 08 mining engineer 

Bird, Harry E. N.Y.G 10 mining engineer 

Eichrodt, Charles W. Ind.B 08 mining engineer 

Dunlop, Samuel Draper. Ill.D 07 sheep rancher 

Edgecomb, Ralph W. E. Mass. A 03 Montgomery pi 

McNeff, William W. Ind.A 79 with N Y Life Ins Co, 373 N 1st av 

Shockley, William Grant. Mo. A 09 engineer 

Winchester, Josiah. Va.B 76 lawyer 

Fisher, John Joseph. Wis. A 75 mining eng 121 Mt Vernon 

Co°:hlan, Rapier Redmond. Calif.G 05 chemist 

Swayzee, James W. Ind.B 69 mine owner 

Clinsren, Donald H. Ohio A 04 Outdoor Adv Co 100 E Pennington 

Macdougal, Daniel Trembly. Ind.A 84 botanist 

Williams, Tenney D. Calif. B 05 banker 

Willson, Thomas L. Pa. A 55 

Bentonville-Wittsburg— ARKANSAS 


Peel, Frank W. Va.A 93 bookkeeper 

Manning, Middleton J. Miss. A 82 lawyer 

Eyster, Robert Moore. Pa.Theta 11 asst supt Penn Mining Co 

Lake, Augustus W. Miss. A 57 merchant 
Eureka Springs 

Duncan, William Mark. Pa,E 79 banker 
Fort Smith 

Campbell, Rollo Wilbur Ohio D 08 lumber 
Fox Haven 

Fox, Wilfred Leonard. Tenn.D 06 mgr Elec Co 

Doss, Azariah L. Ind.A 81 

Friberg, John Thompson. Ind.D 10 245 W 12th 

Hope, Robert L. Mo. A 08 engineer 

Horner, Edward C. Va A 8c lawyer 

Lyford, Charles C. Ind.D 12 

Tappan, Robert E. Ind.D 13 727 Columbia 

West, Mercer Elmer. Ind D 15 229 Beech 

Lowny, Albert G. Tenn.B 74 lawyer 500 Main 
Hot Springs 

Holland, Thomas E. Mo. A 70 physician 

Mount, Morgan Fred. Pa.G 91 physician 

Wilfrong, Alexander C. Va.G 80 bookkeeper 

- McCain, Arthur W Va.B 11 banking 
Little Rock 

Campbell, Edward C. Mich. A 06 bus mgr Pulaski Gas Co 

Carroll, Gray. Va.A 80 and Va.E 75 lawyer 

Collins, Charles Standish. Tenn.B 68 

McBeth, Reid Sayers. Ind.A 05 asst city ed Arkansas Gazette 

McCann, William R. Va.B 95 

Martin, M. Miller. Tenn.D 11 5 Martin bldg 

Smith, William Wright. S.C.A 57 

Thornburgh, George. Tenn B 68 editor Masonic Temple 

Tipton, Henry C. Tenn. A 59 

Fakes, Turner J. Tenn.D 12 

Stuckey. M. Mart. Ind.A 74 lawyer 
Pine Bluff 

Wilkins, Virginius D., jr. Va.A 92 merchant 319 W 4th 

Applegate, J. Edgar. Ind.G 78 agriculture 

Patterson, James J. Pa.Z 59 farmer 

McCluske}*, Joseph Carl. Ohio A 94 rice planter 

Farley, John B. Tenn. A 59 

Trimble, John Dyer. Va.B 14 

Standley, Henry L. Miss. A 82 

CALIFORNIA — Acampo- Callahan 



Triggs, W. R. Minn. B 88 

Eggers, Jolm H., jr. Calif. G 03 mining 2036 San Jose av 

Horner, Edgell. Pa. I 03 v-prin Wilson School 10 13 Grand 

Levkowicz, Harold H. Calif, G 13 1204 Grand 

Wilson, Walter W. Pa.K 03 with Lewis Motor Truck Co, San 
Francisco 1801 Central av 

Foster, Chester C. Ind.B 82 
Amador City 

Tregloan, John B. Calif. A 89 

Leyburn, George L. Va.B 58 

Eckhardt, George W. Calif. B 96 cashier 

Lardner, W. B. la.G 

Anderson, Julius Hickok, Ind.G 73 cashier U S Nat Bank 501 N 
Passadena av 

Humphrey, Fred. Q. Calif. G 13 

MacMurdo, Wirt R. Va.E 73 civil etig 

Robinson, Leslie S. Calif. G 11 Box 534 

Ross, Judson P. Calif. A 89 farmer 

Brazell, James Coleman. Calif. B 08 

Brittain, Warner E. Pa. A 04 25 11 Vine 

Cherrington, Bennie Mark. Neb. A 08 Univ of California 

Davidson, Frank Pierce. Ohio B 72 Hilgard av 

Douglas, William W. Kas.A 80 cashier 2815 Parker av 

Erskine, Morse. Calif. G 181 1 La Lorna av 

Farnum, Edmund T. Calif. B 98 2627 Ridge rd 

Fredericks, Harry Lawrence. Calif. G 07 lawyer 2550 Harte 

Gibbs, Stacy W. Pa.Z 80 lawyer 1395 Tamalpais av 

Hall, Frederick Francis. INLY. A 97 consulting eng 25 Hillside ct 

Harvey, Stanley B. Calif.G 14 2520 Durant 

Hazard, Earle Lucas. Calif. G 06 6059 Harwood av 

Houghton, Harold C. Calif. B 12 Lafayette apts 

Little. H. W. Calif. G 1429 Leroy av 

McKim, Joseph L. Calif.G 11 2627 Ridge rd 

Marshall, John A. Calif.G 02 U C Dental College 2519^ Durant 

McCown, Chester C. Ind.A 97 clergyman 

Miller, Robert W. Calif. G 12 with Standard Oil Co, San Francisco 
18 1 7 Fulton 

Morrow, James W. Neb. A 95 investments 2032 Dwightwa} r 

Needham, A. H. 111. A 68 clergyman 1708 Melvia 

Newell, James B. Calif. A 89 instr history, Univ of California 
2629 Le Conte av 

O'Brien, George William. N.Y.D 85 scheme clerk, railway mail 
service 16 14 Oxford 

Perks, Albert Wheldon. Ohio B 98 2315 Telegraph av 

Rust, Edwin Stiltz. Calif. G 01 mining engr 1549 Leroy av 

Sanford, Warren F. Calii.G 11 2627 Ridge rd 

Weeks, George R. N.Y.A 84 wholesale shoes, San Francisco 3040 

White, Vallery. Neb. A 07 mining Stiles Hall 

Yerxa, Max N. Calif.G 10 

Johns, Robinson L. Pa.Z 81 lawyer 

Conover, James Milton. Pa.Z 12 instr St Mathews School 

Bagg, John Sherman. Calif.G 02 

Capay-Hanford— CALIFORNIA 


Adams, David Quincy. Calif. G oo agriculture 

Adams, William Woods. Calif. G oo horticulture 

Hiatt, Amos. Ia.A 67 

Martin, John J. Calif .A 81 clergyman 

Williams, Clarence M. Calif. A 87 farmer 

Richards, Virgil C. Calif. A 88 editor Daily Record Broadway 
Chula Vista 

i^ane, Charles A. Calif. B 07 

Jayne, Harold P. Ohio B 02 accountant, Assoc Oil Co 

Nelson, Harold M. Calif.A 86 

De Jarnatt, William Daryl. Calif. G 13 

McCord, Benjamin Freeman. Ind.B 69 farmer 

Tufts, Chester V. Calif. G 10 

Elliott, David H. Pa.G 94 physician 1337 Orange av 

Griffis, W T ilmot. Md.A 90 

Mathewson, Arthur A. Calif. B 03 retail grocer 

Von Tesmar, Frank. Ill.B 02 Star Park 

Timm, Henry R. Calif.A 89 stock raiser 

Langsdorf, William Bell. Pa.Z 83 educator 

Wingate, Oliver E. Calif. B 07 with Pioneer Constr Co 
Dutch Flats 

Nicholls, Sidney W. Calif. G 02 banking 
Eden Vale 

Lyon, William P. Wis. A 77 bus mgr Mercury Pub Co, San Jose 

Donovan, Lawrence P. Calif. B 08 automobiles 

Emerson, Thomas Henry. Calif. G 99 lieut U. S. Army Eng Corps 

Taylor, Charles W. Calif. B 01 264 Hillsdale 

Taylor, Wilder. Calif. B 91 real estate 

McFarland, Raymond D. Calif. G 02 editor Folsom Telegraph 
Fort Bidwell 

Gray, Orrin Carlyle. Wis.G 00 real estate 

Estill, John L. Va.B 75 

Graff, Chester R. Pa.H 13 410 Nielson av 

Harris, Morris Bedford. Ind.B 85 lawyer 743 Mildreda av 

Little, George B. Calif. B 10 engineer 107 Forsyth 

Little, John E. Calif. B 07 engineer Crown Constr Co Sequoia bldg 

Neely, Milton L. Ind.A 97 local mgr Pacific Gas and Elec Co 

Streeter, Milton J. Calif. B 14 1705 I 

Sanborn, George Francis. Calif. B 00 mining 

Sherwood, Arthur H Calif. G 12 

Richardson, Henry C. Calif.A 86 clergyman 

Evans, Kenneth L. Calif. B 07 

Kennedy, William Alex. Calif.A 88 
Grass Valley 

Grant, Weldon Pollock. Pa.B 77 clergyman 

Winning, Charles E. B« Calif.A 86 clergyman 

Hansen, George Dinsmore. Calif. G 08 ranch mgr 

CALIFORNIA — Hayward-Los Angeles 

Hay ward 

Satterlee, Frank Pike. Mich. A 78 physician 

Hawkins, Charles Nicholas. Calif. A 83 merchant 
Hawkins, Thomas A. Calif. G 10 
McFarland, William H. Ohio G 71 clergyman 
Rich, Ellesworth L. Calif. A 87 clergyman 
Runyan, Elgin L. Mo. A 71 lawyer 

Eastman, Eric E. Ia.B 13 
Hoadley, Russell Cowles. Pa.K 09 1633 Formosa av 


Bole, Robert Chambers. Pa.B 80 lawyer 

Le Grand 

Forrest, Curtis T. Calif. B 99 ranching 
Forrest, Newell S. Calif. B 04 ranching 

Riddle, Frank H. Ohio D 04 with Gladding, McBean & Co 


Priestly, William. Calif. G 06 horticulturist 

Long Beach 

Cate, Ira D. Calif. G 14 1205 Atlantic 

Curtis, Lewis E. Ia.G 68 clergyman 

Dunn, Albert L. Calif. G 13 1235 Elm av 

Dunn, Henry Wadington. Pa.K 12 1235 Elm 

Leebrick, Robert J. Ohio D 06 local mgr Nat Bis Co 529 W 120th 

Mason, Bruce W. Md.A 11 621 Locust av 

Middough, Miles W. Calif. G 14 247 Lime 

Shafer, William R. Calif A 85 

Simpson, Charles. Calif. G 14 854 Cedar 

Los Altos 
Hyde, William F. Calif.A 87 

Los Angeles 

Adkinson, Alvah W. Ind.A 74 clergyman M E Ch 2115 W 20th 

Allen, Winfield Scott. Kans.A 85 lawyer Title Insurance bldg 

Andrews, Josias J. Ia.G 68 1538 Shatto 

Barclay, Henry A. Pa.B 65 lawyer Frost bldg 

Batcheller, Harry C. Calif. B 14 1353 Burlington av 

Bennett, Clarence Heckman. Wis. A 82 lawyer Amer Nat Bank bldg 

Bennett, Grant Robinson. Wis. A 80 lawyer Amer Nat Bank bldg 

Blackwood, John Howard. Pa.G 89 8th and Spring 

Boothe, Earle Y. Calif.G 03 sec Commonwealth Co 332 S Hoover 

Boothe, Lawrence Warrington. Calif.G 12 751 San Pedro 

Bovard, George F. Ind.A 77 pres Univ of S Calif 801 W 34th 

Bresee, Ernest H. Iowa D 80 undertaker 1006 Lake 

Brown, Hugh B. E. Pa. I 00 broker, Hollingsworth bldg 

Burr, Frank Henry. Ohio D 96 spineless cactus industry 

Calkins, Frederic Simpson. Calif.G 06 asst mgr Merchants' Ice and 

Cold Storage Co 522 Seaton 
Carpenter, Alvin B. W r is.G 89 mining engineer California bldg 
Carpenter, Ingle. W T is.G 89 lawyer 

Carr, Chauncey Theodore. Calif.G 06 elec engr 621 1 Hawthorne 
Carr, Jesse Douglas. Calif. B 09 sales mgr Smith-Booth. Usher Co 
Cattern, Frank Addison. Pa.B 86 lawyer Washington bldg 
Chace, Amasa M. R.I.A 07 Auto Station, 12th and Main 
Chapman, George Mills. N.Y.A. 02 and Ill.B 03 814 E 3d 
Chesbrough, William Henry, jr. Wis.G 06 Hotel Figueroa 
Clark, William Andrew, jr. Va.A 96 lawyer 

Cole, Harry Arthur. Mich. A 02 oil merchant 1115 Magnolia av 
Cole, William Henry. Mich. A 88 capitalist H W Wellman bldg 
Cromer, George F. Ia.D 80 sec L. A. Mutual Fire Ass'n Currier bldg 
Currer, William J. Mich. A 80 mgr chocolate factory of Bishop Co 
Curtis, Ralph G. Ind.D 01 with Baker Iron Works 
Curtiss, Frank Homer. Ind.D 01 pres Curtiss Book Co 
Cuscaden, Alexander. Neb. A 01 journalist, "Examiner" 
Elliott, Lloyd L. Iowa A 92 banker 325 W 3d 
Ernest, Richard H. N.Y.G 03 mining engr 323 E 35th 

Los Angeles— CALIFORNIA 

, George W. Minn.B 97 
Francis, lames Haywood, ir. Ea.B 13 n- Elder *i 
Garcelon, Albert B, [1KB 98 lawyer <?.- Mason bids 
Gardiner, W illiam P. Ohio B 66 
Hammack, Daniel M. [ll.G 70 lawyer 1 44 E av 55 
Harris. Jay Butler. Mich.A 00 cons engi iaoi \\ 7th 
ii.u t, Francis D. Pa.Theta 11 civil engr [34 N Olive 
Hart, Franklin VV. ta.G 68 lawyei 5 13 Stimson blk 
! i.u es, J .nncs Sylvestei [a.< I 
Hiah, Ralph l>. Calif.G Mvarado 

Holland, John P. Pa.Z 00 broker 315 rule [nsurance bids 
Hoover, Clinton i>. Pa.E 80 Bradbury bldg 
Hopkins, Howard Corwin, Pa.B 08 civil en Fargo 

Hopper, George L, ECans.A 08 advertising 1124 S Harvard 
House. Edwin L., jr. Kans.A 98 vocal teaching Blanchard Hall 
1 1 iiiupin c\ s\ iiic. 1 'mis King. Kas.A 03 real estate 1 -• 1 W ith 
[ngram, fcarl C, Calif. B 09 with Examiner 
Janeway, G, Harold. Ohio D 06 lawyer Title insurance bldg 
Kennedy, Maxwell E. Pa,B 04 409 S Hope 
Kennicott, laj A. Minn.B oa lawyei 50a Equitable Bank bldg 
Kiger. VV, H. Ohio D 96 physician Construction Realty bldg 
Laveli, Clarence D, Va.A to lawyei 11. W. Heilman blp^g 
Lientz, William A. Mo. A 69 439 W V9 51 
lope.-, Albert R, Calif.G i> !•.•.; N Hampshire av 
McAdoo, Alfred 11. tll.B oa lawyer Security bldg 

lung, Samuel Hudson. Ml v. . 3 r< d estate 5138 Pasadena a\ 
Mack, Joseph P. Pa.l o. ( with Barber Paving Co 
McKinley, James W. Mich.A ;■;• Lawyer 508 W .Vlams 
McLennan, Donald K. Neb. A oa 146 Pacific Elec bldg 
VTcNair, Vlaurice Lloyd. Cahf.B 11 and Mass.A 13 501 P, E, bldg 
Marling, Russell n. Va.D 6o 1037 S Burlington 
Mei.e.". Alfred. Calif.G 230 Van Nuys bldg 

erve, Shirley Edwin. Calif.G 08 lawyei 1039 tJnion Oil bldjg 
Meyer, Charles A. Neb. A 07 manager Los Angeles Soap Co 
Mills, George E, Pa.Z 87 assistant manager Bajicroft-Wnitney Co 
Monnette, Orra E, Ohio A 91 lawyei pres Citizens* rtust and 

Sa\ tags Bank >> 1 1 \\ estei n .>\ 
Newberry, Claire s. la. A 11 938 S. Bonnie Brae 
Newell, Henry A. Pa.D 58 

ell, .lames i\L Pa.A 61 clergyman 445 i ; . Adams 
Norcross, Hiram Fleming. [ll.G jri gen ftgt Cor an ado Beach Co 

534 S Spi ing 
O'Brien, James M. Va.B 06 lawyer tiaa Title Ens bldg 
Osborne, James Porter, jr renn.D to 1036 Palm cl 

. Albert A. Calif.G 03 mfr's sgt 146 Kingsle^ drive 
Pettit, Fred E. N. Kas.A 08 lawyei Vac Elec bldg 
Playter, Philip. iowaAo8 401 N .Main 
Porter, Sumner F, Minn.B 01 606 Marsh-Strong bldg 
Radir, Paul ! , Calif.G 09 33s \ N -■; th 
Russell, Earl W. towa A 98 aoo Title [nsurance bldg 
St. Johns, William Ivan. Calif. B no with Examiner 
Salisbury, Arthui Goodrich. N.V.B 90 1069 \\ 37th 
Saunders, Cecil L, Ohio E 06 gen contr f*6 San Fernando bldg 
gwick, Allan E. Neb. A 99 constr engr Lakeside apts, Sth and 

( \n onada 

Shoemaker, llailan. Calif.B OS ph\Mcian Marsh* Strong bldg 

Slytu'hl, Emerson Upton, Calit.G ta 4400 Fairmonl 

Smith, Charles Lathrop. N.Y.G oa raoo W 30th 

Smith, Hugh E. [owaDoj 1313 W 8th 

Snow. Walter Simpson. Ohio E 08 

Stocks, Fred 1 Kas.A 04 investment: 439 rule [nsurance bldg 

Stone, Earle Almeron, Calif.G 00 physician 1400 W t6th 

Stutsman, Carl. [owaA86 physician 003 California Myd 

Swisher, Charles L. In.A 04 Hershej Aims 

lor, Charles H. Minn.A 83 
Tech en tin, Henry W. Iowa A So 6--o Security bids 
Tenney, Frederick William. Kas.A 09 engr, Santa i*v station 

CALIFORNIA — Los Angeles-Oakland 

Thomas, William Howard. Ill.B 02 banker 210 W 7th 
Tiedemann, Tudor H. A. Calif.B 08 insurance 229 Van Nuys bldg 
Varian, Miles G. Mich. A 93 physician 621 Marsh Strong bldg 
Wadsworth, Ralph Duyal. Ind.B 01 instr Tech High School 
Ward, William D. Ind.G 77 dean and prof Latin, Occidental Col 
Warmington, William C. Calif.G 08 with Amer Auto Supply Co 
Weaver, Hubert J. Ohio B 89 clergyman 1241 W 9th 
Weeks, Paul. Neb.A 97 mechanical engineer 117 S Mariposa 
Wheeler, Joseph Lewis. R.I. A 05 assoc lib, Los Angeles Pub Libr 
Whittemore, J. R. Calif.B 07 lawyer 249 Kingsley rd 
Wood, Harry R. Calif.B 10 2.722 Kenwood av 
Woods, St. Clair. Pa.A L. A. Investment Co 426 N av 64 
Wurtz, Robert A. Wis.G 82 insurance 

Los Gatos 
Alexander, Monroe Hamilton. Calif .A 81 
Gober, Robert P. Calif. A 80 physician 59 Santa Cruz av 
Osburn, Harry G. Pa.Theta 84 orchardist Avonwood 
Trantham, William H. B. Mo. A 69 editor and publisher 


Brown, Eugene McCabe. Calif.G 04 oil operator 
Cornwall, Neill Frederick. Calif.G 11 


Fredericks, George S. Calif.G 10 


Taylor, Harry N. Pa.Z 91 physician 

Menlo Park 

De Laveaga, Joseph Vincent. Calif.G 99 lawyer El Sueno 


Croxton, Galen Boyle. Tenn.D 10 
Mahon, Jack Howell. Tenn.D 09 lawyer 

Mili Valley 

Rea, John. Pa.A 63 real estate 
Rodolph, Frank E. Calif.B 98 dentist 


Dennett, Lewis Lincoln. Calif. A 83 lawyer 923 12th 

Hawkins, Bellwood C. Calif.G 04 abstracter 

Needham, James Carson. Calif. A 83 lawyer excongressman 

Ross, John W. Calif.A 86 

Smith, Frank E. 111. A 02 real estate Hotel Naze 

Turner, Henry G. Calif.A 83 grain merchant 927 12th 


Davis, Charles Franklin. la. A 05 
Ellett, William H. Calif.B 10 


Conn, Samuel. Pa.D 56 

Mason, Charles H. Mmn.B 00 lieut U. S. Army 

Wales, Philip G. D.C.A 79 physician 

Mountain View 

Martel, Alfred, jr. Calif.B 13 


Johnson, Hamilton. Calif.G 05 

Armistead, John O. Calif.G 12 


Halbert, John B. Calif.G 14 Box 49, R. F. D. No. 2 


Abies, Kenneth C. Calif.G 11 with Chester N. Weaver Co 

Allen, Harris C. Calif.B 94 architect Cent Nat Bank bldg 

Baum, Horace Charles. Calif.G 100 Greenwood av 

Burney, James Pascal. Calif.G 02 6435 Hillegas av 

Burney, William Travis. Calif.G 03 with R. G. Dunn Co San 

Francisco 3747 Telegraph av 
Cunha, Clarence Charles. Calif.G 05 
Daniels, George Seth. Calif.G 11 4283 Howe 
Forrest, Newell S. Calif.B 04 2703 Webster 
Griswold, Edwin. Calif.G 13 427 Wayne av 
Hamlin, Oliver Deveta. Calif.G 11 341 Lenox av 


Oakland. Perris— CALIFORNIA 

Hanna, Fred Lippincott. Ohio G 88 Santa Fe Ry 1218 Broadway 
Ish, Roy S. Calif.G 11 679 Fairmont av 

Jackson, Henry E. Calif.G 07 with Jackson Furniture Co 147 Clay 

Little, Arthur E. Calif.G 09 623 Merrimac 

Little, Walter Colton, Calif.G 07 engineer 623 Merrimac 

McElrath, Clifford. Calif.G 5105 Dover 

Mayhew, William H. Calif.B 95 asst mgr Western Casket Co 
i55 13th 

Porter, James G. Calif.G 12 524 E 17th 

Rosborough, Joseph J. Calif.B 97 real estate 275 Park View ter 

Rutledge, Harold W. Calif.G 12 237 Perry 

Schilling, Carl. Calif.G 99 mer, San Francisco, 590 Wadsworth av 

Schlueter, Ted. Calif.G 14 586 24th 

Smith, Andrew I. Calif.G 10 1603 7th av 

Smith, Stanley James. Calif.G 00 lawyer 12 18 Broadway 

Street, Horace M. Calit.B 03 lawyer MacDonough bldg 

Tregea, William L. Calif.B 93 watchmaker with Shreve & Co., 
San Francisco 887 56th 

Umphred, EdAvin Franklin. Calif.G 04 wholesale furn 2-59 Euclid 

Wilson, Frederick F. Pa.K 94 fruit rancher 5438 Miles av 
Ocean Park 

Cole, Joseph Harrison. 111. A 90 

Ewing, Irwin Agnew. Ill.G 84 pres Golden State Life Ins Co 22 
Dudley av 

Shipman, Charles G. Wis. A 76 phys 147 Fraser av 

Bagby, William Landon. Calif.G 09 with Calif Oil Fields, Ltd 

Billingsly, Ray Noree. Ia.A 76 lawyer 

Guernsey, Samuel K. Pa. I 10 314 E Central av 

Hill, Ernest R. Calif.B 91 farmer 

Darsie, William Pettigrew. Calif.B 10 commission merchant, San 
Francisco 567 Melville av 
Palo Alto 

Hall, Benjamin Fred. Calif.A 82 real estate 

Hutchinson, Arthur John L. Calif.B 13 1345 Webster 

Hutchinson, William Nelson. Calif.B 11 1345 Webster 

Parkinson, Benoni S. Calif.B 12 1101 University av 

Parkinson, Robert R. Calif.B 11 1101 University av 

Sanford, Burnett. Calif.B 09 450 Kingsley av 

Soper, Harold C. Calif.B 11 305 Lytton av 

Soper, Ralph H. Calit.B 08 305 Lytton av 

Thomson, Charles A. Ohio B 10 instr Manzanita Hall 

Williams, Thomas M. Wis. A 93 phys 351 Homer av 

Albrook, J. Burleigh. Ia.G 69 clergyman 389 Galena av 

Bragdon, Charles Cushman. 111. A 64 educator 

Brewster, Schuyler Colfax. Kas.A 86 19 18 Monterey rd 

Cole, Walter Burrow. N.Y.E 96 contractor S Grand Oaks 

Fiske, Wilbur A. Ind.A 86 prof, Occidental col 495 Cypress av 

Gates, John A. Ohio B 67 

Graves, James E. Ind.A 82 518 Herkimer 

Gray, Harry P. Ind.B 76 pres Calif Farmland co 294 Strand av 

Hall, Harlan Wolcott. Minn.B 93 journalist 

Johnson, Anson B. Ia.D 79 diplomat 

Jones, Louis Hollister. Calif.B 08 656 N Raymond av 

Keese, A. H. Mass. A 08 real estate 

Overmyer, George E. Kas.A 97 lawyer 27 Short way, Oak Hill 

Rea, James C. Pa.A 63 phys 

Stone, Brainerd A. Va.A 10 10 14 Worcester av 

Harford, Henry Morey. Ohio A 93 editor, Perris Progress 


CALIFORNIA— Petaluma-San Diego 

Petal u ma ^ 

Lippitt, Edward L. Calif.A 82 musician 200 6th 

Dougherty, Lewis A. Calif. B 99 212 Carmel av 

Hendricks, Howard E. Calif.G 99 mstr h s 192 Ridgeway av 

Kennedy, James Derwent. Calif. B 03 with E. K. Wood Lumber Co 

Bell, John Henry. Calif. B 05 mining engr 
Point Loma 

Triggs, Oscar Lovell. Minn.B 88 

Dills, Thomas H. Calif. G 10 

Ulery, Horace D. Calif. G 10 

Boothe, Isaac Jay. Calif. G 09 

Hardeman, John Locke. Mo. A 74 physician 
Potter Valley 

Buie, Joseph. Miss. A 93 clergyman 

Steel, Oscar F. Calif.G 10 

Orr, George R. Minn.B 06 US forester 

Cole, Wendell Cummings. Ohio D 93 333 Orange st 

Hoadley, Clarence B. Pa.K 93 pres Calif Magnesite Co 31 1 Sum- 
mit av 

Roberts, Weymouth M. Calif. B 14 

.Sherman. Henry L. Mo. A 73 farmer 322 Cajon 

Stewart, Carl L. Minn. A 85 
Redwood City 

Goodwin, Morris. Calif. B 14 

Mills, Lloyd A. Calif=G 09 Box 106 

Castleman, Pember Steams. Calif.A 89 real estate 363 Brockton av 

Evans, Samuel C, jr. Calif.A 86 capitalist 

Gilmore, William S. Pa.Theta 82 

Haymond, Thomas Wright. Ind.A 83 rancher 

Me'teer, John H. Ind.G 92 editor 

Osburn, Robert D. Pa.Theta 84 

Peters, William L. Ohio D 81 horticulturist 908 10th 

Williamson, Edward L. Wis. A 97 with Riverside Trust Co, Ltd 
378 Bondini av 

Beard, George Foster. Calif.G 00 optician 1820 H 

Calder, George James. Calif.G 07 engineer 

Driver,. Philip S. Calif.A 86 lawyer 

Hart, James V. Calif. B 04 district attorney 181 1 H 

Koskinson, Winfield S. Ohio B 72 clergyman 

Insley, Edward. Ind.A 83 mgr ed Sacramento Union 2000 P 

Kirkbridge, William Harold. Calif. B 91 div engr So Pacific Ry 

Hammond, Carlton H. N.H.A. 08 lumber 
San Diego 

Ackerman, Albert Mott. N.Y.A 12 1402 Kalnia 

Anderson, Thomas B. D.C.A. 85 physician 318 Granger block 

Bruckhart, Leigh Dudley. Minn.B 94 mgr Spreckels theatre 

Cole, Clifford. Kas.A 05 real estate 529 Granger block 

Cornell, Mead. Calif.G 06 concrete sales mgr 1329 Jupiter 

Dement, John C, jr. Calif.G., jr. 1610 Plumosa way 

Doig, Robert Leeper. Ill.G 72 physician 

Gray, Gordon L. Mich. A 97 lawyer 507 Union bldg 

Hamilton. William Galloway. Mass. A 09 lumber Box 709 

Hearne, Joseph C. Mo. A 70 physician 4th and Ash 

Hendee, Edgar E. Ind.A 79 lawyer 

Hendee, John C. Ind.D 11 

Hollopeter, Samuel Lynch. Ind.A 05 architect 

San Diego-San Francisco— CALIFORNIA 

Kaehler, Donald F. Calif. G 15 508 Watts bldg 
Reed, Harold B. Calif.G 14 U S National Bank 
Ryan, Marc. Ind.B 99 

Smith, William Taylor. Calif.B 08 2508 First 
Ward, Martin Luther. Ia.G 69 lawyer 1030 23rd 
Wolf. Milton L. Calit.B 13 1748 Beech 
Wright, Lester A. Calif.B 07 3370 B 
San Francisco 

Bacon, Francis R. Calif.G 09 1005 Claus Spreckels Bldg 
Ballard, J. Stow. Calif. A 84 physician 3303 Clay 
Bauer, Hamilton A. Calif.B 96 lawyer 321 Mills bldg 
Bell, George L. Calif.G 05 lawyer 215 Underwood bldg 
Bell, Golden Woolfolk. Wis.G 03 lawyer 812 Kohl bldg 
Berkeley, Robert Carter., jr. Va.A 84 pres Berkeley Steel Co 628 
• Montgomery 

Blake, William Ford. Calif.B 91 physician 240 Stockton 
Branch. Andy. Calif. A 84 

Brickell, Howard. Calif.B 97 insurance 2621 Pacific av 
Brittain, James S. Pa. A 97 307 Sheldon bldg 

Brown, Carl Grover. Calif.B 96 mgr Employers' Liability Insur- 
ance 499 Spruce 
Brown, David L. Ohio A 06 with S. N. Wood Co Market and 4th 
Buckle}-, Richard Fitzgerald. Calif.B 04 2614 Pacific av 
Buckley, Thomas M. Calif.B 05 2614 Pacific av 
Burrows, Fred Grant. Calif.A 88 physician Union Sq Hotel 
Busby, Frederick Harrison. Mich. A 09 Merchants Exchange bldg 
Buttelman, Frederick W. Calif.B 93 with Standard Underground 

Cable Co 1st National Bank bldg 
Campbell, Robert M. Mich.A 07 surveyor 914 Merchants Exch 
Canney, Frederick Gilmore. Calif.A 87 2456 Vallejo 
Carson, George Ryckman. Calif.B 98 phys 1767 Broadway 
Clancy, Carl Stearns. N.Y.B. 08 agt., Trumbull Motor Car Co. 311 

Merchants National Bank Bldg. 
Coakley, Frank Andrew. Calif.B 96 broker 490 California 
Coffin, Charles W. Ind.A 04 with S. P. Co 901 Flood bldg 
Collmann, Frederick A. 111. A 02 mgr, Hathaway Smith Folds Co. 

1st National Bank bldg 
Cox, Herbert E. Calif.A 82 908 Market 
Curtis, Stillman W. Pa.B 04 engr Union League club 
Deal, William Griffith. Calif B 00 lawyer 330 Clay 
de Laveaga, Edward Ignatius. Calif.G 04 lawyer 2 W Clay park 
Dillon, John F. Pa.Z 71 physician 833 Harrison 
Don Carlos, Harlan E. Ia.D 81 Coop Land and Trust Co 595 

Downing, Sam R. Calif.B 03 physician, City and County Hospital 
Durkee, _ Rodney Stuart. Neb. A 04 comptroller, Panama Pacific 

Exposition 1948 Fell 
Erskine, Herbert Wilson. Calif.G 05 lawyer Humboldt Bank bldg 
Everts, Edward Aloysius. Calif.G 04 officer U S army 12th In- 
fantry Gen. Hospital 
Ewing, Samuel McGregor. Ind.B. 81 journalist 1565 Scott 
Fairchild, John A. Calif.A 82 lawyer no Sutter 
Ford, Edward T. Calif.G 99 W. R. Grace & Co 260 California 
Fritz. Thaddeus S. Mo. A 83 lecturer 346 Monadnock bldg 
Gallois, John E. Calif.B 04 merchant The White House 
Gatewood, William E. Calif.B 09 automobiles 12 16 Van Ness av 
Gillette, Benjamin T. Calif.B 94 2516 Fillmore 
Gleason, Fred B. Ill.B 95 with Western Electric Co. 
Gowing, Frederick A. Calif.G 99 mining engr Insurance Exch bldg 
Hawkins, Washington Irving. Calif.A 83 mfr, Eagleson & Co n 18 

Henderson, Charles Banks. Ohio A 95 lawyer 2780 Broadway 
Henley, Earle B. Ind.D 01 mgr land dept Pacific Gas & Elec Co 

445 Sutter 
Heunisch, Albert G. Calif.B 03 glass mfr 524 Sacramento 
Hey wood, J. G. Va.A 10 lawyer 906 Merchants Nat Bank bldg 
Hind, Oswald A. Calif.B 11 with Parrott & Co 


CALIFORNIA— San Francisco 

Howell, Albert J. Calif. G 99 salesman 2934 Jackson 

Howell, Edgar H. Calif. G 00 physician 209 Post 

Hyde-Smith, J. Bayard. Calif. B 05 2601 Fillmore 

Ingels, Bert D. Ill.D 04 supt Sperry Flour Co exhibit at Panama 

Pacific Exposition 322 Pine 
Jackson, Gilbert M. Minn.B 99 gen pass agt Canadian Pacific Ry 

645 Market 
Kennedy, Thomas William. Calif. G 08 204 Mutual Bank bldg 
Kenyon, Albert Gilman. Calif. G 02 physician Bellevue hotel 
Kenyon, Charles A. Calif. B 00 dramatist Bohemian club 
Kingsley, Guy R. Ind.A 08 1537 Clay 

Kline, George Russell. Calif. G 01 engineer 2607 Fillmore 
Leete, Harley M. Calif. G 99 journalist 689 Stevenson 
Lehners, Charles H. Calif. B 97 physician 

Lewis, John Mellgren. Calif.B 91 lawyer Kohl bldg • 

Logan, Roscoe L. Calif. G 99 physician 2006 Hyde 
Love, Hugh M. Calif. G 99 real estate Union Sq hotel 
Lucas, Lee F. Calif. B 02 Equitable Life Ins Co 218 Crocker bldg 
McGregor, Campbell. Calif. G 08 with Union Iron Woks 1875 

Mcintosh, Charles K. Ind.A 84 v p Bank of Calif 
McKee, Albert B. Calif.A 82 physician Flood bldg 
McKeen, James. Pa.Theta 86 mining, Pac Tank Co 268 Market 
Malloy, Joseph D. Calif. B 07 lawyer Kohl bldg 
Manning, G. E. Calif.A 88 physician 391 Sutter 
Manual, Robert A. Calif. G 09 555 Clayton 

Mark, Cecil W. Calif.A 87 prin Crocker school 320 Frederick 
Masters, Stuart G. Calif. G 00 correspondent United Press 340 9th 
Mercer, Alfred. Calif G 09 601 Balboa bldg 
Mering, Edward B. Calif.A 86 lawyer Hearst bldg 
Mills, William Cooke, jr. Neb. A 05 sales mgr Gen Chem Co 70s 

Royal Ins bldg 
Moore, Herbert T. Calif. G 99 dentist 2640 Green 
Moraghan, Eugene Washington. Calif. G 09 380 Brannan 
Morris, Marshall E. N.Y.B 95 mgr Goodyear Tire Co Sutter and 

Van Ness 
Morton, William R. Calif .G. 03 Morton Special Deliv 299 Fremont 
Neely, Fred M. Ind.A 95 pres Calif Hydr Eng Supply 70 Fremont 
Nickel, Jasper Leroy. Va.D 68 com mer Merchants Exchange bldg 
Noble, Grover C. Calif. G 99 engineer with Sanderson & Porter, 

445 State 
Nowlin, Thomas Willard. Ia.G 70 lawyer Foxcroft bldg 
Parker, John J. Calif. G 09 agric eng with Symmes, Means & 

Chandler Holbrook bldg 
Pfund, Southail Rozelle. Calif. G 15 955 Geary 
Pickett, Jesse Cameron. Calif. G 00 physician 133 Geary 
Pomeroy, Edwin Moore. Pa.Theta 93 Pacific Coast agt Penn R R 

40 Powell 
Richards, John E. Mich. A 77 judge superior court 338 S 10th 
St. Goar, Charles Edward. Calif. B 09 2025 California 
Schoolcraft, John L. Calif. G 10 3022 Pine 

Shimer, Harry W. Ind.D 01 civil eng bd public works 414 Hugo 
Shortledge, Edmund D. Pa. I 92 Head bldg 
Sickels, William W. Wis. A 99 1658 Golden Gate av 
Slaughter, Carl Denton. Neb. A 03 with H. W. Johns-Manville Co 
Smith, Vinton. N.Y.Z. 06 with Standard Underground Cable Co 
Somers, Howard. Calif. G 07 physician 135 Stockton 
Soule, John F. la. A 76 lumber 112 Market 
Spencer, Lawrence M. Calif. B 13 623 Bush 
Starr, Claude Dudley. Calif. G 00 salesman 68 Post 
Starr, George E. N.Y.A. 94 capitalist Crocker bldg 
Stcver, Carl W. Calif.B 14. real estate 128 Sutter 
Stever, Robert Frederick. la. A 08 stocks and bonds 742 Market 
Stout, Vern A. Calif. G 07 mining machinery 601 Balboa 
Taylor, Herbert Soloman. Neb. A 07 603 Chronicle bldg 
Thomson, Robert W. Calif.B 96 supt Thomson Bridge Co 2638 

Tiernan, John R., jr. Mich.A 94 mining 1247 6th av 

San Francisco-Stanford University— CALIFORNIA 

Trego, Albert C. N.Y.A. 09 mgr Workmen's Compensation Bureau 

Tufts, John M. Calif. B 12 16 17th av 

Vail, Stanley M. Calif. B 04 merchant 755 Mission 

Vecki, Morrell. Calif. G 14 230 6th av 

Weaver, Hart N. Ind.D 07 with L. F. Weaver Co. 1305 Sutter 

Weaver, Kent M. Calif. B 10 with Studebaker 12 16 Van Ness av 

Welch, Eugene R. Calif.G 09 State Comp Ins Bd 525 Market 

West, Gifford B. Calif.G 04 care Pacific Telephone Co 83 Bush 

Weston, Benjamin F, 111. A 69 capitalist mi Crocker 

White, Emile. Calif. B 97 1038 Merchants Exchange bldg 

White, Fillmore. Calif.G 99 dentist 168 Carl 

Willand, John. Calif.G 11 2800 Pacific av 

Woods, Frank H. Calif.G 11 2513 Pacific av 

Yeazell. Harry A. Ohio D 86 Globe Grain & Milling Co Chestnut 
and Montgomery 

Yerington, Henry H. Calif. B 99 physician 240 Stockton 

Young, Waldemar. Calif. B 00 with San Francisco Chronicle 
San Jose 

Ayer, Henry M. Calif.A 86 agriculture 645 N 1st 

Beasley, William Arthur. Calif.A 88 lawyer 148 S nth 

Bishop, Andrew Blass. 111. A 65 physician 

Clayton, James B. Calif. B 12 real estate Sunal st and Park av 

Clayton, Willis Sherman. Calif.A 83 pres 1st National Bank 

Gosby, Perley F. Calif.A 79 judge 456 N 3d 

Hayes, Jay O. Wis. A 76 lawyer 808 First National Bank bldg 

Herrold, Roy S. Calif.B 98 

Kennedy, Karl F. Calif.B 00 lawyer 81 N 8th 

Losse, Etheridge M. Calit.B 06 fruit packing 60 Stockton av 

McClane, William H. Pa.x\ 90 fruit grower 548 S 9th 

Parton, Floyd A. Calif.B 05 dist traffic mgr Pacific Tel & Tel Co 

Pettigrew, Paul F. Minn.B 08 12 S 2nd 

Rea, James W. Calif.A 81 

Ross, Fred C. Calif.A 85 pres Mt. Hamilton Stage Co. 642 N 1st 

Tompkins, Samuel G. Calif.A 83 lawyer Auzerais bldg 

Welch, James R. Calif.A 82 judge superior court 253 S 8th 

Wilcox, Edwin A. Calif.A 86 lawyer 80 N nth 

Wilson, Doxey R. Calif.B 02 physician 

Wood, Granville N. Calif.B n lawyer Auzerais bldg 
San Mateo 

Owens, Hugh H. Calif.B 00 treas Great Amer Importing Tea Co 
Santa Ana 

Freeman, Frank G. Ia.B 14 R F Di 
Santa Barbara 

Knox, Samuel B. P. Pa.B 58 physician 914 Anacapa 
Santa Clara 

Barnhart, Frank Dyckman Cobb. Calif.B 09 Coyote Station 

Braden, James Ross. Calif.B 12 1035 Liberty 

Decker, Francis Drake. Calif.A 85 

Johnston, William A. Mich.A 77 lawyer Scott Lane 
Santa Fe 

Fisk, Joseph B. N.Y.A. 96 fruit raiser 
Santa Maria 

Goodwin, Guy L. Calif.G 06 

Jones, Philip Calif.G 01 electrical engineer 

McCarthy, Kellogg Barrows. Calif.G 07 cement manufacturer 
Santa Monica 

Blackledge, James. Pa.Z 74 clergyman & prof Hebrew at Univ of 
So Calif 934 Third 

Jennings, Joel Oliver. Ind.G 70 clergyman 
Santa Rosa 

Crawford. Richard Truit. Pa.G 56 lawyer 
Sierra Madre 

Sparks, James Dunn. Ia.D 83 clergyman 
Stanford University 

Lockwood, Edward H. Ind.A 05 sec Y M C A, Leland Stanford 

Ryan, Harris Joseph. N.Y.A 85 prof elec eng Stanford univ 
Smalley, George R. Calif.G 15 


CALIF,- COLO.— Stockton. Colorado Springs 


Clark, Reed Morrison. Calif. G 06 416 Yosemite bldg 

Denuett, Edward P. Calif. A 81 clergyman 901 N El Dorado 
1 uolufnne 

Prince, John R. Wis. A. 79 sec West Side Lumber Co 

Bohland, Frank Osborn. Calif. B 09 19th st & Euclid av 

Uhl, Clarence J. Ohio B 87 fruit grower 

Wilson, Walter V. Calif. B 11 838 Georgia 

Wood, Clifford Harvey. Calif. G 99 physician 

Benton, Charles H. Calif. G 06 with Mojave Water and Power Co 

Erskine, Melville W. Calif.G 07 editor Sonoma Valley Expositor 

Bequette, James Clarke. Calif. B 12 and Calif.G 13 317 S Locust 

Pettit, Mark L. Calif. A 87 physician 

Togin, Charles G. Calif.G 12 218 S Willow 

Sheehy, John F. Calif. B 14 135 Maple av 
West Berkeley 

Smith, James M. Pa. A 73 clergyman 

Cox, John Dunlap, jr. Calif.G 13 

Hazard, Frederick Augustus. Calif. A 88 orchardist 

Idleman, Lawrence M. Ohio A 91 clergyman 

Rooks, Ben A. Calif. B 09 mgr fruit packing house 

Benedict, Maurice Abbott. Neb. A 03 forest supervisor 

McNally, Roger A. Ohio B 04 elec engr 

Mills, Freeman B. Calif. A 81 

Armstrong, Harold Gardner. Calif.G 05 rancher 

Grass, Joseph F., jr. Ia.B 13 

Mering, Charles S. Calif.A 85 milling 
Yuba City 

Walton, Harry A. Calif. B 92 



Smith, Claire H. W. Ill.D 06 engineer The Trinchera Canal 

Craig, Harvey C. Colo. A 14 1107 10th 

Davies, William, jr. Ohio A 09 

Olwin, Harry C. Ind.A 85 

Randolph, Allen F. Pa. A 55 clergyman 

Rathvon, Samuel F. Pa.Eta 61 gen mgr United Oil Co 1333 Pine 

Rathvon, William R. Pa.Eta 70 with United Oil Co 

Smith. Barton E. Colo. A 14 dentist 
Canon City 

Lindenberger, William J, Va.B 93 fruit grower 
Colorado Springs 

Bridges, Albert Fletcher. Ind.A 74 journalist 

Curtis, Charles Henry. Pa Z 64 mining 716 N Teyon 

Downey, Edgar J. Ill.B 01 


Colorado Springs- Denver — COLORADO 

Jackson, Gardner. Mass. A 14 228 E Kiowa 

Larmer, David Melby. Ill.D 09 Camp Stratton 

Liebig, Randolph A. Md.A 81 

Mclntyre, James E. la. A 76 lawyer 14 E Caramillo 

Pratt. Frederick Kellogg. OhioD 97 511 E Yampa 

Robinson. William C. Ind B 81 lawyer 525 N Weber 

Solenberger, Amos R. 111. A 79 physician 

Vanatta, Jean K. Calif.G 07 547 E Platte av 

Wood, George A. Mass. A 02 instr hist Colorado College 


Hogg, Herschell Millard. Ill.G 73 lawyer 


Starr, Milton. Ia.G 69 fruit grower 

Crested Butte 

Newton, Henry C. Mo. A 72 

Cripple Creek 

Owen, lames. Kas.A 89 district judge 

Dei Norte 
W'iley, Jesse C. Ohio B 92 lawyer and judge 


Archbold, William Dana. Pa.B 56 142 1 Filmore 

Baker, G. R. Ohio B 81 civil engr 817 Equitable bldg 

Barrett, Harry McWhirter. Pa.B 87 2051 Eudora 

Bennett, Albert Lee. Kas.A 87 merchant 

Bone, Byron Rundell. Ind.D 12 2331 Dexter 

Bowles, Theodore C. Colo. A 15 816 E 22d av 

Breon, George Alfred. Wis.G 05 hotel mgr Hotel Winn 

Bro wnlie, Ira Clifton. la. A 75 dentist 1374 Ogden 

Campbell, John. la. A 74 lawyer 140 1 Gilpin 

Campbell, Willis Elmer. Ohio D 97 Metallic Improvement Co 

Carlin, Edwin James. Pa.Z 01 lawyer 735 18th 

Cashmore, David C. Colo. A 14 131 W 2d av 

Cobb, Don Edward. la. A q8 with Denver police force 

Coyle, Robert Francis. Ind.G 77 clergyman, Presby church 

, Crandall, Herbert Doane. Kas.A 76 First Nat Bank 
Crossette, Robert Gabriel. W r is.G 98 treasurer Metal Welding and 

Supply Co 809 Broadway 
Dale, William W. Pa.Theta 71 lawyer 436 Equitable bldg 
Daniels, Warren Stoneman. Pa.B 90 investments 1378 Oregon 
De Berard, Henry I. WisjG 97 chemist Union Water Works 
De Berard, Wilford W. Wis.G 94 chemist 841 Lafayette 
Downey, Charles J. Ind. A 91 editor 645 Marion 
Downey, Joseph R. N.Y.A 01 salesman 1254 Josephine 
Dubbs, Henry Alfred. Pa. Eta 83 lawyer 
Fowler, Frank B. Colo. A 14 2555 W 37th av 
Frost, Virginius Carlisle. Tenn D 07 lawyer 1144 Pearl 
Gallagher, Thomas J. Pa. A 86 specialist, nose, throat and ear 

1 32 1 Race 
Hall, Ralph J. Colo. A 14 1424 Williams 
Heffner, Robert C. Ohio A 02 accountant 1250 Grant 
Helm, Joseph Church. la. A 68 lawyer Equitable bldg 
Hoag, Wilson. Pa.B 81 

Hoover, William A. Ind.A 75 drugerist 1533 Arapachee 
Johnson, Frederick P. Ind.G 80 editor, Colo Live Stock Journal 
Kibler, Charles H. Ohio G 80 real estate 

Knowlton, Phil. Kas.A 88 with Carter, Rice & Co 1635 Blake 
Large, Samuel S. Pa. A 82 lawyer 2325 Bellaire 
Lockard, Lorenzo B. N.Y.B 90 surgeon 1450 Marion 
Malone, William H. Colo. A 14 1550 Ogden 
Manley, Louis Kenneth. Ohio A 05 

Martin, John Camden, jr. Neb. A 11 lawyer 1651 Washington 
Merritt, Charles W. Colo. A 15 760 Magnolia 
Miller, George Phillips. Pa.G 82 civil engr 38 Good block 
Mitchell, Richard Roberts. Mich.A 95 lawyer 1421 Corona 
Osborne, Thomas W. Colo. A 14 1244 Emerson 
Patterson, Charles L. Pa.E 04 1721 Stout 
Pitcairn, Robert. N.Y.A. 99 Hampton Arms 


COLORADO— Denver- Loveland 

Poyntz, Samuel M. Tenn.G 70 

Rush, John A. Kas.A 86 lawyer 1250 Emerson 

Sanger, Ulysses Grant. Ohio A 85 instructor 1201 E 22d av 

Shaw, Earl L. Colo. A .14 11 72 Vine 

Shimer, Charles E. Neb.A 02 

Simpson, Marvin A. Colo. A 14 1560 Downing 

Skerry, Arthur W. Colo.A 14 chemical engineer 227 W 4th 

Skerry, Leslie M. Colo.A 14 123 Emerson 

Smith, William Sylvanus. Pa.Z 62 libr Denver Univ Law School 

1645 Pennsylvania av 
Springer, John Wallace. Ind.A 75 banker 930 Washington av 
Sweet, William E. Pa.K 89 investment broker 1075 Humboldt 
Swift, Dean. Ill.B 98 with Peters Paper Co 
Taylor, James M. Miss. A 03 510 Continental bldg 
Vaughn, Jack W. Colo.A 14 50 W 1st av 
Walsh, W alter M. Colo.A 15 1447 Detroit av 
Webster, Frank L. Mich. A 81 asst city editor Denver Post 
Wells, Walter Todd. Ia.B 13 3905 Tejon 
Williamson, Thomas S. Ohio B 71 

Young, John S. Kas.A 04 Mountain State Telephone Co 417 Ogden 

Carpenter, Nathaniel Elliott. Wis. A 04 rancher 

Fankhouser, Ernest J. Colo.A 14 1523 W 3d av 

Large, Isaac N. Pa. A 84 banking 
Shultz, William M. Tenn.G 72 physician 
Fort Collins 

Aylesworth, Barton Orville. Va.D 79 pres State Agric College 
Headden, William P. Pa. 69 prof Colo State Coll 120 W Magnolia 
Ricketts, Philander. Ind.G 77 farmer and stock raiser 
Woodford, Luther Clinton. la.G 68 clergyman 
Fort Morgan 
Allen, Frank D. Colo.A 14 701 E Platte 
Allen, Robert J. Colo.A 15 701 Platte av 
Miller, Herbert A. Colo.A 14 
Simpson, Harlow M. Colo.A 15 503 Meeker 
Warner, Wyllys E. Colo.A 14 forester 508 Sherman 

Henschen, Charles C. Pa.Theta 72 

Dittus, Edward J. Wis. A 96 instr School of Mines 
Thayer, Edwin P. Ind.A 82 
Grand Junction 

Hardinge, Robert M. Pa.E 81 obser U. S. Weather Bur Canon blk 
Hay, Henry Collins. Ill.D 08 lawyer 
Hay,Howard Ridgely. Ill.D 06 real estate 357 Main 
Mack, William L. Mich.A 95 lumber 839 Main 
Price, Horrell H. Pa.B 07 with Grand Junction Canvas Co 
Smith, James Hulme. Pa.I 77 

Stone, Clifford H. Colo.A 14 
Summers, George Wo Ohio B 82 
La Junta 

Derby, George Gordon. Pa.B 90 yardmaster 607 Raton av 

Gilbert, Guy. Ia.B 14 farmer 
La Salle 

McKenney, Dwight. Colo.A 14 
Las Animas 

Hines, Samuel N. Ind.B 06 journalist 

Conger, Charles Thompson. Minn.B 89 
Davis, Leander L. Kas.A 76 
Andrews, Alfred. Pa.B 79 
Puffer, Rodney A. Colo.A 14 618 Lincoln av 


Masters- Hartford— COLO.-CONN. 


Carlson, Clarence. Colo. A 14 

Carlson, Milton. Colo. A 14 lawyer 
Monte Vista 

Carter, Eugene Lamar. Kas.A 05 1st National Bank 

Johnson, Rudolph. Colo. A 14 

Smith, Elwin J. Wis.G 81 

Story, William, jr. N.Y.A 92 lawyer 

Duerr, Phillip W. Pa.B 06 4th and Main 

McClintock, Walter J. Pa.B 03 

Rainey, Clarence W. Colo. A 14 128 S Union av 
Rockv Ford 

Smith, Edwin J. Wis.G 80 

Stratton, Robert D. Colo.A 14 

Wise, Leonard E. Ill.D 04 grain business 

Ashley, Thomas C. Colo.A 14 

Tarbell, Robert R. Colo.A 14 
San Acacio 

Reed, William Dickey. Neb. A 95 real estate 
Steamboat Springs 

Blake, Edward Morgan. Ind.A 95 merchant 

Gilette, Asa C. Wis. A 11 

Herron, John. Ill.B 80 mgr mines 

Erickson, Bernard M. Colo.A 14 lawyer 319 Ash 

Floyd, Faye N. Colo.A 14 630 Willow 

Morgan, John T. Va.A 11 

Borland, Eugene W. Colo.A 15 



Fiske, Samuel A. Mass. A 95 clergyman 

Hadden, Arthur Archibald. N.H.A 07 P. & F. Corbin div Amer 
Hardware Corp, New Britain, Conn 

Brown, Richard Huntington. Pa.I 13 308 Park 

Deane, Charles Winslow. Pa.B 81 supt of schools 2676 Main 

Somers, Charles R. R.I. A. 09 253 West av 

Williamson, John K. N.Y.A 04 supt Turner Constr Co, N Y C 

Woodbury, Walter Edgar. R.I. A. 02 clergyman 15 Church 

Bunyan, Edward Thomson. Ohio A 78 furniture mfr 

Triggs, Floyd Willding. Minn.B 90 cartoonist, New York Press 
East Granby 

Clarke, Daniel Benjamin. Mass. A 00 tobacco grower 
East Haddam 

Hungerford, Clarence I. N.Y.E 14 

Smith, Albert Francis. R.I.A 07 

Wheatley, William A. N.Y.B 89 supt of schools 2 Sherman av 

Bidwell, Earle Stanley. N.H.A 12 175 Beacon 


CONNECTICUT— Hartford- Windsor Locks 

Bidwell, Harold Francis. N.H.A 14 175 Beacon 

Ellerby, Harold Thomas. N.Y.B 07 Travellers Ins Co 

Fennell, William George. N.Y.E 93 clergyman 908 Asylum av 

Heath. Harry E. N.Y.A 85 71 Church 

Leakin, Phil M. Pa Z 82 insurance 15 Prospect 

McDowell, Allan. Ya.B 07 134 Sigourney 

Lovell, Charles N. Mass. A 97 clergyman 

Ives, Dwight S. X.Y.Z 09 430 Colony 

Lum. Hermann A. Pa.L 12 secretary Y. M. C. A. 

Newiands, James A. Wis.G 99 chem State Bd of Health 80 Pearl 

Meicer, Alfred. Calif. G 09 mfr 

Fletcher, Francis W. N.Y.E 88 clergyman 

Kehoe, Edward Lawrence. R.I. A 13 50 Coen 
New Britain 

Ailing, Benjamin Willard. N.H.A 98 lawyer 2tj Main 

Larson, Thure Maurice. R.I. A 10 86 Columbus 

Schilling, Albert H. N.H.A 98 civil eng, Berlin Con Co 29 Lincoln 

Sears, Ywlliam C. Neb. A 10 salesman for Landers, Frary & Clark 
New Haven 

Curdy, Albert E. Kas.A 83 prof of French, Yale Un 743 Yale sta 

Hendrickson, George Lincoln. Wis.G 83 prof Latin, Yale Univ 

Kalberg, Seth Maurice. R.I. A 06 with Aberthau Cons Co 

Howell, Louis B. Pa.Z 93 clergyman St Paul's rectory 

Sanger, Frank Moderno, jr. N.Y.A 06 7 E Wall 

Carey, Nelson Poe. Md.A 89 clergyman 42 Rockwell 

Hyde, George F. Mass. A 05' sec Y. M. C. A. 268 Washington 

McCormick. John F. N.Y.E 12 30 Franklin 

Young, Arthur L. R.I. A 02 state supervis agt for schools 92 River 

Henshaw, Walter Percival. N.Y.Z 96 master Ridgefield school 

Jones, Harry S. N.Y.E 08 instr Ridgefield school 

Morse, George T. N.Y.G 93 

Mason, John. Pa.K 11 
South Manchester 

Purdy, Milledge M. R.I. A 08 with Manchester Lumber Co 
South Norwalk 

Swartz, Charles C. N.Y.G 03 mining engr 68 West av 
South Woodstock 

Curtis, Linnwood B. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 

Ottman, Ford C. Pa.Theta 79 clergyman 

Moulton, Guy Edwin. Mass.A 04 instr Choate School 

Meyer, Theodore V. N.Y.A 09 Columbia blvd 
West Haven 

Main, Walter Raymond. Mass.A 05 lawyer 511 Campbell av 

Barber, Harry Clark. Mass.A 00 teacher 

Barber, Kenneth W. Mass.A 14 
Windsor Locks 

Dunlap, Roger A. N.H.A 06 clergyman 


CamdemWashington—DEL^D. C. 


Conwell, Charles Sheppard. Pa.Z 75 farmer 

Cochran, Herbert Green. Pa.Z 05 

Blake, J. K. Pa.Theta 93 

Hering, George C, jr. Pa.Z 13 

Isaacs, Harry R. Pa.Z 01 lawyer 

Taylor, William Prettyman, jr. Pa.Z 14 

Penniwell, David. Pa.Z 67 

Willey, Earl D. Pa.Z 07 

Jump, Wilbur H. Pa.Z 08 prin high school 

Ingram, Rowland B. Pa.Z 12 

Holland, Joseph E. Pa.Z 70 wholesale grocer 

Pierce, James P., jr. Pa.Z 04 hardware 
New Castle 

Wertenbaker, William. Va.A 92 physician 

Conover, Elisha. Pa.Z 79 prof Latin, Delaware College 

Manning, Eugene W. Pa.Z 73 

Van Trump, Donald H. Pa.K 09 

Le Fevre, Charles H. Pa. Eta 89 lawyer 

Adams, Wilbur Louis. Pa.Z 02 327 W 23d 

Back, F. Eden. Pa H 75 

Carpenter, Philip Jackson. Pa.K 08 1107 Franklin 

Cochran, Edwin R. Pa.Theta 85 lawyer 

Coxe, Louis Henry. Pa. Eta 13 13 15 Clayton 

Cummins, Albert W. Pa Theta 84 ed Evening Journal 1005 West 

De Armond, Frank L. Pa.I 92 

Fuik, Austin G. Pa.L 12 

Gardner, Nathan B. H. Pa.G 63 

Hoopes, Edgar M., jr. Pa.K 04 elec eng 1303 Rodney 

Jackson, Ellwood C. Pa.I 79 pres Penn Quarry Co 1301 Franklin 

Kellum, John White. Pa.Z 95 with Dupont de Nemours Powder 
Co Kane apts 

Mullin, John H. Md.A 13 800 Broome 

Murray, Charles Edwin. Pa.E 60 

Pierson, Frank Fairbanks Pa.G 88 physician 

Scott, Clifford J. Pa.B 01 supt of schools 

Simpson, John Pierce. Pa.Z 05 instr Beacon's Business College 

Stout, Leslie W. Pa.G 10 broker 

Todd, Jacob. Pa.Z 63 

Turner, Henry C. Pa.Z 88 clergyman 

Wolf, James B. N.Y.B 06 503 West 



Acorn, Robert E. Pa.Theta 14 1129 Columbia rd, N W 

Addison, John -West. Va.B 06 child labor commission 1410 M, N W 

Anderson, J. Robert. Pa.B 85 asst counsel, Dept of Justice 

Arms, Theodore J. N.Y.Z 93 paymaster, U. S. Navy, Navy Dept 



Armstrong, William Spencer. D.C.A. 85' lawyer 620 226., N W 
Ashley, Alexander McC. Pa.Z 91 inspector U. S. Dept of Agric* 
Aukam, George Charles. D.C.A 92 judge Municipal Court 315 John 

Marshall place 
Austin, William Lane. Miss. A 95 travel agt U. S. Census Dept 
Bacon, George C. Pa.Z 74 clergyman, Douglas Memorial M. E. 

Church 808 nth, N E 
Baldwin, Albert Le Seuer. Pa.B 88 U S Coast and Geodetic Survey 
Baldwin, Philip Le Seuer. Wis.G 135 A, N E 
Bangs, James Edgar. D.C.A 68 1855 9th 

Barrington, Lewis. R.I. A 10 asst Library of Congress 12 3d S E 
Baxter, William Joseph. D.C.A 75 commodore, U. S. Navy 
Bayard, George L. Pa.G 95 chaplain, U. S. Navy, SS Texas 
Beall, Clarence. D.C.A 76 825 Vermont av 
Beall, Howard. D.C.A 77 805 Rhode Island av 
Beatty, Louis Kelly. D.C.A 74 610 E Capitol 
Beck, William Henry. Pa.G 62 lawyer 1403 H, N W 
Bliss, Henry Harmon. Pa.G 69 lawyer 705 G, N W 
Bliss, N. E. Pa.G 05 mining engineer 
Bliss, Tasker Howard. Pa.G 70 general, U. S. Army 
Bomsteen, Helmer Edward. Wis.G 84 elk U S Bureau of Labor 

1339 K, N W 
Boughton, Everett William. N.Y.Z 00 chemist Dunbarton Court 
Brady, Johnson Camden. W.Va.A. 06 mining eng 1826 California 
Breckenbridge, Scott D. Pa.Theta 99 physician 1141 Connecticut av 
Brown, Sherman J. Pa.B 83 clerk, Treasury Dept 
Burch, William Thompson. D.C.A 93 physician 1627 Connecticut av 
Burchard, Ernest Francis. 111. A 96 geologist U S Geol Survey 509 

Rock Creek Church road 
Burchell, Nowal Landon. D.C.A 80 lawyer 
Burton, John H. Pa.Eta 04 2022 F, N W 
Bynum. Dixon Hinds. D.C.A 96 

Card, Daniel Parker. N.Y.E 99 1st lieut, U. S. Army, War Dept 
Carrington, James McDowell. Va.A 56 lawyer 506 5th 
Carter, George H. Iowa A 95 joint committee on printing 1661 

Casey, James Firney. D.C.A 97 140 1 31st N W 
Chamberlain, Joseph Burleigh. D.C.A 87 
Chesney, Charles Stewart. D.C.A 80 
Clarke, Frank Wiggleworth. N.Y.A 69 chief counsel, U. S. Geol 

Survey 16 12 Riggs pi 
Clark, Lucien. Ohio A 61 clergyman 8 Newlands, Chevy Chase 
Cleaves, Charles Russell. D.C.A 80 clerk, Pension office 
Clemons, Carl A. D.C.A 96 

Clevenger, Oliver B. Pa.Z 00 stenographer 241 1 Pennsylvania av 
Cogan, William Neal. D.C.A 92 dentist The Sherman 
Coldren, Fred G. Mich. A 80 lawyer 1725 Park av 
Collins, Jeremiah. Ind.B 73 pres Collins Land Co, 2010 Wyoming av 
Conwell, Rollin Nichol. Ind.D 04 mechan engr 1302 Columbia rd 
Corey, George B. D.C.A 85 1731 Kilbourne place 
Craig, Henry Knox. D.C.A 94 physician 28 Grant pi 
Cralle, Jefferson Ball. D.C.A 87 lawyer 108 C, N W 
Crooke, Charles W. Ind.A 95 with Anti-Saloon League of America 
Cunningham, Samuel Howard. Pa. A 86 auditor, div of accts, Dept 

of Agriculture 1772 Willard, N W 
Curtiss, William Wooster. Pa.K 08 civil engineer 3642 nth, N W 
Custis, Horace Hatch. Md.A 02 physician 912 15th, N W 
Custis, James B. G. Md.A 00 physician 912 15th N W 
Davis, George J. D.C.A 69 merchant 12 15 12th N W 
Davis, Henry Edgar. Pa.Theta 75 lawyer Federal bldg 
Davis, James Gait. D.C.A 77 lawyer 
Davis, John William. Va.B 89 solicitor-gen of U. S. 
Deale, Henry Buckmaster. Pa.Z 78 physician 1207 Conn av 
Deffenbaugh, Walter S. W.Va.A 96 U S Bu of Educ 21 11 Conduit rd 
De Forest, John S. Mass. A 04 U. S. Weather Bur 1405 Girard 



De Knight, Clarence Woods. D.C.A 91 ' lawyer 

Dick, Carl P. Ohio A 06 U. S. Army, War Dept 

Dixon, Henry Marshall. D.C.A 94 physician 2149 Penn av 

Dowling, Thomas, jr. D.C.A 95 physician 1791 Lanier place 

Downev, George Eddy. Ind.A 76 comptroller, U. S. Treasury 

Du Bols, Francis W. Mich. A 10 transitman 1835 Monroe 

Dutton, William. D.C.A 73 lawyer 

Duval, Charles R. W.Va.A po U S Civil Service 

Earnest, John P. Pa.E 82 lawyer 2123 N 

Eckels, William A. Pa.Z 79 instructor Western high school 

Ecker, John B. D.C.A 97 insurance 1706 P, N W 

Elliott, Middleton S. D.C.A 93 surgeon, U. S. Naval Hospital 

Everts, William Shipp. Calif.G 07 lieut, U. S. A., War Dept 

Falck, Joseph G. D.C.A 83 care U. S. Bureau of Forestry 

Falconer, Walter M. Ohio B 90 lieut, U. S. N., Navy Dept 

Fates, Warren D. D.C.A 95 Treas Dept 

Fergusson, Harvey Butler, jr. Va.B 08 journalist 401 Hibbs bldg 

Ferson, Merton L. la.A 00 instr George Washington Univ 

Field, Walter S. Wis.A 76 lawyer 1934 Calvert, N W 

Fitzgerald. Nathan W. Ind.B 69 610 13th, N W 

Fleming, Thomas. D.C.A 72 physician 1861 Wyoming av 

Flint, Charles. D.C.A 72 

Flynn, Leo J. Ia.A 97 lawyer, with Interstate Commerce Com 

1734 I, N W 
Foltz, Thomas. Pa.L 12 elec engr, Washington Terminal Co 
Forman, Samuel Eagle. Pa.Z 86 author The Kenesaw 
Francis, John J. Kans.A 97 chf Land Div, Indian Office 1326 Euclid 

Maryland av, N E 
Frankland, Walter A. D.C.A 92 physician 1424 K, N W 
Friederich, Leon R. D.C.A 76 physician 329 E Capitol 
Fuller, Leigh A. Va.A 01 officer, Med Corps, U. S. A., War Dept 
Gordon, Daniel S. Va.G 73 Colorado bldg 
Graham, Paul B. D.C.A 96 3315 P, N W 
Greene, Isaac B. Pa.G 92 with Amer Security and Trust Co 15th 

and Penn av, N W 
Grier, William W. D.C.A 96 physician 1223 K, N W 
Hagner, Francis R. D.C.A 93 surgeon 1824 19th N W 
Halford, Dean. D.C.A 96 1622 22d, N W 
Hamilton, Richard. D.C.A 72 310 C, S E 
Handy, William Edward. D.C.A 77 physician 
Hanna, Read. Ind.G 80 examiner Pension Office 
Harris, Charles G. D.C.A 96 1460 Oak 
Harris, Henry Sutton Farring. D.C.A 81 lieut-col., Medical Corps, 

U. S. A., War Dept 
Harrison, Dabney Carr. Va.G 76 topographer, U. S. Forest Service 

1748 Q, N W 
Hatch, Charles F. N.Y.E 03 Bur of Corporations, 10 10 Girard, N W 
Hayes, Reuben. N.H.A 03 1724 Kilbourne, N W 
Hensev, Melville D. D.C.A 92 architect 3165 18th N W 
Hodge, Frederick W. D.C.A 85,. ethnologist 2312 19th N W 
Hodgkins, Howard Lincoln. D.C.A 80 dean George Wash Univ 
Houston, David N. Pa.Z 96 asst trust officer Amer Security & Trust 

Co 141 1 10th N W 
Howard, Deane C. D.C.A 92 physician The Marlborough 
Hudson, Charles B. D.C.A 85 artist 

Hugo, Lewis Charles Frederick. Mo.A 70 dentist 1 1 1 1 Penn av 
Hunt, Harry Beeson. Ind.B 03 newspaperman 
Hunt, Jesse Beeson. Ind.B 09 U S Army War Dept 
Huntington, Philip W. D.C.A 95 surgeon USA War Dept 
Jack, Butler. Va.B 72 clerk 1743 Kilbourne 
James, Charles H., jr. D.C.A 95 1717 20th N W 
Jannus, Roger W. N.Y.Z 08 1963 Biltmore 
Johns, Arthur S. Va.A 69 clergyman 620 9th S E 
Johnson, Charles T. Pa.Z 77 salesman 813 Market sq 
Johnson, Earle F. 111. A 00 officer U S Navy War Dept 
Johnson, George Clark. Pa.Eta 73 clerk 
Jolly, Wade. D.C.A 97 lieut U S Navy War Dept 


Jones, William D. Pa. A 64 lawyer 

Kirk, Edwin. N.Y.G 04 paleontologist U S Geological Survey 

Klakring, Alfred. D.C.A 85 asst Hydrographic office 1137 N Jersey 

av N W 
Le Merle, Eugene L. D.C.A 94 physician 20 11 Q, N W 
Lemon, Hanson T. A. D.C.A 94 physician 903 M, N W 
Lewis, Edward S. D.C.A 85 Takoma Park 
List, Daniel Clarence. N.Y.A 14 1746 K, N W 
Logan, Samuel J. Ohio G 72 lieut Marine Corps U S N retired 

Army and Navy Club 
Lutch, Robert Graham. Pa.Theta 96 

Lutz, Charles A. Ill.B 02 officer U S Navy War Dept 
Lyman, Theodore V. Pa.Theta 14 1818 S, N W 
MacCartney, Charles H. Pa.Theta 96 2246 Cathedral av 
McCleary, Frank O. D.C.A 78 lawyer 217 I, N W 
McClure, George G. Pa.Z 61 

Mcllhenny, James S. D.C.A 96 1729 Riggs N W 
McKenney, Frederick Duncan. D.C.A 79 lawyer Hibbs bldg 
McKinney, Francis F. Mich. A 11 1417 Belmont 
McLaughlin, Thomas N. D.C.A 76 phys 1226 N, N W 
Makin, Harold J. Ia.A 97 

Maltman, Stewart A. Ill.A 87 atty Bureau of Supplies, Navy Dept 
Marvin, Charles F. Ohio D 83 chief, U S Weather Bur 1501 Emer- 
Maynard, George T. Md.A 91 
Mays, Benjamin F. Tex. A 04 Amer Nat Bank 
Mearns, William A. D.C.A 90 banker 2301 S, N W 
Merriman, George B. Ohio A 62 asst on Nautical almanac The 

Middleton, Arthur Edward Henry. D.C.A 91 lawyer 223 A, S E 
Milburn, Charles C. D.C.A 97 real estate 2034 16th N W 
Mitchell, James F. Md.A 89 surgeon 1344 19th 
Morgan, John W. D.C.A 93 postoffice dept 2926 Newark, N W 
Nesbit, David M. Pa.G 58 real estate 3305 Brown, N W 
Norris, Howard M. D.C.A 68 lawyer 
Okie, Howard P. D.C.A 92 lawyer 3321 R, N W 
Owens, William D. D.C.A 96 physician Avondale Apartments 
Parks, Edward L. Ill.A 68 prof economics and pol sci Harvard Univ 

2463 6th N W 
Parson, William E. Pa.E 62 

Pepper, Charles Melville. Ohio G 80 journalist The Wyoming 
Plummer, Ralph W. Pa.B 90 surgeon U S Navy Nav}' Dept 
Polkinhorn, Samuel. D.C.A 68 

Polkinhorn, William O. Ind.A 03 journalist 1000 9th N W 
Posey, William A. Ind.A 78 elk Indian office 3022 Macomb 
Prentiss, William C. D.C.A 87 lawyer Metropolitan Bank bldg 
Prescott, Philip M. Md.A 81 clergyman Metropolitan Club 
Preston, Robert L. Va.G 81 prin University School 1327 18th N W 
Price, James C. D.C.A 92 lawyer Columbian bldg 
Pyle, Frederic B. Pa.K 89 architect 3319 Newark N W 
Ralston, Byron B. Ohio D 07 officer U S Navy Navy Dept 
Ratliff, Thomas A. Ohio A 03 physician Benedict Apartments 
Ray, John E. R. Tenn.B 76 
Raynor, William P. Ohio B 01 

Read, Semmes. W.Va.A 96 officer U S Navy Navy Dept 
Reed, Henry W. D.C.A 91 real estate 1836 S, N W 
Reeves, John. D.C.A 68 

Rehkopf, Ned B. Ia.A 96 officer U S Army War Dept 
Reynolds, Robert Van R. Mass. A 96 U S Forest Service 3525 

Holmstead place 
Rhodes, Charles D. D.C.A 83 capt 6th cavalry USA War Dept 
Richardson, Charles W. D.C.A 79 phys 13 17 Connecticut av N W 
Richardson, Mason N. D.C.A 83 lawyer 1862 Wyoming av 
Robbins, Chandler P. Ind.A 93 major Med Corps USA War Dept 
Roose, William S., jr. D.C.A 84 

Washington-Cocoa— D, C.-FLA. 

Schultz, Carl D. Pa. A 03 asst chief elk County Comrs 325 Ridge av 

Seibold, Arthur B. D.C.A 95 

Sherman, Raleigh. D.C.A 83 lawyer 1403 L, N W 

Shewalter, Charles W. Ohio B 72 

Shock, Wilton G. Pa.Z 62 

Sims, Charles E. Ind.B 85 real estate 3156 O, N W 

Skinner, Aaron Nichols. Ill.B 67 astronomer 

Smith, Harry Washington. D.C.A 83 chief elk Office Naval Intelli- 
gence. 214 10th N E 

Smith, James Edgar. Va.G 80 atty Interstate Commerce Commission 

Smith, Percy G. D.C.A 95 phys Tuberculosis Hospital 

Smith, William Dulty. Pa.K 02 1st lieut U S Marine Corps War Dept 

Snow, Chester Ammen. Va.D 66 lawyer 710 8th N W 

Spalding, Edwin W. D.C.A 84 lawyer 618 F, N W 

Spalding, James H. D.C.A 80 lawyer 618 F, N W 

Stackpole, Elbridge Greer. Pa.B 95 U S Signal Service 

Stanhope, Henry T. Va.G 85 Gen Land Office 

Stanley, Elton Woods. Wis.A 08 1730 M, N W 

Stephens, A. H. Calif.A 85 gen supt Ry Mail Service 

Stephens, Francis H. D.C.A 85 lawyer 1714 Summit pi N W 

Stevenson, L. G. Pa.A 85 

Stott, Charles G. Pa.Theta 81 paper dealer 1310 New York av 

Street, Daniel B. D.C.A 95 phys 1102 9th N W 

Stuart, Alexander 'fait. D.C.A 69 asst supt Pub Schools D C The 

Sturtevant, Charles L. D.C.A 83 lawyer W. L. & Trust bldg 

Suddarth, James L. D.C.A 68 physician 601 M, N W 

Sutherland, Berkeley. Pa.A 82 lawyer 

Sutliff, Milo H. D.C.A 90 physician 1724 Wisconsin av 

Taylor, David Watson. Va.E 77 naval constructor U S Navy Dept 

Terrell, Frederick B. Pa.K 02 lieut U S Army War Dept 

Thompson, Ernest. D.C.A 85 insurance 1302 Delafield place 

Trimble, Malcolm F. Va.B 10 Lamont 

Tubman, James R. D.C.A 95 physician 1750 Park road 

Ulsh, Alter K. Pa.E 09 1413 H 

Vail, Benjamin. Ind.B 78 dept messenger U S House of Rep no E 

Van Voorhis, Daniel. Ohio A 97 officer USA War Dept 

Waldenmaier, Benjamin C. Ind.D 01 elk examiner U S Civil Service 
Commission 12 Randolph pi N W 

Watts, Claude S. Ind.A 95 208 Hibbs bldg 

Webb, J. Bruce. D.C.A 86 

Wertenbaker, George L. Va.A 95 lieut USA W r ar Dept 

White, Charles A. Ia.A 67 retired 1908 13th N W 

White, Sherman A. Neb.A 96 adj gen War Dept 

Wiehle, A. L. V. N.Y.G 04 2612 Cathedral av 

Williams, Edward T. Va.D 72 1901 18th N W 

Williams, J. E. D.C.A 90 Treasury Dept 

Wilson, Lewes D. D.C.A 82 phys 316 B, S E 

Wilson, Shirley At wood. R.I. A 07 ensign, U S Navy, Steamer 
Delaware Navy Dept 

Wilson, Woodrow. Va.A 79 President of the United States 

Wormelle, Ralph. D.C.A 91 lawyer 612 F, N W 



Waldo, Mark Albogness. Wis.A 80 mgr Dominion Phosphate Co 
Cedar Falls 

Walker, R. T. Va.D 74 

Brown, Frank Lincoln. Ill.D 11 farmer 


FLORIDA— Daytona- Warrington 


Abercrombie, Abraham Lincoln. N.Y.E 92 clergyman Palmetto ay 

Waite, Leon Masters. N.Y.E 97 owner Despland Hotel 

Jordan, Albert A. Pa.G 10 athletic coach J. B. Stetson Univ 
E ust is 

Cochran, William S. P. Ohio G 75 clergyman, Presby Ch 

Grant, Attilla Cox. Ohio D 09 

Schafer, Fred F. Ohio B 06 R F D No 1 

Dome, H. Charles. Kans.A 09 

Hay, Thomas Park. Va.G 74 clergyman 

Clingerman, Byron Horace. Ohio B 98 elec engr 

Cooper, James G. Va.B 06 lawyer 

Cummer, Arthur Gerrish. Mich. A 92 lumber 

Cummer, Waldo Emerson. Mich. A 92 lumber 960 Riverside av 

Cunningham, Joseph Robert, jr. Va.G 92 cashr Clyde River Line 
226 Newman 

Davidson, James R., jr. Ill.B 10 merchant 

Gibbs, George C. Va.B 03 lawyer 1838 Riverside 

Josselyn, Lloyd Wadleigh. R.I. A 04 librarian Jacksonville pub lib 

Murphey, Ralph B. Neb. A 05 lawyer 2 121 Park 

Wilbur, George Elmer. Pa.Z 01 asst principal h s 1851 Pearl 

Winters, Harry S. N.Y.E 90 deputy collector Internal Revenue 
2024 Laura 

Herron, William E. N.H.A 07 agriculturist 
Key West 

Lovell, Lathrop B. N.H.A 08 eng Florida East Coast Ry 

Mohn, Arthur W. Ohio A 03 educator 

Moseley, Alexander M. Tenn.A 09 surveyor 

Preble, Eber C. Mich.A 88 

Bruce, Alexander. Va.B 92 farmer 

Roop, Howard Wilson. Mo. A 73 

Ludlow, Fred Barrett. N.Y.A 86 

Sibert, William O. Va,A 10 with Johnson & Co 

Anderson, Leslie Samuel. Va.B 13 Marowood 

Anderson, Edward P. Va.B 15 

Anderson, Robert Lockridge. Va.B 09 lawyer 

Bittenger, Charles Lewis. Pa. Eta 60 editor and half owner Star 

Camp, William N. Va.B 15 

Robinson, Phil. R.I.A 09 with So Phosphate Devel Co 37 Adams 

Patterson, George Beatty. Pa.I 15 Lake Lucerne 

Enyart, Arthur Delano, Ohio A 03 dean, Rollins College 

Martin, Oliver B. Mich.A 07 with White Steamer Co 

Graham, Thomas W. Miss. A 60 fruit grower 

Graham, Samuel W. WcVa.A 90 lawyer 2009 Mitchell 

Phipps, Claiborne McCullough. Miss.A 07 

Rast, Harry H. S.C.A 91 secretary 


Atlanta- Thomasville — GEORGIA 


Angier, Clarence Victor. Tenn.B 73 

Boggs, William Ellison. S.C.A 57 clergyman 

Calvert, William Thomas. Miss. A 84 with Hopkins Medical Co 

Dunham, Cornelius T. Calif. B 09 lawyer 

Everett, William M. Pa.B 81 lawyer 6 Gillette 

Fleet, John S. Va.A 98 assoc prin, Peacock's School for Boys 33 
Forest av 

Frazer, Edwin H. Ind.B 75 lawyer 100 Angier 

Giddings, Charles G. Va.A 09 352 S Pryor 

L'Engle, Cornelius S. Va.B 75 

Martin, Oliver B. Mich. A 07 with White Steamer Co 

Myers, Fred C. Ind.B 00 editor Box 556 

Phillips, Robert. Miss.B 60 

Slutz, Earl R. Ohio A 02 clergyman 177 Fulton 

Smith, Alexander Campbell. Va.D 68 

White, John J. Miss. A 06 merchant 238 S Pryor 

Wolff, Charles Bernard. Va.G 82 physician 9 Peachtree pi 

Zahner, Robert. Pa. Eta 70 

Gary, William T. S.C.A 58 

Lamar, William P. Va.B 00 lawyer 

Boykin, Richard Elliott. Va.G 95 clergyman 

Brown. Michael. Va.B 08 with Amer Tie and Lumber Co Rich- 
mond and George 

McCafferty, William M. Ohio A 87 cotton mfr 

Hayward, Bayard Clinch. Va.B 86 

Farish, Joseph D. Va.A 11 

Farish, Robert E., jr. Va.A 02 

Spencer, Richard P., jr. Va.A 01 lawyer 

Worsley, William de L. Va.A 00 lawyer 13 16 3d av 

Hixon, John William. Tenn.B 76 

Crockett, C. C. Va.B 09 lawyer 
Fort Valley 

Russell, Averley C. H. Va.A 77 medical inspector, U. S. N. 

Brock, Sidney Gorham. Pa.B 57 lawyer 

Ford, Beverly B. Va.B 75 cotton exporter 

Lockett, James W. Va.B 67 

Brumby, J. W. S.C.A 60 

Wallace, Campbell, jr. Va.B 74 

Sanford, Eugene F. M. Pa. A 53 

Carson, James Ricks. Tenn.D 13 

Knapp, Edwin. Pa.E 56 

McAlpin, Henry. D.C.A 78 

Marsh, Edward E. Ind.A 78 

Mercer, Robert Lee. Va.B 66 merchant 

Miller, George H. Pa.Z 71 lawyer 119 York 

Reed, William Austin. Pa.Eta 92 13 E 39th , 


Edmunds, Robert L. S.C.A 85 banker 3 West Calhoun 

Herbener, John H. Va.G 68 120 Dawson 


GA.- IDAHO-ILL.— Toccoa-Aledo 


%A# M S J ??^ in » John - S.C.A 7^ 
West Point 

Reese, Charles F. Pa.A S4 physician 


ISSfet 2 !?^ ^ enry 'i M i n ?'? I5 IJ 4 Warm Springs av 

Coble Wpr/H P n SamU F ? eb - A ? 6 U - S ' Forest Service 

^oble, V\ard Henry. Kas.A 05 lawyer 

Dockeiy, Edward J. Wis.A 80 lawyer 

Driscol 1, Dean Neb A 04 lawyer 1201 Washington 

Dnscoll John L Neb.A 11 1 201 Washington ° 

^rh^ da ? ^' J^, 99 A law >' er 3i8 N 6th 
.Richards, John H. Ohio A 75 

Bo^HI 118 ' Harry D ' Ia,A ° 2 en ^ Ineer i3i8 Eastman 
^ Chapin, Edwin Turtle. Neb.A 97 lumberman 

r.?J. in fe H , al Loder - IaA °7 ranchowner 
Clark Fork 

Owen Thomas J. Mo.A 71 lawyer 
Coeur d'Alene 

Hubbard, Earle Clinton. Neb.A 02 

T^&ftl &1 %% «»*«■. »t National Bank 
Council ' y 

Emmett^ Qyde Emi1 -' W " Va - A 02 Physician 

Campbell Allan W Mich.A 02 fruit grower 
F| Haugan, John R. Wis.A 05 rancher 

Jen> U m in ' Bert C " CalifG 02 minin S 
Le^is k ton CharleS R ° gy * NebA ° 3 drau ^tsman 

Motcow' Graft ° n T * Pa,Z 97 rancher 

Howard, Byron Sewell. Minn.B 01 

Sturgeon, Edward T. Ill.B 08 

Edgerton, James E. Neb.A 03 real estate 
1 win Falls 

J Ta e „ S d a^oMVaSr Co!^ °" ^ mgt ' Tw! " Fal,S Salmon Riv « 

Varian, Bertram S. Mich.A 91 lawyer 

Scantlebury, Paul F. Mass.A 07 with Craig M'tain Lumber Co 



Emerson, William Woods. Ind.B 79 

Ferriman George. Ind.B 91 merchant 

Fitch, Joel C. Ind.B 81 lawyer 

McKinney, Archibald. Ill.G 73 real estate 

M S^t n e ne B y a„fe S Assoc G 74 ReP V ' S " C ° ngreSS ' ^ th D!st IU »™ 


Argyle- Berwyn — 1 LLI NOIS 


Pearson, Arthur T. 111. A 15 

Pearson, Oliver W. Ill.A 10 

Ralston, David E. Ill.A 11 
Arlington Heights 

Wheeler, Elbert B. Ill.A 64 civil engineer 

Adams, Donald William. Ill.A 14 113 Downer pi 

Adamson. Clarence Herbert. Ill.D 11 426 Downer pi 

Belden, Frank Annis. Wis. A 01 with Herring Milling Co 

Belden, Ira Charles. Mich. A 90 asst gen claim agt C & N W Ry 
10 S Root 

Bucks, Charles Henry. Ill.A 88 

Carr, Jesse George. Wis. A 09 

Crane, Frank R. Ill.A 15 212 Galena blvd 

Dooling, John, jr. Wis. A 11 180 W Lake 

Ellis, Ed Arthur. Wis.G 99 prin high school 177 Galena blvd 

Ewing, William M. Ill.A 90 clergyman 367 Maple av 

Fishburn, Donald B. Wis. A 99 hardware 418 Lafayette 

Haviland, Fred H. Ill.A 10 514 Downer pi 

Haviland, James T. Ill.A 09 514 Downer pi 

Hopkins, Albert Jarvis, jr. Ill.B 02 insurance 71 Walnut 

Hopkins, Mark S. Ill.D 05 with A. E. & J. electric road 

James, James C. Wis. A 00 lawyer 260 Downer pi 

Lazear, Weston Bross. Ill.D 05 draftsman 379 Marion av 

McCollum, George A. Mich. A 91 mfr, 634 W 69th, Chicago 

MacDonald, Ralph F. Ill.A 15 76 S 4th 

Miller, John M. Ill.A 11 125 S Lake 

Plain, Frank G. Mich.A 84 lawyer 127 Downer pi 

Quackenbush, Edward B. Ill.A 94 lawyer 280 N Lake 

Randle, Foster S. Ind.A 07 instr high school 

Ruth, Rowland W. Wis.G 09 400 Downer pi 

Scott, George. Ill.A 12 no Galena blvd 

Sencenbaugh, Carlos V. Mich.A 90 coal mer, Chicago 195 N Lake 

Staudt, Fred H. Mich.A 90 mgr Natural Guano Co 185 Fox 

Stewart, John. Wis. A 07 264 Garfield av 

Todd, Ralph S. Wis.A 08 lumber 40 N View 

Wilbur, Charles M. Wis.A 03 railroad fuel insp, Chicago 85 N Lake 

Worcester, Francis. N.H.A 07 sales dept Nat Tube Co„ Chicago 
Oak av 

Castle, Sidney Lester. Wis.A 05 627 N Central av 

Newman, Frank R. Ill.A 01 trav freight agt M. C. R. R., Chicago 
654 N Central av 

Bradley, James. Ind.A 68 physician 

Burke, W alter S. Wis.G 09 

Moore, Joseph W. Wis.A n 

Moore, William R. Wis.A 10 103 Washington 

More, Carl N. Pa.B 09 n Batavia av 

Northwick, John V. Mich.A 90 Union Bag and Paper Co 

Pearsall, Harold W. Wis.G 12 

Prindle, James P. Pa.B 97 salesman, U. S. Wind Engine and 
Pump Co 205 Main 

Snow, Barton S. Wis.A n 

Snow, Wilbur T. Wis.A 11 

Hoblit, Welby Ashbury. Mich.A 04 mech engr 

Butterfield, Willis. Ill.A 68 phys 620 S State 

Dempsey, Arthur Van Alstine. Wis.A 12 

Whitman, Frank S. Ill.B 67 phys 218 S State 

Scott, Charles R. Ill.A 95 phys 

Andrews, Jerome Edson. Ill.A 10 3145 Berkeley av 

Andrews, Wilbur J. Ill.A real estate, Chicago 3145 Berkeley av 

Carson, William Andrew. Ill.A 09 merchant 3301 Winfield av 


ILLINOIS — Berwyn- Chicago 

Geraghty, Richard S. 111. A 10 

Hall, John X. 111. A 78 clergyman 

Piper, Charles E. 111. A 78 supreme scribe Royal League, Chicago 
3427 Oak Park av 

Piper, Robert G. Iil.A 07 

Tuttle, Charles. 111. A 14 3330 Oak Park av 

Turtle, William H. Ill.A 84 lawyer, Chicago 

Cole, Edward W. Ind.B 70 merchant 

Klemm, Julius P. Ill.D 10 merchant 806 N Main 

Miller, Josiah. Pa.A 54 editor 

Grannis, F. C. Ill.A 69 

Street, J. V. Ill.B 85 

Ingersoll, Charles D. Wis. A 97 with Parlin & Orrendorf Co 251 E 

Hanford, George Chester. N.Y.A 69 

Harwood, Samuel Ernest. Ind.B 70 instr S Illinois Normal 

McAndrew, William. Ill.B 10 athletic director Normal School 

Woodward, William H. Ind.B 72 lawyer 

McClintock, William R. Ohio A 97 real estate 306 Stewart 

Patrick, Daniel H. Ind.A 77 

Powell, George. Ind.B 85 

Williams, James Robert. Ind.B 74 lawyer, ex-Congressman 

Barnett, George Washington. Ind.A 75 

Church, Ralph Edwin. Ill.A 08 lawyer 700 Commercial Nat Bk bldg 

Berks, Henry Woodside. Kas.A 77 director Trevett-Mattis Banking Co 

Rogers, Harry T. Ill.D 13 403 W White 

Swannell, Dan Gardner. Mich. A 93 insurance 

Cadle, Chester Junnius. Ill.D 13 

Crews, Robert A. Pa.K 07 967 S 6th 

Johnston, Donald C. Ill.D 15 875 S 7th 

Murray, Harry L. Ind.A 94 

Whitlock, Merle H. Ohio A 00 physician 710 Monroe 

Abbey, Charles Peters. Ill.B 85 lawyer 7626 Sheridan rd 

Abel, Almon Clarence. Ill.A 90 clergyman 

Abell, Oliver John. Ohio E 06 journalist 943 S Dearborn 

Adams, Howard F. Ill.B 13 5524 Cornell av 

Akers, John Wesley. Ia.G 69 prin Walter Scott School 6228 Rockwell 

Albertson, Charles' Quincy. Wis. A 75 merchant 124 Walnut av 

Algeo, Harold Leigh. Wis. A 07 4050 Kenmore av 

Allen, Ernest Howard. Neb. A 00 105 W. Monroe 

Anderson, Charles P. Ill.D 15 1612 Prairie av 

Anderson, William Pierce. Md.A 92 architect 1417 Railway Exch 

Austin, William Baden. Ind.G 77 lawyer and broker 25 Scott 

Balmer, Edwin. Ill.A 09 author 1045 Hollywood av 

Balmer, Julius P. Ill.A 01 adv representative 1323 Marquette bldg 

Barber, Vergil Cassius. Neb.A 95 supt Randolph Box & Label Co 
187 N Clark 

Bartelme, Eugene Alfred. Mich. A 13 117 Baird av 

Bartelme, John H. Mich. A 96 receiving teller 2239 Hamilton ct 

Bartholomew, Elmer Jefferson. N.Y.B 85 osteopath phys 161 State 

Batten, Ralph E. Mich. A 00 lawyer Hyde Park blvd 

Battin, William Ingram. Pa.K 94 supt Gas Wks 635 Englewood av 

Baum, Robert S. N.Y.A 10 521? Michigan av 

Baxter, John. Tenn.D 02 with Chicago Savings Bank & Trust Co 

Beaton, Matthew, jr. Calif. G 13 131 7 Pratt av 


Chicago— ILLINOIS 

Beckman, Henry Ray. Ind.A oo reporter 5627 Indiana av 

Belden, Luther M. Pa.D 59 clergyman 4451 N Winchester av 

Belknap, Robert E. Md.A 95 with Pa Steel Co 332 S Michigan av 

Bellows, Frank Leroy. Wis. A 11 6149 Kenmore av 

Biggs, Vernon Alfred. N.H.A 01 real estate 5625 S Boulevard 

Bliss, George Custer. Ill.B 05 lawyer 18 17 Estes 

Blount, John Darwin. Ill.D 04 with Meacham, Wright & Co 1603 

City Hall sq bldg 
Boal, William S. Ill.B 15 6032 Kimbark av 
Bonney, Ellis Moss. Mich. A 02 insurance no N Prairie av 
Borders, Michael Washington. Ill.G 84 lawyer 443Q Greenwood av 
Borncamp, Charles Jacob. Minn.B 93 broker 326 River 
Bosley, Maurice Edward. N.Y.A 08 652 S Michigan av 
Boyce, Ben S. Mich.A 03 508 N Dearborn 

Bradley, James C. F. Mich.A 94 lawyer Corn Exch Bank bldg 
Bradley, Ralph Robinson. Mich.A 88 lawyer 5 141 Hibbard av 
Brainerd, Charles L. la. A 07 with Universal Portland Cement Co 

72 W Adams 
Brant, Henry Whittington. Ohio A 83 lawyer 809 Monadnock bldg 
Brewer, Clarence B. Pa.G 09 6159 Kenwood av 
Brewer, Jerome Sickel. Wis. A 10 1347 N State 
Brodix, Franklin Thomas. Ind.B 84 real estate 218 La Salle 
Bronson, Leonard. Wis.G 81 mgr lumber assoc 233 N Long av 
Brown, Amasa Kellogg. Mich.A 02 mgr Guillot Metal Gasket Co 24 

S Clinton 
Biown, Ray Clifford. W.Va.A 04 with Minwax Products Co 1642 

Monadnock bldg 
Brushingham, John P. 111. A 79 clergyman 4703 N. Winchester av 
Buddeke, Ivo Washington. Ill.B n 5458 Hyde Park blvd 
Bundy, Irving. N.Y.E 98 teacher 2239 Campbell park 
Burke, Edmund Wesley. 111. A 68 lawyer 2016 W Adams 
Burmeister, John Carl, jr. Wis. A 10 4527 Percy 
Burnett, Elbert Martin. Neb. A. 06 bonds 126 W Monroe 
Burton, Frank J. Ind.B 79 ticket agt Union^ sta 3421 Fulton 
Bushnell, Carl C. Ill.B 85 contractor 4141 .Lowell av 
Butterworth, William Miller. Ind.B 87 lawyer 6422 S St Louis av 
Buzzell, Edgar Augustus. Ill.B 83 lawyer 6136 Ellis av 
Cady, Arthur Cowan. N.Y.E. 95 mail carrier 4045 Congress 
Garden, James. Wis. A 04 1934 Belmont av 
Carey, Charles Daniel. Ill.B 10 4213 Grand blvd 
Carey, John William. Mich.A 04 lumber 3933 Grand blvd 
Garret, Francis Wingate. R.I. A 04 mgr Industrial Instrument Co 

1363 Monadnock bldg 
Castle, Ward Church. Wis. A 05 banker 29 S La Salle 
Chapin* Robert. Md.A 82 

Chapman, Daniel Ward. Ill.D 05 insurance 
Childs, George W. Pa. I 99 insurance 131 La Salle 
Childs, Lester C. Wis.G 94 lawyer 719 N Y Life bldg 
Childs, Robert William. Wis.G 95 lawyer 719 N Y Life bldg 
Church, Archibald. Wis. A 80 phys 48*8 Madison av 
Clark, Herbert F. N.Y.E 05 623 S Wabash 
Clarke, William George. 111. A 80 propr People's Institute Hotel 866 

Van Buren 
Coad, William Tucker. Mich.A 76 6726 Sheridan road 
Cochrane, Robert. Ohio G 90 with Marshall Field Co 360 Ontario 
Cogdall, Harry Frank. Ill.D 11 308 N Pine 

Cole, Rossiter G. Mich.A 84 prof of music U. of Chicago 1363 E 51 
Collins, Rufus George. Wis.G 81 physician 5050 State 
Collins, Sidney T. Wis.G 06 171 1 Insurance Exch bldg 
Cook, George Cram. la. A 89 author 

Cooling, Walter Freeman. Wis.G 81 lawyer 5607 Washington 
Cooper, Frederick Macomber. Wis. A n 5967 Ohio 
Cornelius, Martin Phelps. Ill.B 63 lawyer 6128 Lexington av 
Corper, Francis J. Ill.B t T r8?R Kenmore av 
Corper, Philip. Ill.D 15 55J.1 Kenmore av 

Coy, Harry Irus. Ill.B 94 wholesale grocer 743S Harvard av 
Cox, George Burton. Ohio A 12 5211 Woodlawn av 


ILLINOIS— Chicago 

Cox, Harry D. Pa.Eta 09 6032 Woodlawn av 

Crafts, Harry K. Mich.A 97 atty for Armour Co 318 S Park av 

Craven, Edward S. Ill.A 02 with F. A. Hardy & Co 4742 Sheridan rd 

Cromer, Charles E. Ill.A 07 506 S 5th av 

Cronkhite, Christopher Columbus. Ind.G 72 phys 102 W 72d 

Crow, Louis W. Wis.G 82 pres Mears-Slayton Lbr Co 4320 Hazel av 

Cunningham, Ralph Simmons. Pa. A 00 

Curtiss, John Christlieb. Ill.B 95 dept mgr 7 W Randolph 

Curtis, Roswell. Ill.A 10 934 Lafayette Parkway 

Dale, Paul N. Ohio A 02 1709 Harris Trust bldg 

David, Vernon Cyrenius. Mich.A 01 phys 815 Belden av 

Davies, Orville. Ill.A 12 5202 Magnolia av 

Davis, George Coit. Mich.A 96 mfr Milwaukee av 

Davis, Will J., jr. Ind.D 05 bus mgr Illinois Theatre 

Day, William B. Ill.B 06 with Standard Varnish Works 5800 

Dencer, Frederick W. Ind.D 01 engr Lassig Plant 6810 Bennett av 
Dennis, William Andrew. Ill.D 07 farmer 650 Irving Park blvd 
Dietz, John Walter. Ind.D 01 mgr elec dept Western Elec Co 
Dixon, George W. Ill.A 85 v p & treas Arthur Dixon Trans Co 

2706 Michigan av 
Dixon, Thomas J. Ill.A 88 3132 Calumet av 
Dockery, Joseph Henry. Wis.A 85 asst claim agt C & N W Ry 216 

Jackson blvd 
Dodge, Joseph. Wis.A 82 salesman 740 Marquette Bldg 
Dornblaser, Thomas F. Ohio B 69 clergyman 2249 Hamilton ct 
Duffy, Russell A. Wis.A 11 5935 Ohio, Austin sta 
Dunne, Edward F. Mich.A 05 lawyer in W. Washington 
Dunne, Richard J. Mich.A 07 417 S Dearborn 

Durborrow, Clarence Edward. Ind.B 77 salesman 1544 W Adams 
Durborrow, Conrad B. Ind.B 79 merchant 1544 W Adams 
Eckstorm, Royce P. Ill.A 97 circ mgr Chic Journal 838 Crescent pi 
Elliott, John W. Pa.E 07 Aluminum Co of Am. 915 Old Colony bldg 
Elsdon, James Gilbert. Ill.B 82 lawyer 6401 Normal blvd 
Emerson, Charles W. Wis.G 84 city editor Chicago Trib Union club 
Emerson, Hugh M. Ohio E 06 mgr dist office U S Light & Heat Co 
Endicott, J. Frank. Ind.D 01 with Armour Packing Co 
Ernst, Fritz B. Ind.D 01 1 163* McCormick bldg 

Evans, Raymond Owen. Ia.D 85 investment banking 1351 Otis bldg 
Evans, Varnum S. Ill.A 14 3639 Perry 
Everingham, Edward L. Wis.A 78 grain merchant 
Farr, Charles W. Ind.A 84 asst supt Cook Co schools. 3922 N 42d 
Fellows, William K. N.Y.G 92 architect 6 N Clark 
Fifield, Clem H. Ind.A 08 engr Link Belt Co 39th and Stewart 
Finney, Samuel. Ind.G 82 grain commissions 715 Board of Trade 
Fitch, Edward C. Ind.B 81 lawyer 6235 Kenwood av 
Flower, Louis B. Wis.A 88 732 California terrace 
Follansbee, Alanson. Ill.B 97 137 La Salle 
Forsyth, Walter. Pa.A 58 clergyman 7714 Langley av 
Foster, Alonzo D. Ill.A 65 mfr 184 Washington 
Foster, Frank Henry. Wis.A 80 contractor 30 N La Salle 
Foster, Louis A. Ill.B 11 1709 E 55th 
Gage, Charles H., jr. Wis.A 06 554 N Willow av 
Gage, Frank J. Wis.G 98 music 132 W Lake 

Gartside, John L. Ill.B 05 adv sol, Chicago Trib 4329 Drexel blvd 
George, Evan Philip, jr. N.Y.G S7 324 Dearborn 
Gilbert, Donald D. Minn.B 09 650 Otis bldg 
Goble, Arthur S. Ill.D 04 625 Railway Exchange bldg 
Goodman, P. S. 832 72d 

Gorgas, Harry S. Ill.B 12 5720 Madison av 
Gould, Aaron J. Ind.B 99 advertiser 5687 Ridge av 
Graham, Arthur. Ill.A 12 6739 Bosworth av 
Grassie, Henrv Holbrook. Wis.G 90 Florsheim Shoe Co 
Graves, Charles Stephen. Ill.A 85 lawyer 1450 Sherman av 
Gray, Philip Marshall. Wis.G 10 S3 E Division 
Gregg. Joseph. S.C.A 67 
Griffith, Vaughn H. Pa.Theta 11 with Thompson-Starrett Co Exch 



Chicago— ILLINOIS 

Gunder, Jeane D. 111. A 07 310 W Randolph 

Haarvig, Lawrence Mortimer. Ill.B 02 Traveller's Insurance Co 

1284 Continental Com Bank bldg 
Hagar, Edward McKim. N.Y.A 93 pres Univ Portland Cement Co 

10 Astor 
Hall, Winfield Scott. 111. A 85 phys 2431 Dearborn 
Halliman, Charles Thomas. N.H.A 99 ed Chicago Trib 16 15 E 55th 
Halsted, Joseph. Mich.A 83 pres John Halsted Co 
Hamilton, Gordon C. N.Y.A 94 458E 33d 
Hammond, Harry W. Mich.A 10 with Howard Simmons Co First 

National Bank bldg 
Hanchett, Russell C. Wis. A 09 1342 Sunnyside av 
Hanna, James Richmond. Ind.G 88 lawyer 464 Cleveland av 
Harradon, Charles G. Ill.A 09 real estate 

Harriman, Seelye P. Ill.B 09 draughtsman 6851 Bennett av 
Hartman, Raymond F. Ill.A 08 with N W Mutual Life Ins Co 2497 

N Ashland av 
Harvey, Edwin Lawrence. Ill.A 88 1473 Washington blvd 
Haugan, Charles Marius. Wis.A 00 banker 133 W Washington 
Hays, Clyde T. Neb.A 98 treas Beatrice Creamery Co 2027 Peoples 

Gas bldg 
Heartt, William R. Neb.A 97 CB&ARR 528 Bryant av 
Hedge, Harry M. Ill.A 07 treas Hedge Pub Co 4920 Kenmore av 
Heggie, T. M. Ind.D 02 1302 Fisher Bldg 
Henderson, Laurence A. Pa.G 09 with Western Union Tel Co in 

West Jackson blvd 
Hennessey, John F. Pa.G 04 1007 McCormick bldg 
Henson, Charles Weber. Ill.B 82 printer 338 N Mason av 
Hess, James M. R.I.A 05 clergyman 5815 Drexel av 
Hildebrand, Clement A. Ill.D 04 with National Biscuit Co 
Holmes, Daniel J. Ill.A 96 with Marshall Field Co 
Holt, George N. Wis.G 93 journalist 713 Fine Arts bldg 
Hooper, Cyrus L. Ind.B 83 teacher Murray F. Tuley H S 296 N State 
Hopkins, James S. Wis.A 98 lawyer Corn Exch Nat Bank bldg 
Hosick, Harry Newell. Mich.A 95 banker 1202 First Nat Bank bldg 
Hotchkin, Harry T. Ill.A 14 5522 Kenmore av 
Houston, John V. Ill.D 06 with Ajax Forge Co 4041 Lowell av 
Ho3aie, Thomas Temple. Ill.B 96 lawyer 3369 Calumet av 
Hudson, Charles. Mich.A 83 lawyer City Hall sq bldg 
Hull, Arthur M. Wis.G 92 pres and gen mgr Fuel Magazine and 

Retail Coalman 129 E 55th 
Hull, Joseph Curtis. Ohio D 83 7730 Bond av 
Hutchins, Dimmitt C. Ohio A 94 lawyer 19 S La Salle 
James, John W. S.C.A 90 

Jeifris, Donald H. Wis.A 10 660 Graceland av 
Jeffris, Fred J. Wis.G 94 502 Pullman bldg 

Jenkins, William F. Ill.D 12 with Cluett, Peabody & Co 520 S 5th av 
Johnson, Harvey P. Ohio A 80 druggist 
Johnson, Howard W. Ill.B 01 5835 Monroe av 

Johnson, Walter A. Wis. G 07 with Counselman & Co 112 W Adams 
Johnston, James W. Mich.A 76 454 E 42nd 
Johnston, Robert Chapman. Md.A 89 

Johnston, Robert S. Pa.Theta 74 Star & Crescent Milling Co 
Johnston, William Walter. Ill.B 99 lawyer 10 17 E 59th 
Joice, Clyde M. Ill.B 09 4429 Magnolia av 
Jones, Willis Silliman. Ohio D 80 215 Dearborn 
Kaufman, Gustav L. Ill.A 02 phys 934 Center 

Keehn,_Roy D. Ind.B 95 lawyer 1151 Otis bldg 

G 94 treas Illinois Ele 
Kelsey, James C. Kas.A 93 with Kellogg Switchboard Co 

Keith, Carl. Wis.G 94 treas Illinois Elec Co 308 W Madison 

Kendrick, William H. Ind.D 08 212 W Washington 

King, Richard Samuel. Ill.B 80 mines and promotion 6220 Ellis av 

Klaner, Fred Alfred, jr. Wis.A 06 undertaker 2733 Pine Grove av 

Knight, Charles Pinkley. Ind.G 86 Holland Hotel 

Knox, Wesley L. Pa.B 70 loans 138 Chamber of Commerce bldg 

Kohl, Fred W. Ind.A 97 commission merchant 5143 Calumet av 

Konsberg, Edgar T. Ill.A 00 broker 412 Lake 


ILLINOIS— -Chicago 

Krauss, Paul H. 111. A 10 105 1 Waveland av 

Kroeschell, Paul H. Wis.A 11 2219 Bissell 

Lary, Harold Raymond. Mass. A 08 722 Pullman bldg 

Lazear, David W. Ill.D 10 dentist 6030 Woodlawn av 

Lesh, Llewellyn B. Ind.A 85 lumber 4558 Prairie av 

Lethen, Theodore H. Ill.D 15 1336 Norwood av 

Linahan, Martin G. N.H.A 13 4065 Sheridan av 

Lingle, David Judson. Ill.B 81 prof of physiology Univ of Chicago 

1017 E 54th pi 
Loomis, Frederick S. Mich. A 86 lawyer 10 12 Rector bldg 
Lucas, Frank Potter. Ind.A 07 banker 
McAuliff, George. Ill.B 07 phys 416 E 46th 
McConnell, John C. Ill.B 66 real estate 546 Hawthorn pi 
McGowan, George Edward. Ill.B 05 with Franklin MacVeagh Co 

740 Winthrop av 
McGrath, William Edward. Ill.B 06 bond salesman 5485 Cornell av 
McHarg, Malcolm. Mich. A 05 McClure dept adv Keaner bldg 
McHarg, William Briggs. Mich. A 92 writer 932 Winona av 
McKennan, William. Pa.A 77 lawyer 
McKinnie, Ralph R. 111. A 96 12 14 Greenleaf 
McKnight, Robert B. Ill.B 11 4745 Sheridan read 
McLean, Donald. 111. A 14 4419 Racine av 

McLennan, William E. 111. A 83 clergyman 1623 Sunnj-side av 
McMahon, Charles E. Pa.Z 67 
McMahon, J. Allen. Ill.B 12 1427 Jackson blvd 

McQuigg, Frederick W. 111. A 96 with Chicago Am. 1 152 Lawrence av 
Maddigan, Roy J. Ill.B 06 80 E Jackson blvd 
Mann, Albert Duane. Ill.B 11 with Woodruff Trust Co 
Mann, Franklin. la. A 86 insurance 7334 Yale av 
Marquis, George P. Pa.A 85 ear, nose and throat spec 31 N State 
Marsh, Charles D. Wis.A 06 137 S La Salle 
Marsh, James Gorton. Ill.B 84 lumber salesman 547 E 34th 
Marshall, Philip L. Mich.A 88 1335 E 52d 
Martin, Wilson B. Wis.G 90 investments 3816 Michigan av 
Matlock, Joseph A. 111. A 79 
Matthews, Abner Harding. Ill.G 81 

Meigs, James Burrell. Ill.B 07 advertising 4035 Lake Park av 
Meigs, Merrill C. Ill.B 03 with Lord & Thomas 4035 Lake Park av 
Miller, Clarence L. Pa.B 88 lawyer 914 Winona av 
Miller, Wallace. Ill.B 15 419 E 50th 
Milner, Duncan Chambers. Pa.D 64 clergyman 
Minnick, James. Ohio B 81 12 12 S Dearborn 
Mitchell, John H. N.Y.A 96 1470 Old Colony bldg 
Mogg, Edgar H. Wis.A 14 1152 Morse av 
Mooar, Harry L. Ohio D 96 1303 Monadnock bldg 
Moore, Charles Chesterfield. Ill.B 04 bonds 160 W r Jackson blvd 
Moore, Harold A. Ill.B 12 4359 Grand blvd 
Morley, Ebor T. W T is.A 01 engr 5718 Winthrop av 
Morris, F. Thomas, jr. 111. A 04 merchant 1066 People's Gas bldg 
Morse, Charles H. Mich.A 91 pres Fairbanks-Morse Mfg Co 1132 

E 49th 
Morsman, Joseph H. Mich.A 89 treas Carter White Lead Co 471 1 

Greenwood av 
Mosser, O. D. Pa.E 06 with No Amer Prov Co 5539 Cornell av 
Mott, Charles S. Wis.A 04 527 S Dearborn 

Moulding, Joseph W. 111. A 91 brick mfr 12 12 Chamber of Commerce 
Moulton, Claude N. Ill.B 13 6949 Vincennes av 
Murry, Murdo. Kas.A 95 with Mandel Bros 
Neff, Clarence C. Ill.B 15 5819 Blackstone av 

NefiE, Theodore L. Ind.A 77 asst prof French, U of Chic 1361 E 56th 
Neir, Earl R. Ohio E 09 elec engr tooi Van Buren 
Neptune, Carl I. Ill.B 00 5626 Blackstone av 

Nigh, Claude Hubbard. Kans.A 10 1129 First National Bank bldg 
Nimmons, George Croll. Ohio G 82 architect 2007 People's Gas 

Xorgren, Hans W. Ill.B 15 2438 Burling 
Norman, Fred Isaac. 111. A 15 4928 Kenmore av 
North, Howard M. la. A 85 


Chicago— ILLINOIS 

Oates, Henry F. 111. A n 900 Rookery 

Oates, James F. Ill.A 89 900 Rookery 

Odell, Carl L. Ill.A 09 Corn Exchange bldg 

Offield, Charles K. Ill.A 64 lawyer Monadnock bldg 

Offield, James R. Mich. A 00 lawyer Monadnock bldg 

Ohls, Henry G. Mich. A So phys 927 Lawrence av 

Orcutt, Oran Guernsey. Wis.G 06 1540 Otis bldg 

Orr, Harvey D. Ohio G 85 theatrical producer 2944 Warren av 

Ort, Reginald Aurand. Ohio B 05 with Chicago Examiner 

Orth, William S. Ill.G 84 physician 628 Wrightwood av 

Ovitz, Ernest G. Ill.D 06 phys 2306 Calumet av 

Owen, Roy M. N.H.A 05 ins Ocean Accident & Guar 900 Windsor av 

Pace, Charles A. Ill.A 06 care of Assoc of Commerce Otis bldg 

Page, Cecil. Mich. A 94 lawyer 1322 1st National Bank bldg 

Page, Edwin. N.Y.A 01 broker 704 Rookery 

Page, George J. Ill.B 14 4317 N. Kostner av 

Parker, J. W. Ind.B 80 merchant 6731 Union av 

Parker, Reed L. Wis.A 08 with Chicago Tribune 

Parkes, Charles H. Ill.A 91 phys 1904 Lincoln av 

Patten, Edgar Allen. Ind.G 89 with Reid, Murdoch & Co 4103 

Kenmore av 
Paulsen, William A. Wis.B 77 55 Wentworth av 
Perry, Arba T. Ind.G 88 with Colonial Trust & Sav Bk 621 E 29th 
Phelan, Charles A. Ind.B oS 159 W Lake. 
Phelps, William L. Ohio B 84 broker 4610 Ellis av 
Piatt, E. M. Wis.A 83 9 S Clinton 

Pole, James S. Wis.A 03 engr Chicago & N W Ry 241 N Park av 
Porter, Edgar S. Ind.A 89 3336 W Madison 
Porter, Francis G. Ill.A 99 mfr 921 Buena av 
Potter, Phil H. Ill.D 14 5307 Cornell av 

Powell, Burton S. Calif.B 97 pres Windermere Press 6037 S Park av 
Powers, Percy A. Neb. A 95 contractor 518 Washington blvd 
Pratt, George N. la. A 93 surgeon 41 19 Kenmore av 
Preble, Norman Hosmer. Mich. A 09 1518 Dearborn 
Preble, Robert Bruce. Mich. A 85 phys 15 18 Dearborn 
Prentiss, James H. Mich. A 92 mgr No Amer Life Ins Co 1602 N 

American bldg 
Probasco, Walter E. Pa.I 97 61 10 Greenwood av 
Pruitt, Andrew J. Ind.A 77 contractor 11 36 Argyle 
Pruitt, Raymond L. Ill.A 05 lawyer 15 18 Otis bldg 
Randall, Edwin Jarvis. N.Y.D 93 clergyman 4245 Washington blvd 
Randall, Ransom H. Ia.G 70 author 6928 Wayne av, Rogers Park 
Randall, Guy D. Ill.B 02 broker 4366 Lake av 
Randle, Hanson F. Ill.B 00 broker 4330 Drexel blvd 
Raymond, Jules N. Ill.A 96 mgr E. L. Ewing Co 4723 Dover 
Raymond, S. B. Ill.A 64 Auditorium Annex 
Rea, Fred Irwin. Kas.A 02 elec engr 7859 Bond av 
Reebie, Arthur W. Mich. A 08 4549 Broadway 
Reeves, David Wilson. Ia.D 80 

Renwick, John S. Ill.D 05 with Babcock Ruston & Co The Rookery 
Reynolds, Harry H. Wis.A 02 auto specialties 4109 Drexel blvd 
Richards, Arch E. Wis.A 07 with H. B. Leach & Co 
Richardson, Ambrose M. Va.A 00 1845 People's Gas bldg 
Rider, Carlos B. Mich. A 96 with Western Elec Co 20 N Waller av 
Ridgely, Temple S. Ill.D 08 with Illinois Life Ins Co 
Robb, Floyd N. Wis.G 05 with Chicago Tel Co 4002 Lake Park av 
Rodgers, John L. Pa. A 75 lawyer 420 Chamber of Commerce 
Rogers, Andrew J. Ind.B 06 with Jones Elec Starter Co 
Root, Zolman D. Ill.A 68 no W Monroe 
Rosswell, Glenn C. Ill.A 10 1433 Berteau av 

Rush, George Frederick. Mich.A 86 lawyer n 10 Title & Trust bldg 
Russell, Earl Paul. Kas.A 05 with Wood Motor Car Co 
Sass, Fred. Ill.B 07 lawyer 1414 Ft Dearborn bldg 
Sass, George. Ill.B 04 lawyer 29 S La Salle 
Schaefer, Clarence A. Ohio E 09 with U S Light & Heating Co 
Schillo, Edwin W. Ill.D 08 automobiles 1452 S Michigan av 
Schnur, George E. Ill.B 02 2216 S Michigan av 


ILLINOIS— Chicago 

Schraudenbach, Harry M. Ill.B 95 with Chic Examiner 374S Maple sq 

Schuyler, Henry M. Ill.D 05 architect 1800 Railway Exch 

Seyl, Peter W. Hl-D 07 with Franklin McVea?h & Co 1800 N Clark 

Shaver, Harry L. Ill.A 05 lawyer 6347 Winthrop 

Shaw, Siremba. Ill.G 74 phys 1539 W Jackson blvd 

Sherman, John, jr. D.C.A 97 5635 Lexington av 

Shipnes, Wilford C. Wis.G 85 lawyer 4450 Berkeley av 

Short, Omar Burgess. Ill.B 82 

Shriber, George. Ohio G 84 lawyer 822 1st Nat Bank bldg 

Shringer, Herwood H. N.Y.A 90 

Sikes, George Cushing. Minn.B 88 publicist 61 S Central av 

Simmons, Russell M. Mich. A 95 banker 5050 Drexel blvd 

Simpson, William A. Kas.A 77 adv agt 5432 Lexington av 

Sims, George R. Mich. A 97 real estate 1111 Steger bldg 

Sims, James D. la. A 10 with Sears Roebuck & Co 

Skiles, Arthur R. Mich. A 11 2340 Monroe 

Slocum, John A. Ill.A 02 merchant 5047 Kenmore av 

Smale, Joshua Apsley. Wis.G 97 lawyer Fisher bldg 

Smallwood, William T. N.Y.B 96 instr Morgan Pk H S 7808 Union av 

Smith, Arthur Ford. Ill.B 95 salesman 5626 Kimbark 

Smith, Curtis Quincy. Wis.G 04 insurance 6071 Jefferson av 

Smith, Ernest Sawyer. Ill.A 13 4857 Winthrop av 

Smith, Frank Carpenter. Mich. A 88 sec Carter White Lead Co 

12042 S Peoria 
Smith, Guy V. Ind.B 03 adv sol Chicago Daily News 407 E 62d 
Smith, Hassel Wendell. Ill.A 08 with Mahin Adv Co 1241 Rose- 

mond av 
Snedicor, Marshall D. Minn. A 86 agt Western U bldg 7239 Yale av 
Snitzler, James M. Ill.B 97 925 Hearst bldg 
Snow, Shirley Clifford. Mich. A 05 23 N Walnut 
Soares, Theodore Gerald. Minn.B 88 prof Homiletics Univ of Chic 

5541 Lexington av 
Southard, Daniel B. Ill.B 97 1021 E 45th 
Springer, George W. Ill.A 86 2001 W Monroe 
Stafford, Edward J. E. Mich. A 07 3925 Grand blvd 
Starett, William A. Pa. A 55 lawyer 2-336 N Clark 
Steffens, Joseph Ward. _ Minn. A 87 

Stevens, Edward J. Wis G. 90 lawyer 734 1st National Bank bldg 
Stone, Vincent. Ill.A 98 dry goods road sales mgr 219 W Adams 
Strohm, Eugene N. Mich. A 02 engineer 5828 Kenmore av 
Suhr, Edmund J. Ill.B 13 5526 Everett av 

Sullivan, Francis O. Mass. A 06 with Nat Biscuit Co no N Morgan 
Sullivan, Robert Brent. Ill.B 05 broker 701-11 W Monroe 
Sullivan, William S. Mich. A 01 engr 815 Dearborn 
Swain, Charles W. Colo. A 15 1605 Marquette bldg 
Swank, Clyde H. Ill.A 12 5402 Sheridan rd 
Sweeney, Arthur F. Ill.D 15 1438 Cullom av 

Sweetman, Arthur H. Ind.D 02 elec engr 4550 St Lawrence av 
Tarble, Newton E. Pa.K 09 with Ketterlinus Lithographing Co 
Taylor, Chester H. Ill.A 06 Halsey Drug Co 5538 Kenmore av 
Templeton, Fred. Ill.B 85 5 16 E 36th 

Tennent, Edgar G. Wis.G 83 dept mgr Rothschild & Co 4408 Mich av 
Terry, Harry W. N.Y.B 02 902 1st National Bank bldg 
Thaine, Richard Jeness. Mich. A 08 cartoonist Chicago Daily News 
Thomas, Edwin Benjamin. N.H.A n 3036 Broadway 
Thomas, Frederick Bradley. Ill.B 96 Shirley Press 735 S Dearborn 
Thomas, Samuel B. Ind.G 82 capitalist Dorchester av 
Tobin, Richard G. la. A 00 with Lord & Thomas 121 E 48th 
Topping, Wendell. Ill.B 86 real estate 811 Reapler blk 
Townsend, Harold Guyon. Wis.G 03 lawyer 719 N Y Life bldg 
Tunell, George G. Minn.B 90 6035 Jefferson av 
Turtle, William O. Ill.B 11 with Griffiths Constr Co Randolph and 

Vail, Carl V. Ill.A 06 1444 Wilson av 

Van Hook, Wendell A. Pa. A 97 engineer 914 Karpen bldg 
Veree, James E. Pa.K 90 journalist Steger bldg 
Volk, Carl B. Ill.B 13 The Elms, Mont Clair 


Chicago- Dixon— ILLINOIS 

Volk, Robert. Ill.B 01 2212 Neva av 

Wade, Stoops C. la. A 05 with Univ Portland Cement Co 533 W 66th pi 

Wagner, Percy E. Ill.B 15 6226 Woodlawn av 

Walker, Sidney, jr. Ill.B 05 physician 29 E Madison 

Wallace, Archibald G. Ill.D 09 adv sol 1927 Morse av, Rogers pk 

Walser, Joseph J. Mich. A 06 Goss Print Press Co 1535 S Pauline 

Warne, George B. la. A 67 phys 4203 Evans av 

Warner, Clarence M. 111. A 13 1509 Fargo av 

Washburn, Edgar B. Wis. A 05 76 Wabash av 

Watson, Peter W. Wis. A 09 1500 Wilson av 

Westcott, James B. Ill.A lawyer 76 W Monroe 

White, Frederic S. Wis. A 78 wholesale grocer 4406 Greenwood av 

Whitfield, William V. Wis.G 99 with Sterling Varnish Co 7300 

Princeton av 
Whiting, Frank Simpson. Ill.B 13 6029 Kimbark av 
Whiting, Lawrence Harley. Ill.B 09 111 Life Ins Co 6029 Kimbark av 
Whittier, Clarke B. Calif. A 89 prof of law Univ of Chic 5601 

Woodlawn av 
Wickham, Halsey H. Ill.B 13 5635 Madison av 
Wilcox, Robert B. Mich. A 85 sup engr City Hall 1034 W Adams 
Wilk, Frederick L., jr. Mich. A 09 with Union Trust Co 
Wilkinson, George L. D.C.A 86 patent lawyer 1664 Graceland av 
Willis, Bernard D. la. A 95 elec engr Automobile Elec Co 916 Oak- 
wood blvd 
Winger, Stanley D. Ohio B 97 sales engr Green Engineering Co 

4447 Indiana av 
Winn, Claude E. Ill.D 04 engr with Western Union Tel Co 
Wood, Alfred T. N.Y.A 98 mech engr 4352 Washington blvd 
Woods, Edward G. Ill.B 01 lawyer 15 11 Otis bldg 
Wynne, Lloyd. Ill.A 07 lawyer 2124 Lincoln Parkway 
Young, Benjamin C. Ill.D 07 engr 10652 Prospect av 
Young, Jared W. Ill.A 90 223 W Huron 
Yount, Joseph S. Ill.A 89 physician 534 W 63d 
Zaring, Elbert Robb. Ind.A 86 clergyman 

Chicago Heights 

Cratty, Carl T. Ohio A 02 asst supt, Victor Chem Wks 97 E 14th 
McEldowney, William F. N.H.A 99 banker 


Hoult, William Francis. Ind.G 83 deputy collector internal revenue 
Schnitker, Roger Reed. Ill.D 13 druggist 


Healy, Verne. Ill.D 14 


Baum, Clarence Henry. Mich. A 97 druggist 41 Vermillion 

Hendrick, Frank E. Ind.G merchant 323 Vermillion 

McCann, George C. Ind.D 01 dentist 508 Temple 

McNeill, George W. Ind.A 96 wholesale grocer 108 W Seminary 

Quick, Charles A. Ind.A 94 prin. Oaklawn schools 710 Grant 

Tway, William J. Ind.A 15 5th 

Webster, John W. Ind.A 95 sec Fidelity Investment and Bldg. 

Assoc 602 N Robinson 
W'estmen, Horace O. Ind.A 14 419 Oak 

Cooper, Arthur Benjamin. W.Va.A 99 clergyman 1330 Eldorado 
Gilmore, William F. Ohio A 65 clergyman 
Hofman, Oscar C. Ind.B 01 architect Madison and 4th 
Lapham, Joseph. N.Y.A 70 pres F. H. Cole Shoe Co 347 W North 
Neustadt, Bertholdt R. Minn.B 01 merchant 312 Moeller bldg 
Neustadt, George A. la. A 04 merchant 312 Moeller bldg 


Altman, Frank De Graff. Ohio B 77 clergyman 181 1 7th 

Lord, Frank E. Wis. A 06 with Otis Elevator Co, Chicago 211 

E Fellows 
Miller, Guy Garfield. Ill.D 06 farmer 

Rogers, Oliver M. Ill.A 01 mgr Rogers Printing Co 408 E First 
Rosbrook, Harrison W. Wis. A 01 

ILLINOIS — Downers Grove- Evanston 

Downers Grove 

Florentine, Horatio K. Mich. A 03 

Oughton, James H. Ill.B 02 physician, supt Keely Institute 

Dupee, Frank W. Wis.G 99 merchant 

Dupee, John A. Wis.G 99 merchant 
East St. Louis 

Letterman, William Gordon. Pa. A 02 dentist 234 Collinsville av 

Williams, Byfon P. Pa. A 02 1st National Bank bldg 
Edison Park 

Seger, John P. Ill.B 05 electrical contractor 

Mitchell. Herbert. Ill.G 84 

Paine. William Ill.G 84 

Bosworth, Alfred. Ill.B 65 retired Highland and Woodland av 

Bosworth, Walter H. Ill.D 15 739 Highland av 

Craven, Alfred. 111. A 94 law, 204 Dearborn, Chicago 310 S State 

Logan, John A. Ill.D 09 

Pearsall, Robert Ellis. Wis.G 08 care B. S. Pearsall Butter Co 

Rice, Henry A. Mich. A 91 v-pres Star Mfg Co 838 Douglas 

Torrey, Arthur G. Ill.D 08 with Elgin Watch Co 

Williams, Lloyd Garrison. Ill.D 08 lawyer 627 Douglas av 
Elk Grove 

Martin. J. E. Ill.A 67 

Alabaster, John Lewis. Ill.A 87 sec and treas Caxton Co (school 
furniture") 719 Noyes 

Albery, Herman William. Ohio D 98 elec engr 481 Sherman av 

Andrews, Robert E. Ill.D 15 521 Grove 

Bass, James Kelly. Ill.A 90 mfr electrical motors 1027 Grove 

Bass, Perkins B. Ill.A 85 real estate, 204 Dearborn, Chicago 1027 

Beale, Robert Lee*. Ill.A 07 2043 Sherman av 

Boner, Charles Clarence. Ill.A 97 chemist 911 Greenleaf 

Brown. Lothrop Lee. Ill.A 07 real estate 12 13 Michigan av 

Burt, William Griswold Ill.A 93 travel agt, Marshall Field & Co 
1423 Chicago av 

Butler, Albert Edwin. Ill.A q8 broker 1509 Chicago av 

Carpenter, Frank Whitney. Wis. A 02 broker 903 Michigan av 

Clapp, E. Russell. Ill.A 07 15 12 Chicago av 

Craven, Henry William. Ill.A 95 insur, with Asbury & Emerson 

Curtis. Ross. Ill.A 10 

Day, Alfred Champney. N.Y.A 12 418 Church 

Eastman, William H. Ill.A 14 Sheridan rd 

Fansler, Ralph L. Ill.A. oo # 18 12 Asbury av 

Ferry, Albert Montague. Wis.A 03 adv dept, Amer Magazine 1247 
Hinman av 

Graves, Charles Stephen. Ill.A 85 lawyer 30 N La Salle 

Green, Albert B. Ill.A 05 2328 Central 

Grier, James P. Ill.A 86 lawyer 10 16 Lake 

Helm, Xathan W. Ind.A 96 prin Northwestn Academy Fisk Hall 

Hillman, Conway W. Pa.Z 69 accountant 1734 Ridge av 

Humphrey, Wirt E. Ill.A 86 lawyer 2129 Sherman av 

James, Robert E. Mich. A 05 1621 Judson av 

Kimball, Dorr E. Ill.A 01 printer, Kimball Press 2323 Park pi 

Lardner, James L. Ind.G 84 instr Northwestern Univ. 720 Clark 

Leslie, Charles E. Wis.A 02 asst adv mgr Fairbanks, Morse & Co 
1246 Judson av 

Lininger, Homer D. N.Y.G 15 1635 Hinman av 

Mabie, Abram Emmons. Ill.B 85 lawyer 2410 Harrison 

MacLean, Hugh Whitford. N.H.A 00 general contractor 1435 Old 
Colony bldg 928 Sheridan rd 

Marsh, Everett T. N H.A 04 com paper broker 2221 Harrison 

Mercer, Frank C. Wis.A 05 Evanston Lumber Co 

Pirie, Gordon L. N.Y.Z 01 merchant 11 34 Judson av 


Evanston-Highland Park— ILLINOIS 

Robinson, John B. Ohio A 69 author 2020 Maple av 

Ross, Parke. Ill.B 98 treas, McCalla-Ross Co 836 Sherman av 

Scovill, Henry T. 111. A 68 932 Hinman av 

Sheldon, George H. Ill.B 07 jour, Chicago Daily News 525 Kedzie 

Stanberry, Frank. 111. A 00 insurance 1410 Chicago av 

Starnes, William D. 111. A 08 treas, Kittleman Leather Co 2035 
Sherman av 

Stewart, Charles M. Ill.A 83 ed Northwestern Christian Advocate 
621 Foster 

Stuart, Charles M. Ill.A 83 theologian 

Taylor, William Niles. Ill.A 13 17 13 Ridge av 

Towne, Lockwood J. Ind.A 01 civil eng 1634 Chicago av 

Vernay, John S. Ill.A 13 1712 Orrington av 

Wessling, Homer L. Ill.A 06 718 Clark 

Young, William S. Ill.A 00 member bd of trade 1417 Hinman av 

Johns, George W. Ind.B 69 lawyer 
Franklin Park 

Franklin, Gustave. Ill.B 04 real estate 

Beatty, Henry Jacob. Wis.G 95 lawyer 

Crawford. John. Ill.A 06 druggist^ 

Graham, David B. Wis. A 07 15 Lincoln av 

Heard, Oscar Edwin. Ill.D 05 court reporter 

Munn, Eugene L. Ill.D 04 

Parsons, Arthur J. Ohio A 97 instr h s 151 Exchange 

Tuckett, Norman C. Ill.B 05 merchant 

Crissman, Ralph Maclay. Ill.A 97 clergyman Presb ch 305 Hill 

Rippin, William Lloyd. Wis.G 99 

Longden, Alladin C. Ind.A 77 prof physics Knox col 643 W North 

Miner, Clarence Jennings. Mich. A 82 surgeon 

Steele, William Lucas. Ill.G 73 supt of schools 462 N Cherry 

Bennett, Gordon Chisholm, Wis.G 14 Batavia av 

Little, William D. Wis.A 08 

Mead, Leonard C. Wis.G 06 
Gibson City 

Randolph, Hallit B. Ind.A 11 instr high school 

Bangs, Hal Crumpton. Ill.A 97 lawyer 125 Monroe st, Chicago 
Sheridan rd 

Buck, George L. N.Y.E 97 asst treas Silver-Burdett & Co, Chicago 

Grasett, D. Bligh. Ill.A 13 

Mills, Richard W. Ill.A 14 
Granite City 

Kerrigan, Robert Lee. Ind.D 09 physician 2234 C 

Coyle, Cassius Marcellus. Ill.D 13 

Coyle, Harry Boies. Ill.D 10 insurance 

Hunter, Harold S. Ill.D 08 lumber business 

Axtell, Lyle Everett. Wis.A 97 cashier Axtell's Exchange Bank 

Bell, Burton Blake. Ill.A 92 

Chaffee, Donald Roberts. Ill.A 13 

Harlstone, Frank James. Ill.D 11 106 Blackman 

Hurlstone, Frank J. Ill.D 11 railway clerk 

King, John O. Ill.A 12 806 Heart . 

Marshall, Frederick E. Ill.A 13 

Robb, Carlton S. Wis.G i± 

Stephenson, Arthur T. Ind.A 99 clergyman 
Highland Park 

Drake, Charles Francis. Mich. A 92 mech eng 

Hastings, Rolland T. R. Wis.A 05 220 Dale av 


ILLINOIS— Hillsboro-La Grange 


Barringer, John Carlisle. Ohio B 99 coal production 

White, John B. Ill.D 06 real estate 

Blayney. Dana Carroll. Wis.G 13 11 Blaine 

Childs, Kent Coffeen. Wis.G 03 

Dana, Frank C. Ind.B 10 

Davidson, Preston Lewis. Wis.G 11 

Dean, Earl Stewart. Wis, A 99 

Higbee, Frank O. Minn.A 88 

Merrill, Ralph W. Wis.G 08 80 Sixth av 

Mogg, Harold W. 111. A 14 

Root, Charles G. Ill.A 67 v p U. S. Gypsum Co., Erie & Mich. Ry. 

Root, Richard W. G. N.Y.A. 00 with U. S. Gypsum Co, Chicago 

Smith, William Stewart. Mich.A 92 v p Henry Pratt Co, Chicago 
200 North 

Wallace, Thomas D. Pa. A 65 clergyman 67 N Washington 

Weddell, Thomas Robinson. Ill.B 83 editor and mgr Insurance 
Post, Royal Ins bldg, Chicago 82 N Lincoln 

Williams, Carl B. Mich, A 91 civil eng 

Stibbitt, Glenn A. Ind.D 14 614 E Washington 

Lipe, Oliver O. Ohio B 92 

Brown, Lloyd Warfield. Ill.D 11 1109 State 

Winslow, T. C. 111. 68 physician 

Eaton, William D. Wis A 99 A J & P Ry 

Pike, Joshua. Ill.B 66 prin h s 

Beach, Alexander Blaney. Pa. I 02 sec L. F. Beach Co 

Campbell, Joseph White. Ill.B 94 

Dibell, Dorrance. Ill.B 65 judge appellate court 

Dibell, Charles Dorrance. Ill.B 94 lawyer 503 Woodruff bldg 

Donahue, John J. Ill.B 13 1206 Western av 

Fredericks, Leonard Hudson. Wis.G 07 536 W Marion 

Graul, Walter L. Pa.Eta 03 chemist, Bi-Prod Coke Co 

Lollesgard, Holger A. Ill.B 12 523 Western av 

Lyon, Edward R. Ill.A 04 with Hampton's Magazine, Chicago 505 
Elmwood av 

Lyon, Leverette S. Ill.B 10 instr Joliet h s 505 Elmwood 

MacOmber, Monroe Frank. Ohio E. 08 Amer Steel Wire Co 

Shutts, Irving E. Mich.A 10 204 Grover 

Thompson, Cyril C. Wis G 10 

Vance. Richard B. Wis.G 13 501 W Marion 

Wolcott, Harold E. Wis.G 08 509 S Eastern av 

Longpre, Elmer L. Ill.A 96 physician, osteopath 274 Bourbonnais 

Mann, Arthur Sidney. Ill.D 11 automobiles 

Swannell, Frederick Wells. Ill.D 04 automobile business 

Swannell, William Lawrence. Ill.D 12 merchant 368 Court 

Troup, Harold J. Ill.D 09 lumber 430 E Court 

Bellows, Franklin Barney. Ill.A 14 

Bellows, John Austin. Ill.A 89 publisher, pres Bellows Bros Co 

Horswell, Charles. Ill.A 79 clergyman 

Horswell, George H. Ill.A 80 

Traver, George W. Ill.A 14 Melrose av 

Coffman, James P. Ia.G 68 farmer 

Grieves, John Paul. Ill.D 05 manufacturer 

Wescott, James B. Ill.A 03 lawyer 
La Grange 

Dial, Morris Roswell. Ohio B 84 lumber 241 S 5th 

Ilett, Edward W. Wis. A 14 84 7th av 

Reed, Robert B. Ohio A 09 


La Harpe- Morgan Park — ILLINOIS 

professor of German, Lake 

La Harpe 

Cassell, Isaac W. Ohio B 66 farmer 

Schmidt, William G. ,W. N.Y.B 86 
Forest College 

Leiser, Jay. Pa.E 88 

Phelps, Henry. Pa. A 59 merchant 

McGuffin, John B. Ill A 64 clergyman 

Wright, Roy Fred. Wis.G 02 cashier Libertyville National Bank 

Wiltsie, Raymond H. Mass. A 06 merchant 

Ohio B 72 

Ohio G 82 banker 





79 sugeon 

205 Maple av 

Willinger, Emanuel B. 

Hostetler, Leonard G. 

Bear, Chester Randall. 

Bear, Louis Raymond. 

Bruce, W. L. Ill.G 84 

Champion, Joseph Van Meter. 

Myers, Waldo Ray. Ill.D 13 

Wyman, Wallace. Ill.D 10 

Bunge, Ernest J. Wis.G 99 

Newton, Robert L. Wis.G 05 

Brinkley, Leroy Goddard. Ohio A 99 mgr Egyptian Powder Co 
403 S Madison 

Burkhart, Jean. Ohio A 99 merchant 

Andrews, Roscoe Crum. IILD 13 12 12 Lafayette av 

McConnell, Calvin S. Wis. A 10 126 17th av 

Taliaferro, Frank. Va.B 66 physician 

Brown, Edwin Guthrie. Kas.A 76 clergyman, Unit ch 

Evans, Robert B. Wis.G 05 salesman 16 17 7th av 

Lea, Harry L. Wis. A 99 1301 Corn Exchange^ Chicago 

Lea, Robert W. Wis. A 03 

Thomas, Craig S. Ill.B 82 

Boyd, Samuel Robert. Ill.G 78 clergyman 125 N 9th 

Gayer, Fred J. Ill.G 84 

Glasgow, John W. Ill.G 84 

Graham, H. S. Ill.G 82 

Greer, William B. Pa.D 56 

Grier, Robert J. Ill.G 71 

Hamill, S. S. Pa.D 59 

Hardin, Everitt C. Ill.G 83 

Hays, Samuel Disney Creighton. 

McClung, George William Paris. 

McFarland, Alexander, Ill.G 78 

Matthews, J. W. Ill.G 79 

Parkinson, G. H. Ill.G 83 

Quinby, Ivory. Ill.G 84 

Smith, Frank C. Ill.G 84 

Mansfield, Charles F. Mass. A 12 
Morgan Park 

Bell, Wakeman Clark. Ohio D 02 

1811 7th av 

with Moline Plow Co 
clergyman 914 16th 

cashier 2nd Nat Bank 403 N 2nd 
Mich. A 78 lawyer 

grocer 216 S Fifth 

Ill.G 79 

813 N State 
civil engineer 

2241 W 107th 


ILLINOIS— Morris- Paris 


Gregory, Henry A. Ill.B 66 

Lott, Edward L. Ill.B 66 

Magner, William C. Pa.D 58 
Mount Carmel 

Willis, Roy Barnes. Ill.D 10 farmer 
Mo Lint Carroll 

Hissem, Joe T. Wis.G 11 

McKee, William Parker. Ind.G 78 dean, Frances Shimer Academy 
Mount Sterling 

McPherron, James E. Pa.A 54 lawyer 
Mount Vernon 

Stratton, Chauncey L. 111. A 05 hardware 918 Taylor av 

Barron, Raymond M. Wis.G 14 

McDonald, A. Ray. Ill.D 09 grocer 

Griffin, Fred. Ohio B 99 
Norris City 

Barnes, Frank Eugene. Ill.D 09 farmer 
Oak Park 

Bell, Harrington Alex. Mich. A 13 Elmwood Apts, Elmwood av 

Best, William Holden. Mass.A 98 cashier, N. Y. Life Ins Co, Chi- 
cago 719 N Oak Park av 

Corlett, Robert Craig. Mich. A 13 610 N East av 

Flitcraft, Chester A. Mich. A 06 insurance 609 Maple av 

Flitcraft, Lawrence. Pa.K 01 insurance 310 S Kenilworth av 

Gair, Sidney R. R.I. A 14 115 Ontario 

Gaylord, Edward D. Mass.A 95 clergyman 170 N Elmwood av 

Green, franklin Pierce. Ind.G 71 real estate 422 Michigan 

Harvey, James Daniel. 111. A 79 surveyor 247 Home 

Holden, Walter S. Mich. A 85 lawyer, 11 10 Washington st, Chicago 
534 N East av 

Hough, Clarence A. Ind.A 83 pres Chicago Photogravure Co 127 S 
East av 

McHugh, Earle H. N.Y.A 08 salesman Sprague, Warner & Co 
459 Forest av 

Macomber, Franklin Bartlett, jr. Ill.D 14 511 N Ridgeland av 

Martinez, Donald S. Wis.G 13 334 N Euclid av 

May, Edwin A. N.Y.A. 88 117 N Kenilworth 

Maynard, Raymond Kenyon, jr. Ill.B 09 337 Pleasant 

Millar, Frank W., jr. Ill.D 14 Elmwood apts 

Rice, Lawrence A. Mich. A 13 304 N Elmwood av 

Richardson, Robert W. Ill.B 11 223 Wisconsin av 

Simpson, Russell W. 111. A 13 412 N Scoville av 

McDonald, Elmer. Ill.A 11 

Mamer, Peter. Ill.A 07 

Van Wie, Clarence D. Wis. A 80 lawyer 

Edbrooke, Louis H. Wis.G 02 with Chicago Retort & Fire Brick Co 

Augustus, Willis Owen. Ind.G 90 banker 

Dole, George V. asst city engineer 312 W Court 

Eads, James T. B. Pa.A 98 

Fleming, F. C. Ill.G 79 

Hartley, William Thomas. Ind.G 82 gen bkkeeper, First Nat Bank 

Honnold, James R. Ill.D 13 

Jones, John Ten Brook Pa.A 00 merchant 

Kile, Walter Terrence. Ill.D 11 abstractor 310 W Chestnut 

O'Hair, Austin Smith. Ill.D 12 farmer 

Parrish, Allan Jay. N.FI.A. 02 


Paris- Rochelle— ILLINOIS 

Parrish, Robert N. Pa.A 99 banking 

Warner, Joe W. Ill.D 15 405 W Madison 

Williams, John H. Pa.A 98 , 

Park Ridge 

Baldwin, Francis. Ill.B 97 claim dept Chicago Tel Co, 197 Wash- 
ington st, Chicago 

Stebbings, Harry E. 111. A 06 civil engineer 
Paw Paw 

Lattin, G. W. Ill.B 80 

McCracken, Howard Orr. Ill.D to farmer 

McCracken, Wendell Kemp. Ill.D 13 

Kutsch, William A. Ill.D 07 asst supt Corn Products Refining Co 
801 S 5th 

Ashman, George C. Ind.G 94 prof of chem, Bradley Polytechnic Inst 

Benson, James. Wis.G 89 clergyman, Presb ch 903 Bigelow 

Champion, Edwin Van Meter. Ill.D 08 lawyer 549 Woolner bldg 

Hubbell, Charles T. N.Y.E 14 2900 Knoxville av 

Irwin, Anderson F. Pa.A 73 clergyman 

Keene, John E. Ind.A 72 v p Dime Savings & Trust Co 1400 
Hamilton blvd 

Kirk, Walter H. Mich. A 00 lawyer 112 High 

Kuhn, Alfred G. N.Y.A 01 Jefferson av 

Merrill, Frank W. 111. A 79 clergyman 

Page, Roy. Ill.B 98 music store 211 S Adams 

Schaeffer, E. H. Pa.H 61 merchant 

Tracy, Lyndon H. Wis.A 99 with N Y Life Ins Co 

Ward, Henry J. N. Y. A. 99 616 N Jefferson 

Wheeler, Metellus C. W. N.Y.A. 85 real estate 116 Roanoke av 

Mumford, Barry. N.Y.A. 08 

Owen, Jay C. Wis.A 14 

Long, Christopher S. 111. A 11 
Port Byron 

Lyford, Albert E. Ill.A 65 

Rumsey, John D. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 317 W Peru 

Richmond, George Kerns. Ill.D 10 

Baker, William H. N.Y.G 74 

Gardner, Ralph G. Ind D 09 18th and York 

Miller, John Wesley. Ind.A 86 clergyman 805 Oak 
River Forest 

Laing, George Driver. Ill.D 08 cheese merchant 283 Franklin av 

Laing, Walter Alexander. Ill.D 14 283 Franklin av 

Robertson, Walter K. Wis G 14 ^2 Tale av 

Campbell, Herbert John. Mich. A 77 lawyer 

Little, Frank. Ill.A 84 lawyer, Chicago 

Snyder, Charles C. Ill.A 64 clergyman 

Brubaker. George A. Ind.A 13 lumber 209 S Franklin 

Everingham, Charles. Ill.D 07 merchant 

Meserve, Theodore D. Ill.D 07 manufacturer 

Ross, Jaspar A. Ind.B 02 with Ohio Oil Co 

Steel, Charles H. Ind.A 71 cashier First Nat Bank 

Carpenter, Jay Ira. Ill.D 13 1204 Third av 

Craft, John C. Ill.D 15 622 7th 


ILLINOIS— Rochelle-Springfield 

Guest, Arthur T. Wis.G 09 

Harvey, John P. Ill.D 11 621 8th 

Healy, Charles H. Ill.A* 06 banking 

Healy, Wellington Carleton. Ill.D 10 

Healy, William J. Wis.G 01 lawyer 

Murray, Oliver E. Pa.B 92 

Phelps, Harvey J. Ill.D 11 hardware 

Rosenberg, Paul W. Wis.G 10 

Kernoll, Russell Twist. Ill.D 13 merchant 

Twist, Clarence C. Ill.D 07 grain merchant 

Twist, John Francis. Ill.D 07 farmer 
Rock Island 

Krell, Edward Henry. Ill.B 09 insurance 1308 20th st 

Reimers, Frederick W. 111. A 95 

Roth, George W. Ill.B 67 908 4th av 

Roth, Walter F. Ill.B 13 908 4th av 

Alberton, Charles H. Ind.B 75 

Allaben, Gerald Randolph. Wis.G 07 974 N Court 

Blaisdell, Henry Lawrence. Wis. A 91 

Davidson, Robert Bailey. Pa.G 90 

Gray, William C. 111. A 65 clergyman 

Hyer, Stanton A. Wis.G 81 

Penniman, Lawrence W. 111. A 15 1242 W Main 

Reckhow, Louis M. Wis.G 87 county judge 1029 Spofford av 

Reckhow, Williston A. Wis.G 13 1029 Spofford av 

Smith, Abraham P. Wis.G 89 lawyer 330 W State 

Treat, Burrell B. Wis.G 87 insurance 1029 N Church 

Welsh, Robert Kaye. Wis.G 83 304 Trust bldg 

Whitney, Wilson. Ill.B 68 

Cummings, Roy Lundy. Wis.G 01 insurance 

Taliaferro, Samuel W. Ill.G 86 cashier First Nat Bank 

James, William Holly. Ind.G 83 bank cashier 

Logan, John W. Ill.G 84 

Huber, Samuel H. Ohio A 73 

Stroup, Everett E. Ind.A 77 lawyer W- Franklin 

Trelease, Justin P. 111. A 98 merchant 

Ward, Elias W. Ill.A 88 clergyman 

Funk, Marquis De Loss. Ill.D 05 farmer 

Lott, Harry L. Ill.G 84 

Mann, J. F. Ill.G 84 

Baker, William Allan. Ill.D 10 lumber 913 S 6th 

Boardman, Julian Lucius. Ind.A 05 farmer 640 W Monroe 

Broadwell, Stuart. Mich.A 10 537 S 4th 

Brinkerhoff, George N. Ill.D 15 726 S 6th 

Chatterton, John L. Ill.D 13 820 S 6th 

Creighton, John Thrale. Mich.A 04 lawyer 812 S 2d 

Deal, Don West. Ill.A 00 physician suit 408 Ferguson bldg 

Deal, John Francis Henry. Ill.D 06 dentist Leland office bldg 

Dixon, Noah M. Ill.D 07 bond salesman 825 S 6th 

Dunne, Maurice F. Mich.A 13 Executive Mansion 

Fitzgerald, Arthur Michael. Mich.A 99 lawyer Booth bldg 

Fitzgerald, Robert Emmett. Mich.A 99 lawyer Booth bldg 

Good, Clinton E. N.Y.A 01 broker 1162 N 5th 


Springfield- Vienna— ILLINOIS 

Hatcher, Robert E. Ill.B 13 923 S 6th 

Merriam, Edward A. N.Y.E 88 publisher in Princeton 

Merriman. John Riley. Ill.D 08 instr high school 407 N Munroe 

Metz, Irving W. Ind.B 91 surgeon Wabash R. R. 624 S Walnut 

Miller, Lewis S. Ohio.G 80 hardware 

Morgan, Harry. Mich A 03 real estate 504 E Monroe 

Patton, Charles Lanphier. Mich. A 98 physician 6 E Capitol av 

Patton, Harry L. Mich. A 03 lawyer 937 S 4th 

Poston, Edmund D. Ill.D 07 409 N 5th 

Randle, Edwin H. Ind.A 14 1354 Holmes av 

Rathburn, Merle C. Neb. A 04 607 Ferguson bldg 

Robinson, Edward S. Ind.B 87 lawyer 714 S 6th 

Smith, Harry Buchanan. Mich. A 05 treas Lafayette Smith Grocery 
Co 1030 S 6th 

Smith, Lafayette Perbie. Mich.A 08 1024 S 6th 

Stout, Ray Davidson. Ill.D 1227 S 7th 

Stout, Samuel Philemon. Ill.D 14 farmer R F D No 3 

Sudduth, Kenwood. Ill.B 12 631 S 6th 

Sudduth, Lowell T. Ill.B 12 631 S 6th 

Van Cleave, Bruce. Ill.D 14 1119 S 4th 

Van Cleave, Wallace. Ill.D 15 1119 S 4th 

Wilkin, Ralph H. Ind.G 92 librarian, State Law Library 

Wilson, John Lancaster. Ill.D 10 farmer 808 S 4th 

Yates, Henry A. Mich.A insurance inspector, Illinois Inspection 
Bureau, Chicago 1341 Holmes av 

Beard, Charles George. 111. A 97 physician 

Cleveland, John William. 111. A 84 farmer 

Ferguson, Virgil S. Ill.B 66 lawyer 

Harris, Edwin Chambers. Ohio B 93 

Lawrence, Douglas H. Wis A 02 engineer 

Nefg, Julius J. Ill.A 98 

Schmoeger, Harry J. Wis. A 03 with U. S. Gypsum Co, Chicago 

Van Sant, Nicholas G. Ia.G 68 lawyer 601 Second av 

Cooper, Edward Harlan. Ohio A 08 

Ervin, Walter E. Ind.A 89 prin high school 303 S Bloomington 

Fornof. John R. Ill.D 06 editor 318 Park 

Griggs, Edward M. Wis.G 99 lawyer 204 E Kent 
Sugar Grove 

Finley, George A. Ill.A 04 mgr Washburn-Crosby Co 
Texas City _ 

Barnes, George Dallas. Ind.A 74 

Cromer, John Allen. Ill.A n 

Hall, William. Ind.B 94 

Chadwick, Perry Moreland. R.I.A. 13 36 E Scott 

Moore, Perry Martin. Pa.G 66 lawyer 

Bentley, Madison. Neb. A 95 prof of psychology, Univ of Illinois 

Fay, Donald A. Ill.D 14 931 W Green 

Harding, Albert Austin. Ill.D 04 music instr Univ of Illinois 

Hilscher, Ralph. Wis.G 03 111 St Water Survey 1107 W Oregon 

James, Edmund Janes. Ill A 79 pres Univ of Illinois 

James, Herman G. Ill.B 08 lawyer 

Linton, George K. Pa.E 76 merchant 920 W Illinois 

Simpson, Francis M. Ill.D 05 instr U of 111 agr sch 1107 W Oregon 

Stevens, Frank Lincoln. N.Y.B 89 professor of botany, University 
of Illinois 

Whitehead, Noel P. Ill.D 14 1001 W Oregon 

Chapman, Ralph Dwyer Clinton. I1LD n 


I LL.« I N D,— Waterman -Anderson 


Roberts, Ralph R. Ill.A 

Roberts, Thomas Humphrey. Ill.A 12 

Martin, Warren E. Wis.G 06 farmer 

Nash, George W. Calif. B 07 Cafe George 

Talcott, Seigel D. Ohio G 86 supt of schools 

Whitney, Charles R. Wis.A 99 banker 
Western Springs 

Hale, Charles Benjamin. Mich. A 95 

Hale, Lemuel Homer. Mich. A 95 

Reeve, Frederick E. Ind.A 91 editor and publisher 

Titsworth, Alexander D. Wis.G 10 

Morgan, George G. Ill.A 05 710 College av 

Berry, Raymond Dinbee. Ill.B 12 salesman Pitt Engineering Co, 
120 W Kinzie st, Chicago 926 Lake av 

Blair, Milton Johnston. Wis.A 1906 

Collyer, Alfred Clarence. Ill.A 07 commission sales, 210 S Water 
st, Chicago 524 Hill_ 

Collyer. Frank Peter. Ill.A 05 commission sales, 210 S Water st, 
Chicago 524 Hill 

Ling, John T. Ill.A 99 western mgr Lincoln Waterproof Cloth Co, 

Moulding, Thomas C. Ill.A 87 brick mfg, Chicago 1004 Green- 
wood av 

Thayer, Bruce W. Ill.A 12 519 Washington av 

Thayer, Willard C. Ill.A 15 519 Washington av 

Underhill, Lee. Wis.G 04 salesman Schermack Mailing Machine Co, 
Chicago 701 Washington av 

Grunder, Henry A. Pa.B 58 lawyer 

Meyer, Edwin F. Wis.G 08 400 S Madison 



McClain, Raymond W. Ind.A 12 

Beane, William Allen. Ind.B 92 supt county schools 

Hughes, Herbert H. Ind B 08 

Pittinger, Oscar Morton. Ind.B 92 supt schools 211 E Broadway 

Pittinger, Walter E. Ind.A 05 clergyman 

Greeson, W. A. Ind.B 74 

Bailey, Robert W. Ind.D 06 mechanical engineer n 1 W 16th 

Barber, John Wilson. Ind.D 15 205 W 9th 

Cassell, Edward S Ind.A 86 drugs 810 Main 

Cassell, John M. Ind.A 85 drugs 930 W 6th 

Cookson. Joseph Edward. Ind.B 07 bookkeeper 1623 Morton 

Crick, Charles Warner. Ind.A 06 production mgr Buckeye Mfg Co 

Diven, John. Ind.B 02 1107 W 8th 

Diven, Robert E. Ind.D 12 1107 W. 8th 

Diven, William Albert. Ind.D 04 1107 W 8th 

Dorste, Louis Thomas. Ind.A 03 heating and elec contr 816 W 8th 

Dunn, James Arthur. Ind.A 14 17 14 Fairview 

Eads, Joseph B. Ind.B 88 mgr glass factory 

Free, Robert Carroll. Ind.B 14 

Free, Wade H. Ind.B 02 lawyer 331 W 10th 

Gedge, Burton H., jr. Ind.D 08 337 W nth 

Harter, Harry. Ind.B 04 real estate 13 12 1st 


Anderson -Bloomlngton—IN DIANA 

Hill, Forres*. Ind.D n 336 W nth 

Home, Blanchard J. Ind.B 96 lawyer 504 W 8th 

Hughel, Howard Herman. Ind.D 15 

Lambert, A. Ray. Ohio D 05 automobiles 705 Hendrix 

Neff, Charles H. Ind.A 83 pres Herald Pub Co 432 W 7th 

Smith, Fielding H. Ind.B 79 hardware 320 W 9th 

Starr, J. Ward. Ind.B 15 

Stephens, Clarence E. Ind.B 92 musical dir "Egypta ' 222 W 13th 

Vermillion, Jesse L. Ind.A 86 pres Anderson Banking Co 234 
W 1 2th 

Young, Earl E. Ind.D 01 asst cashier Anderson Banking Co 244 
W 12th 

Young, Quincy V. Ind.D 10 245 W 12th 

Endicott, Carl E. Ind.B 95 banker 

Modisett, Calvin F. Ind.A 79 

Finney, Charles Joseph. Ind.D 76 physician 

Milford, Charles Ranney. Ind.G 77 lawyer 

Eckhart, George B. Ind.A 15 738 N Main 
Auburn Junction 

Spangler, William W. Ind.B 79 

Guthrie, Alfred H. Ind.B 87 cashier Stone City Bank 

Guthrie, Charles E. Ind.B 97 cashier Bedford Quarries Co 

Guthrie, Michael B. Ind.B 97 dentist 

Lowe, Simpson B. Ind.B 74 lawyer 

McKnight, George W. Ind.B 70 

Phipps, Joseph G. Ind.A 93 building stone 1309 16th 

Walls, William L. Ind.B 04 insurance 1428 W 14th 

Fuller, Charles G. Ind.A 82 merchant 

Eveleigh, Robert E. Ind.B 69 druggist 

Thompson, Orland B. Ind.B 09 

' Frick, Ford C. Ind.A 13 

Adams, .William H. Ind.B 77 mgr Monroe Co. Baltic Stone Co 
431 S College av 

Barclay, Joseph Knox. Ind.B 05 lawyer 

Beck, Alfred Adams. Ind.B 99 stone business 

Beck, Hubert Lister. Ind.B 01 supt Stone Co. 533 N Washington 

Beck, James Kirkwood. Ind.B 71 cashier Bloomington Nat Bank 
327 S College av 

Berndt, Arthur Henry. Ind.B 07 athletic director, Indiana Univ 

Blair, James Waldron. Ind.B 04 lawyer 

Blair, William John. Ind.B 02 director Bloomington Cut Stone Co 
320 W Kirkwood av 

Blair, William Theodore. Ind.B 76 sec. Bloomington Cut Stone Co 
320 W Kirkwood av 

Buskirk, Allen Van. Ind.B n 321 N Walnut 

Buskirk, Hays Hardesty. Ind.B n 520 N Walnut 

Cookson, Thomas A. Ind.B 02 asst registrar Indiana Univ 

Faris, Albert V. Ind.B 79 real estate 

Faris, Melville A. Ind.B 86 real estate 

Faris, Frank B. Ind.B 12 712 N College av 

Fee, Will I. Ind.B 84 farmer E 10th 

Hackett, Paul T. Ind.B 12 

Hamilton, Ralph R. Ind.B 13 

Hamilton, Robert C. Ind.B 08 

Henley, George Washington, jr. Ind.B 09 lawyer 322 W 2d 

Hill, Nathaniel U., jr. Ind.B 02 insurance 526 N College av 

Hill, Philip Buskirk. Ind. B 04 lawyer 526 N College av 

Howe, Alfred G. Ind.B 75 farmer 

Howe, Louis Polk. Ind.B 02 jeweler 9 College av 


INDIANA— Bloom ington-Crawfordsville 

Jenkins. William E. Ind.B 87 libn Indiana Univ 502, Washington 

Malott, Claude G. Ind.B 92 lawyer 203 S Washington 

Mosemiller, Charles A. Ind.B 89. prof Romance lang Indiana Univ 

Mottier, Hartwig H. _ Ind.B 14 215 Forest pi 

O'Harrow, John W. jr. Ind.B 11 

Pike, Roy O. Ind.B 99 cashier Citizens Loan & Trust Co 

Pittenger, Nicholas Otto. Ind.B 02 mgr University Bookstore 

Showers, William E. Ind.B 95 mgr Showers Bros Co. 420 N 

Smith, Edwin Rogers. Ind.B 11 

Springer, Charles H. Ind.B 84 broker 

Sutphin, John O. Ind.B 05 

Telfer, William A. Ind.B 05 salesman D. L. Auld Co, Columbus, O 

Teter, Sanford F. Ind.B 89 sec-treas Showers Bros Co 

Teter, Walter Allan. Ind.B 06 mfr 

Waldron, Charles B. Ind.B 05 

Culbertson, Charles Wingate. Ind.G 91 capitalist E Church 

Hall, I. G. Ind.D 05 pres Hall Milling Co N Meridian 

Hoskins Joseph Clifford. Ind.G 88 salesman E National av 

James, George H. Ind.B 07 journalist Morton 

Knight, Austin Willet. Ind.G 81 lawyer 321 E National av 

Luther, William Pitt. Ind.G 88 lawyer 209 S Ridge 

McCrea, James Craig. Ind.D 03 Brazil Hollow Brick & Tile Co 

Nussel, Charles H. Ind.B 06 

Zeller, John H. Ind.D 09 1116 N Meridian 

Zeller, Simon S. Ill.D 12 coal merchant 1116 N Meridian 

Zimmerman, William Paul. Ind.G 91 sec and treas Hall-Zimmerman 
Coal Co 1 1 04 N Meridian 

Sherman, Hugh I. Ind.B 01 with Pacific Tel & Tel Co 
Brown's Valley 

McLeod, William J. Ind.B 72 lawyer 

Wiley, James R. Ind.D 11 

Orahood, Calvin C. Ind.B 77 insurance 
Carthage * 

Henley, Clyde C. Ind.D 01 
Clark's Hill 

Kirkpatrick, W. F. Ind.D 07 farmer 

Clarke, Frank Leroy. Ind,B 05 
Columbia City 

Barnett, Wynn W. Ohio B 75 

Binder, Walter Theodore. Ohio B 98 asst sec Provident Trust Co 

Lawrence, Charles Mott. Ind.B 95 teacher 

McNagney, Phil McClellan. Va.A 05 instr Culver Military Acad 

Weber, Edward E. Ohio B 95 with Hornblower & Weeks, Chicago 

Bassett, Henry Lee. Ind.D 07 with Columbus Hand & Tool Co 
622 Franklin 

Bassett, William Forrest. N.Y.A to 622 Franklin 

Dipboye, Abraham J. Ind.G 72 librarian pub lib 102 1 Washington 

Faris, James M. Ind.B 11 

Griffith. Francis Geoffrey. Ind.B 11 bank clerk 805 Sycamore 

Long, Thomas Downs. Ind.B 84 lawyer 

Williams, Roscoe C. Ind.B 08 

Houghton, Walter R. Ind.B 69 teacher 

Wilkin, Joseph M. Ind.A 11 

Wilkin, Paul R. Ind.A 12 905 Grand av 

Dunlap. William Bell. Ind.D 06 farmer Covington 

Ballard, Emerson Etheridge. Ind.A 85 law book editor and lecturer 
1007 W Wabash av 

Cary, Lucien Herbert. Wis.G 05 prof Wabash college 


Crawfordsville-Evansville— INDIANA 

Corrman, Samuel Miller. Ind.G 78 journalist 402 W Main 
Evans, James E. Ind.A 69 cashier First Nat Bank 210 W Pike 

Fine, Harry Nelatin. Incl.G 44 lawyer 107 S Grand 
Goltra, William \V. Ind.G 86 treas Ben Hur Chem Co 115 W 

Harding, Chase. Ind.G 95 lawyer 412 W Main 

Hines, Linnaeus N. Ind B 89 supt of schools 502 S Grant av 

Kline, Charles Harry. Ind.G 92 jeweller 116 S Washington 

McCabe, Charles Matthias. Ind.G 76 lawyer 502 W Wabash 

Milford, Arthur B. Ind.G 75 prof of English, Wabash college 301 
W Main 

Osborne, James Harvey. Ind.G 74 assoc prof math and Latin, 
Wabash college 414 Crawford 

Peck, Dumont M. Ind.G 96 merchant 101 N Washington 

Rowland, Samuel C. Ind.D 01 mgr Crawfordville Water & Gas Co 
504 E Wabash 

Scholler, Harry M. Ind.B 92 sec Montgomery Hardware Lumber 
Co Pike and Green 

Stafford, George Washington. Ind.G 72 farmer 

Stevenson, Paul Albin. Ind.G 92 travelling salesman 

Stroh, Clarence W. Ind.G 98 real estate 201 S Walnut 

Waugh, Lloyd A. Ind.B 04 with Boston Brick Co 401 E Wabash 

Jones, Ralph Emerson. Ind.A 10 
Crown Point 

Henning, Fred Albert. Ind.D 15 608 N Main 

Koupal, Robert J. Ind.D 14 

Wheeler, John W. Ind.D 13 

Fleet, Alexander Frederick. Va.A 65 supt Culver Military Acad 

Fleet, William A. Va.A 00 instr Culver Military Acad 

Rockwood, Charles Andrews. Mo.A 09 instr Culver Military Acad 

Groves, James C. Ill.D 04 civil engineer 

Dougan, Zinn E. Ind.A 89 lawyer 

Harvel, George Carlton. Ind.G 79 lawyer 1309 Hall pi 

King, Frank Allen. Ind.A 13 930 N Hazel 

Burk, Avon. Ind.B 06 

Schafer, Chalmer C. Ind.B 98 hardware 

Tyndall, Daniel H. Ohio D 14 

Knight, Emerson B. Ind.A 13 
Door Village 

Middleton, Henry M. Ind.A 90 clergyman 

Mutz, George Raymond. Ind.G 92 merchant 

Mutz, John R. Ind.B 85 druggist 

Myers, Joseph P. Ind.B 93 physician 

Thompson, William T. Ind.B 87 veneer mfr 

Turner, Perry Leroy. Ill.B 80 lawyer 

Sumwalt, Joseph A. Ind.A 90 clergyman 1508 N A st 

Berryhill, John Hanna. Ind.D 01 supt Vulcan Plow Co 14 Wash- 
ington av 

Casey, Ray Dyal. Ind.B 13 1225 Division 

Chappell, DeWitt Quinton. Ind.B 82 lawyer 731 Adams av 

Cunningham, George Albert. Ind.A 74 lawyer 1009 Upper First 

Currey, Hiram Wilbern. Ill.A 08 druggist 1101 W Franklin 

Darby, William Johnson. Tenn.B 70 clergyman 

Davidson, Arthur. Ohio D 83 213 Chestnut 

Dentan, Winfield K. Ind.A 15 1108 Powell av 

Evans, Samuel G. Pa.D 58 dry goods 1452 Upper 2d 

Gray, Allen. Ind.B 74 

Gudgel, William H. Ind.A 70 lawyer 


INDIANA— Eva nsvi lie- Greencastle 

Kelsey, Percival Gates. Ind.G 91 

Laughlin, Alexander. Pa.D 61 

McCool, William F. Ind.B 14 1309 E Columbia 

McCutcheon, Andrew J. Ind.A 75 lawyer 

Marquis, James L. Pa. A 83 clergyman 

Mathias, Wallace. Ind.A 78 

Matters, Harry W. Ind.A 80 

Odell, Francis I. 111. A 05 insurance and real estate 112 Powell av 

Pritchett, George S. Ind.B 83 mgr Green River Coal Co 

Stinson, Eugene. Mass. A 12 220 Mulberry 

Tingley, Horace W. Ind.A 72 instr manual train sch 211 Chestnut 

Trueblood, Fred Willette. Ind.B 09 journalist 508 S White av 

Winchester, S. W. Ind.A 78 

Harroll, Spencer. Ind.D 09 

Life, Orus F. Ind.A 06 
Fort Wayne 

Biederwolf, Charles Lewis. Ohio D 98 sec to member of Congress 

Hinkle, William F. Pa.E 63 

Jones, Donald H. Ind.D 12 

Kline, James Joseph. Calif. G 99 mgr lighting dept, elec works 

Lukens, Edward F. N.Y.G 03 910 W Berry 

McMillen, William L. Pa.Theta 79 

Mehl, Jay W. Ill.A 14 440 Old Fort pi 

Rush, Ralph J. Ind.B 15 1235 W Wayne 

Trout, Leslie Edgar. Ohio B 02 

Carr, John Price. Ind.B 78 printer 

Carr, Warner N. Ind.B 07 journalist 

Huffine, Charles Cones. Ind.G 93 contractor 

Monroe, Edwin S. Ind.B 85 supt of schools 701 Gentry 

Redmon, John T. Ind.B 13 355 S 3d 

Carpenter, James F. Ind.A 81 

Greene, James Henry. Ill.B 04 instr h s 

Mountz, Howard W. Ind.A 94 lawyer 

Dunlap, James R. Ind.B 05 chemist 628 Connecticut av 

Loud, Frederick Hale. Mich.A 98 gen freight agt A. S. & N. W. Ry 

Patteson, Griesser W. N.H.A 00 with Brown Hoisting Machine Co 
Gas City 

Home, Brose S. Ind.G 92 physician 

Hardy, Truman G. Ind.G 97 farmer 

Little, Harvey F. Ill.A 97 merchant 

Baker, Francis Elisha. Ind.B 76 judge 

Finney, Warren E. Ill.B 04 119 W Pik*» 

Keith, Harold A. Ind.D 02 engineer 106 W Douglas 

Kelly, R. B. Ill.B 03 

Mehl, Wallace W. Ind.A 11 

Newell, Clifford C. Ind. B 12 

Newell, Hugh J. Ind.D 06 merchant 521 S 5th 

Smith, Walter F. Pa.B 94 
Grand View 

Anderson, John Marion. Ind.B 83 ' 

Anderson, Dorsey M. Ind.A 14 471 E Elm 

Ayres, Wilbur Tandy. Ind.A 77 instr in Latin DePauw Univ 

Black, George Edwin. Ind.A 03 reporter 609 S Locust 

Boyd, Jackson. Ind.A 82 lawyer 

Gregg, Kenyon T. Ind.A 10 712 S College av 

Hawkins, Eugene. Ind.A 72 physician 109 S Locust 

McAnney, Burnett O. Pa.Z 09 instr DePauw University 

Michael, John A. Ind.A 80 


Greencastle- Indianapolis— INDIANA 

Norris, Isaac E. Ind.A 95 prof music, DePauw University 

O'Hair, Fred L. Ind.A 06 cashier Central National Bank 

O'Hair, Nelly C. Ind.A 00 lawyer 

Post, Edwin. Pa.Z 67 professor, DePauw University 

Rhoads, Harry B. Ind.B 85 druggist 

Seller, Wilbur W. Ind.A 07 Jackson st , 

Towne, Salem B. Ind.A 65 clergyman field sec DePauw Univ 705 
S College av 

Tucker, John P. Ind.A 95 farmer 

Vandamant, David L. Ind.B 76 clergyman 415 Depot 

Weaver, James R. Pa.B 62 prof pol sci DePauw U, S 904 College ay 

Weaver, John W. Ind.A 08 904 S College av 

Hough, William A. Ind.A 82 lawyer 607 W Main 

Mayer, Edwin P. Ind.A 82 

Offut, Samuel J. Ind.A 97 lawyer 

Slifer, Geordie. Ind.A 96 

Snow, Thad Morris. Ind.A 99 farmer R F D 3 

Thayer, George A. Ind.D 06 

Mount, Harry H. Ind.B 92 teller Third Nat Bank. 610 E North 

Gregg, Aaron S. Ind.A 69 

Allaben, Max Fenimore. Mass. A 03 First National Bank 

Richardson, Hugh D. Ind.D 14 

Lowe, John R. Ind.B 70 dentist 
Hartford City 

Lieber, John A. Ind.A 12 425 Walnut 

Stimson, Fred. Ind.D 10 

Tayler, Samuel M. Ind.G 76 lawyer 

Sayler, Arthur. Wis.G 12 

Sayler, John Milton. Ind.G 86 lawyer 

Sayler, Samuel M. Ind.G 76 lawyer 
Indiana Harbor 

Dubbs, Everett Edward. Ind.G 98 mgr and treas Indiana Harbor 
Lumber and Coal Co 3142 Aldis av 

Adams, Roy E. Ind.D 01 with J. D. Adams Co 2023 N Alabama 

Adams, William R. Ind.D 07 with J. D. Adams Co 2023 N Alabama 

Allen, Henry Clay. Ind.A 66 lawyer 1510 N Alabama 

Anderson, Albert Barnes. Ind.G 73 U. S. district judge 1325 N 

Ayer, Wesley F. Wis.G 07 lieut USA Fort Benjamin Harrison 

Billingsley, Allen Loren. Ind.A 09 advertising writer 1206 Mer- 
chants' Bank bldg 

Bingham, Edmund Herbert. Ind.G 01 publisher 2238 N Meridian 

Brown, Lester A. Ind.A 13 3034 N Illinois 

Brown, Walter C. Ind.G 98 salesman Century Biscuit Co 39 E 32d 

Brubaker, Henry Clay. Pa. Eta 91 architect 23 N Penn 

Brubaker, L. Allen. Pa. Eta 07 architect 23 N Penn 

Buchanan, Richard Twells. Ind.B 89 journalist, Indianapolis News 

Burnett, Harry Bentley. Ind.B 81 lumber 1864 N Penna 

Buschmann, Charles Severin. Ind.B 14 4602 N Meridian 

Cameron, Clifton Rogers. Ind.A 82 lawyer 312 Indiana Trust bldg 

Campbell. Eddy Morris. Ind.A 75 12 19 Delaware 

Colborn, Harry Carney. N.Y.A 99 lumber Colborn Flats, Mass av 
and Michigan st 

Crawford, Charles Ernest. Ind.A 89 journalist, Indianapolis News 
2706 N Pennsylvania 

Davis, Paul Gray. Ind.B 04 lawyer 1503 Park av 

De Haven, I. C. Ind.D 01 525 State Life bldg 

Deupree, Herman Graydon. Ind.B 06 


INDIANA— Indianapolis 

Eastman, Thomas Barker. Ind.G oo surgeon 400 N Delaware 

Elliott, Robert C. Ind.D 10 2031 N New Jersey 

Fauvre, Irving M. Pa.l 15 Marion bldg 

Fisher, Ferd Elliott. Ind.A 96 journalist 

Frenzel, James F. Ind.B 13 1338 N New Jersey 

Gabe, Harry Edward. Ind.B 84 physician 606 Hume-Mansur bldg 

Geisel, Clyde H. Ind.B 10 418 DeQuincey 

Gilliland, Robert V. Ind.A 08 with Ford Motor Co 

Greenough, Walter S. Ind.B 1906 journalist, Indianapolis News 

Gregoire, Lewis B. Ind.B 11 insurance 206 N Meridian 

Groninger, Taylor E. Ind.B 91 lawyer Indiana Trust bldg 

Grubb, Walter D. Ind.G 90 3855 N New Jersey 

Guthridge, Earl Muir. Ind.A 08 120 S Meridian 

Hagle, Cassius L. Ind.A 78 

Hawkins, Lester B. Ind.A. 13 with Tibben-Hollweg Co 

Henderson, Lloyd S. Ind.D 11 1622 N Meridian 

Henry, Charles L. Ind.A 68 gen mgr Indianapolis & Cincinnati 

R. R. 1408 N Meridian 
Hester, Frank O. Ind.A 87 instr manual tr sch 611 N New Jersey 
Hoffman, Harry Adolph. Ind. B 04 chemist 942 N Alabama 
Hogle, Cassius L. Ind.A 78 5448 E Washington 
lies, Orlando B. Ind.A 90 mgr Meridian Life Insurance Co 19 11 

N Delaware 
Joseph, Russell L. Ind.B 05 treas Indianapolis Iron & Steel Co 

20th and Meridian 
King, Herbert S. Ind.B 96 state mgr Whitehead & Hoag Co 2224 

Central av 
Knight, Edward Hussey. Ind.G 93 lawyer 1930 Talbot av 
Kruse, Robert W. Ind.D 04 w Kruse & Dewenter Co 611 N Penn 
Lazarus, Roy G. Ind.D 07 2102 N Meridian 
Lindley, James F. Ind.A 78 with Ajax Paint Co 
Link, Goethe. Ind.B 96 surgeon 1527 Lexington av 
McCormick, M. C. Ind.A 70 
McCormick, W T ilson J. Ind.B 81 salesman, Indianapolis Chair and 

Furniture Co 150 W Vermont 
McDonald, George W. Ind.B 69 lawyer 2439 Ashland av 
McKinstray, Homer R. Ind.A 00 physician Hume-Mansur bldg 
McMahon, Bernard B. Ind.A 13 2734 N Illinois 
Marquis, Emanuel, jr. Ind.A 92 

Martin, James Gardner. Mass. A 09 asst cashier E. H. Atkins Co 
Meyers, Paul Lillard. Ill.D 11 2135 N Meridian 
Miller, Gustav R. Ind.B 06 bank clerk 514 Middle Drive 
Miller, Joseph Silas. Ind.G 00 journalist 2809 E Washington 
Milligan, Harry Joseph. Ind.G 70 lawyer pres bd of trustees 

Wabash College 1409 N Delaware 
Mumford, Eugene B. Ind.B 95 physician Newton Claypool bldg 
Neighbor, Robert E. Ill.B 66 clergyman 5031 Ashland av 
Norton, Lester L. Ind.B 69 wholesale jeweler 1107 Park av 
Oakes, Charles W. Ohio A 69 544 N Oriental 
Osgood, Edwin C. Ill.B 67 bookkeeper 
Palmer, Roy C. Ind.D 02 with Chandler & Taylor Co 2116 N 

Parker, Harry C. Ill.B 96 physician 1603 N Meridian 
Partlow, David K. Ind.A 69 lawyer 115 E St Clair 
Patterson, J. T. Ind.G 05 1237 N Alabama 
Pell, Harry M. Ind.B 08 physician Dr. Fletcher's Sanitarium 
Pfaff, Walter Percy. Ind.B 01 salesman 118 E 27th 
Phillips, Harry O. Minn. A 88 insurance 2320 Park av 
Piel, Alfred L. N.Y.A 00 with Piel Bros Starch Co, State Life bldg 

1727 N Minois 
Piel, Elmer W. N.Y.A 00 with Piel Bros Starch Co State Life bldg 
Rafert, George O. Ind.B 03 grocer 1113 N Delaware 
Randall, James E. Ohio D 02 treas T A Randall Co 
Rau, Charles D. Ind.B 11 1504 Park av 
Raymond, Henry Ingle. Ill.B 01 with Enterprise Iron Works 2310 

Park av 
Reiley, William E. Ind.B 03 lawyer 147 E Washington 
Reynolds, Robert F. In^.D 1929 N Alabama 


I ndianapol is- Kokomo— INDIANA 

Riley, James Whitcomb. Ind.A 83 author 

Roberts, Ernest E. Wis. A 14 2007 Park av 

Rosendale, Earl A. Ohio E 08 salesman Avery Co 

Rowan, Stayior L. Ind.B 69 

Ruddell, Almus G. Calif. B 93 pres Central Rubber & Supply Co 

1909 N New Jersey 
Ruddell, Frank S. Calif. B 93 printing and engraving, with Scott 

Miller & Co 1504 N Pennsylvania 
Shaw, Edward R. Ind.A 02 bookkeeper Columbia National Bank 
Sheerin, Daniel D. Ind.D 10 10 10 N Pennsylvania 
Sheerin, Thomas D. Ind.D 03 purchasing agt Indianapolis Traction 

& Terminal Co 1010 N Pennsylvania 
Shirley, Richard A. Ind.A 03 sec W. H. Johnson & Son Co 421 E 

Shubrick, Alfred G. Ind.A 14 1725 N Meridian 
Stevenson, Charles B. Ind.B 73 real estate 6 McLean pi 
Stoner, Walter B. Ind.A 96 with Aetna Fire Ins Co 316 E North 
Sullivan, Thomas L. Ind.D 04 503 N Capitol av 
Sullivan, Thomas S. Pa.D 64 

Sutherlin, Harold E. Ind.A 02 with Enterprise Foundry & Mach Co 
Sutphin, Winfield A. Ind.B 98 824 Eastern av 
Taylor, William Lamborn. Ind.B 74 lawyer 
Tennant, Maurice E. Ind,A 99 lawyer 2047 Park av 
Teter, William J„ Ind.B 00 mgr sales Sunday Creek Co 1624 

Ashland av 
Thompson, Charles. Ind.A 77 lawyer 925 Lemcke bldg 
Thompson, William H. Ind.A 96 asst atty general 409 E 20th 
Thornburgh, Donald W. Ind.B 12 1417 N New Jersey 
Todd, Frank A. Kas.A 79 supt Indiana Warehouse Co 517 S Penn 
Toner, Earl S. Ind.A 08 with Bradstreet Co 
Ulric, Wier W. Ind.D 11 1926 N New Jersey 
Van Riper, Guernsey. Ind.A 00 city editor, Indianapolis Star 2420 

Ashland av 
Vonnegut, Erwin G. Ind.D 10 1616 Broadway 
Vonnegut, Ralph Clemens. Pa. I 15 1626 Broadway 
Walker, Merle N. A. Ind.A 87 probate com 1414 N New Jersey 
Walker, Orin D. Ind.A 95 mgr Bankers' Surety Co 3202 N New 

Walker, Wilbur F. Ind.A 65 clergyman, retired 39 N Ritter 
Wallace, William W. Ind.D 11 11 29 Park av 
Warrum, Henry. Ind.A 86 lawyer 2612 N Meridian 
Watson, George D. Ind.B 75 

Wilkinson, Hugh B. Ind.A 07 with Spencer Table Co 
Wood, John G. Calif. B 02 designer, Empire Motor Car Co 17 16 

N Pennsylvania 
Young, Howard S. Ill.B 99 lawyer 329 E 30th 
Zaring, William C. Ind.A 82 pres A. P. Hendrickson Hat Co 2304 
College av 

Osborne, David W. Ind.A 74 

Hopkins, Edwin S. Ind.A 73 promoter, Great Eastern Vividrome 
Co 309 E Riverside 

Armstrong, James Howard. Ind.G 89 insurance 629 E Maple 
Fleischer, George P. Ind.B 79 merchant 
Seamans, Raymond L. Ind.A 90 clergyman 213 E Rush 

Billman, Howard. Ohio B 73 clergyman 

Adams, Otis Bearl. Ind.A 14 R F D No 2 

Morgan, Raymond C. Ind.B 90 
Smith, Benjamin L. Ind.A 79 
Walling, Charles W. Ind.B 82 merchant 
Barnes, John William. Ind.A 70 retired 


INDIANA— Kokomo- Marion 

Chancellor, John E. Ind.B 14 204 Markland av 

Crick, Charles Warner. Ind.A 06 423 W Walnut 

Elliott, Donald F. Ind.A 05 lawyer 705 N Washington 

Elliott, Earl C. Ind.A 96 cashier 320 W Monroe 

Leach, Howard H. Ind.B 90 

McCarty, Lester R. Ind.A 99 instr, Salem h s 823 Cortland av 

Smith, Newton Broadus. Va.A 77 lawyer 814 W Mulberry 

Tharp, Ellsworth L. Ind.B 02 real estate 810 S Washington 

Thorne,- Chester G. Qhio A 12 120 E Taylor 

Clouser, Ira. Ind.B 97 lawyer 

Breckenbridge, William R. Ill.B 68 

Haywood, Marshall E. Ind.D 03 publisher 914 Union 

Henderson. Ralph Whitson. Ind.D 04 with Lafayette Box Board 
and Paper Co. 408 N 6th 

Higginbotham, Benjamin K. Pa. A 59 lawyer 

Hillis, James D. Ind.A 70 physician 

Kern, Charles Bruce. Ind.G 93 physician 610 Columbia 

Matthews, James H. Pa. A 64 

Michael, Morris S. Ind.B 05 

Ross, James C. Ind.D 01 

Ross, Warner A. Ind.B 98 lawyer 

Scott, James H. Ind.D 13 

Taylor, William Friberg. Ind.D 10 301 S 9th 

Hughes, George E. Ind.G 97 clergyman 

Gwinn, Rollin Harvey. Ind.D 10 

Crawford, David Walter. Ind.G 84 salesman 

Hook, Henry R. Ind.D 09 farmer 

Morris, George Van Derveer. Pa.Z 85 clergyman 

Emmert, Edward John. Ind.A 90 

Roberts. George M. Ind.B 07 

Shaw, Archibald. Ind.A 69 

Shaw, Harris F. Ind.A 01 lawyer 

Higgins, Burt S. Ind.B 73 lawyer 

Jones, Lester Forsythe. Ind.A 97 treas Campbell, Smith, Ritchie Co 
518 N Meridian 

Terhune, Thomas J. Ind.B 73 lawyer 

Terhune, W. D. Ind.B 81 lawyer 

Green, William H. Wis. A 07 

Humphreys, James H. Ind.B 73 banker 

Bliss, Harold Paul. Ind.D 07 916 Market 

Merriam. Caryl C. Ill.B 67 

Routh, Harry B. Ind.D 12 

Searight, William H. Ind.D 11 1326 High 

Waters, Edward J. Mich.A 07 800 High 

Rubush, Thomas Robert. Ind.G 73 physician 

Fifield. Otto G. Ind.D 06 stockman 

Beard, Frank Morton. Ind.A 88 gen agt Equitable Life Ins Co of 
Iowa 607 S Washington 

Beshore, Harry L. Ind.D 06 electrical engineer S Washington 

Butler, John Edwin. Ind.B 11 Cor 7th and Boots 

Campbell, Don. Ind.D 04 confectioner 

Davis, Merrill S. Ind.B 08 419 W 5th 

Diggs, John Holman. Ind.B 13 112 S Nebraska 

Freel, Lawrence P. Ind.B 08 Adv Novelty Co no N Nebraska 


Marion -Muncie— INDIANA 

Geiger, Earl F. Ind.A 12 511 Race 

Gessler, William Francis. Ind.B 13 217 N Boots 

Glaize, George John. Ind.B 15 5th 

Haines, John S. Ind.A 00 516 W 5th 

Halderman, Charles W. Ohio G 83 newspaper publisher 109 W 5th 

Hawkins, James S. Ill.D 14 122 Washington 

Helen, Mark Powers. Ind.B 89 glass manufacturer 

Tones, Samuel F. Ind.B 87 mgr Sims Glass Factory 509 W 5th 

Kiley, Robert P. Ind.B 13 bank clerk 418 W 3d 

Lenfesty, Nathan Coggeshall. Ind.A 09 625 W 4th 

Loomis. Neal M. Ind.B 14 1001 W 3d 

McMurtrie, Uz. Ind.B 02 county treasurer 15 11 S Boots 

Marble, Mitchell S. Ind.A 74 clergyman 

Mason, Jay Elmer. Ind.D 11 708 W 6th 

Messick, Allen G. Ind.B 08 lawyer no S Adams 

Osborn, Arthur E. Ind.A 01 paper manufacturer 1006 S Adams 

Ryman, George H. Ind.B 69 Soldiers' Home 

Strickler, Dahl L. Ind.D 09 with Flint Glass Co 1012 S Boots 

Tukey, Walter B. Ind.A 05 city water works 

Van Atta, Robert M. Ind.B 90 judge superior court 

Wilkinson, Glenn Anderson. Ind.A 01 cabinet mfr S Washington 

McMurtry, Charles Tilford. Ind.G 74 farmer 

Jordan, James H. Ind.B 70 justice, Indiana Supreme Court 

Landers, Howe S. Ind.A 05 lawyer 183 N Jefferson 

McCord, Elam M. Ind.B 69 

McCord, William C. Ind.B 69 lawyer 
Michigan City 

Kerrigan, Paul Francis. Ill.D 10 

Krause, Arthur C. Ind.B 12 1002 Ellston 

Orr, John E. Minn.B 08 713 Franklin 

Parks, Ralph E. Ind.D 09 311 E 7th 

Rogers, George P. N.Y.A 96 H & B Car Co 707 Washington 

Rogers, Harvey G. N.Y.A 98 F. H. Burnham Co 701 Washington 

Vail, George T. N.Y.A. 97 treas, Mich City Trust and Savings Co 
524 Washington 

Moore, Noble L. Ind.B 91 asst cashier 

Morton, Samuel Mills. Pa. A 62 clergyman 

O'Donnel, Edgar C. Ind.B 86 

Brucker, Fred Lewis. Ind.B 09 Main 

Cowger, Clarence Ruland. Ind.B 02 lawyer 

Loughry, Lawrence C. Ind.B 12 

Loughry, Maynard A. Ind.B 07 flour merchant 

Raub, Frank Raymond. Ind.B 09 

Spencer, Charles C. Ind.A 84 lawyer 

Van Voorst, Fred. Ind.B 00 

Sheets, John C. Ind.A 04 farmer 

Obenschain, Caleb A. Ind.A 65 clergyman 

Sherman, Robert E, Ind.B 03 druggist 
Mount Carmel 

McClurkin, John Martin. Ind.B 93 
Mount Vernon 

Clements, Fred. Ind.B 15 723 Mulberry 

Memzies, Winston. Ind.B 94 

Miller, William Allen. N.Y.A 13 234 S 2d 

Owen, Alfred D., jr. Ind.B 97 

Wasem, Louis. Ind.B 13 

Austin, Charles McLane. Ind.B 79 teacher * 

Bracken, Leonidas Locke. Ind.B 98 lawyer 

Bracken, Thomas E. Ind.B 97 lawyer 


INDIANA— Muncie-Pendleton 

Ind.A 72 salesman 311 S Cherry 
Ind.A 94 sec-treas Glasscock Bros Mfg Co 

Darnelle, Henry Clay. 
Davis, Charles Strout. 

330 E Washington 
Fillman, Forrest G. Ind.A 12 

Hoyt, William M. Ohio A 02 physician Valet block 
Koons, George H. Ind.B 70 lawyer Wheeling av 
Lockwood, George Browning. Ind.A 94 editor, Evening Post 
Martin, Samuel Albert. Ind.G 96 dentist 
Max, Cecil A. Ind.A 03 druggist 900 S Walnut 
Metts, Charles H. Ind.A 94 with Muncie Star 403 Riverside av 
Morrow, Benjamin B, Ohio A 94 physician 321 Calvert 
Nottingham, Carl A. Ind.D 01 merchant 
Powers, John L. IndTJ 77 farming R F D 
physician 416 E 

No 9 


bank cashier 118 Church 

stock raiser 

Shields, Edgar. Ind.B 72 

Tuhey, Ray C. Ind.A 11 
New Albany 

Austin, Harry H. Ind.A 88 clergyman Silver Hills 

Brubeck, Ralph Emerson. Ia.B 14 214E Market 

Coleman, William J. ^ Ind.G 88 city editor, Louisville Times, 
ville, Ky 1 1 1 Elkin av 

McCulloch, Edward Martin. Ind.G 89 lawyer 

Talbott, J. J. Ind.B 74 
New Harmony 

Owens, Richard Dale. Ind.B 94 

Owens, Walter R. D. Ind.B 94 

Ribeyre, Robert R. Ind.B 07 

Wolfe, Oliver Mackenzie. Ind.D 15 
New Haven 

Wellman, Jacob Walter Lewis. Ind.B 
New Lebanon 

Springer, James F. Ind.A 76 

Springer, Thomas Benton. Ind.A 76 

Nixon, Burnett. Ind.A 97 

Nixon, Henry V. Ind.A 84 cashier 

Craig, Harry Victor. Ind.B 90 U S postoffice 230 E Maple av 

Craycraft, Albert. Ind.B 09 65 E Conner 

Craycraft, George. Ind.B 05 dry goods merchant 65 E Connor 

Fertig, Emmett R. Calif. G 11 

Gwinn, Fred H. Ind.A 09 

Hare, Frank. Ind.B 03 carriage mfr 36 E Conner 

Hines, Frederick E. Ind.B 93 lawyer 216 E Logan 

Hines, Hardy C. Ind.B 07 

McCole, George M. Ind.A 00 physician 120 E Clinton 

Peck, Jay Lynn. Ind.A 11 

Shirts, Walter. Ind.B 97 lawyer 102 E Conner 

Vance, Carl N. Ind.A 99 educational missionary director Tarma 
English Academy, Tarma, Peru 
North Vernon 

Tripp, Donald H. N.Y.A 04 director San Jose Lumber Co 

Wagner, Chapin. Ind.B 80 

asst cashier Oaktown Bank 

Ind.B 05 

Ind.B 73 


Ind.B 75 physician 

Polk, Curtis F. 

Talbott, William N. 

Metts, John W. 

Williams, John M 

Farrell, Harrison Harlan. Ind.G 89 

Stout, Samuel E. Ind.B 97 

Danks, Joseph C. Ind.A 77 

Brownback, Orlando W. Pa.Eta 64 

Lewis, Lloyd D. Pa.K 12 

farmer R F D No 2 

physician 77 S Pendleton av 


Pendleton- Rochelle— INDl AN A 

Morris, William Frampton. Ind.B 89 

Simmerman, Willis G, Ind.D 10 
Pennville , 

Porter, Albert D. Ohio A 07 supt of schools 

Bridge, Ulysses S. A. Ind.A 87 clergyman 133 W Main 
. Miller, George C., jr. Ill.A 00 teller, Peru Trust Co 82 W 6th 

Miller, Harry Leebrick. Ind.A 96 

Miller, Walter L. Ind.A 02 

Redmon, John C. Ill.B 13 68 E 3d 

Stutesman, Frank M. Ind.B 15 68 E 2d 

Trippeer, Allen G. Ind.A 91 n , •-_ , 

Weimer, Charles Ainsworth. Ind.G 94 asst postmaster 81 E 5th 

Woodring, Ross. Ind.A 02 

Poucher, John. Ind.A 65 clergyman 

Eley, Thomas C. Ind.B 13 

Humrichouser, Henry L. Ind.B 14 620 N Michigan 

Lamson, Harry B. .Ind.D 03 Plumb 
Point Marion 

Foley, William Orlando. Va.D 65 retired 

Bowers, Henry Willard. Ind.A 74 supt county schools 

Bridge, Donald Ulysses. Ind.A 1914 210 E Arch 

Dickes, Harry Kenneth. Ind.D 12 

Holmes, Walter C. Ind.A 01 grain merchant 228 E High 

Fletchall, Eugene D. Ind.B 96 merchant 

Winters, Matthew. Ind.B 12 

Clarke, Cecil Alexander. Ind.D 14 

Embree, Lucius C. Ind.A 73 lawyer 503 Hall st 
, Harris, Hugh E. Ind.B 14 430 W State 

Miller. Charles A. Ind.B 92 physician 

Robinson, James J. Ind.B 11 R F D No 5 

Robinson, Woodfin D. Va.A 82 judge Appellate Court 

Runcie, John W. Ind.A 84 

Woods, John Hall. Ind.B 11 journalist 

Woods, Robert A. Ind.B 77 insurance 226 E Broadway 

Yeager, Henry A. Ind.B 69 lawyer West and Walnut 

Allman, Kenneth F. Colo. A 14 pharmacist 

Hollingsworth, Emmet L. Mich. A 81 cashier, 1st National Bank 

Kiplinger, Henry W. Ind.B 86 U S Civil Service 

Ashley, Howard Brice. Ind.D 12 

Bartel, Fred J. Ohio B 98 credit mgr, A. H. Bartel Co 25 S 13th 

Carpenter, Braxton Wendell. Ind.G 90 manufacturer 

Davis, Walter Clay. Pa. I 15 59 S 15th 

Elleman, John Hawkins. Ind.D 14 422 Randolph 

Freeman, Perry J. Ind.A 77 lawyer 107 S 21st 

Hibberd, Wilbur C. Ill.B 02 pres Burr-Paterson Co, Detroit, Mich 
2233 E Main 

Hill, George E. Ind.A 90 

Hodgin, Simeon William. Ind.D 01. engineer 

Howard, Elmer G. Ohio B 93 clergyman 

Huber, Conrad. Ohio B 75 clergyman 333 S 7th 

Kirkman, Roscoe E. Ind.A 85 lawyer 300 Pearl 

McNeill, Jerome. Ind.B 85 105 N 9th 

Smith, Charles H. Ind.B 80 

Smith, Samuel E. Ind.B 78 supt Eastern Indiana Hosp for Insane 

Smith, Samuel Rogers. Ind.B 15 

De Long, John Thomas. Ind.B 14 

Braiden, Bryant Fletcher. N.Y.A 13 401 S 3d 


INDIANA — Rochester-Spencer 


Loomis, William M. Ind.G 82 farmer 

Mason, William C. Ind.B 80 proprietor laundry 

Ferguson, Walter Scott. Ind.A 80 lumber 

Ferguson, William E. Ind A 81 lumber 

Funkhouser, John. Ind.A 80 

Hargrave, Arthur Alonzo. Ind.G 76 editor, Rockville Republican 

McFadden, John S. Ind.G 89 lawyer 

Watson, Edward G. Ind.A 14 803 N Main 

Watson, James E. Ind.A 81 lawyer, ex-congressman 

Crim, Walter Henshaw. Ind.B 00 lumber 

Stout, Arthur L. Ind.B 96 manufacturer 

Vellom, Ralph C. Ind.B 13 

Beck, Alfred Lindley. Ind.B 84 lawyer 

Beck, William Lister Ind.B 75 educational 

Kirkpatrick, William. Ind.B 76 teacher 

Cecil, Arthur Simpson. Ind.A 78 

Caldwell, John W. Ind.B 80 honorary member 

Billingsley, Joe Kenton. Ind.A 14 115 St Mary's 

Billman, Jos W. Ohio B 70 lawyer 220 Elm 

Carson, Erasmus T. Ind.A 83 field examiner, State Board of Accts 

Henry, Lewis. Ind.A 02 

Whitcomb, David H. Ind.A 05 sec Shelbyville Trust Co 

Wilson, Frank Reed. Ind.G 96 cashier, Shelbyville National Bank 

Baker, Frank Reid. Ind.D 15 

Boyle, Cecil Wayne. Ind.A 08 

Boyle, Walter R. Ind.A 11 

Griest, Oliver Howard. Ind.G 94 teacher 

Shirley, Henry Wilson. Ind.A 65 physician 

Wallace, Harold E. Ind.D 14 
South Bend 

Brown, William Emery. Pa. A 61 druggist 

Donahue, William D. Ill.D 14 745 Vistula av 

Fox. Horace W. Ind.B 11 merchant 

Hamilton, Miller. Ind.B 08 lawyer 

Harlin, Wilbur Albert. Wis. A 09 530 N M^in 

Harper, Henry M. Wis. A 14 522 W Colfax 

Harrop, George Argale. Ohio A 85 treas, National Co 734 Park av 

Harrop, George Argale, jr. Md.A 13 721 Park av 

Miller, Russell Harrop. Ind.A 09 752 Cottage Grove 

Paxon, Victor E. Ind.A 11 

Reynolds, John F. Mich. A 07 620 W La Salle 

Shiveley, George J. Ind.B 13 402 N Michigan 

Shiveley, John J. Ind.B 14 402 N Michigan 

Towne, Salem L. Ind.A 98 with Folding Paper Box Co 

Varier, Charles E. Mich. A 03 physician 303 S Lafayette 

Whitaker. Frank B. Ind.B 13 711 Forest av 
South Whitley 

Brahm. Edward W. Ind.B 95 teacher 

Moe, Francis B. Ohio A 7s lawyer 

Kortepeter, Ralph E. Ind.D 12 

Fowler, Inman Henry. Ind.B 71 pres Exchange Bank 

Hickam, Hubert. Ind.B 09 lawyer 

Hickam, Willis. Ind.B 77 lawyer 

Hickam, Willis, jr. Ind.B 12 


Spencer- Washington — INDIANA 

Milligan, Albert Bushnell. Ind.G 72 farmer 14 Hillside av 

Moore, George W. Ind.B 95 

Coble, Lee Elbert. Pa.K 95 journalist 

Brown, John S. Ind.A 15 235 S Crowder 

Hunt, Charles D. Ind.A 87 lawyer 328 W Washington 

Springer, Wallace B. Ind.D 13 
Terre Haute 

Black, James H., jr. Iil.D 15 1 108 S 6th 

Black, Lee McKnight. Ill.D 07 wholesale drugs 1108 S 6th 

Blumberg, Benjamin. Ind.A 06 328 S 5th 

Colvin, Charles M. Ind.A 73 

Davis, Josephus Collett. Ind.A 81 lawyer 

Goodrich, Frederick R. D.C.A 68 

Gray, Fred W. Ind.D 14 Edgewood Grove 

Hutchings, Benjamin Merle. Ind.G 97 physician 

Kimberlin, Robert O. Ind.A 00 clergyman 

Lee, Marshall G. Ind.A 80 real estate 622 Swan 

Powell, Fred A. Ind.A 08 adv dept Terre Haute Star 1435 S 4th 

Seeburger, Walter H. Ind.D 13 900 S 7th 

Smith, Robert Tohn. Ind.A 77 coal operator 

Talley, Homer B. Ind.A 94 pres Coal Bluff Mining Co 521 N 6th 

Talley, Walter W. Ind.A 02 coal business 

Tennant, Richard A. Ind.A 65 lawyer 

Westphal, Alfred Frederick. Mass. A 00 State Normal School 

Whitcomb, Charles. Ind.A 68 real estate 133 1 S 6th 

Davis, Cecil G. Ind.G 98 teacher 

Stokes, Wilson R. Ind.A 69 lawyer 

Heeb, Jesse R. Ind.A 93 mfr and publisher 409 Elmhurst av 

Bayard, George R. Ind.B 15 727 Buntin 
' Emison, Ewing Robb. Ind.A 09 lawyer 

Emison, James W. Ind.A 77 lawyer 524 Broadway 

Emison, James W., jr. Ind.A 13 208 N 6th 

Emison, John W. Ind.A 82 hardware 

Emison, Richard A. Ind.A 13 521 N 5th 

Jessup, R.obert J. Calif. B 12 613 Broadway 

McAndrew, William A., jr. Ill.B 07 

Miller, Raymond C. Ind.B 15 

Nicholson, Raymond B. Ind.A 07 612 Broadway 

Palfrey, Thomas Rossman. Ind.B 15 807 Perry 

Racey, Russel S. Ind.B 08 grocer 803 Perry 

Sheperd, Dwight H. Ind.A 09 429 N 3d 

Sheperd, Howard C. Ind.A 13 429 N 3d 

Simpson, Harry D. Ind.B 91 mgr Knox nurseries R F D No 2 

Hollopeter, Vincent M. Ind.A 12 118 N Fisher 

Huff, Willard L. Ind.A 08 166 W Maple 

Neco, Alexander. Pa. A 85 

Payne, George M. Ind.A 80 

Scott, Oliver L. Ind.B 09 70 W Maple 

Tilman, Carl G. Ind.B 12 

Wilson, Frank P. Ind.A 80 

Bender, Wade S. Ill.B 15 

Bowser, Francis Kinsey. Ind.B 14 1029 E Center 

Bowser, Francis Edgar. Ind.B 81 Judge Circuit Court 

Cook, Erwin Nicholas. Ind.A 95 

Egner, Charles W. Ind.B 22 teacher 

Jacques, Edward G. Ind.A 85 

Lessig, Joseph S. Ind.A 11 

Burke, Matthew F. Ind.B 76 banker 


I N D. - IOWA— Washington- Blockton 

Gesell, Egbert G. Wis. A 04 with Wm. H. Clare Mfg Co 

Hyatt, Robert C. Ind.B 94 merchant 

Rogers, Arthur. Ind.B 04 % 

Scoble, William Dunston. Ind.B 01 salesman 

Wadsworth, Heilman C. Ind.B 96 

Gugert, Francis A. Pa. I 91 architect 419 Oak la 
West Baden 

Dowden. Chauncey W. Ind.B 99 physician 

Howard. John L. Va.A 87 physician 
West Lafayette 

Alford, Thomas G. Ind.B 69 prof mathematics Purdue University 
220 Waldron av 

Bond, Beverly Waugh, jr. Md.A 02 prof Purdue Univ 129 Russell 

Usner, Edward L. Ind.D 11 114 Lutz 
West Newton 

Allen, Linton Raymond. Ind.B 91 

Xelson, David Whetson. Ind.G 78 teacher 

Taylor, William Irven. Ind.A 77 

Reynolds, Charles L. Ind.A 84 

Durborrow, William B. Ind.B 76 lawyer 

Engle, Charles Frederick. Ind.B 88 insurance 

Goodrich. James P. Ind.A 85 

Markle, Grant Clark. Ind.G 89 physician and surgeon 37 N Meri- 

Watson, Charles L. Ind.A 89 

Young, Jacob Brown. Ind.B 74 physician 

Clark, Wesley Fletcher. Ind.B 72 



Bleeker, John. la. A 15 

Hutchins, Arthur Clair. Ia.D 87 

White, Winfield M. la. A 08 physician 

Elbert, George T. Ill.B 64 

Mason, Ralph T. la. A 98 lawyer 

Nichol, Francis N. la. A 05 deputy U S marshal 

Tool, Cassius. Ia.D 83 

Hall, Harry. Ia.B 14 722 Clark 

Miller, George John. Ia.B 13 

Sawhill, William H. Ia.B 14 

Thornburg, Mark George. Ia.B 13 

Tinsley, Vernon F. N.Y.G 15 601 6th 

Bruce, Clarence Wallace. la. A 02 banker 

Herron, John. Pa. A 73 clergyman 

Harris, Joseph B. Ia.D 81 

Mason, Verne R. Calif. G 10 

Campbell, Zeno Andrew. Ia.D 87 


Boone-Columbus Junction — IOWA 


Sparks, Eugene Victor. Ia.D 81 

Wright, Joseph S. Ia.D 82 

Dixon, George L. la. A 14 815 N 4th 

Holsteen, Frederick S. la. A 99 lawyer 1895 Highland av 

Illick, John T. Pa.Z 66 lawyer 625 Garfield 

Illick, Warren C. la. A 13 625 Garfield 

Lovegren, Leroy E. 111. A 13 1305 Ashmun 

Strong, Arthur C. la. A 04 physician 201 Spring 

Washburn, Arthur M. la. A 08 312 Garfield 

Dunn, W. L. Ia.A 09 

Miller, Albert Oscar. Ia.D 82 
Cedar Falls 

Keene, Thomas B. Ind.A 75 dentist 1st and Main 

Pfeiffer, Henry M. Ia.A 13 811 Main 

Seerley, Homer Horatio. Ia.A 74 pres Iowa State Teachers' College 
2403 Normal 

Skillington, David L. Ia.A 12 2104 Olive 
Cedar Rapids 

Averill, Glenn Mark. Mich. A 86 banker 320 2d 

Benson, William. Wis.G 93 prof Greek, Coe College 120 N 17th 

Clark, Atherton Brockway. Ia.A 06 lawyer 800 First av 

Cooper, Albert Thomas. Pa.B 82 lawyer 1033 Fifth av 

Crawford, J. Lynn. Ia.A 92 surgeon 

Ferguson, Louis B. Ia.A 95 with A. B. Dick, Chicago 706 2d av 

Gardner, John Montieth. Neb. A 05 architect 

Harman, Warren. Ia.G 68 lawyer 

Harmon, William R. N.Y.A 02 312 S 10th 

Haskell, Guy F. Mich. A 06 v pres W. G. Haskell Concrete Construc- 
tion Co 1726 D av 

IJeald, Frank A. Ia.A 02 lawyer 

Josselyn, George Saville. Ia.B 13 841 Fourth av 
. Josselyn, Henry Eugene. Ia.B 13 841 Fourth av 

McClelland, Freeman. Ia.A 98 dentist 1903 1st av E 

Mamer, Jacob G. 111. A 06 

Oxley, Perry E. Ia.A 09 

Safely, Charles Holroyd. Ia.A 14 1846 B av 

Shillinglaw, David L. Ia.A 12 

Williams, Edward B. Ia.A 10 625 A av 

Bradley, David Campbell. Ill.D 79 pres 1st Nat Bank 524 State 

Haynes, Eugene C. Ia.A 67 

Barney, Carl Hawkins. Ia.B 13 

Thompson, Allen Abram. Ia.D 80 clergvman 
Charles City 

Spriggs, Alexander R. Pa A 68 lawyer 
Clear Lake 

Tompkins, Earl D. Ia.A 94 

Underwood, Arthur Wilson. Ia.D 83 

Willis, Theodore A. Iowa A 06 physician 

Larrabee, William. Ia.A 89 lawyer 

Bryant, Harold. Ill.A 12 627 Fifth av 

Cole, Fred L. Ind.D 01 527 6th av 

Cook, Samuel Sampson. Ill.D 06 banker 

Ewing, Amos G. Pa. A 58 

Kelly, Paul F. Wis.A 07 with J. A. Kelly & Bros 

Van Allen, Frederick H. Mich. A 97 
Columbus Junction 

Stopp, John J. Ia.B 14 


IOWA— Corydon-Des Moines 


Steel, Charles W. Ia.D 79 lawyer 
Council Bluffs 

Brainerd, Howard Hatch. la. A 04 auditor C. Hafer Lumber Co 
617 Willow av 

Hafer, Wylie W. Ia.A 06 lumber 645 Franklin av 

Hess, John J. Ia.A 93 lawyer 

Pinney, Hurlburt H. Mich.A 94 stockman R F D No 1 

Reed, Glen A. Ia.A 05 

Ross, Dillon L. Ia.A 86 lawyer 300 Fifth av 

Stuart, David Eldred. Ia.D 86 

Sylvester, John Milton. Ia.D 86 

Walk, George Edward. Va.D 73 

Childs, Hal Augustan. Ia.A 96 phys, eye and ear spec Eagle blk 
Dallas Center 

Richmond, Allen R. Ia.A 07 

Richmond, Lawrence B. Ia.A 06 druggist 

Richmond, Raymond E. Ia.A 03 druggist 

Murphy, George Washington. Ia.D 82 physician 
Davenport • 

Ballard, Harry Winthrop. Ia.A 95 pharmacist 215 W 16th 

Bawden, Stephen Phelps. Ia.A 97 lawyer 

Berry, Omar Alford. Ind.D 01 asst engr CRI&PRR 2214 

Bollinger, James Wills. Ia.A 85 judge District Court 425 E Locust 

Clark, Francis Marion. Ia.D 81 

Claussen, Ernst. Ia.A 12 734 Main 

Cook, Ruel Bridge. Ia.A 88 lawyer 

Decker, George Edward. Ia.A qi physician 742 Brady 

Decker, Herbert M. Ia.A 95 physician 

Dively, George W. Ohio B 72 

Hamann, Albert William. Ia.A 97 lawyer 18 10 Telegraph rd 

Marks, Louis M. Ia.A 90 merchant 1026 Perry 

Mason, James B. Pa.D 62 

Mueller, Alfred Christian. Ia.A 98 lawyer 530 Ripley 

Ransom, Willard G. N.Y.A 95 with Bettendorf Axle Co 14 10 Perry 

Vollmer, Fred. Ia.A 94 lawyer 124 Hillcrest av 

Vollmer, Karl. Ia.A 91 physician 817 W 7th 

Bradish, Norman Conyers. Pa.Theta 13 303 Broadway 
Des Moines 

Aulmann, Theodore. Ia.B 13 13 14 Penn av 

Baker, Harry Mitchell. Ia.D 69 

Barnitz, Samuel Bacon. Pa.E 59 

Beckerman, Frank Frederick. N.Y.D 91 clergyman 815 State 

Bonner, Whitcomb. Ia.A 96 719 Fifteenth 

Butcher, Charles Albert. Ia.B 13 815 E Ninth 

Buzick, Ira C. Pa.B 63 

Carr, Fred Parker. Ia.A 01 lawyer 

Clark, George Edward. N.Y.E 04 

Cummins, Frank Sherman. Ia.A 98 traffic mgr Interurban Ry 2501 
Ingersoll av 

Dorr, Edward E. Ia.A 84 physician 605 C N B bldg 

Dorr, Newman. Ia.A 15 32 S Court 

Dunshee, Frank Strong. Wis.G 81 lawyer 39 11 Ingersoll av 

Fairall, John A. Ia.A 99 1404 E Ninth 

Hay, Benjamin Keener. Pa.Eta 97 clergyman 

Hippee, George B. Ohio G 78 banker 

Johnson, Griffith W. Ia.D 80 lawyer 

Jones, Hardy Neil Powell. Miss.A 00 

Kelley, Lawrence E. Wis.G 01 physician 605 Citizens Nat Bk bids 

McGriff, Howard E. Ia.D 81 

Moorehead, C. C. Pa.E 63 physician 

Ruth, Verl A. Wis.A 06 2540 Forest Drive 

Strauss, Oscar. Ia.A 98 lawyer 1428 High 


Des Moines- Humboldt— IOWA 

Whitcomb, Bonner. Ia.A 96 719 15th 

Williams, Robert E. N.Y.E 99 physician 1233 13th 

Witmer, William W. Pa.E 63 2900 W France av 

Woodford, Lawrence G. Ia.B 13 907 Euclid av 

Blades, William Fletcher. 111. A 07 424 W Fifth 

Bonson, Robert. la. A 87. judge District Court 

Bonson, William Watts. la. A 87 lawyer 

Killen, Fred H. Minn.B 08 salesman Pittsburg Plate Glass Co 425 

Lee, Maurice B. Ill.B 94 with Rider-Wallis Co 1805 Main 

Lewis, Eugene R. Ill.B 95 physician 1268 Locust 

Longueville, Joseph Charles. Ill.D 12 architect 402 Alpine 

Matthews, Karl B. Mich.A 08 1335 Locust 

Paisley, Thomas F. Mich.A 13 1320 Locust 

Paisley, Walter W. Mich.A 11 1320 Locust 

Plaister, Deane M. Ill.D 06 civil engineer 174 W nth 

Pollock, Guy E. Pa. I 07 salesman J. T. Hancock Co 801 Grand View 

Richards, Clarence Whittier. 111.33 97 with Carr, Ryder & Adams 
1492 Locust 

Ryan, Eugene. Ill.B 95 1375. Locust 

Ryan, James A. Mich.A 99 iron business 1365 Locust 

Ryan, John A. Mich.A 01 lawyer 1365 Locust 

Waller, Austin C. Ill.B 05 sec-treas Grandel Waller Co 590 Bluff 

Evans, Frank Nathaniel. Mich.A 07 

Evans, John L. Mich.A 07 stockman 

Evans, Marion Lewis. N.Y.A n 

Evans, Volney Lu Verne. Ia.B 13 

Brown, Earl. Ia.A 03 

Soper, Erastus Burrows. Ia.G 68 pres 1st Nat Bank 100 Soper av 

Estabrook, Ladd C. Ia.A 04 dist mgr Mutual Life Insurance Co 

Davis, Austin Clifford. Ia.A n instr Parsons College 

Ewing, T. Davis. Pa.D 58 clergyman 

Knight, Hervey B. Pa.D 62 

Magill, John F. Pa.D 55 

Wilson, Rollin J. Ia.A 74 

Wilson, Charles L. Ia.D 82 
Forest City 

Gjellefald, Olaf Norman. Ia.B 13 
Fort Dodge 

Doud, Parsons R. Ia.A 00 real estate 804 3d av 

Kenyon, William Squire. Ia.A 86 U S Senator 

Larrabee, Fred. Ia.A 93 lawyer 

Loomis, Fred L. 111. A 97 wholesale poultry 

Smeltzer, Charles B. Ia.A 89 banker 
Fort Madison 

Frailey, Joseph R. Ia.A 98 lawyer 

Norris, Arthur W. Colo.A 15 808 Summer 
Guthrie Center 

Miller, Wilber Leroy. Ia.D 85 

Barney, Fayette Clifton. Ia.B 13 

Clinton, De Witt. Ill.A 84 clergyman 

Boysen, Alfred V. Ia.A 15 

Hanmer, Herbert H. Ia.A 15 13 10 Victoria 

Macy, Nathan W. Ia.A 69 lawyer 

Garfield, Clement W. Ia.A 10 

Garfield, Theodore G. Ia.A 12 

Stong, Elliott S. Ia.A 11 


IOWA— Independence- Mason City 


Springer, Lewis Jr. Pa.lheta 70 

Carpenter,* Loekwood Dickerson. la. A 99 dentist 

Hamilton, David L. Ia.D 80 

Jarvis, Levi. Ia.D 79 
iowa City 

Brainerd, Ossian Hatch. la. A 74 financial sec Equitable Mfg Co 
803 Kirkwood av 

Davis, Walter Morton. la. A 97 lawyer 

Horak, Hugo Claude. Ia.A 00 prof law Univ of Iowa 

Kettle well, William A. Ia.A 12 

McCollister, John M. Ia.A 11 farmer 

Mercer, Leroy S. Ia.A 09 428 Summit 

Mercer, Willis W. Ia.A 05 mfr 428 Summit 

Murphy, Glenn R. Ia.A 09 409 E Jefferson 

Raymond, William Gait. Kas.A 78 engineer 603 College 

Showers, Robert. Ia.A 13 423 Dubuque 

Stewart, George Walter. Ind.A 94 prof of physics Univ of Iowa 

Swisher, Abraham I. Ia.A 09 305 Summit 

Swisher, Arthur R. Ia.A 99 dentist 

Swisher, Lovell. Ia.A 67 cashr First National Bank 

West, Frank P. Ia.A 12 427 S. Johnson 

West. Leonard A. Ia.A 13 427 S Johnson 
Iowa Falls 

Skiff, Rozelle F. Ia.A 85 

Pryor, John PI. 111. A 79 farmer 

Sprowls, John Seaman. Pa. A 06 lawyer 

Nelson, Clay R. Ill.D 10 

Granger, Rolla S. Ia.A 96 
Lake City 

Carter, Dean G. Ia.B 13 

Townsend, Warren W. Ia.A 12 

Stephenson, Edwin J. Ia.A 12 

Stephenson, Lawrence B. Ia.A 1 1 

Thornburg, Carroll K. Ia.A 07 

Thornburg, Tom Henry. Ia.B 13 

Root, Charles L. 111. A 78 lawyer 212 S 7th 

Root, Charles W. Ia.A 09 117 S 7th 

Boyd, Robert Walter. Ill.B 08 lawyer 

Summers, John Franklin. Ia.B 13 

Wearin, John Foster. Ia.B 13 

Wilson, Robert Harrj r . Ia.B 13 First National Bank 

Blair, Fred Bloomer. Ia.A 91 lawyer 420 S Brewer 

Dunham, George H. Wis.G 06 

LeRoy, Allen R. Wis.G 06 701 Main 

Bauman, D. T. Pa. Eta 80 lawyer 

Glick, Carl C. 111. A 10 
Mason City 

Craven, Frederick William. Wis.G 02 .422 N Jefferson 

Law, Harvey E. Ia.A 04 real estate 

Page, Harry D. Ia.A 94 lumber 300 The Kirk 

Potter, Merle A. Minn.B 12 10th and Madison 


Mason CIty-Sibley— IOWA 

asst cashr ist Nat Bank 229 W 5th 

pres Iowa Wesleyan Univ 

Rule, Harold Vernet. N.Y.G 00 

Smith, Robert Percy. Minn.B 07 

Hartinger, Howard A. la. A 15 
Mineral Ridge 

Cox, William Bernard. Ia.D 82 

Renshaw, Kinsley. Minn.B 10 

George, Thomas I. la. A 07 
Morning Sun 

Alexander, Joseph K. Pa.Theta 72 clergyman 
Mount Ayr 

Ross, Grant G. Ia.D 87 

Wisdom, Frank M. Ia.D 80 
Mount Pleasant 

Schell, Edwin Allison. 111. A 8r 
Mount Vernon 

Freer, Hamline Hulburt. Ia.G 68 prof pol econ Cornell College 

Harlan, James Elliott. Ia.G 68 president Cornell College 

Kelly, Harry McCormick. Pa.G 87 biologist 

Kepler, Louis H. la. A 01 lawyer 

Pollock, James B. Ohio B 66 

Young, George Wesley. Ia.G 68 retired. merchant 

Anson, Barry J. Wis. A 14 1305 Mulbery av 

Carson, Hiram J. Ia.B 13 

Hine, Walter G. la. A 00 

Hoffman, William. la. A 67 

Humphreys, Willis M. 111. A 

Randall, William D. la. A 1 

Addison, James Colburn. la. A 12 

Alderman, Ulysses Simpson. la. A 05 
■ McCall, Edward M. la. 94 lawyer 

Collin, Edwin. Ia.G 68 lawyer 

McCoy, Benjamin. Ia.G 68 lawyer 

Hansell, William Whitfield. la. A 10 

Haven, Samuel C. la. A 08 331 E 5th 

Mast, Isaac N. Ohio A 64 retired 130 E Maple av 

Mitchell, Ernest R. la. A 96 lawyer 434 E 2d 
Ili.B 14. 137 S Ward 
Ill.B 14 128 E 5th 


83 commercial traveller 



451 N Market 

Ia.D 79 clergyman 
Ind.A 09 


Schafer, Walter B. 

Taylor, Charles O., jr. 

Hohanshelt, W. G 

Allison, Theodore. 
Red Oak 

Monlux, Hal H. Ia.G 85 
Rock Rapids 

Miller, Clarence J. la. A 05 

Roach, Paul R. Wis. A 12 

Wheatley, Leonard Arlo. la. A i 

Waugh, Erick Nicole. Ia.B 13 
Sac City 

McCord, Robert Leigh. la. A 95 

Barrett, Albert Marcus. Ohio B 74 

Butler, Benjamin F. la. A 07 lawyer 

Hough, Wyman George, la. A 1.4 

Nelson, Earl O. la. A 15 



IOWA— Sioux City-Waucoma 

Sioux City 

Bassett, Thaddeus Brown. 111. A 13 3903 Orleans av 

Bristol, Lewis Walter. Ind.B 04. Box 66 

Johnston, Edward Charles. Neb. A 05 First National Bank 

Joy, Chauncey Leonard. la. A 84 lawyer 823 Jr if th 

Magourt, Charles Elmer. Md.A 11 

Robinson, Leonard B. la. A 01 mgr Pioneer Motor Car Co 1520 

Sibley, William E., jr. Wis. A 00 wholesale grocer 515 20th 
Sioux Rapids 

White, Lewis Rush. la. A 96' merchant 

Schroeder. Charles H. Ia.A 87 
Spirit Lake 

McFarland, Hays. Ill.B it 
Strawberry Point 

Kingsley, Paul N. Ohio £ 06 contractor 

Hinkson, Fred Oscar. Is.P 82 lawyer 

Allen, Walter Ozias. Pa.B 74 instr Tabor College 
Toma City 

Bissell, Hiram. Pa.B 61 farmer 

Brotherlin, Harry Laysell.. Ia.G 68 druggist 

McClung, Vern William. I?.B 13 

Giger, Isaac F. Ia.G 68 

Martyn, Ashbel G. Ind.A 6S 

Fisher, Elmer George. la. A 06 
Union County 

Burd, Walter Davis. la.D 83 
Valiey Junction 

Sharpe, Walter Stakes. Ill.B 97 physician 

Underwood, Wilber Grant. la.D 

Harrington, Clinton Orville. la. A 67 cashr Farmer's Xational Bank 

Bell, Charles L. la. A 10 

Wallace, Ben P. Mass. A 10 10 1 Iowa 

Williamson, William C. Pa. A 64 

Boggs, Llewellyn. 111. A 12 231 Leland av 

Chamberlain, Everett George. la. A 12 1628 Franklin 

Dick, Robert I. Ia.A 12 with Dart Mfg Co 

Eighmey, Paul W. Ia.A 13 204 Alta Vista av 

Fowler, Arthur V. Ia.A 06 merchant 

Hillman, Worth. Ia.A 13 705 irranklin 

Jackson, Neil D. Ia.A 03 merchant 150 Western a\ T 

Joder, Earl B. Ia.A 03 druggist 

Law, William R. Ia.A 01 lawyer 225 E Mullan av 

Parrott, Robert W. Ia.A 06 publisher 

Reed. Harry Mac. Ia.A 12 309 Independence av 

Sharp, Xathan S. 111. A 13 426 Vermont 

Sindiinger, John H. Ia.A 01 mgr Sindlinger Ice Co 520 W 4th 
• Smith, Lawrence Laurie. Ia.A 08 11S Iowa 

Smith, Paul Warner. Ia.A 04 lawyer 118 Iowa 

Smith, Roger Williams. Ill.B 04 

Swisher, Benjamin F. Ia.A 96 lawyer 

Weller, Edward J. 111. A 11 1002 W 3d av 

Whittier, Glen C. 111. A 13 1502 Hawthorne av 

Whittle, Harold F. R. 111. A 11 

Webster, Bennett Addison. Minn.B 10 lumber 


Webster City- Fort Leavenworth— I A.- KANS. 

Webster City 

Barnes, George Stewart. Pa. A 98 lawyer 407 Des Moines 

Dodge, Joseph Funk. la. A 14 717 Walnut 

Lee, Elon Nelson. Ill.B 67 lumber 304 N Wilson 

Whitney, Guyon C. la. A 13 728 First 
West Union 

Finch, Aulden D. Ia.B 13. county engineer 

Steele, James Putnam. Ill.G 73 lawyer 

Thornburg, William V. Iowa A 02 physician 



Brown, William Pierson. Kas.A 86 druggist 
Arkansas City 

Miller, Emerson R. Ohio B 86 

Walker, John Breckenbridge. Ill.G 80 

Barrett, Charles Parvoe. Pa.K 05 

Haggert, Arthur John. N.Y.E 93 clergyman 115 N' Ninth 

Kelsey, Claude R. Kas.A 91 

Renn, Arthur E. Ohio B 91 clergyman 

Rentz, William F. Pa.E 75 

Seaton, John C. Kas.A 77 

Lutz, Wilfred T. Kas.A 83 wholesale merchant 

Walker, Robert L. Ill.B 80 lawyer 

Chamberlin, Robert Hayes. Pa.G 58 merchant 

Postelwaite, Alonzo W. Kas.A 84 

Cogshall, Smith M. Ill.A 68 druggist 

Crichton, James Henderson. Ind.A 65 

McArthur, John M. Ill.G 70 clergyman 
Clay Center 

Dunaway, William Edwin. Pa. A 73 lawyer 

Carpenter, Charles T. Ind.B 74 v pres Condon Nat Bk 1503 S Walnut 

Guthrie, Wade A. Kas.A 04 oil producer 

Read, Frank W. Kas.A 05 merchant* 314 W 10th 

Wilmoth, Alvin L. Kas.A 86 lawyer 

Foulks, J. Carl. Kas.A 93 

Meredith, John L. la. A 77 farmer 

Aller, Absolom Toner. Ind.G 72 clergyman 

Jacobs, Luther D. Pa.E 62 

, MacWilliams. Oliver. Ohio B 95 clergyman 
hort Leavenworth 

Bigelow, Mortimer D. Mich. A 88 captain U S Army 

Chaffee, Herbert Watson. Ind.A 03 sec of Army Y M C A 


KANSAS— Fort Scott- Kansas City 

Fort Scott 

Benton, Charles Ernest. Kas.A 10 

Moore, Kirk S. Va.B 10 619 S Crawford 

Penniman, Edward D. Kas.A 07 hardware 818 Horton 

Penniman, James B. Kas.A 07 hardware 

Sheppard, James G. Kas.A 06 gth and Crawford 

Blackenbach, Augustus Richard. Ohio G 80 clergyman 

De Lano, Leigh De Witt. Kas.A 93 lumber 
Garden City 

McKeever, Alexander Campbell. Va.D 73 

Kirk, Sennett. Ind.G 91 banker 

Slonaker, John Milton. Ill.G 83 

Brooke, Alanson. Ohio B 71 stockman 

Scott, William R. Ill.B 80 clergyman 

Pratt, Wesley A. N.Y.B 88 clergyman 

Bierer, Sam, jr. Kas.A 09 410 N 7th 

Bowron, Caleb F. Kas.A 12 200 Locust 

Graham, Findley P. Kas.A 10 

Heath, Arthur H. Kas.A 00 

Linscott, Sidney S. Kas.A 01 banker 

Rafter, DeVere. Kas.A 96 farm loans 876 W 8th 

Parrett, Robert Allan. Pa.A 05 

Pegues, Henry S. Kas.A 14 517 First av E 

Stuckey, George H. Kas.A 08 lumber 

Brewster, Fred W. Kas.A 92 postmaster 

Lawyer, Elmer J. Kas.A 13 224 N 2d 

Lawyer, Howard F. Kas.A 15 224 N 2d 

Lenhart, Wendell O. Kas.A 15 308 N Walnut 

Spencer, Charles B. Kas.A 86 druggist 207 S Cottonwood 

Strickland, Charles E. Kas.A 11 asst cashier, Jennings State Bank 
Junction City 

Bolin. Frank Earl. Kas.A 12 213 W 3d 

Morris, Lawrence B. Kas.A 12 '310 W 9th 

Thompson, William D. Kas.A 15 416 W 3d 
Kansas City 

Alden, Maurice Leroy. Kas.A 91 lawyer 723 N 9th 

Borders, Walter Wheeler. Kas.A 14 3801 Tracy 

Clotfelter, Andrew Lloyd. Has. A 00 lawyer 647 Oakland av 

Cunningham, Thomas Oliver. Ind.A 79 with Waggoner-Gates Milling 
Co 635 Washington blvd 

Fife, George C. Kas.A 07 real estate 630 Nebraska av 

Fife, Raleigh O. Kas.A 99 mining eng 630 Nebraska av 

Hazen, George B. Kas.A 03 engineer 1900 N 10th 

Hutchings, Frank Day. Kas.A 78 judge 

Little, Edward C. Kas.A 78 lawyer 7th and Minnesota 

McGrew, George W. Kas.A 01 real estate 821 Tauromee av 

Poindexter, Early W. Ind.B 74 insurance 409 Husted bldg 

Rhodes, Charles R. Mich. A 08 real estate 2200 N 4th 

Simpson, John A. Pa.B 63 clergyman 21 15 N Tremont 

Stephens, David Stubert. Ohio B 66 chancellor, Kansas City Univ 
802 N 7th 

Thompson, James M. Pa.B 70 Z07 Husted bldg 


La Cygne- Norton— KANSAS 

La Cygne 

Rudy, Fred T. Ind.A 87 

Johnston, George F. Pa.Theta 84 physician 112 Main 

Atkinson, Paul S. Kas.A 06 829 Mississippi 

Barteides, Armin G. Kas.A 15 721 Indiana 

Blackmar, Frank Wilson. Calif. A 81 prof of sociology, Kansas Univ 
1 1 15 Ohio 

Bullene, Herbert Brockway. Kas.A 85 

Davis, Bryan Llewellyn. Kas.A 13 12 17 Tennessee 

Dunlap, Charles G. Ohio A 82 prof, Kansas Univ 025 Kentucky 

Dunmire, Ray Allen. Kas.A 13 945 Missouri 

Esterly, George A. Kas.A 96 dentist 2234 Massachusetts 

Garver, John Diller. Kas.A 06 instr English, Univ of Kansas 

Griesa, Charles H. Kas.A 13 545 E 19th 

Griesa, Theodore S. Kas.A 12 545 E 19th 

Griesa, William. Kas.A 04 owner Mt. Hope nursery 401 Missouri 

Haskins, Charles Arthur. Kas.A 06 state sanitary engineer 

Hodder, Frank H. Mich. A 80 prof Univ of Kansas 11 15 Louisiana 

McCurdy, Henry B. Kas.A 14 913 Vermont 

Martindell, John W. Pa.A 78 retired lawyer 705 Ohio 

O'Leary, Dorman H. Kas.A 15 1106 Louisiana 

Ramsey, Joseph R. Kas.A 00 2417 Massachusetts 

Rush, George Albert. Kas.A 93 Eldridge Hotel Co 

Smithmeyer, Frederick P. Kas.A 06 801 Indiana 

Spalding, Arthur M. Kas.A 09 75 Tennessee 

Spangler. Karl B. Kas.A 12 644 Mississippi 

Spotts, Ralph H. Kas.A 08 lawyer 547 Alabama 

Sproull, Cargill W. Kas.A 14 901 Indiana 

Sproull, Ralph D. Kas.A 12 901 Indiana 

Sterling, Miles W. Kas.A 80 assoc prof of Greek, Univ of Kansas 
1 129 Louisiana 

Tanner, Edward W. Kas.A 13 1126 Louisiana 

Woodward, Brinton Darlington. Kas.A 91 druggist 

Covel, J. E. Kas.A 79 First National Bank 

Dill, William. Ohio A 64 law) 7 er 304 Delaware 

Garrett, J. R. Ind.A 78 

Maduska. Albert M. Kas.A 02 engineer 

Ta}'lor, Orrin B. Kas.A 85 banker 

Vandeman, Ralph H. Ohio A 83 lieutanant, USA 

Carlbert, Charles Frederick. Ind.A 78 prof history, Bethany College 

Folks, Willis K. Kas.A r 2 

Smith, Charles C. Ind.A 95 editor 

Ainsworth, Samuel. Kas.A 04 engineer 

Ainsworth, William L. Kas A 12 

Speck, Harry. Kas.A 04 banker 

Hessin, John C, jr. Kas.A 03 lawyer 

Roberts, Herbert F. Kas.A 88 

Moore. John Wesley. Ia.G 68 editor 

Thompson, Leland. Kas.A 13 

Hutchinson, Edward. Ohio B 67 

Cockins, William W., jr. Kas.A 96 ranch owner 

Taylor, Marvin D. Kas.A 14 

Hazleton, Sidney N. Kas.A 14 


KANSAS— Osage City-Wichita 

Osage City 

Bonebrake, Fred Buel. Kas.A oo pres City Grain and Elevator Co 

Harris, Frederick Milo. Kas.A 94 lawyer 406 Locust 
Jenks, Wilbur S. Kas.A 82 lawyer 

Hill, George H. Kas.A 08 
Merrill. Frank J. Kas.A 99 lawyer 
Ringer, W. H. Kas.A 96 lawyer 
Sheridan, Bernard L. Kas.A 04 

Sheridan, John W. Kas.A 97 editor Western Spirit 

Lawrence, Harvey Sylvester. O'hio B 88 clergyman 
Arnold, Lyman Bayard. Kas.A 14 
Johnston. Oinan E. Ohio G 80 hardware 

Evans, Jesse M. Kas.A 13 

Neal, Joseph L. Mo. A 15 902 W id 

Fuller, Alvah W. Kas.A 13 809 W Walnut 
Mason, Benjamin Allen. la. A 00 lawyer 
Rushman, Harry F. Kas.A 85 druggist 
Wirick, Charles E. Ohio B 77 

Thompson, Robert Thomas. Ind.B 75 lawyer 

Armstrong, Herbert L. Kas.A 88 1034 Van Buren av 

Campbell, John Tyler. Ill.B 94 

Campbell, Matthew T. Ind.B 69 lawyer 500 Lane 

Cowgill, Elias Branson. la. A 67 Univ Extens Dept, Univ of Kansas 

1325 Clay 
Crumrine, Bishop. Pa. A 59 lawyer 
Dean, John Sullivan. Kas.A 15 1239 Western av 
Edson, Frank P. Kas.A 88 heating engineer 1027 Tyler 
Esterly, Daniel E. Ohio D 83 813 Kansas av 
Evans, Clinton J. la.D 82 lawyer 
Evans, Emerson Ellesworth. Ia.D 85 
Garver, Robert D. Kas.A 01 lawyer 835 Tyler 
Carver, Theodore F. Pa.E 65 715 Harrison 
Gleed, Charles Sumner. Kas.A 76 lawyer 
Gleed, James Willis. Kas.A 76 lawyer 

Griggs, Arthur. Kas.A 03 ball player, Brooklyn Fed League team 
Harrison, John W. Kas.A 98 engineer 1243 Western 
Henderson, Thomas J. Pa. A 55 
McFarland. Frank H. Kas.A 14 514 Jefferson 
Mulvane, Donald D. Kas.A 01 banker 914 Fillmore 
Thompson, Frank C. Kas.A 81 asst cashr Cent Nat Bk 715 Fillmore 
Wilson, Carey J. Kas.A 96 cashr State Ins Dept 
Wilson, Joseph C. Kas.A 99 Wilson Office Sup Co 516 Topeka av 
Woodward. Chester. Kas.A 96 broker 834 Buchanan 
Younggreen, Charles C. Kas.A 10 adv mgr Kansas Farmer 354 
Kansas av 

Crain, William Henry. Tex. A 04 lawyer 

McBride, William T. Ill.G 73 lawyer 
Xebecker, Lucas. 111. A 64 lawyer 

Davidson. Charles L. Kas.A 78 

Dyer, James Walter. Kas.A 90 

Enoch, Henry S. Ill.B 13 1146 X Waco 

Fenn, Percy T. N.Y.D 87 clergyman 

Garver, Martin L. Ohio B 66 

Heinig, George O. Pa. A 04 banker 


Wichita. Hopkinsville-— KANS.-KY. 

Jackson, Leonard C. Kas.A 77 pres Jackson-Walker C. & M. Co 
1155 N Emporia av 

Taylor, Raymond L. Kas.A 94 

Vermilion, Reason R. Ind.A 72 lawyer 1204 N Topeka av 

Torrance, Elisha S. Pa. A 66 lawyer 

Wallace, Charles S. Ohio G 83 

Isaacson, Arthur F. Kas.A 01 cement manufacturer 



Best, J. Richard B. Va.D 58 

Morrison, Robert C. Va.B 65 

Poague, Paul. Va.B 05 lawver 

Shaut, Paul T. Pa.E 07 

Zerfoss, Louis F. Pa.E 84 lawyer 201 E Central 

Small, William S. Ohio A 87 lawyer 138 Lake 
Berg in 

Noe, J. A. Ky.A 65 
Bowling Green 

Grider, Warner U. Tenn.G 72 

Hines, Samuel D. Va.A 87 lawyer 12 18 State 

Judy, G. D. Va.D 74 

Palton, Lahon T. Va.B 10 201 Broadway 

Young, William C. Va.B 00 

Biggs, James Arthur. Ohio A 05 instructor high school 2109 Scott 

Cochrane, Andrew P. L., jr. Ohio G 90 lawyer 

Shinkle. Chancellor Vincent. Va.D 74 

Fennell, J. Joseph. Tenn.D 03 lawyer 

Andrew, John Barr. Va.B 90 

Marshall, E. D. Va.D 75 

Walterick, Joseph H. Ohio B 69 clergyman 

Arnold, J. G. Va.D 75 

Bickenbach, Augustus Richard. Ohio G 80 clergyman Presby church 

Mitchell, Alfred Thomas. Va.D 60 

Grove, William Henry. Va.D 79 

Jolly, Bion. Ind.A 76 

Latham. Robert T. Ky.A 65 

Shumate, Clay Porter. Va.G 97 cashier, Hickman Bank 

Cayce, Irving Julian. Va.D 72 

Edmunds, George M. Va.G 69 


KENTUCKY— Hopkinsville- Newtown 

Harrison, Edmund. Va.A 55 instructor, Bethel College 

Logan, William O. Pa.K 12 

McDonald, Harry Anderson. Va.D 79 

Meacham, Rodman Y. Tenn.D 02 mgr Meacham Contracting Co 

Huffaker, F. M. Va.D 65 

Bond, J. L. Va.A 74 

Kavanaugh, D. W. Va.D 75 

Hopper, James William. Pa.D 59 

Coleman, Benjamin Lindsay. Va.D 65 physician 376 S Broadway 

Estill, William Wallace. Va.D 66 stockman 

Flood, John Heber. Va.G 78 wholesale grocer 

Hagerman, B. C. Va.D 74 

Johnston, John Fletcher. Va.D 59 

Kelly, William J. N.Y.G 13 157 Walnut 

Rodgers, William. Ky.A 65 

Willis, Robert Luther. Va.D 67 

Alderman, Alfred Glover. N.Y.E 03 clergyman 414 St Catherine 

Anderson, Henry W. Va.B 98 lawyer, L & N R R 

Anderson, John McNair. Va.B 00 

Bruce, Helm, jr. Mo.A 15 141 1 3d av 

Campbell, Charles W. Va.A 14 1317 4th av 

Clare, James William. Va.E 76 

Eager, George B. Va.A 06 lawyer 10 12 Cherokee rd 

Frame, Nat Terry. N.Y.E 95 agricultural agent 

Gesell, Carl F. Wis. A 09 with Travelers' Insurance Co 

Harris, John E. Ohio G 79 manufacturer 

Hatcher, Edmund B. Ohio D 91 1029 Williams av 

Helm, Thomas K. Va.B 92 lawyer 

Holloway, Samuel W. Va.A 86 physician 141 1 S 4th 

Howe, Alfred R. Ind.B 70 

Kissell, Albert Jacob. Ohio B 68 

Koontz, Frederick L. Ind.B 93 physician 

Laurent, Joseph Scott. Tenn.D 07 lawyer 

Loos, William James. Va.D 68 clergyman 

Marshall, Richard V. Va.A 02 with Peaselee-Guibert & Co 

Miller, Aaron C. Ohio B 76 clergyman 1430 Highland av 

Northrup, George H. Pa.G 08 with Louisville Am Ass Baseball Club 

Quarles, James. Va.B 86 lawyer 1302 S. Brook 

Rogers, Preston. Va.A 54 real estate 

Underwood, John C. Tenn.G 72 

Veech, James N. Va.B 91 bond officer, U S Trust Co Indian Hill fm 

Waltz, Solomon S. Ohio B 68 clergyman 

Wilson, Carl C. Ind.B 96 pres Wilson Furniture Co 1432 Second 

Woolridge, Powhatan J. Md.A 97 chemist 213 Kentucky Title bldg 

Young, Archibald C. B. Va.B 00 lawyer 

Frazee, D. T. Ky.A 65 

Curtis, Howard. Pa. A 09 

Hunter, George Thompson. Va D 68 

Nesbit, James M. Pa.A 92 editor 

Martin, Henry L. Va.B 97 

Helers, William A. Tenn.B 76 
Mount Sterling 

Reid, Josiah Davis. Va.D 58 
New Castle 

Tavlor, Austin. Va.D 62 

Wilkinson, J. T. Va.D 64 

Lucas, Samuel H. Ky.A 04 farmer 

Nicholasville- Evergreen — KY.-LA. 


Denny, Robert James. Va.B 08 lawyer 

Atchison, Kenneth C. Tenn.D 08 phys and surg 118 S Frederica 

Bransford, Clifton Wood. Tenn.B 74 pres Owensboro Banking Co. 
614 Frederica 

Trefz, Julius J. Ill.A 98 

Jennings, Charles E. Ind.B 75 real estate 524 Broadway 

McPherson, Edward. Tenn.B 73 

Rhodes, Henry C. Ind.A 76 merchant 534 Paducah 

Gault, Leslie R. Va.D 61 

Lucas. Joseph William. Va.D 58 

Turney, Matthew. Va.D 58 
Paynes Depot 

Halley, Samuel Hampton. Va.B 92 
Pewee Valley 

Hoge, Peyton H. Va.G 72 clergyman 

Johnson, John Richard, jr. Va.G 96 lawyer 
Pine Grove 

Moore, W r illiam Rice. Va.D 64 

McCord, Evans S. Va.B 11 

Simmons, Cecil L. Va.B 13 
St. Matthews 

Winchester, Boyd. Va.A 55 lawyer 
Stamping Ground 

Reynolds, Henry G. Va.B 92 physician 

Thompson, Harrison. Va.D 62 

Chestnut, Samuel David. Tenn.B 76 bank cashier 
Valley View 

Chase, Frank Edwin. Kas.A 03 lumber 

Crenshaw, John Werner. Va.G 74 physician 

Dunlap, Alexander. Va.D 64 

Wooldridge, Samuel L. Va.B 98 

Brown, R. B. Mich.A 76 
Winchester v 

Jackson, Joseph A. N.Y.G 14 Lexington av 

Nelson, George Braxton. Va.D 67 lawyer 

Moore, S. S. Va.A 63 


Bayou Sara 

Lawrason, Samuel M. Va.A 68 lawyer 

Maxwell, Stanley L. Ill A 05 Plantation manager 

Keene, William B. Va.D 

Wilson, Allen. Va.B 6 
De Ridder 

Blackmar, Eugene Maurice. Kas.A 08 with Long-Bell Lumber Co 

Randolph, P. L. Va.B 84 


LA. -ME. — Floyd -Freeport 


Wyly, Andrew J. Pa A 57 planter 
Fort Necessity 

King, Brmsfield. Miss. A 10 

Lemoine, Jules D. Tenn.D 02 physician 
Lake Charles 

Peters, Clifford H. Ohio E 12 
Lake Providence^ 

Artland, rrank iidward, jr. Tenn.D 13 

Pitcher, George C. Ind.B 95 sugar planter Alma Plantation 

Pitcher, Henry C. Ind.B 92 sugar planter Alma Plantation 

Hogg, Archibald. Kas.A 92 

Gunby, George. Va.B 05 chemical engineer 501 Jackson 
New Iberia 

Foster, T. D. Va.B 76 
New Orleans 

Carroll, Charles. Va.E 71 

Fauntleroy, Charles M. Va.A 02 U S Public Health Corps 

Fulton, Clinton. Wis. A 86 merchant Pickwick Club 

Hedden, David C. Mo. A 71 merchant 

Hess, Kendall W. Mich. A 83 J. D. Connell Iron Co 1220 Short 

Hubbard, Ethelbert J. Miss. A 96 physician 

Hurt, Ashley D. Va.A 56 educator Tulane University 

Jones. Walter Catesby. Va.A 88 lawyer 1732 Amelia 

L'Engle, William J. Va.A 76 merchant 

Logan, John L. MissB. 60 

Masters, Frank W. X.Y.A 01 1648 Dupasset 

Ogden, F. X. Va.B 76 

Ogden, J. W. Va.B 76 

Preston, Henry M. Ohio A 63 merchant ^ 

Routh. Tames E., jr. Md.A 97 instr English, Tulane University 

Wilbur,* Allen. Pa.A 52 

Trigg, John H. Tenn.G 73 

Trigg, Robert L. W. Tenn.G 71 

Honaker, Samuel A. Va.B 08 civil engineer 1045 Mildred 

Jenkins, Harry H. Kas.A 76 

McPherson, Leary W. Miss. A 05 lumber 

Blewett, Tom Stone. Tex A 08 
West Monroe 

Millsops, Fred. F. Va.B 04 



Greenleaf, Fred. B. N.H. 03 contractor 121 Spring 

Greenleaf, William A. X.H.A 01 contractor 121 Spring 

Reed, Earl D. Pa.B 91 civil engineer 425 Turner 

Everett, John Stephen. X.H.A 05 auditor, Central Maine Power Co 

Clark, Roland Foster. Ohio A 12 haberdasher 46 5th 
Boothbay Harbor 

McClintock, George Leonard. X".H.A. 07 

Soule, Roderique Francis. X.H.A 13 


Lewiston- Baltimore — ME.-MD. 


Durgan, Linwood S. N.H.A oo merchant 10 Riverside 

Lewis, Ralph. Pa.K 89 

Pearl, Raymond. N.H.A 95 instr, Univ of Me biologist, Me Ex Sta 

Boland, William Joseph. Ind.B 88 restaurant proprietor, 85 Morning 

Gabbi, Frederick Henry. R.I. A 02 treas and mgr Colonial Silver 
Co 38 Film 

Jones, Harold D. N.Y.A 03 255 Western prom 

West, Charles E. N.Y.B 95 Portland Gas and Elec Light Co 

Bickford, Ralph Watson. N.Y.B 95 dentist 60 Beech 

Garvin, Frank Augustus. N.H.A 05 lumber 
South Berwick 

Gilman, Charles H. N.H.A 15 

Swasey, Henry C. Mass. A 11 

Lavin, Roy Everett. N.H.A 05 forester 



Thomas, George William. N.Y.D 89 


Warfield, Joshua D. Pa.Z 59 teacher 


Arnold, Marshall Britt. Mo. A 09 

■ Dashiell, Paul Joseph. Md.A 85 instr U S Naval Academy 
Waddell, Benjamin H, Va.B 65 prof math St. John's College Mary- 
land Hotel 

Annapolis Junction 

Brown, Peyton. Pa.Z 78 edit dept Bur of Forestry, Washington, ~D. C. 


Bacon, Lewis Martin, ir. Pa = Z 98 special agt Provident Life & Trust 

Co 806-8 E Preston 
Baer, William Stevenson. Md.A 91 surgeon, asso prof Johns Hop- 
kins Medical School 43 E Madison sq 
Baetjer, Howard. Md.A 99 civil engineer 16 W Madison 
Baker, James Henry. Pa.Z 89 lawyer 2008 Park av 
Baker, Samuel. Pa. Eta 69 16 W Chase 
Baker, William, jr. Pa.Z 60 118 Eutaw 

Bayless, William Hanna. Pa.Theta 70 lawyer 2221 St Paul 
Beasley, Edwin Bailey. Md.A 00 physician Homewood Apartments 
Bird, Brooke G. Md.A 06 Homewood Apartments 
Bird, John Edward, jr. Va.E 75 merchant 122 N Liberty 
Bloomfield, Arthur Leonard. Md.A 05 physician 863 Park av 
Bond, William L. Md.A 06 107 N Cary 
Borrough, Horace, jr. Md.A 89 chemist 50Q W Lombard 
Bosley, Chauncey Brooks. Md.A 07 14 W Biddle 
Bosley, William Henry, jr. Pa.Z 94 1403 Park av 
Bowdoin, Henry John D. Md.A 79 lawyer Md Trust bldg 
Bowers, John Culler. Pa.E 91 clergyman 1948 W North av 
Bradley, Ross Edward. Ind.D 06 with Baltimore Tube Co 
Brady, James Flenry, jr. Md.A 98 804 St Paul 
Brady, Leo. Md.A 09 804 St Paul 
Bridges, John S. Pa.E 69 publisher 3505 N Charles 
Bright, James W. Pa.B 73 philologist, prof Johns Hopkins Univ 
Brown, Alexander. W.Va.A 77 banker 712 Cathedral 
Brune, Herbert Maxwell. Md.A 84 lawyer 841 Calvert bldg 
Burke, Israel Calvert, Pa.E 61 clergyman 1301 N Bond 


MARYLAND— Baltimore 

Busey, William McClanahan. Pa.Z 60 lawyer 25 Lexington 

Carter, Julian Gold. Md.A 09 2900 N Calvert 

Clark, Charles Bevan. Md.A 92 civil engineer Earl Court Apts 

Cline, William, jr. Va.E 75 

Corner, George Washington 3d. Md.A 07 phys, interne J H U 

Corner, Henry Evans. Md.A 11 212 Ridgewood av 

Cover, Loring A. Va.A 85 pres Md Portland Cement Co 10 14 N Charles 

Crampton, Warren Harlan. Md.A 92 iron and steel bus 713 St Paul 

Cromwell, William K. Md.A 84 pres Gaudy Belting Co 726 W Pratt 

Cummings, Joseph M. Pa.Z 81 editor The News 108 E Baltimore 

Denworth, Raymond Keenan. Pa.K 08 instr Friends school 

Dickey, Philip Sadtler. Pa.E 73 purchasing agt 1829 N Calvert 

Dickey, William A., jr. Md.A 03 woolen mfr 603 Cathedral 

Dixon, William A. Pa.K 91 mfr 1806 St Paul 

Dorsey, John R. Md.A 10 730 Roland av 

Eckard, Bayard G. Pa.Theta 97 3037 Wallbrook av 

Egerton, Stuart W. Md.A 14 1 E Mount Royal av 

Ehlen, Frank Snowden. Md.A 02 13-15 Guilford av 

Everton, Wallace R. Md.A 10 816 N Eutaw 

Farber, Edwin J. Pa.Theta 72 lawyer 1243 Calvert bldg 

Farber, Henry J. Pa.E 81 merchant 1723 St Paul 

Fassig, Oliver Lanard. Ohio D 81 meteorolgist The Walbert 

Fischer, John A. 111. A 78 clergyman 202 Warren av 

Fischer, John S. Md.A 97 9 E Biddle 

Fulton, John S. Md.A 08 inspector Health dept 10 W Saratoga 

Fulton, William J.- Md.A 13 22 n St Paul 

Gabriel, Calvin N. Pa. Eta 87 physician 

Griffen, Wallis. Md.A 04 lawyer 1206 Continental bldg 

Gittings, David Sterrett. Md.A 80 real estate 401 Md Trust bldg 

Goddard, Calvin H. Md.A 07 The Walbert 

Gordon, Douglas Huntlv. Md.A 85 v pres Baltimore Trust Co 1009 

N Charles 
Gorman, Howard J. Md.A 14 North and Guilford av 
Gott, George. D.C.A 72 

Guth, William W. Calif. B 92 pres Goucher College 
Hamilton, Arthur. Md.A 10 13 12 Park av 
Haupt, Harold. Md.A 08 215 Longwood road 
Haupt, Walter Clark. Md.A 06 215 Longwood road 
Heilman, Oliver A. Ohio B 72 clergyman 1605 McCulloh 
Hill, J. Bancroft. Md.A 06 712 Keyser bldg 
Hilles, William S. Md.A 92 206 Goodwood Gardens 
Hodell, Charles W. Ind.A 88 prof Eng Women's College of Baltimore 
Holloway, Clarence J. Pa.Theta 

Howard, Arthur C. Md.A 96 banking National Union Bank 
Howard, Charles Morris. Md.A 82 lawyer 700 Equitable bldg 
Jacobsen, Alfred W. Md.A 14 Pen Lucy av 
James, Basil H. Pa.E 59 

Jones, Julian S. Va.A 80 lawyer 608 Equitable bldg 
King, John T. Md.A 10 1425 Eutaw pi 
Knight, Charles H. Md.A 93 pianos The Walbert 
Kurtz, Benjamin. Pa.E 68 215 Woodland rd 
Kurtz, Francis Albert. Pa.E 72 stationery 15 E Pratt 
Lee, John Leypold Griffith. Md.A 90 lawyer 509 Calvert bldg 
Lilly,' William D. Md.A 93 tobacco merchant Baltimore and Liberty 
Long, Francis H. Pa.Theta 76 

Lowe, Russell Ladd. Ohio A 10 laundry prop Fayette and Green 
McCurdy, Isaac. Pa.Z 59 lawyer 131 1 Madison av 
Machen, Arthur Webster, jr. Md.A 95 asst atty to U S Atty Gen 

36 Central Savings Bank 
Manss, William Henry. Ill.B 83 v pres and gen mgr So Settlement 

and Development Organization 12 14 Continental bldg 
Maymder, Robert. Va.E 72 
Montz, John McGill. R.I. A 07 disf engr office B & O Ry Co 10 12 

Linden av 
Mullen, James Morfit. Md.A 97 lawyer 801 Gaither bldg 
Murphy, Reginald Heber. N.Y.D 89 pharmacist 41 Gorman av 
Murray, John Gardner, jr. Md.A 07 phys St Charles av and 37th 


Baltimore-Chaney— MARYLAND 

Mustard, Wilfred Pirt. Md.A 89 prof Latin Johns Hopkins Univ 

18 W Hamilton 
Nelson, James G. Pa.B 02 612 N Fulton 
Opie, Reginald Stevenson. Md.A 01 lawyer 136 Richmond 
Owings, Thomas Bond. Md.A 02 architect 347 N Charles 
Pearce, Wilbur M. Pa.Z 86 physician 1238 Greenmount av 
Penniman, George Dobbin. Md.A 81 lawyer, B and O bldg 
Penniman, George D., jr. Md.A 12 924 Cathedral 
Penniman, John A. D. Md.A 09 924 Cathedral 
Penniman, Thomas Dobbin. Md.A 91 engineer 922 Cathedral 
Penniman, William R. Md.A 83 chemist 924 Cathedral 
Perce, LeGrand Winfield, jr. Md.A 05 lawyer 10 15 Madison av 
Pleasants, John. Md.A 83 clerk Circuit Court I\o 2 1107 St Paul 
Pleasants, Richard Hall. Md.A 83 lawyer 100 Equitable bldg 
Poe, Samuel J. Md.A 84 lawyer Stony Run Lane 
Preston, George Heinrichs. Md.A 07 physician 819 N Charles 
Price, Harry L. Pa.Z 93 lawyer 1303 McCullah 
Price, Herbert L. Md.A 80 lawyer 1730 N Calvert 
Randall, Alexander. Md.A 14 16 W North av 
Randall, Blanchard. Md.A 10 16 W North av 
Randall, Daniel R. Md.A 83 lawyer 841 Calvert bldg 
Randall, Wyatt William. Md.A 85 chemist State Dept of Health 
Richardson, Dorsey. Md.A 12 2127 N Charles 
Roach, Erwin R. Md.A 14 611 Park 

Robinson, Ralph. Md.A 86 lawyer 1308 Continental bldg 
Rowland, Henry A. Md.A 13 915 Cathedral 

Seddon, William C. Va.A 69 banker and broker 206 Ridgewood rd 
Shipley, James Lester. Pa.Z 59 clergyman Cecil Apartments 
Smith, Allan P., jr. Md.A 90 iron business The Rochambeau 
Smith, Nathan Ryno. Md.A 82 physician Falls Road, Brooklandville 
Sneeringer, William J., jr. Md.A 99 tobacco merchant 409 Ex- 
change bldg 
Spencer, Lindsay C. Md.A 98 asst State's Atty 1213 N Calvert 
Stewart, James C. Pa. A 54 merchant 
Thomas, Frank S. Md.A 92 

Thomas, Henry M. Md.A 80 physician, neurologist 1228 Madison av 
Troup, Ferris. Ohio B 05 2322 Eutaw place 
Tunstall, William B. Va.A 73 tobacco broker 814 Park 
Turner, Frank G. Pa.E 99 lawyer 11 W Chase 
Waters, Wilmer Berry Md.A 07 with Standard Oil Co 
Webb-Peploe, Robert H. Md.A 13 231 1 N Charles 
Williams, Robert Sanderson. Pa.Theta 92 3 119 Presbury 
Willoughby, Westel Woodbury. Md.A 91 prof pol sci Johns Hopkins 

Univ 8 Club rd 
Witmer, Frank P. Pa.E 63 125 E Ostend 
Woods, Allan Churchill. Md.A 06 physician 842 Park av 
Woods, Hiram. Md.A 79 physician 842 Park av 
Woods, William Hervey. Va.G 72 clergyman 
Woodyear, William E. Pa.G 99 2014 Maryland av 
Worthington, Thomas Kimber. Md.A 83 

Bei Air 
Archer, Robert Harris. Pa.Z 60 county court crier 


Bomberger, Harvey Smith. Pa. Eta 78 merchant 

Lafferty, Charles D. Ohio A 92 clergyman 


Cromwell, Guy Nelson. Md.A 12 

Alder, Albert Garland. Va.B 10 
Shafer, Edward C. Pa.E 83 editor Brunswick Herald 


Baetjer, Frederick Henry. Md.A 94 phys, 4 E Madison, Baltimore 
Taylor, Alexander K. Pa.E 75 


Chaney, Thomas Morris. Pa.Z 5y physician 


MARYLAND— College Park- Hagerstown 

College Park 

Creese, Myron. Pa.L 12 prof Maryland Agricultural College 

Williams, John W. Pa.Z 01 

Dryden, Abraham L. Pa.Z 86 

Clements, Charles Wesley. Pa.Z 69 merchant 

Kirk, Milton Day. Pa.K 02 

Smenner. John E. Pa.E 72 

Whitman, Frank P. Pa.E 86 

Wilson, Ralph E. Pa.Theta 96 
East New Market 

Webster, Roland. Pa.G 92 

Jump, Clifford J. Pa.Z 99 haberdasher 

McClelland, Henry Thom. Pa. A 73 clergyman 

Shannahan, Earl M. Pa.Z 98 hardware 

Johnson, Chapman L. D.C.A 68 
Elk Ridge 

Winterson, Charles R. Pa.Z 64 physician 

Mackall, William H. Pa.Theta 77 vice pies Scott Fertilizer Co 
Ellicott City 

Fort, Samuel J. Pa. I 81 physician 

Murray, Daniel M. Md.A 79 

Sellers, Charles E. Pa.G 12 643 Perm Grove av 

Glenn, William Lindsay. Md.A 81 clergyman 
Fort Howard 

Lemmon, Robert. Va.A 98 phys 1st lieut Med Reserve Corps USA 

Apple, Joseph Henry. Pa. A 81 pres Woman's College 10 E Church 

Dutrow, Richard S. J. Pa. Eta 85 druggist 

Ingle, Osborne. Va.A 59 clergyman 

McLean, Eugene L. Pa. Eta 87 clergyman 

Miller, Simon S. Pa. Eta 60 clergyman 

Wood, John E. R. Pa.Z 65 lawyer 

Walker, William David. Md.A 15 39 Broadway 

Corse, G.eorge Fox. Pa.K 12 

Galbraith, John C. Pa. A 58 merchant 

Boyer, Ralph Lechlider. Pa.Z 97 163 W Franklin 

Boyle, Thomas Robin Martin. Va.A 88 mgr U S Health Accident 
Insurance Co 211 Prospect 

Cook, Harry S. Pa. Eta 73 clergyman 

Cook, N. S. Pa.Eta 70 

Goodman, Carlton M. Pa. I 97 

Harvie, William James. N.Y.B 96 engineer 509 First Nat Bank bldg 

Humrichouse, James W. Pa.E 65 physician 132 W Washington 

Keller, Charles H. Pa.Eta insurance 18 Broadway 

Lane, William P. Va.A 10 217 Prospect 

Loose, Joseph P. Pa.Theta 86 mgr Nat Biscuit Co 31 Prospect 

Mason, Augustine S. Va.A 10 222 Prospect 

Scott, John M. Pa.E 67 physician 129 W Washington 

Strite, Abraham C. Pa.Z 79 lawyer 

Strite, Clarence E. Pa.Z 96 med officer U S Navy 52 Broadway 

Strite, Louis M. Pa.Z 89 mgr Storage & Transfer Co 52 Broadway 

Wasson, J. Robert. Va.D 64 

Wingert, Lewis P. Pa.Z 96 manufacturer 


Havre de Grace-Thwinmont — MARYLAND 

Havre de Grace Txrxr . 

Morris, Wilfred Armstrong. W.Va.A 03 civil engineer 
Smith, James Archer. Pa.Eta 12 
Vanneman, Joseph S. Pa.Z 07 
Huntington _ 

Wheeler, Frederick E. Pa.Theta 05 424 Byron 

Richardson, Louis W. Pa.E 92 
Jefferson _ _ 

Dittmar, David Nevin. Pa.Eta 69 clergyman 

Reimer, Henry. Pa.Theta 70 clergyman 
Loch Raven . . 

Harrison, Henry Tucker. Va.G 66 physician 

Binford, John Turner. Md.A 13 
George, John C. Va.B 75 
Hastings, Robert John. Pa.Z 64 
McDonough , _ ^ , , 

Lyle, Duncan C. Va.B 65 instr McDonough school 
Medford . 

Englar, Thomas S. Md.A 11 physician 

Ellicott, Charles E. Md.A 09 
Middletown _ 

Settlemeyer, William H. Ohio B 66 clergyman 
Monktoh _ „ 

Bosley, Richard Worthington. Va.G 75 lawyer 
Mount Washington .-,'"',; ~ c i*- c 

Meriss, Marion H. N.Y.G 06 with Baltimore Copper Smelting & 

Rolling Co 
Sadtler, Howard Plitt. Pa.E 84 lawyer 

Bittle, Thomas Clifford. Pa.E 14 

Bremer, Otto A. Ohio B 08 
Perryrnan . . 

Chapman, Pearson. Pa.A 58 physician 
Port Deposit . 

Arthur, Joseph Melville. Pa.Z 98 instr Tome school 
Collins, Vaughan Smith. Pa.Z 80 clergyman 
Curran, James Harris. Pa.Z 90 

Ewing, Cecil Andrew. Pa.Z 96 teacher Tome school 
Melville, Arthur J. Pa.Z 98 instr Tome school 
Rowland, Samuel E. Pa.Theta 75 , , 

Smith, Carl H. N.Y.E 00 physicial director Tome school 
Steel, William B. Pa.Theta 75 farmer 
Tunstall, Robert W. Va.A 71 instr Tome school 
Princess Anne 

Dashiell, William H. Pa.Z 69 lawyer 
Page, Henry. Va.A 59 lawyer 
Sterling, George R. Pa.Z 85 

Barton, James, jr. Pa.Z 59 lawyer 
Rising Sun 

Haines, Edwin L. Pa.Z 04 merchant 

Beck, William Christian. Pa.B 84 clerk P O Dept, Washington, D. C. 

Ray, Preston B. D.C.A 97 clerk of court 

Detrick, Louis Frederick. Pa.K 06 

Wheaton, Clarence W. Va.A 12 

Sudler, Foster. Pa.Z 88 physician 

Beard, Paul Bowers. Pa.E 12 


MD S -MASS. — Towson- Boston 


Hunter, Thomas Jefferson. Pa.Z 65 lawyer 

McLane, Allan, jr. Md.A 82 judge circuit court 

Hoen, Harry H. Va.A 12 

Smith, Arthur Fisher. Pa.E 87 lawyer 

Stiteley, Luther C. Pa.E 86 physician 

Thomas, Charles R. Md.A 11 

Gaver, Martin S. Pa E 76 clergyman 



Zahner, Louis. Pa.Eta 70 clergyman 

Woodward, Herbert M. Minn.B 88 instr Mechanical Arts High 
School, Boston 56 Ridgemont 

Drummond, James, jr. N.H.A 07 Huntington av 

Ashley, Edgar Louis. R.I.A 02 instr of German, Mass Agricultural 
College 12 Lincoln av 

Brow^n, Edmund, jr. Miss. A 08 

Hamilton, Herbert Franklin. Mass. A 90 instructor 

Marshall, Donald E. Mass. A 12 4 Nutting av 

Stiles, Wayne P. Mass. A 12 

Atwood, Felix Ballard. Mass. A 03 94 Faxon rd 

Culver, Shirley Everett. R.I.A 13 22 Leroy 

Spatcher, William S. R.I.A 14 Pleasant 

Sturtevant, George R. R.I.A 14 51 Brownell 

Eaton, Sargent Flint. N.H.A 07 with W. Filene's Sons Co, Boston 
246 Central 

Walter, Thomas Henry. N.Y.G 94 

Hinckley, John Edward. R.I.A 07 lumber merchant 

Abel, George Hinman. Md.A 05 engineer no Gainsboro 

Anderson, Elbridge Roberts. Ill.B 81 lawyer 84 State 

Berger, Carl V. N.Y.A 12 cartoonist, Boston Post 

Bidwell, Nathan Beach. Ohio D 08 lawyer 60 State 

Brewster, William Nesbitt. Ohio B 79 missionary 

Carter, James Charles. Ind.A 04 interne, Boston City Hospital 

Chester, Carey Roscoe. N.Y.B 88 dentist 100 Bovlston 

Collester, Clinton Henry. Mass.A 98 instructor, Mass Institute of 
Technology 100 Charles 

Converse, Howard P. Ohio D 83 iron and steel contr 88 Broad 

Cook, Harry Irving. N.H.A 97 real estate 6 Beacon 

Crane, Walter Coggeshall. N.Y.G 08 elec road engineer, with Gray 
& Davis, Inc 55 Lansdaine 

Emison, John C. Ind.A 07 with White, Wild & Co 

Eshleman, Frank M. Pa.Eta 95 481 Summer 

Fay, Henry. Pa.Theta 85 prof chemistry, Mass Inst of Technology 
409 Marlboro 

Fiske, Eben W. N.H.A 04 physician 58 Ridgmont 

Gladfelter, Wilford S. Pa.E 98 mgr Mt Vernon Cigar Mfg Co 
144 State 

Grant. Walter B. D.C.A 76 lawyer 294 Washington 

Hall, Roswell E. N.H.A 08 bond broker 50 Congress 


Boston. Charlemont— MASSACHUSETTS 

Hartman, Edward Thornton. W.Va.A 90 sec Mass Civic League 

599 Cambridge 
Hazeltine, Joseph Newhall. N.H.A. 07 broker 

Hazeltine, Stanley B. N.H.A 07 with N. E. Tel and Telephone Co 
Hill, Joseph Henry. 111. A 81 professor, Boston University 
Howard, Henry Dwight, jr. N.H.A 03 dentist 135 Marlboro 
Howe, Owen Chalmers. Ind.B 74 broker 614 Beacon chambers 
Josselyn, Stormont. N.H.A 07 sales mgr, Crocker New Idea Pen Co 

Old South bldg 
Koefod, Hilmar. Wis.G 07 17 Cumberland 
Macomber, Stanley B. N.H.A. 07 efficiency engineer, with N. E. 

Telephone and Telegraph Co 848 Beacon 
Mahoney, William H. N.H.A 98 asst director, School for Social 

Workers 9 Hamilton pi 
Merry, Louis A. N.H.A 96 wholesale baker 37 Charter 
Mifflin, Elgin, jr. Mich. A with Montgomery Rollins Pub Co 
Murlin, Lemuel Herbert. Ind.A 88 pres Boston Univ 688 Boylston 
Pettit, Bertholf M. Ill.B 03 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Pierce, William E. N.Y.A 04 carriages 66 Stanhope 
Pittenger, Arthur C. Ind.A 09 Y. M. C. A. work 
Ross, Hamilton N. Wis G 07 21 Cumberland 
Ryder, Robert L. Pa.K 02 lawyer 85 Devonshire 
Simons, George Washington. Wis.G 09 17 Cumberland 
Taylor, Elbert O. Ill.B 66 minister 05 College av 
Ward, William E. D. Mass. A 02 sec Y. M. C. A. 
Ward, William G. Ohio A 68 professor, English literature. Emerson 

College 112" Newbury 
White, Elwood Sanger. Ind.G 06 

Wilson, Henry D. D.C.A 87 phys, navy recruit sta 212 Tremont 
Wint, Rufus W. G. Pa. Eta 01 instr, Mass Inst of Technology 

Constans, Frank Elmore. Minn. A 85 physician and surg 95 Main 
Cushing, Bartlett Ellis. Mass. A 09 with Crocker Rubber Co ♦ 

, Dunn, Thomas L. Va.A 96 42 Main 
Lyon, Arthur B. Mass. A 09 452 Warren av 
Lyon, Harold A. Mass A 11 452 Warren av 

Moulton, Charles H., 2d Mass. A 10 
Baker, George Bramwell. Ind.A 83 banker, Baker, Ayling & Co, 

50 Congress, Boston Crafts rd 
Cary, William Hartley. N.H.A 09 170 Elm 

Gravely, Julian S. Va.B 04 with Gen Elec Co 205 Rawson rd 
Keves, John H. Mass. A 07 U S Forest Service 36 Webster 
Nutt, Harry W. Ohio D 94 

Ogden, Hugh W. Pa.I 8q lawyer 25 Kennard rd 
Renfrew, William H. N.H.A 13 260 Aspinwall av 
Weeks, Frederick E. Wis.B 76 
Appel, Richard G. Pa.Eta 06 music director 83 Brattle 
Black, Charles William McGowan. Pa.Z 88 teacher 
Chipman, Paul Lloyd. R.I. A 04 74 Highland av 
Haskins, Charles H. Pa.Theta 83 professor,- Harvard University 

15 Prescott Hall 
Kemble, Edwin C. Ohio A 07 instr, Harvard University 
Lincoln, George D. Kas.A 00 Harvard University 
Walz, John A. 111. A 90 professor, German, Harvard University 

I3 T A Hilliard 
White, John Williams. Ohio A 65 professor, Greek, Harvard Uni- 
versity 18 Concord av 

Bowman, Howard Ellis. N.H.A 10 132 Longwood av 
Fleming, Harry W, N.H.A 01 with Ralston-Heath Shoe Co 

Job, Philip A. Mass.A 96 clergyman 

Avery, Henry Lawrence. Mass.A 06 61 Main 


MASSACHUSETTS— Chelsea- Holyoke 


Brown, James Maurice. N.Y.E 12 867 Broadway 

Maynard, Charles E. Mass. A 13 371 Bridge 

Ryder, Bertram Francis. R.I. A 04 merchant 

Boyden, Frank Learoyd. Mass. A 01 prin Deerfield Academy 

Boyden, Ralph Howard. Mass. A 02 104 Talbot av 

Paige, Milton C. R.I. A 12 21 Upland av 

Sullivan, Frank B. Mass. A 05 salesman 99 Waldeck 

Wheeler, Allan Thorpe. N.H.A 07 salesman, Stone & Forsythe, Bos- 
ton 54 Bushnell 
Dorchester Center 

Pierce, Roger Grenway. N.H.A 07 shoe business 927 Adams 

Parsons, Josiah Perry. N.H.A 10 
East Dedham 

Peek, William S. N.Y.E 93 clergyman 
East PepperiM 

Parker, George P. N.H.A 96 
East Somerville 

Bailey, Stanley McKinzie. Mich. A 01 "72 Mt Vernon 
East Walpole 

Beaman, Ralph Heckman. Mass. A 06 with F. W. Bird & Son 

Miller, Daniel M. N.H.A 00 4 Green 
Fall River 

Brown, Marcus Richard. N.H.A 00 clerk of corporations, Davol 
Mills 321 Belmont 

Brown, Ray Wilbur. N.H.A 03 268 Locust 
'Hadfield, Jonathan Pyott. R.I. A 11 819 Walnut 

Halliwell, Ernest. R.I.A 12 697 Hicks 

McClellan, Charles W. R.I.A 14 928 Rock 

Newland, John Hayden. Ia.D 82 clergyman 258 Ridge 

Goodridge, Edwin H. Mass. A 12 106 Summer 

McCarthy, Bernard Francis. N.H.A 09 

Pierce, Earl E. N.Y.E 13 

Pope, Frederick S. N.H.A 98 superintendent of schools 

Colman. George Henry. Mass. A 95 sub-master, Gloucester high 
school 12 Prospect 

Klotz, Lentz Edmund. Pa. I 04 E Main 

Young, Edward B. R.I.A 07 

Atwood, Frederic Huntington. Mass. A 99 with Millers Falls Co 

Mowry David R. Mass. A 05 hardware 

Partenheimer, Joseph E. Mass. A 14 94 High 

Pond, George K. Mass. A 00 lawyer 40 Federal 

Pond, Walter F. Mass. A 03 real estate 40 Federal 

Temple, Donald E. Mass. A 13 5 Phillips 

Bardwell, Arthur Curtis. Mass. A 07 tobacco grower 65 Main 

Sprague, Chandler. Pa.Theta 08 

Cary, George Emerson. Mass. A 03 clergyman, Congregational ch 

Allen, Fred Harold. Mass. A 98 physician 16 Fairfield av 

Morse, William Arthur. Mass.A 95 sec Y M C A 

Nash, George Harlan. Mass.A 95 wholesale grocer 334 Hitchcock 


Hopedale-Newburyport— MASSACHUSETTS 


Hall, Julian William. N.H.A n 

Baltzly, John Brandt. Ohio B 74 clergyman 

Lewis, Leo B. Mass. A 08 
Jamaica Plain 

Cox, Sylvan G. Pa.G 09 with Thomas G. Plant Co 

Ryan, Elmer E. Mass. A 01 334 Center 

Ash ton, Louis R. R.I. A 10 engineer 571 Haverhill 

Hartley, Joseph Henry. N.H.A 95 leather 97 High 

Ward, Ferdinand Jones. R.I. A 10 31 Pleasant 

Hall, Harold S. N.H.A 06 bond salesman 11 Winthrop rd 

Carey, Robert. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 

Ailing, Marshall Lewis. N.H.A 06 physician 617 Westford 

Lincoln, Clarence Arthur. Mass. A 99 clergyman 

Perkins, Paul L. N.H.A 12 248 Chelmsford av 

Bennett, Hamlin Perley. N.H.A 99 city chemist and phys 26 Ocean 

Chase, Edward Franklin. N.H.A 07 floor supt Wm. Filene's Sons 
Co, Boston 21 Baltimore 

Conover, John Woodhull. Va.B 02 138 S Common 

French, Henry R. Mass. A 95 20 Park 

Gaskill, Joseph F. Pa.K 06 with General Electric Co 

Warner, Monroe F. N.Y.A. 10 7 Vine 

Ballou, Kenneth Stephens. N.H.A 07 N E mgr Pullen, Bryant, 
Fredericks Co, Boston 83 Pleasant 

Ripley, James W. Mo. A 70 mechanical engineer 31 Washington 

Tyler, Roland. N.Y.E 12 salesman, Home Educator Co, Boston 
27 Ivy rd 

Hadlock. Frederick Herbert. N.H.A 96 principal high school 

Hall, Russell Wyman. R.I. A 10 156 West 

Waterman, Walter L. R.I. A 09 Standard Gauge Mfg Co 25 Davis 

Nash, Walter D. 111. A 99 adv mgr, Boston 50 Woolson 

Atwood, William Thompson. N.H.A 96 lawyer, 60 State, Boston 
1 Howard 

Shumway, Carl Elliot. N.H.A 09 advertising, 373 Washington, Bos- 
ton 25 Bellevue av 
Melrose Highlands 

Kinney, Ralph Monroe. N.H.A 10 salesman 89 Richardson rd 

Bower, John Hanson. R.I. A 11 109 Phillips 

Williams. Chester F. N.H.A 97 lawyer 12 Claflin 
Millers Falls 

Brown, Earl Amidon. Mass. A 05 

Fenn, Miner E. R.I. A 05 Mass Forestry dept 290 Central av 
New Bedford 

Benton, Roy W. R.I. A 14 39 Ocean 

Holmes, Edward Winslow. R.I. A 02 lawyer 661 County 

Twiss, William B, N.H.A 03 129 Allen 

Williams, Thomas William. N.Y.G 05 engineer 27 Arnold pi 

Besse, Stanley. N.H.A 01 insurance inspector, Factory Insurance 
Assoc 10 Garden 

Warton, Carl T. N.H.A 02 27 Washington 


MASSACHUSETTS— Newton-Somerviile 


Farnsworth, Albert. R.I. A 08 instructor high school 
Newton Center 

Anderson, Frederick Lincoln. Ill.B 81 theologian, prof N. T. New- 
ton Theol Seminary Homer 

Hatch, Frank C. Mass. A 07 with Horlick Malted Milk Co 123 
Grant av 

Melcher, James B. Mass.A 05 sec Newton Trust Co 35 Berwick rd 

Sagendorf, George A. Pa. I 96 N E mgr Penn Metal Co 698 Beacon 
Newton Highlands 

Shoiar, William J. N.Y.E 87 pres and treas Sholar Business Build- 
ing Service, Boston 27 Dickerman rd 

Hunt, Richard F. N.H.A 04 dry goods salesman 424 Newtonville av 
North Adams 

Boyer, Francis Burleigh. N.H.A 03 with Arnold Paint Works 

Davis, George Marriner. N.Y.E 07 
North Attieboro 

Whitney, Ralph Horace. N.H.A 08 jeweller 362 Washington 
North Cambridge 

Ninde, Ward H. N.Y.B 00 architect 27 Cambridge terrace 
North Chelmsford 

Tetley, Egbert Foster. R.I. A 13 15 Gay 
North Hadley 

Clark, John Maxwell. Mass.A 97 fruit raising 

Clapp, Ellery Carroll. Mass.A 08 clergyman 23 River rd 

Johnson, Reginald H. la. A 91 

Van Why, Eugene. Pa.G 08 teacher 30 Kensington av 

Fisher, Stuart Dexter. N.H.A 00 care Paul Whitin Mfg Co Ash 

Callahan, Cornelius Henry. Mass.A 09 122 Broadway 

Shaw, Harold E. Mass.A 10 with Holliston Mills 

Duffy, Jesse Francis. N.Y.E 12 103 Hancock 

Flournoy, Thomas. Mich. A 96 physician 

Leonard, Francis E. N.Y.E 07 

Peterson, Fred A. N.Y.E 10 chemist, with Eaton, Crane & Pike Co 

Pierce, Payson E. N.Y.B 95 clergyman 58 E Housatonic 

Slade, Walter C. R.I.A 03 research chemist Gen Elec Co 328 South 

Stewart, Charles E. N.Y.E 13 74 Maplewood av 

White, William Walker R. N.Y.E 12 373 Columbus av 

Blanchard, Ralph H. Pa.I 14 Prospect rd 

Fardy, Thomas Albert. N.H.A 05 with Library Bureau, Boston, Mass 

Hussey, Richard B. Mass.A 96 elec engineer 59 Bancroft av 

Fenno, Stanley W. N.H.A 00 instr Revere high school 44 Pleasant 

Wright, Louis F. N.H.A 05 with E. T. Wright & Co 452 Liberty 

Clark, Lloyd Montgomery. Mass.A 13 94 Gainsboro 

Marston, Ralph Herbert. N.H.A 06 gen contractor 2 Kearsarge ter 

Pritchard, Myron Thomas. Ohio A 72 educator 125 School 

Tufts, Joseph Anthony. N.H.A 06 forester 136 Corey 

Bedinger, Henry. Va.A 70 clergyman 2 Forrester 

Cressy, Charles Sumner. N.H.A 13 30 Grove 

Frisbee, Walter S. Mass.A 95 contractor 2]/ 2 Buffum 

Nichols, Loring. N.H.A 11 300 Lafayette 

Keyes, Ralph P. N.H.A 99 bank elk N E Nat Bk, Boston 6 Adams 


Somerville-West Medway— MASSACHUSETTS 

Obear, William W. Mass. A 95 instructor, English high school 69 

Smith, Cyril A. N.H.A 01 130 Willow av 
South Attleboro 

Denham, Harvey Gladding. R.I. A 13 
South Braintree 

Hubbard, Ray S. Mass. A 96 organizing sec, Mass Soc for Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to Children 2106 Washington 
South Deerfield 

Bednarski, Roger E. Mass. A 14 Conway 

Harris, Edwin Lucius. Mass.A 95 broker 
South Easton 

Buffum, Francis Henry. R.I.A 07 
South Sudbury 

Perry, Chester N. N.H.A 05 
South Wilmington 

Eckman, James Roy. W.Va.A 08 head chemist, Merrimac Chemical Co 

Flood, John Clarence. N.Y.D 81 instr St Mark's School 

Caron, Armand T. R.I.A 14 129 Main 

Skinner, Edward R. N.H.A 96 with Amer Optical Co 19 Marcy 

Alexander, James P. Pa.Theta 03 salesman Westinghouse Elec Co 

Clapp, Arthur M. Mass.A 95 physician 10 Chestnut 

Cross, Frederick Bowen. Mass.A 98 mfr Duck & Drill Cloth 92 
Firglade av 

Dibble, Ralph Brigham. N.Y.G 13 107 Harvard 

Dibble, Wallace Edwin. N.Y.G 12 architect 107 Harvard 

Foss, George E. N.H.A 96 sec Board of Trade 97 Firglade av 

Foster, Festus H., jr. Mass.A 95 wholesale grocer 43 Kenwood pk 

Gordy, Wilbur Fisk. Pa.Z 75 supt schools 

Hahn, Benjamin Davies. Ohio G 75 clergyman 109 Pearl 

Litchard, Donald Brainard. N.H.A 14 222 Oakland 

Newell, Henry Clinton. Mass.A 96 52 Armory 

Nims, Herbert E. N.Y.E. 91 chemist Fiberloid Co 166 Princeton 

Paddock, Clarence Erwin. N.H.A 98 instr Tech h s 13 Northampton 

Syrett, Edgar Charles. Ind.B 93 

Walker, Carl M. Mass.A 07 asst chemist Springfield Gas Light Co 
39 Wilmo't 

French, George Reuben Williamson. R. I.A 02 physician 

Moore, Samuel B. Pa.E 56 

Small, William Garfield. N.H.A 03 electrical supplies 
Three Rivers 

Ide, Ernest M. Mass.A 00 cotton manufacturer 

Burnett, Archie C. N.Y.A 84 lawyer, Boston 133 Waban av 

Eaton, Max Everett. N.H.A 07 

Howe, Luther Maxwell. N.H.A 05 shoe mfr 97 W Chestnut 

Andrews, Chester Huston. Mass.A 03 salesman 

Goddard, Harold L. Mass.A 04 with F. W. Bird & Son. 

Wellman, Frank C. Mass.A 95 gen mgr Lewis Manufacturing Co 

Sanderson, Robert Harrington. N.H.A 07 with E. P. Sanderson Co, 
Boston Ellison rd 

Barry, Dennie Francis. R.I.A 09 
West Cunningham 

Jordan, Marcus A. N.Y.E 11 
West Medford 

Smith, Henry Francis. Wis.G 95 397 High 
West Medway 

Quint, Walter Southward. N.H.A 08 


MASS.- MICH. —West Somerville- Bay City 

West Somerville 

Cruikshank, Burleigh. Pa. A 12 93 London av 

Cruikshank, Frank Peter. Pa.L 12 93 Lowden 

Heminway, Ralph W. Mass. A 01 foreman Pope Mfg Co 27 State 

Sweet, Frank T. N.Y.E 87 R F D No 1 

Foster, Harry S. N.Y.E 96 clergyman The Geiswold 

Armstrong, Ferdinand W. N.H.A 07 66 Highland av 

Blanchard, Dean. Mass. A 12 44 Washington 

Blanchard, Sidney Cutting. Mass. A 03 lumber 44 Washington 

Caldwell, Kenneth Furber. Mass. A 11 14 Mount Pleasant 

Jones, Marshall W. Mass. A 11 178 Highland av 

Stone, Robert Mason. N.H.A 05 with Stone & Forsythe Co, Boston 
100 Cambridge av 

Park, Robert E. Mich. A 83 literary work Hillsdale av 

Bentley, Rufus Clarence. Neb. A 95 Clark University 

Burns, Charles H. Pa.Eta 08 3 State 

Chase, Philip Minot. N.H.A 05 automobile supplies 1 Marston Way 

de Anguera, Herman Clifford. N.H.A 97 clergyman 10 Elm 

Draper, Arthur Daniel. R.I. A 06 with Provident Life & Trust Co 31 

Fletcher, Raymond B. N.H.A 09 2 Tirrell 

Garver, Austin S. Pa.E 66 clergyman 41 Lancaster 

Gould, Fred A. Ohio A 75 clergyman 28 Shatfner 

Spaulding, Walter V. Mass. A 01 purchasing agt Graton & Knight 
Mfg Co 44 May 

Allen, Robert Winfield. N.Y.E 08 

Pierce, Hallet R. N.Y.E 07 
Yarmouth Port 

Howes, Howard Willcub. Mass. A 02 



Bassett, Arch. Ind.B 97 

Hulley, Ernest Neal. Ind.A 94 mfr 323 Monroe 

Parmenter, Edward L. Mich. A 80 school commissioner 
Ann Arbor 

Bartelme, Philip George. Mich. A 95 athletic dir U of Michigan 

Carson, Frank Francis. Mich. A 13 508 Benjamin 

Darrow, Edward Morman. Mich. A 80 lawyer 326 N Ingalls 

Effinger, John Robert. Mich. A 91 prof Univ of Michigan 

Eggert, Carl Edgar. la. A 85 prof Univ of Michigan 

Hickok, Eugene. Minn. A 87 physician 

Kraus, Edward Henry. N.Y.B 94 mineralogist professor University 
of Michigan 818 Oakland av 

Miner. Joel A. Ill.B 66 publisher 908 May 

Yerner, Vvilliam Frank. Ind.D 06 instructor drawing, University of 
Michigan 908 Lincoln av 
Battle Creek 

Shuart, Harold H. N.Y.A 07 journalist 215 Champion 
Bay City 

Dunning, James C. Mich. A 80 train dispatcher 322 N Lincoln av 

Smalley, James Burt. Mich. A 87 mgr Smalley Paint Co 


Benton Harbor- Detroit— M ICH IGAN 

Benton Harbor 

Howard, Orrin Frank. Ohio B oo 

Alevard, J. H., jr. Wis.A 89 
Rig Rapids 

Brown, Clarence Franklin. Ind.G 99 farmer 

Ballou, Henry Cromwell. W.Va.A 12 212 E Cass 
Ralston, David. Pa.Z 69 physician 316 Cass 

Dymock, John S. Mich. A 07 

Holland, Marion. Mich. A 77 dentist 

Boggs, Frank Kinney. Mich. A 00 

Stevens, Richard H. Mo. A 71 

Gentzler, Adam H. Ohio B 90 
Tulloss, Rees Edgar. Ohio B 01 

Allison, George Dunn. Ohio A 82 with W. E. Moss & Co 
Atkinson, William Austin. Wis.A 93 rector, St Matthias Episcopal 

church 85 Missoura av 
Barnes, Walton J. Mich. A 09 with Detroit Automatic Scale Co 76 

Putnam av 
Baugh, Philip Edward. Mich. A 10 118 23d 
Brewer, Fabian Seckel. Wis.A 06 with Otis Elevator Co 
Christie, Clare L. Pa.B 04 lav/yer 611 Hammond bldg 
Dresser, Henry L. Mich. A 03 chief inspector, Detroit River Tunnel 

Co 260 W T oodland av 
Gilmore, William Steele. Ind.B 03 editor, Detroit News 
Hakes, Otto F. Ill.B 97 v-pres U S Radiator Co 
Hamblen, Joseph Gordon. Pa.Z 63 t merchant 80 Garfield av 
Hartwell, Arthur. Ohio D 83 treas Detroit Insulated Wire Co 29 

Blaine av 
Hendry, George W. Calif. B 07 forester 522 2d 
Ives, Valentine S. Mich .A 90 treas Rowley Scale and Supply Co 

165 E Warren 
Leland, Frank Bruce. Mich. A 78 pies Detroit United Bank 185 

Burns av 
McAfee, James E. Ohio A 96 Hotel Pontchartrain 
Mankin, Clarence E. Ohio E 11 engineer 949 4th av 
Martz, John E. Ohio A 08 lawyer 

Moore, George A. 111. A 02 asst mgr Detroit Range Boiler Co 
Parker, Arthur Sheldon. Mich. A 78 pharmacist 709 Woodward av 
Reid, Jasper Braley. Mich. A 15 160 Virginia av 
Robb, Mangridge S. Minn.B 11 1100 Washington av 
Rowlands, David D. Pa.K 04 asst chief eng Chalmers Motor Co 
Sanders, George W. Ind.B 69 insurance 134. Milwaukee av 
Smith, Eugene, jr. Va.A 07 physician 119 High, E 
Sprankle, Stanley Kirk. Ohio A 12 with Firestone Fire Co 
Stillwell, Donald Lonson. W r is.G 05 physician 484 Jefferson av 
Swartout, Frederick R. Ill.B 80 bookkeeper 822 Piquette av, W 
Tracy, Percy W T heeler. Wis.A 98 purchasing agt Page Motor Co 
Van Dusen, David Lowrey. Mich. A 15 140 Virginia Park 
Walton, Edwin A. Ohio E 07 adv mgr Tinken-Detroit Axle Co 
Watling, John. Mich. A 04 investment banker 320 Ford bldg 
Wesselins, George W. Ind.G 77 clergyman 
Whiting, David. Mich. A 92 sales agent Westinghouse Electric Co 

27 Woodward av 
Williams, Harry S. N.Y.B 02 contractor 100 Owen av 
Wilson, Frederick L. Mich. A 78 747 Woodward av 
Worrilow, Frank B. Pa.G 11 with Michigan Steel Casting Co 460 

E Jefferson av 


M!CH!GAN^Dowagiac= Lansing 


Howard, John A. Ill.B 06 merchant 
Re Shore, Louis T. Wis.G 08 

Farrell, Albert T. N.Y.A 96 411 Welk av 

Jennings, John H. Mich.A 79 editor 

Baker, Frank D. Mich.A 77 physician 
Patterson, Albert. Ind.A en 

Butler, Digby Bell. Ill.B 65 lumber 

White, Milo A. Mich.A 98 lawver 

Ford, Charles W. Mich.A 08 

Hudson, Edward J. Ohio G 88 chemist 
Grand Rapids 

Buchanan, Claude Robinson. Mich.A 79 lawver 152 S East 
Case, John Daniels. N.Y.A 70 furniture 14 Terrace av 
EJhs, George Edward. N.Y.B 84 mayor 
Morse, Milton M, Ill.B 10 cashier Spring Lake State Bank ; 

Morris av 
Mulliken, Earle. Calif.G 03 

Musselman, Amos Sentman. Pa.E 69 merchant 
Schuman, Adolph P. Ohio B 03 
Speelman, Jacob. Mo. A 13 962 Ionia av 

Buttolph. Lerov Tames. Mass. A 11 

Meuche, Karl S. Ohio D 05 mining engineer 
Meuche. Leon Theodore. Ohio D 08 
Rowe, Alvin O. Wis. A 13 153 6th 
Sheldon, Ransom Skirl. Wis.A 89 lawyer 
Indiana Harbor 

Ross, George W. Ind.D 01 salesman 

Iro^n^lvlountai^ 1111 B ' U ° 5 physician ' Ionia State Hospital 

Cole, Festies Clark. Mich.A 78 lumber 212 W E 

Pelham, Herbert M. Mich A 78 lumber 

Houk. Dudley C. Mich.A 07 

Myers, William A. Pa.B 57 

Siebenthal, Tait. Ind.B 08 chemist 

Berger, Charles Pratt. Mich.A 07 310 Second 

Parnall, Christopher G. Mich.A 98 physician 249 Wildwood av 

Dickinson, Bartlett A. Mich.A 94 lawyer 

Howard, Harry C. Ill.B 94 lawyer 301 Elm 

Mc^air, Rush. 111. A 81 physician Academy of Music 

Sooy, Glen. Mich.A 15 522 Oak 

Moll, Arthur M. Wis.A 13 

Conger, Allen C. Ohio A 07 instr of biology, Mich Agric College 

Gardner, Earl A. Mich.A 08 

Gillam, Robert Henry. Mich.A 12 

Hagedorn, Dana A. Mich.A 08 427 Seymour 

Halstead, Robert H. Mich.A 15 227 Sycamore 

Lyman, Nathan A. Ill.A 85 banking 

Matlock, Ernest. Ind.D 01 216 Hillsdale, W 

Mifflin, Elgin. Ohio G 78 merchant 

Mifflin, Samuel E. Ohio G 78 421 Seymour 


Lansing -Anoka— MICH,. MINN. 

Mifflin, Samuel E., jr. Mich. A 05 421 Seymour 

Wright, Luther M. Mich. A 09 

Chynoweth, John Charles. Mich. A 80 mining engineer 

Faucett, Robert Charles. Wis. A 08 

Vivian, Johnson, jr. Mich. A 11 

Vivian, William R., jr. Mich. A 14 231 Iroquois 

Butters, Marshall Herbert. Mich. A 10 509 E Ludington av 

Butters, Robert Horace. Mich A 04 sec Butters Salt and Lumber 
Co 509 E Ludington av 

Drach, George A. Mich. A 09 merchant 

Hill, William S. Mich. A 79 lawyer 434 E Ohio 

Seward, Ora Philander. Ill.B 80 farmer 
Mount Clemens 

Mallow, Otis B. Ohio A 97 physician 

Lovelace, Frank E. Mich. A 05 222 Lake 

Road, Henry C. Mich. A 11 59 Fifth av 

Sessions, Clarence N. Mich. A 08 250 Webster av 

Tobin, Benjamin F. N.H A 11 256 Webster av 

Topping, James Parson. Ill.B 81 real estate 136 W W r estern av 

Wood, William S. Mich. A 02 pres Wood Real Estate Co 245 Web- 
ster av 

Parker, Carson P. Ill.B 08 

Swift, Elisha P. Pa.Theta 82 physician 

Chase, James Carson. Mich. A 94 

Rigley, James G. Ind.D 02 mfr 218 John 

Lawrence, James E. Mich. A 02 Welch Auto Co 
Rogers City 

Loud, George Brewster. Mich. A 99 lumber 

Hubbell, Reed H. N.Y.A 03 401 Brewster 

Shorts, R. Perrv. Mich. A 03 insurance 309 Cherry 
St. Clair 

Todd, William M. Ia.D 84 clergyman 
St. Joseph 

Parrish, E. B. Ill.A 69 
Sault Ste. Marie 

Moore, James T. Ohio A 73 lawyer 318 E Spruce av 

Cavin, William Asbury. Ind.A 99 lumber 
Traverse City 

Foster, Max. N.Y.A 14 

Mabey, Clayton G. N.Y.E 94 real estate 



Dean, William Warren. Minn.B 94 banking 
Albert Lea 

Carlson, Henry Clay. D.C.A 96 

Ransom, Charles G. Minn.B 90 manager Printograph Co 

Wiegand, Robert. Ill.B 05 manager Bottling W T orks 

DeLong, Scott H. Minn.B 02 treas Nelson Sash & Door Co 


MINNESOTA— Austin -Faribault 


Banfield, Everett Colby. Mass. A 09 

Banfield, Richard S. Mass. A 12 308 W. Water 

Hume, David W. Pa.B 75 
Big Lake 

Dunshee, George W. Wis.G 81 farmer 

Tillisch, John H. Wis. A 97 physician 

Hartley, Everett C. Wis.G 11 
Center City 

Modin, John E. Kas.A 79 county superintendent of schools 

Hutchinson, Zelah H. la. A 91 

Claypool, Charles Holmes. Minn.B 00 

Claypool, James Verner. Minn.B 07 mining engineer 

Greenway, John C. Va.A 90 superintendent Oliver Iron Mining Co 

Woods, Roy C. Minn.B 99 

Alexander, Edward Porter. Minn.B 09 civil engineer 121 1 E 1st 

Barnum, George, jr. Minn.B 04 mining engineer 531 E 2d 

Brown, Hal Edward. Minn.B 09 54th av E and Tioga 

Buck, Fred William. Minn.B 05 real estate 1621 E Superior 

Burgess, George Harold. Ohio E 12 2019 E 2d 

Cant, Harold Graham. Minn.B 05 lawyer 413 4th av 

Cant, Howard Bancroft. Wis. A 123 1 E 3d 

Cant, Kenneth Stewart. Minn.B 08 real estate 413 4th av E 

Clapp, Harry Spaulding. Minn.B^ 99 lawyer 222 5th av 

Cokefair, Francis Albertson. N.Y.G 93 chf engr G N Power Co 

Cook, Ellis Ray. N.H.A 09 317 14th av 

Cowan, Pierpont M. N.H.A 07 with Marshall-Wells Hardware Co 

Crassweller, Frank Halifax. N.Y.A 07 lawyer 4701 Cooke 

d'Autremont, Hubert Hart. N.Y.A 07 lawyer 140 1 E 1st 

Davies, Rees Oliver. N.Y.E 92 

Davis, Horace Swift. Ohio D 80 physician 213 New Jersey bldg 

Dunning, Arthur Stephenson. N.H.A 09 529 Woodlawn av 

Dunning, Ralph Alonzo. N.H.A 13 529 Woodlawn av 

Edson, William H. Minn.B 91 

Gilbert, Paul J. Ind.A 91 clergyman 228 14th av E 

Graff, Carroll F. Pa.E 93 auditor Duluth & Iron Range R R 160 1 
E 1st 

Graff, Philip M. Pa.E 69 206 Superior 

Harrison, Joseph G. Minn.B 04 real estate 1407 London rd 

Hostetter, Abram B. Ill.B 66 18 10 E 4th 

Hugo, Rene T. Minn.B 01 pres Hugo Mfg Co 221 6th av W 

Kelly, Charles F. Wis. A 10 414 E 3d 

Kelly, William Harold. Pa. I 12 414 E 3d 

Lindsay, George F. la. A 90 lumber Torrey bldg 

McDougall, John C. Minn.B 91 

Manley, James R. Minn.B 03 physician 

Miller, Clarence B. Minn.B 91 U. S. Congressman 214 N 15th av E 

Mulock, Edwin J. H. la. A 99 liability dept Manley-McLennan Ins Co 

Prescott, Loren L. Wis.A 88 

Richards. M. W. Minn.B 03 Lester pk 

Scott, John A. Minn.B 07 civil engineer 5803 Olney 

Seymour, Philip H. D.C.A 78 lawyer Manhattan bldg 

Waite, Daniel. Wis.G 86 lawyer 

Wood, Alex. G. Minn.B 02 Oliver Iron Mining Co 

Woodbridge, Dwight Edwards. Minn. A 86 consulting engineer 

Burdick, Theodore Allen. Ohio E 10 

Davis, Frederick Upham. Minn.B 93 physician 626 W 3d 

Fergus Falls -Minneapolis — MINNESOTA 

Fergus Falls 

Barrows, Frederick Goodsell. Minn. A 83 
Bill, William Thomas. Minn. A 83 


Landing, Harold M. Wis.G 10 
Selleseth, Iver F. Wis.G 10 

Grand Rapids 
Gilbert, Wayne C. Wis.G 14 

Hunt, Walter E. Minn.B 96 mining engineer 404 Lincoln 

International Falls 

De Veau, James. Minn.B 08 

Brown, Amplin Josephus. Wis.G 81 merchant 

Long Prairie 

Peterson, George W. D.C.A 96 


Frazer, William M. Minn.B 10 

Mankato ^ 

Curran, George Robert. Minn. A 84 physician 103 Parsons 


Adams, R. T. Minn.A 85 

Adams, Charles Rennington. Mich. A 99 managing editor Minneapolis 

Journal Berkeley Hotel 
Baily, Henry Patterson. Minn.B 88 lawyer 2743 Nicollet av 
Balch, Myron Clark. Minn.B 13 3209 Second av 
Benton, Harry W. Ohio A 81 lawyer 838 Security Bank bldg 
Brandebury, Edward Thomson. Ohio A 80 lawyer 2408 Garfield 
Brooks, Paul Andros. Minn.B 00 lawyer 2437 Park av 
Bushnell, Harley Clifford. Minn.B 88 stationer R R 2 Sta F 
Canning, Harry William. Ill.B 08 bonds 3229 Stevens av 
Chandler, Malcolm D. Minn.B 04 journalist 16 18 Calhoun pi 
Cole, Lafayette Foster. Ind.A 68 809 E 15th 

Collins, Arthur Farquhar. Wis.G 09 with Am Radiator Co 220 5th 
Colwell, Thomas Henry. Minn.B 95 publisher 314 Nicollet av 
Day, Eugene H. Wis. A 88 lumber merchant 2729 Portland av 
De Veau, Robert William. Minn.B 09 904 W. Franklin av 
Dickinson, Horace Danforth. Minn.B 88 judge, court house 
Drake, Guy Arthur. Iowa A 01 with Minn. Tank Co 1058 16th, S E 
Eggleston, Walter A. Minn.A 87 real estate 1777 Dupont av 
Fairchild, Charles. Minn.B 06 2200 First av So 
Finney, Albert C. Minn.A 83 lawyer 4120 Sheridan av S 
Frost, Daniel R. Ohio A 97 lawyer 2101 Blaisdell 
Gorham, Ira B. Pa.B 08 1779 Knox av 

Grandin, Charles Livingston, jr. Minn.B 15 2407 Irving av S 
Green, Charles A. Calif. B 96 wholesale grocer 2433 Aldrich av S 
Halm, Louis Miller. Minn.B 08 2421 Bryant av S 
Hale, Oliver Lytton. Minn.B 10 2100 Oliver av 
Hallowell, William H. Pa. I 78 physician 2133 1st av S 
Hamilton, Carl L. Minn.B 06 forester 1900 Hennepin av 
Hansen, Harold N. Minn.B 08 3447 Aldrich av 
Harris, Charles L. Minn.B 07 N. E. Furniture Co 1982 Kenwood 

Heald, Harry B. Md.A 99 clergyman 4200 Sheridan av 
Hickerson, Reed T. Minn.B 14 1937 Irving av 

Hickman, Adam Clark. Pa.B 60 prof U of Minn 1229 7th st S E 
Horner, Warren M. Minn.B 90 Security Bank bldg 
Hubachek, Frank B. Minn.B 11 Leamington Hotel 
Hubachek, Frank 'R. Wis.G 81 lawyer, Phoenix bldg 1916 Dupont av 
Hutchings, William T. Mass. A 01 manager for Graton & Knight 108 

Irwin, Harry D. Va.B 85 lawyer 4805 Pleasant av 
James, George F. Mich. A 82 dean Univ of Minn 316 10th av S E 
Jelley, Charles Samuel. Ind.A 67 lawyer 15 W 24th 
Johnson, Eugene G. la. A 01 lawyer 321 10th av S E 
Johnston, George S. Minn.B 92 mortgages 527 Plymouth bldg 
Jordan, William Henry. Ill.A 78 clergyman 2006 Sheridan av S 


MINNESOTA— Minneapolis-New Paynesville 

feT 11 ^ 10 ! 86 ^! 08 ^- Minn.B 88 prin South h s 7 S N 15th 
Kalk, Charles N. Wis A 80 chief engr Soo Line 5 

Kernan Thomas F. Mass.A 07 1803 Hennepin av 
Ladd, Clarence A, Ia.A 08 10 14 Security Bank bldg 
Lawrence^ W. C Wis.G 93 with Armour & Co 500 8th st S 

h^ e £n Dem ¥ P ; "H ?>° i nsura ^e 3200 Dupont av S 
Longfellow, Newton A. Pa.B 10 1806 Vine pi 
Longbrake, Levi L. Ohio G 72 lawyer 90? N Y Life bide- 
Lum, Burt F Minn.B 88 lawyer \ 8 J Humboldt avS g 
Lyle, Stanley D Wis.A 02 Lyle, Killorin Lumber Co 

M C C o°™ 30 Eme h r7on G av h S m - *** ° 8 mgr AtlaS P ° rtland C ™^ 

McCulloch, Herbert Virgil. N ? b.A 01 furniture 202 Boston block 

Machetanze, Karl G. A Ohio A 03 asst prof agric school 

McLean, Robert N. Minn.B 11 2217 Colfax av 

Maughan, Herbert C. Minn.B 03 mfg agt adv novelties 2618 Irving 

Moorhead, William P. Pa.A 86 9" N. Y. Life bldg 
Morse, Guilford A. Minn.B 11 119 Bedford st, S E, 
Morse, Willard A. Minn.B 10 119 Bedford st, S E 
Morsman, Frank Sharp. Mich.A 97 eng N W Tel Co 

Fremont a 75 mgr Farm St ° ck & Home Co 2ia * 

Page, Leroy A. Minn.B 96 lumber 1729 Logan av S 
Parker Elmer H. Wis.A 81 physician 2401 Sheridan av S 
Pattee, Gordon J. Minn.B 06 2029 Queen av S 
Paulson, Clarence A Minn.B 98 3512 Holmes av 
Paulson, Walter M. Minn.B 04 325 15th av 
Pearce, Frank. Minn.B 12 St Louis park 
Pearce, William R. Minn.B 07 St Louis park 
Pennock, Edward M. Minn.B 00 810 Birchwood Flats 
Peterson, James A Wis.A 84 lawyer 2727 Chicago av 

? r10 /' te ph ^ .^ 1S ' A ^?? law >' er 34i3 Portland av 

Purdy, Milton Dwight. Ohio A 72 judge 2706 Lake of the Isles blvd 

Reeves, John D Wis.G 09 406 Bank of Commerce bldg 

Riedall, Allen H. Minn.B 09 19 18 Irving av S 

Roberts, Thomas. Minn.B 06 1603 4th av S 

Robertson, Walter H Ia.A 74 2738 Dupont av 

£chmid, Roland Charles. Minn.B 15 625 15th av S E 

Schultz, Clifford G. Minn.B 07 1927 Hennepin av 

bedgwick, Fred G. Minn.B 06 2015 Kenwood Parkway 

Sedgwick Julius P. Neb. A 95 physician 2015 Kenwood av 

hhepard^ Frederick H. N.Y.A 85 merchant 308 Nicollet av 

gmitn, Vernon Dan. Minn.B 15 610 Summit av 

Spring, Arthur D. Minn.B 06 with David C. Bell Investment Co 

2205 Lyndale av S 
Steiner Frank M Neb. A 9 5 with Amer Linen Supply 1920 James av S 
Stone, Charles W. Minn.B 3156 Columbus av 
Stone Edward Thomas Ill.B 80 purchasing agt Minn, St Paul & 

S S Marie Ry 3156 Columbus av 

T£n^ t c h ' ^^Tv'? 611 ^:. ^'A 95 flour milling 922 Flour Exch 
Thompson, Harry M Ohio D 06 mgr Travellers Ins Co 
Timberlake Byron H. Minn.B 88 with Prudential Ins Co of America 

000 4tn, b h. 
Timberlake, Harold C. Minn.B 14 806 S E 4th 

Ar a ?i Ce ' ^ ll , ll t I \ T Re W? lds ^ Va ' B g2 Dean > Univ of Minn 
Veblen, Ralph N. Minn.B 09 3200 Irving av 

tral' J ° Sep E * Wis - G 8l cashr St - Anthony Falls Bank 328 Cen- 

Whitney Ffolliott T. Pa.Theta 10 Northwestern Trust Co 

Wilson, George Potter. Pa.G 58 lawyer 1729 Park av 

Eliason, Simon G. Minn.B 96 banking 

Huntoon, Lew A. Minn. A 83 
New e p Edwin -M* Minn - B 92 head eng dept state normal school 

Free, George P. Pa.B 83 


North Minneapolis-Scanlon — MINNESOTA 

North Minneapolis 

Tenney, R. T. Ohio A 03 1623 Aldrich av 

Hunt, William A. Minn. A 83 physician 316 Union 

Law, George A. Minn. A 87 

Brown, Jefferson. Minn. A 86 supt of schools 

Chadwick, Miles Bond. Pa.B 64 lawyer 140 E Broadway 

Evans, Paul H. Wis.G 95 banker 725 S Cedar 

Luers, Herbert F. Minn.B 93 editor Journal-Chronicle 610 S Cedar 

Stoos, Henry N. N.Y.E 88 physician 
Park Rapids 

Beckman, Charles Oscar Ind.A 95 clergyman 
Red Wing 

Meland, Norman. Wis. A 13 

Putnam, Francis D. Minn.B 96 mgr R W Mfg Co 1039 East av 

Putnam, Fred W. Minn.B 02 

Putnam, Robert W. Minn.B 99 

Sheldon, Walter B. Minn.B 01 mfr stoneware 

Williams, Dennis H. Pa.B 56 
St. Anthony 

Spangler, Adolph J. Kas.A 03 state experiment station 
St. Paul 

Arnold, Stephen Olin. Minn. A 83 296 Endicott Arcade 

Balch, Edwin Henry. Minn.B 11 143 1 Capitol av 

Bixby, Edson K. Minn.B 04 Pioneer Press 

Butler, Pierce. Minn. A 85 lawyer 1347 Summit av 

Coon, George Morton. Minn. A 84 no Loring bldg 

Crooks, Bernard S. Minn.B 07 

Cummings, Thomas Sherwood Claggett. Minn.B 12 Summit Court 

Day, Marcus Frank. Minn.B 09 1930 Inglehart av 

Dickson, Frederick N. Minn. A 83 lawyer 

Eliason, Adolph O. Minn.B 93 insurance 705 Commerce bldg 

Foster, Charles C. la. A 99 engineer 

Foster, George K. Minn.B 05 advertiser 67 W Winfred 

Hall, Alden T. Minn.A 84 362 St Peter 

Handy, Egbert G. Va.G 77 lawyer 

Jackson,- James F. Minn.A 83 109 City Hall 

Jones, Charles C. D.C.A 92 treas C. A. Stickney Co 1900 Summit av 

Keyser, William B. D.C.A 79 

Kilgore, William C. Ohio G 82 merchant 370 Robert 

Konantz, Gordon Edward. Pa. I 15 781 Goodrich av 

Lawrence, Charles W. Minn.B 99 with Brown & Bigelow 

Lawrence, James G. Minn.B 04 1005 Portland av 

Lewis, Charles, jr. Minn.B 07 642 Portland av 

McCandless, Howard A. Ill.D 09 automobiles W 3d and College 

Michael, George E. Ind.D 04 paper salesman 136 Lexington av N 

Mix, Frank T. D.C.A 69 

Morissey, John G. Minn.B 15 667 Goodrich av 

Pew, Robert M. Minn.B 12 481 Laurel av 

Randall, Larcom. Minn.B 15 705 Daytona av 

Rhodes, William. Wis.B 77 merchant 583 Lincoln av 

Savage, Edward P. Ill.B 65 clergyman 1136 E Minnehaha 

Sheehan, James M. Wis.G 81 lawyer 528 Portland av 

Sickels, Lewis Norwood. Wis.G 95 Germania Life bldg 

Smith, Sheldon Halloway. Minn.B 06 732 E 4th 

Spencer, Edward A. Calif. G 99 131 College av 

Stark, Herman Frederick. Neb.A 00 2268 Knapp 

Thomas, Henry M. Ind.A 90 

Turner, Aaron. Ind.A 68 

Whitaker, Maurice L. Minn.B 07 712 Cedar 

Williams, Henry W. Mich. A 92 with Mutual Life Ins Co 820 
Osceola av 

Pattee, Richard S. Minn.B 00 


MINN.-MISS.-South Minneapolis-Cameron 
South Minneapolis 

c %"r%r? t e l? e Edward - PaB °* asst ed Minneapolis Tribune 

Boyle, James Dennis. Minn.B 13 

G Hen, Charles W. Minn.B 13 

Olson, George Waldemar. Minn B k ,,, w or 

Olson, Edwin R. Minn.B n £? $ Olive 
V^Sfe' Damel C - Minn ' B - "^ W Myrtle 

Bliss, Lafayette. Minn.A 83 

5 ! °£ ards ' £ a , rl M - Minn.B 00 
Wabash?* J0h " C ' Minn - B °4 

Dill, John George. Minn.B 15 22l Main 
Jones, David Morris. Minn.B^s 

wlseca Whltmore - Minn.B 09 

Swfrnvo^'/rfd^^Mi^S 1 , 4 T^ "5 Lake av 
w Svvartwood; H a e ro 1 d A p.-' 1 Co^ 8 I 3 4 ^L^e " 9 ^ 

W J e a s C t 0b D y u.Sh iam K ' Ia ' A °° ^y^- 

w Sp„ng, Willis W. Minn.B 04 supt Carnegie Coal & Rock Co 

Winona H ° mer B ° mb0y - Mich - A '3 4!0 roth 
pk ^rc^iAl^-l/l Broadway 

Zumbrota f 5i 4 421 -Broadway 

McKinstry, C. B. Pa. Eta 62 lawyer 



Coleman William James. Tenn.D 06 physician 

A ^ b P u ea r r n man ' C1 ^ de H - Miss, A 00 physician 

August? 8 ' W ' J ' MisS ' B 6o 

Be S e teV La n k; ChaUnCeyH> Miss.A 87 merchant 
B^hVar 1 ' Ge ° rge F ' MisS ' A 86 bookkeeper 

Edmonds, James Ezekiel. Pa D <6 
Bovina 3 

B^BM?"*" **"$$ MissA 8 « 
Brady, Thomas, jr. Miss.A 93 lawyer 

w£ r *p Rol ! ert - I> -« Miss - A "We 
Smith, Benjamin P. Miss.A 93 lawyer 

CaleTont J ° hn H ' Miss ' A ^^"3. N Jackson 

Camion"' 0t '° M - Miss - A ^ la -yer 
Martin, John Bennett. Tenn.A 60 


Chalahoma-Harperville— MISSISSIPPI 


Hall, John D. Minn.B 60 

Williams, Eugene X. Miss. A 00 pharmacist 

. Cruni, O. C. Miss.B 60 

Cochran, John B. Gordon. Miss. A 09 

Sage, Abner Potts Hubert. Miss. A 08 

Brannon, Walter Lawrence, jr. Miss. A 07 civil engineer 

Renshaw, Joseph W. Miss. A 09 lawyer 

Seymour, Edwin N. Miss.A 10 

Crawford, Edgar Franklin. Miss.A 89 

Turley, John D. Miss.A 91 merchant and broker 

Holloway, Charles D. Miss.A 10 

Hollowav, Paul Dickson. Miss.A 10 

McRamey, Oliver C. Miss.A 96 

Ramsay, James A. Miss.A 92 lawyer 

Wood, Felix. Va.A 54 

Taylor, Travis H. Miss.A 99 merchant 

Wooten, James W. Miss.A 10 

Wooten, William A. Miss.A 07 cotton merchant 

Dobbins, William P. Miss.A 89 supt of schools 

Taylor, John Waring. N.Y.A 85 

Perkins, Joseph B. Miss.A 85 physician 

Mitchell, Weber I. Miss.A 09 
Grystai Springs 

Barron, Henry Samuel. Miss.A 01 

Enochs, Robert Jones. Miss.A 02 physician 

Stubblefield, Calvin F. Miss.A 99 planter 
De Kalb 

Rencher, Guy Jack. Miss.A 00 lawyer 

Buckley, John L. Miss.A 81 law3*er, circuit judge 

Dear, Hardy Clay. Miss.A 98 lawyer 

Williams, Auvergne. 

Torrey, William H. 

Graham, Malcolm S. 

Someryille, Robert. Va.A 68 engr Board of Mississippi levee com- 
missioners 20 s Davis 

Wilson, Willard^O. Ind.D 14 

Gillespie, James G. Miss.A 07 editor 

Gillespie, William D. Miss.A 93 

Porter, Benjamin Tappan. Va.G 83 cotton factor 

Huner, Collins D. Miss.B 60 

Williams, Edward P. Miss.A 57 teacher 

Bowen, Brannon Curry. Miss.A 98 lawyer 

Griffith, Virgil A. Miss.A 93 lawyer 3125 Beach 

Hairston, John M. Miss.A 02 lawyer 

Mize, Joseph Henry. Miss.A 01 lawyer 

Burnham, Henry McCabe. Miss.A 97 physician 


Miss.A 03 



Miss.A 92 


MISSISSIPPI— Hattiesburg-MatthersviUe 


Cook, William Henry. Miss. A 93 lawyer 

Noble, James Tainter. Mich. A 95 sec Austin Lumber Co 

Stevens, Charles Z. Miss. A 87 merchant 

Stevens, Joseph J. Miss. A 84 phvsician 117 College 

Beasley, Wiley Enochs. Miss. A 10 

Conn, Abe Heath. Miss. A 97 lawyer 

Guynes, Jasper Felix. Miss'.A 96 lawyer 

Jackson, Ethelbert. Miss. A. 96 

Johnson, Benjamin F. Miss. A 01 physician 

Miller, William B. Miss. A 01 lawyer 

Sexton, Luther S. Miss. A 98 lawyer 

Wilson, Solon G. Miss. A 96 physician 

Farley, David L. Miss. A 08 

Farley, Leonard E. Miss. A 05 

Farley, Leonard J. Miss. A 81" lawyer 
Holiy Springs 

Chesterman, Alonzo Decatur. Va.G 58 retired teacher 

Sanderson, M. H. Miss.B 60 
Horn Lake 

Walker, Joel P. Tenn.B 60 

Walker, Robert J. Tenn.B 60 

Renshaw, Paul. Miss. A 08 

Belch, Ralph Alexander. Pa.E 66 

Hindmann, Edward E. Ind.B 94 lawyer 

Howie, John H. Miss. A 00 lawyer 

Lester, James T. Miss. A 57 planter 305^2 E Capitol 

Adams, John Charles. Miss. A 10 

Browne, Hugh Zollicoffer. Miss. A 07 physician 

Browne, Paul Zollicoffer. Miss. A 08 

Sanders, Edgar. Miss. A 90 lawyer and merchant 

Waugh, Moses G. Miss. A 84 planter 

Weatherly, Asa H. Miss. A 90 lawyer 

Gardiner, Philip S. Mich. A 08 lumber 

Halsell, Robert Edward. Miss. A 84 lawyer 

Rogers, Wallace B. Mich. A 88 pres Laurel Cotton Mills 

Trawick, Thomas Lawrence. Va.G 82 lawyer 

Lipsey, Richard C. Miss. A 60 planter 

Swinney, Alexander E. Miss. A 99 furniture dealer 

Swinney, Charles C. Miss. A 85 druggist 

Kennedy, J. E. Miss.B 60 
Long Beach 

Skelbie, Fred Albert. Pa.B 06 

Cohn, Henry Lehman. Miss. A 10 

Woodward, Albert Y. Miss. A 99 lawyer 

Cox. Charles Albert. Mich. A 04 lawyer 

Mills, Walter P. Miss. A 85 merchant 

Cranberry, S. C. Miss.B 60 
Madison Station 

Johns, Frederick W. Miss. A 57 planter 

Johns, Ulysses W. Miss. A 89 planter 

Denton, Manford Esca. Miss. A 94 lawyer 

Trotter, Alexander. Miss. A 58 clergyman 


Meridian-Shuqualak — MISSISSIPPI 


Carter, Thomas Clay. Va.A 08 10 13 26th av 

McMorries, Edwin D. Va.A 10 1803 18th 

Moseley, Beverly F. Miss. A 90 

Smith, John W. Va.A 60 

Tackett, John R. Miss. A 84 physician 

Cheek, William Augustus. Miss. A 94 physician 
Moss Point 

Leckey, John H. Va.B 57 

Dorsey, Rankin S. Miss. A 06 lawyer 
New Albany 

Stephens, Edgar J. Miss.A 96 

Stephens, Hubert D. Miss.A 94 lawyer 

Lenore, Jefferson H. Miss.A 60 rancher 

Moseley, John W., jr. Miss.A 85 clergyman 

Steinberger, Clinton C. Miss.A 01 publisher Jefferson 

Hampton, Orin O. Miss.A 08 lawyer North 

Hampton, Wilburn E. Miss.A 05 physician 

Hightower, George B. Miss.A 10 

Hurst, George G. Miss.A 96 editor 

Temple, William A. Miss.A 05 North 

Wallace, Edwin Shellabarger. Ohio B 07 prof chemisty, U of Miss 

McCallum, George. Miss.A 99 pharmacist 

Hoover, John R. Miss.A 84 merchant 
Pin ola 

Durr, William M. Miss.A 88 banker 

• Bratton, Carl Alexander. Miss.A 99 lawyer 

Gartrell, James E. Miss.A 99 lumber 
Port Gibson 

Frierson, William V. Tenn.A 59 

Heath, John W. Va.B 09 

Smith, Clifford T. Tenn.D 09 physician 

Scott, Warren L. Miss.A 06 lawyer 

Hand, James, jr. Mo. A 12 

Moore, J. T. Miss.A 89 

Williams, Nelms. Miss.A 99 
Sch later 

Johnston, Means. Miss.A 03 planter 


Hammack, John A. Miss.A 89 


Bullard, William. Miss.A 89 lawyer 

Bailey, Re Vance. Miss.A 91 planter and merchant 
♦ East, William J. Miss.A 81 lawyer 

Ashley, William Frank. Miss.A 85 physician 

Edwards, William. Miss.A 08 lawyer 

Hubbard, Lexy W. Miss.A 07 physician 

Kellis, Patty P. Miss.A 08 


MISS,- MO.— Starkville-Carrollton 


Gillespie, George. Term. A 59 

Rutledge, William O. Miss. A 97 physician 

Tynes, Walter A. Miss. A 06 asst cashier Bank of Summit 

Taggart, Jack Q. Miss. A 98 

Dew, Andrew J. Miss. A 59 

Webster, William P. Miss. A 92 physician 

Alexander, Morris James, jr. Miss. A 09 

Stone, John P. Miss. A 10 

Burnett, Thomas C. Mo. A 10 1800 Clay 

Butts, Edward Scott. Va.A 13 1508 Cherry 

Catchings, Thomas Clendenning. Va.A 90 

Fitzhugh, Alexander. Va.A 94 grain merchant 

Newton, I. K. Miss.B 60 

O'Neil, Richard T. Miss.A 08 

Porter, Edwin H. Va.G 80 cashier Madison Cotton Oil Co 

Reed, Roger D. Miss.A 10 

Rigby, William T. Ia.G 68 chm Vicksburg Nat Military Park Com 
Water Valley 

Harris, John L. Miss.A 03 lawj^er 

Williams, James E. Tenn.D 01 druggist 

Dampen, Joe Hughston. Miss.A 03 physician 
West Point 

Motley, Robert L., jr. Tenn.D 14 

Tucker, William F. Miss.A 88 lawyer 
Yazoo City 

Burrus, C. J. Tenn.B 71 lawyer 



Eshbach, Henry C. Pa. Eta 77 physician 

Penter, Eli. Mo. A 69 lawyer 

Strother, Duvaul P. Mo. A 13 3344 Gillham rd 

Oliver, Thomas J. Mo. A 73 teacher 

Baker, William R. Mo.A 70 
Bowling Green 

Lee, Orson H. Mo.A 13 

Bruce, Lemuel. Mo.A 70 

Riggs, Brutus. Mo.A 72 teacher 

Conrad, Luther N. Md.A 13 

Armstrong, George Alexander. Pa.B 65 
Cape Girardeau 

Oliver, Robert B. Mo.A 72 lawyer 

McCorkle, Alfred L. Va.A 55 physician 


Carthage- Joplin— MISSOURI 

Carthage t w __. ., . • , __ . 

Burch, Allen Banks. Kas.A 14 Highland and Maple 

Knight, William L. Pa.D 59 

Wallace, George Elwin. Ill.G 84 
Chillicothe T 

Johnston, Augustus M. Mo. A 72 expert accountant 214 Locust 

Chomeau, Henri. Mo. A 70 land surveyor 

Burge, R. J. Mo.A 75 

Riggins, James W. Mo.A 75 

Allen, Frank W r . Va.D 66 tt , AT 

Baker, Robert Horace. Miss. A 00 prof of astronomy Univ of Mo 

Bayless, Daniel O'Connell. Mo.A 08 13 16 Bass av 

Castlio, Mitchell. Mo.A 74 physician 

Colburn, Guy B. R.I.A 02 prof Latin Univ of Mo 

Dorsey, R. W. Mo.A 70 farmer 

Field, Osmand Francis. Mo.A 11 809 College av 

Lipscomb, Millard Lewis. Va.D 71 

Marbut, Thomas F. Mo.A 14 816 Virginia av 

Miller, Walter McNab. Ohio D 80 prof of pathology Univ of Mo 
801 Virginia av 

Shepard, Norton Hamilton. Mo.A 08 farmer 

Stewart, Oscar Milton. Ind.A 89 prof physics Univ of Mo 

Walden, James A. Mo.A 14 1007 Walnut 

Watson, Berry. A. Mo.A 73 physician 

Ketcham, O. S. Ia.D 88 
Cresona „ 

Beck, Bright W. Pa.G 10 15 Pottsville 
De Sota 

Hardy, S. J. Pa.A 90 

Wright, John C. Pa.Theta 70 

Dunham, Edward M. Mo.A 09 

Leavell, Samuel C. Ind.A 76 

Norris, Harley. Mo.A 10 

Orwig, Joseph R. Pa.G 61 sec North & South R R Co 

Benton, R. A. Va.D 73 physician . 

Schultz, Robert Spencer. N.Y.G 03 Atlas Portland Cement Co 

Viley, John T. Va.D 64 farmer 

Elder, Emmett H. Mo.A 15 

Robb, E. F. Mo.A 12 

Wolfers, Maurice G. Mo.A T3 

Castlio, Calvin Dwight. Mo.A 10 

McClure, John Wesley. Mo.A 08 lawyer 

Allen, Harry B. Kas.A 02 

Bryant, Thomas Vaughn. Va.D 58 lawyer 

Higgason, Albert Eley. Va.D 58 

Strivers, Arthur D. Wis.A 03 city engineer 
Jefferson City 

Conrath, Philip A. Mo.A 13 

Campbell, Dan Swan. Kas.A 14 43^ N Wall 

Jones, Arthur David. Pa.B 94 


MISSOURI— Kansas City 

Kansas City 
Allen, Donald. Va.B 67 

Allen, Edgar Poe. Kas.A 90 ed Kansas City Journal Coates House 
Ashley, William H. N.H.A 01 real estate 214 Massachusetts bldg 
Bates, Albert. Kas.A 93 with Clark Bates Lumber Co 
Black, Garland Cuzarti. Mo. A 14 3440 Wayne av 
Blacker, James Ray. Kas.A 12 1302 Euclid av 
Blacker, Morris Angelo. Kas.A 07 1302 Euclid av • 
Blackmar, Charles Maxwell. Kas.A 05 lawyer 2924 Garfield av 
Board, Arley Robert. Ia.B 13 3625 Nooledge pi 
Bowles, George H. Kas.A 08 161 1 Central 
Brown, Edward Arnold. Kas.A 76 lawyer 3229 Passeo 
Brown, Frank E. Xeb.A 95 V M C A 

Buckles, Robert William. Kas.A 13 6016 Swope parkway 
Burnett, Percy B. Ind.B 81 instr Manual Training h s 11 12 E 14th 
Burney, James Travis. Kas.A 77 lawyer 3416 E 10th 
Burton, Russell F. Ind.B 11 insurance 
Bushnell, Albert C. W T is.G 98 211 1 E 13th 
Cadman, Lester E. Mo. A 12 3714 Walnut 
Campbell, Robert J. Kas.A 10 2618 Olive 
Cheever, William B. Ind.G 76 railway service 
Childs, Charles H. Ohio G 82 accountant. 910 Prospect av 
Cristopher, Stanley J. Kas.A 92 Exchange bldg 
Connor, Clarence Lee. Kas.A 10 2619 Garfield 
Crane, Cyrus Sykes. Kas.A 82 lawyer First Nat Bank bldg 
Creager, Marvin H. Kas.A 00 telegraph editor Kansas City Star 

3929 Oak 
Davis, EH Sanford. Kas.A 06 207 R. A. Long bldg 
Douglas, Shannon C. Mo. A 74 lawyer N. Y. Life bldg 
Dumm, Isaac Wiley. Ohio A 95 broker 821 Linwood blvd 
Dunn, Denton. Kas.A 83 lawyer 3435 Campbell 
Dyer, Joe H. Kas.A 01 real estate X. Y. Life bldg 
Dyer, William. Kas.A 01 real estate N. Y. Life bldg 
Eaton, Dudley W. Kas.A 94 U. S. & Mexico Trust bldg 
Edwards, George H. Kas.A 10 with Edwards-Ludwig-Fuller Jew- 
elry Co. S E cor 8th and Walnut 
Edwards, Richard Dix. Kas.A 15 3533 Harrison 
Ellis, John Harvey. 111. A 13 3510 Penn 
Falls, Clarence E. Kas.A 12 2815 Troost av 
Farrell, Joseph A. Kas.A 95 qth and Locust 
Fells, C. E. Kas.A v p Schooley Stationery Co 
Fillmore, Royal. Mo. A 09 journalist 917 Tracy av 
Findlay, William W. H. Wis. A 01 elec eng 3870 Charlotte 
Fitch, Fred Henry. Ind.A 89 treas Kansas City Structural Steel Co 

2917 Forest av 
Fitch, Howard A. Ind.A 88 Kansas City Structural Iron Works 
Ford, Marcus C. Wis. A 90 real estate Commerce bldg 
Forsythe, Robert N. Pa. A 05 engineer Rand-McNally Co 
Fredman, Paul V. Mo. A 09 4140 Wvoming 
Frey, H. M. Ohio B 04 
Gay, Lathrop B. Kas.A 00 3616 Walnut 
Gentry, Richard. Mo. A 71 capitalist 2600 Troost av 
Gilmore, Solon T. Kas.A 83 lawyer^ 2603 Linwood blvd 
Goldman, Earl J. Mo. A 12 31 13 Michigan av 
Goodman, Lamont. Ia.D 79 
Grant, Otis. Mo. A 10 15 13 Woodland av 
Hadley, Herbert S. Kas.A 88 lawyer 

Hannah, William S. Ind.A 81 bus mgr Great Southwest Magazine 
Hayden, John Gardner. Kas.A 98 physician 903 Benton blvd 
Hills, Edwin Lemaster. Ind.G 74 express messenger 2820 Locust 
Horner, Simpson W., jr. Pa.B 04 1600 Grand av 
House, Frank E. Kas.A 95 Commerce bldg 
Houston, Franklin. Va.D 65 3107 Harrison 
Hull, Albert G. la. A 87 physician 214 E Armour blvd 
Humphrey, Arthur S. Kas.A 09 lawyer 
Humphrey, James V. Kas.A 82 lawyer 

Hunt, Albert P. Calif. B 96 whcVsale grocer 2610 Chestnut 
Hutchings, Charles F. Kas.A 86 real estate 500 Gladstone blvd 


Kansas City— MISSOURI 

Hutchings, Samuel Dean. Kas.A 88 lawyer D wight bldg 

Karnes, William Lee. Va.B 9 5 sec U. S. & Mexico Trust Co ioth 

and Baltimore p ^ , - 

Kellv, George H. Ind.A 92 care Kelly, Brewster & Bucholz 
Kinnear, Josiah D. Ohio D 09 with General Film Co 
Klanser, Arthur O. Mich.A 06 bond salesman First hat Bank bldg 
Lee Frederick Lyman. Mich.A 99 lumber i8tn and Washburn av 
Loomis. Wesley Horace. Kas.A 01 investments 619 Commerce bldg 
Lyle, Fred B. Mo.A 12 3738 Virginia av 
McCallister, Fred W. Minn.B 9 7 sec R. M. Rigby Ptg Co 412 

McCKntock, Fred R. Kas.A 03 Stoll-Moore Drug Co 12th and Grand 

McCubbin, Roy T. Mo.A 08 1625 Jackson v ., r 

McGrew, Joseph T. Kas.A 02 v p Atlas Investment Co 2958 Victor 

McPherson, John E. Kas.A 91 investments 11 11 Baltimore av 

Mastin. John. Kas.A S 7 N. Y. Life bldg 

Maxwell, Joseph E. Ohio A 67 investments 101 1 Baltimore 

Maxwell, William L. Kas.A 95 investments 1011 Baltimore 

Meservev, Edwin C. Kas.A 78 lawyer 220 Garfield av 

Moninger, John Alexander. Va.D 72 

Morse, William J. Kas.A 81 lawyer 3849 Charlotte 

Mosher, George Clark. Ohio D 79 physician 3612 Locust 

Mosher, George F. N.Y.A 04 sec Few Acres Co 3612 Locust 

Musselman, George K. Pa.Eta 80 3036 McGee 

Musselman, John C. Kas.A 10 122 1 Harrison 

Neff Frank C. la. A 95 physician 3609 Baltimore 

Neff] George N. Ind.A 80 publisher Daily Drovers Telegram 1505 

Neff en fav e H. Ind.A 73 publisher Commercial Daily 1505 Genesee 

Xef Walter P. Ind.A 83 mg ed Drovers' Telegram 3552 Bdwy 

Neff! William T. Ind.A 76 clergyman _ 

Noble, Harold Adelbert. Mich.A 03 engineer. 3924 Tracy av 

Nutter Frank C. Kas.A 06 tel ed Kansas City Star 5200 Jefferson 

Olmsted, Harold M. Ohio E 12 engineer Bell ielephone Co 

Overton, Willard W. Kas.A 89 814 E 33d 

Peck, Harold Orme. Mo.A 08 engineer 3702 Penn 

Peters James W. S. Va.A 81 lawyer The Broadlands 

Peterson, Edward M. Wis.A 14 3733 Gillham rd 

Piatt, William H. H. Kas.A 93 lawyer 2531 Troost av 

Porterfield, Edward E. Pa.Eta 80 judge circuit court 1010 Park av 

Powell, Walter. Pa.Z 75 judge circuit court 3510 Gladstone blvd 

Prescott, John Adams. Kas.A 88 investment securities First IN at 

Bank bldg _ 

Rider, William V. Mo.A 15 2524 Forest av 
Ridgelv, Charles, jr. N.Y.A 08 104 Huntington av 
Robinson, Ernest F. Kas.A 89 surgeon 3741 Walnut 
Robinson, George A. Kas.A 97 wholesale drugs 3323 Holmes 
Rogers, Chester J. Mo.A 12 4125 T™ost a v 
Sawyer, Lewis M., jr. Kas.A 11 with Fidelity Trust Co 
Scarritt, Winthrop T. N.Y.A 09 with White Motor Car Co - 
Schooley, Emmett F. Kas.A 10 45a E 32d 

Searles James Clark. Kas. 00 real estate 3217 Woodland av 
Seebree, F. B. Mo.A 76 lawyer Scarrett bldg 
Sherman, Adrian F. Kas.A oi lawyer 2847 Troost av 
Singleton, Harry. Kas.A 07 Bryant bldg 
Small, Richard D. Kas.A 14 3607 Holmes 
Smart, David Oliver. Va.D 61 _ 

Spottswood, Wilbur F. Pa.Z 71 lawyer Hotel Bonaventure 
Stevens, George L. Kas.A 07 n 15 Grand r ^*~*\ 

Stevenson. Harry G. Kas.A 03 Dunlap Live Stock Co 3844 Central 
Stewart. William C. Pa.A 60 lawyer 
Swope, Earle L. Kas.A 85 engineer 329 Wabash 
Trexler James E. Pa.I 04 physician 3401 Baltimore 
Tufts, Olin M. Mo.A 14 3126 Olive 
Turpin, Rees. Va.B 88 lawyer 3327 Wyandotte 
Vrooman, French E. Mo.A 15 2812 E 35th 
Walbridge, Clarence M. Kas.A 77 
Welsh, Luther Winfield. Va.D 73 physician 


MISSOURI— Kansas City-St. Joseph 

Wheelock, Donald L. Kas.A 09 2416 E 10th 

Wheelock, Harold E. Kas.A 13 132 Brooklyn av 

Williams, Carter Lee. Mo.A 13 3406 Charlotte 

Winn, Edward L. Kas.A 15 433 Norton 

Winn, William B. Va.B 73 

Witten, Francis D. Mo.A 08 3516 Wabash av 

Wright, Ledru R. Kas.A 77 real estate 3800 Campbell 

Yeates, William J. Ind.A 65 

Ziegler, John M. Ohio B 72 clergyman 2201 Holmes 

Everly, Henry Jackson. Ia.D 82 

Vickers, Edgar C. Mo.A 10 217 E Adams 

Brilhart, David Glenn. Mo.A 10 

Martin, John F. Pa.D 59 

Chiles, William Henry. Va.D 60 lawyer 807 South 

Loos, Frederick Virginius. Va.A 77 

Kirkpatrick, James J. Pa.A 57 432 E Gordon 

Wheeler, Charles W. Mo.A 74 teacher 

Cole, Guy Luther. Wis. A 76 pres Marshfield Creamery Co 

Bellows, Dale Edwin. 111. A 10 purebred cattle 

Bellows, Fred Douglas. Ia.B 14 

Bellows, Harold Honold. 111. A 10 402 W 1st 

Sawyer, Elwood E. 111. A 13 330 W 6th 

Seward, Ben F. Mo.A 11 

Clark, Charles A. Mo.A 10 340 S. Jefferson 

Robinson, Joseph F. Mo.A 69 physician 210 S Ash 

O'Daniel, Edgar V. Ind.A 00 mfr 

Matthews, John E. Ind.A 97 treas Parma Mfg Co 

Sullivan, Charles E. Ind.A 99 with Parma Mfg Co 

Shaffer, John F. Ohio B 94 

Cook, Thomas F. Mo.A 13 

Shippy, W. S. Ind.G 72 

Wilson, J. P. Va.D 65 

Jones, C. J. W. Ind.A 70 farmer 

Rupe, Wayne A. Mo.A 14 
Rockefeller Hills 

Pattison, Donald D. Mo.A 10 

Strobach, Richard M. Mo.A 12 
St. Joseph 

Brown, Seeley Matthew. Wis. A 1907 with Standard Oil Co 

Callahan, Arthur E. Kas.A 88 913 Frederick av 

Coulston, William Jeanes. Pa.G 80 clergyman 

Guthrie, Charles M. Pa.Eta 98 

Hargreaves, Harry G. Neb.A 02 automobiles Robeloux Hotel 

Hutchinson, Harry H. la. A 97 

Marshall, William S. S.C.A 67 

Murphy, George Sherman. Ohio B 91 clergyman 

Siemens, Webb Mellin. Ill.D 11 15 13 Charles 

Thompson, Lloyd J. Mo.A 14 2202 Goff av 


St. Louis— MISSOURI 

St. Louis 

Allen, Harvey. Va.B 05 4324 Maryland av 

Bain, E. Ustick. Mo. A 12 5727 Van Versen av 

Beck, Carl Henry. Pa.L 12 2217 Fair av 

Boogher, Frank. Va.A 94 physician 4034 Delmar blvd 

Boughton, Judson Hartwell. Ind.D 01 public utility engineer 3857 

Washington blvd 
Briggs, Jesse Howard. Ohio B 99 

Bryan, Frederick Ernest. Ind.B 01 lawyer 4143 Lindell blvd 
Burns, Ray Alexander. Mo. A 08 5200 Ridge av 

Campbell, Newton Colin. Kas.A 04 wholesale hay 711 Karnes blvd 
Campbell, Oliver Howard. Kas.A 87 physician 3542 Washington av 
Campbell, Paul. Kas.A 07 Union Electric Light and Power Co 

4444A Lexington av 
Cave, R. C. Va.D 59 

Chappelow, Branch E. Ind.G 95 treas, Adv Co 6049 Westminster 
Coles, Walter De Rosset. Va.A 87 lawyer Security bldg 
Collins, Robert Eli. Va.B 69 322 Pine 

Comstock, Edgar Van Derburgh. Mo. A 70 registry division, post- 
office 3928 Westminster pi 
Condie, Walter Douglas. Mo. A 08 718 New Bank of Commerce 
Connett, William Carroll. Va.A 01 3d National Bank bldg 
Davis, Robert Hill. Va.A 94 physician 3003 Lafayette av 
Dock, George, jr. N.H.A 13 4 N Kings Highway blvd 
Donan, James Anderson. Ind.A 14 3640 Shaw av 
Dougherty, Bernard J. N.Y.G 02 salesman 3918 Olive 
Douglas, James McQ. Pa. A 58 banker 

Drabelle, John Wesley. Ia.D 82 lawyer 126 1 N Euclid av 
Ferriss, Franklin. N.Y.A 70 lawyer 5828 Cabanne av 
Foote, Francis Bailey. Mo. A 08 2026 Angelica 
Fuller, Mert L. Minn.B 95 with Missouri Pacific railway 
Gambol, R. E. Tenn.B 70 

Gordon, Edward Clifford. Va.A 60 clergyman 
Haile, Columbus, jr. Va.A 06 416 Wainwright bldg 
Harshaw, Frank, jr. Ind.D 01 chemist 4414 Papin av 
Hartigan, Arthur W. N.Y.B 03 

Hayes, Joseph Jerome. N.Y.A 00 woolen merchant 
Highleyman, Samuel L. Pa.B 64 Westminster pi 
Hodge, Harry L. Pa.G 11 with Western Union Telegraph Co 
Hopkins, Ross. Kas.A 97 1055 Hamilton av 
Hornbrook, John. Ind.G 01 1501 3d National Bank bldg 
Houts, Charles Alfred. Ind.A 87 lawyer Third Nat Bank Bldg 
Huff, Charles A. Ohio B 67 

Hull, Edward B. Miss. A 59 live stock, Union Stock Yards 
Lowe, Henry Leland. Ind.D 01 v-pres National Light and Power 

Co Pierce bldg 
McCann, Warren R. Va.B 90 

McElroy, Robert. Ohio E 09 Bell Telephone Co 
McGowan, Evander L. Va.B 85 life insurance Victoria bldg 
Miller, Edward H. Mo.A 13 2218 Hord av 
Niccolls, Samuel J. Pa. A 53 clergyman 8 Hortense pi - 
Noel, Henry G. Pa. A 86 v-pres Noel- Young Bond and Stock Co 

5065 McPherson av 
Opie, Eugene L. Md.A 91 prof of pathology and dean Medical 

School of Washington University Washington University 
Phillips, Paul P. Mo.A 11 5161 TKensington av 
Pierce, Thomas W. Pa.A 55 

Pike, Ralph A. Ind.B 00 instr McKinley high school 1913 McNair 
Prosey, Hugh H. Miss. A 95 salesman, Woodward & Tiernan Print- 
ing Co 5189 Fairmont 
Redcay, William F. Pa.G 08 engineer, with Mastin, Lonergan & 

Co Pierce bldg 
Risser, Christian H. Pa. Eta 97 physician, St John's Hospital 23d 

and Locust 
Roberts, John H. R. Pa.G 10 Mastin, Lonergan & Co Pierce bldg 
Seddon, James A. Va.A 68 lawyer 5341 Waterman av 
Selden, Guy W. Mo.A 15 5139 Westminster pi 

MISSOURI— St. Louis-Willmette 

Shaffer, Philip A. W.Va.A 97 biological chemist 1806 Locust 

Shiras, Oliver. Kas.A 93 pres International Supply and Export Co 
4224 Westminster pi 

Sidener, Charles Howard. Ind.G 93 lawyer, prosecuting attorney 
813 Wainwright bidg 

Skipwitch, Peyton H. Va.A 67 manager Spool Cotton Co 4105 
Westminster pi 

Southward, Arthur W. Ohio G 79 wholesale dry goods 5934 Hor- 
ton pi 

Staude, Ernest M. Mo.A 12 5335 Vernon av 

Stott, Edwin C. D.C.A 79 

Stuntz, Ralph Emil. Ohio E 06 mgr U S Heat and Lighting Co 

Wilder, Allen B. Mo.A 08 5702 Maple av 

Wilder, Wentworth. Mo.A 13 5702 Maple av 

Wilson, Thomas C. Mo.A 70 civil engr and contr 5633 Clemens av 

Wright, Wirt. Wis.G 97 cashier Nat Stockyards 5604 Waterman 

Wylie, Edgar H. Wis. A 03 Mastin, Lonergan & Co Pierce bldg 

Ware, Spencer H. Mo.A 75 insurance 

Jennings, Clement T. Va.A 56 physician 
Salt Lake 

Fisher, Albert B. Calif.B 12 1206 W 2d 

Easton, Theodore D. Mo.A 15 402 Dal-Whi-Mo 

Ford, Marshall Bean. Mich. A 09 

Gentry, Richard W. Mo.A 75 lawyer 

Houston, A. Y. Va.D 70 

Johnson, Clifford H. Mo.A 08 912 W 5th 

Kelly, Clarence C. Ind.A 92 lawyer 906 W 5th 

Knight, Harry W. Pa.K 02 hardware 

Messerly, John M. Mich. A 08 

Meyer, Leonard C. Mo.A 15 

Pirkey, Frank W. Mo.A 11 112 W 7th av 

Stafford, Pascal G. Pa.A 58 real estate 

Stratton, Peter B. Mo.A 70 farmer 

Wrightman, Fred E. Mo.A 10 520 ^> S Ohio 
Shell City 

Price, H. Va.D 65 

Bentley, Elwyn B. N.Y.A 87 

Bentley, Frank Crane. N.Y-A 87 banker 

Crenshaw, Walter Louis. Mo.A 73 

Gelwix, Daniel Edmund. Kas.A 04 engineer, care Frisco Engr Dept 

Yowell, Jasper. Colo. A 14 

Rankin, William Finley. Ill.G 80 banker 

Adams, Robert Andrew. Mo.A 08 scientific farmer 

Daniel, Charles Gilliam. Mo.A 69 cashier, Vandalia Banking Assoc 

Aber, Max Dallas. Ind.A 91 lawyer 429 Grover 

Allen, Forrest Clare. Kas.A 05 # mgr of athletics and coach 

Houts, Oliver L. Mo.A 72 lawyer 

Brown, Ben H. Va.B 90. 
Webb City 

Carl, James Dougherty. Mo.A 13 210 S Webb 

Stevenson, Elmer J. Mo.A 09 304 N Ball 

Stewart, Joseph Edgar. Mo.A 08 physician 305 Joplin 

Stickney, Walter Thomas. Mo.A 08 journalist 

Tyree, James Israel. Mo.A 08 physician 122 N Ball 

Zaumseil, Oscar C. Ohio D 86 proprietor jewelry store 
West Fork 

Masters, Paul. Calif. G 15 

Colegrove, Fred W. Mich.A 90 

Big Timber-Red Lodge— MONTANA 

Big Timber 

Moore, Virgil L. Wis.A 14 

BI,,jn 9 S ^ o r- 

Bowen, John Stevenson. Neb. A 13 care Gagnon & Co 

Hartman, Charles Sampson. Ind.G 79 lawyer 

Hartman, Walter Samuel. Ind.G 75 lawyer 

Jones, William A. Ind.A 74 lawyer 

Mendenhall, Samuel A. N.Y.A 90 

Catron, John W. N.Y.G 01 mining engineer 

Cooke, Hamilton, jr. Minn.B 07 with Clark Smelter Co 

Higgins, James E. N.Y.G 99 mining engineer supt 803 W Park 

Ostrander, Henry S. Mass. A 08 913 Utah av 

Smith, Gibson. Pa. I 09 physician 

Stemons, Edson S. la. A 98 

Sullivan, James Charles. N.Y.G 00 lawyer 

Warren, Wesley W. N.Y.A 92 221 S Wellington 

Guthrie, Albert B. Ind.B 92 teacher 
Dillon ^ .„ 

Ostrander, Carl E. Wash. A 15 24 S Pacific 
East Helena 

Norton, Alfred B. N.Y.A 91 engineer 

Young, James N. Ill.G 04 civil engineer 
Fishtail 1. „ r _ 

Selkirk, Ralph William. Wis.G 07 mgr Heart-Bar-L Ranch 

Lewis, John McLane. Minn.A 87 
Great Fails 

Church, Irving W. N.Y.G 10 lawyer 

Fray, Gerald ^Sharpe. N.H.A 11 501 4th av 

Hamilton, Henry Montgomery. N.H.A 09 rancher 

Bowman, Elmer Kenneth. Neb.A 04 farmer 

Williams, Archie E. Minn.B 91 
Helena ■ .• „ 

Hoyt, Robert O. N.Y.G 99 civil engineer 417 N Benton av 

Mapes, Thomas Arthur. Neb.A 95 lawyer 

Naret, Joel Q. W.Va.A 99 examiner, surveyor-general s office 

Sweeney, Thomas E. Calif.B 10 asst treas, Gruse Savings Bank Co 

Cheadle, E. K. Minn.A 83 
Miles City 

Calvin, Carl B. Pa.A 00 real estate 12th 

Cory, Hobart Leavitt. Wis.G 02 Wibaux blk 

Cory, Judson. Wis.G 03 

Holt, William E. Neb.A 99 real estate 

Howe, Earl W. Ill.D 08 rancher 
Missoula , 

Eagan, Roderick. Wis.A 08 bank clerk 

Elrod, Morton John. la.D 84 biologist 205 S 5th 

Lansing, Joseph P. Wis.G 82 sales manager, Polleys Lumber Co 
419 Ford . ' TT . 

Rowe, Jesse Perry. Neb.A 95 geologist, professor of geology, Uni- 
versity of Montana 
Paradise . ■, ■■■; 

Thomas, James R. Wis.G 01 R F D No 1 

Finn, Oliver B. Pa.G 85 
Red Lodge . ■ 

Cortright, Edgar Maurice, Pa. I 02 mining engineer 


MONT.- NEB. — Victor- Dawson 


White. Henry Kirk. Wis.G 84 
Warm Springs 

Mitchell, Harold G. Va.A 03 asst supt, State Insane Asylum 

Schuyler, Hender Hudson C. N.Y.A 06 

Stevens, Hiram L. Mo. A 69 farmer Lee av 
West Plains 

Gilruth, James Henry. Ia.G 68 
White Sulphur Springs 

Anderson, Xorman Glenn. N.Y.G 01 mining 

d'Autremont, Charles Maurice. X.Y.A 07 mining 



Harnesburger, W. Ernest. XebA 13 

White, Lincoln H. Xeb.A 14 

Wiggenhorn, Ernest A. Xeb.A 95 asst cashier, Farmers and Mer- 
chants Bank 

Boswell, George Morton. Ia.D 83 
Baxter Springs 

Craig, Joseph Wright. Pa.B 76 lawyer 

Brown, Ernest, jr. Xeb.A 00 district court reporter 722 X 9th 

Cook, Daniel Wolford, jr. Xeb.A 00 banker 903 X 7th 

Cook, John Bradford. Xeb.A 15 303 X 7th 

Davis, Melvin Beswick. Ind.A 76 

Hazlett, Alfred. Pa. A 67 lawyer 
Beaver City 

Lindsay, S. I. Ill.G 76 

Aylesworth, William Prince. Ya.D 69 chancellor Cotner University 

Conley, George Lewis. Ill.B 84 clergyman 

Deary, William Arthur. Xeb.A 95 

Berry, Eugene Mandeville. Ohio B 75 
Broken Bow 

Currie, Frank M. Pa.B 81 stockman 

Hiatt, Harmon H. la. A 69 

Whipp, Charles E. Pa.E 83 
Central City 

Martin, John C. Ohio G 79 lawyer 

Schiller, Harry E. Xeb.A 10 

Christie, Ralph Conklin. Xeb.A 02 physician 

Kruse, James G. Ill.B 82 real estate 

Allen, William Orville. X.\ .B 93 president Doane College 

Burrage, Dwight Grafton. Mass. A 95 prof Greek, Doane College 

Murphey, Joseph A. Neb. A 03 
David City 

Clingham, Stephen. Ia.G 69 judge county court 

Deweese, Fred Milo. Neb. A 98 lawyer 

Deweese, Lloyd Elmo. Neb. A 12 


Edgar- Nebraska City— NEBRASKA 


Montgomery, Peyton. Kas.A 04 

Faris, James H. Ill.G 71 
Fort Robinson 

Habegger, Jacob Arnold. la. A 93 lawyer 

Marshall, William B. Mo. A 74 

Birdsall, Carl Asa. Ill.B 13 

Southwick, Homer J. Neb. A 01 asst cashier First National Bank- 
South wick, Philip O. Neb. A 12 banking 

Penney, Freeman S. Neb. A 14 
Grand Island 

Ferguson, John Adams. Neb. A 08 building and loan 

Foreman, Albert G. Ia.D 79 

Cessna, John B. Pa. Eta 62 lawyer 

Howard, Silas Erastus. Ia.D 80 

Nye, Fred A. Ia.A 85 

Wellers, Charles Henry. Ohio B instr State Normal School 

Temple, Leroy Bates. Neb. A 08 banker 

Temple, Paul N. Neb. A 13 

Bryan, Silas Millard. Neb. A 12 1700 B 

Burnham, Joseph Lewis. Neb. A 98 cashr 1st Trust & Savings Bank 

Clark, Edgar Harlan. Kas.A 96 Nebraska Silo Co 

Cropper, Francis Malcolm. Calif. G 07 Lundell House 

Delzell, William Robert. Neb.A 13 2541 N 

Delzell, Wilson Solomon. Neb.A 13 2541 N 

Eiche, De Albert. Neb.A 10 Firestone tires 

Flansberg, Claude W. Neb.A 08 1645 A 

Flansburg, Robert H. Neb.A 13 1645 A 

Guenzel, Ernest U. Neb.A 14 182 1 F 

Haecker, Archibald Louis. Neb.A 96 prof Univ of Neb 503 S 261b 

Hildreth, Carson. Neb.A 95 banker 

Hough, Harry George. NebA 08 care of Magee's 

Jones, Edward Robert. Neb.A 13 J710 B 

Korsmeyer, Louis W. Neb.A 97 electrical supplies 1920 C 

Ladd, Charles F. Neb.A 96 dentist 823 S 17th 

Lahr, Ralph O. Neb.A 14 1639 L 

Ledwith, John James. Neb.A 01 lawyer Banker's Life bldg 

Lloyd, Lynn. Neb.A 07 425 Y M C A bldg 

McLennan, Kenneth W. Neb.A 10 1227 G 

Martin, General Grant. Ia.D 82 lawyer 

Mercer, Andrew Jackson. Va.D 74 

Mercer, William Cowan. Neb.A 03 mgr Farquhar Clothing Co 

Miller, Max A. Neb.A 15 2035 B 

Miller, Ralph Erskine. Pa.B 05 engineer 

Oberlies, Louis C. Neb.A 95 lumber 524 N 16th 

Post, Herbert Wilson. Neb.A 04 mgr Beatrice Creamery Co 1615 F 

Reed, Merril V. Neb.A 13 125 1 S 27th 

Reed, William S. Neb.A 95 

Scott, Wardner G. Neb.A 14 1425 L 

Selleck, William A. Minn. A 84 manager Western Supply Co 

Traphagen, Charles V. Neb.A 14 1908 C 

Waite, Richard A., jr. N.Y.B 97 clergyman 

Watkins, Phillip. Neb.A 14 1434 K 

Williams, Carmi L. Ind.B 01 with Midwest Life Insurance Co 

Wilmeth, Elmer L. Neb.A 15 609 S 17th 

Woodruff, Reginald D. Neb.A 15 1947 South 
Nebraska City 

Cline, Earl Meloy. Neb.A 11 supt of schools 


NEBRASKA— Nebraska City-Omaha 

Porter, Grosvener M. Neb. A 14 

Schwake, Frank Whitten. Neb. A 10 druggist 

Selzer, Milton R. Neb.A 14 

Steinhart, Morton. Neb.A 08 lawyer 802 Second av 


Hays, John R. Ia.G 67 lawyer 1105 Norfolk av 

Huse, Eugene F. Neb.A 04 mgr V. P. Huse Pub Co 1101 Norfolk av 

Raymond, Hugh. Neb.A 12 

North Platte 

Chapman, Charles F. Ohio A 84 clergyman 
Grimes, Hanson M. Ind.A 72 lawyer 316 W 2d 


Baird, Claire Gaines. Neb.A 01 lawyer City National Bank bldg 

Baird, Edgar Allison. Neb.A 99 lawyer 615 N Y Life bldg 

Baird, William. Ill.G 72 lawyer 615 N Y Life bldg 

Baldridge, Howard Hammond. Pa.G 81 lawyer 124 S 39th 

Baldridge, Joseph Mattern. Pa.Theta 84 fire insurance 550 S 26th 

Baliman, Richard Eugene. Neb.A 13 808 N 42d 

Bittinger, Howard Paul. Neb.A 13 Ford Motor Co 1322 S 28th 

Bowman, David Henry. Neb.A 13 502 S 40th 

Buchan, Fred E. Kas.A 93 capt and judge adv USA 15th and Dodge 

Buchanan, Charles Coe. Neb.A 10 1325 S 33d 

Buckley, Newton E. Neb.A 00 civil engineer 38th and Farnam 

Callahan, Leon D. Neb.A 04 Callahan Mfg Co 103 New Hamilton 

Cams, Raymond Ledden. N.H.A 05 instructor high school 

Christie, Burton Whitford. Neb.A 96 physician 230 Bee bldg 

Christy, Jesse Eastman. D.C.A 83 bookkeeper 3404 Lafayette av 

Clabaugh, George W. Pa.E 74 1922 S 33d 

Crawford, Bryce. Kas.A 89 judge police court 903 N Y Life bldg 

Cttscaden, Fred A. Neb.A 02 Nat Bank examiner 5 114 California 

Doud, Herbert A. Pa.Theta 77 U S revenue collector 144 N 41st 

Douglas, George E. Neb.A 01 40th and Farnum 

Dox, William H. Ind.G 85 salesman Burkley Print Co 4924 Chicago 

Gardiner, James S. Neb.A 15 1822 Comet 

Gardner, Charles Howard. Neb.A 13 1822 Emmet 

Green, Richard Cliffe. Ia.B 13 with Omaha Nat Bank 

Grimes, George E. Neb.A 15 2010 N 22d 

Groh, Leonard. Pa.E 58 clergyman 1539 N 19th 

Harris, Russell Stimson. Neb.A 01 agt Illinois Steel Bridge Co 1201 

City National bldg 
Harrison, Benjamin. Neb. A 10 with Standard Chem Co 
Hildreth, Ward. Neb.A 95 banker 4240 Burdette 
Hitchman, Alex B. Neb.A 03 civil engineer 1822 Emmet 
Hoffman, Oscar F. N.Y.G 76 physician 324 Lee bldg 
Howell, Samuel E. Pa.Z 82 druggist 815 Paul av 
Jaquith, Arthur B. Mich. A 04 207 Spencer 
Johnson, William £. Ill.B 99 mgr Woodman Linseed Oil Works 

3261 Farnam 
Johnston, George S. Neb.A 00 mgr Western Paper Co 151 Howard 
Kelly, Harry George. N.H.A 03 manufacturer 1924 Binney 
Kenner, Walter V. Neb.A 05 with National Mattress Co 1552 N 19th 
Lehmer, Herman Kountz. Neb.A 01 grading 1822 Emmet 
Lehmer, Phillips T. Neb.A 10 1822 Emmet 

McClure, Joseph C. Wis. A 98 banking, asst cashr U S Nat Bank 
McConnell, Frederick C. Neb.A 10 lawyer 413 1st Nat Bank bldg 
Macfarland, John M. Pa.Theta 75 lawyer Majestic Apartments 
Manchester, Frank P. Neb.A 98 sec Omaha Grain Exch 318 S 26th 
Meyer, Gustav A. Neb.A 04 chemical engr 2202 Howard 
Mills, Hugh. Neb.A 11 

Morehouse, Rex H. Neb.A 02 lumber 100 1 S 30th av 
Morrison, John K. Neb.A 01 insurance 590 Brandeis bldg 
Morrison, John S. Pa.Theta 77 769 S 12th 

Morsman, Edgar M. Mich. A 89 lawyer Board of Trade bldg 
Morsman, Robert P. Mich. A 00 asst cashr U S Nat Bk 224 N 32d av 
Noble, William F. Neb.A 13 3505 Hawthorne av 
Nutting, M. E. Ohio D 79 
Peck, Lyman. Neb.A 05 


Omaha- Wilber— NEBRASKA 

Perley, Lyman O. 111. A 85 lawyer W Dodge and Fairacres rd 

Philip, William R. Neb. A 13 1306 S 35th 

Powell, Doane. Neb. A 00 cartoonist Omaha Bee 

Ramsey, William Crites. Neb.A 02 lawyer 728 State Bank bldg 

Raymond, Aiian. Neb.A 12 lawyer 

Redick, George M. Neb.A 04 propr Henshaw Hotel 

Reed, Harry F. Neb.A 02 mgr L. G. Doup & Co. 1301 Nicholas 

Richmond, Robert M. Wis.A 86 

Salisbury, Hiram A. N.Y.G 14 503 McCagne bldg 

Scribner, Arthur H. Neb.A 03 with U. P. Ry Co 33g S 34th 

Shedd, George Clifford. Neb.A 95 t investments 537 Range bldg 

Shedd, Harry Graves. Neb.A 95 investments 537 Range bldg 

Sibley, Joseph A. Ill.B 02 mgr Standard Stock Food Co 817 Park av 

Smith, Lloyd Stanford. Neb.A 08 bookkeeper 3146 Chicago 

Storey, John A. Pa. A 73 lawyer 

Susman, Sievers W. Neb.A 13 126 North 

Switzler, Robert M. Neb.A 06 Nebraska National Bank bldg 

Switzler, Warren. Mo. A 73 lawyer 2604 St Mary's* av 

Thomas, Harold R. Neb.A 13 317 S 33d 

Vance, Robert Buchanan. Neb.A 11 Nebraska Tel Co 136 N 41st 

Wood, William R. Mich. A 97 propr Arwood Dairy W Leavenworth 

Yeoman, Ralph. Kas.A 12 office sec Y M C A 
Pawnee City 

Kemper, William R. Ohio A 78 

Fricke, Albert A. Neb.A 04 physician 

Fricke, Carl G. Neb.A 97 cashier First National Bank 

Fricke, Edwin A. Neb.A 07 druggist 

Fricke, Fritz Alexander. Neb.A 00 druggist 

Rawls, Carlos Alverin. Ia.D 80 

Hosek, William J. Neb.A 13 

Dworak, Chauncey W. Ill.B 04 farmer 

Chain, Albert Bushnell. Neb.A 07 

Uterback, William Grandison. Neb.A merchant 
South Omaha 

Boswell, Thomas Edward. N.Y.E 96 instr high school 

Kiddoo, Edgar D. Neb.A 14 1104 N 22d 

Kiddoo, Guy C. Neb.A 08 1104 N 22d 

Metts, Fred. Ind.A 00 sec Y M C A Greer Hotel 

Ringer, John Dean. Neb.A 00 lawyer 2118 F 

Shields, Paul L. Neb.A 13 1117 N 26th 

Stryker, Franklin H. Neb.A 11 1101 N 22d 

Thing, Milo J. P. Minn.A 85 

Hays, Herbert M. Neb.A 08 lumber 

Seeman, George McHenry. Neb.A 11 cashier 

Poucher, William Tj Ind.A 94 farmer 
University Place 

Alabaster, Francis Asbury. 111. A 86 prof Greek and Latin Nebraska 
Wesleyan Univ 522 E 19th 
Wahoo • 

Bross, Philip F. Wis.G 06 bookstore 

Killian, Ray A. Neb.A 10 merchant 

Fuller, Frank. D.C.A 75 
West Point 

Thompson, Charles Y. Neb.A 95 farmer 

Lowe, James A. Ohio B 72 clergyman 


NEB,-NEV.-N, H,— York- Exeter 


Lincoln, Lewis Leigh. Ill.D 08 York Auto Co 
Mead, Arthur Elting. Neb. A 03 coal 
Shrech, Jay M. 111. A 14 1103 Iowa av 
Williams, Earl W. Neb. A 97 merchant 


Carson City 

Cromwell, Royal Franklin. Calif.B 99 

Hofer, Theodore R., jr. Calif.B 94 postmaster 150 Henry 

Woodbury, James S. Calif.B 05 mining foreman 412 Curry 

Henderson, Charles Belknap. Calif.B 92 lawyer 

Hardy, W. A. Ind.D 03 

Settlemeyer, Fred H. Pa.E 14 

Cameron, R. Clyde. Calif. G 04 mining 

Graves, Thomas Ashley. Calif. G 08 mining engineer 

Mason, Samuel R. Pa.B 81 

Sanders, John Adams. Va.A 88 lawyer 

Burwell, Leslie Moulthrop. Calif .A 89 clergyman 140 West 

Pittman, Frank K. Miss. A 96 with Tonopah Exploration Co 



Bowen, Carl Kenneth. Mass. A 07 

Clark, William Edward. N.H.A 96 physician 

Elliott, Ernest Lamott. N.Y.E 98 editor 146 Broad 

Garfield, John Pearl. Mass. A 95 clergyman 27 Myrtle av 

Freeman, Frederick Brockway. N.H.A 00 sec Y M C A 

Kendall, Jame's M. Pa.G 92 instr St. Paul's school 

Smith, Charles Alexander. N.Y.D 85 St. Paul's school 

Thompson, Willis Duer. N.H.A 14 7 Pine 

Williams, James M. Pa.Z 63 

Atwell, Willard Barber. R.I.A 02 superintendent of schools 

Gibbs, Frederick A. N.H.A 96 dentist 44 Cushing 

Whitney, Grenville 2d. R.I.A 11 46 Central av 
East Jaffrey 

Duncan, George Henry. Mass. A 95 druggist 

Cushwa, Frank William. • W.Va.A 99 head of English dept, Phillips 
Exeter Academy 

Harriman, Chester Karl. N.Y.A 13 47 Park 

Kirtland, John Copeland. N.Y.D 86 prof Latin, Phillips Exeter 
Academy 19 Elm 

Lamson, Everett Carr. N.H.A 11 83 Main 

Weeks, Harold John. N.H.A 14 154 High 


Franklin-Alpha— N. H, = N. J. 


Woodman, James B. N.H.A 96 physician 336 Central 
Goffs Falls 

Walker, Herbert Moore. N.H.A 05 woolen manufacturer 
Hanover , <• 

Dudley, Charles Howard. N.H.A 97 athletic goods 4 College 

O'Gara, John E. N.H.A 15 27 W Wheelock 

Rogers, Frank R. Va.A 05 
Hillsboro ; , ,, . 

Kendall, Frederick L. Minn. A 87 superintendent of schools 

Blood, Perley Francis. R.I. A 07 

Hand, Aaron Wilmon. Pa.G 80 clergyman 

Stafford, Fred W. Mass. A 11 wholesale grocer 

Hutchins, Harry. N.H.A 97 salesman Armour Packing Co 

Freeman, Ross M. N.H.A 98 

Jordan, Thomas E. N.H.A 05 tailor 
Lisbon . . ,.'}'•, 

Gilman, John S. N.H.A 98 superintendent of schools 

Cass, David Edgar. N.H.A 96 prin grammar school 321 Amherst 

Dow, Clinton I. N.H.A 04 foreman Amoskeag Mfg Co 63 Market 

Edgerly, Ferdinand B. N.H.A 03 

Norton, Daniel C. N.H.A 00 physician 967 Elm 

Roberts, William Lewis. R.I. A 02 lawyer R F D Box 49 

Sargeant, Paul Emerson. N.H.A 11 741 Chestnut 

Walker, William D. N.H.A 03 mgr Eclipse Worsted Mills 96 W 

Tracy, Charles A. N.H.A 95 principal Kimball-Union Academy 

Buckley, James Joseph. N.H.A 96 physician 

Cheney, George Wilder. R.I.A 03 jeweler 19 Kingsley 

Everett, James Richard. N.H.A 07 cotton business 

Wallace, Arthur L. N.H.A 96 physician 19 Manchester 
New Hampton . „ „ T . T . 

Joy, Clarence Lovell. N.H.A 96 assoc prin N. H. Literary Institute 

Jordan, Wesley William. N.H.A 90 farmer 

Dutton, Julius Mason. N.H.A 03 Broad 
Salisbury Heights 

Gallinger, William H. D.C.A 96 asst clerk U S Senate 

Rogers, William Nathaniel. N.H.A 13 

Boyer, Edmund Swalm. Pa.Theta 75 lawyer 16 Grand 

Kinsley, Everett N. N.Y.E 12 



Howard, Thomas P. Va.E 77 

Magee, John F. Pa.Theta 09 with Alpha Portland Cement Co. 


NEW JERSEY— Arlington-East Orange 


Forster, Robert. R.I. A 02 electrical engineer 41 Grand 

Sargeant, French Philbrick. N.H.A 05 with International Steam 
Pump Co, New York City 6338 Elm 

Smith, Irving Russell. R.I.A 08 civil engineer 32 Oakland av 
Asbury Park 

Taylor, Walter. Pa.Z 93 lawyer 700 Second av 
Atlantic City 

Calkin, Leroy P. Pa.G 14 1900 Atlantic av 

Chapman, William Clifford. Pa. I 06 106 S. Frankford av 

Elvins, George A. Mass. A 96 real estate 106 S Maryland 

Heller, Glenn Conley. Pa. Eta 98 prin Central Grammar school 

Tripician, Louis N. Pa.G 13 1535 Board Walk 

Yon, Arthur R. Pa.G 14 137 St James av 

Shollenberger, Clarence L. Pa.Z 13 Main 

Jennison, Lynn Everett. N.Y.B 98 prin high school 

Fager, Edwin J. Pa.Theta 09 insurance 

Malan, Gordon T. Pa.L 14 

Lewis, Walter Gibbs. Pa.I 95 with Bell Tel Co Church & Farnum 

Barrett, Beach. N.Y.G 11 73 Beach 

Ferguson, Lewis Perry. Calif. B 03 329 Belleville av 

Sears, Joseph D. N.Y.G 08 executive secretary 425 Franklin 

Thompsen, Ralph H. N.Y.Z 93 

Brown, William Eustes. N.Y.G 12 404 Birch 

Parker, John S. Pa.Z 77 clergyman 

Laning, Leland P. Pa.G 11 civil engineer 197 Atlantic 

Shermer, Frank H. Pa.G 89 

Smalley, John. Pa.G 61 no East av 

Eastwood, Thomas Midgelly. Pa.G 67 clergyman 

Simons, Thomas. N.Y.G 98 purchasing agt U S Cast Iron Pipe & 
Foundry Co 

Crane, Jesse Ernest. Pa.Z 08 

Kinney, Morris. N.Y.G 08 

Kinney, Warren. N.Y.G 07 with Amer Banknote Co, New York City 

Boyer, Benjamin Ralph. Pa.I 94 River av 

Garrison, William H. Pa.I 79 

Gilman, James A. Pa.L 12 608 Federal 

McCain, Donald R. Pa.G 02 with Pa R R 

Tholen, Charles W. Kas.A 10 527 Penn 

Winn, Ephraim S. Pa.G 67 insurance 
Cape May 

Taylor, Logan B. Pa.Z 14 34 Jackson 
Chatham » 

Lum, Ernest C. Mass. A 99 lawyer, Newark, N. J. 

Lum, Ralph E. N.Y.G 96 lawyer, Newark, N. J. 

Mills, James W., jr. Pa.L 14 206 Collins av 

Park, Howard Macy. N.H.A 15 215 Miln 

Neighbor, James H. Pa.Theta 12 47 Randolph 

Pitcher, Edward A. Pa.Theta 12 45 Lincoln av 

Von Glahn, Christopher H. Calif. A 89 clergyman 41 E Blackwell 
East Orange 

Barnes, Thomas Lewis. N.H.A 98 instr Lincoln school 

East Orange, Holmdel— NEW JERSEY 

Blair, John Samuel. N.Y.A 09 2.7 Ashland av 

Clarys, Charles Mali. N.H.A 10 172 Glenwood av 

Dann, Harvey M. N.Y.B 95 instr Newark high school 117 N Maple 

Dutz, John W. Ind.D 01 engineer 158 N 17th 

Griffith, Allen Ayrault. Ill.B 81 16 Mulford 

Jackson, Herbert Hallet. Pa.Theta 73 broker 67 Prospect 

Lee, Charles R. Pa. I 89 insurance 63 Halsted 

Meeteer, Elhvood Jackson. Ia.B 13 174 N 18th 

Porter, James B. Pa.B 90 supt Imperial Stopper Co, Newark 

Reton, C. G. Wis.B 76 

Simpson, Maxwell G. Pa.Theta 75 physician 431 Madison av 

Simpson, William G. Pa.Theta 09 431 Madison av 

Elmore, Charles Edgar, Pa.I 11 162 Engle 

Gray, William Druet. Ohio A 73 clergyman 129 Tenafly av 

Gray, William Druett, jr. Ohio A 10 129 Tenafly av 

Robinson, Roy M. Kas.A 94 lawyer, New York City Grand av 

Sperry, Beardsley N. N.Y.A 99 
Fan wood 

Knight, Herbert H. N.Y.G 04 law clerk, 2 Rector, New York City 
Far Hills 

Stoutenburgh, Guy H. Pa.Theta 12 
Franklin Furnace 

Johnson, Arthur M. N.Y.G 03 mining engineer 

Emory, M. J. Allen. Pa.E 67 mining engineer 
Glen Ridge 

Hanan, Nathaniel A. N.Y.A 12 255 Ridgewood av 

Nyland, Fritz C. N.Y.G 10 

Knoedler, Elmer L. Ohio E 02 gen foreman, Wellsbach Co 842 

Cook, Maurice Bacon. Pa.G 14 

Altschuler, Rex Baine. Pa.Theta 09 insurance, with International 
Mutual Fidelity Co, Jersey City Summit av 

Altschuler, Robert Alexander. Pa.Theta 09 insurance, with Inter- 
national Mutual Fidelity Co, Jersey City Summit av 

Briggs, Franklin Frisbee. N.Y.B 06 121 Main 

Dray, Jose M. Pa.Theta 14 Prospect av 

Eurich, Frank, jr. N.Y.A 95 architect Summit av • 

Henderson, Howard M. N.Y.A 10 Prospect av 

Kalbfleisch, Karl H. N.Y.Z 99 treas, Autosales Gum and Chocolate 

McFadden, George H. Pa.Theta 84 physician 281 State 

Saint, Otto Roland. Ohio A 94 broker, 6 Wall, New York City 

Allen, William, 3d. Pa. A 13 26 E Main 

Buchanan, Harlan Lefevre. Pa.L 12 108 Chestnut 

Eaches, Owen Phillips. Pa.G 60 clergyman 

Griesemer, Henry Allison. Pa.G 81 clergyman 

Linville, Edwin H. Pa.Z 80 

Elvins, Thomas C. Mass. A 95 farmer 
High Bridge 

Henry, Willard L, Pa.B 12 

Winters, Herbert D. N.Y.E 91 instr Greek, Pedie Institute 

Bailey, Frank. Pa.Theta 86 319 Park av 

Besson, Samuel Austin. Pa.Theta 70 lawyer 11 12 Bloomfield 

Dillon, Augustus. Mass.A 06 prin school No 3 1007 Garden 

Case, William Wicksham. Pa.G 63 clergyman 

NEW JERSEY— -Hopewell- Morristown 


Imhoff, Charles H. Neb.A 97 banker 

Young, Andrew. Pa.Theta 13 38 Tremont 
Jersey City 

Brown Harold W. N.Y.A 04 62 Kensington av 
Deats, Gilbert Mason. Pa.G 02 lawyer 
Gafafer, William M. R.I.A 14 48 Tievon pi 
Gardner, Charles C. Pa.L 14 584 Jersey av 
Himes, Harper A. Pa.Z 90 154 Magnolia av 
Jaryis, Robert M., jr. Pa.Theta 98 61 Glenwood av 
£ e ii y ' &&?. F " i r - N..YiA* 05 real estate 305 Academy 
Kelly, William D. N.Y.A 08 lawyer 305 Academy 
Landrine, Lawrence B. Pa.Theta 08 
McCrea, Allen C. T. Pa.Z 89 clergyman 
Xorris, George. Pa.B 59 lawyer 71 Atlantic 
Rowland, John T., jr. N.Y.A 90 Commercial Trust bldg 
Kearny 6 

Harold, Edward B. Pa.Theta 06 112 Kearnv av 
Laurel Springs 

Stuart, Kendall D. Pa.L 12 

Rathbone, Henry B. N.Y.E 93 news editor, N Y Journal 

Osier, Frederick B. N.Y.A 13 215 Leonia av 

Cook, Edgar L. N.Y.E 08 clergyman 

Cook, Frank Adelbert. Mass.A 02 sales mgr American Law Book Co 

262 Rosedale av 
Piper, Joseph DuShane. Pa.B 07 clergyman 

Bilhuber, Ernest August. N.Y.G 10 chemist 
Bilhuber, Paul H. N.Y.G 12 with Steinway Piano Co 
Cathcart, William Richard, jr. S.C.A 85 

Morton, John E. Pa.I 93 insurance broker 
Shepard, Edgar A. N.Y.E 87 supt, Atlas Cereal Mfg Co 
Shepard, Henry W. N.Y.E 87 v-pres. Atlas Cereal Mfg Co 

Spear, Edgar B. Pa.Theta 09 Woodbridge av 

Bradley, Herbert Chapman. N.Y.A 97 101 Walnut 

Brown, Arthur Judson, jr. Pa.Theta 03 broker 41 S Willow 

Buchanan, Gilbert. N.Y.E 13 88 Watchung av 

Cocks, Townsend. N.Y.Z 93 treas N J Car Spring and Rubber Co, 

Jersey City 190 Grove 
Covell, William Simpson. N.Y.G 92 architect, 1170 Broadway, New 

l'ork City 
Hole, Charles B. Mich. A 95 banker, New York City 160 Lloyd rd 
Hole, Lemuel H. Mich. A 95 banker, New York City Lloyd rd 
Holmes, Arthur B. N.Y.A 07 architect, New York City 188 Park 
Holmes, Charles S. N.Y.A 06 188 Park 
Jackson, Jacob A. Ohio A 68 mgr Literary Bureau, Mutual Life 

Insurance Co 289 Claremont av 
Kirkpatrick, David T. N.Y.E 14 185 Christopher 
Lawson, William P. N.Y.A 99 7 Oxford 
McDougal, Eric W. N.Y.A 02 106 Clermont av 
Meagher, Edward C. N.Y.G 14 50 Forest 
Trautschold, Reginald. N.Y.A 98 pres Intercontinental Eng Co, 

New York City 90 Upper Mountain av 
Wallace, Dudley W. N.Y.A 09 239 Claremont av 

Haines, Jeremiah. Pa.G 64 farmer 

Field, Roswell Martin. Mo. A 69 journalist 

Morristown-Ocean City— NEW JERSEY 

Shaffer, Roy L. Pa.Z 06 supervisor of schools Bell bldg 

Urmy, Ralph B. Calif. A 84 clergyman 
Mount Holly 

Budd, Harold Hume. N.H.A 11 429 Main 

Tomlinson, Jay B. Mass. A 11 315 Garden 

Philhower, Charles A. Pa.Z 06 
Muliica Hill 

Armstrong, Leslie Mulford. Pa.Theta 07 
New Brunswick 

Gilman, Wesley Alonzo. Mass. A 09 Box 257 

Johnson, Edward Payson. Ind.G 70 clergyman Seminary pi 

Voorhees, Alexander H. Pa.Theta 06 Voorhees Rubber Mfg Co 
18 Livingston av 

Voorhees, John J. Pa.Theta 94 treasurer, Voorhees Rubber Co 
18 Livingston av 

Webb, Ernest H. N.Y.Z 96 president Webb Wire Works 

Webb, Leonard S. N.Y.Z 94 Webb Wire Works 

Wright, Ralph G. N.Y.G 93 prof chem, Rutgers College The Bayard 
New Egypt 

Eckersby, James. Pa.Z 79 clergyman 

Arnold, George K. Pa.Z 04 automobile agent 

Berry, Walter J. Pa.Theta 03 chemist, Fuel Eng Co, N Y 795 
Highland av 

Buehler, Watson Frederick. R.I. A 10 778 S 10th 

Coit, J. Olin. N.Y.B 03 cotton goods broker, 350 Broadway, New 
York City 19 Taylor 

Contrell, Robert G. Pa.Theta 90 physician 

Cook, Robert Dingwell. Pa.Z 01 lawyer 267 High 

Doremus, Goline. Pa.Theta 94 civil engineer 127 Broad 

Ferguson, William M. Pa.Z 02 central office mgr, N. Y. & N. J. 
Telephone Co 388 S nth 

.Flavelle, William. N.Y.E 06 

Gifrord, Percy B. Pa.Theta 95 40 Park pi 

Guthrie, David I. N.Y.E 09 instr, Newark Academy 

Hallagan, Stuart D. N.Y.A 13 33 East av 

Hulse, Samuel^ V. Pa. Eta 13 157 Ouitman 

Jeroloman, Theodore. Ill.A 66 

Mabon, Audley L. Pa.Theta 08 insurance 

McCormick, James E. N.Y.G 05 728 High 

McDougall, Hugh K. N.Y.G 99 N. Y. & N. J. Telephone Co 

Magoun, James A. H., jr. Pa. I 12 76 N 9th 

Marcy, Sherman H. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 48 Maple av 

Parker, Carlton Hall. R.I. A 08 research engineer, Western Electric 
Co 404 Sumner av 

Perrine, Samuel Alden. Ill.B 80 clergyman 164 Elm 

Porter, George W. W. Pa.Theta 81 lawyer 160 Market 

Runyan, William K. Pa.Theta 93 

Slade, Alan A. R.I.A 08 with N Y Tel Co 70s De Graw av 

Smith, Ray M. N.Y.E 05 with Titan Steel Casting Co 

Tuttle, Ernest M. Pa.Theta 08 insurance 268 Sumner av 

Wiedenmayer, Gustave A. Pa.Theta 94 sec G. W. Wiedenmayer, Inc 
517 Clifton av 

Wiedenmayer, Joseph E. Pa.Theta 98 with G. W. Wiedenmayer, 
Inc 596 Market 

Campbell, Leon Abbott. N.Y.E 06 

Newcomb, Walter C. N.Y.E 06 

King, Clarence. Wis. A 06 198 Walnut 

McCoy, Paul. W.Va A 95 lawyer, asst treas Double Valve Vending 
Co, Tribune bldg, New York City 

Page, Washington Edward. N.Y.G lawyer 661 Franklin av 

Tauchert, Emil A. N.Y.Z 93 broker, New York City 50 North rd 
Ocean City 

McAllister, Paul J. Ind.D 09 


NEW JERSEY— Ocean Grove- Rutherford 

Ocean Grove 

Martin, George W. Pa.B 60 real estate 
Ralston, James M. Pa.Z 75 teacher 
Wheeler, Harry F. Mass.A 14 97 y 2 Mt Herman way 

Halstead, Jacob D. N.Y.E 14 

Herben, Stephen Joseph. Ill.A 85 editor 
Laidjaw, Benjamin W. Pa.G 12 63 Snyder 

Flower, Alfred R. N.Y.G 09 

Flower, Walter C. Pa.Theta 13 313 Gregory av 

Bunker, Theodore. Pa. I 93 engineer 188 Ellison 
Fairchild, A. Cecil, jr. Pa.Theta 04 721 E 25th 
Fairchild, Maurice C. Pa.Theta 06 721 E 25th 

Eckersby, Wright. Pa.Z 74 clergyman 
Pen nsg rove 

Ziegler, J. Clayton. Pa.E 90 chief chemist, Du Pont de Nemours 
Powder Co 

Robinson, Henry R. Pa.Z 78 clergyman 
Storer, Alexander. Pa.G 14 

Deats, Walter E. Pa.G 06 lawyer 

Emley, Joseph C. Pa.K 91 mgr Duhrkop Oven Co 312 E 7th 
Harman, John F. Pa.A 63 v-pres Handy & Harmon 505 W 8th 
Patch, Ralph Shattuck. Mass.A 01 instr, high school 
Probasco, Norman Hayes. N.Y.G 96 phys and surg 621 Park av 
Shellabarger, Joseph M. Kas.A 87 lawyer, N Y City 514 W 7th 
Smith, Preston Hopkins. N.Y.E 89 prin Bayonne h s 809 W 5th 
Taylor, Frederick L. N.Y.A 94 28 E 5th 
Weaver, Spencer F. Pa.I 98 

Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler. Pa.E 03 mathematician 
Fetter, Frank Albert. Ind.B 70 prof. Princeton University 
Henderson, Walter B. R.I.A 06 

Machen, John Gresham. Md.A q8 instr in N. T., Theological Semi- 
nary 39 Alexander Hall 
Ruth, Thomas De Coursey. Md.A 05 instructor classics 

Lester, Jay D. N.Y.B 94 teacher 
Red Bank 

Woods, Elmer B. Pa.G 07 principal high school 

Tomlinson, George, jr. Pa.G 66 
Ridgefield Park 

Catlin, Herbert Edgar. Md.A 10 
Holmes, Theodore S. N.Y.A 87 118 Edwin 

Harrison, Samuel. Pa.D 55 

Bowen, William Henry. Pa.I 80 chemist 
Coale, James Sutton. Pa.K 89 manufacturer of fertilizers 
Parrish, Henry C. Pa.K 92 broker 
Roseile Park 

Brown, Charles Herbert. Pa.Theta 97 with Standard Oil, Newark 

219 Chestnut 
Everett, Edward Arthur. Ohio A 09 with missionary educational 

movement 215 Walnut 
Jones, Joseph Alfred. Mass.A 99 dentist 329 Chestnut 

Barnes, John Knox. Pa.L 12 journalist, bond editor, Wall Street 
Journal 92 Wood 


Rutherford- Woodbury— NEW JERSEY 

Bond, Edwin Powell. Pa.K 90 mgr art embroidery novelties 67 
Addison av 

Grier, William A. W. Pa.G 02 

Wistar, Arthur T. Pa.K 05 salesman 

Conover, Howard John. Pa.Z 74 clergyman, M. E. church 
South Orange 

Haskins, Henry Stanley. Pa.Theta 98 v-pres Columbus and Hocking 
Coal and Iron Co 362 Warwick av 

Taylor, Earl W. N.Y.A 96 broker, New York City 343 Hartford rd 
Spring Lake 

Willits, Alphonso A. Ohio B 80 

Fisher, Edmund Frederick. Va.B 14 19 Euclid av 

Neel, Lewis M. Ohio E 06 engr, D. L. & W. R. R. 19 Wood- 
land av 
Toms River 

Whitman, Roswell B. N.Y.E 01 

Bodine. David M., jr. Pa.K 14 15 Carroll 

Breneman, Harry G. Pa.Z 06 Empire Rubber Co 213 E Harrison 

Cook, James Russell. Pa.G 11 1105 W State 

Dilts, Charles H. Pa.I go dentist m 

Green, James Monroe. Pa.Z 74 principal normal school 

Hanks, Clinton T. Pa.G 09 429 Monmouth 

Kennedy, Charles B. Pa.Theta 01 real estate 140 W State 

Mackenzie, Harold O. Pa.Theta 04 State 

Manning, Robert C. Pa.K 89 merchant no Greenwood av 

Minton, Claude L. Pa. A 10 440 Bellevue av 

Mumper, Hewlings. Pa.Z 07 823 W T State 

Mumper, William Norris. Pa.Z 75 physicist 823 W State 

Murray, Charles Edward, jr. N.Y.A 10 237 Greenwood av 

Oliphant, Samuel D. Pa. A 81 lawyer 837 Edgewood av 

Price, Frederic N. Pa.K 01 mgr Electric Porcelain and Mfg Co 
56 Carroll 

Sheppard, Joseph H. Pa.G 61 millwright 

Slack, Leon W. N.Y.A 10 305 Greenwood av 

Walton, Charles H. Pa.K 89 flour merchant 525 S Warren 

Witte, Frederick C. Pa.Theta 02 425 E State 
Upper Montclair 

Cole, George N. Ohio D 86 contractor, 1328 Broadway, N Y City 

Bew, Walter H. Pa.K 13 

Bostwick, Alexander William. N.Y.D 89 clergyman, Episcopal ch 

Moore, Robert B. Pa.A 55 clergyman 

Stearns, William I. Pa.Theta 75 clergyman 

Thompson, Everett Edward. Mass.A 96 with American Book Co, 
New York City 614 Cumberland 

Williams, J. H. A. N.Y.G 04 

Davis. Charles Edward. Pa. Eta 78 druggist 

Howard, John J. Pa.Theta 99 superintendent, blast furnaces 

Pitcher, Albert M. Pa.K 07 with Thomas Mfg Co 


N. M.-N. Y, — Albuquerque- Albany 



Crews, Robert Henry. Va.B 05 lawyer 

Hess, Henry H. Kas.A 98 

Hersperger, Edward A. Pa.B 86 

Dow, Robert C. Va.B 09 lawyer 

Lusk, Aud E. Va.B 15 

Ervien, Robert P. Pa. I 86 merchant 
Cloud Croft 

Trimble, Kelley Walker. Va.B 03 civil engineer 

Dwight, Alfred Richard. Wis. A 05 rancher 
Fort Wingate 

McDonald, Dale F. Neb.A 06 lieut, 20th Infantry, USA 

Ketner, Palmer. Kas.A 84 merchant 
Las Vegas 

Twitchell, Ralph Emerson. Kas.A 77 lawyer 811 Columbia av 

Pelton, Edward F. N.Y.G 01 

Crist, Jacob Haines. Pa.E 74 lawyer and mine owner 

Welsh, Nerval John Ellsworth. Va.A 01 engineer 

Dow, Hiram M. Va.B 06 lawyer 

Hinkle, Rolla R. Va.B 15 402 N Missouri 

Mook, Roy H. Pa.B 00 oil producer 509 N Pennsylvania 

Williams, Frank. Tenn.B 75 

Cutler, John Alexander. Pa.G 94 clergyman 
Santa Fe 

Mead, Ernest J. Wis.G 05 US Forestry Service 

Thomas, Horace Rochester. Ind.G 84 
Silver City 

Downey, David M. Mich.A 11 

Drake, Emmet Addis. Wis. A 81 educator 

Taylor, Irvine. Wis.G 02 



Bickfield, Chauncey Howard. N.Y.A 85 
Mendell, Tonsley C. N.Y.B 11 


Cheney, Lloyd Lyman. N.Y.B 02 editor N Y State Educ Dept, 

editor Shield and Mystic Friend Education bldg 
Deevey, Edward S. N.Y.G 07 school principal 

Hagaman, Charles A. N.Y.B 84 wholesale baker 971 Madison av 
Hager, Charles Stephen. Mass. A 95 clergyman 309 Delaware av 
Nichols, Galen Hamilton. N.Y.B 99 architect S Pine av 
Ross, Robert S. N.Y.B 03 sec New York State Automobile Assoc 


Albany-Briarcliff Manor— NEW YORK 

Watson, William Richard. Minn. A 87 librarian, chief of Educ Ex- 
tension Div State Education Department 

Woese, Fred W. N.Y.B 91 journalist 40 Lancaster 

Coit, Lawrence Stitzer. N.Y.B 03 laywer 257 B'way, New York City 

Shumaker, Frank W. Wis.G 90 Knightwood 

Barkhuff, Raymond Addison. N.Y.E 10 chemist S. Sanford & Sons 

Clemens, Harold Herbert. N.Y.B 13 355 Forest av 

Ferguson, Henry Clay. N.Y.E 10 

Hammond, Walter C. N.Y.E 09 

Smeallie, James D. N.Y.A 11 159 Market 

Voorhees, Enders McClumpha. N.H.A 10 52 Grove 


general manager Business School 

N.Y.E 94 clergyman 

with Oak Knitting Co 

N.Y.D 89 

161 Franklin 

Walker, William 
108 Florida 

Boynton, A. Lincoln. 

J\ ¥*{* £3 r\ & 

Davis, William S. N.Y.B 08 

Lonergon, Clarence A. N.Y.B 84 

Lehman, Ford Ten Eyck. Pa.E 97 

Geddes, Clarence. Pa.G 61 

Davenport, George William. 

Wayt, William B. Va.A 91 

Gladfelter, Carl B. 

Mack, William G. 
Ausable Forks 

Pinney, Samuel N. 

Mercer, Russell S. 
Balston Spa 

Potter, Arthur B. 
Big Indian 

Cruickshank, William Henry. 

Boyce, Charles S. Pa.Theta 1 

Boyce, Edwin Douglas. Pa.Theta 11 446 Chenango 

Clark, Charles S. Pa.Theta 11 Washington 

Crossley, Mumford C. Pa.Theta 14 13 Edward 

Pa.B 87 lawyer 19 Genesee 
Mass.A 02 142 Murray 
Pa.Theta 12 185 Court 

Pa.E 04 superintendent Brick Manufacturing Co 

N.Y.E 94 physician 34 Lewis 
N.Y.B 89 principal high school 
N.Y.B 04 cashier First National Bank 

N.Y.E 87 clergyman 237 Milton av 
N.Y.A 08 

446 Chenango 

Ellsworth, Wilfred W. 
Field, Leonard Dudley. 
Ford, Edward Emmons. 
Gray, Cecil V. N.Y.B 88 
Hagaman, Ray S. N.Y.E 13 6 
Kelly, Daniel James. N.Y.B 96 
Kelley, John Schufelt. N.Y.B < 
Kenyon, John R. Pa.Theta 12 
Parker, Thomas Valentine. 
Welch, Harmon C. N.Y.E 
Wiltbank, Rutledge T., jr. 

Kohler, Francis U. N.Y.Z 


Edgarton, Albert M. N.Y.E 


Martin, John B. N.Y.Z 06 


Coit, Lynde Harrison. 


Bennett, Frank Henry 

Briarcliff Manor 
Wupperman, Frank P. 


superintendent of schools 
8 physician 
[ Truesdale 
Mass.A 96 clergyman 
05 7 Perme 
Pa.G 98 clergyman 

05 clergyman 5 Erwin 

N.Y.B 07 civil engineer 
N.Y.E 87 principal Brewster high school 
N.Y.A 08 


NEW YORK— Brightwaters- Brooklyn 


Cook, William Pierson, jr. N.Y.G 05 with Thompson-Starrett Co, 
51 Wall, New York City 

Gwinn, Ralph W. Ind.A 05 lawyer 

Allen, Russell Hall. Ind.A 06 instr Brooklyn Poly prep school 99 

Avery, Walter. N.Y.G 08 92 2d place 
Bailey, Earl Franklin. N.Y.E 03 360 Fenimore 
Bailey, Joseph Lloyd. N.Y.Z 12 1410 Bedford 
Bailey, Theodore H. N.Y.Z 10 1141 85th 

Baker, Morton Whitlock. Va.A 95 surgeon Brooklyn Navy Yard 
Bamberger, Ira Leo. N.Y.G 72^ lawyer 265 Jefferson av 
Beers, Nathan Thomas, jr. N.Y.Z 93 phys and surg 866 Prospect pi 
Behr, Gustave Edward O. N.Y.Z 98 
Belcher, Edwin Seymour. N.Y.Z 07 46 Livingston 
Bendernagel, James F., jr. N.Y.Z 02 89*4 Division av 
Bennett, George Henry. N.Y.Z 93 mgr Warehouse 287 Garfield pi 
Bergen^ Jacob I. N.Y.Z 99 lawyer, 60 Wall, NYC 129 Pierrepont 
Blackman, William Jackson. N.Y.A 13 519 Clinton av 
Bonynge, Paul. N.Y.Z 93 lawyer, 49 Wall, NYC 104 Gates av 
Bonsfield, Harold W. N.Y.A 04 1493 Pacific 
Bristol, Percy Winans. N.Y.Z 00 433 3d 

Bristow, Walter Melville. N.Y.Z 99 civil engineer 18 Polhemus av 
Broadbent, Philip H. N.Y.Z 06 consulting chem 415 Washington av 
Broadhurst, William Channing. N.Y.Z 02 elec engr 119 Cortelyou rd 
Brommer, J. Frederick. N.Y.G 94 sec Consolidated Dental Mfg Co 

183 Hooper 
Browne, Edward K. Mass.A 06 engr N Y Tel Co 547 Clinton av 
Buechner, Carl August. N.Y.Z 04 salesman 225 83d 
Bultman, Henry Dick. N.Y.G 91 pres Consolidated Dental Mfg Co 

144 Hewes 
Butler, Edwin Ruthvin. Va.A 08 1236 Dean 
Carey, Thomas Fortune. N.Y.Z 05 232 Vernon av 
Clark, George F. Pa.G 1884 physician Decatur 
Clark, Henry Ruppertz. N.Y.Z 10 413 E 17th 
Cosby, Halcourt Townes. Va.A 08 369^2 Jefferson av 
Cotter, Harold Fiske. N.Y.E 10 with N Y Tel Co 1196 Fulton 
Cummings, Arthur Roland. N.Y.G 193 Berkeley place 
Curtin, Frederick J. Wis. A 09 mgr Fruit Juice Co 254 36th 
Darrow, Floyd La Verne. Pa.B 05 teacher 99 Livingston 
Dassori, Fred H. N.Y.Z 00 229 Harrison 
Day, Charles Stephen, jr. N.Y.G 13 113 McDonough 
Day, Selby James. N.Y.G 13 113 McDonough 

Dempsey, Walter Archibald. 111. A 87 Quartermaster's dept, Gover- 
nor's Island 255 Patchen av 
D'Esterre, Louis. N.Y.Z 03 milliner 236 Meserole 
D'Esterre, William H. N.Y.Z 03 236 Meserole 
Dexter, William Vail. N.Y.Z 11 1268 81st 
Divine, Walter Ever. N.Y.E 10 408 8th av 
Dowd, John Edwin. N.H.A 97 chemist 1098 Lincoln_ place 
Downs, Daniel Frederick. N.Y.Z 97 banking 152 St. John's place 
Downs, Herbert Spencer. N.Y.Z 94 mfr 152 St. John's place 
Downs, Ira B. N.Y.Z 98 salesman 563 Flatbush av 
Extance, William L., jr. N.Y.A 14 703 Madison 
Ferguson, Clarence P. N.Y.Z 02 Ocean Parkway and Av N 
Ferguson, Cornelius. N.Y.Z 01 22d and Bath 
Fleming, C. Norris. Pa.L 13 129 S Oxford 
Fongera, E., jr. N.Y.Z 03 425 8th 

Foss, Calvin W. N.H.A 96 reference lib'n Brklyn Pub Lib 91 Clark 
Fowler, Royale H. N.Y.A 07 physician 280 Jefferson av 
Fox, William Henry. Pa. I. 78 dir Brooklyn Museum of Fine Arts 
Gale, Alexander B. N.Y.Z 97 broker 140 Henry 
Gibson, Arthur Edward. N.Y.A 14 147 Linden av 
Gibson, Edwin T. N.Y.A 04 lawyer, 239 B'way, N Y 100 Sterling pi 


Brooklyn— NEW YORK 

Gibson, Robert W. N.Y.Z 08 147 Linden av 

Gissel, Henry W. N.Y.G 00 Keep 

Gluck, Carl R. N.Y.Z 01 402 Hart 

Goddard, F. M. N.Y.Z 09 

Golden, William E. Ind.B 85 instr Brklyn Polytech Prep 155 Willow 

HackstafT, Frederick W. N.Y.A 03 1244 Union 

Halsted, Gilbert C. N.Y.A 10 308 Washington av 

Halsted, Harold C. N.Y.A 10 308 Washington av 

Hamlin, Fred Erastus. N.Y.D 88 physician 284 New York av 

Hanbury, Harry T. N.Y.Z 07 4700 6th av 

Hawkins, Glen. Pa.B 96 178 Remsen 

Heaslys, John W. Mass. A 26 Hinckley place 

Hecht, Edward C. Pa.E 86 merchant 295 Schermerhorn 

Holthusen, Harry F. N.Y.G 11 684 Madison 

Hopkins, Charles Thomas. Mass. A 01 175 Remsen 

Korton, Edward E. N.Y.Z 07 actor 316 Carlton av 

Horton, Winter Davis. Pa. I 13 316 Carlton av 

Howe, James R., jr. N.Y.Z 98 188 S 9th 

Humphreys, Chauncy H. Ohio A 83 203 Montague 

Humpstone, John. Pa.G 69 clergyman 221 Ryerson 

Ingersoll, Henry I. N.H.A 11 with Patron's Paint Co 876 Park pi 

Jahn, Harry R. Pa.Theta 07 with Grasselli Chem Co 717 Ocean av 

Jenkins, Manford M. N.Y.E 05 teacher 120 Warwick 

Johnson, Walter D. Va.A 90 clergyman 326 Clinton 

Jones, Frederick B. N.Y.E 94 instr Boys' high school 135 Warwick 

Jones, Sidney W. N.Y.Z 03 274 Henry 

Jones, Theodore C. N.Y.Z 08 278 6th av 

Journay, Henry Perine. N.Y.Z 01 280 Washington av 

Keegan, Claude Waldo. N.Y.E 07 E 85th and av F 

Kennedy, John David. N.Y.D 81 clergyman 300 Brooklyn av 

Kesler, Selwyn White. N.Y.B 06 with N Y Tel Co 1410 Bedford av 

Klement, Albert E. N.Y.Z 11 523 3d 

Kiingberg, Emanuel C. N.Y.Z 01 139 Nevins 

Knoop, Samuel M. Ind.B 91 717 E 18th 

Koch, Harry P. N.Y.Z 08 612 Ocean av 

Krafft, Walter H. N.Y.Z 827 Nostrand 

Landolt, Percy E. N.Y.G 10 685 Ditmas av 

Langeman, C. H. N.Y.Z 97 276 Berkeley pi 

Langspecht, Harry T. Mass. A 11 461 Ovington av 

Lathrop, Edward F., jr. N.Y.Z 03 632 Willoughby av 

Leberton, Henry G. N.Y.Z 98 61 Poplar 

Lertik, Howard W. N.Y.Z ^93 375 Manhattan 

Leslie, Edward A. N.Y.Z 05 262 Hancock 

Lindon, Howard C. N.Y.G 93 161 Keap 

McCarty, George M. N.Y.Z 02 301 Putnam av 

McConnell, Henry T. N.Y.Z 93 theatrical producer 115 S Elliott pi 

McGonigal, Ethel M. N.Y.A 90 mgr financial reporting, N Y Sun 

547 Fourth 
Macklin, George T. Pa.Z 07 instr Euclid school 1052 Lincoln place 
MacMurray, David A. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 234 Linden av 
Matheson, George W. N.Y.G 11 609 Nostrand av 
Melendez, Daris. N.Y.Z 10 19 Linden av 
Mertens, Robert E. N.Y.G 15 56 Hamilton terrace 
Middleton, Cornelius W. N.Y.A 12 1300 Union 
Mills, Edwin Stuart. N.Y.B 02 with N Y Tel Co 212 Park av 
Minton, Ogden. N.Y.A 04 engineer 186 Washington park 
Mitchell, Robert W. N.Y.Z 03 1820 Bay 15th 
Moore, Paul O. N.Y.Z 95 151 Remsen 
Miiller, Alfred. N.Y.Z 95 62 Cambridge place 
Murphy, James E. N.Y.Z 00 Fort Hamilton av and 85th 
Nash, William R. R.I. A 06 with N Y Tel Co 478 Montgomery 
Newcomb, Charles H. N.Y.G 97 750 St. Mark's av 
Newell, Leonard R. Ohio A 09 foreman Paper Box Co 333 4th 
Nichols, Charles W. N.Y.Z 93 chemist 406 Clinton av 
Nichols, William H., jr. N.Y.G 92 mgr Gen Chem Co, NY 361 

Clinton av 


NEW YORK— Brooklyn. Brushton 

Norman, George S. N.Y.Z 06 mgr Drug & Chem Works 93 Monroe 

Norton, Robert C. N.Y.G 10 950 Ocean av 

O'Rourke, James F. N.Y.Z 05 sec J. H. O'Rourke Co 337 45th 

Otto, Carl L. N.Y.G 97 architect 1052a Sterling pi 

Parks, George W. N.Y.E 88 mfr and importer 185 Macon 

Pate, Carlton O. N.Y.Z 95 insurance broker 1129 Dean 

Payne, Henry E. N.Y.Z 06 clergyman 176 St. Nicholas av 

Peacock, Chester J. N.Y.Z 08 electrical engineer 327 Quincy 

Peters, Andrew, jr. N.Y.G 09 physician 291 Hancock 

Pineres, Henry. N.Y.Z 10 127 Prospect place 

Pineres, William. N.Y.Z 10 127 Prospect place 

Piatt, Jones H. N.Y.Z 05 655 Jefferson av 

Putnam, Charles C, jr. N.Y.Z 94 498 Westminster road 

Rapelje, Walter S. N.Y.Z 00 analytical chem U S Navy Yard 568 

Jamaica, av 
Raymond, John W. Pa.K 10 194 Berkeley place 
Read, John Sturdivant. Va.G 94 physician 228 Clinton 
Remsen, John T. N.H.A 10 engineer 1 Remsen place 
Rhoades, John H. N.Y.Z 94 mgr N Y News Co, NYC 168 1 James pi 
Robinson, Herbert J. N.Y.Z 00 civil engr 315 Hawthorne 
Roessel, Louis C. H. N.Y.A 05 engineer 319 Lafayette av 
Ross, James D. N.Y.Z 09 568 Nostrand 

Sartorius, August M. N.Y.Z 03 chemist 184 Washington park 
Sartorius, Herman Uhl. N.Y.Z 06 184 Washington park 
Sartorius, Otto W. N.Y.G 01 tobacco business 184 Washington pk 
Sawyer, Allen F. Mass. A 08 406 Ovington av 
Schentz, Erick. N.Y.Z 10 632 Genesee av 
Schmid, John H. N.Y.A 14 238 Decatur 
Schmid, Ralph H. N.Y.A 08 238 Decatur 

Sheldon, Harry M. N.Y.E 97 civil engr Public Serv Com 168 State 
Sherman, Frederick T., jr. N.Y.Z 94 25 Garden place 
Skeele, Otis C. N.Y.B 92 teacher 1400 Clinton av 
Sloan, Augustus K. N.Y.A 04 wireless tel engr 275 Washington av 
Smith, George Tucker. Va.A 83 surgeon USN US Naval Hospital 
Smith, Gibson. N.Y.E 08 Bedford av Y M C A 
Spelman, Harry. N.Y.Z 02 196 8th av 
Swain, Edwin Orlando. Ind.A 04 345 Clinton av 
Swentzel, Henry A. Pa.Eta 69 clergyman 528 Clinton av 
Takami, Toyohiko. Pa.Theta 88 physician 182 High 
Tag, Albert H. N.Y.Z 05 243 Hancock 
Taylor, Allen L. N.Y.Z 07 101 Keep 

Tiebout, Cornelius H. N.Y.Z 96 glass manufacturer 921 Lincoln pi 
Tieste, Louis E. Pa.B 77 physician 65 S Portland 
Towne, Arthur W. Mass. A 97 supt Brooklyn Soc for Prevention of 

Cruelty to Children 105 Schermerhorn 
Turner, Henry C. Pa.K oo contr engr 26 Garden 
Ughetta, Pompeo J. C. N.Y.Z 08 652 Flatbush av 
Underhill, John Garrett. N.Y.Z 93 Hotel St. George 
Vandewater, William W., jr. N.Y.Z 09 72 Hart 
Weidman, Anton. N.Y.G 99 brewer 73 S 9th 
Weidman, Otto William. N.Y.G 00 brewer 317a Halsey 
Weidmann, Oscar O. N.Y.Z 05 866 Park place 
Weiser, Raymond G. N.Y.Z 11 173 Bainbridge 
Whitaker,. Earl F. N.H.A 97 purchasing agt J. H. Williams & Co 

7815 Fourth av 
Williams, Albert B. N.Y.A 02 855 Carroll 
Williams, Bryan G. Miss. A 89 physician 
Williams, Lawrence B. N.Y.A 10 855 Carroll 
Wilson, Harlan G. Pa.A 88 50 Bergen 

Wilson, William W. W. Pa.Z 73 clergyman 466 De Kalb av 
Wood, George C. N.Y.B 96 instr biology Boys' h s 798 Lincoln pi 
Woodhull, Gilbert B. N.Y.A 97 518 Hamilton av 
Wooley, Daniel M. Pa.Z 68 physician 76 Clarkson av 
Wurster, Frederick W., jr. N.Y.Z 99 manufacturer 12 W 44th 
Zoebisch, Alfred T. N.Y.Z 03 elec engineer Mansion House 

Daly, Dennis Darius. N.Y.B 99 

Buffalo- Carf&seraga— -NEW YORK 


Bales, Marion Timberlake. Pa.B 62 

Ball, Charles Hubbard. N.Y.B 88 

Bissell, Fred O. N.Y.A 87 lawyer no Pearl 

Boyd, Hugh, jr. N.Y.Z 01 with Lackawanna Steel Co 45 W Mohawk 

Brewster, Henry B. N.Y.A 94 , consulting engineer, H. S. Kerbaugh 

Bugbee, Kenneth Carpenter. N.Y.E 12 261 Lexington av 
Burhyte, Egbert Lamonte. N.Y.E 07 physician 948 Washington 
Carrick, Caleb Russell. N.Y.E 10 245 West av 
Case, Homer Franklin. N.Y.E 12 919 West av 
Cherry, Harold M. N.Y.E 14 876 West av 
Coatsworth, Reuben Heber. N.Y.D 85 lawyer 
Conlon, William Thomas. Ind.D 15 721 Ashland av 
Danziger, Henry, jr. N.Y.B 88 lawyer 
Dewey, Edwin R. Ohio A 13 67 Highland av 
Donovan, William Joseph. N.Y.G 03 lawyer 74 Prospect av 
Dresser, Horace W. N.Y.Z 95 sec Commonwealth Trust Co 389 

Linwood av 
Dwyer, Louis Richard. N.H.A 06 72 Niagara 
Eighmy, Lee W. Pa.B 88 civil engineer 27 St. James place 
Fish, Fernando Temple. Pa.B 04 civil engineer 
Frost, Carl G. Mass. A 10 489 Plymouth av 
Gates, Edwin Nakum. Ohio E 08 with B. F. Goodrich 
Harris, William Lafayette. N.Y.B 84 instr Central lis 771 Bird av 
Hartel, William. N.Y.B 89 instr Lafayette h s 859 Richmond av 
Hurrell, Arthur S. N.Y.B 00 prin Tech h s 333 Auburn av 
Kahle, Albert W. Pa.B 77 physician _ 585 Elmwood 
Kahle, Raymond F. Pa.B 14 182 Lexington av 
Kahle, Richard B. Pa.B 10 585 Elmwood av 

Lord, Jay W. N.Y.G 11 with Prince Motor Car Co 155 York 
Manges, Monroe. Ohio G 85 physician 508 Brisbane bldg 
Mason, Charles W., jr. N.Y.A 01 1st lieut 29th Infantry, Fort Porter 
May, Ralph G. N.Y.E 13 290 Depew av 
Merritt, Harry Eugene. N.Y.B 01 salesman 51 Essex 
Middleton, James. N.Y.B 99 695 West av 
Mitchell, Harry B. N.Y.A 87 85 Lexington av 
Nevins, Hugh. Pa.Theta 95 with Lackawanna Steel Co 
Phillips, Harvey E. Ohio D 91 real estate 34 Manchester place 
Piper, Peter F. N.Y.B 85 teacher 851 Richmond 
Pottinger, George. N.Y.B 01 90 Moss av 
Powell, Samuel W. Pa.Theta 74 679 Auburn 
Prince, Sidney W. N.Y.E 14 115 Lancaster 
Purdy, Andrew J. Mich. A 92 lawyer 108 Highland av 
Randall, Walter R. N.Y.E 98 clerk 353 Masten 
Schilling, Frederick E. N.H.A 04 312 Prudential bldg 
Smith, Wilbur H. N.Y.A 85 publisher 28 Lawrence place 
Sparfield, Lawrence J. N.Y.E 13 175 St. James 
Stinson, Joe E. Ind.D 10 57 Dorchester rd 
Storms, Chelsea L. N.Y.E 02 dentist 232 Connecticut 
Sykes, Roy O. N.Y.B 09 490 Richmond av 

Talkes, Louis Nelson. Ohio E 07 dist mgr U S Light & Heat Co 
Templeton, Earl R. N.Y.E 10 190 15th 
Templeton, Harry Rodgers. N.Y.B 89 96 Chenango 
Templeton, Irving R. N.Y.B 00 lawyer 466 W Ferry 
Templeton, Richard H. N.Y.B 95 lawyer 466 W Ferry 
Upson, Henry T. Ind.A 91 pres Pease Oil Co 576 Potomac 


Annin, James Campbell. Ohio E 07 electrician 


Leonard, Walter A. N.Y.E 90 physician 


Butterfield, Cassius Folts. N.Y.E 04 teacher 


Cribb, Fred Douglass. N.Y.B 00 lawyer 120 Park 


Hampton, Willis Herbert. N.Y.A 85 

NEW YORK— Canisteo-Edmeston 


Latham, Joseph C. N.Y.B 95 publisher 23 W Main 

Roger, Edward A. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 

Adams, George Arthur. N.H.A 96 lawyer Chapel 

Ryder, Stephen. N.Y.A 85 

Howe, Sherman L. N.Y.E 88 principal high school 20 James 

Reeder, Charles J. Pa.B 94 cash, Nat Exchange Bank 210 State 

Stubbs, Robert N. Pa.B 61 clergyman 

Terry, Daniel W. 111. A 88 prof Latin and Greek, Cazenovia Sem 

Saunderson, Frank W. N.Y.Z 07 

Owen, James Henry. N.Y.A 69 
Cherry Valley 

Burlingame, Menzo. N.Y.B 86 principal high school 

Hitchcock, Charles H. Mass. A 12 

Buck, Harry C. N.Y.E 99 lawyer 

Sykes, William Clyde. N.Y.B 05 with Emporium Forestry Co 

Maxon, Mark E. Mass. A 10 60 Greenbush 

Sornberger, Frank S. N.Y.B 02 physician 

Ver Nooy, Lester C. Mass. A 12 50 Port Watson 

Wiltsie, George H. Mass. A 10 40^ N Church 

Houston, Hough. W.Va.A 91 clergyman 
De Kalb 

Landon, Lyndon H. N.Y.E 05 physician 

Pearce, William E. N.Y.B 11 

Youmans, Frederick W. N.Y.A 97 lawyer 

Trubee, John H. Pa.Theta 14 

Law, William C. N.Y.E 93 
Dobbs Ferry 

Mackenzie, James Cameron. Pa.Theta 75 director McKenzie School 

McLaughlin, Nathaniel D. N.Y.E 10 instr, McKenzie School 

Hallowell, Charles Shreve. Pa.K 90 F, W. Dodge Co, N Y City 
Dover Plains 

Matthews, Bayard. Mass. A 95 principal high school 

Jones, Henry Van Liew. N.Y.A 69 

Coe, Walker P. C. Va.E 77 

Metz, Allen L. N.Y.ii 93 mgr National Biscuit Co 

Wirtner, William Richard. R.I. A 12 
Eagle Mills 

Edwards, William H. N.Y.B 86 clergyman 

Stradling, Frank. N.Y.E 96 physician N Main 
East Onondaga 

Hine, Josiah B. N.Y.B 89 real estate 
East Rochester 

Lewis, Irving B. N.Y.E 87 treas Brainerd Mfg Co 
East Springfield 

Gray, George W. N.Y.B 88 

Powell, Enoch. N.Y.E 89 clergyman 

EllenviHe-Geneva— NEW YORK 


Cooley, William 0. N.Y.B 12 

Thompson, Rollin Walton. N.YT.E 04 principal high school 

Smythe, David W. N.Y.G 99 broker, Thompson-Towle Co, N Y City 

Hays, Harry Herbert. N.Y.E 05 lawyer 718 W 1st 

Moorehouse, William G. Ohio G physician 
Elmira Heights 

Chapel, Linn Sanford. N.Y.E 01 coal merchant 214 Birchwood av 

Irish, George Meriweather. N.Y.D 81 

Piatt, Clarence A. N.Y.E 09 with Sanitary Can Co 
Far Rockaway 

Gilroy, Arthur S. N.Y.G 02 advertiser Sea View av 

Hallenbeck, Berger Quitman. Pa.E 73 

Jewell, Charles J. N.Y.B 95 dentist 

Kessler, Don H. Mass. A 14 
Findley Lake 

Brookmire, Mill Ivan. Pa.B 14 

Van Benschotten, Jay M. N.Y.B 13 

Dempsey, Albert Young. N.Y.E 04 insurance 1 Wilson av 

Johnson, Herbert Brightwell. Mass.A 10 327 Lincoln 

Osterkamp, Fritz E. Mass.A 10 129 Barclay 

Reinhart, Charles S. Pa. I 05 

Rowell, Edward S. N.Y.Z 09 241 E Kingsbridge rd 
Forest Lawn 

Glasser, Frank C. Ind.D 05 contractor 
Fort H. G. Wright 

Bosley, John Roberts. Md.A 96 captain, Medical Corps, USA 
Fort Plain 

Heller, Frank. Ohio B 95 

Heller, John F. Ohio B 95 
Fort Terry 

Frick, A. G. Pa.L 12 lieutenant, USA 

Walsh, Raycroft. N.Y.G 10 second lieutenant, USA 

Fay, Floyd C, jr. R.I.A 14 

Fay, William M. R.I.A 14 

Heifer, Philetus M. N.Y.B 95 with George Junior Republic 

Squyer, Frank S. N.Y.E 96 clergyman 

Deuel, George Payson. N.Y.B 84 paint contractor 303 Erie 

Galusha, Irving. N.Y.E 99 journalist 

Jennings, Albert T. N.Y.B 99 lawyer 212 Park 

Peck, Charles L. N.Y.B 91 clergyman 
Garden City 

Boardman, Andrew Hunt, N.Y.G 98 insurance 

Bush, Archibald Burrill. N.Y.Z 96 sec Bush Bldg Co 

Kendall, Edward Gridley. Pa.G 93 

Proffitt, Charles Calvin. N.Y.D 81 clergyman 

Bean, Charles Danford. N.Y.D 85 lawyer 

Brennan, James Walter. Wis. A o=; city engineer 310 Castle 

Bullock. Charles Frank. N.Y.E 08" dentist 

German, Montgomery Weaver. N.Y.D 90 

Parker, Evans Stanton. N.Y.D 91 

Van Sackett, Gary. N.Y.B 84 lawyer 

NEW YORK— Geneva- Ithaca 

Whitwell, Francis William. N.Y.D 88 

Winters, Walter P. N.Y.E 91 physician 40 Park pi 

Peckham, Newton R. N.Y.B 85 lawyer 
Glen Cove 

Seaman, William L. Pa.K 11 

Esterbrooks, Francis Eugene. N.Y.D 81 
Glens Falls 

Bennett, Walter Scott. N.Y.E 97 physician 

Kingston, Earl J. N.Y.B 11 52 Grove av 

Mamvell, Augustine P. Mass. A 95 clergyman 37 E Fulton 

Shaw, Richard F. N.Y.B 13 102 Prospect 

Babcock, Earl Byron. N.Y.E 12 152 Elmton 

Bowman, Charles Howard. N.Y.E 13 32 Gordon 

Bowman, Leon Cross. N.Y.E 05 

Mason, James Leo. N.Y.E 13 238 W Main 

Arthur, Daniel Houston. Ohio B 79 superintendent, hospital 
Great Neck 

Andrews, J. Charles. Pa.K 92 reinforced construction, 11 Broadway 

Schenck, Clifford R. Pa.G 12 

Bennett, George Lionel. N.Y.E 96 principal Hamilton high school 

Holden. Stephen. N.Y.E 96 lawyer 

Lahey, John A. N.Y.E 06 asst prof of chem, Colgate University 

MacDonnell, William Leo. N.Y.E 12 

Miller, Emmett C. N.Y.E 97 

Keator, Beverley. N.Y.G 08 

Daniels, Charles Spencer, N.Y.E 87 clergyman 
Hartwick Seminary 

Hiller, George B. Ohio B 86 asst prin, Hartwick Seminary 
Hastings -on -Hudson 

Norton, Karl B. N.Y.B 08 with Zinsser & Co 

Klein, Edwin B. N.Y.B 12 

Dyer, Walter A. Mass. A 96 author 65 Greenwich 

Powell, Henry R. N.Y.A 11 

Van Vranken, John K. N.Y.Z 99 real estate Fulton 

MacLellan, Robert I. N.Y.E 89 real estate 314 Church 

Norris, Ralph T. N.Y.E 99 farmer 
Holland Patent 

Lisle. David B. N.Y.E 01 principal high school 

Roberts, William N. N.Y.E 08 

Maxson, John Stevens, Mass. A 09 18 Clinton 
Honeoye Falls 

Shuart, Karl P. Ill.B 06 

Luckenbach, Elmer S. Ohio B 88 lawyer 510 Union 

Speed, Sherwood B. N.Y.E 11 430 E Allen 
Hudson Falls 

Kelley, Ralph J. N.Y.G 12 63 Maple 

Carpenter, Henry Gay. N.Y.A 88 lumber and coal 502 E Seneca 

Dixon, John Edward. N.Y.A 11 515 W Seneca 

Ford, Allen W. Wis.G 12 3 Garden av 

Hayes, Alfred, jr. Pa.G 91 prof law, Cornell University 

Horton, Henry Pomeroy. Ohio D 87 clergyman 

Hulbert, Edwin H. N.Y.A 87 310 E Buffalo 


Ithaca-Mamaroneck— NEW YORK 

McMahon, James. N.Y.A 86 prof mathematics, Cornell University 
7 Central av 

Merritt, Ernest G. N.Y.A 85 physicist, prof physics, Cornell Univ 

Murdock, Carleton C. N.Y.E 03 instr physics, Cornell University 

Richmond, Edward Avery. N.H.A 08 316 Fall Creek Drive 

Townsend, Abram R. N.Y.A 70 pres Mexican Investment Co 407 
N Geneva 

Townsend, Russel E. N.Y.A 04 408 N Geneva 

Ferguson, John Maxwell. N.Y.G 10 69 Clinton av 

Houston, John Jay Lafayette. Pa. I 91 

Appleyard, Albert Edward. Pa.B 95 asst cashier Farmers and Mer- 
chants Bank 29 Foote av 

Appleyard, Francis Joseph. Pa.B 96 supt textile business 5 Crane 

Cook, Pearl Gordon. N.Y.B 99 

Corwin, Merton Polydore. Mass. A 07 114 Van Buren 

Hotchkiss, Walter W. Pa.B 81 oculist and aurist 195 Forest av 

Livingston, Alfred T. Pa.B 67 physician 

Pickard, Alonzo C- Pa.B 60 

Pickard, Ray F. Pa.B 91 lawyer 312 Crossman 

Nevinger, Frederick J. N.Y.E 95 teacher 

Park, Harry M. Pa.E 98 
Kings Park 

Haviland, Clarence Floyd. N.Y.B 94 physician State Hospital 

Codwise, George W. N.Y.Z 08 City Hall 

Edinger, McDonald Low. R.I. A 11 51 W Chester 

Hutton, Frank E. Pa,Theta 06 22 Second av 
Lake Placid 

Brewster, Myron Remembrance. N.Y.B 13 

Dike, Otis Arundah. N.Y.E 88 clergyman Main 

I 3nc3SteP 

Heller, William L. N.Y.B 96 merchant 

Perrin, Howell C. N.Y.G 92 real estate, N Y City Howell Park 
Laurel Hill 

Martin, Oliver C. Ind.B 99 chemist, Nichols Copper Co 

Truby, Ralph A. Ohio An teacher 

Reddich, Claude. N.Y.B 03 v-pres National Surety Co 28 Lake 

Colegrove, Lawrence W. Pa.B 76 farmer 

Kinsey, Tohn H. N.Y.B 93 teacher 
Little Falls 

Callahan, Eugene B. N.Y.E 02 25 Jackson 

Hawkins, Adrian C. N.Y.E 03 

Hose, Titus S. N.Y.E 09 

McElroy, Fred W. Pa.B 92 contractor 226 Niagara 

Thistlewaite, Charles J. N.Y.A 76 

Ashley, Herman. Pa.B 02 physician 

Shufelt, Floyd G. N.Y.E 92 dep collect U S customs 120 W Main 

Gedney, Austin H. N.Y.G 13 49 Beach av 

German, Frank Flood. N.Y.D 86 clergyman, St Thomas church 103 
Prospect av 

Smith, William Harvey, jr. N.Y.G 04 lawyer, White Plains 30 
Melbourne av 

Waterbury, Charles Harold. N.Y.G 08 with Paper Trade Journal, 
New York City 24 Mt Pleasant av 


NEW YORK— Manhasset-New Brighton 


Neisley, Charles M. Pa.Theta 82 physician 

Clark, John Clarence. N.Y.E 11 

Craine, Robert Wallace. N.Y.E 99 instructor St John's School 

Hollenbeck, Albert H. N.Y.B 96 

Bridges, Guy Grove. N.Y.E 08 

Carton, Raymond Henry. N.Y.E 04 

Hall, Henry Monroe. N.H.A 00 asst supt, Aluminum Co of America 

Russell, Ernest B. N.Y.E 05 
Massena Springs 

Sullivan, Harry R. N.Y.E 10 

Sullivan, Thomas T. N.Y.E 10 

Scofield. William H. Pa.B 89 lawyer 

Scott, Charles T. Pa.B 83 

Barry, Carl S. N.Y.B 08 dist mgr Standard Oil Co 521 W Center 

Paddock, Frank A. N.Y.B 87 

Cook, Allen Thompson. N.Y.B 07 

Haight, Andrew Henry. N.Y.Z 92 civil engineer 

Haight, Clifford L. N.Y.B 04 principal high school 

Babb, Horatio L. Ohio E 06 

Simonson, W. N.Y.Z 09 

Vickery, Charles Rowe. N.Y.B 94 
Montour Falls 

McKeg, Joseph S. N.Y.E 01 merchant 

Steele, Earl Stoyell. N.Y.B 13 

Crawford, James Grover. N.Y.B 09 
Mount Morris 

Braman, Charles F. N.Y.E 87 asst cashier Genesee River Nat Bank 
Mount Pleasant 

Holcomb, Ledyard C. N.Y.D 81 
Mount Vernon 

Biddle, Clement M. Pa.K 92 treas Biddle Purchasing Co, N Y City 

Blanchard, Maurice Alvah. N.Y.B 05 manufacturer of insecticides 
311 Egmont av 

Bowman, Charles Lewis. N.Y.A 08 104 Franklin av 

Bragg, Edward Homer. N.Y.G 13 443 E 4th 

Capron, Arthur Banfield, N.Y.E 04 mfr surgical appliances 352 
Franklin av 

Fuller, Frederick Myron. N.Y.B 05 civil engr 250 S 1st av 

Hoadley, Arthur G. Pa.K 98 constr supt Turner Const Co 565 E 3d 

Ide, Herbert C. Mass. A 95 clergyman 51 S 14th 

Jeffrey, Grenville. Pa.L 12 Edgwood av Aubyn Manor 

Nicholson. Walter C. N.Y.E 02 instr Greenwich (Conn) high school 
134 N 6th av 

Preuss, Pelton G. N.Y.G 223 High 

Smith, David L. N.Y.B 06 with Liquid Carbonic Co, New York 
City 122 Washington 

Webb, Charles Chamberlain. Ia.D 82 teacher 312 S Second av 

Mahin, Harold J. la. A 97 with O. J. Jude Co, New York City 
New Brighton 

Hart, C. A., jr. Pa.G 04 civil engineer 

Van Voorhis, Barton W. N.Y.G 94 


New Carthage-New York— NEW YORK 

New Carthage 

Atterson, James Andrew. Ohio E 09 

New Lebanon 

Cox, Harry Wallace. N.Y.A 08 

New Rocheile 

Bender, Harry K. ISJ.Y.E 91 lawyer, 96 Wall, N Y City 26 Guion 
De Klyn, Cha'rles Campbell. N.Y.G 01 physician 7 Brookside pi 
Helmrich, George L. N.Y.G 06 8 Franklin av 

Van Deusen, Leon W. N.Y.B 08 lawyer, New York City Hubert 
pi, Halcyon Park * 

New York City 

Abraham, Owen Evans. Pa.G 86 lawyer 15 Wall 

Adams, Thomas Evarts. N.H.A 97 mgr Lancia Co 120 W 85th 

Adams, William Herbert. N.Y.G 00 lawyer 129 W 85th 

Aitken, John W., jr. N.Y.A 05 auto business 227 Riverside Drive 

Allen, Harry. Va.B 73 broker 32 Beaver 

Allen, Martin Whitney. Calif. B 11 accountant 61 Broadway 

Allender, Charles Henry. D.C.A 92 

Anderson, George Breckenbridge. Pa.B 91 66 Worth 

Anderson, John I. Ill.G 79 pi'es Selehow & Righter Co 620 B'way 

Anderson, Raymond S. N.Y.Z 07 99 John 

Andrews, Charles N. Pa.K v pres Turner Construction Co 11 B'way 

Annin, Harry K. Ohio E 07 gen mgr Nat Lamp Wks, Gen Elec Co 

234 W 120th 
Apezteguia, Julio Jose. N.Y.G 04 with W. R. Grace & Co 1 Han- 
over sq 
Appel, John W., jr. Pa. Eta 03 with J. Wanamaker 24 Gramercy pk 
Apple, Joseph H. Pa.Eta 88 mgr Wanamaker's Riverside Drive and 


Armstrong, David Wilson. Ky.A 65 lawyer Hotel Marseilles 

Arrighi, Antonio Andrea. Ohio A 62 clergyman 395 Broome 

Arthur, John B. la. A 10 1 Chelsea square 

Atkins, Arthur B. D.C.A 73 lawyer 281 Amsterdam av 

Atkinson, Lloyd Hardy. Kas.A 94 in Broadway 

Atteridge, Harold R. Ill.B 04 comedy writer Winter Garden Theatre 

Ayers, James Monroe. N.Y.A 07 246 W 129th 

Aymar, Edward Brandt. Pa. I 07 real estate 141 Broadway 

Baker, George David. Ind.B 87 with A. B. Leach & Co. 149 B'way 

Baker, W alter Trainer. Pa.K 07 supt Turner Constr Co 454 W 55th 

Ball, William Burnham. N.Y.A 10 250 W 78th 

Bamman, Frankle George. N.Y\G 02 557 W 124th 

Bang, Richard Theodore. N.Y.G 72 phys and surgeon 139 W nth 

Bangs, George Harold. N.Y.Z 05 mechanical engr 431 W i62d 

Barber, William Alexander. S.C.A 85 lawyer 165 Broadway 

Barnes, William I. G. N.Y.G 74 

Barrett, Albert Lawrence. N.Y.G n with Ridpath Lyceum Bureau 

Henri ct, 312 W 4.8th 
Baxter, Lewis La Teurette. Tenn.D 03 civil engr 17 Gramercv pk 
Beal, Reynolds. ^ N.Y.A 87 artist 318 W 57th 
Beardsley, Sterling Sherman. N.Y.Z 97 345 W 74th 
Beers, Clarence Hawley. N.Y.D 86 
Bell, George Huston. Va.A 95 phys in W 43d 
Benjamin, Gilbert G. N.Y.B 94 instr College City of N. Y. 
Bennett, Carroll Guernsey. Mich. A 09 26 Municipal bldg 
Bennett, John Albert. N.Y.G 03 physician 2 161 Fifth av 
Bennett, John Walter F. Mich.A 95 with W. S. Doloment Co, ltd 

1882 Grand Concourse 
Berkeley, William Nathaniel, jr. Va.A 86 physician 133 E 61st 
Black, William Murray. Pa.Eta 72 colonel, chief of engrs U S Army 

Governor's Island 
Blair, Joseph Paxton. Va A 75 gen comm S. P. Ry 165 Broadway 
Bliss, Russell Joseph. N.Y.A 85; lawyer 602 W 146th 
Bowen, George Franklin. N.Y.E 02 insurance 1 Wall 
Boyer, Henry Van. Minn.B 93 lawyer 60 Wall 
Boyer, Ralph Waldo. Minn.B 95 lawyer 60 Wall 
Bradbury, Samuel. Pa.I 02 680 Madison av 
Brant. William Leavitt. Ind.B 94 
Bray, Frank Chapin. Pa.B 86 mgr ed Chautauqua Press 23 Union sq 


NEW YORK— New York 

Bristol, Irving Judd. N.Y.Z 215 W 121st 

Brooks, William Mair. N.Y.B 95 Navy Yard 
Brown, Dana Francis. N.H.A 01 salesman Clarence Whitman Co 

39 Leonard 
Brown, Goodwin M. N.Y.A 71 192 Broadway- 
Brown, Howell Lewis. Va.A 97 lawyer 144 Madison av 
Brown, Renwick MacLean. N.Y.B 08 30 E 42d 
Brown, Thomas Morris. Md.A 89 17 Gramercy pk 
Browning, John Aaron. N.Y.G 73 prin Browning School 1 W 72d 
Bruere, Henry S. N.Y.A 99 city chamberlain of N Y C 
Burch, Thomas Hamilton. N.Y.G 02 mech engr 90 West 
Burton, Howard B. Pa.B 01 341 Crimmins av 
Caldwell, Eugene Wilson. Kas.A 87 phys 480 Park av 
Caldwell, James Hope. Pa.Z 78 lawyer 126 Riverside Drive 
Campbell, Clarence Galen. Mich. A 86 phys 34 E 49th 
Carey, George. Md.A 89 299 Broadway 
Carlin, Walter Jeffreys. N.Y.G 00 lawyer 2 Rector 
Carmichael, Cyril. N.Y.G 05 broker 52 William 
Carstarphen, Frank Ellis. D.C.A 90 asst U S Atty for So N Y 
Cass, Alfred Cookman. Pa.K 92 architect 77 Washington pi 
Caswell, Walter Hunter. Pa. I 11 

Chapman, Harold Winchester. N.Y.A 98 52 Vanderbilt av 
Child, Roland Speakman. N.Y.Z 05 50 Pine 
Child, William Speakman. N.Y.Z 09 50 Pine 

Chollar, Wilbur T. Ill.B 94 with Atlas Portland Cement Co 30 Broad 
Chorpening, Asa Hatch. Ohio B 84 

Clark, Donald Lemen. Ind.A 07 lawyer 424 W 115th 
Clarkson, Coker Fifield. Ia.A 85 lawyer 2 W 88th 
Clendennin, Frank M. D.C.A 72 clergyman Globe & Western av 
Cleveland, Frederick A. Ind.A 86 publicist 261 Broadway 
Close, Henry Brevort. N.Y.A 01 paint merchant 44 W 44th 
Colby, Cleon Woodward. Mass. A 08 phys, BlackwelFs Island Hospital 

Blackwell's Island 
Colby, Frank Moore. D.C.A 84 editor 443 Fourth av 
Cole, Charles Rockwell. Pa.G 05 with New York Tribune 
Collett, Fred Dunlap. Ind.G 96 

Colvin, William Putnam. Kas.A 03 975 Summit av 
Comfort, Frederick Price. N.Y.B 89 civil engr 11 70 Broadway 
Comfort, Ralph Manning. N.Y.B 89 160 Fifth av 
Comly, Guy Stuart. Ohio D 82 financial ed Associated Press 
Constant, Charles Lewis. N.Y.G 74 civil engr 61 Beekman 
Corrigan, Joseph Edwin. N.Y.G 00 city magistrate 122 E 82d 
Craig, Gordon M. Minn.B 02 asst gen pass agt Erie R R 50 Church 
Crandall, Harry E. Neb. A 98 mgr Manhattan Drug Co S Warren 
Craver, Edgar Asa. N.H.A 435 W 119th 

Crawford, John Raymond. Pa.B 01 instr of Latin Columbia Univ 
Criswell, John Renfrew. Pa.Theta 92 604 W 125th 
Crosby, Arthur Alexander. N.Y.Z 94 art dealer 801 West End av 
Crouse, Henry William. Pa.Z 68 

Crowe, Edward Francis. Pa.B 06 artist 604 W 112th 
Crumbie, George Beecher. N.Y.G 74 lawyer 60 E 61st 
Danehy, Carl Clemens. N.Y.G 11 2576 Briggs av 
Danehy, George. N.Y.G 07 2576 Briggs av 
Dann, Charles Arthur. N.Y.B 95 clergyman 144 W 228th 
Darr, John Whittier. Ohio A 07 mission work 244 Spring 
Dashiell, John Irving. Pa.Z 60 

Davis, Walter Wesley. Kas.A 85 mining atty 1047 Marbridge bldg 
Deane, Sumner. N.Y.G 94 62 E 78th 

Dellert, Joseph Gustave. N.Y.Z 05 elec engineer 527 W 34th 
Denison, Benjamin Webster. Wis.G 97 Hearst's Journal 
de Stordeur, Adolph George Otto. N.Y.D 82 
Dewsnap, Samuel Brown. N.Y.A 88 123 E 34th 
Diller, William Edward. Va.A 84 phys Concourse and i62d 
Disbrow, Hamilton G. Mass. A 05 Disbrow Cordage Co 151 Church 
Divine, Frank H. N.Y.E 87 sec Amer Bapt Home Mission 312 4th av 
Dorst, John William. Ind.B 73 844 Columbus av 
Dougherty, Walter H. N.Y.Z 97 actor 33 W 7^d 


New York— NEW YORK 

Driver, William J. N.Y.A 14 381 Convent av 

Duffy, Sidney. N.Y.G 12 paper mfr 303 W 90th 

Dugro, Francis A. N.Y.G 74 lawyer 1 Union sq 

Dugro, Philip Henry. N.Y.G 74 judge Fifth av and 59th 

Dunbar, Err oil. Va.B 72 actor 18 Gramercy 

Durkee, Clarence G. N.Y.E 07 20 E 32d 

Duval, George Howard. Pa. I 09 151 Central pk \V 

Eggleston, H. W. Va.B 85 

Emmett, Burton E. 111. A 91 adv agt Frohman Theatrical Co 120 

W 32d 
Farrington, Frank James. N.Y.B 86 lawyer 37 Liberty 
Fawsett, George D. Va.A 79 actor 130 W 44th 
Ferguson, Donald M. Mich.A 00 estimator McCartney Const Co 

622 St. Nicholas av 
Fessenden, DeWitt H. N.Y.A 04 226 W 78th 
Findley, Alvin I. Ohio G 80 editor Iron Age 232 W 39th 
Flowers, Henry Fort. Tenn.D 09 mech engr Univ Car & Mfg Co 

140 Cedar 
Foraker, Burch. N.Y.A 91 div plant supt N Y Tel Co 48 W 83d 
Foraker, Francis R. Ohio A 89 lawyer 48 W 83d 
Ford, George D. N.H.A 99 actor Gaiety Theatre 
Fowler, Dudley F. N.Y.G 11 440 Riverside Drive 
Fowler, Franklin Dunning. N.Y.G 11 39 E 68th 
Fox, Royal E. N.Y.A 94 50 Church 
Frankenheimer, John. N.Y.A 71 lawyer 25 Broad 
Frantz, Walter Reginald. W.Va.A 04 phys Bellevue Hospital 
Fraser, Leon. N.Y.G 10 instr Columbia Univ, journalist 9 E 10th 
Freeman, Edward Dale. N.Y.G 00 lawyer 165 Broadway 
Fuller, Frederick J. N.Y.G 01 lawyer 456 W 145th 
George, Roland J. Pa.B 08 lawyer 604 W 112th 
Gere, James B. N.Y.B 92 1S1 W 87th 

Gilbert, James L. Mass. A 01 mgr Class Journal Co 239 W 39th 
Glatz, Edgar B. N.Y.Z 97 treas Arlington Refrigerator Co 65 W 87th 
Glenn, William Louis. Va.A 04 307 W 98th 
Goddard, William M. Ohio B 90 

G'ott, Oswald W. Va.B 08 law dept N Y Life Ins Co 66 Madison av 
Gould, Elgin R. L. Md.A 84 38th 
Graham, Walter B. Kas.A 99 47 Vesey 

Gray, William E. N.Y.A 85 with Enamelled Pipe & Eng Co 50 Church 
Greer, David Hummell. Pa.A 61 bishop 35 Fifth av 
Gregg, James G. N.Y.G 02 141 Broadway 
Griscom, Clement Acton. Pa. I 84 financier 55 Nassau 
Griswold, Harrison. N.Y.G 75 36 W nth 
Guard, William G. Md.A 81 Metropolitan Opera House 
Gulick, James G. N.Y.G 02 331 W 22d 
Hale, Richards. N.Y.G 11 actor 

Hall, Cornelius. Tenn.D n Globe & Rutgers Ins Co in Williams 
Hallowell, Charles E. Pa. I 78 250 Fifth av 
Hallowell, Montgomery. Kas.A 91 3 W 61st 
Halsey, Robert Hurtin. N.Y.G 93 phys 118 W 58th 
Halsted, Pennington. D.C.A 73 lawyer 622 W 114th 
Ham, William Hale. N.Y.A 92 874 Broadway 

Hamilton, Clayton Meeker. N.Y.Z 98 journalist 16 Gramercy pk 
Hamilton, Hale Rice. Ka,s.A 98 actor Players Club 
Hanrahan, John George. N.Y.G 08 real estate editor N Y Times 
Harper, William Rae. Pa.G 93 

Harrar, James Aitken. Pa.I 97 physician 108 E 64th 
Harris, Huntington. N.Y.A n 33 W 93d 
Harrison, Robert Lewis. Va.A 67 lawyer 59 W r all 
Hart, Richard N. Pa.Theta 00 chemist McGraw Pub Co 
Harvey, Benjamin C. N.Y.E 98 broker 37 Wall 
Hasbrook, Charles P. Minn.B 02 adv sol 1580 Amsterdam av 
Hastings, Thomas Wood. Md.A 82 prof clin pathol Cornell Univ 

172 E 71st 
Haupt, Edgar M. N.Y.A 94 1361 Madison av 

Haviland, Frank R. N.Y.B 99 phys Manhattan St Hos Ward's Island 
Heard, Walter Scott. N.Y.G 08 instr C C N Y 


NEW YORK—New York 

Heath, Hartwell P. Va.A 74 lawyer 52 William 

Helm, Carl Frederick. N.Y.G 10 lawyer 504 W iuth 

Henry, Stuart. Kas.A 77 pres N Y State Security Co 255 W 97th 

Herrick, Arthur L. N.H.A 05 instr Columbia Univ 118th and B'way 

Hess, Ralph J. Pa.G 02 agt Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co 651 W 179th 

Hewitt, Ralph Hallidav. Mass. A 01 physician Gouverneur Hospital 

Hibshmann, Roy S. Pa.Eta 98 29 W 42d 

Hicks, Frederick C. Pa.K 90 capitalist 303 W 88th 

Hillhouse, John Ten Eyck. N.Y.G 00 engineer 31 Liberty 

Holmes, Edgar R. N.Y.B 99 real estate 141 Broadway 

Hopping, Allan T. N.Y.G 04 lawyer 532 W 114th 

Hopping, Howard H. N.Y.G 05 with Scotia Worsted Mills 532 W 

Hosmer, Edward S. D.C.A 83 

Howard, Frederick Trowbridge. N.Y.G 94 144 E 40th 
Howard, George Henry. N.H.A 03 lawyer 62 Cedar 
Howard, Raymond. N.Y.G 94 422 West End av 
Hufcfcard, Crescens. Mass. 97 lawyer 45 Cedar 
Hubbard, George Morrison. N.H.A 98 real estate 62 Cedar 
Hubbard, Guy H. N.Y.Z 503 Everett bldg 
Hubbard, Theodore H. Mass. A 10 real estate 
Huber, Hans W. M. N.Y.A 14 866 West End av 
Hughes, Russell Houston. Tenn.D 08 civil engr 627 W 113th 
Hummell, Charles C. Pa.E 61 merchant 229 W 51st 
Hunt, Samuel, jr. Tenn.D 07 phys, interne Bellevue Hospital 
Huser, Thomas E. N.Y.G 10 lawyer 440 Riverside Drive 
Hutchinson, James H. N.Y.E 01 5 W 125th 
Ingle, John. Wis.G 91 lawyer 165 Broadway 
Irving, Robert Page. Va.G 82 

Jacobs, Charles P. Ill.B 99 with Outing Pub Co 
Jacobson, Gerald Nathan. N.Y.B 08 170 Broadway 
Januashek, William. N.Y.B 01 musician 509 W 121st 
Jeck, Howard S. Tenn.D 05 physician Bellevue Hospital 
Johnson, Herman S. Pa.Z 65 real estate 570 W 156th 
Jones, Andrew Dickson, Md.A 95 512 Fifth av 
Jones, Thomas R. Pa.G 59 mgr Bapt Pub Soc Times sq bldg 
Jones, Townsend, jr. N.Y.G 72 lawyer 140 W 74th 
Kaylor, W. G, Ind.D 03 office 165 Broadway 235 W 110th 
Keator, Randall Moss. N.Y.G 06 716 St Nicholas av 
Kelchner, William Wilson. Pa.G 82 retired 18 W 81st 
Kellogg, Jerome D. N.Y.B 03 elk N Y Cent Lines Grand Cent Sta 
Kellogg, William A. N.Y.G 05 phys 104 W 58th 
Kelley, Walter E. N.Y.G 03 lawyer 26 Exchange pi 1925 7th av 
Ketcham, Charles B. Pa.K 89 banker 20 Broad 
Keys, E. C. N.Y.G 03 137 W i3^d 

King, Benjamin. N.Y.Z 06 with White Motor Co B'way and 62d 
King, Clarence M. N.Y.G 10 Commr Accounts office Municipal bldg 
Knap, J. Day. N.Y.G 93 real estate 4249 Broadway 
Knapp, Charles M. N.Y.G 11 1737 Sedgwick av 
Knight, J. L. N.Y.G 05 with H. H. McCorkle, 100 Broadway 
Knox, William J. N.Y.G 12 612 W 112th 
Korsmeyer, Fritz Augustus. Neb. A 95 44 Broad 

Kreraer, William N. Pa.Eta 67 with German-American Insurance Co 
Ladd, Lawrence Firmin. Mass.A 96 72 Warren 
Lahr, Charles. N.Y.A 11 423 1st av 
Land, Joseph P. N.Y.G 72 physician 130 W 136th 
Lang, John T. N.Y.G 08 instr C C N Y Gymnasium 53 Charlton 
Lapham, Edwin N. N.Y.A 70 . 9 Ferry 

Lare, William Sloane. Pa.Theta 03 lawyer 498 West End av 
Lark, Charles F. Pa.E 94 lawyer 571 W 139th 
Latimer, Maxcy Gregg. Va.G 93 lawyer 
Lee, Hutson, jr. S.C.A 85 

Lehman, Frantz S. Pa.E 07 dist mgr Mutual Fire Ins Co 
Lewis, Burdette G. Neb. A 02 commr Dept of Correction 148 E 20th 
Lingte, Charles P. Pa.Z 03 physician 
Linthicum, Cadwallader E. N.Y.A 85 31 Broadway 
Longcope, Warfield T. Md.A 95 phys, assoc prof med Columbia Univ 


New York— NEW YORK 

Loomis, Freeman. Pa.G 62 60 Wall 

Lopez, Calixto. N.Y.G 716 St. Nicholas av 

Lowther, Hugh Sears. N.Y.B 95 instr C C N Y 610 Riverside Drive 

Lum, Charles H. N.Y.G 92 fire insurance 135 William 

Lyle, Alexander. N.Y.A 09 1043 Madison av 

Lynch, Lawrence Moore. Va.B 07 N Y Tel Co 63 Irving place 

Lynch, Maurice A. Mass. A 01 lawyer 106 W 81st 

Lyons, Patrick J. N.Y.E 87 teacher 956 Ogden av 

McConnell, Samuel D. Pa. A 66 clergyman 781 Madison av 

McCorkle, Henry Hale. N.Y.G 01 lawyer 100 Broadway 

McCorkle, Robert C. Pa.Theta 10 with Alexander Hamilton Institute 

300 West End av 
McCorkle, Walter Lisle. Va.B 77 lawyer 300 West End av 
McCormick, Clarence K. Md.A 93 broker Wall 
McCormick, Willis S. Md.A 93 broker Wall 
MacCracken, Henry Francis. Ohio B 89 lawyer 
McGunnigle, James. Pa.B 98 371 Central pk W 

Machen, Henry Bennett. N.Y.G 95 civil engr 202 Riverside Drive 
Machen, Thomas Gresham. Md.A 03 185 Madison 
McKay, Charles R. Md.A 89 
McKelvey, Ralph H. Ohio D 97 sec Adirondack Fire Ins Co 348 

Central pk W 
McLaurin, H. L. Minn. B 03 vaudeville productions 225 W 110th 
Mahony, Fordham Champlin. N.Y.G 05 salesman 1109 Madison av 
Mars, Gerhart Cornell. 111. A 80 lecturer and writer 351 W 21st 
Marsden, Raymond Robb. N.H.A 04 civil engr 60 W 128th 
Mattson, Samuel H. Pa.K 91 72 E 34th 
May, Ernest Rudolph. N.Y.G 05 535 W 113th 
Meloy, Andrew D. Pa.Z 84 broker 170 W 73d 
Menefee, Harry Ray. N.Y.A 11 with N Y Tel Co 46 W 96th 
Mertens, Robert E. N.Y.G 15 56 Hamilton terrace 
Meyer, Alfred. N.Y.G 74 physician 785 Madison av 
Moore, William W. 111. A 07 with Stoney Inspection Bureau 
Morrill, Ralph V. N.Y.G 11 2170 Broadway 
Morrill, William Charles. N.Y.G 96 hardware 600 W 113th 
Morton, George Nash. Va.G 56 bond salesman 501 W 113th 
Morton, Samuel V. W. Va.G 70 lawyer 43 W S2d 
Mullen, John A. N.Y.G 09 lawyer 420 E 84th 

Mumper, Norris McA. Pa.Z 09 with The Dictaphone 237 Broadway 
Murray, John A., jr. N.Y.G 08 3920 Broadway 
Murray, Joseph N. N.Y\G 08 746 St. Nicholas av 
Narganes, Frederick. N.Y.G 05 N Y Athletic club 
Neal, Cleland R. N.H.A 99 45 Cedar 
Neal, Thomas A. Mich. A 96 physician 103 W 46th 
Nolan, George H. N.H.A 96 143 Liberty 
Norton, Ralph C. Ind.A 92 158 Fifth av 
Oakes, Chandler A. Pa.Theta 90 lawyer 149 Broadway 
Page, William Low. Va.G 58 

Palmer, William F. N.Y.G 08 mining engineer 362 Riverside Drive 
Parker, Ernest E. N.Y.E 10 with N Y Tel Co 
Parliman, Clifford R. N.Y.B 09 30 E 4^d 
Partenheimer, Harold P. Mass. A 11 
Parvis, Grover C. Pa.Z 04 with Packard Motor Co 
Pate, Walter Lacey. N.Y.A 97 lawyer 2 Wall 

Patterson, Kenneth Askew. Neb.A 06 Nat City Bank 627 W 113th 
Payne, Frank. Ind.A 80 144 W 43d 
Payne, Halbert E. Ohio D 82 pres Amer Typewriter Co 478 Central 

pk W 
Pegram, Henry. N.Y.D 85 lawyer 26 Exchange pi 
Pegram, Walter Moray. N.Y.D 89 530 W 150th 
Perkins, Bishop C. D.C.A 97 
Perkins, Owen R. Ohio B 74 

Peterson, Leo>L. Pa.B 08 with Dept of Finance NYC 
Pettit, Franklin. N.Y.A 09 430 West End av 
Pettit, Leicester S. N.Y.A 11 430 West End av 
Philips, Carlin. Mich. A 91 physician 250 W 57th 
Phillips, Frank Hill. Ohio B 84 adv agt D L & W R R 355 W 57th 


NEW YORK— New York 

Phillips, Frank Horsenpiller. Ohio B 83 artist 

Phillips, Thomas. N.Y.A 13 879 West End av 

Pierce, Frederick E. N.H.A 98 mgr Lincoln Farm Assoc 74 B'way 

Pierce, Willard Ide. N.Y.G 74 physician 64 W 126th 

Pinkerton, Thomas N. N.Y.G 11 asst gen mgr Nat Lamp Wks of 

Gen Elec Co 627 W 113th 
Poffenberger, Albert T., jr. Pa.G 06 instr psychology Fernald Hall 
Porterfield, Allen W. W.Va.A 98 instr German, Columbia Univ 
Powell, Earle R. Pa.Z 07 banking 

Prendergast, James William. N.Y.G 97 lawyer 25 Broad 
Preston, Thomas Blair. Va.G96 with Webster Mfg Co. 
Price, Jacob Embury. Pa.Z 72 clergyman 186S Amsterdam av 
Putnam, James W. Pa.G 69 clergyman 121 W 79th 
Raegener, Louis Christian. N.Y.G 72 lawyer 141 Broadway 
Rammelsberg, George F. Pa. A 06 lawyer 16 W 109th 
Randall, Thomas H. Md.A 81 

Ray, Fred D. N.Y.A 97 treas Albert Hotel Co Albert Hotel 
Rayher, Edward R. N.Y.B 06 lawyer 45 William 
Read, Daniel P. N.Y.G 92 155 E 54th 

Reddick, Harry Wilfred. Ind.B 01 instr of math Columbia Univ 
Reed, Wilson Claude. Neb. A 97 bonds 440 Riverside Drive 
Reese, Robert G. Va.A 59 lawyer 50 W 52d 

Remensnyder, Junius Benjamin. Pa.E 64 clergyman 900 Madison av 
Remsen, Richard. N.H.A 08 mortgages 59 Liberty 
Reynell, Carleton. N.Y.A 04 265 W 81st 
Reynolds, John Newberry. Ind.D 01 532 W 150th 
Rice, Charles E. N.Y.A 94 8 E 45th 
Rioley, William Howe. N.Y.G 93 236 E 43d 
Roach, John. Pa.K 96 67 Fifth av 
Roberts, Llewellyn. N.Y.G 11 520 W 150th 
Roberts, Meredith Jones. N.Y.G 14 520 W 150th 

Robertson, Francis H. Kas.A 96 music and art pub 707 Fifth av 
Robertson, John W., jr. Kas.A 05 707 Fifth av 
Rose, Robert H. Ind.A 95 physician 404 W 145th 
Rosenblatt, Leo G. N.Y.A 71 lawyer 215 W 101st 
Roswell, E. S. N.Y.Z 00 

Rothrock, James H. Ia.A 89 lawyer 40 Wall 
Rous, Francis Peyton. Md.A 99 phys, assoc in pathology Rockefeller 

Inst for Med Research 309 W 74th 
Ruhe, A. S. N.Y.G 04 31 W 82d 
Sadder, Frank. N.Y.A 14 Bronxwood pk 

Saunders, James K. Mo. A 09 atty Royal Indemnity Co 84 William 
Schlottman, Gustave. N.Y.G 08 2383 Davidson av 
Schoonmacher, Herbert S. N.Y.G 08 201 W 127th 
Schuette, Robert W. Mich. A 04 with Packard Motor Car Co 250 W 

Scott, Edward L. Pa.Theta 77 220 Broadway 
Scott, Frank E. N.Y.G 11 lawyer 627 W 113th 
Scott, Lloyd N. Calif.G 99 lawyer 63 Wall 
Scudder, Henry Townsend. N.Y.G 73 clergyman 201 W 85th 
Seligman, Eugene. N.Y.G 72 
Seligman, George W. N.Y.G 74 
Seligman, Isaac Newton. N.Y.G 74 
Seligman, Jefferson. N.Y.G 74 

Servis, John H. N.Y.A 95 lawyer 141 Broadway 
Sexton, Lewis A. Tenn.D 03 physician Willard Parker Hospital 
Shallow, Edward B. N.Y.E 87 assoc City Supt of Schools 500 Park av 
Shea, Joseph E. Mass. A 00 416 Broadway 
Shepard, Charles S., jr. Pa.G 01 50 Howard 
Sherwin, Fred W. N.Y.B 88 architect 519 W 123d 
Shonts, Theodore P. Ill.G 74 pres Interboro Rapid Tran 165 B'way 
Shoup, Frank P. Pa.E 96 114 Liberty 

Shriver, William Payne. Md.A 98 clergyman 156 W 44th 
Simmons, James D. Pa.Theta 91 clergyman 18 Gramercy Park 
Smale, William P. N.Y.G 09 physician 470 W 146th 
Smiley, John Beisel. Pa.G 02 sales agt Penn Steel Co 622 W 113th 
Smith, Stafford Baker. N.Y.G 01 physician 203 W 81st 


New York— NEW YORK 

Smith, Thomas Arthur. Pa.K 97 asst chief engr Turner Const Co 
Smyth, Samuel, jr. N.Y.G 02 instr N Y Pub Schools 3 Henderson pi 
Snare, Frederick, jr. N.Y.G 12 344 W 72d 
Snyder, Harvey H. N.Y.G 05 treas Petroleum Products Co 19 

Bowling Slip 
Snyder, Leroy Edwin. Ind.A 07 261 Broadway 

Snyder, Raymond B. Ohio A 12 with Doubleday-Page & Co 11 W 32d 
Sperry, Julius C. N.Y.A 91 49 Wall 
Staats, William A. N.Y.G 14 29 Beekman pi 
Stangland, Robert S. N.Y.G 00 engr with W. S. Barstow & Co 157 

W 123d 
Stanton, Henry Stanley. R.I. A 10 investment broker 45 W nth 
Stark, Charles J. Ohio D 02 mgr N Y office Iron Trade Review 480 

W 1 1 6th 
Stewart, Harry S. Pa.B 94 lawyer 1050 Amsterdam av 
Stires, Ernest Milmore. Va.A 85 clergyman 3 W 53d 
Stoddard, George C. N.H.A 15 306 W i02d 
Stoddart, William L. N.Y.G 93 architect 30 W 38th 
Stoker, Fred. Ind.B 98 

Storer, Charles B. Pa.Theta 77 university settlement 184 Eldridge 
Storey, Thomas Andrew. Calif. B 95 dir dept of Physical Instr C C 

N Y, hygienist C C N Y 611 W 137th 
Storm, Arthur L. Pa.Z 89 architect 94 Hamilton pi 
Stover, Charles B. Pa.Theta 77 clergyman 147 Forsythe 
Strassman, Ralph K. Neb. A 95 adv mgr Red Book mag 200 W 85th 
Sturtevant, Mills Gove. N.H.A 02 physician 776 Madison av 
Sturtevant, W. P. Pa.B 02 asst claims atty D L & W R R 90 West 
Sullivan, Warren. N.H.A 07 with International Paper Co 44 Morn- 

ingside Drive 
Summerneld, Solon E. Kas.A 99 pres Gotham Hosiery Co 27 W 34th 
Symonds, G. P. N.Y.A 89 with Alberger Pipe & Condenser Co 95 

Tangeman, Cornelius Hoagland. N.Y.Z 96 5 W 45th 
Taylor, Nathaniel. Pa.Theta lawyer 182 Broadway 
Taylor, Newell E. Pa.L 12 with Snare & Triest 
Thomas, Frank J. Wis.G 01 105 E 22d 

Thompson, James S. Wis. A 07 with McGraw Hill Bk Co 239 W 39th 
Todd, Harold C. N.Y.G 06 Dept of Buildings, Municipal bldg 
Trent, William Peterfield. Va.A 80 prof English lit, Columbia Univ 

279 W 71st 
Twining, William S. Pa.B 86 engr Ford, Bacon & Davis 115 B'way 
Udall, John C. N.Y.G 93 contractor and builder 29 W 34th 
Valentine, Julius J. N.Y.G 01 physician 171 W 71st 
Van Auken, Harry C, jr. N.Y.G 01 real estate 8 W 92d 
Van Cleve, Edward M. Ohio A 82 supt N Y Inst for Educ of the Blind 
Volovick, George G. N.Y.E 06 825 W 179th 
Wade, Frank E. Mass. A 97 lawyer 220 Broadway 
Wales, Charles M. Wis. A 82 agt Cleveland City Forge & Iron Co 

W 113th and Riverside Drive 
Walker, Guy Morrison. Ind.A 87 financial expert 301 W 106th 
Walker, Merle R. Ind.A 09 301 W 106th 
Walker, Roy M. Ind.A 11 301 W 106th 

Ward, Julius Augustus. Ia.G 68 retired clergyman 895 West End av 
Ward, Mark Hopkins. Mass. A 02 physician 8 W 16th 
Ward, Wilbert. Ind.A 06 lawyer 140 Claremont av 
Wardle, Edward Beaumont. N.H.A 95 engineer 309 Broadway 
Warner, Fred Milton. Ill.D 10 salesman n W 19th 
Warren, Harry M. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 69 W 88th 
Watrous, Edwin Alfred. Pa.G 82 salesman 353 Boulevard 
Webb, John Lamar. Ohio B 04 Riverside Drive 
Weiner, Stanley F. N.Y.G 08 asst dir Imp Studio, Universal Film 

Co 2176 Broadway 
Weinschenk, Lucius. Ill.B 80 79 4th av 
Wellman, William H. Ind.B 08 35 E 27th 
Wenner, George Unangst. Pa.E 61 clergyman 319 E 19th 
Westerman, John H. Pa.L 13 with Amer Refrigerator Co 30 Church 


NEW YORK— New York-Oriskany Falls 

Wheeler, Harold Leslie. R.I.A 06 librarian Hamilton Fish Park 
Branch, New York Public Library 

Wheeler, Ralph W. Mass. A 02 1 Madison av 

Wheeler, William L. N.Y.E 94 physician 334 W 23d 

Wheeler, William O. Ind.A 70 journalist and theatrical mgr 1440 

Whitelock, William Wallace. Md.A 92 author 758 West End av 

Whitman, Roger Bradbury. N.Y.G 94 mechanical engr 146 W 56th 

Wildman, John B. Va.A 75 mfr glass bottles 206 Franklin 

Williams, Harold. N.Y.G 08 civil engineer 504 W 111th 

Williams, William W. Ind.A 96 with New York World 

Wilson, William C. Pa.B 76 claims atty DL&WRR 25 iW 87th 

Winger, Waldo M. Ohio B 99 with Western Elec Co 463 West 

Wood, Fred H. Kas.A 94 atty Southern Pacific Ry 165 Broadway 

Woodside, William H. Ohio G 85 actor 

Zand, Joseph P. N.Y.G 72 130 W 136th 

Zink, Norman H. N.Y.G 11 604 Tinton av 

Herrick, Charles H. N.Y.E 97 lawyer Church and East av 

Barnes, Edgar Stewart. N.Y.E 07 

Marvel, Thomas S. N.Y.A 97 

Stoddard, Frank P. N.Y.E 87 clergyman 25 Lutheran 

Gregg, Hugh G. N.Y.E 88 clergyman 
Niagara Falls 

Bradford, Charles Cozad. Ohio E 06 gen sales mgr, U S Light and 
Heat Co 

Burrell, Guy Howard. Ohio E 07 asst adv mgr, U S Light and 
Heat Co 

MacBean, Harold C. N.Y.B 10 lawyer 209 3d 

Russell, Alexander. Ohio E 06 publicity mgr, U S Light and Heat Co 

Smith, Joseph Allan. Ohio E 06 pres U S Light and Heat Co 

Tone, Frank J. N.Y.A 87 works mgr, Carborundum Co 328 Buf- 
falo av 
North Salem 

Howe, George. N.Y.A 00 
North Syracuse 

Wells,_Henry Sheldon. N.Y.B 02 
North 1 onawanda 

Hawley, George Franklin. la. A 90 mgr Eastern Lumber Co 174 

Lindsay, James Patterson. Ill.G 75 lawyer 269 Payne av 
North Troy 

Hopper, Clarence R. Pa.Theta 00 214 5th av 
North port 

Mott, Kenneth L. N.Y.B 12 

Grant, James E. N.Y.E 93 physician 

Cure, George Alvah. Pa.Z 74 clergyman, M E church 

Grant, Howard P. N.Y.E 02 

Holmes, Robert Janisch. Pa.G 89 

Zink, Anthony D. N.Y.G 09 architect, New York City Grand-View- 
Oak Hill 

Rifenburg, George L. N.Y.E 90 lawyer 

Callaghan, William Augustus. N.Y.G 04 physician 98 Franklin 

Gibbs, Raymond B. N.Y.E 04 sec Chamber of Commerce 
Oriskany Falls 

Bates, Charles Frederick. N.Y.E 11 

Montgomery, Ralph D. N.Y.E 03 prin of Union school 


Ossining-Poughkeepsie — NEW YORK 


Gerlach, Herbert C. N.Y.B n 49 Croton av 

Morgan, John Hefrich. N.Y.A 06 

Travis, Leslie M. N.Y.B 12 

Coon, Albert Coit. N.Y.B 97 lawyer 

Coon, James M. Ill.B 68 lawyer 1st National Bank bldg 

Cross, La Dette Ronk. N.Y.B 09 mgr Oswego office Standard Oil 
Co 164 W 2d 

Smith, Herbert J. N.Y.E 87 instr Oswego normal school 139 E 3d 

Stacy, Harry M. N.Y.B 96 lawyer 131 E 4th 

Swift, Judson. Ohio B 66 

White, William H. Pa.Z 03 physician 

Conlon, William Sylvester. N.Y.E 04 

Bullock, William W. N.Y.E 95 supt of schools 19 Canandaigua 

King, Frederick H. N.Y.E 88 clergyman 

Brunn. Edmund F. N.Y.A 07 with Brunn Electric Co 

Rugg, Warren F. N.H.A 97 asst engr N Y State Highway Dept 
767 Elm 

Whitney, Harold Adelburt. Mass.A 07 

Lawyer, James R. N.Y.G 13 238 Corliss av 
Penn Yan 

Barden, George Llewellyn. N.Y.E 98 coal merchant 218 Main 

Bullock, Joseph Finton. N.Y.E 94 vineyardist 

Perkins, John H. N.Y.D 87 rector St Mark's church 132 Benham 

Robinson, William Wellington^ N.Y.B 98 clergyman 

Watkins, Arthur C. N.Y.E 91 clergyman 

Brush, Daniel Smith. N.Y.E 87 photographer 

Dickinson, Oliver A. Mass.A 03 2d lieut, USA 

Lacy, Robert. Md.A 95 civil engineer 

Stantiford, W. R. W.Va.A 1st lieutenant, U. S. A 

Statham, George K. N.Y.B 86 clergyman 

Firmin, Lawrence, jr. Mass.A 

Holden, Jonathan. N.Y.E 97 lawyer 
Port Byron 

Chappel, Fred U- N.Y.A 85 
Port Chester 

Burdsall, Elwood M. Pa.K 14 

Burdsall, Richard L. Pa.K 14 

Hess, Alexander L. Ind.D 12 

Simons, Howard J. N.Y.E 10 Colonial Ridge 

Studwell, Chester A. N.H.A 01 civil engineer 72 Washington 

Studwell, Lester W. N.H.A 01 40 Leicester 
Port Richmond 

Kinkade, James Frederick. Ohio G 73 Kinkade-Liggett Co, 275 
Water, New York City 192 Charles av 

McDuygald, Archie W. N.Y.B 03 

Parish, Robert B. N.Y.B 13 

Parish, Smith. N.Y.B 90 hardware 

Thompson, Jeremiah M. N.Y.E 94 prin Potsdam normal school 

Wager, Ralph E. N.Y.B 01 instr Potsdam State Normal 

Cummins, Alexander Griswold. Pa.I 87 clergyman, Episcopal ch 
The rectory 

Graham, Malcolm L. Pa.K 12 57 Hookes av 


NEW YORK — Queens-Saranac Lake 


Remsen, Martin Johnson. N.H.A 10 Hollis av 

Baker, Ozias Chase. R.I. A 05 fruit raising 
Richfield Springs 

Elden, Harry E. N.Y.B 01 principal, high school 

Atwater, John Clarence. N.Y.B 94 Richmond Hill high school 
Richmond Hill 

Dann, Matthew Lincoln. N.Y.B 98 520 Greenwood av 

Failor, Isaac N. Ohio B 70 principal high school 523 Maple 

Managno, Antonio. N.Y.E 94 clergyman 437 Greenwood av 

Beiford, Joseph M. Pa.Z 68 judge of Probate Court Osborn av 

De Friest. Aibertus Becker. N.Y.Z 11 

Robinson, Earl B. Mass.A 04 principal high school 

Bacon, Theodore Henry. N.H.A 96 13 Rosner pi 

Brewer, James Lewis. N.Y.B 90 lawyer 4 Linwood pi 

Brigden, Arthur Eugene. N.Y.B 84 insurance 

Converse, Rob Roy McGregor McNulty. Pa. A 60 clergyman 132 S 

de Anguera, Herman Clifford. N.H.A 98 clergyman 300 Alexander 

Drescher, Theodore B. N.H A 14 East av 

Dunning, Marshall B. Ind.D 02 contractor 21 Ardmore 

Eddy, George Emerson. N.Y.E 00 teacher East h s 16 Cambridge 

Elliott, Luther B. la. A 92 advertiser 71 Birr 

Haugh, Thomas, jr. N.Y.B 98 

Hoyt, Herbert B. N.Y.A 07 with N. Y. Central Lines 2 Lucky 

Johnson, Franklin, jr. Ill.B 95 care Theological seminary 

Lemler, Julius A. Miss. A 05 with Vacuum Oil Co 13 Meigs 

Neefus, Harold Clifford. Ind.A 07 119 Brunswick 

Nugent, Edward Genung. N.Y.D 89 phvsician 78 S Fitzhugh 

Pickard, John P. Pa.B 01 with B R & P R R 

Prien, Walter F. Pa. Eta 14 63 Nicholson 

Rich, Frederick D. Ind.D 09 84 Prince 

Shorkley, Thornton M. Pa.G 98 394 Genesee 

Shuster, Clarence Edward. Pa.G 87 lawyer 807-9 Wilder bldg 

Sneck, Howard W. Pa.G 89 

Snell, Albert Conrad. N.Y.D 91 physician 192 Culver rd 

Thorns, George B. Ill.B 82 131 Powers bldg 

Way, Mark Wellington. N.Y.D 82 

Williamson, Gerald H. Mass.A 12 with Hickey Freeman Co 585 
Plymouth av 
RockviSle Centre 

Rockwell, Loren H. Mass.A 97 with Title Guarantee & Trust Co 
NYC 23 Windermere pi 

Cowles, Fred Stanley. N.Y.D 87 

Kirkland, Frank W. N.Y.B 89 architect 1007 N George 

Montgomery, Maxwell C. N.Y.B 01 physician 

Potter, Frank M., jr. Pa.Theta 93 v p gen supt Wire & Tel Co of 
America 312 Elm 

Stranahan, J. Orley. N.Y.B 94 physician 209 N Washington 

Chilver, Edward A. N.Y.Z 99 
Roseton- on -Hudson 

Jova, Edward A. N.Y.G 93 

Cheney, Clifford Carleton. N.Y.B 05 city engineer 27 Wilson 
Sandy Creek 

Hydon, William M. N.Y.B clergyman 

Sargent, Roscoe. N.Y.E 91 lawyer 
Saranac Lake 

Brown, Laurason. Md.A 92 physician 

Russell, John S. N.H.A 10 7 Olive 


Saratoga Springs-Syracuse— NEW YORK 

Saratoga Springs 

Gaylord, Joseph H. Mass. A 95 clergyman 

Kiley, Matthew. N.Y.E. 11 10 James 

Purdy, Earl. N.Y.E 11 130 Circular 

Richardson, Kirke F. N.Y.B 93 clergyman 

Green, Ralph C. N.Y.G 98 

Rooney, John J. N.Y.Z 93 

Clough, Warren Almon. R.I.A 02 constr dept General Electric Co 

Emrick, Alfred B. Pa.L 12 testing dept Gen Elec Co 171 Nott 

Hill, George Henry. Md.A 94 engineer Gen Elec Co 1414 Union 

Morey, William J. N.Y.E 89 clergyman 1305 State # 

Street, Lockwood N. N.Y.B 08 with General Electric Co 

Tenney, Robert Barnard, jr. Pa.Theta 97 electrical engineer General 
Elec Co 130 Elmer av 

Bryan, Hugh. N.Y.E 99 banker 

Gould, De Alton F. N.Y.E 09 

Trow, William C. N.Y.E 11 

Blanden, Merrill Jay. N.Y.E 90 principal high school 

Colton, Leland A. N.Y.A 99 

Ward, William B., jr. Pa.Theta 95 commercial paper 

York, Frank K. N.Y.E 99 teacher 

Whitbeck. Louis H. N.Y.B 12 
Sodus Center 

Robinson, Edwin P. Pa.B J2 clergyman 

Landon, Francis G. D.C.A 78 

Squire. Wallace C. N.Y.A 85 farmer 

Bray, Reginald G. N.Y.E 06 

Ames, Frank L. N.Y.A 89 The Dustan 

Andrews, William Thomas. N.Y.A 13 with Nat Stutz Car Co 1818 
W Genesee 

Baker, Lester Salisbury. N.Y.B 98 100 Pleasant av 

Bates, Carlton George. N.Y.B 11 712 Ackerman 

Beeler, Irving Neff. N.Y.B 02 with Beeler Eng Co 1303 E Adams 

Benedict, Harry L.' N.Y.B 91 H. H. Benedict Mfg Plant 1 The 

Benjamin, Robert Earle. N.Y.B 96 general insurance 1721 S Salina 

Birdsall. Samuel Gilbert. N.Y.B 01 steam fitting and supplies 172 

Blauvelt, William H. Pa.Theta 82 consulting eng 19 17 W Genesee 

Boschert, George Elf red. N.Y.B 91 Boomer & Boschert Press Co 
302 W Beard av 

Bradley, Arthur Richmond. Ind.D 02 heating engr 820 Livingston 

Broadway, Augustine. N.Y.B 84 clergyman 

Broadway, Kenneth E. N.Y.B 14 100 Benedict av 

Brown, Lloyd Ehvood. N.Y.B 01 editor Electric Sign Journal 

Carothers, Harold Irvin. N.Y.B 02 insurance 507 S Crouse av 

Carothers, Tames Edgar. N.Y.B 10 507 S Crouse av 

Carothers, Robert M. N.Y.B 06 with N Y State Underwriters Assoc 
507 S Crouse av 

Carter, William Shaw. N.Y.B 10 1240 Court 

Chaffee, Ralph W. N.Y.B 92 physician 1626 Genesee 

Church, John W. N.Y.B 93 lawyer 408 2d, N 

Clancy, George C. Mass. A 98 instr English Syracuse U Walnut av 


NEW YORK— Syracuse 

Clark, Arthur Leman. N.Y.E 05 real estate 

Clark, Harry Josiah. N.Y.A 01 asst to pres A & S Elec Ry 107 W 

Borden av 
Davis, Harry Leander. N.Y.A 97 Box 511 

Dawley, Caroll Hamilton. N.Y.E 01 real estate 512 Walnut av 
Delling, Alonzo Segur. N.Y.B 12 611 McBride 
Eltinge, Arthur Van W. N.Y.B 92 music teacher 202 Green 
Farmer, Harry H. N.Y.B 93 lawyer 854 Ackerman av 
Farrington, Robert C. N.Y.B 00 elec eng 114 Wood av 
Giles, Clarence W. N.Y.B 09 835 Westcott 
Gilmore, Harry L. N.Y.B 11 physician 620 E Genesee 
Gorse, William J. N.Y.B 13 11 1 Livingston av 
Hansen, Emil. N.Y.B 04 with Paragon Plaster Co 300 W Water 
Haynes, Frederick Jacob. N.Y.A 91 180^ Holland 
Herzog, Edgar R. N.Y.B 12 522 N State 
Higgins, George E. N.Y.A 85 civil engr 311 Weiting blk 
Hitchcock, J. Edward. N Y.B 11 102 Kennedy pi 
Holzwarth, Franklin J. N.Y.B 84 professor of German, Syracuse 

University 911 Walnut 
Holzwarth, Ray C. N.Y.B 07 Underwriters Association of N Y State 

911 Walnut av 
Hudson, Charles A. N.Y.A 69 wholesale grocer 506 W Genesee 
Hughes, Percy Meredith. Pa.Z 83 superintendent of schools 
Jarvis, Howard S. N.Y.B 02 with N. Y. State Underwriters Assn 
Jewell, Ross. N.Y.B 93 registrar Syracuse Univ 208 Lancaster av 
Kelly, Robert D. N.Y.B 03 C E draughtsman 207 Delaware 
Kesler, Leland W. N.Y.B 09 433 S Salina 
Kreuzer. William C. N.Y.A 13 304 Court 
Larkin, John W. N.Y.E 01 civil engr 415 Tomkins 
Leighton, Kilburn. N.Y.A 12 325 Holland 

Lowe, William C. N.Y.B 02 prof German Syracuse U 728 Ackerman 
Marshall, J. Ray. N.Y.B 00 musician 
Mellen, Winthrop W. N.Y.B 12 311 Wieting blk 
Mood, James Raider. Md.A 01 instructor Latin Syracuse Univ 
Morgan, Henry L. N.Y.B 90 insurance 118 Concord place 
Morse, Charles P. N.Y.B 01 bus mgr Elec Sign Journal 308 McBride 
Myron, Harry. N.Y.B 01 physician 300 Dudley 
Noble, Guy L. N.Y.B 94 civil engr Onondaga place 
O'Brien, Daniel B. Ind.D 03 engineer 1722 Park 
Out, George B. N.Y.B 85 foreman Smith Premier Typewriter Co 

107 Merriman av 
Overocker, Daniel W. R.I. A 02 assistant engineer Barge Canals 

Terminal 433 S Salina 
Pierce, Merton W. N.Y.B 98 pianos Euclid av 
Pond, Robert A. N.Y.B 10 115 College pi 
Price, James Reese. N.Y.B 10 504 University av 
Revels, Frederick W. N.Y.B 91 professor architecture Syracuse 

University 602 Ostrom av 
Schnauber, Frank J. N.Y.B 84 civil engineer 123 Ruskin av 
Shanahan, Edward J. N.Y.A 85 90 University block 
Sheldon, Howard G. N.Y.B 09 2310 Midland av 
Smallwood, Irving Henry. N.Y.B 02 civil engr 300 Holland 
Smallwood, William Martin. N.Y.B 92 professor comp. anat. 

Syracuse University 511 Euclid av 
Smith, George A. N.Y.B 98 517 Onondaga Co Bank bldg 
Stillwell, Lewis D. Mass.A 09 60 Mathews Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

1906 W Genesee 
Street, William W. N.Y.B 10 723 Comstock av 

Townsend, Schuyler M. N.Y.B 05 instructor Latin Syracuse Uni- 
versity 113 College pi 
Van Denburg, Carroll H. N.Y.B 07 104 Euclid terrace 
Vibbard, Harry L. N.Y.B 94 prof music Syracuse U 613 Walnut av 
Wadsworth, Harley D. N.Y.B 84 clergyman 217 May av 
Whittic, Lieber E. N.Y.B 90 lawyer 311 Almond 
Wiles, Ben Lewis. N.Y.B 04 lawyer 124 Harvard pi 
Wood, Earl D. N.Y.B 02 hydraulic engineer, Underwriters Assn of 

N. Y. State 


8yracuse = West Point— NEW YORK 

Woolever, Harry E. N.Y.B 02 editor Northern Christian Advocate 

432 University blk 
Wright Gordon A. N.Y.B 85 architect 309 Marshall 

McAnney, Loraine Yeoman. Pa.Z 11 

Coons, William Solyman. N.Y.E 88 Troy Cold Storage Co 

Crouch, Albert Nelson. N.Y.E 10 2206 14th 

Lisle, Herbert. N.Y.E 07 

Lisle, Warren E. N.Y.E 04 salesman H. Holmes & Son 2330 15th 

Simons, George H. N.Y.E 03 4 Linden av 

Walrath, Martin Henry. N.Y.B 85 principal high school 

Wiseman, Eugene. N.Y.B 84 clergyman 669 Fifth av 

Armstrong, Kenneth Greene. N.Y.E 12 34 Eagle 

Brewer, Frederick Bentley. N.Y.E 12 28 South 

Chapman, Ross McClure. N.Y.B 98 physician 

Howarth, Edgar John. N.Y.G 95 wholesale druggist 95 Park av 

Jones, George Wilson. N.Y.E 94 accountant 14 Spring 

Krug, George Henry. N.Y.E 05 817 Bleeker 

Welch, Edwin B. N.Y.E. 14 521 Rutger 

Wilson-Jones, George. N.Y.E 95 lumber 20 Scott 

Woolfenden, William. N.Y.E 07 salesman 7 Highland av 

Zimmerman, Albert H. Pa.Z 86 clergyman 
Valley Falls 

Boughton, Van Tuyl. Pa.Theta 08 
Valley Stream 

Guillan, William. N.Y.E 93 clergyman 

Aldridge, Albert Herman. N.Y.B 11 

Montgomery, John A. N.Y.B 08 

Smallwood, Charles B. N.Y.B 00 

Smallwood, Murlin S. N.Y.B 98 lawyer 

Herrick, Charles M. N.Y.B 92 clergyman 99 Main 

Williams, Dwight B. N.Y.E 87 principal high school 

York, George M. N.Y.E 01 with Ginn & Co New York City 

Ball, Leon Cyrus. N.Y.B 84 manufacturer of caskets 18 Paddock 

Waite, William H. N.Y.E 99 210 Arlington 

Winchester, Philip H. N.H.A 96 division engineer New Haven Ry 
37 Ten Eyck 

Bouck, Frank Norwood. Ohio B 86 

Haughey, James P. N.Y.B 10 

Sterling, Charles S. N.Y.E 98 civil engineer 

Thomas, Roberts B. N.Y.E 09 

Lewis, Edgar A. N.Y.E 96 teacher 

Adams, John Clinton. N.Y.B 06 

Burritt. Frederick Newell. N.Y.B 85 manufacturer 

Stickle, Fred K. N.Y.B 91 

Clark, Charles Paul. N.Y.A 08 
West Brighton 

Squires, Clarence N. N.Y.E 87 with Tiffany & Co New York City 
712 Jewett av 
West Edmeston 

York, Hal J. N.Y.E 06 
West Park 

Anderson, Roger Brooke Taney. Md.A 98 clergyman 
West Point 

Echols, Charles P. Va.A 85 prof mathematics U. S Military Acad 

N, Y,*N, C=— Westbury-Charlotte 


Post, Arthur \V. N.Y.Z 04 
White Plains 

Aiken, John Benjamin. N.Y.B 99 lawyer 140 S Broadway 

Burr, Charles H. N.Y.B 97 gen sec Y. M. C. A. 68 Waller av 

Gazley, John G. Mass. A 13 17 Chestnut Hill av. 

Houseman, William L. N.Y.E 04 

Lippincott, James J. Pa.K 02 civil engineer 49 Waller av 

Romer, Alfred S. Mass. A 13 

Smith, Howard Hunt. N.Y.B 11 Prospect Park 

Sweeny, John R., jr. N.Y.E 14 18 N Broadway 

Taylor, Clinton Talmadge. N.Y.G 99 3 Court st 

Turnure, James H. N.Y.B 12 30 Court 

Williamson, Raymond E. S. Mass. A 13 7 Lake 

Wilson, Halsey William. Minn.B 89 publisher, pres H. W. Wilson 
Co 39 Mamaroneck av 

Bartholomew, Alanson Douglass. N.Y.B 84 county transfer tax atty 

Wheatley, William H. N.Y.E 01 clergyman 

Chase, Lawrence Seward. N.Y.E 05 

Baeyertz, Francis Phelps. N.Y.G 13 

Montgomery, William H. N.Y.B 96 physician King's Park Hospital 

Williams, Thomas N. Pa.Z 59 teacher 

Dobbins, John Y. Pa.Z 71 clergyman 

Baker, Frank L. N.Y.B 02 instr Yonkers high school 9 Lawrence 

Barry, Walter D. N.Y.G 13 40 Point 

Bingham, Robert Wellington, jr. R.I. A 07 foreman Federal Sugar 
Refining Co 97 Elliott av 

Davis, Lee Parsons. N.Y.G 01 lawyer 18 Lake av 

Dreibelbis, Carl Chester. Pa.E 06 instructor high school 

Erf, John William. Minn.B 89 civil engineer 45 Graystone Park 

Ericson, John M. 111. A 90 clergyman St John's Rectory 

Gilbert, John P. N.Y.A 98 77 Waring av 

Harson, Otis Yale. Pa.Theta 94 with N. Y. Edison Co 53 Arthur 

Keedy, Edwin R. Pa.Eta 97 

Kilborn, Robert C. N.Y.G 13 48 Prospect drive 

Lankton, Louis S. N.Y.B 91 physician 30 St Andrews pi 

Noble, James K. N.Y.G 13 441 N Broadway 

Porter, John E. N.H.A 98 bridge designer 6 Ashburton pi 

Seaman, Julian Huntington. N.H.A 09 advertising 625 Palisade av 

Seeley, William L. N.Y.B 08 

Waterman, George H. N.Y.Z 10 16 Lawrence 



Anderson, Newton M. Ohio A 75 prin and prop Ashevilie School 

Folsom, Paris H. Pa.B 59 
Black Mountain 

Archer, Isaac James. Ia.D 85 physician, Sanitarium 

McNeal, Alfred F. N.Y.E 86 lawyer 

Abbott, Theodore Merriman. Ohio E 08 real estate Piedmont Park 

Bridges, James R. Va.G 71 clergyman pres College for Women 

Law, Patrick R. Va.G 72 clergyman 


Charlotte- Fargo— N s C.-N, D. 

Preston, Randolph E. Va.D 97 lawyer 

Robertson, Thomas R. S.C.A 67 

Venable, Samuel W. Va.A 84 tobacco merchant 606 \V Chapel Hill 
Elizabeth City 

Smith, Edward X. Va A 12 

Ransom. Matthew W. Va.B 69 lawyer 

Ewart, Hamilton Glover. S.C.A 70 lawyer 

Griffith, Wiltshire. Tex. A 06 pharmacist 

Underwood, William G. Pa. I 86 lumber 
Lumber Bridge 

Stamps, Thomas. Va.G 66 physician 

Winborne, Benjamin B. D.C.A 73 lawyer 

White, James A. Va.A 77 

Townsend, Landon M. N.Y.G 13 

Annan, Charles H. N.Y.D 82 prop Southern Subscription Agency 

Boomhour, Joshua Gregory. N.Y.E 93 professor natural science, 
Baptist University for Women 323 E Morgan 

Burton, Robert Oswald, jr. Va.E 72 lawyer 

Busbee, Charles Manley. Va.G 62 lawyer 104 W Hargill 

Kauffman, Harrison. Pa.E 04 insurance 407 Fayetteville 

McGee, William T. Va B 72 salesman 

White, Lorenz T. Va.B 13 204 S Dawson 

.Moore, Frederick Carr. Va.G 78 clergyman 

Lowther, Edgar Allan. N.Y.B 98 instr Washington Collegiate Inst 

Pratt, David W. Tenn.D 13 15 N 7th 

Reynolds, Benjamin Bradford. Va.G 90 private secretary 

Africa. Walter Thomas. Pa.G 11 lumber 

Stewart. Victor W. Pa.K 01 treas Colonial Pine Co 114 Park av 

Anderson, Russell A. 111. A 14 



Wohlenberg, Louis H. la. A 10 banker 

Fifield, Gustavius J. Minn. A 83 

Hoskins, Robert D. Pa.B 80 clerk superior court 904 Fourth 

Williams, Erastus Appleman. Wis.A 08 722 Seventh 

Syverson, John A. Mich. A 09 

Hanna, Philip S. 111. A 05 vice president Stutzman County Bank 

Farrah, Jefferson A. Pa.B 77 

Dickey. George Harry. Wis.A 78 

Campbell, Frank James. 111. A 83 physician 1202 Third av 

Hanson, Judson W. Ill.A 83 

Ince, Joseph Waite. R.I. A 02 professor of agricultural chemistry, 
North Dakota Agricultural College 


ISL D^OHIO— Fargo-Bellaire 

Kellogg, Paul Martin. Minn.B 04 physician 

Lawrence, Raymond A. N.H.A 13 1128 Fifth av 

Rindiaub, John H. D.C.A 91 physician 

Scott, William W. Wis. A 08 asst cashier First Nat Bank 612 8th, S 
Grand Forks 

Jackson, Myron B. Minn.B 01 merchant 

Jackson, Raymond A. Minn.B 96 merchant 

Johnson, Perry S. la. A 01 lawyer 

Norton, William W. Neb. A 98 director of music, Univ of N. D. 

McCurdy, Thomas Alexander. Pa.D 60 clergyman 

Stutsman, William H. la. A 86 lawyer 

Taylor, Zachariah B. Pa. A 78 clergyman 

Ellison, Edward Orlando. Minn.B 11 507 Victoria 

Froemke, Fayette L. Mich. A 15 
South Fargo 

Aubrey, Lawrence Raymond. N.H.A 13 1128 Fifth av 



Whitworth, Henry. Ohio A 75 professor Latin, Ohio Northern Univ 

Burr, Willard F. Ohio D 05 with Goodyear Tire Co 

Clock, Cornelius S. Ohio E 11 219 Crosby 

Harper, Charles B. Pa.B 78 druggist 16 West 

Huber, David R. Ohio B 94 

Jones, James Robinson. N.Y.E 14 521 N Howard 

Lyder, George P. Ohio E 11 30 S Walnut 

Lyon, Orrin Armenius. Va.D 76 physician 896 E Market 

MacAyeal, Robert A. N.Y.E 14 26 S Union 

Musser, Harvey. Pa. Eta 75 lawyer 234 Ash 

Musser, Harvey Huston. Md.A 07 physician 

Parshall, Don Aaron. Ohio E 11 50 Fay 

Parshall, Edward P. Ohio E 06 contracting engineer 50 Fay 

Pond, Arthur F. Pa L 12 with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 

Robinson, Tom L. Ohio E 13 847 E Market 

Schubert, Frank R. Ohio E 13 150 Rose av 

Seiberling, Allen S. Ohio B 88 

Seiberling, James F. Ohio G 90 lawyer 

Shumacher, Ralph W. N.Y.E 14 

Tucker, Otto Noble. Ohio E 07 465 Carroll 

Painter, Charles Dallas. Va.D 76 
Ashtabula * 

King, William S. Pa.B 79 physician 

Slutz, Raymond M. Ohio A 99 

Yost, Obed. Ill.G 84 physician 

Baughman, William Wesley. Ohio E 10 327 N 3d 

Howard, Charles J. Ohio D 80 lawyer 

Cramill, Nelson Bradley. Ohio A 97 

Keen, William W. Ohio A 97 

Timmons, Frank P. Ohio A 97 superintendent of schools 

Bowers, A. G. Va.G 78 

Cowan, Henry Duane. Ohio A 08 4347 Noble 

Cummins, Robert Perry. Pa. A 96 physician 


Bellefontalne- Cincinnati— OHIO 


Howenstine, Emanuel J. Pa. A 60 lawyer 

West, John E. Ohio G 77 lawyer 

West, William A. Ohio G 72 lawyer 

Wonders, James C. Ohio D 82 

Kent, George G. Ohio D 14 416 S West 

Stuntz, Richard C. Ohio D 14 

Summers, Jacob H. Ohio B 75 

Turner, Clesse M. Ohio A 14 

Blackford, James Addison. Pa.A 73 farmer 

Chapman, Frank Webb. N.Y.E 08 

Beal, Edwin George. Ohio A 98 cashier First National Bank 

Beer, Frederick Thomas. Ohio B 92 lawyer 

Gormley, George C. Pa.A 62 banker 

Moderwell, John B. Pa.A 64 retired 

Ruhe, E. Blair. Ohio B 11 426 E Charles 

Sawyer, Boyd F. Ohio B 12 117 S Spring 

Vollrath, Edward. Ohio B 05 lawyer 

Hamilton, jGeorgeJVV. Ill.G 71 
Ohio A 04 

clergyman 211 W Main 

principal high school 415 E Market 

Pa.B 61 editor Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian 
Ohio G 90 

Hcnnold, Frank E. 

Amos, John Major. 
233 N Ninth 

Casey, Frank Stitt. 
Canal Dover 

Defenbacher, John F. Ohio D 97 mgr Ohio Shovel & Stamping Co 

Shaw, Frank H. Pa.B 84 real estate 
Canal Winchester 

Boyer, George Powell. Ohio A 15 

Dickson, William. Pa.A 57 professor Ohio Normal 

Simon, S. M. Va.D 68 

Fraunfelter, Clare E. Ill.B 02 physician 435 S Market 

Geiger, Harry Martin. Ohio B 78 

Geiger, Robert Grove. Ohio B 07 

Harter, Henry William. Pa.E 70 lawyer 1543 N Market 

Johnston, Ulysses S. G. Ohio G 83 lawyer 1440 N Cleveland av 

Pontius, Hubert C. Ohio B 95 lawyer 806 W North 

Raff, Norman Charles. Ohio G 76 investment broker editor of 
Phi Kappa Psi song book Central Savings Bank bldg 

Shimp, Frank S. Ohio B 95 

Taylor, Robert N. Ohio G 86 lawyer 

Fawcett, Joseph M. Ia.A 85 
Chagrin Falls 

Crafts, Milton Bassett. Ill.D 06 druggist 

Taylor, Thomas H. Pa.B 79 clergyman 

Miller, Paul. Ohio D 04 with Kile & Morgan (lumber) 

Pinto, Charles H. Ohio A 77 

Tittle, Ernest Fremont. Ohio B 03 clergyman 

Bail, Harry E. Ohio A 79 220 W 4th 

Bettinger, Albert. Ind.B 71 lawyer 518 Walnut 

Bishop, Richard Henry. Va.D 62 

Black, Lewis Cass. Ohio A 69 lawyer Blymyer bldg 

Bookwalter, Ferdinand. Ohio B 67 


OH IO—Clncinnati- Cleveland 

Breneman, Harry Campbell. N.Y.G 98 2045 Reading road 
Buchwalter, Morris L. Ohio A 64 lawyer, judge Carew bldg 
Burns, George W. Va.D 73 prin 18th dist school 4233 Langland 
Butler, Robert Hiram. Ohio E 06 physician 2447 Maplewood av 
Calloway, William Bowles. Ind.G 91 general passenger agent B. & 

O, S W R. R. and C. H. & D. R. R. 
Chandler, Frank W. N.Y.Z 93 prof Univ of Cincinnati 222 Hosea av 
Chorpening, Bruce. Ohio B 81 

Cole, Joseph Kinsey. Ohio A 98 lawyer Maplewood and Kinsey av 
Colter, Leroy S. Ohio A 80 physician cor Clifton and Hosea 
Cramer, Nelson Bradley. Ohio A 97 lawyer 361 1 Reading rd 
Daumont. Edward Alfred. Ind.A 73 

Deputy, Charles S. Ohio A 07 insurance 6213 Madison road 
Deputy, Earl Whedon. Ohio A 07 bonds 906 Mercantile Library bldg 
Everett, Charles E. Pa.B 79 lawyer 711 Elberon _av 
Fearle, Charles E. Kas.A 81 Ohio & Mississippi R. R. 
Foraker, Joseph Benson. N.Y.A 66 ex-senator 1:04 Cross Lane 
Gold, Earl Thomas. Ind.B 97 teacher 2556 Vestry av 
Goode, Samuel. Ohio A 79 physician 

Greene, William M. Ohio G 75 capitalist East Walnut Hills 
Howland, Densmore B. N.H.A 99 assistant supply manager General 

Electric Co R F D 9 Box 30a 
Kemper, Willis Miller. Ohio G 72 lawyer 41 E 4th 
Kendig, Willard C. Ohio G 88 physician 32 Garfield place 
Kirkpatrick, Edward C. Ohio A 00 2134 Grand av 
Lamb, George C. Ind.G 77 clergyman, Knox Presb ch Hyde Park 
Lee, Thomas L. Ohio A 81 lawyer 403 Bell block 
Littleton, Frank Leslie. Ind A 87 lawyer 
MacMillan, Wade. Ohio G 83 physician 11 11 E Macmillan 
Manss, Charles W. Ohio B 95 physician Eiglerle and Elberon 
Mitchell, Edwin W. Ohio A 75 physician Reading and Ridgeway av 
Mussey, William L. Md.A 83 physician 
Nelson, Henry F. Pa.D 59 
Parrish, Russell C. Ohio B 10 330 W 4th 
Paxson, William Stanley. Ohio A 07 2555 Moorman av 
Po'gue, Province L. Pa.A 14 243 Greendale av 
Pogue, Province M. Pa.A 85 lawyer 243 Greendale av 
Postlethwaite, Preston B. Pa.L 13 general manager Wagner Elec- 
tric Co 1620 First National Bank bldg 
Robinson, William A. Ohio A 66 supt Christ Hospital Mt Auburn 
Sibert, Edwin L. N.Y.A 14 Engineer's Office, Custom House 
Slutes, Merrill C. Ohio A 92 608 Traction bldg 
Smith, Estel O. Ind.A 91 surgeon 2234 Highland av 
Spiker, Norval T. Ohio A 05 division supt Mutual Life Ins Co 
Tarbill, John Wesley. Ohio A 96 7th and Main 
Tudor, Oliver H. Ohio B 71 

Waddell, Harry D. Ohio A 77 with W. E. Vicker & Co 
Wooley, Paul G. Ohio A 92 pathologist prof pathology Un of Cinn 

Van Swearingen, Henry B. Ohio D 13 
Walters, Barton. Ohio D 00 lawyer 132 S Pickway 
Walters, Festus R. Ohio A 68 judge 

Anderson, George Y. Ohio D 83 with Pickands, Mather & Co 2049 

E 83d 
Apple, Elmer Albert. Pa.B 09 journalist Caxton bldg 
Arter, Frank A. Pa.B 63 pres bd of trustees Allegheny College 8522 

Euclid av 
Ayers, Augustine R. N.Y.A 98 with L S & M S Ry 2059 E 88th 
Bale, Lester S. Ohio E 05 chemist Stand Oil Co 8021 Whitehorn av 
Barnard, Chester Kenneth. Mich.A 14 1509 E 115th . 
Bauer, Paul Emerson. Ohio B 10 

Beach, Robert Kellogg. Ohio D publisher 1797 E 89th 
Beaser, Sydney Kenneth. Ind.B 09 3328 Denison av 
Beecher, Frank A. N.Y.A Society of Savings bldg 
Bell, Richard P. Pa.A 07 physician Y M C A 
Bidle, William S. Ohio E 06 pres W. S. Bidle Co 141 1 E 45th 


Cleveland— OHIO 

Bill, Clifford Ernest. Ohio E 10 179 1 E 90th 

Boles, Laurence Caspar. Ohio A 04 instr Central high school 

Bowerfind, Edgar Sihler. Ohio E 13 10 124 Westchester av 

Bowers, Charles Albert. W.Va.A 04 phys Lakeside Hospital 

Brandt, Herbert W. Ohio E 06 mining engr 609 E 124th 

Bretz, Irving S. Ohio D 92 physician 1762 E 65th 

Brown, Everett L. Ohio E 06 reinforced concrete engr 10022 Cedar av 

Carlisle, Stanley Robert. Ohio D 10 2045 Abington rd 

Carpenter, Alfred G. Ohio A 70 judge court of appeals 2117E 100th 

Carter, William J. Ohio E 06 consulting engineer 4239 E 93d 

Chamberlin, Burt S. Ohio E 06 Citizens Savings & Trust Co 

Clark, Ralph B. Ohio E 06 with U. S. Lighting & Heating Co 

Clemens, Horace N. Ohio G 75 journalist 603 Superior av N W 

Colegrove, Albert E. Pa.B 76 instr Glendive H S 10602 Bryant av 

Collister, George F. Ohio E 06 asst supt Cleveland Twist & Drill Co 

Comstock, Charles Bulkley. Ohio A 76 suite 32, The Haddam 

Cooley, Richard Seymour. Pa.L 12 2050 E 79th S E 

Courtney, Clarence W. Ohio E 06 constr engr Leader bldg 

Dautel, Leopold. Ohio E 06 contractor 2066 E 83d 

Davis, Eugene Street. Ohio E 10 insurance 29 Roxford rd. 

Dennis, Edward Bennett. Ohio E 06 draftsman 9009 Euclid av 

Dissette, Thomas K. Ohio A 69 lawyer Amer Trust bldg 

Domino, Karl A. Ohio E v pres Williams Pivot Sash Co 1105 

Bolivar rd 
Downes, Edward T. Ohio E 12 2166 E 71st 

Drake, Edward A. Ohio E 06 mgr Drake & Wiers Co 6 Wymore av 
Draper, George L. Wis. A 03 5008 Cedar av 
Dyer, J. Milton. Ohio E 06 architect 1916 E 71st 
Eichelberger, George H. Ohio A 95 lawyer 1520 Rockefeller bldg 
Emerson, Sam Williams. Ohio E 06 consulting engr 2098 E 83d 
Ermsberger, Harold B. Ohio B 94 clergyman ^ 10806 Hampden av 
Fanning, Michael D. Ohio D 11 81 10 Carnegie av 
Flick, Harrison. Ohio E 07 smoke inspector 21 19 E 90 
Focke, Theodore M. Ohio E 06 prof of math Case School Applied 

Science 2057 Cornell rd 
Ford, Simpson F. Pa.B 78 lawyer 194 E 90th 
Frost, Raymond M. Ohio A 10 Euclid & Roxford 
Gardner, John M. Wis.G 01 sales mgr Gardner Mach Co 1621 Wil- 
liamson bldg 
Gillett, John. Mich.A 00 chief draughtsman L S & M C R R Co 

10606 Gooding av 
Glascock, David M. Ohio A 94 lawyer 202 Cuyahoga bldg 
Glidden, Joseph F. Ohio E 06 with Glidden Varnish Co 
Green, Fred C. Ohio A 06 real estate 425 Garfield bldg 
Hamilton, Walter J. Mich.A 84 lawyer 1109 New England bldg 
Hampton, Harry Horton. Ohio D 04 real estate 129 Arcade bldg 
Harris, Charles. Ind.B 75 prof German Western Reserve Univ 2057 

E i02d 
Harris, Herbert H. Ind. B 79 investments 
Harris, Robert F. Ind.B 13 journalist 
Hayden, A. J. Va.D 75 

Henderson, Alfred C. Ohio E 13 9209 Parkgate av 
Higley, Louis S. Ohio G 86 with Standard Sewing Machine Co 6402 

Cedar av 
Hill, Walter C. Ohio D 96 phys 533 Osborn bldg 
Holmes, William B. G. Ohio D 01 9503 Miles av 
Hoover, Charles F. Ohio A 82 phys 1903 E 75th 
Howell, Charles J. Ohio E 09 banker 1663 E 79th 
Johns, S. Karl. Ohio E 06 engr 1133 W 9th 
Kenyon, Seaver C. Ohio E 10 84 Grosmere 
Knowlton, Philip Emory. Ohio E 06 lawyer 1420 E 115th 
Laubie, Ralph W. Ohio G 84 merchant 256 Arcade 
Leffingwell, Roy Donald. Pa.B 99 teacher 
Lock, Roy L. Pa.K 15 16609 Euclid av 
Loeser, Nathan. N.Y.A 86 201 Society of Savings bldg 
Lowman, John H. Pa.B 67 physician 1807 Prospect 


OHIO— Cleveland 

McAllister, Colin. Ohio E 06 2163 E 31st 

McAllister, William B. Ohio E 06 contractor 2163 E 31st 

McClintock, Wilburn H. ' Pa.B 69 statistician 177 Euclid av 

McCrearv, Adriel R. Ohio E 06 contractor 21 12 E 93d 

McDonald, Carlton K. Ohio E 12 1890 E 89th 

McDonald, Charles A. Ohio G 80 coal merchant 713 Williamson bldg 

McKeehan. Homer H. Ohio A 89 lawyer Western Reserve bldg 

McLaughlin, Robert H. Ohio D 98 mgr Colonial theatre 

Marple. Charles Allen. Ohio D 82 instr Central h s 2046 E 69th 

Marshall, Lyman. Ohio E 06 engineer 2228 E 87th 

Miller, Levi J. Ohio E 06 advertising 1163 E 40th 

Milligan, Lauriston F. Ohio B 09 10022 Cedar av 

Millikin, Benjamin L. Pa.B 71 prof ophthalmology Western Reserve 

L'niv 8021 Euclid av 
Mitchell, Harry Wilbert. X.H.A 04 mfr 2168 E 79th 
Moore, Ernest E. Ohio G 74 printing business 23 Herald 
Mountain. John F. Ohio A 67 with J. L. Hudson Co 189 1 E 97th 
Munger, Hiram H. Pa.B 62 lawyer 
Murray, Wallace S. Ohio B 06 University school 
Xewcomb, Chester Gilbert. X.H.A 08 with Lake Erie Provision Co 

18 1 63 Clifton av 
Xewhall, George T. Ohio E 1 1 1935 E 34th 
Xiebel, Herbert L. Calif. B 10 
Orr, Chester A. Ohio E 06 asst supt Central Blast Furnaces Amer 

Steel & Wire Co 1146 E 99th 
Orr, Lewis Palmer. Ohio E 06 engr 9807 Park Gate av 
Page, Perry A. Pa.L 12 2237 E 87th 

Pardee, James T. Ohio E 06 consulting engr 10220 Clifton blvd X W 
Parsons, Harold E. Ohio A 94 lawyer 506 Williamson bldg 
Penton, George Winship. Ohio E 06 contractor 10022 Cedar av 
Pinney. James I. Pa.B 64 2099 E 96th 
Post, Xathan C. Ohio E 13 2062 E io^th 
Powell, Charles S. Ohio D 90 Marshall bldg 
Pratt, Karl H. Mich. A 90 contractor 4814 Carnegie av 
Price, Robert E. X.Y.A 88 240 Sibley 

Prior, Emery Carr. Ohio E 08 iron mfr 2093 Adelbert rd 
Protheroe, Thomas G. Ohio E 06 dir industrial work Y M C A 
Rieley, Charles F. Ohio E 06 with Xorthern Ohio Paving & Constr 

Co 87 1 6 Xevada 
Robbins, Ambrose M. Pa.B 56 Hotel Xew Amsterdam 
Robbins, Leon Josiah. Ohio E 06 treas Ohio Varnish Co 1006 E 105th 
Robinson, Edwin Meade. Ind.G 97 assoc ed Cleveland Plain Dealer 
Robison. Warner Sumner. Ohio E 06 engr 226.1 E 95th 
Roby, Frank McQuesten. Ohio E 08 1906 E 83d 
Ross, Calvin Burt. Ohio D 03 2216 Adelbert road 
Sanders, Clarence Elmer. Ohio G 85 lawyer 600 Prospect 
Seaton, Sidney G. Ohio E 13 1600 Asbury av 
Shenton, Ralph W. >s.Y.B 06 with Xat Elec Lamp Assoc 
Skiff, Warner M. Ohio E 06 mgr eng dept Xat Elec Lamp Assoc 

1849 Crawford rd 
Smart, George. Ohio D 83 editor Iron Trade Review 10608 Massie av 
Smith, William J. Ohio A 03 lawyer Marshall bldg 
Spencer, George W. Mich. A 76 847 Stark 
Stanton, Frank W. Pa.G 00 609 Society for Savings bldg 
Stewart. Charles H. Ohio A 79 341 Superior 

Swift, William F. Ohio E 06 treas City Foundry Co 2102 E 100th 
Sykes, Weslev P. Ohio E 12 1827 E 101st 
Tarbell, Raymond P. Ohio E 13 1438 E 112th 
Tewksbury, Russell B. Ohio G mfr S52 Prospect 
Thompson, Karl O. Mass. A 00 112 15 Itaska av 
Towson, Morris Sherman. Ohio E 08 elec mfr 1849 E 89th 
Yillalon, Jose A. Pa.G 08 bridge construction dept X Y Central R R 
Wade, Frank C. Pa.B 81 music teacher 2216 E 93d 
Waid, Addison C. Pa.B 07 lawyer Winsor bldg 
Weigle, Keith L. Calif. B 02 mgr The Britton T. & S. P. Day Co 

2394 Canal rd 


Cleveland-Columbus — OHIO 

Weigle, Victor Ashman. Calif.B 08 pur agt Britton T. & S. P. Day 

Co 2394 Canal road 
Weimer, Frederick Carl. Ind.G 94 news ed Cleveland Leader 
Whitacre, William H. Ohio E 04 2187 E 83d 
Whitlock, William G. Ohio A 98 care of L. S. & M. S. R R 
Whitney, Horace W. Ohio E 06 chemist Grasselli Chem Co 1917 E 71st 
Wiley, James Rollo. Ohio D Lawrence Publishing Co 
Williams, Howard Chandler. N.H.A 02 mgr Fidelity Dept Amer 

Surety Co. 729 Garfield bldg 
Wilson, James F. Pa.B 68 lawyer 308 Euclid av 

Cleveland Heights 

Jaeger, Charles P. Ohio 06 engr City Water dept 3015 Edgehill rd 

College Corner 

Brown, John August. Ind.B 96 principal public schools 


Agler, Adelbert McMillen. Ohio D 07 1379 Fair av 
Baldwin, Hugh Allen. Ohio D 95 physician and surgeon 816 Oak 
Bargar, Frederick C. Ohio D 98 Riley Shoe Co 116 S Washington 
Beatty, Hugh Gibson. Ohio D 01 physician 150 E Broad 
Bennett, Hugh Monnett. Ohio D 09 171 King av 

Bentley, Linn. Ohio A 68 pres Columbus Iron & Steel Co 585 Oak 
Berry, Nathaniel Eichorn. Kas.A 05 ins Columbus Sav & Trust bldg 
Bobb, George Conrad. Ohio D n 1355 Brj^den rd 
Bradford, Henry Le Roy. Ohio D 09 17th and Waldeck 
Brooks, Stanley G. Ohio D 99 sec-treas D. L. Auld Co 1501 E Long 
Browne, Morton S. Ohio D 87 M. S. Browne Elec Co 10 1 Cleve- 
land av 
Brown, Thaddeus Harold. Ohio A 08 lawyer Buckeye State bldg 
Butler, George S. Ohio D 91 manufacturer 76 Lexington av 
Carmack, Gilbert Harry. Ohio D 03 real estate 416 W 6th av 
Carson, Andrew Carlisle. Ohio G 76 journalist 
Cherington, Charles Simpson. Ohio A 71 lawyer 266 N Monroe 
Cherrington, Lemuel Bundy. Ohio A 75 printer 195 Hamilton av 
Chester, John J. Ohio G 76 lawyer 65 W Franklin pk 
Clark, Homer Jackson. Pa.B 85 chf elk ry mail service 183 14th av 
Converse, Edward Jasper. Ohio D 84 clergyman 59 W 4th av 
Cratty, Dow C. Ohio A 06 People's Gas Co 271 E Gay 
Dana, Lowell Brockway. N.H.A 10 salesman 44 E Chestnut st 
Denney, Joseph Villiers. Mich. A 82 dean Ohio State Univ 
Dillon, Edmond B. Ohio A 87 judge 83 Wilson av 
Dye, Clifford B. Ohio D 06 inspector Ohio Inspection Bureau 1978 

Farrar, Holway D. Ohio A 02 phys 195 E State 
Gager, John B. Ohio D 11 67 Hoffman av 
Galbraith, John H. Ohio D 83 journalist 263 15th av 
Gardiner, Harold M. Ohio D 09 250 W 10th av 
Garter, Felix F. N.Y.E 07 inst H S of Commerce 
Garver, Benjamin G. Ohio A 08 124 14th av 
Gates, Charles N. Ohio D 11 2139 Summit 

Gill, Mason M. Ohio A 94 with Ralston Steel Co 990 Bryden rd 
Godman, Leonard H. Ohio D 84 salesman 236 Woodlawn av 
Hamilton, Donald. Ohio D 14 Indianola av 
Hamilton, John Lawrence J. Ind D 13 1980 Indianola av 
Haswell, William Edward. Ohio B 87 engineer 161 1 Bryden road 
Hedges, Benson R. Ohio D 98 mgr Fidelity & Cas Ins Co E Town 
Henderson, Isaiah R. Ohio A 68 clergyman 708 Oakwood av 
Howard, Edward Davenport. Ohio D 89 lawyer 618 E Rich 
Hubbard, Herman M. Ohio D 99 sec Talmadge Hardware Co 29 

Hoffman av 
Hubbard, Ralph N. Ohio D 87 mgr Pure Milk Co 371 E Broad 
Innis, William H. Ohio A 93 real estate Cleveland av 
Joyce, William J. N.Y.A 97 v pres Green-Joyce Co 1185 E Broad 
Kelly, Edmund P. Ohio D 10 1618 E Broad 
Kerr, Robin S. Ohio D 10 332 Kendall pi 

Kiesewater, Louis F. Ohio D 87 cashr Ohio Nat Bank 571 E Town 
Lane, Eugene, Ohio A 68 lawyer 249 W 1st av 
Linhart, Christopher P. Ohio B 79 413 Stoddard av 


OHIO— Columbus- Dayton 

Loren, James M. Ohio D 09 1371 N High 

McCord, George W. Va.D 69 prof math Ohio State Univ 293 W 

8th av 
Marckworth, Otto S. Ohio D 97 chemist 92 Linwood av 
Martin, Edgar C. Ohio D 91 lawyer 91 W 2d av 
Miller, Henry F. Ohio D 85 consulting engr 345 E State 
Milligan, Lowell H. Ohio D 13 301 W 6th 
Mills, James Dwight. Ohio D 97 mech engineer 185 13th av 
Monnett, Frank Sylvester. Ohio A 75 lawyer 36 S Monroe av 
Murphy, Martin E. Ohio D 14 1462 Bryden rd 
Neff, Wilbur G. Ind A 86 real estate 1827 Franklin av 
Neil, William. Ohio B 82 real estate 1536 E Long 
Nelson, Edward Thoburn. Ohio A 09 bookkeeper 
Nichol, Edward S. Ohio D 14 Summit 

Parkhurst, Charles P. Neb. A 99 agt for Ginn Pub Co 1700 Clifton av 
Pearch, Arch Raymond. Ohio A 10 mechanic Big 4 R R 
Perkins, Erwin C. Ohio D 13 124 14th av 
Pierce, Thomas Day. Ohio E 06 asst engr Toledo & Ohio,. Central Ry 

10 1 1 Outlook bldg 
Porch, Francis M. Ohio B ^2 clergyman 241 Monroe av 
Powell, Donald A. Ohio D 07 176 W 20th 

Purkhiser, Roy Clark. Ohio B 10 Columbus Ry & Light Co 16 N High 
Schaub, Edward L. F. Ohio D 85 1113 S High 
Semans, Harry M. Ohio A 85 dentist 1611 Franklin pk S 
Shedd, Carlos B. Ohio D 83 wholesale grocer 11 1 Hamilton av 
Shedd, Frederick. Ohio D 80 wholesale grocer 1440 E Broad 
Snyder, Charles R. Ohio D 10 54 13th av 
Speaks, Charles. Ohio D 10 1378 Neil av 
Speaks, Sanford A. Ohio D 13 1378 Neil av 
Stemple, Forrest W. W.Va.A 06 instr Ohio State Univ 
Stewart, Harford T. Ohio D 91 sec Case Mfg Co 846 E Broad 
Taylor, John M. Ohio D 82 pres Taylor Coal Co Col Savings & 

Trust bldg 
Tussing, Reginald Miller. Ohio D 08 1385 E Broad 
Voorhees, Campbell M. Ohio G 87 lawyer 1759 Oak 
Vorhes, John H. Ohio A 07 phys 160 N 18th 
Welch, Calvin S. Ohio A 99 ice merchant 1127 Neil av 
Westfall, Ralph E. Ohio A 88 lawyer 390 Linwood av 
Wheaton, Robert John. Ohio D 97 Ohio Realty Co 8 Broad, 
Williamson, Beriah E. Pa.B 85 413 S Ohio av 
Wing, Charles M. Ohio D 79 mfr 231 W 10th 
Yardley, Ralph W. E. Ill.B 04 architectural engr Normandie Hotel 


Smith, Dill B. N.Y.E 93 clerk P. & C. Dock Co 526 Sandusky 


Custer, Monford Darius. Ohio A 91 sec and treas Novelty Adv Co 


Stahle, Reuben. Ohio A ^2. 

Cuyahoga Falls 

Lewis, Arthur I. Pa.B 70 

Smith, Edward J. Ill.A 68 clergyman 

Aull, Raymond Hulburt. N.Y.A 10 28 Oxford av 
Bechteff, Ray Harmes. Ohio B 10 1436 Wayne av 
Brewster, Edward Thomson. Ohio B 78 instr Latin Steele h s 
Drake, William Allen. Ind.D 01 mech eng 946 Cottage Grove av 
Dustin, Charles W. Ohio A 66 judge circuit court Court House 
Ernst, Hugo Charles E. Ill.B 04 care National Cash Register 
Fischer, Henry William. Ohio B 85 

Frizell. William G. Ohio A 83 lawyer 503 Conover bldg 
Hatcher, Harry Haver. Ohio D 91 38 W 5th av 
James, Alfred Edwin. Ill.D 09 224 North blvd 
Johnston, Cecil Mundey. Ohio A 15 in W Herman av 
Kennedy, Eugene G. Ohio B 92 lawyer R F D 1 
Kennedy, Isaac G. D.C.A 90 

Kennedy, Wilbert C. Ohio A 88 lawyer 112 E Monument av 
Knight, Foy W. Ind.B 01 with Nat Cash Register 7 Faulkner av 


Dayton- Evansville— OHIO 

Palmer, Harry E. Ohio G 78 physician 226 N Main 

Templeton, Harry Edgar. Ohio D 91 31 Pioneer 

Thorpe, Frank C. Mo.A 09 engineer 21 y 2 Sycamore 

Toulmin, Harry Aubrey, jr. Ohio B 06 Schwind bldg 

Veneman, Nevin E. Ohio D 97 lawyer 428 Salem av 

Ware, George A. Ohio D 00 Ware Coffee Co 

Ware, John W. Ohio D 98 

Ware, Paul S. Pa. I 09 

White, William J. Ohio A 66 instructor high school 

Woolpert, Ralph L. Ohio A 15 36 Victor 

Carpenter, W. F. Va.D 76 

Patterson, Walter C. Ohio D 08 advertising manager Crescent 
News 406 Holgate av 

Caldwell, Harold Van York. Mass.A 09 care Ohio Wesleyan Univ 

Carson, William Bradford. Ohio A 08 W William 

Crafty, Donald Campbell. Ohio A 99 

Davies, William Walter. Ohio A 68 professor Ohio Wesleyan Univ 

Denison, Charles Williams. Ohio A 02 clay manufacturer 

Denison, Lonnis. Ohio A 12 56 W Winter 

Duvandeck, Walter E. Ohio A 09 

Gillilan, Fred A. Ohio A 04 advertising salesman 237 N Liberty 

Gillilan, William H. Ohio A 09 

Gleich J. Fred. Ohio A 04 Independent Print Co 

Hills, Reuben E. Ohio A 72 wholesale grocer 127 N Franklin 

Huntsberger, Fred Eliot. Ohio A 06 manager Univ Book Store 

O'Kane, Edward T. Ohio A 81 fire insurance 70 W Lincoln av 

Semans, Edward M. Ohio A 83 physician 137 N Franklin 

Semans, William M. Ohio A 80 physician 103 W Winter 

Semans, William Oliver, jr. Ohio A 10 Winter 

Smithy Edward D. Ohio B 72 clergyman 

Smith,' Thomas R. Ohio A 62 farmer 

Welch, Hermes S. Ohio A 02 dentist 
East Cleveland 

Allan. William Sterling. Ohio E 12 25 Potomac av 

Boley, Ernest William. Ohio E 10 75 Rosemont 

Criley, John Milton. Ohio G 91 investment bonds 99 Windemere 

Hale, Herbert C. Ohio E 06 contracting engineer 96 E Beersford 

Hamilton, Nathaniel G. Ohio A 77 publisher Highland Terrace 

Maedje, Carl W. Wis. A 14 Allendale Hill 

Merrick, W r alter C. Ohio A 90 lawyer, Cleveland 21 Brightwood 

Queisser, Charles Fried. Ohio E 08 salesman 76 Stanwood rd 

Rinear, Sterling H. Ohio A 12 63 Knowles 

Rudolph, Edward P. Ohio E 06 with Municipal Traction Co 40 
Forest Hill 

Schmidt, Paul S. Ohio E 06 concrete engineer with Courtney Engi- 
neering Co Allendale Terrace 

Seelbach, Walter L. Ohio E 08 114 Noble rd 

Van Epps, Leslie Irving. Ohio E 06 60 Garfield rd 

Wyman, Clifton L. Ohio E 06 40 Garfield rd 
East Liverpool 

Healy, Louis U. N.Y.A 87 

Smith, Ralph K. N.Y.G 13 332 S 6th 
East Palestine 

George, John S. Ohio D 14 

Crites, Willison Williams. Ohio B 80 

Frey, R. A, Pa.E 78 

Shuter, Guy. Ohio A 03 electrician 

Sites, Frederick J. Ohio A 05 electrician 

Pearsall, Clifford J. Wis.G 10 


OHIO— Fairfield -Jackson 


Mitchell, Karl W. Ohio B 05 

Porter, Robert E. Ohio E 10 

McClenaban, James Henderson. ill.G 79 

Badger, William Earl. Ohio E 06 with Findlay Axe & Tool Co 322 

Benedict, Charles W. Pa.B 82 physician 

Cloyd, Martin Reeg. Ohio B 03 instructor high school 

Donnell, Otto Dewey. Ohio E 07 supt Ohio Oil Co 931 S Main 

Fox, Charles T. Va.D 78 prof and dean Findlay College 1006 N Cory 

Jones, George Pelton. Ohio G 84 cashier First National Bank 719 
S Main 

Reeg, Cloyd M. Ohio B 03 teacher 

Asire, Judd David. Ohio D 01 undertaker 417 W Center 

Greenlee, F. Fleming. Pa.D 61 clergyman 

Holmes, Ralph Williams. Ohio D 93 physician 

Moorman, Robert J. Ind.D 09 with People's Pure Ice Co 

Goruch, Robert A. Ohio A 07 

McElhinney, Robert. Pa.A 66 

Watson, Orville E. Ohio A 80 prof N T, Kenyon College 

Banks, Herbert Clarence. R.I. A 09 instr Miami Military Ins'titute 

Travis, John L. Ohio A 86 physician 

Pollock, Frank M. Ohio D 1 1 
Good Hope 

Walker, Laurin H. Ohio A 13 

Holmes, Frank Edward. Ohio A 98 

Downs, Caleb B. Pa.A 54 editor 

Hamilton, Alvah Flint. Pa.B 63 

Kemper, Constantine. Colo.A 14 

Thomas, Harold Sloane. Ind.G 97 salesman, American Pad & Tex- 
tile Co 224 E South 

Cherryholmes, William K. Ohio A 78 physician 109 S 3d 

Steffens, Walter L. Ind.D 06 9 Section av 
Hess Flats 

Smith, Royal Porter. Wis.G 05 

Richards, Clarence C. Ohio A 94 farmer 
Home City 

Galloway, Walter B. Ind.G 90 gen pass agt, B & O Southern Ry 

Guy, Samuel J. Pa.A 77 physician 

Henselman, S. F. Va.D 76 

Mayers, Andrew J. Pa.B 94 cashier Hubbard Banking Co 
I ronton 

Gray, George H. Ohio G 90 

Hutsinpillar, Mills G. Ohio A 96 merchant 

Kerr, Howard C. Ohio G 90 cashier Citizens National Bank 

Williams, Evan F. Ohio A 69 lawyer 

Miller, James Culver. Ohio D 04 farmer 

Wheldon, Maurice M. Ohio B 00 


Jamestown- Malvern— OHIO 


Ogan, Alfred M. Ohio A 10 

Flanagan, Thurman. Ohio D 09 347 Main 

Henderson, Berkeley W. Ohio A 09 

Henderson, William P. Ohio A 84 judge 

Moore, Grant. Ohio A 91 oil producer 315 W North 

Palmer, George H. M. Ohio G 78 insurance 

Palmer, John J. Ohio D 06 Stoddard-Dayton Automobile Co 315 
N Detroit 

Phillips, David P. Ohio D 10 348 N Main 

Robinson, Parle C. Ohio D 79 engineer 

Runkle, Hugh L. Ohio A 84 president Kenton National Bank 

Schindewolf, Theodore E. Ohio D 11 

Swift, Charles Chichester. Ohio E 06 mgr Ohio Machine Tool Co 

Gower, J. Lynn. Ohio B 09 

Young, Ward E. Ohio B 12 

Brady, James Albert. Pa.B 99 general agent Midland Life Insur- 
ance Co 1464 Westwood av 

Glasgow, Lawrence Bourdette. Ohio E 07 surveyor 1026 Cook av 

Kappler, Harry John. Ohio E 07 engineer Mechanical Rubber Co 
1374 Lakewood av 

Keyes, Earl W. Ohio A 04 physician 150 10 Detroit av 

Kinnicutt, Bernard H. Ohio 1) 10 1579 Wyandotte av 

Leach, Roscoe Conklin. N.H.A 08 145 1 Newman av 

North, Kent B. Wis. A 04 engineer 

Stowe, Gaylord T. Ohio D 14 Beach rd, Clifton Park 

Wilson, Robert F. Pa.B 01 journalist 5 Gladys av 

Axline, Clark G. Ohio B 97 

Becker, Karl William. Ohio B 09 715 N Columbus 

Cherrington, William D. Ohio A 69 clergyman 

Denman, Edgar. Ohio D 94 

McCammon, Zachariah. Ohio A 03 teacher 

Richardson, Arthur F. Pa.E 82 

Sites, Joseph S. Ohio A ^z lawyer E Main 

Brotherton, Cloyd J. Ohio A 88 lawyer 

Mundt, William" C. N.Y.B 00 with Buckeye Pipe Line Co 

Van Fossan, Ernest Harvey. N.Y*G 10 lawyer 

Van Fossan, L. Morris. Ohio D 1 1 

Peters, Curtis A. Ohio A 06 farmer 

Culver, Reuben Dillon. Pa.B 78 

Jackson, John Collins. Ohio A 72 clergyman 

Parrett. Frank C. Ohio D 03 farmer 

Fisher, Benjamin F. Ind.A 02 president Ohio Grease Lubricant Co 

Weaver, Noah H. Ohio B 66 

Prescott, Allen Zollers. Neb. A 02 physician 

Erskine, John G- Ohio D 81 

Brant, Clyde. Ohio A 00 merchant 

Cochran, Charles Edwin. Pa.D 61 

Hoffman, George T. Ohio A 00 treas Hoffman & Son Tanning Co 

Manley, James W. Ohio A 98 

McCall, Ebenezer H. Pa.B 63 


OHIO— Mansfield- Nevada 


Dow, John W. Ohio E 06 treas Dow Chemical Co 564 Park av W 

Hurlbut, Edwin A. Ill.A 01 sales agent Ohio Brass Co 100 Sur- 
rey rd 

Mease, David J. Pa. Eta 73 clergyman 

Reed, Alexander C. Va.D 70 

Wiles, Otis. Ohio G 85 

Bartram, John Hawley. Ohio G 87 lawyer 502 S State 

Hamilton, Huron Mackinac. Ohio A 15 521 E Center 

McNeal, Louis B. Ohio G 86 lawyer 117^ Center, W 

Schaffner, Wilfred. Ohio A 13 259 S State 

Sifritt, Grant E. Ohio A 13 641 N State 

Weeks, Dana O. Ohio G 87 physician 425 W Center 

Weeks, Oliver Douglas. Ohio A 15 425 W Center ' 
Martin's Ferry 

Stitt, Eugene W. Pa.L 13 

Kinkade, John H. Ohio G 72 lawyer 7th 

Piper, Leonidas. Ohio A 63 lawyer 

Robinson, Aaron B. Pa. A 54 lawyer 300 5th 

Sawyer, Walter A. Ill.A 02 insurance, Columbus, O 

Sellers, John P. Minn.B 12 123 N Court 

Sellers, William C. Minn.B 14 123 N Court 

Taggart, Harold I. Ohio D 07 with Goshen Valley Coal Co 73 

Weybrecht, Charles Christopher. Ohio D 87 

Johnson, Edward W. Ohio A 93 assistant cashier 

Neff, C. A. Ohio B 68 

Bennett, Homer C. N.H.A 15 303 E Smith rd 

Shane, Paul B. Ohio B 15 218 E Sinter rd 
Med way 

Brosey, Harnish G. Ohio B 08 

Gamble, William H. Ohio A 84 manufacturer 

Wells, Robert H. Ohio A 02 

Brown, Valorous Freemont. Kas.A 76 clergyman, M E ch 117 E 

Todhunter, William H. Ohio A 65 lawyer 

McPherson, Jesse Alexander. Pa. A 13 Box 92 

Greene, Edward W. Ohio A 01 

Hodges, Alvin H. Ill.B 11 

Adams, William Weldon. Ohio G 75 cashier J. & G. Bank 
Mineral Ridge 

Clifford, Robert Houghton. Ohio E 06 sup Mineral Ridge Mfg Co 
Mo rr istown 

King, Howard A. L. Ohio A 70 
Mount Gilead 

Hoyt, Leslie J. Ohio A 06 agricultural chemist 
Mount Vernon 

Dowds, Charles G. Ohio A 05 salesman 

Hull, William E. Ohio B 81 

Leach, Harry A. Ohio A 07 303 E High 

Trout, Horatio Gates. Ohio A 08 

Trout, James R. Ohio A 13 80 Columbus 

Goodbread, Harry L. Ohio B 92 lawyer 


New Carlisle-Portsmouth — OHIO 

New Carlisle 

Myers, Clifford L. 111. A 91 clergyman 
New Lexington 

Davie, Cleris Eugene. Ohio A 15 
New Lisbon 

Oliphant, Charles McGee. Va.D 76 
New Philadelphia 

Mcllvaine, Charles L. Ohio G 90 city editor Tuscarawas Advocate 
253 W High 
New Richmond • 

MacQueen, Glenroie. Pa.B 82 clergyman 

Roberts, Frank A. Ohio G 88 lawyer 

Caldwell, J. M. Ohio G 84 merchant 

Franklin, Lewis Post. N.Y.D 89 

Houk, Raymond A. Ohio B 07 

Johnson, Ernest T. Ohio D 89 insurance 403 Hudson av 

Kellenberger, Charles W. Ohio D 91 

Kibler, Charles S. Ohio D 08 179 Granville 

Kibler, Edward. Ohio G 77 lawyer 179 Granville 

Kibler, Edward, jr. Ohio D 06 179 Granville 

Scott, James K. Ohio D 94 

Sparks, Virgil K. Ohio A 04 
North Bloomfield 

Snyder, Cyrus B. Pa.B 88 

Erp, James E. Minn.B 88 

Aston, Edward S. Ind.D 71 lawyer 1827 Williams av 

Smith, Edward Staples. R.I. A instructor in mathematics University 
of Cincinnati 3826 Forest av 

Alexander, John Charlton. Ohio E 10 

Wilson, Edward B. Pa.B 73 clergyman 

Ogan, James S. Ohio D 14 

Harris, James R. Ohio B 03 

Meek, Gordon S. Ohio E 06 
Co 130 S St Clair 

Moody, Charles A. Pa.B 67 

Miles, Gordon F. Ohio A 87 

Gamble, Walter W. Ohio A 07 

Bishop, Fred W T aterman. Ohio A 05 

Bennett, Charles Wesley. Ohio A 63 inspector Freedman Schools of 
M. E. Church in the South 218 Washington 

Campbell, Otto Freeman. Ohio A 08 

Pfau, Otto L. Ohio B 08 

Webster, Drew S. Ohio D 09 

Anderson, Russell Warwick. Ohio A 07 merchant 165 Gallia av 

Bannon, Henry Towne. Ohio D 85 lawyer 

Guffey, Russell Leroy. Ohio A 15 

McCurdy, Russell K. Ohio A 13 812 Gay 

Reed, Edward T. Ohio A 89 merchant 36 W 7th 

Reed, William F. Ohio D 79 

Selby, Harold R. Ohio A 11 39 Gallia av 

Selby, Mark. W. Ohio A 95 secretary Selby Shoe Co 247 E 4th 


superintendent Pa. & Lake Erie Dock 



civil engineer 


OHIO — Portsmouth. Springfield 

Shumway, Oliver Morton. Ohio A 10 contractor 38 E 7th 

Shumway, Roswell Burr. Ohio A 11 38 E 7th 

William, Percy R. Ohio A 86 

Williams, Allen G. Pa.Theta 13 1236 Gallia av 

Walsh, Dana W. Wis.A 14 206 N Motby 

Ford, William J. Pa.B 81 

Riley, Milton B. Pa.B 63 
Richwood • 

Hutchinson, Paul Eves. Ohio A 05 furniture 

Kirkpatrick, Villie B. Ohio A 99 lumber merchant 

Ross, Fred E. Ohio A 86 assistant cashier 

Stivers, Andrew J. Ohio A 09 

Stivers, Frank A. Ohio A 84 cashier Citizens National Bank 

Simpson, Samuel S. Pa.B 69 

Byers, Frederick Charles. Ohio E 10 

Wigton, Sam Robert. Ohio B 00 

Arner, Caleb D. Mich. A 81 agriculture 

Mullins, William H. Ohio G 73 manufacturer 

Turner, Charles W. Ohio G 83 

Mack, Egbert Hiram. Ohio D 99 

Mitchell, Frank G. Ohio A 64 chaplain Soldiers and Sailors Home 

Sebrmg, Kenneth C. Pa.A 14 W Ohio av 

Beatty, Ralph .tvans. Ohio D 14 

Ward, William A. Pa.B 60 

Beach, Robert Anderson. Ohio A 14 N Center 

Singley, William H. Ohio B 69 

Lott, George W. Ohio A 72 clergyman 

Ong, Osborn B. Pa.B 82 
South Lorain 

Palm, Frederick Jefferson. Ohio E 10 

Cochran, James Lee. Ohio A 04 captain, U S Army 

Cochrun, Paul Wesley. Ohio A 03 teacher 

Abbott, Charles Jarver. Ohio B 10 705 Woodlawn av 

Addlesberger, Neal D. Ohio B 14 250 Douglas av 

Anthony, Howard Benton. Ohio B 09 227 N Limestone 

Arthur, Edwin Leggette. Ohio B 82 lawyer 21-27 Bushnell bldg 

Baker, James I. Ohio B 09 358 E High 

Baker, Scipio Eugene. Ohio B 78 pres Foos Gas Engine Co 

Bauer, Charles Louis. Ohio B 87 pres Bauer Bros Co 12 15 E High 

Bauer, Louis Ernest. Ohio B 97 v pres Bauer Bros Co 1217 E High 

Bauer, W. A. Ohio B 88 treas Bauer Bros Co 1067 E High 

Beale, Edwin Littler. Ohio B 07 11 E Liberty 

Beckley, Henry Addison. Ohio A 13 912 S Fountain 

Behrends, Simon Peter. Ohio B 76 with Springfield Pub Co 

Birch, George H. Ohio B 14 11 15 N Fountain av 

Boggess, Robert. Ohio B 09 513 S Wittenberg av 

Brooks, Harold Scovill. Ohio B 09 real estate 825 N Fountain 

Browne, Charles St. Clair. Ohio A 07 mgr Hotel St. James 

Burleigh, Brown. Ohio B 01 real estate 314 E Madison av 

Bushnell, John Ludlow. Ohio B 88 pres S T & P Ry 1203 E High 


Springfield— OHIO 

Carson, George H. Ohio G 87 wholesale grocer 425 S Fountain av 

Cartmell, Perley Martin. Ohio G 91 manufacturer 223 N Limestone 

Chance, Robert H. Ohio B 14 4 W Ward 

Clingerman, Robert Louis. Ohio B 04 elec engr 427 W High 

Culler, Jacob Henry. Ohio B 6q clergyman 

Davy, Jesse Otis. Ohio A 66 physician 411 S Center 

Deaton, Roscoe H. Ohio B 00 Springfield Metallic Casket Co 

Dial, George Sabin. Ohio A 81 lawyer 352 E High 

Dufford, Henry Payson. Ohio B 12 134 W Ward 

Ernsberger, Cyrus S. Ohio B 68 32 E Cassidy 

Fairbanks, Newton H., jr. Ohio B 10 919 S Fountain av 

Falconer, Walter C. Pa.D 59 U S Navy 

Frey, George H. Ohio G 75 manufacturer 901 W High 

Fried, Clark Karl. Ohio B 96 jeweler 1317 E High 

Garver, John Newton. Ohio B 77 Wittenberg av 

Geiger, Frank W. Ohio B 87 judge common pleas 733 S Limestone 

Goodfellow, Henry H. Ohio B 80 

Gotwald, David K. Pa.I 79 physician 505 N Fountain av 

Gotwald, Robert C. Pa.E 80 architect 205 E Madison av 

Hahn, Justus Albert. Ohio B 07 215 South Yellow Springs 

Harris, Charles Lytle. Ohio B 77 instr H S 306 Stanton av 

Harshmann, George W. Ohio D 13 R F D No 1 

Herr, Harry S. Ohio A 14 624 S Fountain av 

Hiller, Robert Henry. Ohio B 86 prof of Greek, Wittenberg Coll 

128 E Madison av 
Hollenbeck, Ralph W. Ohio B 97 auditor International Harvester Co 

234 Arlington av 
Hosterman, Arthur D. Ohio B 76 publisher 455 Woodlawn av 
Hosterman, Harley C. Ohio B 98 deputy county auditor 1301 S 

Hume, Robert H. Ill.G 70 clergyman 10 19 S Limestone 
Ihrig, Justus K. Ohio B 10 1903 W Main 
Kalbfus, Charles W. Ohio B 13 648 E High 
Keifer, Horace Charles. Ohio D 87 lawyer 1220 E High 
Keifer, Joseph Warren. Ohio B 68 lawyer 1220 E High 
Keifer, William White. Ohio D 82 lawyer 560 E High 
Kunkle, Albert H. Ohio B 78 judge court of appeals 644 N Fountain 
Lewis, Robert L. Ohio B 13 957 Woodlawn av 
Linn, Alvin F. Ohio B 80 instr chemistry Wittenberg College 
Lupfer. Robert N. Ohio B 04 1660 E High 
Lutz, Arlo R. Ohio B 02 dept public health 229 W High 
Lynch, George C, jr. Ohio B 14 2105 E High 
McNally, Robert F. Ohio B 12 2565 E High 
Marshall, Earl H. Ohio B 03 statistician Ohio Elec Ry 
Metzger, Arthur William. Ohio A 15 524 W Pleasant 
Meyer, Charles G. Ohio B 14 434 N Fountain 
Meyer, George A. Ohio B 13 434 N Fountain 
Miller, Eli. Ohio B 75 clergyman 

Miller, Robert J. Ohio B 82 coal merchant 365 S Fountain 
Milligan, Harry S. Ohio B 13 S Fountain av 
Minear, James F. Ohio B 05 osteopathic phys 414 S Fountain 
Morrow, Robin R. Ohio B 09 R F D No 6 
Morrow, William. Ohio A 73 Y M.C A bldg 
Moyer, Frederick W. Ohio B 00 with State of Ohio Dairy & Food 

Dept 1 128 N Limestone 
Myers, John E. Ohio B 94 sec Champion Chem Co 
Otstot, Robert R. Ohio B 10 832 S Fountain 
Patton, William S. Ohio G 82 farmer 

Perks, George W. Ohio B 98 supt American Seeding Machine Co 
Phillips, Gordon B. Ohio B 14 45 E Ward 
Prince, Benjamin Franklin. Ohio B c6 prof Wittenberg College 644 

N Wittenberg av 
Prout, Harold A. Ohio B 09 806 S Fountain av 
Rabbitts, James H. Ohio G 72 lawyer 652 N Limestone 
Raup, Gustavus P. Ohio B 71 farmer 
Remsberg, Fred A. Ohio B 04 salesman 15 College av 


OHIO — Springfield-Toledo 

Rind, Robert Conrad. Va.A 94 surgeon 814 N Limestone 

Rodgers, Addison S. Ohio G 77 sec Springfield Gas Engine Co 1209 
N Limestone 

Russell, George W. Ohio B 99 accountant 913 S Limestone 

Schmidt, Clarence Bernhart. Pa. Eta 07 430 N Limestone 

Schneider, John P. Ohio B 93 prof English Wittenberg College 514 
N Wittenberg av 

Sellers, Joe W T . Ohio B 10 909 Woodlawn av 

Shouvlin, Daniel R. C. supt Superior Gas Engine Co 1134 E High 

Siegenthaler, Harvey N. Ohio G 74 druggist 1105 S Limestone 

Sifferd, William D. Ohio B 98 

Smith, Clarence M. Ohio B 04 instr high school 418 W Mulberry 

Stewart, Chase. Ohio A 78 lawyer 219 E High 

Stewart, Roy L. Ohio B 56 W Perrin 

Summers, Augustus N. Ohio B 75 chief justice Supreme Ct of Ohio 

Summers, Henry F. Ohio B 93 

Thomas, William S. Ohio G 73 pres Thomas Mfg Co. 721 E High 

Thomson, Edwin Peck. Ind.G 74 clergyman 824 S Limestone 

Thomson, Henry D. Ohio B 13 824 S Limestone 

Tittle, Fremont R. Ohio B 06 954 N Limestone 

Trout, Volney F. Ohio B 02 ins and real estate 815 N Fountain 

Turner, James. Ohio B 93 treas and mgr Central Brass & Fixture Co 
23 E Cecil 

Voges, Robert C. Ohio B 14 226 Douglas av 

Uhlmann, Phillipp G. E. Ohio B 14 

Waite, W. J. Ill.G 78 

Walker, Byron B. Ohio B 07 with Cent U Tel Co 336 W Columbia 

Walker, Gilbert C. Ohio B 05 W Columbia 

Watkins, Donald Burton. Ohio A 15 225 S Shaffer 

Weaver, John S. Ohio B 66 instr high school 

Weaver, Walter IT. Ohio B 00 pres Weaver Leather Belt Mfg Co 
1 1 12 E High 

Weimer, Philip C. Ohio B 96 with Finch Shoe Co 6.48 E High 

Wilson, William G. Ohio B 12 366 E High 

Winwood, George M., jr. Ohio D 05 pres Excelsior Drill Co 234 E 

Young, Boyd B. Ohio B 14 1435 S Fountain av 

Young, George H. Ohio B 71 Wittenberg Hill 

Baird, Du Bois. W. Va.A 08 engineer 

Campbell, William T. Pa. A 62 retired army officer 

Clark, John L. Wis. A 14 401 N 5th 

Hartje, Charles G. Pa.Theta 02 paper manufacturer 

Levan, Garrett B. Pa.E 89 supt blast furnace La Bell Iron Works 

Van Sickle, Glenn O. Ohio A 06 farmer 

Van Sickle, Ray M. Ohio A 05 farmer 

Wilson, Austin. Pa.B 73 clergyman 
Tippecanoe City 

Gotwald, William Kurtz. Ohio B 01 clergyman 

Austin, Paul Weber. Ohio D 13 727 Oakwood av 

Bacon, Arthur Needham. Ohio A 13 2248 Glenwood av 

Baldwin, Roland Thomas. Ohio E 12 650 Oakwood av 

Beall, Dorsey L. Ohio A 82 lawyer 501 National Union bldg 

Bravo, Hilton Logan. Mass. A 07 with Washburn Lumber Co 

Burtsfield, Samuel Stephen. Ohio B 85 lawyer 2247 Parkwood av 

Campbell, Harry C. Ohio D 94 with Brown, Eager & Hull Co 

Cary, Walter. Mass. A 05 512 Galena 

Cheney, Harvey M. Ohio D 92 with Cheney Medicine Co 2023 

Crawford, John Hiram. Ill.B 81 pres Steel Mantle Light Co 304 
National Union bldg 

Donnan, Ervin V. Ohio A 69 drugs 2150 Broadway 

Drake, Orval Glenn. Ind.D 07 2234 Hollywood av 

Dun, Carroll Thurman. Ohio D 08 


Toledo- Warren — OHIO 

Dun, John D. Ohio D 09 

Eck, Roy A. Ohio B 06 with Toledo Rys & Light Co 

Fisher, Jay C. Ohio A 95 Hocking Valley docks Horton and Irving 

Flickenger, Karl A. Ohio G 81 lawyer 7 Bronson pi 

Gleason, Paul E. Ind.D 10 with Bradstreet Commercial Agency 635 

Spitzer bldg 
Gleason, Theodore M. Mich. A 05 with Bradstreet Commercial Agency 

1349 Goodale av 
Grier, William. Pa.Theta 87 engineer 
Hadley, Robert. Mich. A 15 615 Lincoln av 
Kirtley, Fred Hastings. Ohio D 03 lawyer Spitzer bldg 
Klauser, Frank John. Mich. A 08 7 The Victor, Warren 
Logan, Richard D. Ohio D 07 lawyer 1126 Ohio bldg 
Love, George R. Ohio D 92 superintendent Toledo State Hospital 
McAfee, Seth L. Ohio A 95 mgr Union Central Life Ins Co 526 W 

Mackenzie, Joseph Gazzam. Pa. I 92 with Ames-Bonner Co 
Morris, Frank D. Ohio G 85 2306 Vermont av 
Mudge, Wilbur D. Ohio E 13 2514 Lawrence av 
Niles. Charles F. M. Ohio G 78 president Security Savings Bank 

and Trust Co 315 Superior 
Patterson, R. C. Ind.D 05 with Toledo Times 
Spooner, Frank Maynard. N.Y.E 90 clergyman 340 Oliver 
Steeg, Louis A. Ind.A 00 with Bell Tel Co 1040 Nicholas bldg 
Swalley, John F. Mass. A 96 219 18th 

Swartzbaugh, Charles E., jr. Ohio D 11 2203 Hollywood av 
Swartzbaugh, Jason B. Wis. A 11 2203 Hollywood av 
Utley, Wade E. Ohio D 11 sanitary engineer's office 1353 Oak 
Van Cleve, Charles F. Ohio A 14 2341 Detroit av 
Van Cleve, Morrison R. Ohio A 03 superintendent of schools, Ross- 
ford, O 19 1 7 Jefferson av 
Walbridge, Ebenezer F. Mich. A 84 2130 Jefferson av 
Weaver, Bruce S. 111. A 04 physician The Hattersley 

Webster, Holland C. Ohio A 94 lawyer 1026 Spitzer bldg 
Weimer, Joseph Glen. Ind.G 00 with Toledo Blade 
Winter, Nevin Otto. Ohio D 96 lawyer author 345 Irving 
Wood, John Buchan. Ohio E 06 manager Toledo Cadillac Co 
Worts, George" F. N.Y.G 15 

Wright, Nathaniel Curwin. Ind.A 88 editor manager Toledo Blade 
and editor Cleveland Leader Toledo Club 
Allen, Horace. _ Ohio D 80 secretary-treasurer Allen & Wheeler Co 

24 W Franklin 
Broomhall, Addison Finkle. Ohio B 77 lawyer 
Geiger, Charles A. Ohio B 76 
Gibbs, William R. Ohio D 79 
Jpper Sandusky 
Black, Samuel James. Pa.G 03 supt Water Co 316 W Johnson 
Byers, Jacob William. Pa.E 76 clergyman 433 S Sandusky av 
McConnell, Robert N. Pa. A 62 physician 121 Johnson 
Peters, Henry W. Ohio A 62 
Peters, William H. Ohio A 62 
Imhofr, Charles E. Ohio B 77 
Outram, John B. Ohio A 97 grain and lumber 
Whipple, James S. Ohio B 67 

Wilson, William R. Ohio A 93 broom manufacturer 
/an Wert 
BorofT, Frank Jefferson. Ohio B 88 druggist 147 E Main 
Hall, Henry Hosea. Ohio B 68 
Uank, John E. Ohio D 13 
Craig, Eugene Farbis. P^.B 99 batik teller 501 Market 
Craig, William Benjamin. Pa.B 07 mgr Peoples Ice and Cold Stor- 
age Co 501 E Market 


OHIO— Warren-Xenla 

Hapgood, George William. Pa.B 73 6 S Elm 

Pendleton, William Campbell. Ya.D 68 owner and mgr Trumbull 

Mi', r To to 1 F South 
Slater, Robert J. Pa.Z n 530 E Market 

Taylor, George II. Pa.B (.7 engineer 
Washington Court House 
Carpenter, F. 1). Mich. A 70 
Carpenter, Fred Grant. Ohio 1) 09 
Dahl, Harry B. Ohio D 79 

Glasscock, Albert, jr. Ohio D 01 

I Fodson, Fdmond J. Ohio A oo 

Kennedy, Francis M. Ohio A 80 physician 
Kennedy, Hugh II. Ohio A 13 40.^ F Market 
Woodmansee, Glenn II. Ohio A 07 glass manufacturer 

Fcnhart. Harry H. Ohio A 03 instructor, high sclio-d 

Randall, George I"". Ohio A So salesman 

Shatto, Otto Bryant. Pa.B 90 

Appcl. George Lescber, Ohio!) m 

McGregor, lames. Pa. A 63 lawver 
Santley, William R. Pa B 66 lumber 

West Cairo 

Walt/, Proton. Ohio B 1 1 


Sayre, Frank M. Ohio A 04 

Sayre, 1 [arry E. Ohio A 04 

Pander, Paul Fleming. Ohio F. 06 dept mgr National Electric Famp 
Assoc ( hail wood 

Conner, James Ryan. Ohio A 67 clergyman 

Myers 1 (ill n w. Ohio A So farmer 

Merrick, Frederick C. Ohio A 92 tieas A. S. Oilman Printing Oo, 

Cleveland 1 } Prospect 

Diehl, F. W. Va.D 74 

Glenn, Samuel M. Pa. A 60 clergyman 

Gray, William L. Ohio O 00 

MeOlure. Addison S. Pa. A 57 lawyer 

Nfc Sweeney, John, jr. Ohio G 7- lawyer 

M<t/. Asbury I>. Ohio G 7^ lawyer 

Peekinpaugh, Frank C. Ohio O 82 newsdealer 

ROSS, Albert 0. Ohio B 71 

Selbv, Augustine Dawson. Ohio D B3 botanist, Ohio Agric Exp Stl 

Smith, Robert Fulhev. Pa. A 73 clergyman 

Smyser, Martin F. Ohio H 07 

Mock. George H. Ohio J) 87 auditor. Ohio Nat Bank, Columbus 

Bowman, Ford Cbarlea. Ind D 08 16 Allen av 

Roettinger, Stanley C. Ohio A 00 lawyer 229 Springfield av 

Wilson, Cheyney S. Ind. D 05 engr Amer Creosoting Co 529 Burns av 

Wilson, Hamilton. Ind.D 00 529 Burns 

Cherinttton, Edgar Hurst. Ohio A Si clergyman, M F church 138 
W Market 

Drees, Frank B. Ohio A 70 merchant 

Johnson, Ray Martin. Ohio B 14 259 N K 

Steele, John D. Ohio G 7-4 wholesale grocer 


Yellow Springs-Muskogee— OHIO- OKLA. 

Yellow Springs 

Bell, Albert L. Ohio B 05 

Cook. Gordon. N.Y.B 08 lawyer 107 H roadway 

Craft, Amos Norton. Pa.B 01 elergyman 

Hull, Harold II. Pa.B 06 lawyer 

Koonce, Charles. Pa.G ks lawyer 

Miller. Edward E. Pa.B 89 lawyer 103 Arlington 

Piatt, Royal E. Pa B 00 

Smith, Earl E. N.Y.E 07 instructor, Royen high school 

Sparks, George F. Wis. (I 00 Trussed Concrete Steel Co 1:538 Elm 

Weaver, George J). Pa E of> open hearth dept, Carnegie Steel Co 
The Pel ton 

Black, Walter Van Ham in. Ohio (I Ko wholesale dry goods 

Frazier, Henry ( '. Ohio D 00 

Gary, F. Lester. Ohio A 03 clerk 1322 Maple av 

Grant, Edwin S. Ohio G 75 pies Black & Grant Co 



Bowman, William Francis. Va.G 70 lawyer Sims Penington Mdg 

Owens, Albert W. Pa.G 06 teacher 

Blue, David Burdette. Kas.A 04 lawyer 800 Keeler av 

Freeman, Charles R. Miss A 00 lawyer 

Leslie, Charles K., jr. Tenn.D 11 insurance 
El Reno 

Shackleford, David S. Miss. A 09 supt Rock [aland lines 

Buford. I Tarry Scott. Miss. A 97 real estate 

Burford, John Henry. Ind.TJ 73 lawyer 720 E Cleveland 

Mitchell, William Oscar. ia.G 70 lawyer 

Alien, Jasper Moore [nd.B 04 editor and owner Hartshorne Sun 

Kramer, Harold W. Minn.B 97 

Hawkins. James Clinton. Mo. A 08 physician 

Bell, Warren Watson. Tenn.D 13 

Davis, 'Thomas Dick. Miss. A <>C> lawyer 413 W Washington av 

Lynn, James Alexander. Ind.G 70 special agent, U S Census 
Bureau 601 E Seminole av 
Marble City 

Johnson, Clarke B. Va.B 05 merchant 

Wilson, Edward Waring. Va.B 94 lawycr 

Stephenson, Clarence W. Ind.A 69 lawyer 

Floyd, William Ernest. Miss. A 96 physician 

M.u tin, Benjamin, jr. D.C.A of, 

Moore, Edward G. Va.B 06 lawyer 

Roach, Lorin J. I a. A 06 lawyer 530 N t2th 

Rodgers, George D. Kas.A 96 lawyer 


OKLA.-ORE.— ' Newkirk-Central Point 


Midgley, Frank S. Wis.G 05 

Wright, Charles W. Kas.A 88 
Oklahoma City 

Bennett, Merle K. Ind.B 07 107 Park pi 

Brooks, William Atwood. Ill.B 01 mortgages 11 15 State Nat bldg 
Corders, Hugh Gustave. Tenn.D 11 318 W 18th 
Ochiltree, Henry C. la. A 00 lawyer 1008 W 9 th 
Snell, Arthur V. Ill.B 99 lawyer 1024 W 19th 
Soles, Thomas F. Pa.Theta 00 lawyer 
Spitler, Marion L. Ind.G 94 lawyer 208 E 8th 

Johns, George A. 111. A 04 lawyer 
Pawn u ska 

Kennedy, Edwin Thomas. Kas.A 02 banker 

Wheeler, Theodore F. Mo. A 08 

McClure, William Cartwright. Ohio E 06 engineer 215 S Water 
Mason, Roy E. la. A 02 physician 

Railey, Randolph B. Va.B 06 

Chisum, William Charles, jr. Tenn.D 01 merchant 627 N Bdway 
South McAlester 

Cook, William Fletcher. Mich. A 79 clergyman 

Miller, Ross. Ohio B 07 instr, State A. & M. College 

Delaney, Fred George. Kas.A 99 cashier, 1st National Bank 

Sterritt, Francis M. Kas.A 00 
Anderson, John Z. Pa.B 99 
Cole, Howard M. Pa.B 94 

Gill, Albert G. Pa.G 98 credit mgr Frick-Reid Supply Co 
Hunt, Daniel. Miss. A 06 physician 
Lawrence, John F. Ind.G 86 lawyer 
Small, Albert A. Ind.A 77 
Small, George. Ind.A 02 

Brown, Henry Marshall. Mo. A 14 Graham av 

Boardman, Homer N. la. A 08 banker 
Delaney, Carl Andrew. Kas.A 10 

Jackman, Howard H. Va.D 72 civil engineer 



Briggs, Stewart Daniel. Calif. A 88 physician 

Parson, John. Pa.E 70 

Kinney, Robert C. Minn.B 02 

Rosenmuller, George F. Pa.Eta 65 clergyman 

Gould, Robert Beam. Calif. G 06 civil engineer 

Davis, Dwight Moody. Calif.B 04 real estate 
Central Point 

Miller, Kirby S. Va.B 88 horticulturist 


Dallas Portland— OREGON 


Metzler, John A. Ind.B 76 lawyer 

Barker, Franklin L. N.Y.E 93 prof of mining U of Ore 383 E 13th 
Bennett, Charles Julius Caesar. W.Va.A 91 prof Univ of Oregon 
Joslin, Harry Arthur. Neb. A 04 

Gold Beach 

Ward, William J. N.Y.A 99 forester, Brookings Lumb and Box Co 

Gold Hill 

Neilson, John T. Ohio G 85 mining 

Grant's Pass 

Leslie, Robert. Ill.B 67 clergyman 

Lovett, Frederick C. N.Y.E 92 clergyman 66 1 N 2d 

Hood River 
Hoerlin, Paul F. la. A n rancher 


Voorhees, Isaac S. N.Y.Z q8 asst eng, U S Reclamation Service 

La Grande 
Jones, William Richard. Miss.A 84 hardware 4th and Depot 


Coffin, Ethelbert Long. Calif. B 07 mgr fruit ranch 
Gilchrist, Edward P. Pa.G 95 


Clark, John Elliott. Neb. A 03 Orchard Grove 

Mount Hood. 

Sayre, William N. D.C.A 92 


Garner, Douglas Dorsey. Mo. A 08 

Adams, Paul Coleman. Calif. B 13 603 E Alder 
Askwith, Horace Abner. IaA 03 salesman 165 King 
Bergen, Edward Martin. Wis.G 81 1341 Tabor court 
Bronaugh, Earl Clapp, jr. Calif. A 87 
Carr, Ossian Elmer. Pa.B 09 U S Coast Survey 
Chambers, John S. Davis. la. A 93 physician 

Clemson, John. Pa.Theta 02 with Clarke-Clemson Co 819 Lovejoy 
De France, Hugh M. Pa.B 62 

Effinger, Hiram Gerard. Mich A 90 general insurance 
Elliott, Charles Button. Ill.B 04 clergyman 1025 Mallory av 
Emery, Allan L. Calif. B 13 691 E Broadway 
Evans, Walter Hubert. Calif. B 01 with Southern Pacific Co 
Fiske, Robert Chester. N.H.A 00 with Marshall, Wells Co 
Henneberger, Jacob Clark. Pa. Eta 09 mgr Interstate Service System 

Spalding bldg 
Johnson, Clifton B. Wis.G 98 598 Maple 

Knowles, Edwin C. F. Wis.A 96 fire insurance 689 Northrup 
Labbe, Edmund J. Va.A 91 physician Corbett bldg 
Lansinger, John. Pa. Eta instr Bishop Scott's Academy 
Leonard, Barge Edward. Ill.B 05 lawyer 511 Fenton bldg 
McGaw, Lewis G. Ohio G 86 real estate 240 Washington 
McPhail, Duncan Martin Luther. R.I. A 02 clergyman 6404. 48th av 
Marvin, Charles E. Ill.A 07 real estate 418 Swetland bldg 
Myers, Isaiah Stanley. Kas.A 04 assistant city attorney 
Nelson, Hugh Melvin. Pa.B 04 civil engineer, with Portland Bridge 

Co 822 Yeon bldg 
Noble, Robert P. Ind.D 03 representative Westinghouse Air Brake 

Co Alexander court 
Rabb, Fred Carwile. Ind.G 97 lawyer 322 Custom House 
Ripley, George W. Wis.A 99 asst cashr Hartman & Thompson, 

bankers Eaton Hotel 
Rockwood, John A. Mass. A 95 civil engineer 567 Glisan 
Rolph, William H. Minn.B 98 

Smith, Lisle A. N.Y.G 11 lawyer 411 Fenton bldg 
Starr, Louis M. Calif. B 99 815 Hancock 
Story, George B. Va.A 91 physician 816 Overton 
Strohm, John Guy. Neb. A 05 physician 220 Medical bldg 
Swezey, Roswell Beal. Ill.D 04 engineer 1235 Alameda drive 


ORE. -PA. — Portland- Altoona 

Therkelson, Cachot. Calif. B 14 329 nth 

Unander, Sigfrid M. Calif.B 06 sec Moore & Co, Inc 786 Glisan 

Van Levan, Eugene M. N.Y.Z 05 1120 Board of Trade bldg 

Veness, Thaddeus. N.Y.G 12 lawyer 

Wangerien, Carl Jacob. Kans.A 03 lawyer Fenton bldg 

Welsh, John Cravelle. Neb. A 08 accountant 50^ King 

Wentworth, Harland. Minn.B 01 agt Portland Lumber Co 

Wilson, James G. Pa. A 68 farmer 

Wilson, Joseph Rogers. Pa.D 63 educator 

Winfree, Andrew B. Va.B 97 lawyer Couch bldg 

Youngson, William Wallace. Pa.B 89 clergyman 691 E 62d N 

Zan, Tames C. Va.A 93 52 Front 

Trivitt, Rufus W. Kas.A 03 

Gardner, Charles H. Wis. A 00 lumber 

Bishop, Robert Chauncey. N.Y.G 03 mgr Salem Woolen Mill Store 
425 N Liberty 

Brogan, John F. N.Y.G 09 

Chamberlain, George E. Va.B 72 U S senator 
West Stayton 

Rubey, Harry K. Ill.D 04 Willamette Valley Irrigated Land Co 



Musser, Charles S. Pa. Eta 78 physician 

Hollinger, George Gitt. Pa.E 01 

Hyde, Wesley M. Pa.Theta 69 clergyman 

Obold. Howard. Pa. Eta 94 clergyman 

Beazell, B. F. Pa.B 64 clergyman, N End M E church 

Driver, Harry Herman. N.H.A 06 engineer 3452 Perryville av 

Fisher, Henry L. Ohio A 87 lumber 

Goettman, John G. Pa.E 58 

Marshall, Thomas B. Pa.K 00 1305 Locust 

Milligan, John L. Pa.D 56 

Pickett, Charles W. Pa.B 94 

Wallace, Thomas C, jr. Pa. A 88 physician 141 3 Pennsylvania av 

Weeks, Frank P. Pa.B 69 

Woodburn, Benjamin F. Pa. A 60 clergyman 

Deshler, James Beaver. Pa Eta 67 lawyer 

Feldhoff, Edward W. Pa. Eta 97 physician 1224 Turner 

Luckenbach, William D. Pa.Z 60 lawyer 833 Linden 

Seip, Theodore L. Pa.E 60 

Speer, Samuel C. Ohio G 81 pres Business College 237 N 4th 

Spieker, George F. Pa.E 63 clergyman 

Beyer, William McKee. Pa.B 78 lawyer 

Bridenbaugh, William M. Pa. Eta 79 lawyer 1107 nth av 

Buller, Elwood Ervin. Pa.L 13 with Pennsylvania R R 

Corbin, James Harrison Pa.Z 10 

Gundy, Edward W. Pa.G chemist Pennsylvania R R 

Hare, Robert F. Pa.Theta 14 2012 Broad 

Hutchinson, Byron M. Ohio A 09 wholesale produce 

Jacobs, Horace L. Pa.E 79 clergyman 1208 13th 


Altoona- Bedford— PEN NSLVAN I A 

Kline, Benjamin W. Pa.L 12 2507 Beale av 

Martin, Warren L. Pa.L 13 1500 7th av 

Metzger, D. Anthony. Pa. Eta 92 real estate 1424 12th av 

Meyer, John Daniel. Pa Eta 93 treas, Co Title and Trust Co 

Mosser, George H. Pa.Theta 90 mgr Chamber of Commerce 

Myers, Charles S. Ohio G 84 

Peightall, Thomas C. Pa.Eta 08 

Potter, George A. Pa.Z 09 1506 13th av 

Riley, Andrew J. Pa.E 63 

Roberts, William M. Pa.Eta 10 instructor high school 713 2d av 

Simonton, Chester S. Pa.E 13 2019 4th av 

Taylor, James Swan. Pa. I 12 physician 1415 12th av 

Walton, Louis S. Pa.K 95 physician 1107 8th av 

Wightman, Frank Allen. R.I. A 06 with Penn R R 1212 7th av 

Witherow, Kenneth Clark. Pa. I 13 10 14 Lexington av 

Culler, Robert Martin. Pa.E 95 

Probst, Rudolph W. N.Y.B 10 

Clement, Thomas Finletter. Pa.I 09 

Hancock, George Bacon. Pa.I 85 civil engineer 118 Argyle road 

Le Boutillier, Edward Howell. Pa.I 03 with Real Estate Trust Co, 
Philadelphia Edgewood road 

Manderson, Edward W. Pa.I 94 lawyer, Philadelphia 

Patterson, Wistar E. Pa.I 95 draughtsman, Elec Storage Battery 
Co, Philadelphia 126 Athens av 

Staley, Herbert R. Pa.E 06 engr Penn R R 114 Lancaster av 

Wallace, Edwin S. Pa. A 83 clergyman 118 Walnut av 

Roffensperger, Guy S. Pa.E 08 

Cunningham, Samuel. Pa. A 67 lawyer 

Stevens, William N. Pa.A 66 

Houser, Norton T. Pa.Z 90 clergyman 

Montgomery, Richard. Pa.I 77 clergyman 

Bunting, Wade Heaton. Pa.Theta 10 

Graham, Homer E. Pa.Theta 14 7 N Main 

James, Bart Mulford. Pa.I 12 33 N Main 

Larger, Hugh David. Pa.L 15 223 Second 

Mills, Charles E. Calif.B 95 

Henneberger, Frank S. Pa.Eta 03 instructor high school 

Hicks, Philip M. Pa.K 02 farmer 

Turner, Hugh H. N.Y.E 14 

Martindell, Lawrence V. Pa.A 82 farmer 

Atwood, William B. N.Y.A 01 care of Ohio Elec Ry 

Broadbent, John Howard. Pa.B 06 250 Wilson 

Davidson, Louis Rogers. Ohio G 82 sec-treas N Y State Steel Co 
201 Wilson av 

Mcjunkin, George C. Pa.A 73 grocer 

Moore, Alfred Stibbs. Pa.A 64 judge 

Stewart, William R. Pa.L 14 452 Beaver 

Nevling, Reuben F. Pa.Z 98 

Little, Alvin L. Pa.Eta 84 lawyer 

Metzger, James I. Pa.A 52 


PENNSYLVANIA-— Bedford- Bra^y Bend 

Points, George. Pa.Z 92 lawyer 

Points, Henderson. Pa.G 11 

Reed, Paul. Pa. Eta 99 120 Juliana 

Russell, Alexander M. Pa.G 14 10^ Public square 

Alexander, Walter Lowrie. Pa. A 72 clergyman 

Bower, John Jacob. Pa.Eta 94 lawyer 219 E Linn 

McClure, Samuel H. Pa.Z 98 clergyman Spring and Logan 

Denslow, Joseph Carlos. Ohio A 96 druggist 85 Rodgers av 

Grier, James Alexander. Ill.G 70 theologian Thomas av 

Ingham, Kirkland W. N.Y.A 69 oil producer 160 Lincoln av 

Phelps, Stephen. Pa.A 56 clergyman 

Ritchey, John C. Pa.L 12 1.17 Watkins av 

Smith, Sion Bass. Pa.B 81 lawyer, Pittsburg 192 Sprague av 

Wicks, James Scott. Pa.B 10 284 W Riverside av 

Wicks, John Oliver. Pa.A 03 lawyer, Pittsburg 

Grove, Charles G. Pa.L 12 with Penn R R 

Lowther, Harry C. Pa.Z 94 

Wray, James C. Pa.A 96 lawyer 

Bunting, John Elmer. Ia.D 87 

Stoner, Harry K. Pa.B 81 coal operator 

Ball, Samuel S. Pa.Theta 10 with Bethlehem Steel Co 433 Birch 

Hark, Hugo Crosta. Pa.JEta 90 dentist 91 E Broad 

Weaver, Robert C. Pa.Eta 63 clergvman 
Black Ash 

McKay, David T. Pa.B 61 

Cunningham, Thomas Davis. Pa.A 59 banker 

Miller, Noble Garvin. Pa.B 60 clergyman 
Bloomsburg , 

Albert, Robert Bruce. Pa.E 10 

Baker, Robert C. Pa.E 14 135 West 

Ikeler, Donald F. Pa.E 11 

Magee, Stanley V. N.Y.B 13 269 W 1st 
- Mercer, Robert H. Pa.E 14 204 W 3d 

Miller, Ralph E. Pa.E 89 physician 

Tustin, Paul. Pa.G 88 

Wells, Stephen K. Pa.G 11 in E 5th 

Wilbur, George E. Pa.Z 69 prof math State Normal School 61 W 1st 

Wilbur, Harry C. Pa.Z 98 journalist 61 W 1st 

Williams, Frank B. Pa.E 13 365 Center 

Woods, Matthew C. Pa.Theta 76 
Boiling Springs 

Houck, Frank M. Pa.Z 06 

Robinson, Paul A. Pa.B 12 

Hazlett, Adam J. Pa.E 06 

Ungo, Lee W. Pa.B 94 

James, Thomas Elias. Pa.B 94 

Livingston, Evan Lewis. Pa.B 82 manufacturer 

Ash, Garrett Guy. Pa.A 02 physician 351 E Main 

Dennis, William H., jr. Pa.L 14 158 Kennedy 

George, James, jr. Pa.B 71 lawyer 

Metzger, Sol. Pa.I 99 

White, Benjamin Franklin. Pa.G 01 
Brady Bend 

McCulloch, William H, Ohio B 73 


Brldgeville-Centralia— PENNSYLVANIA 


Arthur, Ulrich N. PafB 92 civil engineer 

Gilchrist, Claude Francis. Pa.K 08 with Provident Life Ins Co 

Bufnngton, Malcolm. Pa.G 13 

Darr, William T. Ohio G 80 lawyer 

Jenks, George Augustus. Pa. A 57 lawyer 

Davis, David Richard. Pa.L 12 supt Brownsville Coke Co 
Bryn Mawr 

Anderson, Charles Hill. Pa.G 67 

Barnes, James. Md.A 01 prof physics Bryn Mawr College 

Brown, Carleton Fairchild. Minn. A 87 philologist 

Chew, Samuel Claggett, jr. Md.A 06 assoc Bryn Mawr College 

Hornor, William M. Pa.I 81 lawyer 

Nesbit, Edwin L. Pa.G 95 physician 

Heiner, Daniel B. Pa.B 78 

Murphy, Frank H. Pa.B 90 oil producer 

Walker, Ralph Ward. Pa.I 11 424 N Main 

Wright, Joseph E. Pa.B 67 clergyman 
Cambridge Springs 

Taylor, Harry S. Pa.B 12 

Wilber, Albert B. Pa.B 13 212 Beach av 

Cockins, Howard L. Pa.Theta 94 merchant 

Bell, Henry Andrews. Pa.E 00 cashr Farmer's Nat Bank Tioga 

Hartung, Francis C. Pa.K 13 

Frick, Walter. Pa.G 84 city engineer 54 Wyoming 

Hopkins, Robert P. Pa.G 12 188 S Terrace 

Shepherd, Maxwell D. N.Y.B 07 63 Salem av 

Watrous, Harry O. Pa.Theta 85 

Behney, John Charles. Pa.E 84 merchant 

Beltzhoover, Frank Eckels. Pa.E 58 lawyer 52 E High- 

Bosler, Abram. Pa.Z 01 pres Carlisle Shoe Co 

Bosler, Newton Lemen. Pa.Z 06 lumber 133 Main 

Carruthers, Donald Wallace. Pa.Z 10 

Herman, Joseph B. Pa.Z 95 shoe merchant 132 W Monroe 

Hollinger, Jacob E. Pa.E 11 

Klepfer, Robert M. Pa.Z 11 32 S West 

Lewis, John L. Pa.L 12 249 S West 

Linn, Samuel P. Pa.D 59 

Long, George W. Pa.Z 62 

Morgan, James Henry. Pa.Z 74 pres Dickinson College 

Sellers, Montgomery P. Pa.Z 92 prof rhetoric Dickinson College 
559 S Hanover 

Stuart, George S. Pa.Z 07 262 W Pomfret 

Vale, Elisha M. Pa.Z 83 elk Dept of Internatl Affairs, Harrisburg 
W Fligh 

Vale, Thomas E. Pa.Z 83 lawyer W Lowther 

Luse, Charles H. Pa.B 91 lawyer 

Xesbit, Harry J. Pa. A 89 lawyer, Pittsburg 314 Fifth av 

Baker, Harry Loyal. Pa. Eta 05 physician 

Laubach, Peter J. Pa. Eta 75 pres Northampton Brewing Co 2 Race 

Baldy, Stephen. Pa.E 76 merchant 

Schaffner, Alfred M. Pa.Eta 87 clergyman 

Fetterman, Roy A. Pa.G 08 superintendent schools 


PENNSYLVANIA— Centre Square-Clearfield 

Centre Square 

Brinton, Samuel Pervis. Pa.K 12 f 

Chadd's Ford 

Furman, Adoniram Judson. Pa.G 58 clergj^man 

Baumgardner, John B. Pa.E 05 asst engr Dept of Health, Harris- 
burg 452 Philadelphia av 

Cremer, William Charles. Pa. Eta 60 clergyman 

Gilbert, Harvey N. Pa.E 08 130 S Main 

Gillan, Arthur W. Pa. Eta 92 lawyer 

Gillespie, Eugene F. Pa.L 13 559 E King 

Hendricks, Irving W. Pa. Eta 86 clergyman 365 S Main 

Hoke, John Wesley. Pa.Theta 86 lawyer 465 E Market 

Holler, Walter F. Pa.Z 85 lawyer 

Long, James B. Pa.L 12 contracting engineer 976 Wilson av 

McClay, Joseph P. Pa.Theta 00 W Market 

McDowell, John C. Pa. A 99 gen bookkeeper Nat Bank 222 N Main 

McDowell, John McF. Pa. A 65 lawyer 

McDowell, Wilkin B. Pa.Theta 84 lawyer 

Nelson, Robert B. Pa. A 02 with Nelson Shoe Co 

Nelson, Thomas M. P. A 96 treas Chambersburg Shoe Mfg Co 701 
Philadelphia av 

Nicklas, Charles R. Pa.Z 13 119 Catherine 

Ritchie, Maurice. Pa. A 01 471 Philadelphia av 

Sierer, Edwin. Pa.Z 01 salesman 

Skinner, Parker R. Pa. A 03 instr Pa Soldiers' Orphan School 

Strite, Albert. Pa.Z 13 247 E Market 

Strite, Edward D. Pa.Z 08 lawyer 

Strite, Jacob A. Pa.Z 81 lawyer 247 E Market 

Wolfinger, Don L. Pa.Z 98 

Wood, Charles M. N.Y.A 03 346 Market 

Frontz, Chalmers E. Ohio B 94 clergyman 406 6th 
Cherry Valley 

Hill, John Sturgeon. Pa. A 90 physician 

Berry, Paul Burnett. N.H.A 12 

Evans, Milton G. Pa.G 80 pres Crozier Theol Seminary 

Hannum, Howard E. Pa. I 08 14th and Walnut 

Houston, Charles B. Pa.K 10 719 Highland av 

McCauley, John E. Pa.K 04 with Birdsboro Steel Foundry 302 E 

Messer, Spencer B. Pa.G 80 prof Theology Crozier Theol Seminary 

Provost, William R. Pa.K 1226 Walnut 

Sprowl, John R. Pa.K 13 

Sprowl, William C. Pa.K 89 journalist 

Wetherill, John L. N.Y.A 05 with Robert Wetherill & Co inc 14th 
and Potter 

Whittam, Frank F. Pa.G 12 237 W Broad 

Mouk, John A. Pa.Theta 71 

Candor, Joseph. Pa.G 57 

Grinslade, Kenneth C. Pa.Theta 08 chemist Clairton Steel Mills 

Stanton, William L. Pa.Z 00 teacher 

Strattan, Custer Ferguson. Pa.B 93 oil and gas business 
Clarks Green 

Parker, Charles M. Pa.G 67 

Nuss, Charles C. Pa. A 12 

Nuss, Furman L. Pa. A 14 

Sprowls, Harry V. Pa.A 11 ' 

McCurdy, Daniel W. Pa.Z 59 


Clearfield- Dehaven— PENNSYLVANIA 

McCurdy, John P. Pa.Z 96 journalist 

Row, Albert Lysle. Pa.B 15 706 S Second 

Shaw, William I. Pa.Theta 79 lawyer 
Clifton Heights 

Weidman, Jacob. Pa.E 56 clergyman 

Haines, Harry Isaac. Pa.K 91 dentist 126 Main 

Harlan, Wallace Scott. Pa.Theta 78 

Sprackmann, George D. Pa.K 13 

Telfer, Andrew J. N.Y.B 95 superintendent Worthy Mills 

Thompson, John W. Pa.Z 66 pres Nat Bank of Chester Valley 114 

Worth, Edward H. Pa.K 98 W r orth Rolling Mills 

Worth, George S. Pa.K 00 Worth Rolling Mills 

Worth, William A. Pa.K 10 

Glover, Marwood B. Pa.G 10 

Westerman, Cornelius. Pa.L 12 228 S 4th 

Westerman, John, jr. Pa. Eta 01 actor 418 Cherry 

Young, Charles F. Pa. Eta 69 

Seaver, Randolph W. Pa.B 65 physician 

McNulty, Charles G. Pa.B 09 

McBride, William H. Pa.B 62 

Marshall, Ralph S. W.Va.A 11 

Crowell, A. G. Pa.B 59 farmer 

Elston, Sidney B. Pa.L 12 head draughtsman Climax Mfg Co 104 
E Park place 

Pedigo, Earle S. Pa.G 14 119 Maple av 

Wood, Lee B. Mass. A 12 146 Park 

Hatch, Philip Luther. Pa.B 89 

Armor, Russell. Pa. I 93 physician 

Baxter, James L. Pa.Z 14 44 Chestnut 

Brittain, Spencer. Pa. A 10 92 Steuben 

Evans, John Christly. W.Va.A 08 teacher 17 Emerson av 

Allshouse, Charles Vance. Pa.B 12 

Bardwell, Stoddard William. Pa.B 93 physician 

Boyer, Louis Henry. Pa.G 12 25 River 
Cross Creek 

McFarland, Orris S. Ohio A 06 clergyman 

Carter, Oscar Charles Dumner. Pa. I 77 instr Philadelphia h s 

Reitzell, William R. Pa.E 90 paper business, Phila 432 State rd 

Tily, Harry C. Pa.K 09 

Tily, Lewis H. Pa.K 11 Montgomery av 

Grant, William Henry. Ohio D 07 

Curry, Edwin Adams. Pa.Z 62 physician 

Leidy, Clarence. Pa.Theta 70 

Miles, Eugene H. Pa.Theta 91 chemist 

Rogers, Benjamin E. Pa.Z 00 

Verlenden, Albert T. Pa.K 94 merchant 

Verlenden, Jacob S. Pa.K 96 merchant 

Mcllvaine, George D. Pa.Theta 85 merchant, Pittsburg 


PENNSYLVANIA— Devon- Edinboro 


Harley, Millard Fillmore. Pa.G 80 merchant 

Wilbur, William N. Pa.Theta 77 v pres H. O. Wilbur & Sons inc, 
Dingman's Ferry 

Hagert, Charles Howard. Pa. I 82 

Hagert, Henry Schell. Pa. I 14 

Manger, David F. Pa. Eta 82 lawyer Reading, Pa 

Bremerman, Laban Trout. D.C.A 68 physician 

Eastburn, Hugh B. Mich. A 07 

Fell, John A. Pa.Theta 72 

Livezey, Bennett M. Pa.Theta 12 77 E Oakland av 

Comfort, Albert Wilkins. Pa.B 03 superintendent of schools 

Josefson, John Godfrey. Pa.L 13 104 S Main 

Bryden, Alexander. Pa.Theta 67 

Horner, Clyde E. Colo. A 15 10 N 3d 

Howard, William P. Pa.Theta 07 
East Altoona 

Meek, Roy S. Pa.Z 13 15 15 4th av 
East Downington 

Dowlin, Homer. Pa.G 88 
East Mauch Chunk 

Heraty, Edward John. Pa J 10 
East Pittsburg 

Palmer, John P. Ohio G 74 with Pittsburg Meter Co 
East on 

Apple, Samuel S. Pa. Eta 64 

Broadbent, George Subers. Pa.Z 66 clergyman 

Chidsey, Andrew Dwight. Pa.Theta 97 civil engineer 

Chidsey, Harold Russell. Pa.Theta 05 

Chidsey, Henry R. Pa.Theta 09 hardware 122 Spring Garden 

Chidsey, Thomas McKeen. Pa.Theta 00 lawyer 500 Paximosa av 

Crowell, Wilmer Gardner. Pa.K 02 

Downs, James Stanley. Pa.Theta 91 engineer 

Evans, Evan W. Pa.Theta 80 physician S 3d 

Evans, Pennell Coombs. Pa.Theta 69 lawyer Paxinosa av 

Freeman, George S. Pa.Theta 11 501 Lafayette 

Freeman, Theodore. Pa.Theta 10 501 Lafayette 

Giberson, Dudley A. Pa.Theta 11 246 Bushkill 

Green, Charles B. Pa.Theta 82 registrar Lafayette Coll 83 N 4th 

Green, Edgar M. Pa.Theta 81 physician 222 Spring Garden 

Green, Edward H. Pa.Theta 91 manufacturer 123 N 4th 

Knaus, Harrison E. Pa.Theta 00 

Martin, Samuel Albert. Pa.Theta 74 prof philos, Lafayette College 

Nevin, John D. Pa.Theta 99 lawyer S 2d 

Xevin, Samuel W. Pa.Theta 01 lawyer 

Ormsby, Frank G. Pa.Theta 90 pres Easton Foundry and Machine 
Co 231 Spring Garden 

Stogden, Oliver E. Pa.Z 78 clergyman 

Young, Henry Sherwood. Pa.Theta 01 

Evans, Charles S. Pa.Z 99 lawyer 

Lutz, William F. Pa.E 90 clergyman 
Edgewood Park 

Dexter, Clifford Raymond. Pa.L 14 213 Dewey av 

Agan, T. W. Pa.B 94 

Baker, Frank E. Pa.B 03 prin Northwestern State Normal School 

La Bounty, Francis L. Pa.B 04 editor, Edinboro Independent 


Elk L!ck-Glen Loch— PENNSYLVANIA 

Elk Lick 

Johnston, Elias S. Pa.E 57 clergyman 
Elwood City 

Gerlach, Myron S. Ohio B 13 301 Fountain 

Shannon, James W. Ohio B 83 clergyman 

Butterfield, Henry J. Pa.B 61 lawyer 

Culbertson, Andrew Augustus. Pa B 97 pres Coal Co 539 W 8th 

Fisher, George N. Pa.L 13 151 W 13th 

Gallagher, Frank L. Pa.B 87 treas Mod Tool Co 519 Parade 

Hatch, Charles M. Pa.B 97 mgr Electric Railway 662 W 8th 

Hough, John K. Mass.A 10 613 W 7th 

Lamberton, Edwin H. Pa.Theta 72 lawyer 540 W 10th 

Loudon, Kenneth B. N.Y.E 04 Penn Gen Elec Co '1150 W 10th 

Rhodes, Benjamin C. Pa. A 71 railway postal' clerk 621 Chestnut 

Sanborn, Edmund Ring. Ohio E 06 asst to gen mgr, Perry Iron Co 
244 W nth 

Seward, Jones J. Ind.A 75 

Smallwood, W. F. Pa.B 73 banker 

Stair, Leslie D. Ohio E 06 with Federal Furnace Co 

Van Orsdale, Lynn Frederick. Pa.B 00 

Wait, Joseph O. Pa.B 96 -dist atty, Erie Co 8 S Park Row 

Yard, Harry B. Pa.B 02 actor 

Wright, Robert E. Pa.I 78 clergyman 

Flickinger, Jos McA. Pa.Theta 87 

Buck, William Harrison. Pa.L 12 

Bleakley, William Jay. Pa.Theta 08 1148 Elk 

Clay, Paul E. Pa.B 14 63 Front 

Elliott, James B. Pa.B 61 dentist 

Galbrath, Charles R., jr. Pa.G 02 real estate 1222 Elk 

Gleason, Augustus W. Pa.G 09 

Moore, Abraham Lincoln. Pa.G 88 

Nicklin, George L. Pa.B 13 Prospect Park 

Nicklin, Harry D. Pa.B 13 Prospect Park 

Park, Boyd N. Pa.B 11 W Park and Otto 

Rankin, Harry P. Pa.B 14 23 Fox 

Stevenson, Edgar T. Pa.G 01 journalist 821 Elk 

Thompson, Ardus C. Pa.G 04 physician 10 19 Liberty 

Thompson, James Ross. Pa.I 13 1019 Liberty 

McFeely, Clyde O. N.Y.B 12 103 10th 

Sykes, George W. N.Y.B 05 lumber 

Walker, William J. L. Pa.K 02 gen mgr Jos. C. Walker & Sons Co 

Crist, C. G. Pa.E 04 physician 

Duncan, Charles S. Pa.E 77 lawyer 

Duncan, Charles W. Pa.E 13 109 Lincoln av 

Hill, James M. Pa.E 79 

Huber, James H. Pa.E 71 druggist Spring av 

McAllister, H. Ross. Pa.E 06 

McClean, William A. Pa.E 78 lawyer and publisher 126 Baltimore 

Martin, Paul A. Pa.E 01 

Moser, Frank W. Pa.E 06 instr Pennsylvania College 

Robb, Jonas K. Pa.E 05 

Stahley, George D. Pa.E 70 prof hygiene and biology Pa College 

Troxell, Charles W. Pa.E 14 27 Hanover 

Van Camp, Clyde F. Pa.B 94 lumber 
Glen Loch 

Jacobs, Thomas H. B. Pa.I 83 treas Larchmont Co 


PENNSYLVANIA— Glen Man©r=Harr!sburg 

Glen Manor 

Bowman, John Davis. Pa.Eta 04 farmer 
Glenn Mills 

Mendenhall, Joseph H. Pa.L 12 

Crunpleton, Walter. Pa.Z 14 

Elgin, George L. Pa.B 76 

Blank, George Michael, Pa.Eta 1 1 

Bush, Ira Alvin. Pa.E 09 178 Grant 

Cremer, Edward Andrew. Pa.Eta 92 journalist 

Hazlet, James J. Pa.D 58 

Kline, George P. Pa.Z 98 lawyer 

Kline, Wade T. Pa.Z 98 lawyer 436 W Otterman 

McCullough, Welty. Pa.A 68 lawyer 

Morehead, James S. Pa.A 66 lawyer 

Morehead, William W. Pa.A 66 clergyman 

Patterson, Clifford C. Pa.E 11 112 3d 

Peoples, William C. Ohio G 74 lawyer 

Peterson, Joseph R. Pa.Eta 00 lawyer 

Sheurer, John A. Pa.A 98 41 E Otterman 

Sheurer, W T illiam G. Pa.A 99 41 E Otterman 

Shoup, Albert H. Pa.E 97 

Sutter, Herman M. Pa.A 93 

Truxal, Jacob G., jr. Pa.Eta 14 200 4th 

Walkinshaw, Hugh W. Pa.G 93 

Walkinshaw, Louis C. Pa.G 93 

Wolfe, Joseph Iff. Pa.G 85 asst gen mgr Pryor Coal Co 

Woods, John Y. Pa.A 62 lawyer 

Orr, Samuel J. Pa.A 91 lawyer 48 Shenango 
Grove City 

Mechlin, Fred J. Pa.B 11 414 Stewart av 
Gwynedd Valley 

Huber, Wharton. Pa.Theta 97 lumber merchant 

Forney, David P. Pa.E 56 farmer Frederick 

Hoffheins, William L. Pa.Eta 78 417 Franklin 

Koller, Jesse C. Pa.E 62 

Wentz, Alexander C. Pa.E 75 physician 306 Abbotstown 

Aldinger, Harry. Pa.E 08 18 N 13th 

Baker, Ralph Jackson. Pa.K 04 lawyer 

Beasor, Carl Clemson. Pa.L 12 526 Woodbine av 

Beckley, Harry Colley. Pa.Z 06 paper maker 218 Hamilton 

Book, Nieman George. Pa.E 11 1428 N 2d 

Boyson, William Andrew. Pa.E 13 1530 Walnut 

Dapp, Frederick Bowman. Pa.E 10 2317 N 3d 

Dapp, John Frederick. Pa.E insurance 2317 N 3d 

Donaldson, John A. Pa. I 97 

Ellenberger, Alfred S. N.Y.B 12 # 3207 Riverside Drive 

Fager, Charles B. Pa.E 85 physician 180 Walnut 

Fager, Charles Buffington. Pa.E 13 410 N 2d 

Fager, Valentine Hummell. Pa.E 85 physician 410 N 2d 

Fisher. Arthur W T . Pa.L 13 with Pennsylvania railroad 

Hartmann, Paul Augustus. Pa.Z 70 medical inspector 514 W 3d 

Hav, John William. Pa.E 64 1402 N 3d 

Hicks, William G. Pa.Z 08 1937 N 3d 

Holmes, Stewart R. X.Y.E 01 engineer 2d and Walnut 

Hopwood, John G. Pa.A 03 with Public Service Commission 

Miller. Charles E. Pa.E 13 1837 Market 

Miller, Richard J. Pa.E 08 

Orwig, Samuel Henry. Pa.G 57 lawyer 

Ott, Frederick M. Pa.E 67 222 Market 

Rhater, John H. Pa.I 04 

Runk, Clyde E. Pa.G 13 1603 Hunter 

Harrlsburg- Indiana— PENNSYLVANIA 

Runk, Harold A. Pa.G 12 1603 Hunter 

Shopp, John H. Pa.Z 69 lawyer 510 N 3d 

Smith, Harvey F. Pa.G 90 

Smith, Paul Garfield. Pa.G 02 2420 N 26. 

Sparver, Edward C. Pa.L 12 19 18 N 5th 

Wheeler, Charles M. Pa.L 12 Y M C A 

Witman, Horace M. Pa.E 91 wholesale hardware 2101 N 2d 

Elliott, Calvin H. Pa.G 99 

Hayes, Donald D. Pa.G 14 

Atwood, Alfred L. Mass. A 06 athletic director, Haverford College 

Boyd, Fisher L. Pa.K 05 treas and mgr Jas. Boyd & Bro, Inc 

Green, Edward A. N.Y.B 96 instr Haverford School 

Lee, Horace Sibley. Pa.I 08 insurance 

Cross, Raymond C. Pa.G 12 

Taft, Royal. N.Y.A 69 

Klotz, Robert L. Pa.Theta 99 with Dupont Powder Co 

Price, Daniel B. N.Y.A 05 wholesale lumber W Diamond av 

Price, John B. Calif. B 11 

Price, Robert M. Calif. B 13 219 N Laurel 

Price, Samuel C. Pa.Theta 09 325 Diamond av 

Kolpin, Russell N. Pa. Eta 84 clergyman 

Phillips, George C. Ohio Bio 

Mumma, Samuel L. Pa.Z 13 

Brenner, Fred C. Pa.G 14 211 W Walnut 

Christy, Martin Bell. Pa.G 96 gen sales agent Standard Supply and 
Equipment Co, Altoona 816 Allegheny 

Fay, Orville C. Pa.Theta milling business 514 N Montgomery 

Reeser, Thomas F. Ohio B 74 

Smith, Samuel Calvin. Pa.G 97 

Woodcock, William I., jr. Pa.Theta 12 703 Walnut 

Barton, Claude. Pa.Z 94 physician 

McWhinney, Russell R. Pa.Z 11 10 1 W 9th av 

Patten, Nathaniel N. Pa. A 66 physician 
Honey Brook 

Treichler, Claudius Galen. Pa.E 60 physician 

Farber, William J. N.Y.B n 

Corson, Robert Harry. Pa.E 08 insurance 

Poust, George S. Pa.E 14 106 N Main 

Russell, Charles A. Pa.E 06 

Crist. Chalmers Lee. Pa.E 04 dentist Railroad and Main 

Geisinger, Luther S. Pa.Eta 73 

Greene, Edmund McV. Pa.G 91 

Hill, William Free. Pa.B 85 banker 

Mosser, Benjamin H. Pa.Z 78 clergyman 404 Mifflin 

Wallace, Rowan J. Pa.L 13 1528 Moore 

Womer, Porter B. Pa.Z 14 425 Mifflin 
Huntington Valley 

Stockton, Allen N. Pa.I 78 

Gist, J. W., jr. Va.D 77 

Blair, David. Pa. A 93 lawyer Wayne av 

Crawford, Carl McMaster. Pa.Theta 231 S 6th 

Crepps, E. E. Pa.E 05 


PENNSYLVANIA— Indiana. Johnstown 

Fisher, Robert M. Mass. A 13 24 S 10th 
Gessler, Harry Horner. Pa. A 00 physician 

Guthrie, Speare W. Pa.Theta 79 insurance Church 
James, John Nelson. 111. A 83 -principal normal school 

Lowther, Wallace C. Pa.G 11 pres Crown Hill Mining Co 

McCreary, Ralph W. Pa.E 14 9th and Church 
McGreeght, Lloyd W. Pa.A 14 1230 Philadelphia 

Morehead, E. H. Pa.A 66 lawyer 

Peelor, Lindley M. Pa.L 14 949 Philadelphia 

Rinn, John C. Pa.E 09 Philadelphia 

Rinn, Samuel W. Pa.Theta 13 965 Philadelphia 

Torrence, Arthur Hildebrand. Pa.A 08 teacher 

Torrence, James Monroe, jr. Pa.A 08 physician 

White, Harry, jr. Pa.A 92 asst cashier, Indiana Co Deposit Bank 

Bray, George Garfield. Pa.A 00 

Swearingen, Joseph M. Pa.A 76 lawyer, Pittsburg Prospect av 

Keister, John R. Pa.B 05 lawyer Walnut and 5th 

White, Harry. Pa.Z 06 mining 

Bradbury, Frederick W. Pa.L 15 

Bradbury, Richard Chapman. Pa.L 12 

Bauman, J. Nevin. Pa. Eta 80 clergyman 

Cross, Sumner Hayford. Pa. I 99 

Gleason, Walter W. Pa.B 02 engineer 

Gleason, William S. Pa.B 77 hardware 

Adams, James Wesley. Pa.L 13 426 Franklin 

Barnhart, Frank P. Pa.Z 02 lawyer Swank bldg 

Bell. Edward, jr. Pa.G 99 draftsman, Lorain Steel Co 567 Cole- 
man av 

Bradshaw, Grant D. Mich. A 01 consulting engr 540 Third av 

Campbell, Bruce H. Pa.Z 94 lawyer Johnstown Trust bldg 

Collins, Leon Watterman. Pa.A 14 421 3d av 

Fisher, Curtis. Pa.E 00 with Standard Supply Co 609 Main 

Foster, George A. Md.A 01 lawyer Johnstown Trust bldg 

Gallagher, James S. Pa.A 65 644 Somerset 

Greer, Charles C. Pa.Z 88 lawyer Swank bldg 

Hager, Fred Alonzo. N.H.A 14 503 Main 

Hamilton, Francis B. N.Y.G 02 lawyer Johnstown Trust bldg 

Hays, Calvin Cornwall. Pa.A 79 ^ clergyman 417 Lincoln 

Hays, Charles E. Pa.A 02 physician Johnstown Trust bldg 

Hays, Robert I. Pa.A 02 cashier, Cambria Steel Co 417 Lincoln 

Hoerle, Robert C. Pa.Z 04 lawyer First National Bank bldg 

James, Evan A. Pa.L 12 327 Walnut 

Keedy, Roy E. Pa.Z 97 brick manufacturer Colonial apts 

Linton, Selah T. Pa.Z 04 civil engineer 

Longwell, Robert A. N.Y.G 02 mining engineer 623 Pine 

Louther, Alexander H. N.Y.B 10 220 Market 

Love, Jennings K. N.Y.A 15 

Love, Russell C. Pa.A 99 confectioner Tioga and 6th av 

Mulhollen. Roy R. Pa.A 14 306 Haynes 

Penrod, Harry H. Pa.E 96 physician 622 Main 

Pinder, Charles F. N.Y.B 13 345 Lincoln 

Ray, Daniel P. Pa.Z 99 physician First National Bank bldg 

Rea, James N. Pa.A 56 199 Conemaugh 

Reese, Robert P. N.H.A 15 188 Village 

Robinson, Earle Barry. N.H.A 14 143 Greene 

Schmid, Victor A. Pa.G 11 instructor high school 

Smith, Albert T. N.Y.B 96 contractor and builder 1150 Franklin 

Smith, Elmer H. N.Y.B 09 contractor and builder 1150 Franklin 

Smith, Fred G. N.Y.B 05 contractor and builder 11 50 Franklin 


Johnstown- Lancaster — PENNSYLVANIA 

Storey, Douglas D. Pa.A 07 250 Main 

Storey, Henry W., jr. Pa.Z 07 lawyer 802 1st Nat Bank bldg 

Wagoner, George W. Pa. I 13 Valley Pike 

Williams, George W. Pa.Z 97 with Cambria Steel Co 

Wolfe, George E. Pa.Z 04 lawyer First National Bank bldg 


Armstrong, William J. Pa.B 76 physician 
Eckles, Claude A. Pa.B 10 120 Greeves 
Niver, Ray W. N.Y.B 95 architect 
Over, William G. Pa.B 07 lawyer 621 Dawson 

Kelly's Station 

Wingard, John V. Pa.E 79 

Kennett Square 

Crumbaugh, John William. Pa.E 77 retired physician 
Gawthrop, Harold J. Pa.K 12 402 S Broad 
Philips, Earle S. Pa.K 09 


Church, Herbert Kenneth. Pa.Theta 95 63 Pringle 

Martin, Edward A. N.Y.B 95 sec Wyoming Seminary 283 College av 


Colwell, John P. Pa.A 78 real estate 

King, James P»erry. Pa.E 11 automobiles 390 N McKean 

Powell, Frederick J. Pa.B 14 Franklin av 

Stewart, William H. Pa.A 66 physician 

Stein, John H. Pa.Eta 10 

Young, George C. Pa.Z 68 prof music State Normal School 

Appel, Andrew Thomas G. Pa.Eta 77 prof math and astron Franklin 
Appel, John W. Pa.Eta 73 lawyer Abbeville 
Appel, Kenneth Elmaker. Pa.Eta 11 

and Marshall 237 Lancaster av 
Appel, Thomas Roberts. Pa.Eta 98 lawyer 33 N Duke 
Appel, William Nevin. Pa.Eta 76 lawyer 419 E King 
Apple, Henry H. Pa.Eta 85 pres Franklin & Marshall 441 College av 
Bair, Levi Rufus. Pa.Eta 98 mgr Clothing Store 640 E King 
Baker, Charles G. Pa.Eta 93 lawyer 48 N Duke 
Baker, Scott W. Pa.Eta 92 Steinman Hardware Co 222 W Orange 
Bissinger, John B. Pa.Eta 02 Union Trust Co 125 E Lemon 
Bitzer, Newton Emerson. Pa.Eta 93 physician 236 W Chestnut 
Bowman, John Calvin. Pa.Eta 69 pres Ref Theological Seminary 
Bowman, Joseph E. Pa.Eta 70 editor 403 W James 
Brenner, Harry Edward. Pa.Eta 11 428 W King 
Brimmer, John Richard. Pa.Eta 04 tobacco business 
Brown, John William. Pa.E 79 lawyer 40 N Dike 
Brown, William T. Pa.Eta 77 lawyer Woolworth bldg 
Brubaker, James Frederick. Pa.Eta 99 contractor 136 E Lemon 
Brubaker, William Mercer. Pa.Eta 01 hardware 
Clark, Robert L. Pa.Theta 70 clergyman 814 Columbia av 
Crumbaugh, Fred B. Pa.Eta 11 asst sec Y M C A 
De Haven, Henry Earle. Pa.Eta 08 560 W James 
Derr, Tilghman Stanley. Pa.Eta 07 313 College av 
Diffenbaugh, Guy Linton. Pa.Eta 08 Conestoga park 
Diffenderfer, Frank A. Pa.Theta 68 

Dubbs, Thomas Wilson. Pa.Eta 85 jeweler 103 N Queen 
Ellmaker, Charles Leonard. Pa.Eta 06 342 E Orange 
Evans, Paul K. Pa.Eta 14 809 N Duke 
Feagley, John P. Pa.Eta 14 708 Columbus av 
Fleischer, Daniel. Pa.E 76 Woods av 
Frantz, David Herr. Pa.Eta 13 321 E King 
Frantz, John A. Pa.Eta 10 

Griest, George Whittier. Pa.K 10 127 E Lemon 
Hager, Charles Francis, jr. Pa.Eta 83 lawyer 1065 Wheatland av 
Hambright, George T. Pa.Eta 13 26 W James 
Heitshu, William A. N.Y.A 99 contractor 30 N Lime 
Hiemenz, Henry J. Pa.Eta 00 contractor 43 N Prince 
Jones, Myron William. Pa.Eta 12 616 W Lemon 


PENNSYLVANIA— -Lancaster- Lewisburg 

Long, Charles E. Pa.Eta 86 tobacco broker 444 N Duke 

Luttenberger, Benjamin W. Pa.Eta 519 S Lime 

Miller, Charles Lichty. Pa. I 10 349 N Duke 

Murray, Paul G. Pa.Eta 13 R F D No 1 

Musser, Charles M. Pa.Eta 96 teller People's Trust Co 445 College av 

Xauman, John A. Pa.Eta 92 lawyer 336 E Orange 

Porterfield, Willard M. Pa.Eta 10 561 W Lemon 

Raub, Harry L., jr. Pa.Eta 10 Marietta av 

Raub, William S. Pa.Eta 06 Marietta av 

Richards, Joseph W. Pa.Eta 07 teacher E Lemon 

Schroeder, Francis E. D. Pa.Eta 78 451 E King 

Shaub, Benjamin W. Pa.Eta 09 246 E Orange 

Souder, Paul B. Pa.Eta 99 civil engr 214 E Orange 

Stein, Edgar J. Pa.Eta 01 physician 234 N Duke 

Stein, John Harold. Pa.Eta 10 234 N Duke 

Truxal, Cyrus W. Pa.Eta 04 physician 245 E King 

Warfel, John L. Pa.Eta 10 310 N Lime 

Watt, James. Pa.Eta 06 Marietta av 

Welchens, Walter S. Pa.Eta 80 watchmaker 128 College av 

Wickersham, James H. Pa.Eta 73 printer and pub 505 N Duke 

Zimmerman, Simon R. Pa.Eta 97 lawyer 550 W James 
Lanes Mills 

Humphries, Frederick A. N.Y.A 03 

Lane, Fred A. Pa.B 82 

Allison, James Nelson. Pa. I 05 

Ivins, Maurice H. N.Y.A 14 Bellevue av 

Lovett, Charles Hill. Pa. I 13 360 Bellevue av 

Marshall, Richard Mather. Pa. I 10 

Rothrock, Jacob J. Pa.Eta 76 clergyman 

Barnard, James Lynn. N.Y.B 86 prof hist and government, Phila 
School of Pedagogy 108 E Greenwood av 

Beatty, Samuel J. Pa. A 62 clergyman 

Evans, Frvsinger. Pa.Z 89 lawyer 76 W Greenwood 

Wharton, William W. Pa.Z 87 treas Keystone Tel Co, Philadelphia 
131 N Lansdowne av 

Davies, David Robert. Pa.Z 11 258 E Bertsch 

Abbott, Wesley Ernest. Pa.B 08 teacher 

Anderson, George Edward. W.Va. 96 lumber and builder's supplies 
16 Lloyd av 

Barnett, Alfred Joseph. Pa.Theta 10 banker 

Hugus, Paul H. Pa.Theta 12 600 Alexander 

Kelly, Lewis H. Pa.Theta 09 insurance 

Peters, James Frederick. Pa.A 98 paper business 

Smith, George Sellers. Pa.Theta 13 425 Main 

Smith, Kenneth Milton. Pa.Theta 14 612 Main 

Whiteman, Charles Floyd. Pa.Theta 13 615 Main 
Leaman Place 

Eshleman, Howard L. Pa.Eta 96 teacher 

Behney, Ralph H, Pa.Z 06 lawyer 

Hynson, John L. Pa.Z 89 clergyman 410 Chestnut 

Kremer, Edward P. Pa.Eta 67 dentist 937 Chestnut 

Rhen, J. Calvin. Pa.Eta 91 journalist 

Kifer, Elbert E. Pa.E 04 books and stationery 

Poffinberger, Judd N. Pa.E 03 manager Sales Agency 

Wray, Homer H. Pa.E 12 

Wray, Stanley M. Pa.E 12 

Seaman, Philip C. Pa.A 06 

Bartol, William Cyrus. Pa.G 68 prof Bucknell Univ no Univ av 


Lewlsburg-Mauch Chunk— PENNSYLVANIA 

Bartol, William Andrew. Pa.G 02 publisher no University av 

Dreisbach, William Martin. Pa.I 84 merchant 

Duncan, Stephen C. Pa.G 05 merchant 

Halfpenny, James. Pa.G 84 

Hoft'a, Robert A. Pa.Theta 90 

King, George Emory. Pa.Z 76 clergyman 

Leiser, Andrew A. Pa.G 65 lawyer 522 St. George 

Leiser, Andrew A., jr. Pa.G 94 lawyer 522 St. George 

Leiser, William, jr. Pa.G 69 physician 

Miller, George Funston. Pa.G 13 54 S 2d 

Owens, William G. Pa.G 83 prof chem Bucknell Univ 407 S 6th 

Wolfe, Charlemagne T. Pa.G 05 lawyer 

Keffer, Frank M. Pa.E 92 merchant 

Smith, Jacob Lawson. Pa.E 60 

Smith, Robert Leard. Pa.A 75 clergyman 

Alleman, Ward Howard. Pa.E 06 
Lock Haven 

Kintzing, Paul C. Pa.L 15 309 W Church 

Quigley, J. B. Pa.G 58 

Stevenson, Charles K. Pa.Z 04 lumber 

Stevenson, George B. Pa.Z 06 

Wagner, Charles E. Pa.Z 10 527 W Main 

Rea, George S. Pa.E 71 

Johnston, Finley McNaughton. Ill.G 79 lawyer 

Johnson, Frederick McNair. Ill.B 81 lawyer 

Campbell, Edward Fay. Pa.Eta 13 313 Station 

McDonald, Edward. Pa.A 81 banker 

McDonald, John N. Pa.A 93 banking 

Black, Richard Jere, jr. Pa.B 12 822 Huey 

Davis, Samuel Wesley. Pa.B 61 clergyman 

Drew, Walter W. Pa.Theta 00 civil engineer 1707 Jenny Lind 

Huffman, D. Clark. Pa.B 6$ physician 

McAllister, Harry J. N.Y.E 89 lawyer 542 Shaw av 

Moore, Bert M. Pa.Theta 96 civil engineer 121 3 Walnut 

Newlin, Edwin B. Pa.B n 401 9th av 

Soles, Robert S. Pa.Theta n 336 Penn av 

Thornton, Arthur W. Pa.B 93 civil engineer 644 Petty 

White, Charles M. Pa.B 07 teacher 716 Manor av 

Woodward, William M.. Pa.G 85 physician 
McLallen's Corners 

Ryan, T. M. Pa.B 94 

Linn, George W. Pa.Z 67 physician 

Harrold, Anson Forney. Pa.Eta 88 

Elliott, Charles M. Pa.Theta 00 

Reese, Amos Philip. Pa.Theta 96 head math dept State Normal School 

Cassel, Howard Neff. Pa.K 96 

Cassel, Walter P. Pa.Eta 08 

McCloskey, Frank H. N.Y.B 14 

Ellison, Norman. Pa.I 82 

Bridenbaugh, Philip Henry. Pa.Eta 75 educator 

Schafer, Soloman B. Pa.Eta 70 
Mason and Dixon 

Miller, DeWitt C. R. Pa.E 82 physician 
Mauch Chunk 

Barber, Laird Howard. Pa.Theta 09 lawyer 


PENNSYLVANIA— -Mauch Chunk- Metuchen 

Burr, Robert A. Pa.Theta 98 

Cortright, Donald Nathan. Pa. I 07 

Wolfe, Leo Addison. Pa.Eta 08 

Baker, Charles Frank. Pa.B 12 210 Linden 

Bates, Arthur Laban. Pa.B 76 ex-Congressman 

Bates, Walter I. Pa.B 89 editor Tribune-Republican 572 Randolph 

Brown, Douglas Hutson. Pa.B 15 364 Walnut 

Brown, Manley Orr. Pa.B 90 364 Walnut 

Cobern, Camden, jr. Pa.B 15 360 N Main 

Cobern, Camden M. Pa.B 73 prof Allegheny College 360 N Main 

Colter, James P. Pa.B 66 lawyer Chestnut 

Crawford, William Henry. 111. A 80 pres of Allegheny College 

Hodgkinson, Cecil H. Pa.B 14 665 Cullen 

Lafrer, Cornelius C. Pa.B 85 physician 873 Liberty 

Lord, Lewis L., jr. Pa.B 99 plumber outfitting 

Lord, Maurice M. Pa.B 10 730 N Main 

McClintock, John O. Pa.B 6S lawyer 473 Walnut 

McCloskey, Rodney S. Pa.B 15 373 Sherman 

McKay, Evans. Pa.B 09 

McKay, Paul. Pa.B 08 

McKinney, Clarence E. Pa.B 14 556 Park 

McLaughlin, Frank H. Pa.B 04 editor Pennsylvania Farmer 569 
N Main 

Miller, Benjamin F. Pa.B 04 civil engineer 

Miller, Frank P. Pa.B 04 manager McCloskey-Reamer Co 407 

Moore, Robert L. Pa.B 14 902 Grove 

Ricker, George A. Pa.B 11 376 E College 

Sherred, Alfred. Pa.B 74 

Singley, G. Lloyd. Pa.B 08 

Smith, James Wilson. Pa.B 59 lawyer 677 N Main 

Thoburn, James Mills. Pa.B 57 retired bishop 238 Locust 

Walther, Philip, jr. Pa.B 98 pharmacist 

White, Elliott S. Pa.B 75 clergyman 29 N College 

Clark, Edgar George. Pa.E 08 325 E Main 

Rupley, Frederick A. Pa.Eta 87 clergyman 104 S High 

Shelley, D. Hummel. Pa.Z 13 317 E Main 

Shelley, John L. Pa.Z 68 lawyer 315 E Main 

Shelley, John L., jr. Pa.E 07 317 E Main 

Short, Ralph B. Pa.E 85 

Harvey, Ellis Marshall. Pa.K 89 physician 

Riddle, Samuel. Pa.K 04 

Zinn, Maurice C. Pa.I 00 > 


Borland, Robert Stuart. Pa.B 58 clergyman, M E church 

McElraith, Clarence B. Pa.L 12 

Miller, Samuel H. Pa.L 12 

Miller, W. R. Pa.A 85 

Orr, Lyle W. Pa.A 85 lawyer 
Mercers burg 

Unger, David F. Pa.A 63 physician 

Witherspoon, James W. Pa.Eta 12 

Burleigh, John Paul. Pa.I 09 210 E Maple 

Levin, Allen. Pa.I 01 

Eastman, Henry. Pa.A 87 

Spear, Holden, jr. Pa.Theta 08 

Dunaway, James W. Pa.A 78 farmer 


Meyersdale-Muncy— PENNSYLVANIA 


Truxal, Albert Eli. Pa.Eta 66 clergyman 

Truxal, Albert P. Pa.Eta 05 cashier Second National Bank 

Croll, John, jr. Pa.E 14 163 W Main 

Nicholas, John S. Pa.E 12 135 Spring 

Peters, Jerome G. Pa.E 78 

Ruhl, John H. Pa.E 77 physician 

Statler, Ralph O. Pa.E 02 mgr Shale Brick Works 

Steele, Charles H. Pa.E 10 149 W Evans 

Kipka, Ross Eugene. Ohio E 08 engineer 

Earnest, John Adam. Pa.E 56 
Mifflin town 

Hills, Clarence Eugene. Ind.G 73 clergyman Front 

Patterson, John J. Pa.Theta 87 

Wright, John C. N.Y.A 71 

ZeisTer, George S. Pa.Theta 09 
Mill Run 

Brooks, Harold King. Pa.B 11 

Hottenslein, Daniel Edgar. Pa.G 99 

Leffler, Joseph. Pa.E 07 

Leffler, William W. Pa.E 07 

White, Clifton G. Pa.E 95 clergyman 

Thompson, Roland. Pa. A 57 hosiery manufacturer 

Buoy, Robert B. Pa.Z 03 hardware 

Clinger, Daniel, jr. N.Y.A 03 lumber 617 N Front 

Godcharles, Frederick A. Pa.Theta 89 manufacturer 500 N Front 

Godcharles, Walter A. Pa.Theta 01 manufac Front and Walnut 

Godcharles. William B. Pa.Theta 91 manufacturer N Front 

Kranser, W r illiam H. Pa.G 08 

Schreyer, John Y. Pa.G 84 manufacturer 

Stahl, George C. Pa.Eta 79 insurance 221 Broadway 

Henderson, Harold B. Pa.G 10 

Henderson, Joseph W. Pa.G 05 lawyer 

Harmon, Dwight Dana. N.Y.E 89 clergyman 13 Church 

McKay, Robert. Pa.Z 75 clergyman 

Phillips. James K. Pa.E 81 
Mount Jewett 

Mellander, Floyd B. Pa.G 13 
Mount Joy 

Bozorth, Hiram Richard. Pa.Z 89 

Rengier, Richard C. Pa.Eta 97 clergyman 

Schock, Philip F. Pa.Eta 01 
Mount Pleasant 

Byers, Edgar Marion. Pa.L 12 

Byers, William Claude. Pa. A 05 farmer 

Ferner, Charles R. Pa.Eta 82 banker 

Graul, Carl L. O. Pa.Eta 01 chemist 

Rhoades, Robert L. Pa.B 14 428 Main 

Rumbaugh, Lloyd F. Pa.Eta 09 vice-principal high school 

Wardley, George P. Pa.Eta 06 mechanical engineer 
Mount Union 

Greene, Raymond. Pa.G 99 

Downing, Addis Howard. Pa.I 10 

McLanahan, Martin H. Pa.A 82 architect 

Munro, Henry Clay. Pa.G 61 clergyman 


PENN SYLVAN I A=— Munhall-Oakdale 


Glaser. Carl H. Ohio E 08 with Carnegie Steel Co 
Irwin, Toseph R. Pa.Z 12 616 nth av 
Pa.Z 08 nth av 
Pa.G 00 

Irwin, William B 

Sweet, Lynn D, 

Herbert, Earl R. Pa. Eta 

Griffith. George R. Pa.Z 12 
New Brighton 

Davidson, George. Va.D 78 

Mayer, Arthur E. Ohio D 04 
New Castle 

Greer, David Riley. Pa.B 60 clergyman 

Grigsby, Henry Worthington. Va.D 76 

Kirkpatrick, Harris. Ohio G 78 

Long, James R. Pa.B 98 with Carnegie 

Madtes, Henry. Pa.G 80 clergyman 68 
New Cumberland 

Beckley, Chester Arthur. N.Y.B 09 229 Market sq 

Good. John S. Pa.E 10 4th and Bridge 
New Holland 

Storb, Lewis M. Pa.E n 
New Kensington 

Johnson, A. C. Pa.B 61 clergyman 132 Ridge av 
New Kingston 

Pa.E 10 

157 Orchard 

ceramic chemist T520 3d av 

Steel Co 
N Mercer 


Depot pi 

Kapp, George E. R. 
New Oxford 

Himes, William D. Pa.K 04 

Miller. Tohn E. C. Pa.E 01 

Yeager, Charles K. Pa.E 78 

Fleck. Harry T. Pa.E 87 

Whitmer, Samuel E. Pa.E 86 

Grimm, John F. Pa.Theta 14 

Oyler, Andrew P. Pa. A 00 

Beeber, Thomas Rissel. Pa.E 65 clergyman 113 E Airy 

Chain, Benjamin Percy. Pa.Theta 77 509 Swede 

Dannehower, Gilbert Lane. Pa.Theta 10 828 Marshall 

Dannehower, William Franklin, jr. Pa.Theta 09 828 Marshall 

Dannehower, William Franklin. Pa.Theta 76 lawver 828 Marshall 

Evans, Montgomery. Pa.Theta 71 lawyer 900 De Kalb 

Gibson, Muscoe Minor. Pa.Theta 77 lawyer 320 De Kalb 

Knipe, Jacob O. Pa. Eta 60 physician 

Lazelere. Nicholas H. Pa.Theta 71 

Pitney, John O. Pa.I 79 

Shoemaker, William M. Pa.K 13 

Weaver, Joseph K. Pa.G 60 physician 614 De Kalb 
North Eethlehem 

Andrews, Percy C. Pa.G 04 lumber 
North Girard 

Andrews, Harold Wilson. Ohio E 13 
North Hope 

Ohio B 72 

N.Y.A 13 269 Payne av 
Pa.Z 93 lawyer, Philadelphia 

Mifflin. Thomas P. 
North Tonawanda 

Lindsay, Walter C. 
North Wales 

Swartley, Francis K. 

Colt, John James. Pa.Theta 04 

Passmore, John W. Pa.K 02 merchant 

Mcjunkin, James M. Pa. A 74 clergyman 



Hastings av 

Oakmont- Philadelphia— PENNSYLVANIA 


Beetem, Harry Smith. Pa.E 08 principal, high school 

Larierty, Linus Nelson. Ill.G 70 

BosTer, Leslie Comly. Pa. I 02 mechanical engineer 
Oil City 

Corrin, William Hudson. Pa.B 85 electric engineer 409 W 2d 

Courtney, James Henry. Pa.Z 14 

Geary, Anizi Wilson. Pa.G 94 

Rightlinger, Carl Riddle. Pa.B 09 

Rightlinger, Ralph Blaine. Pa.B 04 civil engineer 

Siggins, James B. Pa.B 78 physician 906 W 1st 

Swisher, G. Byron. Mich. A 83 

Tonkin, Wade H. Pa.B 95 

Smith, Lawrence Hubbard. Pa.L 12 

Barkle, Paul Raymond. Pa.Z 00 
Osceola Mills 

Dunning, Charles T. Pa.Z 70 clergyman 

McCollin, Edward G. Pa.I 77 lawyer, 514 Walnut, Philadelphia 

Caldwell, Coates. Pa.Z 76 druggist 

Hunter, Robert A. Pa.A 77 clergyman 

Le Boutillier, B. Homer. Pa.I 97 

Adams, Jedediah Howe. Pa.I 86 physician 

Robinson, Chase S. Pa.A 96 

Kahle, Harold B, Pa.B 14 

Buchanan, Robert. Pa.Theta 91 merchant 

Sickler, Jasper B. Pa.Z 75 

Dike, Clarence Sheldon. N.Y.E 08 instructor, Perkiomen Seminary 

Boyer, Klein" Harlan. Pa.G 07 

Adams, John Stokes. Pa.I 84 lawyer 4226 Pine 

Adams, Randolph Greenfield. Pa.I 13 4226 Pine 

Alexander, William C. Pa.Theta 70 clergyman Montevista Apts 

Alexander, William C, jr. Pa.Theta 03 lawyer Commonwealth bldg 

Allison, Albert Crawford Green. Pa.I 99 215 Pelham road 

Anderson, Cyrus Nathan. D.C.A 92 Real Estate Trust bldg 

Arthur, Amos Alvin. Pa.Z 82 clergyman M E church 19 12 Poplar 

Ashmead, Dumeld, jr. Pa.I 02 architect 1442 N 17th 

Baldy, Milo Dimmick. Pa.I 79 merchant Germantown 

Bancroft, John Walter. Pa. Eta 04 physician 

Bass, George Arthur. 111. A 84 v-pres Hydraulic Pressed Brick Co 
17 St Paul rd 

Bassett, Edward Morris. Pa.K 01 care of Doyle & Co 15 19 Sansome 

Baum, Charles. Pa.E 75 physician 1828 Wallace 

Beale, Clifford Southgate. Pa.I 93 

Bement. Russell. Pa.I 02 3817 Spruce 

Blanchet, John Baptiste. N.Y.D 81 clergyman 

Bickley, George Howard. Pa.I 01 architect 618 Chestnut 

Blabon, Walter Davis. Pa.K 92 oil cloth mfr 21st and Venango av 

Black, Edgar Newbold 3rd. Pa.I 08 4901 Cedar av 

Black, William Bispham. Pa.I 12 4901 Cedar av 

Blanchet, John Baptiste. N.Y.D 18 clergyman 

Bolton, E. Keiser. Pa.G 05 lawyer Frankford 

Bolton, Samuel J. Pa.G 82 physician 4703 Leiper, Frankford 


PENNSYLVANIA— Philadelphia 

Bonnell, Henry H. Pa.I 97 author 8039 St. Martin's la, Chestnut 

Bourn, Harry S. Pa.G 92 constructor 
Bovard, Freeman Daily. Ind.A 71 editor 

Bowman, Henry Leader. Pa.Z 66 merchant 4042 Christine 
Bower, George Rosengarten. Pa.I 81 mfg chemist Grace Ferry rd 
Bremer, Howard Bechtle. Pa.I 94 2005 Walnut 
Brewster, John D. N.H.A 09 eng'r, Penn R R Co 
Bromley, Charles S. Pa.I 00 Westview & Wayne avs 
Bromley, John. Pa.I 11 Chelton and Wissahickon avs, Germantown 
Brown, Christian Henry. Pa.Eta 71 oculist 400 Perry bldg 
Brown, John Douglass Pa.I 77 law r yer 4037 Walnut 
Brownson, -Marcus Acheson. Pa. A 74 clergyman 
Brubaker, Waldo T. Pa.Eta 99 mgr Windsor Hotel 
Buchanan, Herbert. Pa.K 98 with Monarch Emery Wheel Co 2123 

N 21st 
Bulette, Lorenzo Dow. Pa.Z 76 lawyer 14 S Broad 
Bullitt, John Christian, jr. Pa.I 92 125 S 22nd 
Bullock, John Elmer. Pa.I 09 6439 Greene, Germantown 
Calloway, Henry Summerrield. Pa.Z 80 lawyer 1637 Arch 
Carncross, Horace L. Pa.I 93 721 Pine 

Carrigan, Charles Wesley. Pa.I 15 310 W Johnson, Germantown 
Carty, Arthur Clarence. Pa.E 03 clergyman 4923 Locust 
Castle, James Manderson. Pa.I 90 manufacturer Chestnut Hill 
Cavin, Edward Houser. Pa.K 06 4504 Chestnut 
Chamberlin, Thomas. Pa.G 55 insurance broker 429 W Stafford, 

Colkett, Charles Howard. Pa.I 78 2008 Delancey 
Colket, Tristram Coffin. Pa.I 94 15th and Walnut 
Connell, Raymond T. Pa.L 14 5628 Arch 
Cooley, John G. N.Y.B 02 elec engr, with Standard Roller Co, 

1707 N 5 2d 
Cortright, Harry Kennedy. Pa.I 00 coal 3641 Locust 
Coxe, Spencer Lawrence. Pa.K 03 journalist 3444 Chestnut 
Craven, Andrew Ralph. Pa.L 13 827 N 22d 
Crawford, Stanley Ernest Pa.I 07 physician Germantown Hospital 
Croasdale, John Pusey. Pa.I 82 lawyer 10 11 Chestnut 
Crowther, Samuel J. Pa.I 98 West End Trust Bldg 
Cruse, Henry Russell. Pa.I 07 3128 W Pennsylvania 
Dallett. Morris. Pa.I 82 pres judge of Orphans Court 256 S 21st 
Davis, Edward. Pa.Theta 78 Horter, W of Wayne av 
Davis, George Cresswell. Pa.G 02 Presbyterian hospital 
Davis, Guilym George. Pa.I 78 surgeon 18 14 Spruce 
Davis, Harry Young. Pa.E 77 4145 Parrish 
Davis, Lemuel Howell. Pa.I 97 lawyer 3639 Locust 
De Armond, Clarence. Pa I 99 618 Chestnut 
Derr, Nevin Wagner. Pa.Eta 99 mgr Bellevue-Stratford Hotel 
Devereux, John Pierre. Pa.I 93 3723 Chestnut 
Dimmick, Frederick D. Ohio A 96 pres Dimmick Pipe Co Land 

Title bldg 
Dixon, Samuel Gibson. Pa.I 86 bacteriologist 1900 Race 
Donaldson, Thomas B. Pa.I 95 editor 3451 Woodland av 
Donehoo, Robert P. Pa.I 96 lawyer 638 N 32d 
Dunn, Frederick L. Pa I 09 4207 Walnut 
Dunning, Thomas S. Pa.Z 66 physician 1328 N 15th 
Durban, Edward J. Pa.Eta 66 

Eckels, Mervin J. Pa.Theta 75 clergyman 236 W Logan square 
Egbert, Seneca. Pa.I 86 physician 4814 Springfield av 
Ehrenfeld, Frederick. Ohio B 90 professor Univ of Penn 
Elston, I. C , jr. Ind.G 92 with C H. Geist Co Land Title bldg 
Elwell, William P. Pa.I 77 2207 Mount Vernon 
Evans, Charles Thomas. Pa.I 11 203 W Walnut la, Germantown 
Evans, Edwin T. Pa.Z 65 physician 340 S 21st 
Evans, John J. Pa.I 01 203 W Walnut Lane 
Evans, Stephen H. Pa.Z 78 
Ewing, Horace F. Pa.Eta 05 physician 
Eyster, Leonard B. Pa.Theta 75 insurance 4233 Viola 


Philadelphia— PENNSYLVANIA 

Fairbanks, Ernest Hayward. D.C.A 92 lawyer Chestnut and 13th 

Faries, Randolph. Pa. I 81 physician 2007 Walnut 

Feagley, Chester C. Pa. Eta 05 chemist 2230 Page 

Fell, Edward L. Pa.K 92 pres Franklin Printing Co 3643 N 15th 

Fell, Edward Watson. Pa.K 06 1534 N Broad 

Field, Charles. Pa.I 92 2013 Green 

Field, William M. Pa.I 81 merchant 1216 Arch 

Finletter, Thomas D. Pa.I 79 lawyer Penn Sq bldg 

Finley, Robert P. Pa.I 77 5 Woodland terrace 

Fisher, Nevin H. Pa. Eta 68 clergyman 

Flavell, George K. Pa.I 08 5438 Wayne av 

Fletcher, William M. Va.A 89 lawyer 10 18 Real Estate Trust bldg 

Francis, John Wiley. W.Va.A 91 clergyman 

Francis, Samuel A. K. Pa.E 61 clergyman 2336 S 18th 

Frantz, Jacob P. Pa.Eta 02 physician 2541 Columbia av 

Freeland, Frank T. Pa.i 77 121 1 Green 

Freeman, William Salter. Pa.I 83 retired 723 Chestnut 

Fussell, Milton H. Pa.K 421 Lyceum av, Roxborough 

Gage, Clinton. D.C.A 83 Oak lane 

Gantert, Gustave FL Pa.I 12 Oak lane 

Gantert, Robert McCormick. Pa.I 13 3 Asbury ter, Oak lane 

Gates, John M. Pa.K 08 v-pres Monarch Coal Co 1955 Locust 

Gaul, George. Ohio A 76 clergyman 22 11 S Broad 

Gifford, Edward S. Pa.Z 88 physician 1634 N 15th 

Gifford, Rollo Elliott N.Y.B 5 160 N Robinson, W Philadelphia 

Gill, Thomas Augustus. Pa G 62 rear admiral U.S.N. 

Goodman, Edward Harris. Pa.I 97 phys, assoc in medicine, U of Pa 

3309 Arch 
Gray, Alexander Johnstone. Pa.I 83 retired The Bertram 
Gribbel, John B. Pa.I 04 mfr gas meters 15 15 Race 
Gribbel, Wakeman G. Pa.I 01 mfr eng 15 15 Race 
Griscom, John M. Pa.K 98 physician 1925 Chestnut 
Griscom, William Morris. Pa.I 10 lawyer Stephen Girard bldg 
Gross, Rtissel C. Pa.Z 10 3335 N 17th 
Gross, Thomas F. Pa.Z 74 lawyer 220 Apsley 
Gross, William C. Pa.Z 70 lawyer 3335 N 17th 
Gross, William D. Pa.I 80 

Gundy, William V. Pa.G 99 chemist 1822 Arch 
Hagerty, Shevard. Pa.I 93 2227 N S2d 
Haldeman, Edward Clayton. Pa.Theta 99 1940 Marshall 
Haldeman, William S. Pa.Theta 99 1940 Marshall 
Hall, John Handy. Va.B 93 lawyer 10 18 Real Estate Trust bldg 
Hall, Ralph O. Pa.Z 02 lawyer 418 Land Title bldg 
Halliwell, Herbert Linton. Pa.G 90 5539 Pulaski av 
Halstead, David, jr. Pa.I 94 treas Delta File Wks 301 W Johnson 
Hanchett, David S. Wis. A 06 37th and Spruce 
Hanna, Meredith. Pa.I 92 lawyer 2414 Spruce 

Hansell, William Henry, jr. Pa.I 91 consulting eng 4420 Sansom 
Harkness, William Johns. Pa.I 77 clergyman 1909 Tioga 
Harriman, Karl Edwin. Mich. A 94 editor with Curtis Pub Co 
Hartley, John Martin. Pa.Z 75 with Penn R R Broad St station 
Hartwell, Cushman. Pa.I 03 real estate 119 W Walnut, German- 
Hartz, Barge L. Pa.L 12 with Gap Creamery Co 
Hechscher, R. P Pa.I 77 260 S 18th 
Heist, Lee H. N.Y.A 00 113 E Durham 
Helme, William E. Pa.I 77 312 S Broad 
Henszey, William H. Pa.G 13 13 15 S 40th 
Hering. Carl O. Pa.I 78 elec engr 929 Chestnut 
Hesse, William C. Pa.I 05 Wayne av and Upsal 
Hollingshead, James S. Pa.Z 76 chief clerk Phila Car Service 

Assoc 4814 Warrington av 
Holmes, Joshua M. Ohio B 74 director N Phila Trust Co 160 W 

Luray, Germantown 
Horn, David Wilbur. Pa.Z 94 prof chemistry, Central Manual 

Training School 17th and Wood 
Horn, Edgar Traill. Pa.E 65 clergyman 


PENNSYLVANIA— Philadelphia 

Hunter, Thomas Guy. Pa.I 79 title officer, First Mortgage Guar 

antee Trust Co 55th and Lanchester av 
Hunter, William D. Pa.I 80 55th and Lanchester 
Hurlburt, William H. M. Pa.I 13 112 Johnson, Germantown 
Ingham, William. Pa.I 79 333 S 16th 
Ives, Frederick M. Pa.I 84 3709 Darby rd 

Jacobs, George Washington, jr. Pa.I 90 lawyer Land Title bldg 
Jacobs Horace L., jr. Pa.Z 09 printing business 
Jefferys, Edward Miller. Pa.I 83 clergyman 717 Pine 
Jellett, Roland Taylor* Pa.I 11 4602 Pulaski av, Germantown 
Jester, Harry C. Pa.L 13 843 Chelton av, Germantown 
Johns, Oliver D. Pa.I 95 The Rittenhouse 
Johnston, Horace Vail. Pa.G 84 
Judd, Gerrit P. Pa.I 05 600 N Broad 
Keely, Oliver S. Pa.Theta 78 

Keiser, Elmer E. Pa.G 83 physician 6933 Tulip, Tacony 
Kiefer, Paul J. Ohio B 07 civil eng 
Kremer, Fred B. PaEta 06 dentist 
Langdon, Heilner M. Pa.I 93 physician 2018 Chestnut 
Larimore, John K. Pa. A 65 lawyer 

Lathy, Henry K. Pa.G 66 collector of customs 426 Broad 
Lavino, Edwin M. Ta.I 05 470 Bullitt bldg 
Lawrence, George M. Pa.I 78 chemist 3725 N 15th 
Learned, Marion Dexter Pa.Z 77 prof German, Univ of Penn 

4214 Spruce 
Lee, Francis H. Pa.I 90 instr Latin, Central High School 4721 

Windsor av 
Lewis, Osborn G. Lc Pa K 95 dentist 1529 Locust 
Lewis, William Dodge. N.Y.B 88 Prin Wm Penn High School 
Ligget, Howard B., jr. Pa.I 03 broker 208 S 42d 
Lippincott, Edgar. Pa.K 93 1021 Walnut 
Lippincott, Walter H. Pa.K 95 314 Chestnut 
Longnecker, Henry C. Pa.Z 66 dentist 2015 Chestnut 
Longstreth, Walter C. Mass. A 97 lawyer 5318 Boynton 
Longwell, Horace C. Calit.B 94 
Longwell, William D. Calif.B 94 
Loomis, James Henry. Pa.Z 61 
Lowe, Clement Belton. Pa.G 64 prof materia medica, Phila College 

of Pharmacy 150 E Washington Lane 
Lowrie, Robert, jr. Ohio.G 80 lawyer 3739 Walnut 
Loyd, William H. Pa.I 90 prof of law, U of Pa R. E. Trust bldg 
Lynch, William D. Pa.Theta 04 wholes, upholstery 5034 Hazel av 
McConnell, Robert S. Pa.K 89 draughtsman, Baldwin Loco Wks 

21 12 Ontario 
McCouch. Grayson Prevost. Pa.I 13 81 Martin's la, Chestnut Hill 
McCoy, James F. Pa.Eta 91 lawyer, with Philadelphia Press 
McCurdy, Harold R. Pa.I 07 5901 Overlook av 
McCurdy, James A. Pa.I 04 5901 Overlook av 
McDowell, William L. Pa.Z 61 clergyman 8814 Germantown av 
MacFarlan, Donald. Pa.I 03 physician 1805 Chestnut 
MacFarlan, Douglas. Pa.I 04 physician 1805 Chestnut 
MacFarlan, Gregor. Pa.I 10 1805 Chestnut 

McFetridsre, Horace W. Pa.K 96 printing business 1635 N nth 
Mackelduff, J. Frank. Pa.G 89 4th National Bank 
Mackey, Harry A. Pa.Theta 86 5019 Pine 
MacMackin, Bernard. Pa.G 71 clergyman, with Amer Bapt Pub 

Society 5800 Bolton av 
Mann, Joseph R. Pa.Theta 76 mfr 1422 Bonvier 
Marshall, John. PaE 73 chemist .1718 Pine 
Mathews, Franklin. Pa.G 64 physician 1720 N 22d 
Mevay, James Charles Fulton. Pa. A 96 physician 
Meyers, William C Ill.B o- mgr Hydraulic Dept. Tacony Iron Co 

3459 Walnut 
Mifflin, Houston. Pa.I 77 54 N 40th 
Miller, James H. OhioB 80 

Miller, John W. Pa.L 13 with Bell Telephone Co 7236 Bryan 
Miller, Rufus Wilder. Pa.Theta 79 clergyman 4027 Powelton av 



Milne, Caleb Jones, Pa. I 05 2129 Walnut 

Mirick, Charles S. Pa.G 66 publisher 4018 Green 

Mirkil, Lyle Hazleton. Pa.I lawyer 315 So 220! 

Mirkil, William Irwin. Pa.I with Builders Steel Products Co. 315 

So 22d 

Mirteens, Olin C. N.Y.B 87 Racquet club 

Montgomery, Robert. Pa.I 77 

Morris, William N. Pa.G 87 5214 Laurens 

Morton, Samuel W. Pa.G 82 physician 1933 Chestnut 

Musa, Agha Buzurkhan. Pa.Theta 08 Jefferson Medical School 

Musser, Cyrus J. Pa. Eta 76 editor Reformed Church Messenger 

Musser, John. Pa. Eta 05 clergyman 

Musser, Paul H. Pa. Eta 12 804 Highland av 

Myers, David J. Pa.Z 69 lawyer 328 Chestnut 

Nelson, Frederick S. Pa.I 90 3220 Chestnut 

Nesbitt, Clarence S. Pa.Z 80 flour merchant 4823 Cedar 

Newkirk, Beauman L. N.Y.E. 93 clergyman 173 Queen la 

Nichols, H. M. Ind.D 03 3144 Passmunk av 

Nicholson, William R., jr. Pa.I 90 1731 Pine 

Nind, John N., jr. Minn.B 01 asst adv mgr J G Brill Co 306 S 51st 

Packer, John. Pa.G 99 clerk The Belgravia 

Paddock, Frank E. N.Y.B 91 civil engr 421 Chestnut 

Pancoast, Henry Khunrath. Pa.I 94 physician 4238 Pine 

Parrish, Percival. Pa.K 92 broker 231 Walnut 

Parry, Oliver R. Pa.I 92 architect 1723 Chestnut 

Passmore, Ellis P. Pa.K 89 v-pres and cash Franklin Nat Bank 

Coulter and Stockley, Germantown 
Patterson, James Lawrence. Pa.Theta 73 physician, headmaster 

Chestnut Hill School, Chestnut Hill 
Patton, Henry J. Pa.Theta 00 Morris bldg 

Penniman, Tosiah H. Pa.I 8q v-provost U of Pa 4326 Sansom 
Pfahler, Alfred Edwin. Pa.K 93 15th and Walnut 
Pinder, Thomas F. N.Y.B 07 140 1 N 16th 

Posey, William C. Pa.I 82 ophthalmologist 21st and Chestnut 
Post, Arthur E. Ind.A 00 cashier Federal Reserve Bank 126 W 

Nippon, Germantown 
Purdy, Donald F. Wis. A 05 1432 Porter 
Pusely, William C. Pa.I 07 

Queen, Sylvanus R. Pa.Theta 69 clergyman 1001 Pine 
Querns, Alexander Roger. Pa.G 80 lawyer 1602 Sumner 
Reed, Carl H. Pa. Eta 81 .physician 7 E Chestnut av 
Reed. George A. N.Y.A 05 2209 Delancy pi 
Renn, Paul Richter. Pa.Z 08 Y M C A bldg, 15th and Arch 
Rile, Atlee D. Pa.I 07 5518 Morris, Germantown 
Riley, Charles M. Pa.I 02 lumber 1830 De Lancey pi 
Rodman, Walter C. Pa.I 79 lawyer 10 11 S 48th 
Rommelle, Frank A. Pa.I 94 architect 1524 Chestnut 
Rowland, Adoniram Judson. Pa.G 60 clergyman, sec Amer Bapt 

Pub Soc 4423 Spruce 
Rowland, William L. Pa.I 78 mfr chemist 4800 Chester av 
Sadtler, Samuel P. Pa.E 62 cons chemist 39 S 10th, Germantown 
Sadtler, Samuel Schmucker. Pa.I 90 4215 Pine 
Sagebeer, Joseph Evans. Pa.G 83 lawyer 1416 S Penn Sq 
Sailer, Joseph. Pa.I 90 physician 1830 Spruce 
Salter, William H. Pa.I 85 504 N 34th 

Sands, Charles Turner. Pa.Theta 99 physician 137 W 19th 
Schaeffer, Prince Harvey. Pa.E broker 1309 Columbia av 
Schelling, Felix E. Pa.I 79 prof eng, Univ of Penn 421 1 Sansom 
Schick, Rudolph M. Pa.E 64 529 Drexel bldg 
Shakespeare, George O. Pa.Z 72 insurance 1335 Spruce 
Shakespeare, James H. Pa.Z 67 

Sheppard, Walter Lee. Pa.I 98 lawyer 229 Harvey, Germantown 
Shock, James R. Pa.I 99 builder 1503 N 16th 

Shore, Harold E. Pa.L 12 with G. P. Darrow & Co. 6108 Boynton 
Silliman, Joseph Warren. Pa.B 87 civil eng'r 820 Dauphin 
Smith, Allen J. Pa.E 79 physician, prof of pathology, Univ of Penn 


PENNSYLVANIA— Philadelphia-Fine Grove 

Smith, Edgar Fahs. Pa.E 73 provost, Univ of Penn The Avondale, 

39th and Locust 
Smith, George H. Pa.I 99 1215 S 3d 
Smith, Livingston. Pa J 99 3641 Locust 
Smith, Rayburn C. Pa.I 96 4215 Pine 

Smyth, Calvin Mason. Pa.I 12 224 W Walnut la, Germantown 
Snively, Thaddeus A. Pa.Z 66 clergyman 63d and Market 
Spiegle, Ralph G. Pa.L 12 lumber 1827 Diamond 
Stauffer, Nathan P. Pa.I 93 physician 4833 Baltimore 
Stetson, Caleb R. Pa.I 94 

Stewart, George Scott. Pa.I 11 lawyer 4206 Walnut 
Stewart, Lee R. Ohio D 91 with Bethlehem Steel Co 
Stockhausen, Thomas G. Pa.I 04 broker 3641 Locust 
String, William P. Pa.Z 88 instr W. H. Hunter School 2436 N 30th 
Stroh, William H. Pa.Theta 98 Broadway and Arch 
Stubbs, George P. Pa.Z 85 physician 114 S 40th 
Stubb, Joseph, jr. Pa.I 79 506 N 4th 
Swartley, Walter. Pa.Z 74 salesman 2242 S Hicks 
Taylor, Hollinshead N. Pa.I 96 7709 St Martin's la Chestnut Hill 
Thomas, Edward H. Pa.E 75 

Thomas, Frank W. Pa.I 79 physician 27 E Mt Airy av 
Thompson, Henry C. Pa.I 79 lawyer Land Title bldg 
Thwing, Charles B. 111. A 84 physicist 5 Cresham rd, Mt Airy 
Todd, Henry C. Pa.I 79 lawyer 309 N 32d 
Topham, Earl M. Pa.G 12 4956 Dayton, Germantown 
Turner, Joseph A. Pa.K 2 v-pres and treas Turner Con Steel Co 
Turner, William W. Pa.K 99 pres Turner-Forman Concrete Steel 

Co 4513 Regent 
Tustin, Ernest Leigh. Pa.G 80 lawyer 3310 Chestnut 
Tustin, George P. Pa.E 76 insurance 1813 N 22d 
Tustin, Joseph C. Pa.E 77 pharmacist 13 10 Wagner av 
Tuttle, Russell H. Pa.E 88 

Tyson, Oscar S. N.Y.A 07 with Factory Magazine 
Uhler, Harvey T. Pa.E 87 banking 1825 N Broad 
Vale, Ruby Ross. Pa.Z 92 lawyer 1040 Land Title bldg 
Van Deusen, Edwin H. Pa.I 78 physician 2201 Tioga 
Vernon, Clifford H. Pa.K 4 with Keystone Fire Extinguisher Co 

Broad and Catherine 
Walker, Lynn A. Pa.Theta 07 4737 Cedar 
Walraven, Carl A. Pa.I 90 designer 152 N 20th 
Warwick, Edward. Pa.I oi 1025 Spring Garden 
Washburn, Edwin E. Mich. A 84 teacher 1458 S 58th 
Watt, Charles C, jr. Pa.I 04 Wayne and W Hortter Mt Airy 
Watts, Harvey M. Pa.Theta 84 mgr editor The Press, 925 Clinton 
Webster, Isaac D. Pa.I 85 physician 

Welsh, Stanley Alexander. Pa.I 13 70th av and City Line, Oak lane 
Westcott, Thompson S. Pa.I 85 physician 1720 Pine 
Wetherill, Elisha K. K. Pa.I 92 2014 Walnut 
Wetter, Charles H. Pa.K 06 4035 Pine 
Whitney, George F., jr. Pa.I 80 chemist 
Wilkinson, Willis A. Pa.G 92 

Williams, Carl. Pa.I 94 oculist 5909 Germantown av 
Williams, John Scholfield. Pa.K 11 3306 Race 
Wolfe, James H. Pa.Eta 68 lawyer 3302 N 15th 
Wolfe, Leroy I. Pa.I 80 286 S 3d 
Wood, Walter A. Pa.I 98 255 S <i6th 

Woodside, George D. Pa.Theta 80 optician 371 Bullitt bldg 
Workman, Robert A. Pa.I with N Y Shipbuilding Co, Camden 

1922 Daufin 
Wright, Edmund, jr. Pa.I 85 1934 Arch 


Passmore, James. Pa.K 14 


Gilkyson, Hamilton H., jr. Pa.K 02 real estate 
Shivers, Isaac. Pa.G 69 

Pine Grove 
Fisher, Charles A. Pa.Eta 94 hotel proprietor 


Pine Grove- Pittsburg— PENNSYLVANIA 

Miller, Daniel R. Pa.E 56 
Miller, Robert P. Pa.E 89 
Kroh, Herman F. Pa.E 80 clergyman 


Bauman, Albert B. Pa. Eta 85 


Armstrong, Henry C. Pa.A 04 with Carter Iron Co 405 Oakland av 

Austin, Shirley P. Pa.B 90 broker, mgr Stock Exchange 240 4th av 

Barnes, Arthur. Pa.B 89 construction engr 1437 Rockland av 

Batchelor, Eugene C. N.Y.A 99 1124 Farmers Bank bldg 

Beisel, Ben Raymond. Pa.B 10 74 Blackadore av 

Berry, Bertrand W. W.Va.A 94 engineer 2325 Farmer's Bank bldg 

Blackburn, James B. Pa.A 08 4612 Bayard 

Blackburn, Lane. Pa.A 10 4612 Bayard 

Boyd, Reuben E. Pa.B 06 dir Liberty Temple 25th and Smallman 

Braden, Earle Vance. Pa.A 01 with Penn R R 

Brittain, Berford. Pa.A 05 secretary Oliver bldg 

Brooke, Frank E. Ohio A 92 teacher 

Brown, Charles J. Ohio E 06 with American Steel & Wire Co 

Brown, Sam S. Pa.L 14 5652 Stanton av 

Calder, George Owen. Pa.B 78 lawyer 623 Oliver bldg 

Carsten, Robert Morehouse. Pa.A 91 522 Frick bldg 

Chalfant, James Graham. Ohio G 86 civil engr 308 Court House 

Clemson, Ralph E. Pa.Theta 02 Fifth Av and Shady 

Coldren, Ralph Becker. Pa.Eta 05 mech engr Carnegie Tech schools 

Connell, William H., jr. N.Y.G 03 mech engr 7 Colonial 

Cook, James M. Pa.A 75 lawyer 

Crawford, John Nowlin. Pa.A 55 lawyer 

Crawford, Robert Percy. Pa.Theta 08 with W. J. Crawford Co 307 

Oakland av 
Culler, Aaron Andrew. Ohio A 88 architect 11 13 Pennsylvania sta 
Daugherty, Norval Rogers. W.V.A 02 lawyer 501 N Euclid av 
Dewhurst, Richard Miles. Pa.A 00 elec engr 
Dibert, Grant. Pa.K 89 brick mfr 160 Fairmont 
Doran, Edwin Albert. Pa.B 2428 Carson 
Duff, Levi Bird. Pa.B 56 lawyer 10 16 Frick bldg 
Duncan, Robert C. Pa.A 76 lawyer 221 Halket 
Dunn, Allan Ross. Pa.A 02 railroad engr 
Emley, Warren E. Mich. A 02 chemist 812 Anderson 
Endsley, Louis Eugene. Ind.D 01 prof ry engineering U of Pittsburg 
Entwistle, Robert M. Pa.I 11 interne Allegheny Gen Hospital 
Finkel, Abraham D. Ohio B 07 advertiser 2108 Carson 
Fixel, William Gustaf. Pa.B 06 instr 5th av H S 
Fleming, R. K. Pa.B 76 315 S Highland av 
Frederick, Emerson H. Pa.B 82 assessor Oliver bldg 
Garver, Francis R. Ohio A 83 1105 Bank for Savings bldg 
German, William M. Mich.A 11 834 Collins av 
Gladden, Frank Reed. Pa.A 07 elk 1125 Pennsylvania Station 
Glover, Francis D. Ohio G 87 bonds 601 N St Clair 
Grier, William. Pa.Theta 87 engr 630 Bellefonte 
Hahn, D. H. Va.D 72 

Hall, James Huston. Pa.A 09 2934 Charters av 
Hanna, John P. Ill.D 07 architect 

Hartje, Richard H. Pa.A 05 paper mfr 5534 Dunmoyle 
Hays, F. Charles. Pa.A 86 pres Pittsburgh Trust Co 
Heath, Louis Jay. Mass.A 06 instr eng U of Pittsburg 5803 Hobart av 
Hendricks, Charles S. Pa.B 09 249 Oakland av 
Hindman, Albert Clare. Ind.B 04 U S Civil Service Comm 
Hindman, Frank T. Ind.B 02 lumber 914 Empire bldg 
Hodgkinson, William A. Pa.A 90 phys 119 Crafton av 
Hofmann, George R. N.Y.A 14 4926 Wallingford 
Holmes, Ralph William. 111. A 96 instr Carnegie Inst of Technology 
Howard, Frank W. Pa.B 00 sec Enamel Metal Co 328 N Negley av 
Hunter, Stephen Alexander. Pa.A 72 clergyman 1000 Fairdale 
Johnson, Benjamin M. Ohio D 04 Central Ohio Paper Co 328 N 

Wesleyan av 
Johnston, James H. Pa.A 80 lawyer 518 4th av 



Jones. Mile? Humphries. Pa. A 12 4616 Fillmore 

Jones, Pearl N. Ohio D 86 gen supt Pittsburg Rv Co 207 Westing- 
house bldg 
Jones, William Watson. Pa. I 77 phys 940 Western av 
Kahl, Hugo. Kas.A 96 Carnegie Inst 

Kaup, William J. N.Y.A 07 production mgr Westinghouse E & M Co 
Kennedy, Edwin Paul. Pa.B 07 1006 Brushton av 
Kennedy, John lames. W.V.A 09 with H. G. Heinz Co 
Kistler, John D. Pa.Z 04 physician 801 Hammond av 
Kuhn, William C. Pa. A 95 420 Highland av 
Kyte, Olin York. Pa.Theta 00 118 Washington 
Laughlin, Porter L. Pa. A 10 1805 First Xat Bank bldg 
Laughlin, Richard J. X.Y.A 14 424 Shady av 
Leffler, George F. Pa.E qy 911 Greenfield av 
Lewis, Wenman A. Pa.B 63 lawyer 724 Frick bldg 
Loughlin, Carter Penn. Pa. A 10 " 1805 First Xat Bank bldg 
Love, Edwin M. Pa. A 87 treas Bessemer C & C Co 5637 Xorthum- 

Love, Frank S. Pa. A 92 mgr Bessemer C & C Co 2212 Oliver bldg 
Lyne. Wickliife Campbell. Ya.D 67 agt Union Central Life Ins Co 

Farmers Bank bldg 
McCarrel, William A. Pa. A 00 with Westinghouse Elec Co 
McClay, Samuel. Ill.G 79 lawyer Carnegie bldg 
McClung, Samuel A. PaT) 61 judge Common Pleas Court Xo 3 
McComb, Walter W. Pa.Theta 08 asst mgr Pittsburg Plate Glass ~Co 
McGowan, Richard Ziegler. Pa.E 09 with United Fuel Gas Co 2017 

Farmers Bank bldg 
McKelvey, J. R. Pa.Z 86 

McKelvy, James Erastus. Pa.Z 64 lawver 5126 Westminster pi 
McKelvey, William H. Pa.B 62 phys 6th av 
McKennan, Thomas McKean Thompson. Pa.D 61 neurologist 
McKnight, Paul C. Pa. A 03 insurance Commonwealth bldg 
Merrick, Roderick S. Ohio A 04 265 Shady av 
Miller, Horace J. Ohio D 87 lawyer Berger bldg 
Miller, Hugh M. Pa.Theta C9 with J. Frank Lanning 5c Co 914 

Union Bank bldg 
Mitchell, Harbour. W.Va. 03 mech engr Pittsburg Gage & Supply Co 
Morris, Leroy H. YWYa.A 07 with West Penn R R 
Morrow, John R. Pa. A 07 with \Yestinghouse Elec Co 
Xewman, Dick F. Ohio D 02 with W. M. Reid & Co Commonwealth 

O'Leary, Arthur F. Minn.B 94 

Orr, Walter Berger. Pa. A 04 salesman Lucius Engineering Co 
Padgett, Fred Ward. Kas.A 06 chemist Univ of Pittsburg 
Parsons, Delos E. W.Va. A 00 elec mining salesman 322 McKee pi 
Patterson, David F. Pa.D 57 lawyer 426 Diamond 
Patterson, John P. Pa. A 85 lawyer 501 Berger bldg 
Patterson, Thomas H. B. Pa. A 62 lawyer 612 "Wood 
Paul, James W. W.Va. A 90 expert mining engr U S Geol Survey 

1004 Portland 
Pettes, Benjamin H. X.Y'.E 89 lawver 7616 Bennett 
Phillips, Frank L. Pa.Theta 87 Xat Life Ins Co Farmers Bk bldg 
Pomeroy, Thomas W. Pa.Theta 92 gen agt Xew Eng Mut Life Ins Co 
Porter. John L. Pa.B 86 pres Union Storage Co Lyndhurst, 

Beechwood blvd 
Porter, William E. Pa.B 89 gen mgr Wooley Furnace Co, asst 

chief smoke inspector 320 S Highland av 
Ravmond. Samuel M. Pa.D 60 
Reed, Colin M. Pa.A 67 
Reed, Geor?e W. Pa.D 58 

Reinoehl, Walter A. Pa.Eta 87 clerk 6329 Marchand 
Reynolds, Henry Lee. Ohio D 03 salesman Doubleday-Hill Elec Co 

919 Libertv 
Richey, Walter X. Pa.A 94 1537 Oliver bldg 
Ritchie, Marion D. Pa.Z 93 phys Empire bldg 
Robinson, Charles P. Pa.B 79 no Diamond 
Rohrkaste, Ernest. Ohio B 05 


Pittsburg- Pottsville— PBNNSYLVAN I A 

Rowand, Asaph T. Pa. A 91 elec eng 6014 Center av 

Seyfert, Edgar E. Pa.E 89 with Pittsburg Steel Products Co 

Sill, Edgar Thompson. Ohio D 02 336 Lehigh av 

Small, Oscar A. Pa. A 65 

Smith, Lewis Watson. Pa.E 91 phys 6024 Station 

Smith, Sion Bass. Pa.B 81 lawyer 450 4th av 

Smith, Vinton. N.Y.Z 06 with Standard Underground Cable Co 
Westinghouse bldg 

Snell, John Albert. Ohio E 07 828 Wabash bldg 

Snyder, Warren E. Pa. Eta 05 commercial paper broker Union Bank 

Staud, Joseph E. -Pa.L 13 1413 E, North side 

Steuernegel, Carl Otto. Ohio A 99 1526 Frick bldg 

Thomas, William S. Pa.A 84 lawyer 5549 Bryant 

Todd, James. Pa. I 83 pres Sterling Varnish Co Fulton bldg 

Todd, William T. N.Y.A 12 5100 Forbes 

Turkle, Alonzo John. Ohio B 80 clergyman Observatory av 

Van Kirk, Warren H. Pa.L 12 1232 Liverpool 

Voegtly, Jacob J. Pa.A 94 lawyer 518 4th av 

Walker, Albert J. Pa.A 83 lawyer 1608 Commonwealth bldg 

Wallace, Ralph A. Pa.A 96 lawyer 4th av 

Walsh, Winfield S. Pa.A 02 lawyer 1335 Beechview av 

Warner, Ralph Melville. Ohio E 06 with Westinghouse Lamp Co 

Watson, David Thompson. Pa.D 60 lawyer St Nicholas bldg 

Watt, James C. _ Pa. I 04 1909 1st Nat Bank bldg 

Welsh, James Winfield. Ohio B 98 elec engr Pittsburg Street Car Co 

Wicks, Elverton H. Pa.A 05 lawyer Park bldg 

Wicks, John Oliver. Pa.A 03 lawyer 916 Park bldg 

Williams, Alvin J. Pa.A 11 700 E Ohio N S 

Williams, Clarence Foss. Ill.D 06 with Iron Trade Review 2149 
Oliver bldg 

Williams, Roger. Va.D 70 phys 103 S Highland av 

Winslow, Leon Arnold. R.I. A 02 7918 Inglenook place 

Wise, Charles S. Pa.A 87 lawyer 6018 Walnut 

Wise, V/iiliam F. Pa.A 82 lawyer 6018 Walnut 

Wishart, John W. Pa. I 07 6352 Aurelia 

Wood, Joseph R. Pa.G 92 clergyman 2109 Sidney 

Wragg, John A. Pa.A 11 125 S Fairmont av 

Zimmerman, .Rufus E. Pa. Eta 04 with U S Sheet & Tin Plate Co 
Pleasant Town 

Boyce, Robert Stevens. N.Y.B 97 
Pleasant Unity 

Steele, Samuel S. Pa. Eta 84 farmer 

Haskell, Fred Miles. Pa.B 89 manufacturer 

Haskell, William Aretas. Pa.B 89 

Davenport, Ward P. N.Y.A 90 supt Plymouth Water Co 48 Church 

French, Harry L. N.Y.A 90 

Pickens, Edward R. Pa.G 55 div supt Delaware & Hudson Canal Co 

Rickard, John B. Pa.G 84 

Sinclair, Horace W. Pa.K 11 

Vernon, Clarence F. Pa.K 06 farmer 

Vernon, Ralph B. Pa.K 09 

Banks, Kendall Bartleson. Pa.G 10 333 King 

Briggs, Harry Schweinhart. Pa.K 12 367 Chestnut 

Gotwalts, Jacob V. Pa.Z 59 lawyer 322 High 

Loveland, Lewis I. Mass. A 95 principal high school 237 Beech 

Storb, Raymond C. Pa.K 08 172 N Hanover 

Thomas, William D. Pa.Z 08 47 E 3d 

Wieand, Charles S. Pa>Eta 71 clergyman 259 Chestnut 

Boyer, Francis William. Pa.Theta 70 physician 

Boyer, Zach P., jr. Pa.I 78 


PENNSYLVANIA— Pottsville-Sarentum 

Diller, Howard Walter. Pa. Eta 93 clergyman 

Goodall, Ellis L. D.C.A 97 

Halberstadt, T. Baird. Pa.I 78 engineer 

Stapieton, William M. Pa.Z 13 '121 S Jackson 

Wells, William G. Pa.Theta 76 lawyer' 372 S Center 

Dunn, Lawrence H. Pa.L 12 

Googe, Charles M. Pa.B 03 manager Park Hotel 

Madtes, George R. Pa.G 11 307 Liberty 

Ritter, Daniel. Pa.E 04 physician 

Brooke, Benjamin Hays. Pa.E 97 

Benbow, William. Ohio D 82 organist and choir master 530 Elm 

Boyer, William McHose. Pa.Theta 91 chemist 714 N 4th 

Bridenbaugh, George B. Pa. Eta 02 musician 

Bridenbaugh, John H. Pa. Eta 99 lawyer 

Bridenbaugh, Samuel R. Pa.Eta 68 clergyman 

Durell, Eldredge D. Pa.G 08 Front & Robeson 

Gerhard, Charles H. Pa.Eta 92 physician 508 N 9th 

Horine, Mahlon C. Pa.E 59 clergyman 148 S 5th 

Keefer, William B. Pa.E 91 wholesale grocer 14 N 11th 

Lenhart, William S. Pa.Eta 06 merchant 1825 Perkiomen av 

Mattern, Fred L. Pa.Eta 98 physician 

May, Albert J. Pa.B 97 instructor Boys' high school 6th and Elm 

Repplier, John G. Pa.I 01 

Rothermel, Abraham H. Pa.Eta 83 lawyer 130 N 5th 

Schaeffer, Charles H. Pa.E 57 lawyer, pres Nat Bank of Reading 
226 N 5th 

Weidman, William M. Pa.E 56 

Zieber, Philip S. Pa.Theta 79 lawyer 1516 Mineral Spring rd 

Royer, Kleine H. Pa.G 08 

Heberling, James S. Pa.Theta 97 supt W. T. Carter Junior Repub 

Stanfield, Arthur E. Pa.B 14 

Jelbart, Thomas J. Pa.B 04 elk Pennsylvania R R 5th 

Wills, Samuel A. Pa.L 15 

Garrison, William J. Pa.L 13 253 Euclid av 
Ridley Park 

Clark, Louis Pelouze. Pa.K 89 mfr's agt 144 N 12th, Philadelphia 

Scotney, William C. Pa.G 89 
Roaring Spring 

Price, Joseph H. Pa.Z 88 clergyman 
Roaring Fork 

Messner, Henry L. Pa.K 09 

Poucher, George E. Ind.A 98 structural engr American Bridge Co 
Sabbath Rest 

Bell, Richard McKnight. Pa.G 99 railroad clerk 

Smith, Henry Emmons. Pa.B 65 physician 
St. Davids 

Grieb, William C. N.H.A 08 Phila sales mgr Ajax-Grieb Rubber Co 

Marshall, Frederick W. Pa.I 01 iron manufacturer * 

Mardis, Frank G. Pa.Z 06 insurance 

Bridenbaugh, Philip Henry, jr. Pa.Eta 08 

Marsh, Charles S. Pa.G 02 

Barr, Raymond G. Pa.Theta 02 asst supt Pittsburgh Glass Wks 


Saybrook- Somerset— PENNSYLVANIA 


Elder, George Alfred. Pa.B oo 
Schuylkill Haven 

Hoy, Rudy F. Pa.E 10 

Robinson, Edgar S. Pa. A 73 clergyman 

Van Horn, John D. Pa.B 10 614 Spring 

Baker, H. L. Pa.G 64 

Boyer, William DeWald. Pa.Z 84 coal operator 1560 Monroe av 

Bryden, Charles L. Pa.Theta 02 with International Corresp School 

Curry, William Magill. Pa.Z 89 lawyer 817 Quincy av 

Dale, Aaron Haven. Pa.Theta 11 architect 1002 Linden 

Dale, Henry G. Pa.Theta 87 27 Lackawanna av 

Dale, Theodore Oliver. N.Y.B 13 545 Quincy av 

Dean, Arthur Donovan. Pa.G 66 lawyer 327 Washington av 

Gallagher, William M. Ohio G 81 physician 145 Adams av 

Glover, Robert V. Pa.Theta 03 civil engr Lackawanna R R 802 
Quincy av 

Hayden, William R. N.Y.E 04 chemist 

Hosie, Donald M. Pa.Z 08 1560 Monroe av 

Hughes, James Rowland. Pa.G 90 

Hull, Howard Winsor. N.Y.A 88 retail grocer 814 Columbia 

Humphrey, David W. Pa.Theta 77 chemist 902 Cedar 

Logan, Richard W. Pa.Theta 12 307 Quincy 

McCrindle, Gordon. Pa.Theta 14 1657 Monroe av 

Olmstead, Charles M. N.Y.B 93 clergyman 1643 Monson av 

Phillips, G. W. Pa.Theta 74 128 Sumner av 

Underwood, Charles V. Pa.Z 06 624 Jefferson av 

Wardle, James F. Ind.B 90 stocks and bonds 

Dimm, Jonathan R. Pa.E 55 clergyman 315 Walnut 

Schoch, Silas H. Pa.G 01 lawyer 

Wambold, Jesse. Pa. Eta 77 

Craig, Mark Rogers. Pa. A 92 lawyer 317 Peebles 

Frick, William Ward. Pa.Theta 10 mech engr Boundary 

Wilcox, Winthrop. N.H.A 10 Elmhurst Inn 

Hartman, Harry Garfield. Pa.Eta 97 clergyman 212 E Dewart 

Smith, Charles S. Pa.E 75 

Musser, LTrias. Pa.Eta 73 physician 

Boyd, Nelson Henry. Pa.B 14 40 A 

Lemngwell, Wallace C. Pa.B 90 lawyer 218 State 

Stevenson, Harry T. Pa.G 03 merchant 

Robinson, Edward A. Pa.B 12 1347 Main 

Hum, Justus C. Colo. A 14 

Kistler, Charles H. Pa.K 12 

Kistler, Earl W. Pa.Z 03 physician 40 N Jardin 

Pomeroy, Joseph Hazzlerod. Pa.C 74 lawyer 

Miller, Jacob H. Pa.Z 06 grain merchant 

Eldon, James. Pa.B 67 teacher 

Wylie, Samuel D. Pa.D 63 clergyman 

Apple, John Nevin. Pa.Eta 74 lawyer 

Endsley, Gilbert F. W.Va.A 04 lumber 

Barchfield, Charles Chester. Pa.Eta 11 

Biesecker, Fred W. Pa.Eta 76 lawyer 

Hay, Albert LeRoy Grable. Pa.Eta 84 lawyer 1 E North 

• 189 

PENNSYLVANIA— -Somerset-Tionesta 

Kooser, Ernest O. Pa. A 87 lawyer 

Truxal, William C. Pa. Eta 00 lawyer 
South Bethlehem 

Dulaney, Henry E. Pa.Z 07 

Earle, Edgar P. Pa.I 86 
State College 

Frear, William. Pa.G 80 chemist 

Frizzell, John Henry. Mass. A 98 professor engineering, Penn State 
College 230 Pugh 

Glenn, William S., jr. Pa.L 12 1255 S Pugh 

Winter, William P. Ohio A 86 prof chemistry Penn State College 

Shelley, Carl B. Pa.Z 13 129 S Front 

Fox, Amos. Va.D 77 

Geisel, John H. Pa.Eta 78 

Russell, Nevin. Pa.Eta 84 lawyer 

McCormick, Miles H. Md.A 12 

Palmer, Alexander Mitchell. Pa.K 89 lawyer, ex-U. S. congressman 
712 Thomas 

Smith, Stanton R. Pa.G 07 instructor high school 

Wyckoff, Jacob B. Pa.L 12 512 Thomas 

Evans, Francis M., jr. Ohio A 02 railroad agent 
Sun bury 

Bingaman, Lloyd Klose. Pa.E 01 bookkeeper Edison Elec 111 Co 

Clement, Charles Wolverton. Pa.G 94 lawyer 
- Cressinger, John Brice. Pa.G 89 19 N 4th 

Eichholtz, William F. Pa.G 93 editor Front 

Engle, William Henry. Pa.G 96 lawyer 

Guyer, Harry W. N.Y.A 94 real estate 

Hendricks, Martin L. Ohio B 68 wholesale liquors 25 N 3d 

Hoard, Harry R. Pa.Theta 96 manager Underwriters Association 

Purdy, Hiram L. Pa.G 94 

Purdy, Truman J. Pa.G 87 lawyer 

Curtis, Edgar Bennett. N.Y.B 01 lawyer 

Epes, Charles M. Pa.L 12 106 Church 
, Harris, Frederick T. Pa.G 13 425 Grand 

Swenson, Victor F. Pa.G 12 430 Grand 

Ashton, Leonard Capron. Pa.K 04 

Battin, Benjamin Franklin. Pa.K 90 professor German Swarthmore 
College West House 

Brownfield, Robert Long. Pa.K 00 general broker 

Geddes, Frank B. R. Pa.K 02 with Whitehall Portland "Cement Co 

Hadden, Charles W. N.Y.E 02 instructor Swarthmore prep school 

Kent, Arthur Webster. N.Y.A 03 lumber 224 Harvard av 

Simons, Frank. Pa.K 05 manufacturer Elm and Walnut 

Temple, Edward B. Pa.K 89 asst chief eng Penn Ry 315 Maple av 

W T alter, William E. Pa.K 90 editorial director Curtis Pub Co, Phila 

Whitney, Allston L. Pa.E 04 chemist E. I. Dupont Co, Wilming- 
ton, Del 217 Dickinson av 

Whitney, Nathaniel R. Pa.E 02 with Continental Trust Co, Phila 

Barcus, William Dickson. Pa.B 15 2223 Woodstock av 

Johnson, Josiah F. Pa.L 12 232 W Swissvale av 

McKelvey, J. W. Pa.B 66 lawyer 

Ballentine, George D. Pa. A 63 
Terre Hill 

Gait, John S., jr. Pa.Eta 03 manager Litiz Starch Co 

Dotts, Walter M. Pa.L 13 2037 Tioga 

Davis, James Dale. Pa.B 83 


TItusville-Vandergrlft— PENNSYLVANIA 


Chase, George A. Pa.B 61 lawyer 

Gahan, James R. Pa.B 06 31 S Perry 

Von Tacky, Clarence Lewis. N.H.A 09 manager Oil Producer Co 

Everett, William H. Pa.G 66 lawyer 

Walton, Henry Foster. Pa. I 15 Academy road 

Birchard, Henry C. Pa.B 60 physician 

Crosley, Dorr Edmund. N.Y.B 07 instructor high school 

Lewis, Henry M. Pa.Theta 00 insurance 
Turtle Creek 

Bittle, Jonathan Elmer. Pa.E 83 clergyman, supt of missions 3 10th 

Bittle, Robert Bruce. Pa.E 11 

Lewis, Joseph B. Pa.B 95 with Univ Portland Cement Co Penn av 

Richard, Frank A. Pa.B 10 7 Seventh 

Williams, Lee L. Pa.B 11 30 Braddock av 

Evans, Marion Gray. Pa.Z 13 Lincoln av and 15th 

Illingworth, Ralph W. Pa.Z 87 secretary Y. M. C. A. 

Owens, Robert W. Pa. Eta io 

Taylor, DeWitt C. Pa.G 55 retired 636 Washington av 

Soper, Merritt A. N.Y.B 96 clergyman 

Carr, George Henry. N.Y.E 91 clergyman 
Union City 

Cooper, Thomas Edwards. Pa.G 95 

Humes, Lawrence D. Pa.L 12 

Landsrath, John A. Pa.G 06 

Mulkie, Roy B. Pa.G 94 

Sherwood, Andrew J. Pa.G 96 

Smiley, Ward M. Pa.L 12 22 First av 

McAllister, George V. N.Y.E 99 clergyman 

Carr, Walter Russell. Pa. A 02 lawyer 

Conghanour, Albert Edward. Pa.G 12 ±6 Lenox 

Dawson, George Littleton. Mass. A 09 lawyer 50 Ben Lomond 

Dawson, John Nicholas. Pa.D 59 

Dawson, James Evans. W.Va.A 90 lawyer 

Gaddis, Levi S. Pa. A 73 physician 8 Pittsburg 

Hagan, Roland C. Pa.G 11 38 Maple 

Junk, Thomas Edwin. Pa.L 12 74 Highland av 

Lardin, Frank M. W.Va.A 97 lawyer 

Llewellyn Charles L. W.Va.A 06 lawyer 23 Cleveland av 

Little, Frederick B. Pa.G 10 

Morrow, Samuel J. Pa.B 98 lawyer 94 N Gallatin av 

Oglvee, Jos M. Pa. A 59 lawyer 

Peters, Richard, jr. Pa.K 98 with Producers Coke Co 

Smith, Andrew Brown. W.Va.A 90 lawyer 

Snyder, Joseph L. Mass. A 11 3 Kensington av 

Sturgis, Dean Donald. Pa.G 12 ball player, Philadelphia Athletics 
11 E Fayette 

Thomas, Thomas Milton. Ohio G 73 clergyman 

Thompson, Thomas M. Ohio G 73 clergyman 
Unity Station 

Greer, William Harvey. Pa.L 12 

Croasman, John Darwin. Pa.B 83 U S Signal Service 

Fiscus, Zenas O. Pa.E 04 auditor, American Sheet and Tin Plate Co 
200 Washington av 

Hunger, Arthur D. Pa.E 06 

Zack, Arno R. Pa.E 09 144 Franklin av 


PENNSYLVANIA— Verona- Wayne 


Elwood, Robert D., jr. Pa. A 93 lawyer 
Rowand, Harry H. Pa. A 88 lawyer, Pittsburg 
Stewart, William S. Ohio G 82 physician 

Huffman, George Howard. Pa.B 74 clergyman 

Buchanan, Edward R. Pa. I 91 

Cahall, Thomas. Pa.K 95 lawyer, 12 18 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

Essig, George Sturgis. Pa.K 92 physician 

Heller, Clark W. Pa.E 11 

Heller, Hoyt E. Pa.E n 

Bitner, Daniel Haney. Ind.A 83 eastern representative C, L. Poole 
& Co, bankers, Chicago 

Tenkins, James W. Pa. A 55 revenue collector 

Xeill, Samuel T. Pa.A 62 lawyer 

Stewart, Paul B. Pa.I 03 

Acheson, Ernest F. Pa.A 73 editor Daily Observer 105 E Maiden 

Aiken, Blaine. Pa.A 92 lawyer 

Braden, James Machison. Pa.A 13 440 Maiden 

Brittain, Clifton Fred. Pa.A 03 merchant E Maiden 

Brownson, James Irwin. Pa.A 74 lawyer 

Caldwell, Charlie S. Pa.A 84 druggist 

Carson, Glenn P. Pa.A 96 deputy prothonotary 519 E Bean 

Crumrine, Boyd. Pa.A 57 lawyer 212 E Maiden 

Crumrine, Lucius McKennan. Pa.A 09 

Crumrine, Ernest Ethelbert. Pa.A 79 lawyer 

Donnan, John W. Pa.A 63 lawyer 

Donnan, William C. Pa.A 02 civil engineer 42 E Wheeling 

Dunn, John Harold. Pa.A 07 civil engineer 

Forsythe, Raymond D. Pa.A 04 county engineer 

Kirchner. Robert G. Pa.A 14 67 Le Moyne av 

Linton, Edwin Scott. Pa.A 09 physician 

McClane, John A. Pa.A 98 coal operator 

McElroy, James A. Pa.D 64 

Mcllvaine, John A. Pa.A 64 lawyer, judge 47 N Wade av 

Mcllvaine, Winfield. Pa.A 78 lawyer 362 E Maiden 

McKennan. James W. Pa.A 94 physician 40 E Maiden 

Mevay, B. F. Pa.A 80 manager Caldwell stores 

Mitchell, Baird. Pa.A 04 52 S Main 

Moffat, James D., jr. Pa.A 03 civil engineer Pennsylvania R R 
395 E Maiden 

Myers, Harry R. Pa.A 90 lawyer 55 Acheson av 

Paul, Isaac E. Pa.A 91 hardware 

Schrontz Clark A. Pa.A 00 dairy farm 

Schrontz, John F. Pa.A 00 dairy farm 

Streator, Hugh Henry. Pa.A 08 civil engineer 

Taylor, Woodward M. Pa.A 05 

Templeton, Alexander M. Pa.A 86 lawyer 219 E Wheeling 

Thener, William G. Pa.A 98 manager National Tel Co 

Thompson, William R. Pa.D 59 

Wiley, James A. Pa.A 77 lawyer Trust bldg 

Wiley, Tolin F. Pa.A 12 535 E Chestnut 

Wolfe, Charles H. Pa.A 05 

Wylie. R. D. Pa.D 59 

Bell, John T. Pa.Theta 95 

Lautz, Glenn A. Pa.E 

Buxton, Fred J. Pa.Theta 89 Barker Asphalt Co 

Kuendig, Paul. Pa.E 94 master St. Luke's School 


Waynesboro- Wilklnsburg— -PENNSYLVANIA 


Cremer, Charles W. Pa. Eta 78 ed Waynesboro Record 41 E Main 

Eyler, Clarence A. Pa.E 78 clergyman 12 W Main 

Geiser, Dixon H. Pa.E 83 

Gordon, L. B. Pa.K 11 

Montgomery, Samuel. Pa. A 59 lawyer 303 Main 

Needy, Carl W. Pa.Z 84 lawyer 

Raby, James B. Pa.E 75 

Rockey, Charles H. Ohio B 76 clergyman 41 S Church 

Weagley, Marburg D. Pa.Eta 12 R F D No 1 

Eddy, Burt H. N.Y.E 90 clergyman 

Mack, Russell L. Pa.Z 65 manufacturer 

Mitchell, John I. Pa.G 81 
West Chester 

Denworth, Hugh Frederick. Pa.K 13 

Eavenson, Thomas B. Pa.G 12 

Groff, John C. Pa.G 2 lawyer 

Hoopes, Albert W. Pa.K 08 _ Highland Farm 

MacKissick, Norman L. Pa.K 11 121 W Biddle 

Martindale, Chester P. Pa.K 86 insurance 

Patrick, Jesse Kersey. Pa. I 11 Gay 

Philips, George Morris. Pa.G 68 principal, normal school 

Walker, Charles Abbot. Pa.G 88 clergyman 

Walter, Eliot P. Pa.Theta 91 

Way, Channing. Pa.K 93 insurance 
West Middlesex 

Hillier, Joseph. Pa.B 94 physician 
West Philadelphia 

Binns, Joseph Hewes Mann. Pa.I 03 stationary 426 S 44th 

Eyster, Leonard Leberknight. Pa.I 15 4233 Viola 

Robb. Clement K. Pa.G 92 
West Pittstown 

Cathrall, Friedman Holmes. Pa.G 11 
West Washington 

Mclntyre, John W. Pa.B 68 clergyman 
West Willow 

McAllister, William L. Pa.Eta 14 

Munro, Henry Clay. Pa.G 03 physician 

McDonald, C. Paul. Pa.B 07 

Barney, Delbert. Pa.Theta 82 physician 55 N Washington 

Carter, Ralph R., jr. Pa.Theta 88 L. & W. Coal Co 

Clark, Harold A. Pa.Z 14 401 S River 

Derr, Andrew F. Pa.Theta 71 

Ferris, George S. Pa.B 67 

Kelly, Frank W. Pa.L 14 511 S Franklin 

Noble, Edward Richards. Md.A 98 clergyman 27 W South 

Piszczek, S. R. Pa.E 06 

Robbins, Charles N. Pa.Z 90 lawyer 41 N Franklin 

Williams, Frederick Pa.Eta 60 

Bennett, Leon Payne. Pa.L 14 437 Franklin av 

Carrier, Samuel Crowe. Neb. A 10 with Westinghouse Electric Co 
721 South av 

Dashiel, Edward Noah. Ind.D 01 engineer 

Dooley, Channing R. Ind.D 02 electrical engineer 903 Center 

Evans, Frank Alexander. Pa. A 06 physician 

Fusia, Donald A. Pa.G 14 15 17 Montier 

Graf, Frederick D. Pa. A 10 no Pitt 

Harrop, Harry S. Pa.B 93 civil engineer 

Hindman, James Edward. Pa.Eta 96 lawyer 760 Hill av 

Seaman, William H., jr. Pa. A 05 

Wilcox. Charles D. Pa.A 07 

Wood, Harvey R. Pa.B 14 1013 Rebecca 


PENNSYLVANIA— Wiliiamsport- York 


Atkinson, William Robert. S.C.A 59 
Cristman, Milton V. Pa. Eta 03 721 Elmira 

Cottrell, Arthur M. X.Y.E 03 instructor Dickinson Seminary 
Heim, Frederick A. _ Va.A 09 508 Pine 

Houck, Harry F. X.Y.B 03 instructor high school 923 First av 
Lose, Charles, jr. Pa.G 08 225 E 3d 

Lose, James, jr. Pa.G civil engineer Pennsylvania R. R. 
Metzger, George B. M. Pa.E 79 lawyer 100 1 W 4th 
Morton, Samuel Walker. Pa.G 82 physician 317 Pine 
Reading, John G. Pa.Theta 76 lawyer 10 15 W 4th 
Seaman, George A. Pa.K 97 

Sprout, Clarence E. Pa.G 82 lawyer 317 Pine 
Weishaar, John G. Pa.E 13 230 E Church 

Young, John M. Pa.E 62 treas Williamsport Iron and Nail Co 801 

Amthor, Andrew Jackson. Pa.Z 71 clergyman 
Lebo. Allen C. Pa.E 04 121 W Market 
Thompson, Howard E. Pa.Z 07 clergyman 

Hasson, Charles D. Pa.G 10 

Fisher. Ward Herbert. Ill.D 07 engineer 158 Summer 

Livingwood, Louis J. Pa. Eta 09 

Heimbaugh, Stafford L. Pa.B 74 

Gold. John DeHuff. Pa.L 14 

Rich, Robert F. Pa.Z 03 woolen merchant 

Graff, James B. Pa.E 01 

Graff. John F. Pa.E 76 woolen manufacturer 

Kent, Georere R. Pa.I 08 
Mulford, John B., 3d. Pa.I 08 
Mulford, Spence K. Pa.I 01 
Mulford, William H. Pa.I 99 

Boutillier, Benjamin Horner. Pa.I 97 

Clothier, Isaac Hallowell. Pa.K 92 merchant, Philadelphia 

Clothier. William Jackson. Pa.K 99 

Clothier, Walter. Pa.K 91 

Clothier, Morris Lewis. Pa.K 84 merchant Philadelphia, president 

Strawbridge & Clothier 
Weymouth, Clarence Andrew. Pa.G 97 

Cadwallader. J. Augustus. Pa.K 09 
Sands, Joseph Evans, jr. Pa.K 13 

Follmer, Harold X. Ohio B 83 

Barshinger, Martin L. Pa.E 89 physician 308 E Market 

Ehrenfeld, A. Clemens. Ohio B 84 chemist 

Ehrenfeld. Charles Hatch. Ohio B 82 chemist 57 S Beaver 

Fink, Walter H. Pa. Eta 05 journalist 

Frev, Edwin S. Pa.E 80 

Geesev, Adam F. Pa.E 11 27 E Cottage pi 

Geesev, Clarence A. Pa.E 89 

Gotw^ld, Frederick G. Pa.E 85 clergyman 

Gotwald, Luther A. Pa.E 14 218 E Market 

Gross. George W. Pa.E 73 teacher 534 W Philadelphia 

Hedrick, George F. Pa.L 12 306 W North 

Kerlinger, Charles C. Pa.E 75 coal and coke 

Kinzie, Robert William, Pa.I 14 237 W Springettsbury av 


York- Providence — PA.-R, I. 

Manley, Robert E. Pa.K 04 manager Hanover Street Railway and 
Light Co, Hanover, Pa 505 Madison av 

May, Charles H. Pa.E 00 physician 1207 N George 

Rochow, Charles A. W. Pa.Z 94 lawyer 

Sellers, Louis B. Pa. Eta 03 

Sheibley, Bernard E. Pa. Eta 95 

Weaver, Louis S. Pa.E 05 surgeon 622 W Market 

Wile, Henry F. Pa.Z 02 with Bell Telephone Co 

Yost, Frederick R. Pa. I 02 pharmacist 263 E Market 

Yost, Richard F. Pa. I 06 asst mgr General Mach Wks 263 E Market 
York Springs 

Gardner, Albert C. Pa.E 58 newsdealer 

Gardner, Robert P. Ohio B 06 

Goehring, Norman D. Ohio B 13 New Castle 

Goehring, Raymond R. Ohio B 12 

Passavant, Charles S. Ohio B 14 



Kimball, Richard Bowland. N.Y.Z 97 

Huntley, William Francis. R.I. A 03 principal grammar school, Prov- 
idence 23 Beach rd 
Central Falls 

Easton, Stephen H. R.I. A 02 with Meiklejohn Piano Co 172 Cross 

Howard, Nathaniel O. R.I. A 02 instructor Technical h s Providence 

Brown, Wendell S. R.I. A industrial engineer 129 Wentworth av 

Hodgson, John Sprague. R.I. A 07 

Haire, John -Russell. R.I. A 11 11 Cottage 

Ross, Edwin V. R.I. A 03 educ director Army and Navy Y. M. C. A. 

Collins, Harry Wright. R.I. A 06 instructor Technical high school, 
Providence, R. I. 899 N Main 

Corson, Freeman. N.H.A 96 manager Swift & Co 

Holt, Charles Herbert. R.I. A 02 physician 107 Mineral Spring av 

Aldrich, Edward Kimball. R.I. A 02 lawyer 87 Lloyd av 

Alexander, John Nelson. Calif. B 05 vice president Glencairn Mfg 
Co (shoestrings) Barnes 

Allard, Roger Upham. R.I. A 13 28 Belair av 

Arnold, Howard B. R.I. A 14 48 Montague 

Ayer, Thomas P. R.I. A 05 reference librarian John Hay Library 

Barnes, Elmer Ellesworth. R.I. A 13 234 Camp 

Collins, Frederick Irving. Wis. A 86 clergyman 25 Messer 

Comstock, Andrew Burroughs. R.I. A 06 treasurer N. E. Supply Co 
Box 16 Elm wood Sta 

Congdon, Howard Wilbur. R.I. A 02 civil engineer with Providence 
Steel and Iron Co 272 Dudley 

Coop, Albert Bullock. R.I. A 12 62 Rochambeau av 

Coop, Joseph Booms Thornley. R.I. A. 13 62 Rochambeau av 

Cox, Earl T. R.I. A 14 249 Doyle av 

Files, Chester A. R.I. A 10 with Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co 

Fowler, Henry E. R.I. A 06 lawyer 32 Westminster 

Freeman, William B. R.I. A 06 with Freeman Paper Co Firglade av 

Hadley, Ralph V. R.I.A 03 lawyer 32 Westminster 

Hagerty, Charles Aubrey. R.I.A 05 civil engineer City Engineer's 
Office 54 Hayward 


R. I.-S. C— Provldence-Cokesbury 

Tones, Charles Henry. R.I.A 03 railroad storekeeper 89 Broadway 

Kettner, Ralph Darling. R.I.A 02 wholesale druggist 74 Lenox av 

Kinsey, Francis E. Tnd.B 90 mgr Beyer Bros Com Co 235 Canal 

Knauer, Philip S. Pa.K 94 4 Weybossett 

Marsh, Henry Gildersleeve. R.I.A 08 with Providence Washington 
Insurance Co 597 Angell 

Meredith, Walter Percy. R.I.A 02 civil engineer 35 Benefit 

Ninde, Edward S. 111. A 82 clergyman 

Phetteplace, Arthur T. S. R.I.A 03 lawyer no Cranston 

Philbrick, Clarence Horace. R.I.A 10 real estate and ins 106 Lloyd av 
106 Lloyd av 

Ross, William Nisbet. R.I. 03 instr English h s 14 Rhode Island av 

Sanders, Richard Arthur. R.I.A 03 civil engineer 21 Somerset 

Waterman, George Willis. R.I.A 11 189 Ivy 

Waterman, William Randall. R.I.A n 189 Ivy 

Wells, Lester Allen. R.I.A 03 U S Postal service 

Paton, John. R.I.A 10 

Hatchman, Herbert Ernest. N.Y.E 96 clergyman 

Gilbert, Chester Alexander. N.H.A 08 undertaker 221 Gaskill 

Gilbert, Oscar Bowen. N.H.A 00 physician 166 Main 

Richards, Harry H. N.H.A 01 chief bookkeeper Industrial Trust Co, 
Providence 154 Winter 

Smith, Harold Locke. N.H.A n 200 Park av 

Walther, Julius Bernhard. N.H.A 99 26 Park av 


Aiken 1 

Cross, Ernest SamueL N.H.A 99 physician 

Elliott, Henry S. D.C.A 76 

Simkins, Eldred James. S.C.A 58 

Dudley, Carlos Townsend. S.C.A 88 

Shand, Gadsden E. S.C.A 85 
Carmel Hill 

Scaife, Moses G. B. Va.A 55 
C happells 

Irwin, James R. S.C.A 67 

Bratton, Paul Rufus. Va.A 13 

Cathcart, Robert Spann. S.C.A. 87 

Clark, Frank Charles. Ind.B 95 

Fleming, Robert B. L. D.C.A 69 

Glover, Julius. S.C.A 68 

Grimke, Edward St. Julien. N.Y.D 85 lawyer 

Johnson, William Henry. Va.A 91 physician 107 Wentworth 

Legare, George S. S.C.A 89 US congressman 

Lowndes, Rawlings, jr. S.C.A 87 

Simons, James. S.C.A 57 lawyer 

Wilson, Robert. Va.A 56 clergyman 44 Savage 

James, James M. S.C.A 91 

McLure, Joseph C. S.C.A 87 lawyer no Pinkney 

Blakeney, Whiteford Smith. S.C.A 85 

Kirk, William J. S.C.A 61 


Columbia-Spartanburg— SOUTH CAROLINA 


Clarkson, Samuel M. S.C.A 85 Co Supt of Educ Shandon Annex 

Davis, Robert Means. S.C.A 68 

Green, John S. Va.A 57 lawyer 

Hayne, James Adam. S.C.A 90 physician 

Love, Alexander W. S.C.A 89 6 Haskell av 

Marshall, John Q. S.C.A 72 

Melton, Preston L. S.C.A 72 

Miller, Daniel Bird. S.C.A 68 

Ray, Duncan. S.C.A 72 lawyer 1221 Washington 

Robertson, Thomas C. S.C.A 72 

Setbels, John T. S.C.A 70 lawyer 902 Pickens 

Sloan, John T. S.C.A 68 lawyer 

Taylor, John. S.C.A 60 

Montieth, Walter S. S.C.A 58 clergyman 
Cross Hill 

Simpson, McNeill T. S.C.A 67 

Tomkins, James B. S.C.A 68 

Richardson, Henry B. S.C.A 67 

Butler, Thomas Bothwell Jeter. S.C.A 84 lawyer 

Lodge, Lee Davis. D.C.A 83 pres 

Donaldson, John H. S.C.A 87 manager estate B. M. Baruch 

Parker, Francis. S.C.A 88 

Gamble, Samuel W. S.C.A 84 

Perry, William Henry. S.C.A 57 

Jervey, James W. S.C.A 90 physician 405 E Coffee 

Wallace, Andrew. S.C.A 72 

Hodges, George C. S.C.A 72 

Hough, William C. S.C.A 86 

Jones, Robert Fleming. S.C.A 92 

Rice, H. W. S.C.A 60 

Wright, John N. S.C.A 67 

Smith, Ellison Du Rant. S.C.A 85 U. S. Senator 

Morrison, Henry Toomer. N.Y.D 85 merchant 

Moore, Thomas J. S.C.A 60 planter 

Weeks, Clarence D. S.C.A 89 

Marion, John H. S.C.A 90 
Rish's Store 

Lyles, John F. S.C.A 63 
Rock Hill 

Nelson, William Jackson. R.I. A 08 clergyman 

Wilson, William B., jr. S.C.A 68 

Sims, George T. S.C.A 84 

Sanders, C. P. S.C.A 67 

Schaeffer, George F. Pa.E 56 retired 

Silleck, William Maddock. N.H.A 05 building construction manager 
G. A. Fuller Co of New York City 


S. C.-S. D. — Sumter-Sioux Falls 


Knight, John M. S.C.A 84 

Lee, Richard D. S.C.A 67 

Perrin, George C. Va.B 69 vice president and cashier Nicholson 
Bank and Trust Co Main 

Behre, Frederick Gustavus. S.C.A 57 lawyer 

Henderson, Campbell G. S.C.A 57 lawyer 

March, George Miles. Kas.A 04 engineer Box 443 
Winnsboro * 

Davis, James Quentin. S.C.A 69 cashier 

McCants, James Glenn. Va.A 70 lawyer 

Finley, David Edward. S.C.A 86 congressman 

Spencer, Charles E. S.C.A 67 


Belle Fourde 

Carter, Ledrue Gerld. Kas.A 08 care Butte County Bank 

Grier, William Cameron. Pa.G 66 machinist 

Pattee, Charles S. Minn.B 90 

Robertson, David. Minn. A 83 
Cut Meat 

Gardner, Spray L. Neb. A 14 
Flat Iron 

Bentley, Orlando. Neb. A 06 mining 
Fort Meade 

Cole, James Alfred. Wis. A 79 captain U. S. Army 

Pickler, John A. Ia.A 67 
Hot Springs 

Wilson, Stephen Eugene. Ia.D 82 lawyer 

May, William F. N.Y.G 08 stockman 

Smead, H. B. N.Y.G 05 mining eng 

Collie, Henry Glenwood. Wis.G 95 physician 

Drake, Fred Collins. Ia.A 98 

Weir, Samuel. Ill.A 85 vice president and dean Dakota Wesleyan 
University 310 McCabe 
New Rockford 

Clark, Horace Mann. Ind.G 72 farmer 

Jacobson, Elias. Wis.G 81 land examiner 482 Huron av 
Rapid City 

Exline, Frank. Kas.A 84 

Royse, Clarence D. Ind.A 96 clergyman. 624 Kansas City 

Royse, Walter B. Ind.A 15 216 Kansas City 

Warren, Cyrus C. Mich.A 88 

Pool, Lloyd H. Ill.A 05 cashier Raymond State Bank 
Sioux Falls 

Devers, James Raymond. lll.B 04 shoe merchant 716 W 7th 

Germain, William A. Wis. A 75 physician 

Shellito, Arthur M. Pa.B 77 insurance 

Shellito, Wallace H. Pa.B 91 


Sioux Falls-Gainesboro — S. D.-TENN. 

Stanley, Steward Woods. Wis.A 08 608 W 8th 

Lommen, Christian P. Minn.B 88 dean University of South Dakota 

Taylor, John A. Mass. A 01 instr public speaking Univ of So Dakota 

Graham, William I. Ohio A 71 clergyman 

Cooper, Alfred T. Wis.G 00 



Gettys, James W. Pa.E 66 

Anderson, J. C. Va.D 75 

Broome, James Henry. Miss. A 00 travelling salesman 

Miller, Charles Austin. Tenn.B 73 

Neely, James H. Miss. A 10 

Spencer, John Anderson. Va.D 76 

Wade, Charles Irvin, jr. Va.G 97 stenographer 

Leigh, William R. Tenn.B 72 

Taylor, Edmund H. Tenn.B 74 

Ellsworth, Elmer Morris. Ohio B 84 treasurer Association of Cotton 
Oil Companies 6ig W 6th 

Evans, Charles R. Wis.A 79 lawyer 

Ford, William M. Tenn.B 68 

Husted, Frank S. N.Y.B 87 construction engineer 2100 Oak 

Jackson, John Nelson, jr. Va.A 06 11 McCollie av 

Lewis, William H. Miss.B 60 

Nelson, Frank A. Va.B 90 cashier Amer Nat Bank Elizabeth Flats 

Richmond, Theodore. Pa.G 56 lawyer 657 McCallin av 

Steele, John B. Tenn.D 01 physician 516 James bldg 

Walker, Lafsley G. Pa.Theta 75 editor 454 Oak 

Armistead, Robert Louis. Va.D 64 stock raiser Chicago address 
161 Dearborn av 

Dunbar, L. B. Tenn.G 72 

Rollow, Jesse D. Tenn.D 13 R F D 3 

Dillon, William George. Tenn.B 70 

Taber, Russell S. Wis.G 07 3205 Lea 

Cox, John Emitt. Tenn.D 14 

Deadman, Bertram C. Tenn.D 08 

Sloan, Earl D. Tenn.D 12 

Elliston, Thomas E. Tenn.B 76 

Gordon, John B. Ill.G 72 physician 

Brown, J. T. Va.D 58 

Scobey, William P. Tenn.D 09 

Anderson, John Bayless. Tenn.D 13 pharmacist 

Fowler, Charles Clark. Tenn.D 10 


TENNESSEE — Gallatin- IV! urfreesboro 


Barr, Robert Wilson. Va.B 68 teacher 
Grand Junction 

Smith, John W. Tenri.A 59 bookkeeper 

Matthews, Robert J. W. Tenn.A 59 
Johnson City 

Reeves, Elbert C. Tenn.B 67 

Hethorn, John William. Va.G 95 clergyman 

Reeves, Isaac E. Tenn.B 68 

Denny, George W. Mich.A 87 manager editor Knoxville Journal 

Harvey, Charles Henry. Wis.G 81 president Street Railway and 
Electric Light Co 516 W Vine av 

Hudson, Henry. Mich.A 85 lawyer 17 12 Yale av 

Oberne, John E. 111. A 92 manufacturer 900 Temple av 

Parsons, James Curtis. Va.G 99 dentist 

Beard, Edward Ewing. Tenn.B 68 lawyer 

Cabot, N. F. Tenn.B 75 

Peyton, Joseph B. Tenn.B 67 

Tate, George S. Tenn.B 60 

Ewell, Leighton. Tenn.D 

Burger, Carl Victor. N.Y.A 09 

Cooper, John Robert. Tenn.D 09 

Abernathy, Alfred Shields. Tenn.D 03 physician Exchange bldg 

Allen, Richard Henry. Va.B 71 accountant 11 14 Union av 

Bailey, Purdy Sanford. Tenn.D 04 physician 

Brode, Julien LaFayette. Ill.B 02 linseed products 314 Front 

Cairns, Bayard Snowden. N.Y.G 96 architect 1325 Lamar av 

Early, William C. Va.A 82 wholesale grocer 361 Front 

Fugitt, Caroll T. Wis. A 98 civil engineer Clarendon Hotel 

Gaither, Rice H. Miss. A 07 journalist, Commercial Appeal 

Gonong, Will. Tenn.D cotton broker 114 Madison 

Hayden, Frank. Ind.A 93 land inspector 760 Adams av 

Mitchell, Walworth Z. Tenn.A 59 

Livermore, George Robertson. Va.A 97 physician 592 Linden av 

Merrill, Arthur M. Pa.Z 93 teacher 400 Poplar 

Mitchell, Walworth Z. Tenn.A 

Moses, Barnette E. Miss. A 08 lawyer 84 Madison av 

Neely, Charles L. Miss. A 08 lawyer 614 Exchange bldg 

Neptune, Jos. C. Ill.B 01 812 Polk 

Neptune, Richard C. Ill.B 00 872 Polk 

Park, J. B. Tenn.A 50 

Rose, B. B. Tenn.B 73 

Roudebush, Frank W. Ohio A 82 with United Central Life Ins Co 

Stratton, H. S. Va.B 76 with J. H. McDevitt & Co 

Strickland, Randolph T. Miss.A 02 principal Rosemark high school 
31 N Cooper av 

Taylor, William Ford. Tenn.D 13 

Turley, Thomas F. Miss.A 05 lawyer 56 Evergreen pi 

Warinner, Hiram Campbell. Va.D 58 

McCorkle, William Alexander. Va.A 53 physician 
Mount Pleasant 

Jennings, William S. Tenn.B 60 

Smith, Mumford, jr. Tenn.D 06 merchant 

Jones, James Baird. Tenn.D 07 dentist 

Murfree, William Law. Tenn.D 01 

Nashville- Norristown— TENNESSEE 


Allen, Douglas Berry. Mass. A 10 123 Ninth av 

Armistead, William H. Tenn.D 08 real estate Golf Club lam 

Baxter, Thomas Evans. Tenn.D 08 1710 Belcourt 

Bell, Forest Gunn. Tenn.D 10 Benton and Ridley av 

Bell, Stuart Legresley. Tenn.D 12 

Berry, Frank Allen. Tenn.D 01 lawyer 123 S 9th 

Blake, W. W. Tenn.G 72 

Blake, William Morgan. Tenn.D 07 editor 117 Sixth av 

Brandon, John Henry. Tenn.D 13 1911 21st av S 

Chamberlain, James. Pa.G 55 lawyer 

Cheatham, Felix Robertson. Tenn.D 09 Marathon Auto Co 

Cheek, James Howe. Tenn.D 07 salesman 209 Louise av 

Cheek, John Thomas. Tenn.D 08 209 Louise av 

Christopher, Claude Prichitt. Tenn.D 08 insurance 2109 State 

Clark, Allen Battle, jr. Tenn.D 10 insurance 18 11 Acklen av 

Dorris, Finley Carter. Va.B 07 616 Church 

Edwards, William I. Tenn.D insurance Sulgrave Apartments 

Eve, Duncan, jr. Tenn.D 01 physician 207 7th av 

Eve, Paul F. Tenn.D 12 1529 Broad 

Fletcher, Leslie Mason. Tenn.D 11 1707 Hayes 

Fester, Robert C. Tenn.D 14 2108 West End av 

Granbury, James Treanor. Tenn.D 09 1712 West End av 

Hayes, William W. Tenn.D 04 chemist Spurlock Neal Co 

Hill, Adolph B., jr. Tenn.D 06 mgr Standard Ptg Co 1719 Hayes 

Hill, Joseph L. Tenn.D 07 1719 Hayes 

Houston, Matthew H. Va.B 56 

Howard, Eugene Rice. Tenn.D 03 with Broadway Electric Co 

Hubbard, J. C. Va.D 59 

Hughes, Shelby G. Tenn.D 12 323 21st av 

Hunt, Clarence M. Tenn.D 11 1704 Hayes 

Jamison, James H., jr. Tenn.D 04 lawyer 129 8th av 

Kelly, William Aiken. S.C.A 90 

Klein. Harry Lipscomb. Tenn.D 14 1507 16th av S 

Lee, R. B. Va.D 64 

Mcllvain, Edgar Stanley. Tenn.D 01 physician 6th and Union 

Miller, William J, jr. Tenn.D 03 grain merchant 723 Lischey av 

Mills, Robert D., jr. Tenn.D 12 Dickerson rd 

Morrison, Richard S. Tenn.D 12 with W U Tel Co McGorack 

Motz, Caleb C. Tenn.D 03 architect 307 Church 

Pearce, Christian S. Tenn.G 71 

Phillips, William K. Tenn.D 07 phosphates 1717 West End av 

Porter, Richard Erwin. Tenn.D 10 insurance Stahlman bldg 

Ransom, John B., jr. Tenn.D 06 lumber 1800 West End av 

Ransom, Medicus. Tenn.D 01 writer 17th av S 

Reyer, George W. Tenn.D 12 2104 Hayes 

Roscoe, Bailey L. Tenn.D 10 32 Watanga 

Sexton, Daniel Perkins. Tenn.D 06 secretary and treasurer Nash- 
ville Hardwood Flooring Co 1800 West End av 

Snow, Morton McCulloch. Kas.A 93 physician medical referee for 
the South, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co 

Stokes, James W. Tenn.D 05 1713 West End av 

Stokes, Jordan. Tenn.B 70 lawyer 

Stokes, Jordan, jr. Tenn.D 01 lawyer Stahlman bldg 

Swann, Edward. Tenn.D 09 insurance 

Talley, William L. Tenn.D 06 lawyer 52 Chamber of Commerce 

Thomas, Jesse H., jr. Tenn.D 12 15 17 Broad 

Thompson, Ernest B. Tenn.D 1718 Broadway 

Wade, Gideon P. Tenn.D 01 agent Maryland Casualty Co 25 11 
Kensington pi 

Whitworth, Charles B. Tenn.D 07 real estate 2018 West End av 

Williams, H. M. Va.D 65 

Woodcock, Wilson W. Tenn.D 04 clergyman 3 miles on Gallatin rd 

Nesbitt, William Lyon. Pa.G 59 farmer 


8a * 

TEN'N.- TEX,— North Nashville- Beaumont 

North Nashville 

Fall, Joseph Horton. Va.D 63 pres J. H. Fall Co 303 Seventh av 

Graham, Richard H. Tenn.D 09 

Grigsby, Hatcher M. Tenn.D 07 

Legg, Isham Vaughan. Tenn.D 06 

Wakefield, John W. Tenn.D 06 lumber 

Cooper, Edmund, jr. Va.A 72 banker 

Steagall, G. W. Tenn.D 08 lumber 

White, George S. Va.B 03 

Davis, Reuben Anderson. Tenn.D 13 

Alexander, Thomas. Tenn.B 60 
Woodland Mills 

Prather, John W. Mo. A 69 physician 



Chase, K. Wis.B 76 

Ritterspach, Frederick J. Ohio B 98 physician 39 N Grand av 

Brooke, J. C. Texas A 04 lawyer 

Caruthers, William Hampden. Tex. A 06 mining engineer 

Fletcher, Henry T. Tex. A 04 stockman 

Doyle, Lewis Crandall. Kas.A 08 S K R R Co 

Guleke, James O. Tex.A 15 

Neely, Tinton Ted. Tex.A 12 1204 Harrison 

Thompson, Ernest O. Tex.A 13 15 10 Tyler 

Anderson, Charles B. Va.A 76 Post Office inspector 

Garrett, Pearson Beverly. Tex.A 09 lawyer 

Grabill, Ethelbert H. Pa.A 55 

Hayden, Charles S. Kas.A 02 publisher Daily Tribune 

Henderson, Joseph L. W.Va.A 91 prof of education Univ of Texas 

Irvine, Vivion R. Tex.A 05 engineer 

Masterson, William Edward. Tex.A 13 instructor Univ of Texas 

Puett. Nelson. Tex.A 10 law clerk Supreme Court 

Rollins, Hyder Edward. Tex.A 11 instructor University of Texas 

Shanks, Louis Niles. Va.G 74 

Smith, Owen Pattie. Tex.A 04 with Federal Income Tax Dept 

Walker, Lewis E. Wis. A 77 pres Texas Southern Ry 604 W 6th 
Bay City 

Brown, Orlo. Neb. A 96 real estate 

Gaines, Carroll Montgomery. Tex.A 1 1 

Gaines, John Pierce. Tex.A 13 

Hawkins, Frank. Tex.A 05 real estate 

McMillan, Ray D. Va.B 14 

Calhoun, Arthur Ludlow. Tex.A 04 lawyer 376 Wall 

Edson, Edward G. Kas.A 00 hardware 

Fisher, J. F. Pa.A 89 

Greer, Frederick Edward. Tex.A 11 1412 North 

Greer, Hal I. Tex.A 04 printing business 

Masterson, George Duff. Tex.A 13 795 Center 

Be!!v!lle = EI Paso— Texas 


Catlin, Jacob H. Tenn.B 73 

Moore, Arthur. Tex. A 12 ranchman 

Alexander, Samuel Craig. Tex. A 05 

Russell, James W. Va.B 05 

Dean, J. S. Tenn.B 70 

Ferguson, Silas Turner. Tex. A 07 

Kent, Arthur McEwen. Ill.B 08 lawyer 

Evans, Harold D. Kas.A 09 assistant cashier 

Melton, W. M. Tenn.B 75 

Griswald, Culver M. Tex. A 12 

Harrison, Edward Burr. Va.E 71 live stock 
College Station 

Wertenbaker, Thomas J. Va.A 09 associate professor of history, 
A. & M. College of Texas 

Blanding, James McFadden. Va.B 70 lawyer 

Jackson, Douglas F. Tex. A 13 1040 W End av 

Wood, Percy Scott. Va.G 84 lawyer 

Smith, Marcus Dixon. Tex. A 05 asst cashier Cumby State Bank 

Acheson, Alexander Mahon. Pa.A 74 civil engineer 

Bailey, George Arnold. Tex. A 06 jeweler 514 Swiss av 

Bell, Wiley Alexander, jr. N.Y.G 08 lawyer 614 Linz bldg 

Brinkerhof, Albert David. N.Y.A 01 supt Southern Traction Co 

Calloway, Carl B. Tex. A 15 4614 Reiger av 

Duncan, Allan Bragg. Tex. A 04 insurance 

Gano, Clarence Welsh. Va.D 75 

Gano, John T., jr. Tex. A 13 1903 Bennett 

Grady, Hugh S. Tex. A 15 109 S Crawford 

Hirt, Henry Orth. Ohio B 07 

Lang, William J. N.Y.A 08 

Meek, Edward Roscoe. la. A 85 judge 

Mills, Fred Z. Miss. A 87 southern mgr Amer Tobacco Co Box 872 

Sattley, Hale V. Ind.D 15 422 E. Jefferson 

Spellman, John M. D.C.A 96 

Warren, Joe H. Tex. A 14 2210 Warren av 

Weeks, James A. S.C.A 88 

Wiel, Overton W. Kas.A 89 Scollard bldg 

Edgar, Robert B. la. A 03 lumber 
Dennison , 

Acheson, Alexander Mohan. Pa.A 74 civil engineer 

Chilton, Joshua Crittenden. Ind.B 80 honorary member 

Jarratt, Charles R. Tex. A 07 merchant 
El Paso 

Armstrong, Otto R. Tex. A 06 lawyer 

Bryan, Lewis Lyles. Tex. A 04 lawyer 

Gould, Robin Patterson. Mo. A 08 journalist 

Jones, Ernest William. Mo.A 08 lawyer 14 10 E blvd 

Mitchell, Thomas Franklin. Tex. A 05 with Pierce-Fordyce Oil Co 

Peters, James A. Kas.A 02 cattleman Hotel Sheldon 

Pollard, Joseph Mason. Tex. A 09 lawyer 625 N El Paso 

Wright, Clark. Tex.A 12 1418 Montana 

Wright, Hugh, Tex.A 06 mining eng 811 N Stanton 


TEXAS — Armory- Longview 

Tex.A 04 stockman RFD 
Va.A 53 phj'sician 


Edwards, Herbert Rook. Tex.A 13 
Falls City 

Remschel, Robert H. 

Aston, Charles C. J. 
Fort Worth 

Berne, William Jones, jr. Ohio A 80 lawyer Wheat bldg 

Brandenburg, Ernest C. Mo. A 14 8th and Houston 

Ewell, James Heath, jr. Tex.A 10 lawyer 

Karnes, Thomas Ezelle. Tex.A 05 

Massingale, Samuel C. Miss.A 80 

Morton, Samuel W. Va.A 74 315 Main 

North, Earle M. Tex.A 11 with Mitchell Auto Co 701 Commerce 

North, James M. Tex.A 05 newspaper editor 12 17 College av 

Peterson, Charles F. Ind.A 78 

Colter, J. Edward. Pa.B 95 

Thomas, Norman. Miss.B 60 

Lee, George Townsend. Tex.A 14 2703 Broadway 

Boothe, Clyde Linnie. Tex.A 05 hardware 

Boothe, Fred. Tex.A 06 merchant 

Boothe, Ross. Tex.A 05 merchant 

Boothe, Joe Henry. Tex.A 09 

Brenner, Milton Lewis. Tex.A 13 

Harwood, Archibald Roane. Tex.A 11 

Harwood, Miller. Tex.A 07 secretary Gonzales Cotton Mill Co 

Mathews, John J. Tex.A 05 stockman 
Grand View 

Rootes, Edmund W. Miss.A 93 

Harris, Henry C. Tex.A 04 editor Greenville Herald 

Burcliard, Hoyt Hicks. Tex.A 04 cashier 

Ruckman, Hugh B. Tex.A 05 ranchman 

Reed, Roger M. Tex.A 09 

Noonan, Ralph Joseph. Tex.A 08 lawyer 

Adams, Leopold Sheridan. Tex.A 07 

De Zavalla, Augustine Peter. Tex.A 04 banker 

Gates, Herbert R. Mich. A 93 accountant 911 Travis 

Ramsay, John A. Ind.B 69 clergyman 2307 Washington av 

Ranson, Joseph Hall. Tex.A 04 lawyer 712 Scanlan bldg 

Ruggles, Daniel G. Tex.A 04 night editor Houston Post 

Ruggles, William Brush. _ Tex.A 07 sporting editor Houston Post 

Spencer, Rollin H. Calif. B 96 president and manager Southern 
Texas Implement and Vehicle Co 3703 Travis 

Swinford, Samuel T. Mo. A 71 lumber 1504 Jefferson av. 

Usher, Francis C. Tenn.B 68 lawyer 

Tex.A 04 physician 109 Hath way av. 

Tex.A 14 

Wilson, Sidney J. 

Shelton, Marion F. 

Matthews, William Henry. Tex.A 04 clergyman 

Bramlette, Erskine 
Bramlette, Paul Miller. 
Brown, John Crutcher. 

Miller. Tex.A 
Tex.A 08 
Tex.A 05 

05 lawyer 


Brown, Robert Garland, jr. Tex.A 04 

Foreman, Howell N. Tex.A 08 lawyer 

N Green 


Longvlew-Stamford— TEXAS 

Levy, Richard M. Tex.A 08 officer U. S. Army- 
Smith, William B. Tex.A 05 insurance 

Cooke, John Harrison. Va.E 77 

Godbold, Wilmer L. Miss. A 98 lawyer 

Neathery, Samuel. Tex.i\. 04 lawyer 

Crawford, Dudley. Tex.A 11 108 Crockett 

McCullough, Earl Thomas. Tex.A 04 with T. & P. Ry Co 

Wood, Joseph G. Tex.A 07 wholesale grain merchant 207 E Rush 

Curtis, Josiah Lewis. Va.D 76 

Cornwell, William B. Pa.B 76 farmer 

Wilson, John P. Tenn.A 60 

Davenport, Matthew. Tex.A 06 cashier Citizens National Bank 

Hamilton, Jesse Bradley, jr. Tenn.D 10 

Kane, Eugene S. Tenn.D 14 

Ellis, John Emmett. Tenn.B 69 

Fort, William F. Tex.A 04 mgr Paris Motor Co 645 E Rustin 

Lightfoot, Henry W. Tenn.B 68 

Honaker, Samuel W. Va.A 06 

Bowen, Willard Justin. Tex.A 05 lawyer 
Port Arthur 

Smith, Ernest Dailey. 111. A 06 clergyman 

Van Gundy, Morris C. Pa.G 97 

Goodwin, Jake J. Tex.A 07 manager livery business 

Crouse, Hugh Woodruff. Ind.G 89 physician 
San Angelo 

Rogers, Sterling C. Tenn.D 11 

Val Dez, Frank C. Tex.A 15 no S Oak 
San Antonio 

Axtell, Arthur Cowles. 111. A 81 journalist 

Brown, John Leonard. Tex.A 05 lawyer 

Byrd, Abram R. Mo. A 72 retired 503 Guenther av 

Clement, Cresson Charles. Tex.A 04 lawyer 815 Grayson 

Culpepper, Oscar Roberts. Tex.A 07 529 S Flores 

Evins, Ward. Tex.A 06 stenographer 

Florian, Alexander Sterling. Va.A n 202 Augusta 

Houston, Augustus W. Tenn.B 69 lawyer 303 Pecan 

Jones, Robert Elliott. Tex.A 08 secretary Dixie Oil Co 

Lytle, Nelson. Tex.A 04 lawyer 332 S Presa 

Maverick, William C. Calif. B 94 119 Taylor 

Schramm, Texas Ernest. Tex.A 09 lawyer 

Terrell, Henry, jr. Tex.A 08 lawyer 417 Oakland 

Terrell, Robert W. B. Pa.K 07 417 Oakland 

Carr, Oliver Anderson. Ky.A 65 

Eubank, James J. Tex.A 04 insurance 432 S Walnut 

Head, Henry Oswald. Tenn.B 70 lawyer 

Tassey, John C. Pa. A 64 cotton seed oil business 539 S Crockett 

Wilson, Sidney R. Va.B 04 with Denison Mill & Elevator Co 736 
S Crockett 

Wilson, Turner. Va.B 09 

Goodwin, Roy Thaddeus. Tex.A 07 physician 

Young, Henry Dale. Tex.A 04 furniture merchant 


TEXAS-UTAH— Strawn. Salt Lake City 


McLure, John H. S.C.A 84 chief engineer Strawn Coal Mining Co 
Sulphur Springs 

Wilson, George H. Tex. A 07 

Clark, Daniel Otis. Miss. A 01 lawyer 

Clement, William Woodward. Tex. A 07 prin h s 214 N 2d 

Jones, John Ed. Tex. A 13 Houston av 

McLeod, John W. Tex. A 04 claim adjuster G. C. & S. F. Ry 418 
N 4 th 

Sherrill, Guy Preston. Tex. A 11 French av 

Sherrill, Ray L. Tex.A 09 

Thompson, Robert Eckford. Tex.A 13 

Ganong, Will. Tenn.D n 2822 Walnut 

McDowell, Horace H. Pa.Theta 03 stockman 

Moody, John A. Tenn.A 59 

Hanchette, Miles L. Tex.A 09 

Hughes, Fred Venable. Tex.A 10 

Mcllwaine, John Stevenson. Va.G 88 lawyer 

Bowman, Alfred C. Tenn.D 14 

Flowers, Leslie D. Tex.A 12 

Smyth, George W. Tenn.D 14 

Clark, David Dean. Neb. A 06 
West Columbia 

Linscott, Clarence M. Kas.A 00 

McCrohan, Geoffrey O'Connqll. Va.B 09 lawyer 
Wills Point 

Wynne, Angus G. Tex.A 04 lawyer 


Clear Creek 

Murphey, Edwin Roy. Ill.D 04 physician 

Rossburg, Fred A. N.Y.G 03 with Utah Copper Co 

Norton, Wadsworth W. N.Y.A 85 supt A. S. & R Smelter 

Beeson, Jesse Evan. Ind.A 79 instr Utah Ogden h s 2862 Grand av 

Smith, Raymond Harold. Pa.L 12 with Ogden Rapid Transit Co 
Salt Lake City 

Bowdle, John Ruttledge. Ohio A 74 lawyer 

Boyd, Charles Wilson. Ohio G 76 lawyer 103 Third av 

Burton, John W. Ind.B 74 lawyer 

Dinwoodev, Leroy G. Calif. B 01 furniture 161 N State 

Donnell, William Henry. Ohio B 82 

Dumont, Raymond E. Neb. A 01 civil engineer 440 Mclntyre bldg 

Eggert, Carl Friedrich August. la. A 67 

Fisher, Frank A. Calif. B 03 with A. Fisher Brewing Co. 

Gillette, Charles A. Pa. A 89 lawyer 617 Newhouse bldg 

Gregory, Horace W. la. A 03 civil engineer 521 Mclntire bldg 

Keith, David F. Pa. Eta 14 529 E Temple 

Koontz, H. T. Ind.A 74 

Letcher, Jerrold R. Mo. A 72 clerk U S Courts 575 10th E 

McCaskell, George W. K. N.Y.G 99 care of W. S. McCormick Co 


Salt Lake City-St. Albans—UTAH-VT. 

McCaskell, Jasper A. Ind.A 99 mining engineer 13 Bansford 

McGriff, Edwin G. Ind.A 87 

Nolan, Ralph C. Mich. A 99 with Utah Copper Co 

Norgren, Nelson Henry. Ill.B 10 athletic director Univ of Utah 

Nowland, Ralph C. Mich. A 99 Utah Copper Co 

Oglesby, Joseph E. Pa.D 64 Atlas blk 

Pembroke, Earl R. N.Y.G 03 mining engineer 431 First av 

Putnam, William R. Minn.B 93 with Utah Light & Power Co 

Riter, Linville C. Calif. B 01 mining 268 Second 

Roberts, Don Carlos. Calif. B 95 29 F 

Roberts, Frank T. Calif. B 97 civil engineer 507 Second av 

Roberts, Harry L. Calif.B 99 with Kelly Filter Press Co 

Sargent, Frank C. Pa. A 06 with F Auerbach & Co 

Snyder, Arthur E. Calif. B 01 687 3d av 

Stewart, Charles W. N.Y.E 93 physician 

Street, John Anderson. Wis.A 98 lawyer 317 Walker bldg 

Talbot, Henry J. Ind.A ^2 clergyman 1324 E S Temple 

Taylor, James Stephen. Mass. A 00 lumber 

Taylor, John C. Wis.A 98 574 2d av 

Tyng, Francis C. Calif.B 05 pres Texan Mining Co 203 S 5th E 

Warrum, Noble. Ind.A 82 mgr Utah-Mexican Rubber Co 1356 E 

S Temple 
Wickes, L. Webster. N.Y.G 01 consulting mining engr 56 Woodruff 




Springer, Isaac Elihu. Ill.A 03 manager G. L. Meade Marble Quarry 

Davis, Alfred Spencer. N.Y.E 98 gen sec Y M C A 223 Union 

Leonard, Edward D. Mass. A 05 

Trout, Delmar E. Ohio B 00 clergyman 26 High 
East Poultney 

Ward, Elwyn F. N.Y.B 10 
Fair Haven 

Patterson, Morris. Pa. I 91 

Cheney, Samuel T. R. N.Y.E 90 instr Riverview Acad Riverview,N. Y. 

Perkins, Charles K. Mass. A 07 

Perkins, Roger C. Mass.A 13 

Harriman, Arthur Ernest. N.Y.E 89 clergyman 55 Seminary 

McFarland, Raymond. Mass.A 95 prof Middlebury College 

Blaupied, Ralph Dolbear. Ohio A 92 

Smith, Ephraim J. N.H.A 02 secretary 

Aronson, Herbert Hilding. R.I. A 10 

Wordsworth, Watson. Mass.A 08 

Carpenter, Ralph Edson. N.H.A 14 113 Church 

Dutton, Leon Gale. N.H.A 14 38 Bellevue av 

Lewis, Theodore G. Wis.G 81 Rutland Herald 

McCammon, Robert L., jr. N.H.A 94 Center 

Maloney, John F. N.H.A 12 194 Columbian av 

Hammond, Morris G. N.H.A 15 31 Cottage 

Spaulding, Richard B. N.H.A 15 19 E Center 
St. Albans 

Hyatt, E. A. N.H.A 96 physician 


VIRGINIA— Abingdon- Fredericksburg 



Gibson, Charles Cummings. Va.G 80 farmer 

Thomas, David Campbell. Va.G 80 U S Revenue Service 

Holcombe, Lee. Va.B 71 

Payne, John M. Va.A 60 lawyer 

Smithey, Royall Bascom. Va.E 76 professor 
Balcony Falls 

Echols, Joseph Rowland. Va.B 59 

Haxall, William Newton. Va.A 70 

Lewis, George W. Va.A 06 

Whiting, Frank Beverly. Va.B 79 lawyer 

McBryde, John McL. S.C.A 59 pres emeritus Va Polytechnic Inst 

Patton, William M. Va.B 67 

Walker, George William. Va.G 65 

Va.A 68 teacher 


Va.A 53 farmer 
Pa.I 95 dentist 

Meade, Francis 

Person, Junius R. 
Buena Vista 

Parsons, John W. 
Cape Charles 

Lipscomb, Walter Erwin. Va.D 73 ed Cape Charles Times Box 76 

Masters, Albert R. Pa.I 04 civil engineer 

White, Uriah F. Pa.E 00 civil engineer 

Ford, Boaz. Va.G 61 

Ford, S. A. Va.G 60 

Scott, W. A. Va.G 58 

Parramore, John W. Pa.A 52 

Johnson, Archer Phlegar. Va.G 99 

Dickey, Robert William. Va.B 08 

Friend, William Sharpe. Va.G 82 

Flournoy, William Cabell. Va.G 82 

Meade, Julian. Va.A 90 lawyer 

Williamson, Thomas. Va.B 59 

Sanders, Alexander Pierce. W.Va.A 

Berkeley, Robert Blair. Va.A 71 lawyer 

Fitzgerald, John P. Va.A 57 lawyer 

Stokes, Herbert Turpin. Va.G 94 grocer 

Watkins, Asa Dickinson. Va.G 72 

Winston, Peter. Va.G 55 physician 

Bell, David Arbuckle. Va.G 75 farmer 

Finley, George W. Va.G 56 clergyman, trustee Hampden-Sidney Col 

Carter, Ellerbe Winn. Va.A 05 lawyer 903 Princess Anne 

Goolrick, Charles O. Va.A 03 lawyer 

Scott, Charles H. Va.G 58 

Smith, Charles M. Va.A 03 



416 W Main 



Halifax. Millboro Depot— VIRGINIA 


Ballou, Charles Anderson. Va.B 55 city engr, Danville, Va 

Reley, John W. Va.B 58 
Hampden -Sidney 

Morrison, Alfred J. Va.G 91 

Smith, Willis B. Pa.B 67 

Thornton, James Riddle. Va.G 67 prof math Hampden-Sidney Col 

Cabell, William Benjamin Sheridan. Va.G 81 physician 

Collins, Charles N. Pa.D 56 

Crenshaw, T. B. Va.D 59 

Swank, Ward C. Va.A 13 

Buell, Thomas Rector. N.Y.G 02 engineer 

Morton, William Smith. Va.G 74 farmer 

McCulloch, Charles. Va.A 91 farmer 
James River 

Church, Samuel Robbins. D.C.A 83 farmer 

Crawford, Francis Randolph. Va.B 03 physician 

Corbin, Spottswood Wellford. Va.A 54 farmer 

Harrison, Charles Fauntleroy. Va.B 98 

Sheets, Arthur. Va.A 78 journalist 

Tebbs, Richard H. Va.A 71 

Anderson, William A. Va.B 60 lawyer 

Bledsoe, William Randolph. Va.B 01 

Coe, Frank Dean. Va.G 81 farmer 

Coe, Frank Deane. Va.B 11 

Graham, Alfred T. Va.G 76 clergyman 

Hogue, Addison. Va.G 66 professor W and Lee University 

Irwin, William P. Va.B 82 merchant 

Moore, John H. Va.B 55 

Schermerhorn, Holden Bovee. Pa.I 90 prof Washington & Lee U 

Shields, Randolph T. Va.B 94 med missionary to China 

Smith, Livingston Waddell. Va.B 93 prof Washington & Lee Univ 
Locust Dale 

Hill, Hugh H. Va.A 80 physician 

Pendleton, F. H. Va.D 59 

Anspach, Samuel Garland. Va.B 87 instructor 

Blackford, Charles Minor, jr. Va.A 84 physician 

Christian, John Henry. Va.E 72 lawyer 

Loyd, Sidney M. Va.A 95 

McCorkle, Tazewell. Va.G 60 clergyman 

Norvell, Charles. Va.A 55 lawyer 

Preston, Thomas S. Va.A 66 lawyer 

Rawlings, James Henry. Va.G 87 physician 1102 Church 

Warwick, Abram D. Va.A 54 

Preston, Robert Sheffly. Va.G 00 

Stuart, William Spiller. Va.G 87 lawyer 
Max Meadows 

Graham, William Tate. Va.G 90 physician 

Ewing, William Henry Harrison. Va.G 61 farmer 
Millboro Depot 

Campbell, Robert Fishburn. Va.G 83 


VIRGINIA — Mount Crawford-Rapidan 

Mount Crawford 

Ball, Benjamin Franklin. Pa.Z 60 clergyman 
New Glasgow 

Claiborne, George Mason. Va.A 71 farmer 
Newport News 

Reynolds, Richard Watkins. Va.G 89 real estate 
News Ferry 

Coleman, Algernon. Va.A 00 

Agalasto, Alexander Michael, jr. Md.A 93 cotton broker 

Agalasto, Michael Alexander. Md.A 93 cotton broker 31 Plum 

Callender, David, jr. Va.G 91 asst city engineer 

Cochran, Herbert. Va.A 11 

Cralle, Alexander Brand. Va.G 56 lawyer 

Davis, Hugh. Va.A 04 

Dezendorf, Frederick Croft. D.C.A 92 

Ford, Charles B. Pa.I 91 

Hall, James Samuel. Ill.B 94 

Hennessy, Thomas F. Mass. A 95 printing and bookbinding 125 36th 

Lingamfelter, Charles Scott. Va.G 69 clergyman 

Mclhvaine, Richard, jr. Va.G 85 lawyer Citizen's Bank bldg 

Mayo, Stephen D. Va.A 74 

Old, William W., jr. Va.A. 91 lawyer 260 Freemason 

Osborne, Kidder Meade. Va.G 88 lawyer 171 Freemason 

Randolph, Christopher M. Va.B 85 real estate 

Reynolds, John Mebane. Va.G 75 ship broker 

Tait, James Cowari. Va.G 76 seed merchant 

Tunstall, Richard Baylor. Va.A 65 lawyer 224 Pembroke av 

Vandeventer, Braden. Va.B 95 lawyer 136 Freemason 
North Martinsville 

Bier, P. G. Pa.D 61 lawyer 
Oak Grove 

Washington, Robert J. Va.A 60 lawyer 

Walker, John C. Va.A 96 head master Woodbury Forest School 
Orange Court House 

Holladay, Lewis. Va.G 86 physician 

Morton, Joseph Xenophon. Va.G 58 prof Virginia A & M College 

Johnston, H. G. Va.A 53 physician 
Pennington Gap 

Pennington, Walter R. Va.B 11 lawyer 

Callender, David, jr. Va.G 91 

Donnan, Harris Tinker. Va.G 78 real estate 

Dunlop, David. Va.G 90 stud farm 

Mann, John, jr. Va.G 90 physician 102 Franklin 

Martin, Nathaniel Macon. Va.G 89 chief clerk S A L R R 

Townes, William Waverly. Va.G 98 merchandise broker 

Venable, Frank. Va.A 95 

Watson, Robert Leslie. Va.G 87 lumber and leather 32 N Union 

Willcox, Robert B., jr. Va.A 98 lawyer 

Winn, John Paul. Va.G 98 stenographer 
Pocahontas * 

Lew r is, Langhorne D. Va.A 92 lawyer 

Nicholson, Edward Powell. Va.G 90 10 14 Court 

Willson, H. J. Va.B 61 

Burns, George Thomas. N.H.A 05 engineer Virginia R R Co 

Crawley, Thomas William. Va.G 66 farmer 

Irwin, Leonidas W. Va.B 84 clergyman 

Bresee, Stuart. Va.G 89 farmer 


Rapidan-South Boston— VIRGINIA 

Holladay, Henry T., jr. Va.G 90 proprietor Flour Mills 

Peyton, George William. Va.G 90 cashier Rapidan Bank 

Wilmer, Joseph. Va.A 66 farmer 

Abel, Melbourne Traver. Mass. A 00 with N Y Life Ins Co 

Anderson, Richard R. Va.A 56 lawyer 821 E Main 

Anderson, George Jordan. Va.D 69 

Aylett, Lewis Dandridge. Va.A 74 sec Virginia Trust Co Ginter pk 

Barr, James M. Va.A 57 physician 

Bryan, Joseph. Va.A 65 lawyer 

Carrington, George W. Va.A 58 grand sec A F & A M, Va 302 S 4th 

Christian, William Edmund. Va.A 76 merchant 

Cocke, Preston. Va.B 61 lawyer 206 W Franklin 

Denny, Collins. Va.A 75 bishop 

Dill, Joseph Murray. Va.A 91 

Dunn, William W. Va.A 90 physician 

Fitzgerald, Littleton. Pa.G 70 114 E Cary 

Fitzgerald, William Tazewell. Va.G 60 merchant 14 S 3d 

Forsyth, Thomas M. Va.A 07 813 E Grace 

Haw, George Edwin. Va.B 01 lawyer 1103 E Main 

Howard, Overton. Va.E 77 

Hunter, Robert W. Va.A 55 lawyer 

Ingram, John L. Va.A 07 830 W Grace 

James, Benjamin O. Va.B 74 lawyer 301 E Grace 

Kent, Robert M., jr. Va.A 85 cashier Ginter park 

McGuire, Hunter H. Va.A 14 6 E Franklin 

Mason, Hatley N. Va.A 99 physician 414 E Grace 

Meredith, Bernard. Va.A 10 204 E Grace 

Miller, Henry R., jr. Va.A 09 1303 West av 

Moncure, Henrv. Va.B 11 with Virginia & Carolina Chemical Co 

±\ T alley, George M. Va.E 71 

Pace, T. W. Va.E 78 

Paschall, James P. Va.A 13 Ginter park 

Preston, William C. Va.B 78 

Retinoids, Robert G. Va.E 71 merchant 202 E Franklin 

Sadtler, Edwin Beale. Pa. I 80 v pres and engr Manufacturing 
Heaters Co 903 W Grace 

Smith, Cornelius M. Ind.B 98 mgr American Locomotive Works 

Swineford, Oscar, jr. Va.A 14 1302 Grove av 

Talbot, William H. Va.E 76 

Taylor, Henry. Va.A 05 804 W Grace 

Tompkins, William F. Va.A 09 116 E Franklin 

Wellford, Armistead L. Va.A 76 physician 112 Cathedral pi 

Wellford, Beverly R. Va.A 73 lawyer 59 Chamber of Commerce 

Buford, Warren Bruce. Va.G 98 lawyer 925 Moorman rd 

Campbell, William Creighton. Va.G 73 clergyman 324 W Church 

Chaney, George White. Va.B 09 lawyer Terry bldg 

Graham, David. Va.G 89 farmer 

Hobbie, Jason D., jr. Va.B 02 pianos 1321 Roanoke 

Nesbit, Joseph Candor. Pa.G 64 architect 

Thomas, Delos, jr. Va.A 14 119 9th av 

Thomas, James M., jr. N.Y.A 90 Box 272 

Trout, Hugh H. Va.A 97 surgeon 1303 Franklin rd 
Ruther Glen 

Stern, Cary Ellis. Va.E 77 

Jones, Edward Valentine. Va.B 66 clergyman 

Perkins, James D. Va.A 54 farmer 
Seven Mile Ford 

Preston, John M. Va.A 57 farmer 

Barrow, John Wilson. Va.G 97 salesman 
South Boston 

Watkins, Henry J. Va.G 67 asst cashier Bank 

VIRGINIA— South Richmond- Winchester 

South Richmond 

Owen, Heth. Va.A 12 
South Roanoke 

Gibbons, Robert A. Va.A 14 

Urquhart, Joseph W. Va.A 55 lawyer 
Spring Garden 

Tait, George. Va.A 13 

Mead, Everard. Va.B 60 clergyman 

Bumgardner, James, jr. Va.A 53 lawyer 209 N Augusta 

Frazier, William A. Va.B 66 

Preston, Samuel Pleasant. Va.G 82 physician 

Ransom, Thomas D. Va.B 59 lawyer Oakenwold 

Valz, Arthur. Va.A 02 railway contractor 12 S Market 

Valz, Edward V. Va.A 99 asst surgeon U S Navy 

Watson, Clement Reed. Va.G 88 insurance 
I Wayt, Hampton H. Va.A 93 lawyer 

Cocke, Charles L. Va.A 58 lawyer 

Wright, William A. Va.B 09 
Tinker Ridge 

Lyle, Samuel H. Va.B 59 

Owen, John Atkinson. Va.G 98 physician 

Bell, Richard Phillip, jr. Va.A 99 physician 

Booker, Lewis. Va.A 06 physician 

Brown, John Thompson. Va.A 91 instructor 

Dabney, Cecil. Va.A 03 physician 307 Market 

Dabney, Richard Heath. Va.A 78 professor University of Virginia 

Davis, John Staige. Va.A 72 professor University of Virginia 

James, Alfred P. Va.A 06 physician 

Kent, Charles William. Va.A 79 professor University of Virginia 

McMurels, Archibald D. Va.A 07 physician 

Peters, Don P. Va.A 93 physician 

Peters, William E. Va.A 89 

Peyton, James W. Va.A 07 

Thornton, William Mynn. Va.B 66 dean University of Virginia 

Wertenbaker, Charles C. Va.A 53 manufacturer 203 E Main 

Winston, Howard. Va.E 71 registrar University of Virginia 

Woods, Edgar. Va.A 83 physician 

Bartenstein, Frederick A. Va.B 06 civil engineer 

Wellford, John H. Va.A 07 

Wellford, Robert C. Va.A 72 farmer 

Estill, William C. Va.B 66 merchant 

Newman, Strother M. Va.D 67 
West Point 

Jones, Edgar Malcolm. Miss.A 08 physician 
West Roanoke 

Kirk, Thomas Allen. Va.G 96 surgeon 339 Church av 

Hall, John Lesslie. Va.E 71 dean William and Mary College 

Tyler, David Gardiner. Va.B 68 judge 

Bailey, Henry Manuel. Va.B 05 horticulturist 

Baker, William Henry. Va.A 73 merchant 

Bowers, George Spencer. Pa.E 77 clergyman 121 N Market 

Harrison, Thomas Walter. Va.A 75 judge 

Miller, William. Va.A 70 lawyer 

Pendleton, Alex R. Va.A 70 lawyer 

Smith, Archibald M. Va.A 54 educator 


WirsharmHoquiam— V A, -WASH. 


Murray, James. Va.A 55 clergyman 

Moyer, Jason K. Pa. Eta 05 teacher 

Blair, John Chester. . Va.A 89 lawyer 

Sayers, Samuel R. Va.A 53 physician 

Bower, R. E. Va.D 68 physician 



Glidden, Burt R. Pa.Eta 11 

Williams, Charles A. Wash. A 14 419 E 1st 

Wood, Roy E. Pa.Eta 11 

Morrison, Henry L. Wash. A 14 

Post, Homer L. N.Y.E 95 lawyer 

Axtell, William Henry. Ind.A 84 surgeon 413 Maple 

Kenyon, Earle D. la.A 00 lawyer McLeod bldg 

Kindall, Joseph William. Ia.A 97 lawyer 12 16 Indian 

Congdon, Harry Ernest. 111. A 94 farmer 

Hunter, Charles K. J. Pa.L 13 

Hunter, Harold W. Pa.B 97 

Moore, Louis H. Kas.A 05 

Hoss, Charles A. Wash.A 14 502 W Main 
Cole Elam 

Armina, Frank Miller. Wis.G 07 406 E 3d 
Coulee City 

Baldwin, George Edward. Mich. A 97 Coulee Live Stock Co 

Morrill, Frank J. Wash.A 14 

Race, Harry R. Wash.A 14 

Race, William P. Wash.A 14 
East Sound 

Buxton, Charles B. Pa.Theta 88 

Anderson, Otto Duncan. Wash.A 14 Secard m • 

Beeson, Hugh Richmond. Ind.B 05 sec Washington Steel & Bolt Co 

Cowan, Frank C. Wis.G 03 principal high school 

Cardie, Maynard M. Wash.A 14 3 114 Grand av 

Conner, Lewis C. Wash.A 14 33 11 Grand av 

Durrant, William E. Wash.A 14 2609 Westmore av 

Madden, Henry R. Calif. B 03 3001 Hewitt av 

Sexton, Roy L. Wash.A 15 2713 Pine 

Stiger, Thomas A. Ohio D 98 lawyer 

Swale, Jack B. Wash.A 14 171 1 Rucker 

Swale, Thomas N. Wash.A 14 171 1 Rucker 

Thayer, Stephen E. Wis. A 82 lumber Federal av and 41st 

Zimmerman, Henry E. Wash.A 14 2 121 Grand av 

Baxter, George Hiram. Wis. A 86 

Cramer, John Lyman. Kas.A 92 real estate 10 1 Herog 

Hunter, Arthur W. Wash.A 14 515 I 

Thurber, Harry R. Wash.A 14 Box 891 


WASHINGTON— I one- Seattle 


Mclntire, Harry J. Wash. A 14 
North Yakima 

Dayne, Frank Holcomb. 111. A 97 

Henry, Alfred H. Ill.A 82 fruit raising Nob Hill 

Lowther, John F. N.Y.B 98 farmer 

Miller. Wallace W. Wis. A 99 deputy county auditor 

Robbins, Charles H. Calif.B 06 

Saint, Harry Young. Ohio A 94 register U S Land Office 

Sawbridge, Ben M. Calif.B 12 208 N 9th 

Benedict, Raymond E. Neb.A 98 supervisor Olympia Forest Reserve 

Bolton, Charles McNeil. Va.A 68 sec-treas Olympia Water Works 
802 Franklin 
Port Angles 

Hickok, John D. Minn.A 87 

Klepper, Milton R. N.Y.G 09 

Jayne, Howard. Ill.B 03 lumber 

Hall, Harry W. Ohio A 77 

Albertson, Abram Horace. N.Y.G 92 architect 700 Henry bldg 

Barnes, Samuel L. N.H.A 03 sec Superior Portland Cement Co 
Hoge bldg 

Belt, Horatio C. Wis.G 91 lawyer 1002 Alaska bldg 

Billson, H. L. Minn.B 99 

Blethen, Clarence Brettun. Ill.B 99 editor Seattle Times 

Blewett. R. L. Wis.G 99 lawyer Colman bldg 

Bostwick, Curtis James. Mass. A 01 17 15 Hanford 

Burdick, Earl Franklin. Ill.A 11 instr Univ of Washington 

Clise, Harry Rountree. Wis. A 79 lawyer 501 W Highland Drive 

Cusick, John H. Wash. A 14 New Richmond Hotel 

Davis, Albert. Ind.B 72 collector 747 21st av X 

Eitel, Fred J. Minn.B 89 contractor 715 N 48th 

Ellison, Robert W. Wash.A 14 4554 16th av N E 

Evans, Eri Clark. Minn.B 99 city treasurer's office 

Fay, Temple S. Wash.A 14 10 12 Boylston av 

Gill, Robert J. Va.A 10 128 16th av N 

Gorham, Sherwood F D.C.A 76 Hinckley blk 

Hamilton, Harry D. Ill.A 02 

Haughton, Milus William. Tenn.B 60 

Hawley, Ralph S. Ill.D 05 with Business Property Security Co 
3 Central bldg 

Heg, Elwin E. Wis.G 81 phys 719 Cobb bldg 

Henry, William Elmer. Ind.B 90 lib'n U of W'ash 5209 15th av N E 

Hollenbeck, Fred B. Mich. A 82 Avondale Apts 

Holter, Albert L. Ind.D 06 city engineering dept 1733 Belmont av 

Jackson, Marshall S. Minn.B 01 with Powers Regulator Co 802 
Alaska bldg 

Johnson, France D. N.Y.G 02 prospector Madison & Minor 

Johnston, Walter. Pa. A 82 physician 7515 Greenwood 

Kinne, Clare B. Kas.A 02 pharmacist 14th N E and 45th 

Knox, Frank A. Pa.B 97 11 19 36th av 

Layton, George W. Ohio B 66 

Lewis, Wilfred. Ill.D 04 sec Y M C A Univ of Washington 

Lutz. Harry E. Ohio B 79 lawyer 740 N nth av 

Macfarlane, Claude T. Calif.A 88 4724 9th av N E 

McKee, George Henry. Tenn.D 06 lawyer 

Mathieu, George E. Wash.A 14 4453 Winslow 

Moore, Frank D. Ind.B 91 sec Olympic Foundry Co 

More, Charles C. Pa.Theta 95 prof civil ens: Univ of Washington 

More, David Hubbell. Pa.Theta 99 Lyon bldg 

Mulhollan, H. W. Pa.Z 96 instr Lincoln H S 

Nicholson, Donald A. Minn.B 96 physician Cobb bldg 

Phinney, Arthur A. Calif.B 06 real estate L. C. Smith bldg 


Seattle. Spokane— WASHINGTON 

Phinney, Will C. Calif.B 06 real estate L. C. Smith bldg 

Piper, William F. 111. A 99 railway equipment etc 4926 45th av S 

Saunders, Robert C, jr. Va.A 88 lawyer Lowman bldg^ 

Seymour, Charles M. N.Y.A 01 with Link Belt Co 439 N Y blk 

Shelton, William M. Wash.A 14 2415 9th av W 

Shippen, Josiah. Pa.B 55 lawyer 1120 18th av 

Slaughter, Samuel C. Neb.A 06 with Packard Motor Car Co 

Smutz, Byron S. Pa. A 06 with Metropolitan Bank 511 Terry av 

Spencer, Craig- L. Neb.A 95 farm lands 702 nth av N 

Strandberg, Edwin L. Wash.A 14 1532 W 63d 

Strong, Sidney D. Ohio A 77 clergyman 508 Garfield av 

Tate, Douglas R. Pa.Z 07 agt U S Fidelity & Guaranty Co of Md. 

Turner, Arlo V. Calif. G 09 711 Central bldg 

Turner, Leander T. Calif. A 82 lawyer 711 Central bldg 

Vogelsburg, Henry T. Wis.G 01 3246 Alki av 

Walsh, John James. Ill.B 96 salesman 920 Joshua Green bldg 

Warner, Harry Eugene. N.H.A 98 lawyer American Bank bldg 

Wendall, William F. Minn.B 92 engr Seattle Port Comm 4738 47th 

av S W 
White, Chris. Wash.A 14 5521 34th N E 
Whittlesey, Charles F. D.C.A 74 802 3d av 
Williams, Solon T. Kas.A 76 New York blk 
Wilson, Horace A. Minn.B 96 lawyer Marion 'bldg 
Wooten, Dudley G. Va.A 77 lawyer 
Young, Russell H. Wash.A 14 4522 15th N E 


Cornue, Max D. Wash.A 15 
Kinne, Seward B. Wash.A 14 


Wright, Lawrence B. Wash.A 14 69 Lincoln 


Barrett, Herbert Lawrence. Ohio D 05 • Bean-Barrett Co 

Belt, William L. Wis.G 91 

Brockway, Guy. Ill.B 83 lawyer 1027 10th av 

Brooke, Philip Slaughter. Calif.B n 1221 10th av 

Brooke, Robert Dunbar. Calif.B 06 asst cashier Fidelity Nat Bank 

Brown, Charles Edward. Ill.B 05 sec-treas Southland Rubber Co 714 

Paulson bldg 
Churchill, Hugh Remington. Calif.B 08 safes 2404 Pacific av 
Close, Carlos C. Calif.B 10 Close Inn Apartments 
Combs, William Fuller. Ind.G 94 prin of Houston school 
Coman, Edwin Truman. Va.B 89 pres Exchange Nat Bank 
Dill, Clarence C. Ohio A 06 U. S. Congressman Paulsen bldg 
Fellows, Arthur M. Wis.G 01 Internat'l Portland Cement Co 28th av 
Frost, William S. Minn.B 98 eye, ear, nose specialist 704 S Oak 
Gates, Samuel Elverton. Ind.D 01 electrician 402 Paulsen bldg 
Gillilan, Charles Stanley. Ohio A 05 instr manual training 
Graves, John W. Minn.B 92 lawyer Rookery bldg 
Grosscup, Daniel P. Ohio B 68 clergyman 719 Grant 
Habegger, Louis Edmond. la. A 94 dentist 543 Peyton bldg 
Harvey, Benjamin Franklin. Ohio G 76 phys 604. E Sinto av 
Harvey, Chester H. Calif.G 05 bonds Hutton bldg 
Hebbard, Guy. Wis.G 96 151 1 S Latawah 

Henderson, John M. Ill.G 73 pres Interstate Pub Co 1719 W nth 
Hussey, George W. Wis. A n 1125 S Adams 
Jamieson, Jesse Mitchell. Ill.G 84 cigar merchant 524 15th av 
Jamieson, Roger M. Calif.B 14 524 15th av 
Kellam. Ray H. N.Y.E 08 architect 2206 Butte 
Kent, Homer S. Pa.K 02 

Kimball, Herbert Lee. Neb.A 95 lawver 1220 Old National bldg 
Matthias, Edwin C. Calif.B 07 lawyer Old Nat Bank bldg 
Meyer, William Charles. W.Va.A 90 lawyer Paulsen bldg 
Orion, Walter H. Wash.A 15 114 Sharp av E 
Piollet, Victor E. N.Y.A 04 with Wash Brick, Lime & Cement Co 

704 6th av 
Richardson, Charles P. Mich. A 91 lands and timber 719 Peyton bldg 
Simpich, Briggs G. Wash.A 14 14 17 13th av W 


WASH.-W. VA.— Spokane- Belington 

Stanton, Frederick L. Calif. B 06 901 E Missouri av 

Tyra, Edmund G. Wash.A 14 1030 W nth av 

Ultes, Carl, jr. Ohio B 03 lawyer Old National Bank bldg 

Van Velsor, Harry H. S. Ill.B 00 investment sec Espanola Apts 

Week, Edmund R. Pa.K 99 19 14 First av 

Week, Erling F. Wis. A 07 19 14 1st av 

White, John Blackwood. Calif.B 09 lawyer Paulsen blk 

White, Yearsley Miles. Kas.A 87 treas Washington Water Power Co 

Winfree, William H. Va.B 88 lawyer 1717 9th av 

Slayden, Philip L. Wash.A 15 

Barnhisel, Arthur Henry. Calif .A 89 merchant 513 North E 

Bergstrom, Willis C. Wis.A 97 timber business University club 

Coombs, Donald G. Wash.A 14 3720 South L 

Coombs, Loren Robert. Wis.A 79 real estate 3720 South L 

Gault, Franklin Benjamin. Ia.G 71 ret pres Univ of South Dakota 

Gault, Lincoln F. Kas.A 81 broker 614 North J 

Hanawalt, Francis W. Ind.A 81 prof math Univ of Puget Sound 

Hanawalt, Harold O. Wash.A 14 826 N State 

Kershaw, Philip H. Wis.B 77 

Keyes, Wayne W. t Va.A 05 lawyer University Club 

Lyle, John T. S. 'Wis.A 97 lawyer 1115 Fidelity bldg 

McCormick, Robert A. Wis.A 05 insurance 117 nth 

McCormick, William L. Wis.A 00 lawyer 421 N Yakima av 

McMurray, John L. Ohio D 83 lawyer 

Parker, Glen Lane. Kas.A 02 U S Geological Survej'- 

Rea, John A. Ohio A 66 real estate 

Terry, Lee Walton. Ill.B 80 supt of state missions in West Wash- 
ington (Baptist) 702 S Fife 

Todd, Edward Howard. la.D 82 clergyman 

Wilkerson, Samuel R. Calif.B 01 

Wilson, Thomas B. Wash.A 15 journalist 602 S Yakima 

Mentzner, Theodore Frelinghuysen. Ia.G 68 lawyer 

Canse, John Martin. Ind.A 91 clergyman 

Dorland, Arthur J. la. A 98 music 805 Main 

Herrick, William Vernon. Ind.A 96 
Walla Walla 

Ayers, Samuel Day. Ind.A 65 

Jones, Isaac Oliver. Ind.G 70 103 1 E Alder 

McLean, Eds Gray. Tenn.B 67 

Reynolds, Harry A. Mich.A 83 farmer R F D No 3 

Siegenthaler, Edward F. Ohio G 80 16 Jaycox bldg 

Smith, Everett James. Ind.B 00 lawyer 

Smith, Roscoe William. Ind.B 01 physician 213 Ransom bldg 

Spencer, William. Kas.A 83 

Stevens, William Wirt. Mich.A 87 lumber 
West Seattle 

Cravner, William Charles. Pa.B 06 clergyman 2d av 

Allen, Robert Aurand. Wis.G 97 physician 



Conoway, Oran B. W.Va.A 01 

Hannah, Samuel Baldwin. Va.G 60 farmer 

More, Frederick. W.Va.A 96 editor and real estate 


Bethany. Clarksburg— WEST VIRGINIA 


Gibson. James. Va.D 75 

Loos, C. T. Va.D 74 

Turner, R. F. Va.D 61 

Clark, Peter Cunningham. Va.G 81 clergyman 

McCormick, Michael. Va.B 09 

Philips, George F. W.Va.A 10 with McCue & Wright Milling Co 

Crowe, John Thomas. N.Y.D 86 clergyman 

Wettner, Fred Paul. W.Va.A 10 

Barnes, Walter. W.Va.A 02 asst principal State Normal School, 

McWhorter, John C. W.Va.A 92 lawyer, judge 95 S Kanawha 

Shaffer, John S. Ohio B 90 physician 
Charles Town 

Baylor, George. Pa.Z 69 

Chew, James Aldrich. D.C.A 69 

Lippitt, Montague I. Va.B 04 civil engineer 

Burdett, Edward Milton. Mich. A 06 lawyer 308 Summer 

Carney, Albert Carlton. W.Va.A 13 1559 Lee 

Carney, Herbert Luther. W.Va.A 10 lawyer 1559 Lee 

Cato, Henry Stuart. W.Va.A 99 lawyer 

Davis, Madison Thenton, jr. Va.G 97 pres and mgr Kanawha Mine 
Car Co 15 10 Lee 

Dawson, Joseph Power. W.Va.A 11 1562 Kanawha 

Dorst, Moses M. W.Va.A 14 1805 Quarrier 

Friend, Lloyd L. W.Va.A 93 chief clerk Dept of Schools 15 14 

Hardy, Waller C. Va.B 04 lawyer 

Hodges, Arthur Brown. W.Va.A 07 lawyer 

Jones, Roy Levi. W.Va.A 10 Box 189 

Kenna, John E. W.Va.A 05 lawyer 

Kenna, Joseph N. Va.A 08 lawyer 13 14 Virginia 

Kilmer, Wade Culler. W.Va.A 96 lawyer, Public Service com 

Laidley, Bradford B. W.Va.A 1427 Lee 

Lewis, Brown. Va.B 08 417 Broad 

Lewis, John D. Va.B 03 salesman 

Long, Ed. L. W.Va.A 99 state treasurer 

McWhorter, Louis E. Pa.B 11 no Bradford 

Pool, Clark Francis. W.Va.A 08 chemist 

Reger, Roy. W.Va.A 96 sec State Board of Control 

Robinson, Carel. W.Va.A 99 gen mgr Sandy Creek Coal Co 

Ruffner, Wilmans A. W.Va.A 14 1528 Kanawha 

Walker, Henry S. Pa.D 61 

Williamson, George H. Va.B 15 1551 Quarrier 

Riheldaffer, William A. W.Va.A 13 15 13 Virginia 

Scott, George Vane. W.Va.A 08 physician 

Smith, Charles Alex, jr. N.Y.A 13 

Canfield, Leo Patrick. W.Va.A 10 437 E Pike 

Fitzgerald, James D. Pa. A 55 

Gilhooley, Thomas Jioseph. W.Va.A 06 lawyer 

Godwin, Elmer F. W.Va.96 lawyer 638 W Main 

Jackson, George R. W.Va.A 09 

Kennedy, James Edward. W.Va.A 11 teacher 

McCann, Xillo Y. Va.B 95 ' 

Smith. Phineas Chapin. Va.B 13 437 W Main 

Somerville, James H. Va.B 09 teacher 

Swartz, Osman E. Va.B 00 lawyer 603 W Main 

Tierney, James P. W.Va.A 15 186 E Pike 


WEST VIRGINIA— Dugout- Martinsburg 


Mussell, Waldo. Wis. A oo supt Raleigh Lumber Co 

Hollis, Carson Wilson. Va.G 68 clergyman 

Crickard, Cecil Llewellyn. W.Va.A 07 deputy county clerk 

Neill, Alfred G. Pa.Eta 14 Box 243 

Fleming, Addison S. W.Va.A 02 lawyer 

Fleming, Arlington. W.Va.A 11 219 Fairmont av 

Fleming, Brooks. W.Va.A 04 superintendent of mines 

Fleming, Richard L. W.Va.A 90 civil engineer 

McKenzie, Robert M. W.Va.A 14 530 Fairmont av 

Hood, Charles G. W.Va.A 05 insurance agent Walnut av 

Hoymond, Paul. W.Va.A 12 410 Barney 

Ice, Frank A. WWa.A 15 R F D No 2 

Kennedy, William Michael. W.Va.A 06 county supt of schools 

Lowe, Scott C. W.Va.A 96 lawyer 412 Walnut 

Meredith, Aubrey W. W.Va.A 07 lawyer 422 Fairmont av 

Merrill, Austin C. N.Y.E 02 lawyer 

Morris, Tusca. W.Va.A 00 lawyer 

Prichard, John G. W.Va.A 03 lawyer 

Reed, Robert Sidney. W.Va.A 08 lawyer 

Waddell, Charles W. W.Va.A 97 physician 

Wayman, Charles E. W.Va.A 04 mechanical engineer 
Glen White 

White, Edward E. Pa.K 13 

Christy, Cyrus Moote. W.Va.A 99 engineer 

Gilmore, James H. Va.B 56 

Reinhart, Charles Hugh. W.Va.A 01 teacher 

Bowman, Stuart Hampton. W.Va.A 98 mgr Bowman Realty Co 
608 Fifth av 

Caldwell, James Lewis. Wis. A 08 1141 3d av 

Dawson, Daniel. W.Va.A 99 lawyer 421 12th 

Eager, Walter H. Va B 10 insurance 

Hager, Daniel I. W.Va.A 12 1405 5th av 

McCullough, Frank Witcher. W.Va.A 09 12 10 6th av 

McRae, John Alexander. W.Va.A 11 clergyman 

Nigh, Gordon Kincaid. Pa. I 15 1342 3d av 

Prichard, Karl C. Pa.G 99 physician 1102 6th av 

Wiles, Leon S. Ohio A 97 tobacco merchant 

Rouss, Alexander H. S. Va.B 00 

Davis, Jeddy L. Va.G 97 auditor Cabin Creek Consolidated Coal Co 

Koelz, Frederick R. W.Va.A 07 41 S Church 

Reynolds, Frank C. W.Va.A 90 lawyer 

Welch, Richard A. W.Va.A 97 lawyer 312 Welch 

Gibson, Joseph Vincent. W.Va.A 05 lawyer 

Hughes, Alvarol Glenn. W.Va.A 97 lawyer 
Lewisburg v 

Holt, John H. Va.E 77 

McWhorter, John S. W.Va.A 93 judge Circuit Court 

Preston, John D. Va.B 09 teaching 

Preston, Walter C. Va.B 13 

Furbee, Howard R. W.Va.A 15 115 Furbee av 

Mcllhenny, David. Pa.E 78 

Spencer, Ward H. W.Va.A 07 

Sperow, Wilson P. Pa.Z 10 instructor high school 


Masontown-Parkersburg— WEST VIRGINIA 


Gibson, Burt T. W.Va.A 91 lumber 

Conaway, Orrin Bryte. W.Va.A 01 lawyer 

White, Henry M. Va.B 55 

Brock, Robert L. W.Va.A 15 274 Spruce .. 

Buchanan, Aaron Moore. Pa. A 75 clergyman, Presbyterian church 

Buchanan, Joseph K. W.Va.A 01 mgr W Va Traction and Elec Co 

Clark, Friend Ebenezer. W.Va.A 96 prof Univ of West Virginia 

Garver, Francis R. Ohio A 83 

Gawthrop, Robert Murray. W.Va.A 06 geologist 

Glasscock, William E., jr. W.Va.A 15 356 bpruce 

Grimslev, George Perry. Ohio D 86 asst state geologist 164 *ront 

Hennen, Robert D. W.Va.A 01 city engineer 

Kodges. Charles E. W.Va.A 10 466 High 

Koelz, Herman Charles. W.Va.A 07 teacher _ 

Laughead, Berton Maison. W.Va.A 96 civil engineer 124 Bridge 

Llewellyn, Frank Bowman. W.Va.A n # sec \ M C A m 570 Spruce 

Miller, Gilbert B. W.Va.A 99 ed Daily New Dominion Pleasants 

Morgan, Mont E. W.Va.A 01 lawyer 

Orr, James Morgan. W.Va.A 95 engineer 

Reger, David Bright. W.Va.A 08 geologist . 

Stathers, Madison. W.Va.A 99 asst prof romance languages, Uni- 
versity of West Virginia 222 Pleasant /«*-"* \r« 

Trotter, James Russell. W.Va.A 00 prof of law Univ of West Ya 

Truscott, Frederick Wilson. Ind.B 87 prof of German, University 
of West Virginia 34 University Driveway . TT . e „ r *J 

Vickers, Enoch H. W.Va.A 90 prof of economics, Univ. of \\ Va 

Viewig, George B. W.Va.A 10 engineer, Pressed Prism Glass Co 

Ward°'Ross. Pa.G 60 clergyman 

Weaver, Noel P. W.Va.A 10 420 N Willey 

Willey, William P. Pa.Z 62 prof law, Univ of W Va 250 Pleasant 
Moundsville ttt xtt tt 

Booker, Wilford Jackson Weber. W.Va A 11 

Carrigan, Charles Edgar. W.Va.A 93 lawyer 

Courtright, Harlan Ross. W.Va.A 03 real estate 

Humphrey, R. N. Pa.A 92 

Stephens, John. Pa.B 56 clergyman 

Mount Carbon ,"■;•« ■ , xt -n- r 1 r 

Standifer, John N. Miss.A 98 with New River Coal Co 
New Cumberland 

Beaumont, Dudley Hauss. Va.B 14 

Brown, Robert Morrow. W.Va.A 99 lawyer 

Crawford, Thomas Wilmer. W.Va.A 09 

Marshall, Oliver Sheridan. Va.D 75 „ ^. . 

Robb, Lewis J. W.Va.A 9 3 engr, with Heyl & Patterson, Pittsburg 

Swaney, William G. W.Va.A 93 physician 

Williamson, John S. W.Va.A 15 W Ridge av 
New Martinsville 

Clark, Frank Welles. W.Va.A 09 lawyer 

Link, William C. W.Va.A 91 dentist 

Rose, Herschel Hampton. W.Va.A 04 lawyer 
Paden City 

Hedley, Joseph B. Pa.L 13 

Byer, Herman Bailey. W.Va.A 11 1603 Spring 

Compton, Millard F. Pa.B 79 clergyman M E ch 1000 Juliana 

Cooper, John Thomas. W.Va.A 91 lawyer 1068 Avery 

Hogg, Herman Brooks. Pa.B 93 mgr National Supply Co 

Johnson, William. D.C.A T2 engineer 

Moss, Hunter Holmes. W.Va.A 95 judge, member U S Congress 

Paden, Russel H. W.Va.A 09 

Riker, Arthur Burdsall. Ohio A 75 clergyman 

Ross, George C. Wis.G 00 civil engineer, U S War Dept 625 Ann 


WEST VIRGINIA— Petersburg- Wheeling 


Wood, Charles H. Pa.Z 71 

Kittle, Francis G. Ohio D 1 1 

Pickens, Paul D. Va.B 14 

Switzler, Charles M. Va.B 11 

Tetter, C. T. Va.D 79 

Boyer, Archibald. Pa.Z 93 mining 

Boyer Samuel Christian, jr. Pa.Z 87 mining 

Alderson, Fleming Newman. W.Va.A 03 lawyer 

Beltzoover, Frank Butler. Pa.E 94 

Bragoner, Arthur Taylor. W.Va.A 13 

Ghiselin, Charles. Va.G 71 clergyman 

Ghiselin, Samuel B. M. Va.B 07 athletic instructor 

Marshall, Charles E. A. Va.A 84 clergyman 

Snyder, William B. Va.B 10 

Woodyard, William. W.Va.A 12 

Smith, Robert Weightman. W.Va.A 12 

Hughes, William Wellington. W.Va.A 99 lawyer 

Hamilton, William Gail. W.Va.A 06 lawyer 847 Main 

Palmer, Curran. Va.D 78 
West Union 

Charter, Lathrop Russell. W.Va.A 98 banker 

Brooks, Earl Amos. W.Va.A 95 clergyman 338 Main av 

Stathers, Silas Charles. W.Va.A 93 engineer 

Baggs, Wilbur P. Ohio A 72 

Baird, Reed McColloch. Ohio G 76 physician 79 12th 

Berry, Curtis S. W.Va.A 05 civil engr U S Inspector 724 Main 

Berry, John Charles. W.Va.A 04 lawyer 724 Main 

Brown, George S. Pa.D 62 lawyer 

Clarke, Asbury Jones. Pa.Z 62 

Clarke, James Morgan. Va.A 01 lawyer 71 12th 

Crook, Clement Earle. N.Y.A 13 411 S Penn 

Curtis, W. A. Va.D 76 

Eskey, Chester Leonard. N.Y.G 13 2241 Chapline 

Forbes, Hannibal. Pa.D 56 

Hoge, Thomas R. Pa. A 14 50 Virginia av 

Holden, Guy Emerson. Pa. A 08 teacher 

Kimberland, Harry M. Ohio A 92 gen agt Union Central Life Ins Co 

List, Daniel C. Ohio G 76 pres Wheeling Warehouse & Storage Co 

McCoy, George L. W.Va.A 90 physician 

Mathison, George J., jr. W.Va.A 14 727 W Main 

Milton, Alonzo L. N.Y.A 11 Elm Grove 

Mitchell, Alexander. Pa.D 62 treas Mutual Savings Bk 427 S B'way 

Mitchell, Harbour. W.Va.A 03 mech engr Pittsburg Gage & Supply 
Co 427 S Broadway 

Oliver, George G. Pa.A 86 mgr Hazel Atlas Glass Co 

Otto, Jacob H. Pa.A 01 journalist Wheeling News 

Riley, James B. W.Va.A 12 11 Thirteenth 

Sawtelle, Archie L. W.Va.A 96 lawyer 

Schmidt, Carl O. Pa.A 07 184 16th 

Shepard, Henry C. Pa.D 56 

Simmons, Floyde M. Pa.A 04 athletic coach 

Spears, Harry F. W.Va.A 04 mine, mill and factory supplies 

Stanton, Frank. Va.D 71 

Stifel, Henry G. W.Va.A 90 merchant 847 Main 

Stobbs, Thomas W. Pa.A 14 219 S Wabash 

Zinn, Willard H. Pa.A 14 515 S Penn 

Algoma- Evansville— WISCONSIN 


Staby, Frank J., jr. Wis. A 14 

Morris, John H. Wis. A 14 327 Clermont 

Youtz, Lewis Addison. Ia.D 86 463 South 

Hosmer, Roscoe. Wis.G 09 707 7th av 

Loranger, Egbert Fletcher. Wis.G 99 608 9th av W 

Martin, Henry Clay. Ind.G 75 lumber 

Burke, Frederick Hammond. Wis.G 13 67 Washington 

Boutin, Francis Charles. Wis. A 00 

Knight, Douglas. Wis. A 05 treas Peninsular Fruit Land Co 
Beaver Dam 

Smith, Kenneth Claire. Minn.B 04 adv mgr Malleable Iron Range Co 
315 Park av 

Allen, William Henry. Wis.G 99 salesman Besly & Co, Chicago 
840 Highland av 

Bonnifield, Ellis Rodham. Pa.B 63 

Corn well, Milton H. Wis.G 03 Eaton 

Gardner, Edward B. Wis.G 04 with Gardner Machine Works 

Hinckley, Royal R. Wis.G 08 841 Vine 

Holmes, Frederick Elbert. Wis.G 81 R F D 

Jenkins, Henry B. Wis.G 00 

Munn, Lyle K. Wis.G 05 clerk Second Nat Bank 528 Bluff 

Murkland, Paul Lee. Va.G 84 salesman Common Shoe & Leather 
Co Park av 

Olson, Henry J. Wis. A 14 312 8th 

Reitler, Eugene J. Wis.G 90 merchant 

Schellinger, Ralph W. Wis.G 02 lumber 204 Bluff 

Thompson, Alfred S. Wis.G 88 sec J. Thompson & Sons Mfg Co 

Thompson, John W. Wis.G 14 316 St. Lawrence av 

Van Tassel, Amos H. Wis.G 83 travelling salesman 824 Church 

Van Wart, Don. Wis.G 06 insurance Harrison av 

Wilford, Llewellyn G. Wis.G 12 730 Harrison av 

Wolfe, James M. Wis.G 11 726 Milwaukee rd 
Black River Falls 

Dwinnell, William Stanley. Wis. A 82 lawyer 

Jones, Pliny White. Wis.G 93 

Waldo, George E. Wis. A 82 lawyer 

Clark, Wilfred Parkhurst. Minn.B 99 stockman 

Birk, Arthur W. Ohio A 03 
Chippewa Falls 

Ellenson, Eugene P. W^is.G 89 physician 

McNamara, Frank L. Wis. A 97 lawyer 

Miller, Ernest. Wis. A 09 

Martin, Harry C. Wis. A 76 lawyer 

De Wolf, Delavan. Ill.B 66 

Gregory, Seth W. W T is.G 92 instructor school for deaf mutes 

Sage, Robert Henry. Wis. A 03 

Evans, Ellwyn. Wis.G 13 

Holmes, Burt C. Wis.G 09 

Pullen, Paul P. Wis. A 08 cashier Bank of Evansville 

WISCONSIN — Fennimore-La Crosse 


Metcalf, John Eugene. Ind.B 87 physician 
Fond du Lac 

Brietzman, Edward J. Wis.G 88 editor Commonwealth 
McKnight, Earle B. Ill.B 09 149 E 2d 
Maxson, A. 111. A 69 

Priest, Edwin B. Wis. A 81 civil engineer 
Fort Atkinson 

Burchard, Paul Charles. Wis.G 97 asst postmaster 505 Foster 
Drickhoff, John Carl. Wis.G 13 

Whipple, Lucius R. Minn.B 06 
Green Bay 
Joannes, Leland H. Mich. A 13 727 Munroe av 
Mauthy, Edwin A. Wis.G 13 1132 Pine 
Ream, William Theophilus. Wis.G 91 
Slaughter, Dallas R. Wis.G 11 
Telleman, John F. Wis.G 14 1361 Harvey 
Hay ward 

Trowbridge, Harley G. Wis. A 06 with United Iron Works 

North, Harry L. Wis.A 88 lawyer 
Webster, Charles E. Wis.G 11 
Webster, Elbert M. Wis.G 08 

Blodgett, Frank Caleb Pickard. Wis.G 13 825 Court 
Blodgett, Frank H. Wis.G 89 pres Blodgett Milling Co 118 River 
Bostwick, Sidney Coryell. Wis.G 12 521 Court 
Dunwiddie, Stanley G. Wis.A 02 lawyer 441 Madison 
Echlin, Samuel B. Wis.A 97 engineer 56 Mineral Point av 
Green, Howard R. Wis.G 04 merchant 325 Washington 
Jefrris, Kenneth. Wis.G 07 202 S FrankHn 
Korst, Donald B. Wis.G 12 209 Clark 
Lewis, Rollin C. W T is.A 02 merchant 
McChesney, Ed S. Pa.B 63 clergyman 172^ Terrace 
Mouat, Malcolm O. Wis.G 91 lawyer 602 St Lawrence av 
Palmer, Bernard L. Wis.A 97 lawyer 
Pembroke, Aubrey H. Wis.G 12 108 Cherry 
Peterson, Edward H. Wis.A 97 lawyer 314 Pleasant 
Richardson, Marshall P. Wis.G 85 lawyer 429 Prospect 
Ryan, Joseph E. Wis.G 13 867 St. Mary's av 

Smith, Samuel Melancthon. Wis.G 86 lawyer 10 16 Milwaukee av 
Sutherland, Charles H. Wis.A 96 physician 115 Main 
Sutherland, Frank E. Wis.G 12 418 St. Lawrence av 
Sutherland, Frederick E. Wis.A 98 physician 331 Washington 
Thompson, Melville S. Wis.A 12 115 S Main 
Thompson, Norman B. Wis.A 12 115 S Main 
Allen, Charles Chester. Wis.A 98 v pres N. R. Allen Sons Co 550 

Durkee av 
Allen, Robert William. Wis.A 01 salesman 431 Chicago 
Barnes, Chester David. Ill.B 98 lawyer 366 Prairie av 
Carpenter, Fred Hiltman. W T is.A 98 broker 

Cavanagh, Richard Parkinson. Wis.A 03 lawyer 370 Prairie av 
Cavanagh, Walter James. Ill.B 96 asst sales mgr Simmons Mfg Co 

352 Chicago 
Dorr, Roy Kimball. Wis.G 99 sec-treas Kenosha Chem Co 369 S Main 
French, Arthur H. Wis.A 81 insurance 407 Chicago 
Head, Clarence E. Wis.A 07 engineer 
Kehlor, James M. Wis.A 10 760 Durkee av 

Marlatt, Walter T. Ind.A 91 editor Evening News 504 Exchange 

Collins, Glen Casper. Ia.B 13 
La Crosse 

Anderson, Alfred Horrance. Wis.A 75 merchant 

Bentley, Edwin E. Ohio A 08 pres Batavian Nat Bank 821 King 

Bunge, George William. Wis.G 92 416 S 14th 

Lancaster. Milwaukee— WISCONSIN 


Clementson, George B. Wis.A 88 Lancaster 
Meyer, Frederick P. Wis.A 83 
Meyers, Richard J. Ind.B 75 banker 

Lees Summit 
Collins, William Kendall. Ind.A 74 

Blackmar, Howard B. Kas.A 08 811 State 
Bowman, John Henry. Wis.A 85 farmer R F D No 7 
Buchanan, Victor S. Wis.A 07 

Buell, Charles Edwin. Wis.A 76 lawyer 115 Ely place, 
Collman, Milton George. 111. A 08 205 S Hamilton 
Dowson, Percy Millard. Md.A 94 instr physiol Univ of Wisconsin 
Elliott, Edward Charles. Neb. A 95 prof Univ of Wisconsin 
Gill, Thomas H. Ind.B 75 merchant 623 Williamson 
Harper, Cornelius Allen. Wis.A 97 physician 15 E Wilson • 
Jacobs, Frank W. Wis.A 97 bonds 152 E Gilman 
Lyle, Stanley D. Wis.A 02 appraiser 429 Sterling place 
Park, Stephen A. Kas.A 09 University club 

Pearse, Arthur Sperry.* Neb. A 97 zoologist, instr Univ of Wisconsin 
Van Slyke, John D. Wis.A 06 elk Bank of Wis 510 N Carroll 
Webster, William Brennan. Wis.G 08 315 N Murray 
Wooley, Edwin C. Ohio A 02 prof Univ of Wis 625 Mendota ct 
Wooley, John Granville. Ind.A 69 author 

Alverson, Charles Lewis. Wis.A 78 banker 
Alverson, Miles Corning. Minn.B 13 

Lawson, Publius Virgilius. Wis.A 75 manufacturer 
Smith, Henry Spencer. Wis.A 78 manufacturer 


Borden, Don Albert. Wis.G 11 


Baird, Chester. Wis.A 07 182 29th 

Blaisdell, Guy A. Wis.G 94 v prin No Division h s 635 Stowell av 

Blystone, Mantello Eugene. Pa.B 85 U S Weather Bureau 

Bonheat, Frank A. Wis.A 14 204 10th 

Bremming, Hermann Weis. N.Y.G 92 architect 278 Pleasant 

Carter, Thomas P. Wis.A 88 real estate 700 Marshall 

Cavaney, Arthur James. Wis.A 09 2606 Grand av 

Childs, John S. Pa.I 02 civil engr Elec Ry & Light Co 3705 Galena 

Dorr, Addison M. Wis.A 07 physician 130 10th 

165 Ogden av 
Evans, Percy H. Mich. A 93 insurance 186 24th 
Fansler, Walter A. Mo. A 08 instr Marquette Univ 
Freeman, Robert R. Pa.I 94 
Frick, Orlando Henry. Wis.A 98 13 16 Wells 
Gatley, Henry Stevens. N.Y.D 86 clergyman 287 Pleasant 
Hart, Edwin C. Wis.G 02 reporter Milwaukee Sentinel 
Hart, John Shelley. N.H.A 03 manufacturer 175 23d 
Hazzard, William Clarence. Calif. B 91 state mgr Silver-Burdett & 

Co Milwaukee Athletic Club 
Heath, Samuel Wild. Wis.A 04 salesman American Radiator Co 

214 Sycamore 
Hoyt, Melville Arista. Wis.A 79 editor Daily News 207 23d 
Hutchens, Arthur Reed. Ind.D 06 962 Cambridge av 
Jenner, Albert G. Pa.I 94 physician 733 Racine 
Kellogg, Elias W. Minn. A 83 physician Grand and 16th 
Maud, Frederick G. Ind.B 75 

Miller, Benjamin Kurtz. Pa.E 73 retired lawyer 102 Wisconsin 
Miller, George P. Pa.E 73 lawyer 316 Juneau av 
Milton, Charles Lewis. Kas.A 12 648 Washington 
Mitchell, William. D.C.A 96 
Mould, James A. Neb.A 05 
Patch, Arthur J. Pa.I 90 
Phelps, Paul. Ohio D 03 
Pillsbury, Frank L. Mich. A 08 628 Frederick 




WISCONSIN— Milwaukee-River Falls 

Rowell, Wallace A. Wis.G n with John Deere Plow Co 714 34th 

Sanderson, Henry Byron. Wis.B 77 

Shorse, Richard F. Pa. I 99 

Smith, Allard J. Wis. A 97 real estate 319 Prospect av 

Stanwood, Henry C. N.Y.A 09 mgr Workmen's Compensation Bureau 

Studley, W. H. Wis. A 86 mgr Riverside Sanitarium 1370 Humboldt 

Trottman, James R. Wis.A 82 

Wigdale, Norman A. W T is.A 97 308 Montgomery bldg 

Wilkinson, Henry O. Wis.A 77 

Wohlrab, Sylvan W. Wis.A 05 brick mfr 460 Terrace av 
Mineral Point 

Hanscom, John F. Wis.G 13 

Fischer, John Joseph. Ind.B 75 farmer 

Rote, Alvin F. Wis.A 80 lumber 

Rote, Robert L. Wis.A 06 502 West av 

Youmans, Laurel Elmer. Wis.A 85 physician 

Iddings, Francis Wayland. Ind.G 70 clergyman 

Iddings, Howard Wiley. Ind.G 97 

Fitch, Henry Edmund. Wis.A 90 lawyer 

Kreuger, M. William. Wis.A 82 hardware 

Shumaker, Henry K. Ill.B 68 
New London 

Kenkel, George A. Wis.A 13 
New Richmond 

Hughes, Thomas J. Wis.A 14 

Hughes, Walter I. Minn.B 10 

King, Charles R. Wis.G 11 banking 

McCoy, Ralph W. Wis.G 09 

McNally, Miles H. Minn.B 10 
O co no mo wee 

Peacock, Joseph C. Wis.A 11 509 West av 

Boardman, Charles Ruggles. Wis.A 80 adj T £en of Wis 71 Elm 

Hicks, Emmett R. Wis.A 75 lawyer 736 Algoma 

Mclver, Matthew Nelson. Wis.G 91 supt of schools 124 Frederick 

McKay, Albert J. Minn.B 91 

Kemler, Truman D. Wis.A 03 merchant 

Wilgus, James A. Ohio D 86 prof hist and pol sci State Normal 
School 534 W Mineral 

Clouerh, Willoughby Geowey. Wis.A 75 principal high school 

MacMillan, Hugh R. N.Y.E 98 302 Conant 

Rogers, Selden W. Wis.G 95 lawyer 117 E Franklin 

Fish, William S. N.Y.A 92 lumber _ 107 12th 

Haven, Walter Silas. Wis.G 84 physician 847 College av 

Lunt, Alfred J. Wis.A 89 

Pettit, Fred R. Wis.A 01 manufacturer 18 17 Main 

Pettit, Milton Howard. Ill.B 98 manufacturer 

Ritchie, Albert S. Ind.B 75 lawyer 

Schroeder, Percy E. Wis.A 98 merchant 1441 Wisconsin 

Schucht, Herman O. Wis.G 13 1104 Milwaukee av 

Spencer, David. Pa.G 61 clergyman 

Townsend, Jay G. Wis.G 13 939 Villa 

Browne, Paul. Wis.A 76 lawyer 

Reevs, Harry L. Wis.A 99 lawyer 
Richland Center 

Slater, Don J. Wis.G 00 
River Falls 

Reed, Robert R. Minn.B 02 


Sharon- Morland— WIS.- WYO. 


Wolfe, Charles L. Ohio B 91 

Ely, Leslie Hyatt. Pa.K 12 412 Michigan av 

McGraw, Harry E. Wis.G 13 

Lusk, Frank H. Minn.B 94 
Stevens Point 

Parke, Byron B. Wis. A 78 

Pray, Theron B. Ill.B 67 president State Normal School 

Bradshaw, Peter Edes. N.Y.A 93 lawyer 

France, Earl F. Mich. A 06 Broadway Theatre 

Harvey, Harry J. Minn.B 09 with Zenith Furnace Co 1644 2zd 

Long, Daniel R. Minn.B 08 1230 Hughitt av 

Luse, Claude Z. Minn.B 97 lawyer 201 1 John av 

Saxby, Chester L. Wis.G 10 15 12 Belknap 

Underhill, Marshall S. Ill.A 15 817 W 9th 

Lusk, Charles. Minn.B 03 
Union Grove 

Buchan, Samuel Collins. Ill.G 73 physician 

Tainter, Robert. Wis.G 08 

Prentiss, Theodore C. Wis.B 77 

Billings, William Adelbert. N.Y.E 92 clergyman 509 Grand av 

Harris, Frank Higbie. Ia.B 13 

Hooker, Culver E. Wis. A 76 lawyer 

Mohr, Albert Conrad, jr. Wis.G 15 703 Franklin 
West Superior 

Hanitch, Louis. Ohio D 80 lawyer 

Blackman, Thane Miller. Wis.G 89 v pres First National Bank 

Hollister, Lawrence A. Wis.G 09 

Bailey, Samuel Prentiss. Minn.B 10 

Wood, N. E. Ill.B 68 



Whipple, William Levi. Ill.B 85 coal merchant 1923 Central av 

Jayne, Arthur. Ia.A 04 stockman H. F. Ranch 

Parks, Samuel Chipman, jr. Mich. A 89 v pres Shoshone IN at Bank 

Stansbury, Harrj'. Ill.B 14 
Fort McKenzie 

Fleet, Henry Wyatt. Va.A 99 lieut USA 

Parks, Samuel Conant. Mich. A 83 vice pres First National Bank 

States, Herbert J. Neb.A 02 

Fitch, Robert Erskine. Ia.A 70 county coroner 306 S 4th 

Gray, James W. T. Mo. A 71 merchant 

Ridgaway, Charles B. Pa.Z 73 prof math Univ of Wyoming 

Hales, John Lincoln. Ill.D 09 farmer 


WYO,- ALASKA-CAN AD A— Ranchester-Moncton 

Ranchester , , 

Parks, Ward J., jr. Mass.A 06 O 4 Bear Ranch 
Rock Springs 

Reavill, David A. Ind.A 85 

Reid, Erie Hamilton. Neb.A 08 lawyer 


Dawson City 

Duclos, Aeneas. N.Y.A 07 
Douglas • 

Johnson. Charles. Wash. A 14 

Williams, Charles Walter. Ind.B 05 editor Alaskan Churchman 
Ketchikan \ , , . 

Burkhart, Henry Zadoc. Ia.A 70 lumber and boxes 
Roe, Robert E. Pa.Z 97 clergyman 

Aver, Fred M. Calif.B 94 supt Wild Goose Mining & Trading Co 

Cole,' Arthur. Calif.G 05 assayer 

Whittlesey, William H. Pa.Theta 72 

Westlake, J. F. Ind.A 80 


Foster, James C. Ohio D 06 Foster Realty Co 
Young, James Cathcart. Mass.A 9Q 
Edmonton w '. \, _ f . , , ... 

Reese, Willard Francis. Wis.G 07 Chisholrn blk 
W T hite, William F. Ill.A 97 merchant 232 E Jasper av 

P Kinn°ar, a Ralph E. Ohio D 09 with Joseph Park Collieries 


Trail , '. . 

Moore, Ralph P. Ind.B 9 9 electrician 
Vancouver . „ ". _,.. , .., 

Brooks, Harry Keyes. Minn.B 96 3" ;Wmch bldg 
Brooks, Sheldon D. Minn.B 97 312 Winch bldg 
Fairchild, Frederick T. Minn.B 01 312 Winch bldg 

V ph?llips, Maxwell G. Ind.A 82 immigration commissioner 


F Mme r r?Robert B. Ind.G 94 prof forestry Univ of New Brunswick 
Moncton _ M __ . 

Gutelius, Fred P. Pa.Theta 13 Main 


Halifax- Winnipeg— CANADA 


McKenzie, Arthur Stanley. Md.A 89 pres Dalhousie Univ 
Hunts County 

Ryne, M. Va.D 79 

Risley, Wilfred C. N.H.A 96 civil engr Dominion Iron & Steel Co 
P O Box 2 



Hazlett, Andrew Jackson. Ohio A 84 oil producer 

Lewis, Harlow. Mich. A 99 engineer 

Tingley, Ralph H. R.I. A 04 mgr Automatic Sprinkler Co 205 Lister 

Cheney, Merritt Brooke. Ohio D 04 with Shale Products Co, ltd 
St. Thomas 

Fowler, T. L. Va.D 78 

Reeder, James Henry. Pa.E 05 civil engineer 

Alexander, William John. Md.A 79 prof English Univ of Toronto 

Bates, John S. N.Y.G 11 supt Forest Products Laboratories 

Dumont, John Richard. Neb. A 04 mgr Toronto Motor Car Co, ltd 
18 Bloor 

Edwards, George B. S.C.A 79 

Hirt, Fred P. Ohio B 08 

Kellogg, Rossiter. Ind.D 01 Kellogg & Kellogg Co 129 Beverly 

Sawyer, Edric Erwin. Ohio B 06 

Winans, Earl W. Ind.D 01 with Dominion Motor Co 

Davis, William Simon. Ind.D 04 treas Welland Stove Works 


Stevenson, R. W. Va.D 77 



Bentley, Charles J. Wis.G 95 lawyer 301 Vaughn 

Dudley, Oscar Thompson. Wis.G 01 with Dominion Fire Proofing 

Co Union Bank bldg 
Hall, Carl I. Minn.B 1 1 599 Wardlon av 
Kelly, Lawrence Corbett. Calif. B 08 Carlton and Assimborne 


CANADA- MEXICO— Grand Mere-Zacatecas 


Grand Mere 

Beaumont, E. B. N.Y.A 95 engr Laurentide Co 

La Tuque 

Pusey, Lewis Barron. R.I. A 10 with Quebec and St. Maurice In- 
dustrial Co 


Boyer, William Edward. Mass. A 07 8 McGill College av 

Colby, Joseph Rutherford. N.H.A 97 treas Canadian Carbonate Co 

Howard, Frank M. Pa.Theta 04 with Empire Coal Co 

Lewis, John Simon. Wis.G 91 assoc editor Daily Star 

McCreedy, MacHarvey. Wis.G 04 chief chemist Montreal Board of 

Health 183 Laurier 
Reeder, Nathaniel S. N.Y.A 92 mgr Canada Car Co, ltd 225 Sher- 

brooke W 
Riblet, Harry G. Pa.B 07 71 W T illiams 

Rock Island 

Hovey, Leslie Roy. N.H.A 97 manufacturer 


Davidson, William Stewart. N.Y.G 95 



Keesey, Herbert O. Ill.B 10 



McCurdy, John E. Kas.A 80 

Wilson, Burton W. Neb.A 95 lawyer Calle Real 8J£ 
De Chihua 

Crossette, Murray Fisher. NA'.A 99 with Brigada Gold Co 

Ketcham, Leander Y. Pa.Z 64 physician 

McDonald, Augustus. Calif.B 06 mining chemist 24 San Augustm 
Mexico City 

Day, Silas Charles. Ind.G 85 lawyer 

Hudson, Paul E. Kas.A 89 publisher Mexico Herald 
San Janvier 

Wyman, Leonard C. Ohio E 06 mining engineer 

Oatman, Duke. Tex. A 07 
Toluca _, . , . , _ _ „ 

Friend, John H., jr. Wis. A 99 manager Electric Light & Power Co 
Tuxapec Paxaca 

Lehmer, Frank Welton. Neb.A 98 manager Plantation 


Wallace, Thomas F. Pa. A 55 minister to Zacatecas 


San Juancita-Santa Fe— CENTRAL AMERICA 

San Juancita 

Chase, Heman Baker. Mass. A oo phys Honduras Rosario Mining Co 


Pellas, Silvius F. Calif.B 10 
Jinotepe v 

Flint, Rufus. N.Y.A 85 



Hedrick, William Morse. Ind.G 94 lawyer 
Boeus del Toro 

Reynolds, John Neil. Ohio D 00 

Sibert, Harold W. N.Y.A 10 



Evia, Domingo. Pa.Theta 04 
Gamboa, Louis. Pa.Theta 00 



Stoute, Maurice. Pa.Z 08 clergyman 



Grey, William Turner. Pa.G 99 

Case, Archibald Williston. Wis.A 11 P O Box 669 
Case, James Franklin. Wis.A 87 director Public Works 
Collett, Austin John. Neb. A 96 superintendent Public Works 
Hitchman, Jackson C. Neb. A 97 asst supt Public Works 


San Cristobal 

Hutching, William E. N.H.A 00 plantation owner 
Santa Barbara 

Williams, Howard M. Pa.G 08 
Santa Fe 

Bullock, Edgar. W.Va.A 01 


SOUTH AMERICA— San Juan- Honolulu 

San Juan 

Bonner, Jesse Willis. Tenn.B 71 auditor of Porto Rico 


Buenos Ayres 

Eccleston, John Chamberlin. Pa.G 85 
Thompson, John F. Ohio A 62 missionary 



Krug, Arthur Gillatn. Va.G 79 
Krug, George Henry. Va.G 76 civil engineer 
Rio de Janeiro 

Smithy A. J. Pa.B 64 coffee grower 



Smith, Ulysses Grant. Pa. A 90 secretary of Legation American 



Dickerman, Nelson. Calif. G 01 supt Pato Mines, ltd Dugand e Hijo 

Blackmar, Frank Hollister. Kas.A 04 mining engr with Espriella 



Babbitt, Daniel Craig. Pa.Theta* 87 with Cerro de Pasco Mining Co 



Gibb, James A. Calif. B 11 

Willfong, George W. Calif.B 10 

Crawford, Frank. Ind.G 90 bank clerk 

Judd, Lawrence McCully. Pa.I 07 

Kennedy, Stanley C. Calif.B 08 1432 Victoria 

Honolulu-Swanscombe— PH I LI PPINES— ENGLAND 

McCandless, James Crystal. Pa.I 12 Thurston av 
Ouderkirk, William R. Calif. B 11 
Wickman, Frederick W. Calif. B 10 Box 342 
Cowan, Francis Clark. N.H.A 13 



Anderson, Clay. Kas.A 02 civil engineer 
Ruffner, Ernest L. Ind.A 89 


Everland, William P. Pa.Z 88 bishop 

Fansler, Dean S. 111. A 02 teacher 168 Nueva Ermita 

Gilbert, Newton Whiting. Ohio D 83 lawyer 197 Calle Herran 

Harding, Ralph L. Ohio E 06 civil engineer Manila R R Co 

Hull, John A. Ia.A 90 Lt Col Judge Advocate USA 

Lawrence, William H. Minn.B 92 lawyer 

Malott, James R. Ind.B 05 U S Civil Service 

Pearson, William F. Ohio A 99 First Lieut USA, First Infantry 

Shaw, John A. Ind.D 08 U S Civil Engr Bureau Public Works 65 

Sindlinger, John R. N.Y.E 09 with Standard Oil Co 
Standiford, William Russell. W.Va.A 93 capt 24th Infantry 

Tarlac Tarlac 

Brown, Elbert C. Mo. A 08 civil engineer 



Steadman, N. R. Pa.B 65 banker 


Christ Church 

Black, R. B. Pa.B 81 

Johnson, Herman Norton. Mass. A 99 mining engineer 



Martin, Percy. Ohio D 88 Elenfield 

Beans, Byron. Pa.K 01 sec of Keystone Watch Case Co, ltd At- 
lantic House, E. C. 

Carroll, Lafayette Daly. Va.E 77 

Graff-Baker, William S. Md.A 06 8 Queens Mansions, Brook Green 

Haas, Louis George. Ohio D 84 with United Rubber Co Primers 
Hall, Austin Friars 

Purcell, Tobias Noel De Loughmor. Md.A 98 with Brown, Shipley 
& Co 

Stevens, Theodore. Pa.Z 81 elec engr 26 Montalt rd, Woodford 
Swanscombe, Kent 

Bottome, William McDonald. Pa.Z 69 clergyman 


SCOTLAND -SWEDENr-Edinburgh- Stockholm 

Marshall, Chester C. N.Y.G 06 University of Edinburgh 



St. Amant, Louis. N.Y.G 72 

Cavnah, Howard E. Calif. G 07 

Gramm, Frederick Emil. N.Y.G 97 5 Rue Chambiques 
Hutchinson, Norman. N.Y.A 93 ex-Consul General 
Moore, Chauncey A. Ohio G 90 grand opera singer 
Sargeant, Gaston. Pa.B 94 grand opera 



Fee, William Thomas. Pa.Theta 73 consul 

McCartney, G. A. II. G 73 physician 

Meader, George F. Minn.B 04 opera singer Royal Theatre 



Jones, John Edward. D.C.A 96 consul general 

Boykin, Francis Taylor Riddick. Va.G 95 teacher 



Burrell, James Luther Albert. Md.A 97 vice consul general 



Carroll, John Howell. Md.A 83 

Smith, Melville Millington. Ind.D 01 with Riegos y Fuerza Del Erba 



Bagge, Gosta Adolfson. Md.A 04 sec Swedish Royal Comm on 
Official Statistics Karlavagen 33 


Bassein- Kioto— BURMA- J ARAN 


Tayman, Po Mya. N.Y.E 95 

Shaw Loo, M. Pa.G 61 medical practitioner Mission No 1 



Brown, Charles B. N.Y.A 99 with Standard Oil Co 

Miner, George S. Pa.B 76 missionary 
Hong Kong 

Hoy, William E. Pa. 79 missionary 

Marshall, Walter L. N.Y.E c8 with Standard Oil Co 

Venable, Wade H. Va.A 85 physician So Presbyterian Mission 
Pao Ting Fu 

Hubbard, Hugh Wells. Mass. A 04 missionary 

Lacy, William Henry. 111. A 79 missionary 

Lockwood, William W. Ind.A 94 sec Y M C A 

Warner, Frank B. Mass. A 04 missionary 

Josselyn, Paul R. Wis.G 05 U S Embassy attache Amer Consulate 

Graham, James R., jr. Va.G 81 missionary 

Woods, James B. Va.A 85 physician 


Baroda Camp 

Linzell, Lewis E. Ohio A 93 clergyman, missionary 

Beall, William Dorsey. Ohio A 03 missionary 

Marshall, Harry I. N.H.A 96 missionary Tharrawaddy 

Wharton, G. L. Va.G 74 
La Hore 

Forman, John Newton. Ind.G 80 missionary 

Caldwell, Alexander B. Ill.G 77 missionary Sangla Hill 

Ewing, James C. R. Pa. A 73 
Secunderabad, The Deccan 

Levering, Frank H. Ill.B 68 missionary 


Imadati, Tosui. Pa.I 77 



JAPAN = SYR! A— Kobe= Beirut 


Wootton. Henry Tissington. Pa.Theta 06 Amer Trading Co 

Jorgenson, Arthur. Ind.A 03 3 Sanshone Mitoshirocho Kanda 

Moore, Jairus P. Pa.Eta 72 missionary 5 Hikawa Cho 

Blake, Daniel Henry, jr. Calif. A 88 with Amer Trading Co, pres 
American Peace Society of Japan 


Chun Ju 

Reynolds, William Davis. Va.G 86 missionary 
Pye'mg Yang 

Billings, Bliss Washington. Ind.A 98 



Peoples, S. C. Ohio G 74 missionary 



Chesbrough, Ralph Fordyce. Wis.G 03 U S Consular Service 
Ward, Edwin St. John. Mass. A 96 physician, missionary 




Abbey, C. P Chicago, 111 

Abbott, T. M Charlotte, N. C 

Abbott, C. J Springfield, O 

Abbott, W. S Latrobe, Pa 

Abbott, W. D Winona, Minn 

*Abbott, William Richardson. Va.A 


Abel, A. C Chicago, 111 

Abel, G. H Boston, Mass 

Abel, M. T Richmond, Va 

Abell, O. J Chicago, lit 

Aber, M. D Warrensburg, Mo 

Abercrombie, A. L. . . .Daytona, Fla 
Abernathy, A. S .. ..Memphis, Tenn 
Abersold-, Jacob Julius. W.Va.A 98. 


Abies, K. C Oakland, Cal 

Abraham, O. E....New York, N Y 

Acheson, A. M Dallas, Tex 

Acheson, A. W Dallas, Tex 

Acheson, E. F Washington, Pa 

Acheson, George Ritter. Pa. A 87. 

*Acker, Ottis Edwin. Ind.G 85. 
Ackerman, A. M....San Diego, Cal 

Acorn, R. E Washington, D C 

Adams, C. R. . . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Adams, D. Q Capay, Cal 

Adams, D. W Aurora, 111 

Adams, Francis Welden. Pa.B 61. 


Adams, G. A Canton, N Y 

Adams, H. F . Chicago, III 

Adams, J. W Johnstown, Pa 

Adams, J. C Kosciusko, Miss 

Adams, J. H Paoli, Pa 

Adams, J. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Adams, J. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Adams, L. S Houston, Tex 

Adams, O. B Kewanna, Ind 

Adams, P. C Portland, Ore 

Adams, R. T Mantorville, Minn 

Adams, R. G ,. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Adams, R. A Troy, Mo 

Adams, R. E Indianapolis, Ind 

Adams, T. E New York, N Y 

Adams, W. L Wilmington, Del 

Adams, W. H Bloomington,_ Ind 

Adams, William Henry Harrison. 

111. A 76. Deceased 

Adams, W. H New York, N Y 

Adams, W. R Indianapolis, Ind 

Adams, W. W Millersburg, O 

Adams, W. W Capay, Cal 

Adamson, C. H Aurora, 111 

Addison, J. C Nevada, la 

Addison, J. W Washington, D C 

Addlesberger, N. D. .Springfield, O 
Adkinson, A. W...Los Angeles, Cal 

Africa, W. T Wilson, N. C 

Agan, T. W Edinboro, Pa 

Agar, C. C. Ind.B 76. Deceased 

Agalasto, A. M., jr Norfolk, Va 

Agalasto, M. A Norfolk, Va 

Agler, A. McM Columbus, O 

Aiken, Albert W. Pa.D 60. De- 

Aiken, B Washington, Pa 

Aiken, J. B White Plains, N Y 

Ainsworth, S Lyons, Kan 

Ainsworth, W. L Lyons, Kan 

Aitkin, J. W., jr.. New York, N Y 

Akers, J. W Chicago, 111 

Akerson, G. E. . .Minneapolis, Minn 
Akin, Seddan. Miss. A. Deceased 
Alabaster, F. A. 

University Place, Neb 

Alabaster, J. L Evanston, 111 

Albert, R. B Bloomsbury, Pa 

Albertson, A. H Seattle, Wash 

Albertson, C. H Rockford, 111 

Albertson, C. Q Chicago, 111 

Albery, H. W Evanston, 111 

Albright, Newell S. Ohio A 69. De- 


Albright, Ruby J. Ohio A 69. De- 
Albright, Wester B. Ohio A 74. De- 
Albin, John G. Pa.B 67. Deceased 

Albrook, J. B Pasadena, Cal 

Alden, M. LeR... Kansas City, Kan 

Alder, A. G Brunswick, Md 

Alderman, A. G Louisville, Ky 

Alderman, U. S Nevada, Iowa 

Alderson, F. N. . . .Richwood, W Va 

Aldinger, H Harrisburg, Pa 

Aldrich, E. K., jr. Providence, R. I 

Aldridge, A. H Victor, N Y 

Alevard, J. H., jr. .Bessemer, Mich 

Alexander, E. P Duluth, Minn 

Alexander, Henry L. Miss. A. De- 
Alexander, J. P. . . Springfield, Mass 

Alexander, J. C Nottingham, O 

Alexander, J. N. . . .Pawtucket, R. I 
Alexander, J. K. 

Morning Sun, Iowa 
Alexander, Lewis Reese. Pa.Theta 

96. Deceased 
Alexander, Milton Rothrock. Pa. 
Theta 73. Deceased 

Alexander, M. H Los Gatos, Cal 

Alexander, M. J., jr... Tunica, Miss 



Alexander, S. C Bonham, Tex 

Alexander, T Winchester, Tenn 

Alexander, W. L Belaire, Pa 

Alexander, W. C . . . Philadelphia, Pa 
Alexander, W. C., jr. 

Philadelphia, Pa 
Alexander, William Howard. Ohio 

G 87. Deceased 
Alexander, W. J... Toronto, Canada 
Alford, T. G...West Lafayette, Ind 

Algeo, H. L Chicago, 111 

Allaben, G. R Rockford, 111 

Allaben, M. F Hammond, Ind 

Allan, W. S East Cleveland, O 

Allard, R. U Providence, R. I 

Alleman, W. H Littlestown, Pa 

♦Allen, Augustus Nichols. N.Y.E 87 
Allen, C. H. Va.D 64. Deceased 

Allen, C. C Kenosha, Wis 

Allen, D Kansas City, Mo 

Allen, D. B Nashville, Tenn 

Allen, E. H Chicago', 111 

Allen, E. P Kansas City, Mo 

Allen, F. C Warrensburg, Mo 

Allen, F DeW..Fort Morgan, Colo 

Allen, F. W Columbus, Mo 

Allen, F. H Holyoke, Mass 

Allen, H. C Oakland, Cal 

Allen, H New York, N Y 

Allen, H. B Independence, Mo 

Allen, H St. Louis, Mo 

Allen; H. C Indianapolis, Ind 

Allen, H Troy, O 

Allen, J. M Hartshorne, Okla 

Allen, L. R West Newton, Ind 

Allen, Madison Lee. Miss. A 82. De- 

Allen, M. W New York, N Y 

Allen, R. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Allen, R. H Memphis, Tenn 

Allen, R. A Wilkeson, Wash 

Allen, R. J Fort Morgan, Colo 

Allen, Robert Newton. Ind. A 65. 

Allen, R. W Kenosha, Wis 

Allen, R. W Wrentham, Mass 

Allen, W. O Tabor, Iowa 

Allen, W., ?d Haddonfield, N T 

Allen, W. H Beloit, Wis 

Allen, W\ O Crete, Neb 

Allen, W. S Los Angeles, Cal 

Allender, C. H New York, N. Y 

Aller, A. T Ellsworth, Kan 

Ailing, B. W....New Britain, Conn 

Ailing, M. L Lowell, Mass 

Allison, A. C. G. ..Germantown, Pa 
Allison, Benjamin Stanton. Ohio G. 

Allison, Burt McVay. Ohio A 85. 

Allison, G. D Detroit, Mich 

Allison, J. N Langhorne, Pa 

Allison, T. M Peterson, Iowa 

Allman, K. F Rensselaer, Ind 

Allshouse, C. V Creighton, Pa 

Allyn, Joseph T. Va.A 67. Deceased 
Allyn, Joseph Tyler, jr. Va.A 93. 

Alsip, William Henry. I1LB 80. De- 

Altman, F. DeG Dixon, 111 

Altschuler, R. B. .Hackensack, N J 
Altschuler, R. A. .Hackensack, N J 

Alverson, C. L Medford, Wis 

Alverson, M. C Medford, Wis 

Ames, Frank L Syracuse, N Y 

Amos, J. M Cambridge, O 

Amthor, A. J Williamstown, Pa 

Anderson, A B.. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Anderson, A. H....La Crosse, Wis 

Anderson, C. B Austin, Tex 

Anderson, C. H....Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Anderson, C. P Chicago, 111 

Anderson, C Iloilo, Panay, P. I 

Anderson, C. N. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Anderson, D. M . . .Greencastle, Md 

Anderson, E. P Ocala, Fla 

* Anderson, Edwin Hatfield. Ind.G 87 

Anderson, E. R Boston, Mass 

Anderson, F. L. 

Newton Center, Mass 
Anderson, G. B...New York, N. Y 

Anderson, G. E Latrobe, Pa 

Anderson, G. J Richmond, Va 

Anderson, G. Y Cleveland, O 

Anderson, H. W Louisville., Ky 

Anderson, J. C. .. .Belleville, Tenn 
Anderson, J. R. .Washington, D C 
Anderson, J. B . . .Gainesboro, Tenn 

Anderson, J. I New York, N Y 

Anderson, J. McM. . .Louisville, Ky 
Anderson, J. M... Grand View, Ind 

Anderson, J. Z Tulsa, Okla 

Anderson, J. H Azusa, Cal 

Anderson, L. S Ocala, Fla 

Anderson, N. M Asheville, N C 

Anderson, N. G. 

White Sulphur Springs, Mon 
Anderson, O. D. . ..Edmonds, Wash 

Anderson, R. L Ocala, Fla 

Anderson, R. R Richmond, Va 

Anderson, R. S . . . . New York, N Y 
Anderson, Robert Maxwell. S C.A 

61. Deceased 
Anderson, R. B. F.West Park, N Y 
Anderson, R. A. .Wrightsville, N. C 

Anderson, R. W Portsmouth, O 

Anderson, T. B San Diego, Cal 

Anderson, W. A Lexington, Va 

Anderson, W. P Chicago, 111 

Andrew, J. B Eminence, Ky 

Andrews, A Loveland, Colo 

Andrews, C. U New York, N Y 

Andrews, C. H Walpole, Mass 

Andrews, Edwin A. Ind.G 70. De- 
Andrews, H. W. ..North Girard, Pa 
Andrews, J. C... Great Neck, N- Y 

Andrews, J. E Berwyn, 111 

Andrews, J. J Los Angeles, Cal 



Andrews, P. C.New Bethlehem, Pa 

Andrews, R. E Evanston, 111 

Andrews, R. C Matoon, 111 

Andrews, W. T . . . . Syracuse, N Y 

Andrews, W. J Berwyn, 111 

Angell, Ralph Arthur. Mich. A 77. 

Angier, C. V Atlanta, Ga 

De Anguera, H. C. .Rochester, N Y 

Annan, C. H Raleigh, N C 

Annin, H. K New York, N Y 

Annin, J. C Caledonia, N Y 

Anson, B. J Muscatine, la 

Anspach, S. G Lynchburg, Va 

Anthony, H. B Springfield, O 

Apeztequia, J. J. ..New York, N Y 

Appel, G. L Wellsville, O 

Appel, J. W Lancaster, Pa 

Appel, J. W., jr.. New York, N- Y 

Appel, K. E Lancaster, Pa 

Appel, R. G Cambridge, Mass 

Appel, T. R Lancaster, Pa 

Appel, \V. N Lancaster, Pa 

Apple, A. T. G Lancaster, Pa 

Apple, E. A Cleveland, O 

Apple, H. H York, Pa 

Apple, J. N Smethport, Pa 

Apple, J. H New York, N Y 

Apple, J. H Frederick, Md 

Apple, S. S Easton, Pa 

Applegate, J. E Rogers, Ark 

Applewhite. Rufus Johnson. Miss. A. 

Appleyard, A. E. .Jamestown, N Y 
Appleyard, F. J. . .Jamestown, N Y 
*Arbury, Fred. W. Mich.A 79 

Archbold, W. D Denver, Colo 

Archer, I. J. .Black Mountain, N C 

Archer, R. H Belair, Md 

Armin, F. M Cole Elam, Wash 

Armistead, J. O Newman, Cal 

Armistead, R. L. .Clarksville, Tenn 
Armistead, W. H. . .Nashville, Tenn 

Armor, R Craf ton, Pa 

Arms, T. J Swarthmore, Pa 

Armstrong, Adam C. Pa.A 54. De- 
Armstrong, Christopher J. Va.A 93 
Armstrong, D. W.New York, N Y 
Armstrong, F. D. .Winchester, Mass 

Armstrong, G. A Canton, Mo 

Armstrong, H. G. .. .Woodland, Cal 
Armstrong, H. C. .. .Pittsburgh, Pa 

Armstrong, H. L Topeka, Kans 

Armstrong, J. H . Jeffersonville, Ind 

Armstrong, K. G Utica, N Y 

Armstrong, L. M.Mullica Hill, N J 

Armstrong, O. R El Paso, Tex 

Armstrong, W. J Kane, Pa 

Armstrong, W. S.Washington, D C 
Arnett, William W. Pa.B 59. De- 

Amer, C. D Salem, O 

Arnold, G. V Newark, N J 

Arnold, H. B Providence, R I 

Arnold, J. G Frankfort, Ky 

Arnold, L. B Long Island, Kan 

Arnold, M, B Annapolis, Md 

Arnold, S. O St. Paul, Minn 

Aronson, H. H Proctor, Vt 

Arrighi, A. A New York, N Y 

Arter, F. A Cleveland, O 

Arthur, A. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Arthur, D. H Gowanda, N Y 

Arthur, E. L Springfield, O 

Arthur, J. B New York, N Y 

Arthur, J. M Port Deposit, Md 

Arthur, U. N Bridgeville, Pa 

Artland, F. E , jr. 

Lake Providence, La 

Ash, G. G Bradford, Pa 

Ashbaugh, Oren M. Ohio A 68. De- 
Ashley, Alexander. Pa.B 61. De- 
Ashley, A. McC. .Washington, D. C 
Ashley, Charles William. D.C.A 84. 

Ashley, E. L. ..... ..Amherst, Mass 

Ashley, H Machias, N Y 

Ashley, H. B Richmond, Ind 

Ashley, T. C Saguache, Colo 

Ashley, W. F Shaw, Miss 

Ashley, W. H Kansas City, Mo 

Ashman, G. C Peoria, 111 

Ashmead, D., jr. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Ashton, L. C Swarthmore, Pa 

Ashton, L. R Lawrence, Mass 

Asire, J. D Fostoria, O 

Ashkwith, H. A Portland, Ore 

Aston, C. C. J. . . .Farmersville, Tex 

Aston, E. S Norwood, O 

Atchison, K. C Owensboro, Ky 

Aten, Henry Thomas. Pa.D 60. De- 

Atkins, A. B New York, N Y 

Atkinson, L. H...New York, N Y 

Atkinson, P. S Lawrence, Kan 

Atkinson, W. -S. Va.A 69. De- 

Atkinson, W. A Detroit, Mich 

Atkinson, W. R. . . Williamsport, Pa 
Atteridge, H. R...New York, N. Y 
Atterson, »J. A. New Carthage, N Y 

Atwater, J. C Richmond, N Y 

Atwell, W. B Coos, N H 

Atwood, A. L. Haverford, Pa 

Atwood, F. B Atlantic, Mass 

Atwood, F. H New York, N. Y 

Atwood, W. B Beaver, Pa 

Atwood, W. T Melrose, Mass 

Aubrey, L. R... South Fargo, N D 
Auerbach, Charles Gustave. N.Y.A 

74. Deceased 
Aughenbough, J. W. .Waseka, Minn 

Augustus, W. O Paris, 111 

Aukam, G. C Washington, D. C 

Aull, R. H Dayton, O 

Aulmann, T Des Moines, la 

Austin, B. C Flint, Idaho 



Austin, C. McL Muncie, Ind 

Austin, George Frederick. Pa.B 97. 

Austin, H. H New Albany, Ind 

Austin, Ora Gibson. Wis. A 76. De- 

Austin, P. W Toledo, O 

Austin, S. P Pittsburg, Pa 

Austin, W. B Chicago, 111 

Austin, W. L Washington, D C 

Averill, G. M.. Cedar Rapids, Mich 
Amery, H. L. . . .Charlemont, Mass 

Avery, W Brooklyn, N Y 

Axline, C. G Lancaster, O 

Axtell, A. C San Antonio, Tex 

Axtell, T. E Harvard, 111 

Axtell, Nathan Hutton. Pa.B 58. 

Axtell, Paul Woodbury. Ill.A. De- 

Axtell, W. H Bellingham, Wash 

Ayer, F. M Nome, Alaska 

Ayer, H. M San Jose, Cal 

Ayer, T. P Providence, R I 

Ayer, W. R Indianapolis, Ind 

Ayers, A. R Cleveland, O 

Ayers, J. M New York, N Y 

Ayers, S. D Walla Walla, Wash 

Aylesworth, B. O...Ft. Collins, Col 

Aylesworth, W. P Bethany, Neb 

Aylett, L. D Richmond, Va 

Aymar, E. B, jr. . .Wynnewood, Pa 
Ayres, W. T Greencastle, Ind 

Babb, H. L Mineola, N Y 

Babbitt, D. C Lima, Peru, S. A 

Babcock, E. B Gouverneur, N Y 

Back, F. E Wilmington, Del 

Backus, Edward Raymond. Minn.B 

08. Deceased 
Backus, Louis I. N.Y.B 91 
Backus, William Henry. Pa.G 60. 

Bacon, A. N Toledo, O 

Bacon, F. R San Francisco, Cal 

Bacon, G. C Washington, D C 

Bacon, L. M., jr Baltimore, Md 

Bacon, T. H Rochester, N Y 

Badger, W. E Findlay, O 

Baer, W. S '. Baltimore, Md 

Baetjer, F. H Baltimore, Md 

Baetjer, H Baltimore, Md 

Baeyertz, F. P Whittier, N Y 

Bagby, W. L Oil Fields, Cal 

Bagg, J. S Callahan, Cal 

Bage, G. A Stockholm, Sweden 

Baggs, W. P Wheeling, W Va 

Bail, H. E Cincinnati, O 

Bailey, E. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Bailey, F Hoboken, N J 

Bailey, G. A Dallas, Tex 

Bailey, J. L Brooklyn, N Y 

Bailey, Myron Leslie. R.I. A 03. De- 

Bailey, Perrin L. N.Y.A 06. De- 

Bailey, P. S Memphis, Tenn 

Bailey, R. V Senatobia, Miss 

Bailey, R. W Anderson, Ind 

Bailey, S. P Winona, Wis 

Bailey, S. IvL.East Somerville, Mass 

Bailey, T. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Baily, H. P Minneapolis, Minn 

Bain, E. U St. Louis, Mo 

Bair, L. R Lancaster, Pa 

Baird, C . ..Milwaukee, Wis 

Baird, C. G Omaha, Neb 

Baird, DuB. Steubenville, O 

Baird, E. A Omaha, Neb 

Baird, Robert. Ill.A 68. Deceased 
Baird, R. McC. ..Wheeling,' W Va 

Baird, W Omaha, Neb 

Baker, C. F Meadville, Pa 

Baker, C. G Lancaster, Pa 

Baker, Edgar E. Ia.A 86 
Baker, Ernest Emery. Ohio B 80. 

Baker, F. E Goshen, Ind 

*Baker, Frank E. Mich.A 78. 

Baker, F. D Flint, Mich 

Baker, F. E Edinboro, Pa 

Baker, F. L Yonkers, N. Y 

Baker, F. R Shoales, Ind 

Baker, G. R Denver, Colo 

Baker, G. B Brookline, Mass 

Baker, G. D New York, N. Y 

Baker, H. L Scranton, Pa 

Baker, II. L Catasauqua, Pa 

Baker, H. M Des Moines, Iowa 

Baker, H. M Winchester, Va 

Baker, J. H Baltimore, Md 

Baker, J. I Springfield, O 

Baker, J. N Montgomery, Ala 

Baker, John William. Pa.Eta 90. 

Baker, L. S .....*... Syracuse, N. Y 

Baker, M. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Baker, O. C Ransomville, N Y 

Baker, Philip D. Pa.Eta 63. De- 
Baker, Philip D., jr. Pa.Eta 93. De- 

Baker, R. C Bloomsburg, Pa 

Baker, R. O. Va.D 59. Deceased 

Baker, R. J Harrisburg, Pa 

Baker, R. H Columbia, Mo 

Baker, R. L Birmingham, Ala 

Baker, S Baltimore,Md 

Baker, S. E Springfield, O 

Baker, S. W ...Lancaster, Pa 

Baker, W. T New York, N Y 

Baker, W., jr Baltimore, Md 

Baker, W. A Springfield, 111 

Baker, W. H Quincy, 111 

Baker, W. H Winchester, Va 

Baker, W. R Booneville, Mo 

Balbridge, Howard Malcolm. Pa.G 
59. Deceased 

Balch, E. H . St. Paul, Minn 

Balch, M. C Minneapolis, Minn 



Baldridge, H. H Omaha, Neb 

Baldridge, J. M Omaha, Neb 

Baldwin, A. L. . . .Washington, D C 

Baldwin, F Park Ridge, 111 

Baldwin, G. E... Coulee City, Wash 

Baldwin, H. A Columbus, O 

Baldwin, P. LeS . .Washington, D C 

Baldwin, R. T Toledo, O 

Baldy, M. D ..Philadelphia, Pa 

Baldv, S Catawissa, Pa 

Bale," L. S Cleveland, O 

Baleman, R. E Omaha, Neb 

Bales, M. T Buffalo, N Y 

Ball, B. F Mount Cranford, Va 

Ball, C. H Buffalo, N Y 

Ball, L. C Watertown, N Y 

Ball, S. S South Bethlehem, Pa 

Ball, W. B New York, N Y 

Ballantine, George B. Pa.A. De- 


Ballard, E. E. . .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Ballard, H. W Davenport, la 

Ballard, J. S....San Francisco, Cal 
Ballentine, G. D. . .Temperanceville, 

*Ballinger, Richard A. Kas.A 67 

Ballou, C. A Halifax, Va 

Ballou, H, C Cadillac, Mich 

Ballou, K. S Maiden, Mass 

Balmer, E Chicago, 111 

Balmer, J. P Chicago, 111 

Baltzly, J. B Hudson, Mass 

Bamberger, I. L. .. .Brooklyn, N Y» 

Bamman, F. G New York, N Y 

Bancroft, T. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Banfield, E. C Austin, Minn 

Banfield, R. S Austin, Minn 

Bang, R. T New York, N Y 

Bangs, G. H New York, N Y 

Bangs, H. C .Glencoe, 111 

Bangs, J. E. .... .Washington, D C 

Banks, Archie Walter. Mich. A 76. 


Banks, H. C Birmingham, Ala 

Banks, Hugh Augustus. Tenn.A 59. 


Banks, K. B Pottstown, Pa 

Bannister, Charles Kimball. 111. A. 


Bannon, H. T Portsmouth, O 

*Barber, F. W. Ill.B 81. 

Barber, H. C Windsor, Conn 

Barber, J. W Anderson, Ind 

Barber, K. W Windsor, Conn 

Barber, L. H Mauch Chunk, Pa 

Barber, V. C... Chicago, 111 

Barber, W. A New York, N Y 

Barchfield. C. C Somerset, Pa 

Barclay, H. A.... Los Angeles, Cal 

Barclay, J. N Bloomington, Ind 

Barcus, W. D Swissvale, Pa 

Barden, G. L Penn Yan, N Y 

Bardwell, A. C Hatfield, Mass 

Bardwell, S. W Crenshaw, Pa 

Bargar, F. C Columbus, O 

Barker, F. L Eugene, Ore 

Barkhuff, R. A Amsterdam, N Y 

Barkle, P. R Urbisonia, Pa 

Barnard, C. K Cleveland, O 

Barnard, J. L Lansdowne, Pa 

Barner, G. S Webster City, la 

Barnes, Allen H. Ill.G 71 De- 

Barnes, A Pittsburg, Pa 

Barnes, C. D Kenosha, Wis 

Barnes, E. S Newburgh, N Y 

Barnes, E. E Providence, R I 

Barnes, Francis DeWitt. Tenn.A 59 

Barnes, F. E Norris City, 111 

Barnes, G. D Texas City, 111 

Barnes, J Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Barnes, J. K Rutherford, N J 

Barnes, J. W Kokomo, Ind 

Barnes, S. L Seattle, Wash 

Barnes, T. L E. Orange, N J 

Barnes, W Buckhannon, W Va 

Barnes, W. J Detroit, Mich 

Barnett, A. J Latrobe, Pa 

Barnett, G. W Casey, 111 

Barnett, W. W.. Columbia City, Ind 

Barney, C. H Chapin, la 

Barney, F. C Hampton, la 

Barney, D Wilkes Barre, Pa 

Barnhart, F. D. C. .Coyote Sta, Cal 

Barnhart, F. P Johnstown, Pa 

Barnhisel, A. H Tacoma, Wash 

Barnhurst, J. I. Pa. I 80. Deceased 

Barnitz, S. B. Des Moines, la 

Barnum, G., jr Duluth, Minn 

Barr, J. M Richmond, Va 

Barr, Leo James. Kas.A 81 De- 

Barr, R. G Sarentum, Pa 

Barr, R. W Gallatin, Tenn 

Barrett, A. L New York, N Y 

Barrett, A. M Shenandoah, la 

Barrett, B Bloomfield, N J 

Barrett, C. P Atchison, Kas 

Barrett, H. McW Denver, Colo 

Barrett, H. L Spokane, Wash 

Barrett, J. L Bisbee, Ariz 

*Barrett, Oliver C. N.Y.G 
Barrett, William Cushing. N.Y.A 

71. Deceased 
Barrick, Emery L. Pa.Theta 69 

Barringer, J. C Hillsboro, 111 

Barrington, L Providence, R I 

Barron, H. S. Crystal Springs, Miss 

Barron, R, M Newark, 111 

Barron, Vernon Derward. Miss.A. 

Barrow, J. W Smithfield, Va 

Barrows, F. G. . Fergus Falls, Minn 

Barry, C. S Medina, N Y 

Barry, D. F Providence, R I 

Barry, W. D Yonkers, N Y 

Barshinger, M. L York, Pa 

Barteides, A. G. .. .Lawrence, Kans 

Bartel, F. J Richmond, Ind 

Bartelme, E. A Chicago, 111 

Bartelme, J. H Chicago, 111 

Bartelme, P. G...Ann Arbor, Mich 



Bartenstein, F. A. . .Wanauton, Va 
Bartholomew, A. D.Whitehall, N Y 
Bartholomew, Clyde Stanley. Ohio 
D Q2. Deceased 

Bartholomew, E. J Chicago, 111 

Bartol, W. A Lewisburg, Pa 

Bartol, W. C Lewisburg, Pa 

Barton, C Homestead, Pa 

Barton, E. H Boise, Ida 

Barton, J., jr Reistertown, Md 

Bartram, J. H Marion, O 

Bass, G. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Bass, J. K Evanston, 111 

Bass, John Meredith. Va.A 90. De- 

Bass, P. B . . . . Evanston, 111 

Bassell, John. Pa.D 60 Deceased 

Bassett, A Albion, 111 

Bassett, E. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Bassett, H. L Columbus, Ind 

Bassett, T. B Sioux City, la 

Bassett, W. F Columbus, Ind 

Batchelar, E. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Batcheller, H. C. C. 

Los Angles, Cal 

Bates, A Kansas City, Mo 

Bates, Alfred Levi. Ia.D 84 De- 

Bates, A. L Meadville, Pa 

Bates, C. G Syracuse, N Y 

Bates, C. F...Oriskany Falls, N Y 
Bates, Edward Thayer. Pa.B 76. 

Bates, J. S Toronto, Can 

Bates, Marion T. Pa.B 62 De- 

Bates, W. I Meadville, Pa 

Batten, R. E Chicago, 111 

Battin, B. F Swarthmore, Pa 

Battin, W. I Chicago, 111 

Bander, P. F Wicklirfe, O 

Bauer, C. L Springfield, O 

Bauer, H. A.... San Francisco, Cal 
Bauer, John Leopold. N.Y.B 97. 

Bauer, L. E Springfield, O 

Bauer, P. E Cleveland, O 

Bauer, W. A. .... .Springfield, Ohio 

Baugh, P. E Detroit, Mich 

Baughman, W. W. . . .Barberton, O 

Baum, C Philadelphia, Pa 

Baum, C. H Danville, 111 

Baum, H. C Oakland, Cal 

Baum, R. S Chicago, 111 

Bauman, A. B Pitcairn, Pa 

Bauman, D. T Maquoketa, la 

Bauman, J. N Jeanette, Pa 

Baumgardner, J. B. 

Chambersburg, Pa 

Bawden, S. P Davenport, la 

Baxter, G. H Fennimore, Wis 

Baxter, J Chicago, 111 

Baxter, J. L Crafton, Pa 

Baxter, Jere. Tenn.G 70. Deceased 
Baxter, L. La T...New York, N Y 

Baxter, T. E Nashville, Tenn 

Baxter, W. J Washington, D C 

Bayard, G. L Washington, D C 

Bayard, G. R Vincennes, Ind 

Bayless, D. O Columbia, Mo 

Bayless, W. H Baltimore, Md 

*Bayliss, Walter Shipp. Miss. A 

Baylor, G Charlestown, W Va 

Bayne, Frank H. Ill.A 97 De- 

Beach, A. B Joliet, 111 

Beach, R. A Seville. O 

Beach, R. K Cleveland, O 

Beal, E. G Bucyrus, O 

Beal, R New York, N Y 

Beale, C. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Beale, E. L Springfield, Ohio 

Beale, R. L Evanston, 111 

Beall, C Washington, D C 

Beall, D. L Toledo, O 

Beall, H Washington, D C 

Beall, W. D Belgaum, India 

Beaman, R. H. . . .E. Walpole, Mass 

Bean, C. D Geneva, N Y 

Beane, W. A Albion, Ind 

Beans, B London, England 

*Beans, L. W. Ill.A 

Bear, C. R Ludlow, 111 

Bear, L. R Ludlow, 111 

Beard, C. G Sterling, 111 

Beard, E. E Lebanon, Tenn 

Beard, F. M Marion, Ind 

Beard, G. F Sacramento, Cal 

Beard, P. B Thwinmont, Md 

Beardsley, S. S. New York, N Y 

Beams, William James Gilbert. 
N.Y.G 74. Deceased 

Beaser, S. K Cleveland, O 

Beasley, E. B Baltimore, Md 

Beasley, W. E. . . .Hazelhurst, Miss 

Beasly, W. A San Jose, Cal 

Beasor, C. C Harrisburg, Pa 

Bentley, C. J Freeport, 111 

Beaton, M., jr Chicago, 111 

Bently, Henry Jacob. Pa.Z 66. De- 
Beatty, Hobart. Ohio D. Deceased 

Beatty, H. G Columbus, O 

Beatty, John General. Ohio A 70. 

Beatty, L. K Washington, D C 

Beatty, R. E Selden, O 

Beatty, S. J Lansdowne, Pa 

Beaumont, D. H. 

New Cumberland, W Va 
Beaumont, E. B.. Grand Mere, Que 
Beazell, B. F. Pa.B 64. Deceased 

Bechtell, R. H Dayton, O 

Beck, A. A Bloomington, Ind 

Beck, A. L Sellersburg, Ind 

Beck, B. W Cressona, Mo 

Beck, C. H St. Louis, Mo 

Beck, Edward Leonidas. Ind.B 82. 

Beck, H. L Bloomington, Ind 

Beck, J. K Bloomington, Ind 

Beck, W. C Rockville, Md 

Beck, W. H Washington, D C 

Beck, W. L Sellersburg, Ind 

Becker, K. W Lancaster, O 

Beckerman, F. F...Des Moines, la 



Beckley, C. A. New Cumberland, Pa 

Beckley, H. C Harrisburg, Pa 

Beckley, H. A Springfield, O 

Beckman, C. A.. Park Rapids, Minn 

Bedinger, H Salem, Mass 

Bednarski, R. E..S. Deerfield, Mass 
Beebe, Archibald N. N.Y.G 94- 

Beeber, T. R Norristown, Pa 

Beecher, F. A Cleveland, O 

Beekman, H. R Chicago, 111 

Beeler, I. N Syracuse, N Y 

Beer, F. T Bucyrus, O 

Beer, William N. Pa. A 61. De- 

Beers, C. H New York, N Y 

Beers, N. T\, jr Brooklyn, N Y 

Beeson, Charles Henry. Ind.B 88. 

Beeson, H. R Edmonds, Wash 

Beeson, J. E Ogden, Utah 

Beetem, H Oakmont, Pa 

Behney, J. C Carlisle, Pa 

Behney, R. H Lebanon, Pa 

Behr, G. E., jr Brooklyn, N Y 

Behre, F. G Walterboro, S C 

Behrends, S. P Springfield, O 

Beisecker, F. W Somerset, Pa 

Beisel, B. R Pittsburg, Pa 

Belch, R. A Jackson, Miss 

Belcher, E. S Brooklyn, N Y 

Belden, F. A Aurora, 111 

Belden, I. C Aurora, 111 

Belden, L. M Chicago. Ill 

Belford, J. M Riverhead, N Y 

Belknap, R. E Chicago, 111 

Bell, A. L Yellow Springs, O 

Bell, B. B Harvard, 111 

Bell, C. L Washington, la 

Bell, D. A Fishersville, Va 

Bell, E. jr....: Johnstown, Pa 

Bell, F. G Nashville, Tenn 

Bell, G. H New York, N Y 

Bell, G. L San Francisco, Cal 

Bell, G. W San Francisco, Cal 

Bell, H. A Oak Park, 111 

Bell, H. A Canton, Pa 

Bell, James Taylor. Tenn. A 59. 

Bell, J. H Plymouth, Cal 

Bell, J. T Watsonville, Pa 

Bell, Martin. Pa.G 67. Deceased 
Bell, Richard M. Pa.G. Deceased 

Bell, R. P Cleveland, O 

Bell, R. P., jr University, Va 

Bell, Samuel Reynolds. Ohio G 92. 

Bell, S. L Nashville, Tenn 

Bell, W. A., jr Dallas, Tex 

Bell, W. C Morgan Park. Ill 

Bell, W. W Ludlow, Okla 

Bellows, D. E Maryville, Mo 

Bellows, F. B Kenilworth, 111 

Bellows, F. L Chicago, 111 

Bellows, F. D Maryville, Mo 

Bellows, H. H Maryville, Mo 

Bellows, J. A Kenilworth, 111 

Belt, Harry D. Ohio A 93. Deceased 

Belt, H. C Seattle, Wash 

Belt, W. L Spokane Falls, Wash 

Beltzhoover, F. E Carlisle, Pa 

Beltzoover, F. B. 

Shephardstown, W Va 

Bement, R Philadelphia, Pa 

Benbow, W Reading, Pa 

Bender, H. K..New Rochelle, N Y 

Bender, W. S Warsaw, Ind 

Bendernagel, J. F., jr. 

Brooklyn, N Y 

Benedict, C. W Findlay, O 

Benedict, H. L Syracuse, N Y 

Benedict, M. A Willows, Cal 

Benedict, M. S Boise, Ida 

Benedict, R. E Olympia, Wash 

Benham, Silas Nelson. Pa.D 59. 

Benjamin, G. G New York, N Y • 

Benjamin, R. E Syracuse, NY 

Bennett, A. L Denver, Colo 

Bennett, C. G New York, N Y 

Bennett, C. J. C Eugene, Ore 

Bennett, C. W . .Piqua, O 

Bennett, C. H....Los Angeles, Cal 

Bennett, C Globe, Ariz 

*Bennett, E. P. Ill.B 

Bennett, F. H Brewster, N Y 

Bennett, G. C Geneva, 111 

Bennett, G. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Bennett, G. H. .. .Birmingham, Ala 

Bennett, G. L Hamilton, N Y 

Bennett, G. R....Los Angeles, Cal 

Bennett, H. P Brooklyn, N Y 

Bennett, H. M Columbus, O 

Bennett, H. C Birmingham, Ala 

Bennett, H. C Medina, O 

Bennett, J. A New York, N Y 

Bennett, J. W. F..New York, N Y 

Bennett, L. P Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Bennett, M. K.Oklahoma City, Okla 

Bennett, W. S Glens Falls, N Y 

Benson, Charles Edgar. Ind.B. De- 

Benson, J Peoria, 111 

Benson, W Cedar Rapids, la 

Bentley, C. J Winnipeg, Can 

Bentley, E. E La Crosse, Wis 

Bentley, E. B Springfield, Mo 

Bentley, F. C Springfield, Mo 

Bentley, M Urbana, 111 

Bentley, O Flat Iron, S D 

Bentley, R. C Worcester, Mass 

Bently, L Columbus, O 

Benton, C. E Fort Scott, Kan 

Benton, C. H . Victorville, Cal 

Benton, H. W. . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Benton, R. A Hannibal, Mo 

Benton, R. W. .New Bedford. Mass 

Bequette, J. C Visalia, Cal 

Berdan, Frederick Thomas. De- 

Bergen, E. M Portland, Ore 

Bergen, J. I Brooklyn, N Y 

Berger, C. V Boston, Mass 

Berger, C. P ...Jackson, Mich 



Berger, Fred G., jr. Mich. A 01. 

Bergstresser, James Calvin. Pa. 
Theta 69. Deceased 

Bergstrom, W. C Tacoma, Wash 

Berkeley, Peyton. Va.G 80. De- 

Berkeley, R. B Farmville, Va 

Berkeley, R. C, jr. 

San Francisco, Cal 
Berkeley, W. N., jr. 

New York, N Y 
Berkeley, William Randolph. Va.A 
50. Deceased 

Berks, H. W . .Champaign, 111 

Berlin, Solomon Jesse. Deceased 

Berndt, A. H Greencastle, Ind 

Berne, W. J., jr... Fort Worth, Tex 

Berry, B. W Pittsburg Pa 

Berry, C. S Wheeling, W Va 

Berry, E. M Bookwalter, Neb 

Berry, F. A Nashville, Tenn 

Berry, J. C Wheeling, W Va 

Berry, N. E Columbus, O 

Berry, O. A Davenport, la 

Berrj-, P. B Chester, Pa 

Berry, R. D Chicago, 111 

Berry, W. J Newark, N T 

Berryhill, J. H Evansville, Ind 

Bertolette, Frederick. Pa.G 67. De- 
Bertolette, Walter. Pa.G 01 De- 

Beshore, H. L Marion, Ind 

Besse, S Newburyport, Mass 

Bessey, Edmund. D.C.A 72 

Besson, S. A Hoboken, N J 

Best, J. R. B Allendale, Ky 

Best, W. H Oak Park, 111 

Bettinger, A Cincinnati, O 

Betts, Barbee. Va.G 71. Deceased 

Bew, W T . H Ventnor, N J 

Beyer, W. McK Altoona, Pa 

Beyers, Henry B. Pa.B 88. De- 

Bias, J. W. Warwick. Va.G 77- 


Bickel, T. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Bickenbach, A. R. . .Frankfort, Kas 

Bickfield, C. H Adams, N Y 

Bickford, R. W Rockland, Me 

Bickley, G. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Biddle, C. M.. Mount Vernon, N Y 

Bidle, W. S Cleveland, O 

Bidwell, E. S Hartford, Conn 

Bidwell, H. F Hartford, Conn 

Bidwell, N. B Boston, Mass 

Biederwolf, C. L. .Fort Wayne, Ind 
Bier, P. G. .North Martinsville, Va 

Bierer, S., jr Hiawatha, Kans 

Biesecker, F. W Somerset, Pa 

Biesecker, James Ellesworth. Pa. 

Eta 80. Deceased 
Bigelow, M. D. 

Fort Leavenworth, Kas 

Biggs, J. A Covington, Ky 

Biggs, V. A Chicago, 111 

Bilderback, Joseph. Deceased 


Bilhuber, E. A May wood, N J 

Bilhuber, P. II May wood, N J 

Bill, C. E Cleveland, 

Bill, W. T Fergus Falls, Minn 

Billin, Howard. Ohio B 73. De- 
Billings, B. W. .Pyeng Yang, Korea 
Billings, Melvin Ozias. Kas. A 86. 

Billings, W. A Waukesha, Wis 

Billingsiey, A. L. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Billingsley, J. K. ... Shelby ville, Ind 

Billingsiey, R. N Orange, Cal 

Billman, H Kentland, Ind 

Billman, J. W Shelbyville, Ind 

Billson, H. L. ...... . Seattle, Wash 

Binder, W. T... Columbia City, Ind 
*Bindhammer, F. S. Ill.A 

Binford, J. T Lutherville, Md 

Bingaman, L. K Sunbury, Pa 

Bingham, E. H. 

Crawfordsville, Ind 
Bingham, Henry Harrison. Pa.A. 58 

Bingham, R. W Yonkers, N Y 

Binkley, L. G Marion, 111 

Binns, J. H. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Birch, G. H Springfield, O 

Birchard, H. C Townville, Pa 

Bird, B. G Baltimore, Md 

Bird, H. E Morenci, Ariz 

Bird, J. E., jr Baltimore, Md 

Birdsall, C. A Friend, Neb 

Birdsall, S. G Syracuse, N Y 

Birk, A. W Cassville, Wis 

Bishop, A. B San Jose, Cal 

Bishop, F. W Peninsula, O 

Bishop, R. H Cincinnati, O 

Bishop, R C Salem, Ore 

Bissell, F. O Buffalo, N Y 

Bissell, H Tama City, la 

Bissinger, J. B Lancaster, Pa 

Bittinger, C. L Ocala, Fla 

Bittinger, H. P Omaha, Neb 

Bitner, D. H Warren, Pa 

Bittle, J. E Turtle Creek, Pa 

Bittle, R. B Turtle Creek, Pa 

Bittle, T. C Myersville, Md 

Bitzer, N. E Lancaster, Pa 

Bixby, E. K St. Paul, Minn 

Blabon, W. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Black, C. W. McG. Cambridge, Mass 
Black, E. N., 3d. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Black, G. C Kansas City, Mo 

Black, G. E Greencastle, Ind 

Black, T. H., jr...Terre Haute, Ind 
Black, L. McK,..Terre Haute, Ind 

Black, L. C Cincinnati, O 

Black, R. B Christ Church, N Z ■" 

Black, R. J., jr McKeesport, Pa 

Black, D. J.... Upper Sandusky, O 

Black, W. Van H Zanesville, O 

Black, W. B Philadelphia, Pa 

Black, W. M. 

Governors Island, N Y 
Blackburn, George Orville. De- 

Blackburn, J. B Pittsburg, Pa 



Blackburn, L Pittsburg, Pa 

Blackenbach, A. R. .Frankfort, Kas 

Blacker, J. R Kansas City, Mo 

Blacker, M. O Kansas City, Mo 

Blackford, C. M., jr. Lynchburg, Va 

Blackford, J. A Bridgeport, O 

Blackledge, J Santa Monica, Cal 

Blackman, T. M. . .Whitewater, Wis 

Blackman, W. J Brooklyn, N Y 

Blackmar, C. M... Kansas City, Mo 

Blackmar, E. M De Ridder, La 

Blackmar, F. H. 

Cartagena, Colombia 

Blackmar, F. W Lawrence, Kas 

Blackmar, H. B Madison, Wis 

Blackwood, J. H..Los Angeles, Cal 

Blades. W. F Dubuque, la 

Blair, D Indiana, Pa 

Blair, F. B Manchester, la 

Blair, J. A. Ill.G 73. Deceased 

Blair, J. W Bloomington, Ind 

Blair, J. C Wytheville, Va 

Blair, J. P New York, NY 

Blair, M. J Wilmetka, 111 

Blair, Thomas A. Ill.G 72. De- 

Blair, W. J Bloomington, Ind 

Blair, W. T Bloomington, Ind 

Blaisdell, G. A Milwaukee, Wis 

Blaisdell, H. L Rockford, 111 

Blake, Byron Bradbury. Ill.B 68, 

Blake, D. H., jr. .Yokohoma,. Japan 
Blake, E. M. Steamboat Springs, Col 

Blake, J. K Faulkland, Del 

Blake, Melville E. Ill.G 73. De- 

Blake, W. F San Francisco, Cal 

Blake, W. M Nashville, Tenn 

Blake, W. W Nashville, Tenn 

Blakeney, W. S. . .Chesterfield, S C 

Blanchard, D Winchester, Mass 

Blanchard, Herman S. Wis.G 93. 

Blanchard, M. A.Mt. Vernon, N Y 

Blanchard, R. H Plympton, Mass 

Blanchard, S. C. .Winchester, Mass 
Blanchard. Valentine. D.C.A 68 

Blanchet, J. B Philadelphia, Pa 

Blanden, M. J. . . Sinclairville, N Y 
Blanding, J. McF. . .Corsicana, Tex 

Blank. G. M. Greensburg, Pa 

Blanpied, Benjamin Thomas. Va.D 

68. Deceased 
Blanpied, John Saurin. Ohio A. 

Blanpied, R. D Montpelier, Vt 

Blauvelt, W. H Syracuse, N Y 

Blayney, D. C Hinsdale, 111 

Bleakley, W. J. Franklin, Pa 

Bledsoe. William Randolph. Va.B 
01. Deceased 

Bleeker, J Ackley, la 

Blethen, C. B Seattle, Wash 

Blewett, R. L Beloit, Wis 

Blewett, T. S Vivian, La 

Bliss, G. C. . . . . Chicago, 111 

Bliss, George Worthington. Pa.G 69. 

Bliss, H. H Washington, D C 

Bliss, H. P Logansport, Ind 

Bliss, L Virginia, Minn 

Bliss, N. E Washington, D C 

Bliss, R. J New York, N Y 

Bliss, T. H Washington, D C 

Bliss, Walter B. Mich.A 81. De- 
*Block, Louis. N.Y.G 09 
Blodgett, F. C. P..Janesville, Wis 

Blodgett, F. H Janesville, Wis 

Blood, P. F Hudson, N H 

Bloomer, Asabel P. H. Ind.G 87. 

Bloomfield, A. L Baltimore, Md 

Blount, J. D Chicago, 111 

Blue, D. B Bartlesville, Okla 

BlumleV, B Terre Haute, Ind 

Blunt, Edmund Coolidge. D.C.A 77. 

Blynne, Lloyd R. Pa. I. Deceased 
Blystone, M. E. . . .Milwaukee, Wis 

Boal, W. S Chicago, 111 

Board, A. R Kansas City, Mo 

Boardman, A. H.Garden City, N Y 

Boardman, C. R Oshkosh, Wis 

Boardman, H. N. . . , Watonga, Okla 

Boardman, J. L Springfield, 111 

Bobb, G. C Columbus, O 

Bodine, D. M., jr Trenton, N J 

Bo?ert, Joseph Kirkendall. Pa.G. 

Boygess, R Springfield, < O 

Boggs, F„ K. . . . . .Cheboygen, Mich 

Boggs, L Waterloo, la 

Boggs, W. E Atlanta, Ga 

Bohland, F. O Upland, Cal 

Boland, W. J Portland, Me 

Bole, R. C Tackson, Cal 

Boles, L. C Cleveland, O 

Boley, E. W E. Cleveland, O 

Bolin, F. E Junction City, Kas 

Boiling, William Holt. Va.A 54. 

Bollinger, J. W Davenport, la 

Bolton, C. McN Olympia, "Wash 

Bolton, E. K Philadelphia, Pa 

Bolton, S Philadelphia, Pa 

Bomberger, H. S. .Boonesboro, Md 
Bomsten, H. E. . .Washington, D C 
Bond, B. W., jr..W. Lafayette, Ind 

Bond, E. P Rutherford, N J 

Bond, J. L Lawrenceburg, Ky 

Bond, W. L Baltimore, Md 

Bone, B. R Denver, Colo 

Bonebrake, F. B... Osage City, Kas 

Boner, C. C Evanston, 111 

Bonheot, F. A Milwaukee, Wis 

Bonnell, H. H. 

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa 
Bonner, J. W.San Juan, Porto Rico 

Bonner, W Des Moines, la 

Bonney, E. M Chicago, 111 

Bonnifield, E. R Beloit, Kas 

Bonson, R Dubuque, la 



Bonson, W. W Dubuque, la 

Bonynge, P Brooklyn, N Y 

Boogher, F St. Louis, Mo 

Booher, W. J. W. 

Moundsville, W Va 

Book, X. G Harrisburg, Pa 

Booker, L University, Va 

Bookwalter, F Cincinnati, Ohio 

Boomhour, J. G Raleigh, X C 

Boone, Benjamin Isaac. S.C. A 72.. 

Booth, C. H. Ill.A Deceased 

Booth e, C. L Gonzales, Tex 

Boothe, E. Y Los Angeles, Cal 

Boothe, F Gonzales, Tex 

Boothe, 1". J Porterviile, Cal 

Boothe, J. H Gonzales, Tex 

Boothe, L. W Los Angeles, Cal 

Boothe, R Gonzales, Tex 

Borden, D. A Milton, Wis 

Borders, M. W Chicago, 111 

Borders, W. W... Kansas City, Kas 
Boren, J. Xicholas. Tenn.B 60. 


Borland, E. W Wray, Colo 

Borland, R. S Mercer, Pa 

Borncamp, C. J Chicago, 111 

Borncamp, Edward. Minn.B 91. 


Boroff, F. J Van Wert, O 

Borrough, H., jr ... .Baltimore, Md 

Boschert, G. E Syracuse, N Y 

Bosler, A Carlisle, Pa 

Bosler, L. C Ogontz, Pa 

Bosler, X. L Carlisle, Pa 

Bosley, C. B Baltimore, Md 

Bosley, J. R..Ft H G Wright, N Y 

Bosley, M. E Chicago, 111 

Bosley, R. W Monkton, Md 

Bosley, W. H., jr. .. .Baltimore, Md 
Boston, Charles. Ind.A. Deceased 
Boston, Reuben Beverly. Va.A 55. 

Boston, William Stewart. Ind.A. 

Bostwick, A. W. . Vincentown, N Y 

Bostwick, C. J Seattle, Wash 

Bostwick, Frank Dwight. Pa.B 62. 


Bostwick, S. C Janesville, Wis 

Boswell, G. M Atkinson, Neb 

Boswell, T. E S. Omaha, Neb 

Bosworth, Alfred. Ill.B. Deceased 

Bosworth, W. H Elgin, 111 

Bosworth, W. E Elgin, 111 

Bottome, W. McD. 

Swanscombe, Kent, England 

Bouck, F. N Watkins, N Y 

Bough ton, E. W. .Washington, D C 

Boughton, J. H St. Louis, Mo 

Boughton, Van T. 

Valley Falls, N Y 

Bourn, H. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Bousfield, H. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Boutcher, Charles. Pa.Theta 82. 


Boutillier, B. H . . . . Wynnewood, Pa 

Boutin, F. C Bayfield, Wis 

Bovard, F. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Bovard, G. F Los Angeles, Cal 

Bowdle, J. R. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bowdoin, H. J Baltimore, Md 

Bowen, B. C Gulfport, Miss 

Bowen, C. K. . . .Charlestown, N H 
"Bowen, F. H. Ind.B 79 

Bowen, G. F Xew York, X Y 

Bowen, John Reed. N.Y.A 93 De- 

Bowen, J. S Billings, Mont 

Bowen, W. J Pleasanton, Tex 

Bowen, William Jeremiah. Miss. A 
81. Deceased 

Bowen G. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Bower, J. H Methuen, Mass 

Bower, J. J Belief onte, Pa 

Bower, R. E Yorktown, Va 

Bower, W. H Riverton, N J 

Bowernnd, E. S Cleveland, O 

Bowers, A. G Bellaire, O 

Bowers, C. A Cleveland, O 

Bowers, G. S Winchester, Va 

Bowers, H. W Portland, Ind 

Bowers, J. C Baltimore, Md 

Bowles, G. H Kansas City, Mo 

Bowies, T. C Denver, Colo 

Bowman, A. C Uvald, Tex 

Bowman, C. H. . .Gouverneur, X Y 
Bowman, C. L. 

Mount Vernon, N Y 

Bowman, D. H Omaha, Xeb 

Bowman, E. K Hardin, Mont 

Bowman, F. C Wyoming, O 

Bowman, H. L. .. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Bowman, H. E Campello, Mass 

Bowman, Jacob Zwingli. Pa. Eta 78. 

Bowman, J. C Lancaster, Pa 

Bowman, J. D Glen Manor, Pa 

Bowman, J. H Madison, Wis 

Bowman, John Wesley. Calif. A 82. 

Bowman, J. E Lancaster, Pa 

Bowman, L. C. .. .Gouverneur, N Y 
Bowman, S. H. .Huntington, W Va 

Bowman, W. F Ardmore, Okla 

Bowman, William M. Pa. A 63. De- 

Bowron, C. F Hiawatha, Kans 

Bowser, F. E Warsaw, Ind 

Bowser, F. K Warsaw, Ind 

Bowser, George Franklin. Pa. A 98. 

Bowser, Edmund F. Va.A 56 De- 

Boyce, B. S Chicago, 111 

Boyce, C. S Binghamton, N Y 

Boyce, E. D Binghamton, N Y 

Boyce, Francis James. N.Y.B De- 

Boyce, R. S Pleasant Mount, Pa 

Boyd, C. W..Salt Lake City, Utah 



Boyd, F. L Haverford, Pa 

Boyd, H Buffalo, N Y 

Boyd, J Greencastle, Ind 

Boyd, James Maury. Va.A 57. De- 

Boyd, N. H Sharon, Pa 

Boyd, R. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Boyd, R. W Malcolmn, la 

Boyd, F. R Monmouth, 111 

Boyden, F. L Deerfield, Mass 

Boyden, R. A Dorchester, Mass 

Boyer, A Pratt, W Va 

Boyer, B. R Camden, N J 

Boyer, Carl Adams. Minn.B 97. 

Boyer, E. S . . . . Somersworth, N H 

Boyer, F. B North Adams, Mass 

Boyer, F. W Pottsville, Pa 

Boyer, G. P... Canal Winchester, O 

Boyer, H. V New York, N Y 

Boyer, K. H Petersburg, Pa 

Boyer, R. L Hagerstown, Md 

Boyer, R. W New York, N Y 

Boyer, S. C, jr Pratt, W Va 

Boyer, W. DeW Scranton, Pa 

Boyer, L. H Cressona, Pa 

Boyer, W. E Montreal, Canada 

Boyer, W. McC Reading, Pa 

Boyson, W. A Harrisburg, Pa 

Bozorth, H. R Mt. Joy, Pa 

Boyer, W. McH Reading, Pa 

Boyer, Z. P., jr Pottsville, Pa 

Boykin, F. T. R Rome, Italy 

Boykin. R. E Brunswick, Ga 

Boyle, C. W Shoals, Ind 

Boyle, J. D Stillwater, Minn 

Boyle, T. R. M Hagerstown, Md 

Boyle, W. R Shoals, Ind 

Boylston, Robert Bentham. S.C.A 
6q. Deceased 

Boynton, A. L Andover, N. Y T 

Boysen, A. V: Harlan, Iowa 

Bracken, L. L Muncie, Ind 

Bracken, T. E Muncie, Ind 

Bradbury, F. W Jarrettown, Pa 

Bradbury, Henry Wilson. Pa.I 05. 

Bradbury, R. C Jarrettown, Pa 

Bradbury, S New York, N Y 

Braden, E. V Pittsburg, Pa 

Braden, J. M Washington, Pa 

Braden, L. R Santa Clara, Cal 

Bradford, C. C.Niagara Falls, N. Y 

Bradford, H. Le R Columbus, O 

Bradford, Philander C. Va.A 53- 

Bradford, Wesley. Ill.A 80. De- 

Bradish, Robert C. Pa.Theta 77. De- 

Bradish, N. C Decorah, Iowa 

Bradley, A. R Syracuse, N Y 

Bradley, D. C Centerville, Iowa 

Bradley, H. C Montclair, N J 

Bradley, J Batavia, 111 

Bradley, J. C. F Chicago, 111 

Bradley, R. *R Chicago, 111 

Bradley, R. E Baltimore, Md 

Bradshaw, G. D Johnstown, Pa 

Bradshaw, P. L Superior, Wis 

Brady, J. A Lakewood, O 

Brady, J. H., jr Baltimore, Md 

Brady, J. C Washington, D C 

Brady, L Baltimore, Md 

Brady, T., jr Brookhaven, Miss 

Bragdon, C. C Pasadena, Cal 

Bragg, E. H Mt. Vernon, N. Y 

Bragoner, A. T. 

Shepherdstown, W. Va. 
Brahm, E. W... South Whitley, Ind 

Braiden, B. F Rochelle, Ind 

Brainerd, C. L Chicago, 111 

Brainerd, H. H.. Council Bluffs, la 
Brainerd, O. H....Iowa City, Iowa 
Braman, C. F. .Mount Morris, N. Y 
Bramlette, E. M. . . .Longview, Tex 
Bramlette, Felix Bernard. Tex. A 04. 

Bramlette, P. M Longview, Tex 

Branch, A. M...San Francisco, Cal 

Brand, T. T., jr . . . .Urbana, O 

Brandenburg, E. C.Ft. Worth, Tex 
Brandebury, E. T 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Brandon, J. H Nashville, Tenn 

Brandt, H. W Cleveland, O 

Brannon, Charles Adolphus. Tex.B 

75. Deceased 
Brannon, W. L., jr. 

Coffeeville, Miss 
Bransford, C. W. . .Owensboro, Ken 

Brant, C Lucasville, O 

Brant, H. W Chicago, 111 

Brant, W. L New York, N Y 

Brassington, Frank Augustus N. 

Ohio E. 06. Deceased 
Bratt, Benjamin R. Pa.B 55. De- 

Bratton, C. A Pontotoc, Miss 

Bratton, P. R Charleston, S. C 

Bravo, H. L Toledo, O 

Bray, F. C Chautauqua, N Y 

Bray, G. G Industry, Pa 

Bray, Henry. Pa.G 62. Deceased 

Bray, R. G Stittsville, N Y 

Brayton, Clarence Edward. N.Y.A 
96. Deceased 

Brazell, J. C Belmont, Cal 

Brearley, Lewis G. Mass. A. De- 
Breckenbridge, Peachy Gilmer. Va. 

A 57. Deceased 
Breckenbridge, W. R.Lafayette, Ind 
Breckinridge, S. D.Washington, D C 
*Breed, M. E. Ill.A 
Breed, William P. Pa.I. Deceased 
Britzman, E. J... Fond du Lac, Wis 

Bremer, H. B Philadelphia, Pa 

Bremer, O. A Oakland, Md 

Bremerman, L. T. .Downington^ Pa 

Breneman, H. C Cincinnati, O 

Breneman, H. G Trenton, N. J 



Brennan, J. W Geneva, N. Y 

Brenner, Edgar Irving. Pa.E 82. 

Brenner, F. C. . . .Hollidaysburg, Pa 

Brenner, H. E Lancaster, Pa 

Brenner, M. L Gonzales, Tex 

Breon, G. A Denver, Colo 

Bresee, E. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Bresee, S Rapidan, Va 

Bret, I. S Cleveland, O 

Brewer, C. B Chicago, 111 

Brewer, F. S Chicago, 111 

Brewer, F. B Utica, N. Y 

Brewer, J. L Rochester, N Y 

Brewer, J. S Chicago, 111 

Brewster, E. T Dayton, O 

Brewster, F. W Ioia, Kan 

Brewster, H. B Buffalo, N Y 

Brewster, J. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Brewster, M. R. .Lake Placid, N Y 

Brewster, S. C Pasadena. Cal 

Brewster, W. N Boston, Mass 

Breyfogle, Charles VV. Ohio A 61. 

Brickell, H San Francisco, Cal 

Bridenbaugh, G. B Reading, Pa 

Bridenbaugh, J. H Reading, Pa 

Bridenbaugh, Paul S. Pa. Eta 96. 

Bridenbaugh, P. H.Martinsburg, Pa 
Bridenbaugh, P. H , jr. 

Saltsburg, Pa 

Bridenbaugh, S. R Reading, Pa 

Bridenbaugh, W. H. . . . Altoona, Pa 

Bridge, D. U Portland. Ind 

Bridge, U. S. A Peru, Ind 

Bridges, A. F. 

Colorado Springs, Colo 

Bridges, G. G.» Massena, N Y 

Bridges, J. B Charlotte, N C 

Bridges, J. S Baltimore, Md 

Brigden, A. E Rochester, N Y 

Briggs, F. F Hackensack, N T 

Briggs, H. S Pottstown, Pa 

Briga-s, J. H St. Louis, Mo 

Briggs, S. D Arleta, Ore 

Bright, George Gordon. N.Y.A 71. 

Bright, Henry. Pa. I 78. Deceased 

Brisrht, T. W Baltimore. Md 

Brifhart, D. G Lathrop, Mo 

Brimmer, J. R Lancaster, Pa 

Brink, H. L Buhl, Idaho 

Brinkerhoff, A. D Dallas, Tex 

Brinkerhoff, G. N ... Springfield, 111 
Brinton, S. J.... Centre Square, Pa 

Bristol, I. J New York, N. Y 

Bristol, L. W Sioux Citv, la 

Bristol, P. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Bristow, W. M Brooklyn, N Y 

Brittain, B Pittsburgh, Pa 

Brittain, C. F Washington, Pa 

Brittain, J. S...San Francisco, Cal 

Brittain, S Craf ton, Pa 

Brittain, W. E Berkeley, Cal 

Britton, Chester J. Ind.G 90. De- 

Britton, Walter Hamlin. Kas.A 81. 

Broadbent, G. S Easton, Pa 

Broadbent, J. H Beaver, Pa 

Broadhurst, P. H.. Brooklyn, N Y 
Broadhurst, W. C. . Brooklyn, N Y 

Broadway, A .Syracuse, N Y 

Broadway, K. E. . .'.Syracuse, N Y 

Broadwell, S Springfield, 111 

Brock, R. L. . .Morgantown, W. Va 

Brock, S. G Macon, Mo 

Brockenbrough, John Bowyer. Va. 

A 57. Deceased 
Brockenbrough, Robert L. Va.B 60. 

Brockway, G Spokane, Wash 

Brodi, J. L ...Memphis, Tenn 

Brodix, F. T Chicago, 111 

Brogan, J. F Salem, Ore 

Bromley, C. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Bromley, J Germantown, Pa 

Brommer, J. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Bronaugh, E. C, jr. .Portland, Ore 
Bronaugh, William Naylor. Va.A 56. 

Bronson, L Chicago, 111 

Brooke, A Grantville, Kan 

Brooke, B. H Radner, Pa 

Brooke, F. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Brooke, J. C. C Alpine. Tex 

Brooke, P. S Spokane, Wash 

Brooke, R. D Spokane, Wash 

Brooke, Samuel B. Ohio A 98. De- 
Brookmire, M. L, 

Findlavs Lake. N. Y 

Brooks, E. A Weston, W. Va 

Brooks, Emory H. Ind. A. Deceased 

Brooks, H. K Mill Run, Pa 

Brooks, H. K Vancouver, B C 

Brooks, H. S Springfield, O 

Brooks, P. A. . . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Brooks, S. D Vancouver. B C 

Brooks, S. G Columbus, O 

Brooks, W. A. 

Oklahoma City. Okla 
Brooks, W. M....New York, N Y 
Broome, J. H . ..Binghampton, Tenn 

Broomhall, A. F Troy, O 

Brosey, H. G Medwav. O 

Bross, P. F Wahoo, Neb 

Brotherlin, H. L Tipton, Iowa 

Brotherton, C. J Lima. O 

Browder, H. T. T EufauJa. Ala 

Browne, Aldis Birdsley. DC. A 78. 

Brown, A Baltimore. Md 

Brown, A. J Litchfield, Minn 

Brown, A. J., jr Montclair, N. J 

Brown, A. K Chicago, 111 

Brown, B. H Waverly, Mo 

Brown, Burten Wellington. N.Y.B 


Brown, C. B Chin-Kiang, China 

Brown, C. E Spokane, Wash 

Brown, C. F Big Rapids, Mich 

Brown, C. F Bryn Mawr, Pa 



Brown, C. G...San Francisco, Cal 

Brown, C. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Brown, C. H Roselle Park, N. J 

Brown, C. J. Pittsburg, Pa 

Browne, C. S Springfield, Ohio 

Brown, C. W. Pa.I 80. Deceased 

Brown, D. E East Orange, N. J 

Brown, D. F. New York, N. Y 

Brown, D. H Meadville, Pa 

Brown, D. L....San Francisco, Cal 

Brown, E Emmetsburg, Iowa 

Brown, E., jr Norfolk, Conn 

Brown, E. A... Millers Falls, Mass 

Brown, E. A Kansas City, Kan 

Brown, E. C Tarlac Tarlac, P 1 

Brown, E. G Maline, 111 

Browne, E. K Brooklyn, N Y 

Brown, E. J Beatrice, Neb 

Brown, E. L Eufaula, Ala 

Brown, E. L Cleveland, O 

Brown, E. McC McKittrick, Cal 

Brown, E. W. Miss.B 60. Deceased 
Brown, Frank. Pa.B 59. Deceased 

Brown, F. E Kansas City, Mo 

Brown, F. L Cocoa, Fla 

Brown, G. M New York, N Y 

Brown, G. S Wheeling, W Va 

Brown, H. B. E...Los Angeles, Cal 

Brown, H. E Duluth, Minn 

Brown, H. L New York, N Y 

Brown, H. W Jersey City, N J 

Brown, H. M Wagoner, Okla 

Browne, H. Z Kosciusko, Miss 

Brown, Hamilton McFarland. Md.A 
86. Deceased 

Brown, J Owatonna, Minn 

Brown, J. A College Corner, O 

Brown, J. C Longview, Tex 

Brown, J. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Brown, J. L San Antonio, Tex 

Brown, J. M Chelsea, Mass 

Brown, J. S . . .- Sullivan, Ind 

Brown, J. T Franklin, Tenn 

Brown, J. T., jr University, Va 

Brown, J. W Lancaster, Pa 

Brown, Joseph H. Pa.B 64. De- 

Brown, L Saranac Lake, N Y 

Brown, L. A. .... .Indianapolis, Ind 

Brown, L. E Syracuse, N Y 

Brown, L. L Evanston, 111 

Brown, L. W Jacksonville, 111 

Brown, M Brunswick, Ga 

Brown. M. O Meadville, Pa 

Brown', M. R Fall River, Mass 

Browne, M. S Columbus, O 

Brown, O Bav City, Tex 

Browne, P Rhinelander, Wis 

Brown, Philip Auld Harrison. Pa.Z 

60. Deceased 
Brown, P.. Annapolis Junction, Md 

Browne, P. Z Kosciusko. Miss 

Brown, R. B Warsaw, Ky 

Brown, R. C Chicago, 111 

Brown, R. G., jr. .. .Longview, Tex 

Brown, R. H Bridgeport, Conn 

Brown, R. M. L. .New York, N Y 

Brown, R. M., 

New Cumberland, W Va 

Brown, R. W Fall River, Mass 

Brown, S. J Washington, D C 

Brown, S. M St. Joe, Mo 

Brown, S. S Pittsburg, Pa 

Brown, T. H Columbus, O 

Brown, T. M New York, N Y 

Brown, V. F Middletown, O 

Brown, Wilbur. D.C.A 80. De- 

Brown, W Lancaster, Pa 

Brown, W. C Indianapolis, Ind 

Brown, W. E Boonton, N. J 

Brown, W. E South Bend, Ind 

Brown, W. P Alma, Kan 

Brown, W. S Providence, R I 

Brownback, O. W. . .Pendleton, Ind 
Brownfield, R. L. . . Swarthmore, Pa 
Browning, J. A... New York, N Y 

Brownlie, I. C Denver, Colo 

*Brownson, Henry S. N.Y.E. 

Brownson, J. I Washington, Pa 

Brownson, M. A. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Brubacker, J. F Lancaster, Pa 

Brubaker, G. A .Robinson, 111 

Brubaker, H. C. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Brubaker, Isaac Probst. Pa. Eta 72. 

Brubaker, L. A. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Brubaker, W. T. . .Philadelphia, Jra 

Brubaker, W. M Lancaster, Pa 

Brubeck, R. E....New Albany, Ind 

Bruce, A Lithia, Fla 

Bruce, C. W Atlantic, Iowa 

Bruce, H., jr Louisville, Ky 

Bruce, L. Brunswick, Mo 

Bruce, W. L Macomb. Ill 

Bruckart, Daniel Webster. Pa.Theta 
69. Deceased 

Bruckart, L. D San Diego, Cal 

Brucker, F. L Monticello, Ind 

Bruere, H. C New York, N Y 

Brumby, J. W Marietta, Ga 

Brune, H. M Baltimore. Md 

Brunn, E. F Patchogue, N Y 

Brush, D. S Pittsburgh, N Y 

Brush, Frank E. la. A 75. De- 

Brushingham, J. P Chicago, 111 

Bryan, F. E St. Louis, Mo 

Bryan, H Sherburne, N Y 

Bryan, J. Richmond, Va 

Bryan, L. L El Paso, Tex 

Bryan, S. B. Miss. A 60. Deceased 

Bryan, S. M Lincoln, Neb 

Bryant, H Clinton, la 

Bryant, T. V. .. .Independence, Mo 

Bryden, A Dunmore, Pa 

Bryden, C. L Scranton, Pa 

Buchan, F. E Omaha, Neb 

Buchan, S. C. . . .Union Grove, Wis 
Buchanan, A. M., 

Morgantown, W Va 

Buchanan, C. C Omaha, Neb 

Buchanan, C. R., 

Grand Rapids, Mich 



Buchanan, E. R. . .Wallingford, Pa 

Buchanan, G Montclair, N J 

Buchanan, H. L. .Haddonfield, N J 

Buchanan, H Philadelphia, Pa 

Buchanan, John McFarren. Pa.A 73. 

Buchanan, J. K.Morgantown, W Va 
Buchanan, R. T. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Buchanan, R Parsons, Pa 

Buchanan, V. S Madison, Wis 

Buchwalter, Luther M. Ohio. A. De- 

Buchwalter, M. L Cincinnati, O 

Buck, F. W Duluth, Minn 

Buck, G. L Glencoe, 111 

Buck, H. C Clayville, N Y 

Buck, W. H Fleming, Pa 

Buckles, R. W Kansas City, Mo 

Buckley, J. J Milton, N H 

Buckley, J. L Enterprise, Miss 

Buckley, Newton E.... Omaha, Neb 
Buckley, R. F..San Francisco, CaJ 
Buckley, T. M..San Francisco, Cal 

Bucks, C. H Aurora, 111 

Budd, H. H Mt. Holly, N J 

Buddeke, I. W Chicago, 111 

Buechner, C. A Brooklyn, N Y 

Buehler, Harry F. Pa.E. Deceased 

Buehler, W. F Newark, N J 

Buell, C. E.. Madison, Wis 

Buell, T. R Herndon, Va 

Buemming, H. W. .Milwaukee, Wis 

Buffington, M Brookville, Pa 

Buffum, F. H., jr..S. Easton, Mass 

Buford, H. S Fairfax, Okla 

Buford, J. H Guthrie, Okla 

Buford, W. B Roanoke, Va 

Bugbee, K. C Buffalo, N. Y 

Buie, J Potter Valley, Cal 

Bulette, L. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Bullard, W Scranton, Miss 

Bullene, H. B Lawrence, Kan 

Buller, E. E Altoona, Pa 

Bullitt, J. C, jr Philadelphia, Pa 

Bullock, C. F Geneva, N Y 

Bullock, E Isles of Pines, Cuba 

Bullock, J. E Germantown, Pa 

Bullock, J. F Penn Yan, N Y 

Bullock, W. W Palmyra, N Y 

Bultman, H. D. ... .Brooklyn, N Y 
Bumgardner, J., jr. . ..Staunton, Va 
Bundock, Samuel. Ill A 69 

Bundy, I Chicago, 111 

Bunge, E. J Maplehurst, 111 

Bunge, G. W La Crosse, Wis 

Bunker, T Paterson, N J 

*Bunnell, Milie. Mich. A 76. 

Bunting, J. E Benton, Pa 

Bunting, W. H Ashland, Pa 

Bunyan, E. T Colchester, Conn 

Buoy, R. B Milton, Pa 

Burch, A. B Carthage, Mo 

Burch, T. H., jr. .New York, N Y 

Burch, W. T Washington, D C 

Burchall, Edward. D.C.A 76. De- 

Burchard, E. F. .Washington, D C 


Burchard, H. H Harlingen, Tex 

Burchard, P. C.Fort Atkinson, Wis 
Burchell, N. L. . .Washington, D C 
Burchinal, Joseph Gans. Pa.G. De- 

Burd, W. D Union Co., la 

Burdette, E. M. .Charleston, W Va 
Burdette, Robert Jones. Ind.G 78. 

Burdick, E. F Seattle, Wash 

Burdick, T. A Fairmont, Minn 

Burdsall, E. M..Port Chester, N Y 
Burdsall, R. L. .Port Chester, N Y 

Burford, J. H Guthrie, Okla 

Burge, R. J Clinton, Mo 

Burger, C. V Maryville, Tenn 

Burgess, G. H Duluth, Minn 

Burhyte, E. L Buffalo, N Y 

Burk, A Decatur, Ind 

Burke, E. W Chicago, 111 

Burke, F. H Batavia, Wis 

Burke, I. C Baltimore, Md 

Burke, M. F Washington, Ind 

Burke, W. S Batavia, 111 

Burkhart,H. Z Ketchikan, Alaska 

Burkhart, J Marion, 111 

Burky, C. R Jerome, Idaho 

Burleigh, B Springfield, O 

Burleigh, J. P. . .Merchantsville, Pa 
Burlingame, M. 

Cherry Valley, N Y 
Burlse, Arthur W\ Pa.B 02 
Burmeister, J. C. jr. .. .Chicago, 111 

Burnet, H. B Indianapolis, Ind 

Burnet, P. B Kansas City, Mo 

Burnett, A. C Waban, Mass 

Burnett, E. M Chicago, 111 

Burnett, T. C Vicksburg, Miss 

Burney, J. P Oakland, Cal 

Burney, J. T Kansas City, Mo 

Burney, W. T Oakland, Cal 

Burnham, H. M . Harpersville, Miss 

Burnham, J. L Lincoln, Neb 

Burns, C. H Worcester, Mass 

Burns, G. T Princeton, Va 

Burns, G. W Cincinnati, O 

Burns, R. A St. Louis, Mo 

*Burns, W. F. Ill.A. 

Burr, C. H..L. White Plains, N. Y 

Burr, F. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Burr, R. A Mauch Chunk, Pa 

Burr, W. F Akron, O 

Burrage, D. G Crete, Neb 

Burrell, G. H.. Niagara Falls, N. Y 
Burrell, J. L. A... Lisbon, Portugal 
Burrell, William R. Pa.A. De- 

Burritt, F. N Weedsport, N. Y 

Burrows, F. G..San Francisco, Cal 

Burrus, C. J Yazoo City, Miss 

Burt, W. G Evanston, 111 

Burton, Edgar Clarence. Ind.B 89. 

B-urton, _F. J Chicago, 111 

Burton, H. B New York, N Y 

Burton J. H Washington, D C 

Burton, J. W.Salt Lake City, Utah 


*Burton, Lewis II. Mich. A 92. 

Burton, R. O., jr Raleigh, N C 

Burton, R. F Kansas City, Mo 

Burtsfield, S. S Toledo, O 

Burwell, L. M Reno, Nev 

Burwell, Robert T. Va.G 60. De- 

Busbee, C. M Raleigh, N C 

Busby, F. H . . . . San Francisco, Cal 
Buschmann, C. S.Indianapolis, Ind 

Busey, W. McC Baltimore, Md 

Bush, A. B Garden City, N Y 

Bush, I. A Vandergrift, Pa 

*Bush, John Standish Foster. N.Y. 

A 69 
Bushnell, A. C... Kansas City, Mo 

Bushnell, C. C Chicago, 111 

Bushnell, H. C. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Bushnell, J. L Springfield, O 

Bushong, William H. Pa. Eta 60. 

Buskirk, A. V. . . .Bloomington, Ind 
Buskirk, H. H. . ..Bloomington, Ind 
*Buskirk, John V. Ind.B 77 
Buskirk, Lawrence Van. Ind.B 82. 

Buskirk, Philip K. Ind.B 78. De- 

Butcher, C. A Des Moines, la 

Butler, A. E Evanston, 111 

Butler, B. F Sibley, la 

Butler, D. B Frankfort, Mich 

Butler, E. R., jr. . .Brooklyn, N Y 

Butler, G. S Columbus, O 

Butler, J. E Marion, Ind 

Butler, John Maurice. Ind.G 83. 

Butler, Oscar. Mo. A 73. Deceased 

Butler, P St. Paul, Minn 

Butler, R. H Cincinnati, O 

Butler, T. B. J Gaffney, S C 

Buttelman, F. W.San Francisco, Cal 

Butterfield, C. F Cameron, N Y 

Butterfield, H. J Erie, Pa 

Butterfield, Samuel Johnson. Pa.B 
61. Deceased 

Butterfield, W Belvidere, 111 

Butters, M. H Ludington, Mich 

Butters, R. H Ludington, Mich 

Butterworth, W. M Chicago, 111 

Buttolph, L. J Harvard, Mich 

Butts, E. S., jr. . . .Vicksburg, Miss 
Buxton, C. B. . . .East Sound, Wash 

Buxton, F. J W^ayne, Pa 

Buzick, I. C Des Moines, Iowa 

Buzzell, E. A Chicago, 111 

Byer, H. B Parkersburg, W. Va 

Byers, E. M Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Byers, F. C Rosemere, O 

Byers, J. W. ...Upper Sandusky, O 

Byers, W. C Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Bynum, D. H Washington, D C 

Byrd, A. R San Antonio, Tex 

Byrd, Edgar Leon. Miss. A 02. De- 
Byrd, John Frederick. S.C.A 61. 

Byrns, James A. Ind.G 87. De- 

Cabell, Joseph Carrington, jr. Va.A 

54. Deceased 
Cabell, W. B. W. S. . .Danville, Va 

Cable, J. W Hagerstown, Md 

Cabot, N. F Lebanon, Tenn 

Cadle, C. J Charleston, 111 

Cadman, L. E.... Kansas City, Mo 

Cadwallader, J. A Yardley, Pa 

Cady, A. C Chicago, 111 

Cahall, T Wallingfor'd, Pa 

Cairns, B. S Memphis, Tenn 

Calder, G. J Sacramento, Cal 

Calder, G. O Pittsburg, Pa 

Calder, Horace Lincoln. Pa.G. De- 
Caldwell, A. B . Saangla Hill, Punjab 

Caldwell, C Oxford, Pa 

Caldwell, C. S Washington, Pa 

Caldwell, E. W...New York, N Y 

Caldwell, H. V. Y Delaware, O 

Caldwell, J. M Newark, O 

Caldwell, J. H....New York, N. Y 
Caldwell, J. L., jr., 

Huntington, W Va 

Caldwell, J. W .Seymour, Ind 

Caldwell, K. F. . .Winchester, Mass. 

Calhoun, A. L Beaumont, Tex 

Calkins, Carroll. Ind.A 84. De- 

Calkin, L. P Atlantic City, N J 

Calkins, F. S Los Angeles, Cal 

Calkins, William Henry. Ind.A. De- 
Callaghan, W. A.Ogdensburg, N Y 

Callahan, A. E St. Joe, Mo 

Callahan, C. H Norwood, Mass 

Callahan, E. B... Little Falls, N Y 

Callahan, L. D Omaha, Neb 

Callaway, C. B Dallas, Tex 

Callaway, H. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Callender, D., jr Norfolk, Va 

Calloway, W. B Cincinnati, O 

Caiman, David. N.Y.G 72. De- 

Calvert, W. T Atlanta, Ga 

Calvin, C. B Miles City, Mont 

Cameron, C. R. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Cameron, R. C Goldfield, Nev 

Cameron, R. H. Pa.B 67. Deceased 
"Caminetti, Farley Drew. Cal.G 

Camp, W. N Ocala, Fla 

Campbell, A. W Emmet, Idaho 

Campbell, B. H Johnstown, Pa 

Campbell, C. W Louisille, Ky 

Campbell, C. G New York, N Y 

Campbell, D. S Joplin, Mo 

Campbell, D Marion, Ind 

Campbell, Duncan Hugh. Calif.Goi. 

Campbell, E. M. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Campbell, E. C... Little Rock, Ark 
Campbell, E. F McDonald, Pa 



Campbell, Ernest Leslie. Va.D 64. 

Campbell, F. J Fargo, N D 

Campbell, H. C Toledo, O 

Campbell, H. J Riverside, 111 

Campbell, J Denver, Colo 

Campbell, J. P Lincoln, Neb 

Campbell, J. T Topeka, Kan 

Campbell, J. W.... Joliet, 111 

Campbell, L. A Newport, N. i 

Campbell, M. T Topeka, Kan 

Campbell, N. C... Kansas City, Mo 

Campbell, O. F Plattsburg, O 

Campbell, O. H St. Louis, Mo 

Campbell, P St. Lotus, Mo 

Campbell, R. F.Millboro Depot. Va 
Campbell, R. J.... Kansas City, Mo 
Campbell, R. M.San Francisco, Cal 

Campbell, R. W Ft. Smith. Ark 

Campbell, Thomas Cochran. Pa. A 
53. Deceased 

Campbell, W. C Roanoke, Va 

Campbell, W. T Steubenville, O 

Campbell, W E Denver, Colo 

Campbell, Z. A Blockton. Iowa 

Candor, J Chillisquaqua, Pa 

Canfield, Albert Taylor. Pa.Z 62. 

Canfield, Charles Granger. X. Y.A 

69. Deceased 
Canfield, L. P ... Clarksburg, W Va 
Canney, F. G...San Francisco, Cal 
Canning, H. W. . Minneapolis, Minn 

Canse, T. M Vancouver, Wash 

Cant, H. G Duluth, Minn 

Cant, H. B Duluth, Minn 

Cant, K. S Duluth, Minn 

Cantay, James. S.C.A 67. De- 
Capron. A. B. . . .Mt. Vernon, N. Y 

Card, D. P Hamilton, N Y 

Carden, J Chicago. Ill 

Cardie, M. McL Everett, Wash 

Carey, C. D Chicago, 111 

Carey, G New York, N. Y 

Carey, J. W Chicago. Ill 

Carey, N. P Norwich, Conn 

Carey, R. H Littleton, Mass 

Carey, T. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Carl, Charles Weiser. Pa.E 80. De- 

Carlbert, C. F Lindsborg, Kan 

Carlin, E. J Denver, Colo 

Carlin, W. J New York, N Y 

Carlisle, Basil W. Ohio G 73- De- 

Carlisle, S. R Cleveland, O 

Carlson, C Masters, Colo 

Carlson, H. C. . . .Albert Lea, Minn 

Carlson, M Masters, Colo 

Carmack, G. H Columbus, O 

Carmichael, C New York, N Y 

Carncross, H. L. ...Philadelphia, Pa 

Carney, A. C Charleston, W Va 

Carney, H. L. . ..Charleston, y/ Va 

Cams, R. L Omaha, Neb 

Caron, A. T Southbridge, Mass 

Carothers, H. I Syracuse, N. Y 

Carothers, J. E Syracuse, N Y 

Carothers, R. M . . . . Syracuse, N Y 

Carpenter, A. G Cleveland, O 

Carpenter, A. B..Los Angeles, Cal 
Carpenter, B. \V .... Richmond, Ind 

Carpenter, C. T Coffeyville, Kan 

Carpenter, Eugene Grove. Ohio A. 

Carpenter, F. D., 

Washington Court House, O 
Carpenter, F. G., 

Washington Court House, O 

Carpenter, F. H Kenosha, Wis 

Carpenter, F. W Evanston, 111 

Carpenter, H. G Ithaca, N. Y 

Carpenter, I Los Angeles, Cal 

Carpenter, J. D Rockville, 111 

Carpenter, J. F. ...... .Garrett, Ind 

Carpenter, L. D. . . .Indianola, Iowa 

Carpenter, N. E Dolores, Colo 

Carpenter, P. J. . ..Wilmington, Del 

Carpenter, R. E Rutland, Vt 

Carpenter, W. F Deerfield, O 

Carr, C. T Los Angeles, Cal 

Carr, F. P Des Moines, Iowa 

Carr, G. H Ulysses, Pa 

Carr, J. D Los Angeles, Cal 

Carr, J. G Aurora, 111 

Carr, J. P Fowler, Ind 

Carr, O. A Sherman, Tex 

Carr, O. E Portland, Ore 

Carr, W. R Uniontown, Pa 

Carr, W. W .Fowler, Ind 

Carret, F. W Chicago, 111 

Carrick, C. R Buffalo, N Y 

Carrier, S. C Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Carrigan, C. E.Moundsville, W. Va 
Carrigan, C. W. .. .Philadelphia, Pa 
Carrington, Clement. Va.G 55. De- 
Carrington, Edward Codrington. D. 

C.A 68. Deceased 
Carrington, George. Va.A 55. De- 
Carrington, G. W. .. .Richmond, Va 
Carrington, J. M.Washington, D C 
Carrington, John Wimbish. Va.A 56. 

Carrington, Thomas R. Va.G 55. 

Carroll, C New Orleans, La 

Carroll, G Little Rock, Ark 

Carroll, J. H Cadiz, Spain 

Carroll, L. D London, England 

Carruthers, D. W Carlisle, Pa 

Carson, A. C Columbus, O 

Carson, E. T Shelbyville, Ind 

Carson, F. F Ann Arbor, Mich 

Carson, G. H Springfield, O 

Carson, G. R....San Francisco, Cal 

Carson, G. P Washington, Pa 

Carson, H. J Muscatine, la 

Carson, J. R Reynolds, Ga 

Carson, W. A Berwyn, 111 

Carson, W. B Delaware, O 

Carstarphen, F. E . . New York, N Y 



Carsten, R. M , . . .Pittsburg, Pa 

Carter, D. G Lake City, Iowa 

Carter, E. W. ... Fredericksburg, Va 
Carter, E. L,. ....Monte Vista, Colo 
Carter, G. H. .. .Washington, D C 

Carter, J. C Shelby ville, Ind 

Carter, J. G. Baltimore, Md 

Carter, L. G Belle Fourde, S D 

Carter, O. C. D Cynwyd, Pa 

Carter, R. R., jr. . . Wilkesbarre, Pa 
Carter, Samuel Sample. Miss.A 58. 


Carter, T. C Meridian, Miss 

Carter, T. P Milwaukee, Wis 

Carter, W. J Cleveland, O 

Carter, W. S Syracuse, N. Y 

Cartmell, P. M Springfield, O 

Carton, R. H Massena, N Y 

Caruthers, W. H Alpine, Tex 

Carty, A. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Cary, G. E Holden, Mass 

Cary, L. H Crawfordsville, Ind 

Cary, W Toledo, O 

Cary, Warner P. Pa.B 84. Deceased 

Cary, W. H Brooklyn, Mass 

Case, A. W Havana, Cuba 

Case, H. F Buffalo, N Y 

Case, J. F Havana, Cuba 

Case, J. D Grand Rapids, Mich 

Case, W. W Holmdel, N J 

Casey, F. S Cambridge, O 

Casey, J. F Washington, D C 

Casey, R. D Evansville, Ind 

Cashmore, D. C Denver, Colo 

Cass, A. C New York, N Y 

Cass, D. E Manchester, N H 

Cassell, E. S Anderson, Ind 

Cassel, H. N Marietta, Pa 

Cassell, I. W La Harpe, 111 

Cassell, J. M Anderson, Ind 

Cassel, W. P Marietta, Pa 

Castle, J. M..." Philadelphia, Pa 

Castle, S. L Austin, 111 

Castle, W. C Chicago, 111 

Castleman, David Rawson. Ky.A 65. 


Castleman, P. S Riverside, Cal 

Castlio, C. D Howell, Mo 

Castlio, M Columbia, Mo 

Caswell, W. H....New York, N Y 
Catchings, T. C. . . .Vicksburg, Miss 

Cate, Ira D ..Long Beach, Cal 

Cathcart, R. S., jr .Charleston, S C 
Cathcart, W. R., jr. .Maywood, N J 

Cathrall, F. H W. Pittston, Pa 

Catlin, H. E. 

Ridgefield Park, N J 

Catlin, J. H Belleville, Tex 

Cato, H. S Charlestown, W Va 

Catron, J. W Butte, Mont 

Cattern, F. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Cavanagh, R. P Kenosha, Wis 

Cavanagh, W. J Kenosha, Wis 

Cavaney, A. J. .. ..Milwaukee, Wis 

Cave, R. C St. Louis, Mo 

Cavin, E. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Cavin, W. A Sturgis, Mich 

Cavnah, H. E Paris, France 

Cayce, I. J Hopkinsville, Ky 

Cecil, A. S Selma, Ind 

Cessna, Frank Kremer. Pa. Eta 94. 

Cessna, J. B Hastings, Neb 

Chace, A. M Los Angeles, Cal 

Chadderdon, Harry P. N.Y.A 94. 

Chadwick, James D. Pa.B 61. De- 
Chadwick, M. B . . .Owatonna, Minn 

Chadwick, P. M Tuscola, 111 

Chaffee, D. R Harvard, 111 

Chaffee, H. W., 

Fort Leavenworth, Kan 

Chaffee, R. W Syracuse, N. Y 

Chain, A. B Seward, Neb 

Chain, B. P Morristown, Pa 

Chalfant, Chads Duncan. Pa.B 63. 

Chalfant, George Wilson. Penn.A 
54. Deceased 

Chalfant, J. G Pittsburg, Pa 

Chalfant, Robert. Pa.G. Deceased 
Challis, Arthur. Kan.A 82. De- 
Chamberlain, E. G. .. .Waterloo, la 

Chamberlain, G. E Salem, Ore 

Chamberlain, J Nashville, Tenn 

Chamberlain, John Wesley. Pa.G 57. 

Chamberlain, J. B.Washington, D C 

Chamberlin, B. S Cleveland, O 

Chamberlin, Frank H. Ohio E. De- 

Chamberlin, R. H Cheney, Kan 

Chamberlin, T Germantown, Pa 

Chamberlin, Willis Pirronet. Cal.B 

92. Deceased 
Chambers, Charles. Ky.A 65. De- 
Chambers, J. S. D. . ..Portland, Ore 
Chambers, Robert. Ky.A 65. De- 
Chambers, William Alfred. Ohio A 
12. Deceased 

Champion, E. Van M Peoria, 111 

Champion, J. Van M.Mansfield, 111 
Champlins, William Smith. Miss.A. 

Chance, R. H Springfield, O 

Chancellor, J. E Kokomo, Ind 

Chandler, F. W. . .Cincinnati, Ohio 

Chandler, M. D Spokane, Wash 

Chaney, G. W Roanoke, Va 

Chaney, T. M Chaney, Md 

Chapel, L. S..Elmira Heights, N Y 

Chapin, E. T Bovill, Idaho 

Chapin, R Chicago, 111 

Chapman, C. F. . North Platte, Neb 

Chapman, D. W Chicago, 111 

Chapman,. F. W Bristolville, O 

Chapman, G. M...Los Angeles, Cal 
Chapman, H. W. .New York, N Y 
Chapman, John S. Pa A 54. De- 



Chapman, Nathaniel. Pa. A. De- 
Chapman, P. .Perryman's P. O., Md 

Chapman, R. D. C Vienna, 111 

Chapman, R. McC Utica, N Y 

Chapman, W. C. .Atlantic City, N J 
Chappell, DeW. Q . . Evansville, Ind 
Chappel, F. M..Port Byron, N Y 
Chappel, Perry A. .Ind.B 87. De- 

Chappelow, B. E St. Louis, Mo 

Charles, W. T Scotia, Ala 

Charter, L. R . . West Union, W Va 

Chase, E. F Lynn, Mass 

Chase, F. E Valley View, Ky 

Chase, G. A Titusville, Penn 

Chase, H. B.San Juancita, Honduras 

Chase, H. B Willmar, Minn 

Chase, J. C Norwood, Mich 

Chase, K Abilene, Tex 

Chase, L. S Whitesville, N. Y 

Chase, P. M Worcester, Mass 

Chatterton, J. L Springfield, 111 

Cheadle, E. K Lewiston, Mont 

Cheatham, F. R. .. .Nashville, Tenn 
Cheatham, Richard. Tenn.G 71. De- 


Cheek, T. H Nashville, Tenn 

Cheek, J. T Nashville, Tenn 

Cheek, W. A Millville, Miss 

Cheever, W. B.... Kansas City, Mq 

Cheney, C. C Salamanca, N. Y 

Cheney, G. W Nashua, N. H 

Cheney, H. M Toledo, O 

Cheney, L. L Albany, N Y 

Cheney, M. B Inglewood, Ont 

Cheney, S. T. R Jamaica, Vt 

Cherington, C. S Columbus, O 

Cherington, E. H Xenia, O 

Cherington, Fletcher Baily. Ohio A. 

Cherrington, B. M ... .Berkeley, Cal 

Cherrington, L. B Columbus, O 

Cherrington, W. D ... .Lancaster, O 

Cherry, H. M Buffalo, N. Y 

Cherryhoimes, W. K. . .Hamilton, O 
Chesbrough, R. F. 

American Legation, Beirut, Syria 
Chesbrough, W. H.Los Angeles. Cal 
Chesney, C. S. .. .Washington, D C 

Chestnut, S. D Trenton, Ky 

Chester, C. R Boston, Mass 

Chester, J. J Columbus, O 

Chesterman, A. D. 

Holly Springs, Miss 
Chew, J. A. . . .Charlestown, W Va 
Chew, J. S. C, jr..Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Chidsey, A. D., jr Easton, Pa 

Chidsey, H. R Easton, Pa 

Chidsey, H. R Easton, Pa 

Chidsey, T. McK Easton, Pa 

Child, R. S New York, N Y 

Child, W. S New York, N Y 

Childs, C. H Kansas City, Mo 

Childs, G. W Chicago, 111 

Childs, H. A Creston, Iowa 

*Childs, Irving Hobart. Mass. A 96. 

Childs, J. S Milwaukee, Wis 

Childs, K. C Hinsdale, 111 

Childs, L. C Hinsdale, 111 

Childs, R. W Hinsdale, 111 

Chiles, W. H Lexington, Mo 

Chilton, J. C Denton, Tex 

Chilver, E. A Roselle, N Y 

Chipman, P. L. . . .Cambridge, Mass 
Chisum, W. C, jr.. Shawnee, Okla 

Chollar, W. T New York, N. Y 

Chomeau, H Clayton, Mo 

Chorpening, A. H.New York, N. Y 

Chorpening, B Cincinnati, O 

Christian, J. H Lynchburg, Va 

Christian, W. E Richmond, Va 

Christie, B. W Omaha, Neb 

Christie, C. L Detroit, Mich 

Christie, R. C Clarks, Neb 

Christopher, C. P. .Nashville, Tenn 
Christopher, David Smith. Mich. A 

84. Deceased 
Christopher, S. J. .Kansas City, Mo 
Christy, C. M . .Greensburg, W. Va 

Christy, J. E Omaha, Neb 

Christy, M. B . . .Hollidaysburg, Pa 
Chugerman, R. L. .. .Springfield, O 

Church, A Chicago, 111 

Church, K. H Kingston, Pa 

Church, I. W Great Falls, Mont 

Church, J. W Spracuse, N Y 

Church, Pearson. Pa.B 55. De- 

Church, R. E Catlin, 111 

Church, S. R. 

James River P. O., Va 
Church, William. Pa.B 57. De- 

Churchill, H. R Spokane, Wash 

Chynoweth, J. C. . . .Laurium, Mich 
Chynoweth, Louis. Wis. A 78. De- 

Clabaugh, G. W Omaha, Neb 

Clabaugh, Harry Morris. Pa.E 73. 

Claiborne, G. M..New Glasgow, Va 
Clancy, C. S . . . . San Francisco, Cal 

Clancy, G. C Syracuse, N. Y 

Clapp, A. M Springfield, Mass 

Clapp, C. Russell Evanston, 111 

Clapp, E. C Northampton, Mass 

Clapp, H. S Duluth, Minn 

Clara, J. W Louisville, Ky 

Clarke, Alexander. Ind.G 71. De- 
Clark, A. B.... Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Clark, A. B., jr. .. .Nashville, Tenn 

Clarke, A. J Wheeling, W Va 

Clark, A. L Syracuse, N Y 

Clarke, C. A Princeton, nd 

Clark, C. A Neosha, Mo 

Clark, C. B Baltimore, Md 

Clark, C. P Wellsville, N Y 

Clark, C. S Binghamton, N. Y 

Clark, Clarence L. W.Va. 94. De- 
Clarke, D. B...East Granby, Conn 
Clark, D. D Victoria, Tex 



Clark, D. L New York, N Y 

Clark, D. O Sweetwater, Tex 

Clark, D. T Greencastle, Md 

Clark, E. G Mechanicsburg, Pa 

Clark, E. H Lincoln, Neb 

Clark, F. C Charleston, S. C 

Clark, F. E. . .Morgantown, W Va 

Clarke, F. L. . Coesse, Ind 

Clark, F. M Davenport, Iowa 

Clark, F. W. 

New Martinsville, W Va 
Clarke, F. W .... Washington, D C 

Clark, G. E Des Moines, Iowa 

Clark, G. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Clark, H. A Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Clark, H. F .Chicago, 111 

Clark, H. J Syracuse, N Y 

Clark, H. J Columbus, O 

Clark, Henry E. Va.A 57. De- 

Clark, H. M . . New Rockf ord, N D 

Clark, H. R Brooklyn, N Y 

Clark, Hobson. Va.A 53. Deceased 

Clark, J. C Manlius, N Y 

Clark, J. E Mosier, Ore 

Clark, J. L Steubenville, O 

Clark, J. M North Hadley, Mass 

Clark, Kingsley. Pa.B 56. De- 
Clarke, J. M Wheeling, W. Va 

Clark, James Reed. Pa.D 59. De- 

Clark, L Montgomery, Ala 

Clark, L Washington, D C 

Clark, L. M Roslindale, Mass 

Clark, L. P Ridley Park, Pa 

Clark, P. C Bluefield, W Va 

Clark, R. B Cleveland, O 

Clarke, Robert Alexander. Pa.A 58. 

Clark, R. F Bangor, Me 

Clarke, R. L . Lancaster, Pa 

Clark, R. M Stockton, Cal 

Clark, W. F Zionsville, Ind 

Clark, W. P Cadott, Wis 

Clark, W. E Charlestown, N H 

Clarke, W. G Chicago, 111 

Clark, W. A., jr.. Los Angeles, Cal 
Clarkson, C. F. . .New York, N Y 
Clarkson, Edgar La Roche. S C. 
A 69 

Clarkson, S. M Columbia, S C 

Clarys, C. M East Orange, N J 

Claussen, E Davenport, la 

Clay, Harry Gibbs. Pa.A 55. De- 

Clay, P. E Franklin, Pa 

Claypool, C. H. . . .Coleraine, Minn 

Claypool, J. V Coleraine, Minn 

Clayton, J. B San Jose, Cal 

Clayton, Will Nelson. la.D 86. De- 

Clayton, W. S San Jose, Cal 

Cleaves, C. R. ... .Washington, D C 
Clemans, H. H.'. . .Amsterdam, N Y 
Clemens, H. N Cleveland, O 

Clement, C. W Sunbury, Pa 

Clement, C. C....San Antonio, Tex 
Clement, Elbert Judson. Wis. A. De- 

Clement, T. F Ardmore, Pa 

Clement, W. W Temple, Tex 

Clements, C. W Crumpton, Md 

Clements, F Mt. Vernon, Ind 

Clementson, G. B. . .Lancaster, Wis 
Clemons, C. A. . .Washington, D C 

Clemson, J Portland, Ore 

Clemson, R. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Clendenin, F. M...New York, N Y 

Cleveland, F. A New York, N Y 

Cleveland, J. W Sterling, 111 

Cleveland, Joseph Gilbert. N. Y.B. 

Clevenger, O. B . .Washington, D C 

Clifford, R. H Mineral Ridge, O 

Clifton, James Samuel. S. C.A 69. 

Cline, E. M Nebraska City, Neb 

Cline, W., jr Baltimore, Md 

Clingan, D. H Tucson, Ariz 

Clinger, D., jr Milton, Pa 

Clingerman, B. H.Jacksonville, Fla 

Clingerman, R. L Springfield, O 

Clingman, S David City, Neb 

Clinton, De W Hampton, Iowa 

Clise, H. R Seattle, Wash 

Close, C. C Spokane, Wash 

Close, H. B New York, N. Y 

Closz, Jacob C. la. A 85. Deceased 
Clotfelter A. L. . .Kansas City, Kan 
Clothier, I. H., jr . . Wynnewood, Pa 

Clothier, M. L Wynnewood, Pa 

Clothier, W Wynnewood, Pa 

Clothier, W. J Wynnewood, Pa 

Clough, W. A Groton, Mass 

Clough, W. G Portage, Wis 

Clouser, I Ladoga, Ind 

Cloyd, M. R Findlay, O 

Clymer, J. F Albany, N Y 

Coad, W. T Chicago, 111 

Coakley, F. A... San Francisco, Cal 

Coale, J. S Riverton, N T 

Cotsworth, R. H Buffalo, N Y 

Cobb, D. E Denver, Colo 

Cobb, John F. Va.A 54. Deceased 

Cobern, C, jr Meadville, Pa 

Cobern, C. McC Meadville, Pa 

Coble, L. E Stileswell, Ind 

Coble, W. H Boise, Ore 

Cochran, C. E. . .McConnellsville, O 

Cochran, E. R Wilmington, Del 

Cochran. Henry Davis. D.C.A 80. 

Cochran, H Norfolk, Va 

Cochran, H. G Dover, Del 

Cochran, J. L Spencerville, O 

Cochran, James Philip. Pa. I 99. 

Cochran, J. B. G. . . .Cockrum, Miss 

Cochran, W. S. P Eustis, Fla 

Cochrane, A. P. L. .Covington, Ky 
Cochrane, R Chicago, 111 



Cochrun, P. W Spencerville, O 

Cocke, Charles Hartwell. Va.A 69. 

Cocke, C. H., jr. . . . Birminham, Ala 

Cocke, C. L Sussex, Va 

Cocke, Fontaine Adger. Va.A 98. 


Cocke, P Richmond, Va 

Cocke, Thomas Lewis Preston. Va. 

/v c8 Deceased 
Cocke, William Ruffin Coleman. Va. 

A 65. Deceased 

Cockins, H. L Canonsburg, Pa 

Cockins, W. W., jr... Meade, Kans 
Cocks, F. H. See Hicks, Frederick 


Cocks, T Montclair, N J 

Code, W. A Selma, Ala 

Codwise, G. W Kingston, N Y 

Coe, F. D Lexington, Va 

Coe, F. D., jr Lexington, Va 

Coe, W. P. C Dunkirk, Md 

Coffall, Charles. Miss.A 81. De- 


Coffin, C. W San Francisco, Cal 

Coffin, E. L Medford, Ore 

Coffman, J. P Lacon, 111 

Coffman, Marion Boxwell. Ohio A 

08. Deceased 
Coffman, S. M. .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Cogan, W. N Washington, D C 

Cogdall, H. F Chicago, 111 

Coehlan, R. R Roosevelt, Ariz 

Cogshall, S. M Cherokee, Kas 

Cohn, H. L Lormon, Miss 

Coit, J. O Newark, N J 

Coit, L. S Amityville, N Y 

Coit, L. H Brewerton, N Y 

Cokef air, F. A Duluth, Minn 

Colbert, John M. Va.D 75- De- 
Colbom, H. C. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Colburn, G. B Columbia, Mo 

Colby, C. W New York, N Y 

Colby, F. M New York, N Y 

Colby, J. R Montreal West, Que 

Coldren, F. G Washington, D C 

Coldren, R. B Pittsburg, Pa 

Cole, A Nome, Alaska 

Cole, C. R New York, N Y 

Cole, Charles W. Ohio A. Deceased 

Cole, C San Diego, Cal 

Cole, E. W Bloomington, 111 

Cole, F. C Iron Mountain, Mich 

Cole, F. L Clinton, Iowa 

Cole, G. N... Upper Montclair, N T 

Cole, G. L Marshfield, Mo 

Cole, H. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Cole, H. M Tusla, Okla 

Cole, J. A Fort Meade, S D 

Cole, J. H Ocean Park, Cal 

Cole, J. K Cincinnati, O 

Cole, L. F Minneapolis, Minn 

Cole, R. G Chicago, 111 

Core, Rublee Alvah. Wis.A 80. De- 
Cole, W. B Pasadena, Cal 

Cole, W. C Redlands, Cal 

Cole, W. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Colegrove, A. E Cleveland, O 

Colegrove, Dana Creighton. Pa.B 
00. Deceased 

Colegrove, F. W Willmette, 111 

Colegrove, L. W Lima, N Y 

Coleman, A Norfolk, Va 

Coleman, Arthur Ludwels. Va.A 
70. Deceased 

Coleman, B. L Lexington, Ky 

Coleman, Fred K. D.C.A 97 
Coleman, John H. Va.A 59. De- 
Coleman, Thomas Gordon, jr. Va.A 

54. Deceased 
Coleman., W. J . . . New Albany, Ind 

Coleman, W. J 'Aberdeen", Miss 

Coles, W. DeR St. Louis, Mo 

Colket, C. H ..Philadelphia, Pa 

Colket, T. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Collester, C. H Boston, Mass 

Collett, A. J Havana, Cuba 

Collett, F. D .New York, N Y 

Collie, H. G Miller, S D 

Collin, E Northwood, la 

Collins, A F. .. .Minneapolis, Minn,- 
Collins, Charles Graham. Wis.A 9 

Collins, C. N Hancock Co, Va 

Collins, C. S Little Rock, Ark 

Collins, F. I Providence, R I 

Collins, G. C Keshena, Wis 

Collins, H. W Pawtucket, R I 

Collins, J Washington, D C 

Collins, L. W Tohnstown, Pa 

Collins, R. E St. Louis, Mo 

Collins, R. G Chicago, 111 

Collins, S. T., jr Chicago, 111 

Collins, V. . S Port Deposit, Md 

Collins, W. K. . . .Lees Summit, Mo 

Collister, G. F Cleveland, O 

Collmann, F. A. . San Francisco, Cal 

Collmann, M. G Madison, Wis 

Collyer, A. C Wilmette, 111 

Collyer, F. P Wilmette, 111 

Colman, G. H Gloucester, Mass 

Colt, J. J Northumberland, Pa 

Colter, J. E Fremont, Tex 

Colter,T. P Meadville, Pa 

Colter, L. S Cincinnati, O 

*Colton, Aylett R. jr. Calif. B 91 

Colton, L. A Skaneateles, N Y 

Colvin, C. M Terre Haute. Ind 

Colvin, W. P New York, N Y 

Colwell, J. P Kitanning, Pa 

Colwell, T. H . . . Minneapolis, Minn 

Coman, E. T Spokane, Wash 

Combs, W. F Spokane, Wash 

Comfort, A. W .Du Bois, Pa 

Comfort, David. Va.G 55- De- 

Comfort, F. P New York, N Y 

Comfort, R. M New York, N Y 

Comly, G. S New York, N Y 

Compton, M. F.Parkersburg, W Va 
Comstock, A. B. . . .Providence, RI 



Comstock, C. B Cleveland, O 

Comstock, E. Van D. .St. Louis, Mo 
Comstock, W. C. Ill.A. Deceased 
Conard, Wm. H. Pa.G. Deceased 
Conaway, John Wilbur. Ohio D. 

Conaway, O. B. 

Middlebourne, W Va 

Condie, W. D St. Louis, Mo 

Congdon, H. E Blaine, Wash 

Congdon, H. W Providence, R I 

Conger, A. C Lansing, Mich 

Conger, C. T Leadville, Colo 

Conghanour, A. E. . .Uniontown, Pa 

Conlev, G. L Blair, Neb 

Conlon, W. S Owego, N Y 

Conlon. W. T Buffalo, N Y 

Conn, A. H Hazlehurst, Miss 

Conn, S Monterey, Cal 

♦Connell, ioseph Burton. Mich.A 78 

Connell, R. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Connell, W. H., jr Pittsburg, Pa 

Conner, J. R Williamsfield, O 

Conner, L. C Everett, Wash 

Connett, W. C St. Louis, Mo 

Connor, C. L Kansas City, Mo 

Conover, E Newark, Del 

Conover, H. J Sewell, N J 

Conover, J. W Lynn, Mass 

Conover, J. M. . . .Burlingame, Cal 

Conoway, O. B Alma, W Va 

Conrad, L. N Campbell, Mo 

Conrath, P. A. . Jefferson City, Mo 

Constans, F. E Brockton, Mass 

Constant, C. L New York, N Y 

Contrell, R. G Newark, N J 

Converse, E. J Columbus, O 

Converse, H. P Boston, Mass 

Converse, R. R. M.Rochester, N Y 

Conwell, C. S Camden, Del 

Conwell, R. N Washington, D C 

Cooke, A T...-. Mexico, N Y 

Cook, Arthur Bell. Mich.A 77. De- 
Cook, Asher. Pa.G 62. Deceased 

Cook, D. W., jr Beatrice, Neb 

Cooke, E. L Littleton, N T 

Cook, E. N Warsaw, Ind 

Cook, E. R Duluth, Minn 

Cook, F. A Madison, N J 

Cook, G Youngstown, O 

Cook, G. C Chicago. Ill 

Cooke, PL. jr Butte, Mont 

Cook, H. E Haserstown, Md 

Cook, H. I Boston, Mass 

Cook, J. B Beatrice, Neb 

Cooke, J. H McGregor, Tex 

Cook, J. M Pittsburg, Pa 

Cook, T. R Trenton, N J 

Cook, M. B Greenwich, N J 

Cook, N. S Hasrerstown, Md 

Cook, P. G Jamestown. N Y 

Cook, Peter McCandy. ' Pa. Eta 61. 

Cook, R D Newark. \ J 

Cook, R. B Davenport, la 

Cook, S. S Clinton, la 

Cook, T. F Rayville, Miss 

Cook, W. F. ..So. McAlester, Okla 
*Cook, William Henry. Mich.A 79 

Cook, W. H Hattiesburg, Miss 

Cook, W. P., jr. Bright-waters, N Y 

Cookson, J. E Anderson, Ind 

Cookson, T. A. . . .Bloomington, Ind 

Cooley, J. G Philadelphia, Pa 

Cooley, R. S Cleveland, O 

Cooley, W. O Ellenville, N Y 

Cooling, W. F Chicago, 111 

Coombs, D. G Tacoma, Wash 

Coombs, L. R Tacoma, Wash 

Coon, A. C Oswego, N Y 

Coon, G. M . . St. Paul, Minn 

Coon, J. M Oswego, 111 

Cooney, James. Mo. A 69. Deceased 

Coons, W. S Troy, N Y 

Coop, A. B Providence, R I 

Coop, J. T .Providence, R I 

Cooper, A. B Decatur, 111 

Cooper, A. T Cedar Rapids, la 

Cooper, A. T Webster, S D 

Cooper, E, jr. . . .Shelbyvilie, Terin 

Cooper, E. H Steward, 111 

Cooper, F. M Chicago, 111 

Cooper, Glenn Edward. Ind. A 06. 

Cooper, J. D Centerville, Ala 

Cooper, J. J. G. .. .Jacksonville, Fla 

Cooper, J. R Mayland, Tenn 

Cooper, J. T. . .Parkersburg, W Va 
Cooper, Joseph Winston. Miss. A. 

Cooper, T. E Union Citv, Pa 

Coover, John Q. A. Ohio B 69. 

Cope, Frank Askew. Ohio D. De- 

Corbin, J. H Altoona, Pa 

Corbin, S. W La Grange, Va 

Corders, H. G.Oklahoma City, Okla 

Corey, G. B Washington, D C 

Corl, J. D Webb City, Mo 

Corlett, R. C Oak Park, 111 

Cornelius, John Robinson. Pa.G 56. 

Cornelius, M. P Chicago, 111 

Cornell, M San Diego, Cal 

Cornell, William Boswell. Ohio D 

80. Deceased 
Corner, G. W., 3d. . .Baltimore, Md 

Corner, H. E Roland Park, Md 

Cornis, E. D. Pa.D 59. Deceased 

Cornue, M D Selah. Wash 

Cornewell, M. H Beloit, Wis 

Cornwall, N. F McKittrick, Cal 

Cornwell, W. B.Morgan P. O., Tex 

Corper, F. J .Chicago, 111 

Corper, P Chicago, 111 

Corrigan, J. E New York, N Y 

Corrin, W. II Oil City, Pa 

Corse, G. F . Gardenville, Md 

Corson, F Pawtucket, R I 

Corson, R. H Hughesville, Pa 

Cortwrieht. D. N.Mauch Chunk, Pa 
Cortright, E. M..Red Lodge, Mont 



Cortright, H. K Philadelphia, Pa 

Corwin, M. P. .. .Jamestown, N Y 

Cory, H. L Miles City, Mont 

Cory. J Miles City, Mont 

Cosby, H. T Brooklyn, N Y 

Cotter, H. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Cottrell, A. M Williamsport, Pa 

Condon, Marshall Konsterer. Ind.D. 

Coulston, R. Newton. Pa.Z 77. 

Coulston, Thomas Philip. Pa.G. 


Coulston, W. J St. Joseph, Mo 

Coulter, Almon Benton. Pa.B 76. 

Courtney, C. W....E. Cleveland, O 

Courtney, J. H Oil City, Pa 

Courtright, H. R. 

Moundsville, W Va 

Covel, T. E Leavenworth, Kans 

Covell/W. S Montclair, N J 

Cover, L. A Baltimore, Md 

Cowan, F. C Kohala, Hawaii 

Cowan, F. C Elberton, Wash 

Cowan, P. McC....Eau Claire, Wis 

Cowen, H. D Bellaire, O 

Cowger, C. R Monticello, Ind 

Cowgill, E. B Topeka, Kas 

Cowles, F. S Rome, N Y 

Cowles, Wesley Quincy. Pa.B 78. 


Cox, C. A McComb Citv, Miss 

Cox, E. T Providence, R I 

Cox, G. B Chicago, 111 

Cox, H. D Chicago, 111 

Cox, H. W New Lebanon, N Y 

Cox, H. E San Francisco, Cal 

Cox, J. D., jr Wesley, Cal 

Cox, J. E Collierville, Tenn 

Cox, Robert George. N.Y.D 87. 


Cox, S. G Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Cox, W. B Mineral Ridge, la 

Coxe, L. H Wilmington, Del 

Coxe, S. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Coxetter, James G. S.C.A 67. De- 

Coy, H. I Chicago, 111 

*Coy, Lincoln Manchester. Ill.B 83 

Coyle, C. M Gridley, 111 

Coyle, H. B Gridley, III 

Coyle, R F Denver, Colo 

Cozier, Charles Franklin. Ohio A. 

Craft, A. N Youngstown, O 

Craft, J. C Rochelle, 111 

Crafts, H K Chicago, HI 

Crafts, M. B Chagrin Falls, O 

Crafty, D. C Delaware, O 

Craig, E. F Warren, O 

Craig, G. M New York, N Y 

Craig, H. V Noblesville, Ind 

Craig, H. C Boulder, Colo 

Craig, H. K Washington, D C 

Craig, J. W... Baxter Springs, Neb 
Craig, M. R Sewickley, Pa 

Craig, W. B Warren, O 

Craigin, Charles H. D.C.A 69 

Crain, W. H Victoria, Tex 

Craine, R. W Manlius, N Y 

Cralle, A. B Norfolk, Va 

Cralle, J. B Washington, D C 

Cramer, J. L Hillyard, Wash 

Cramer, N. B Cincinnati, O 

Cramill, N. B Batavia, O 

Crampton, W. H Baltimore, Md 

Crandall, H. E....New York, N Y 

Crandall, H. D Denver, Colo 

Crane, C. S Kansas City, Mo 

Crane, F. R Aurora, 111 

Crane, James B. Pa.I 83. Deceased 

Crane, J. E Butler, N J 

Crane, W. C Boston, Mass 

Crassweller, F. H...»Duluth, Minn 

Cratty, C. T Chicago, 111 

Cratty, D. C Columbus. Ohio 

Craven, A. W Elgin, III 

Craven, A. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Craven, E. S Chicago, 111 

Craven, F. W Mason City, la 

Craven, H. W .Evanston, 111 

Craver, E. A New York, N Y 

Cravner, W. C...W. Seattle, Wash 

Crawford, B .Omaha, Neb 

Crawford, C. E. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Crawford, C. McM Indiana, Pa 

Crawford, D Marshall, Tex 

Crawford, D. W La Porte, Ind 

Crawford, E. F. . . .Coldwater, Miss 

Crawford, F Honolulu, Hawaii 

Crawford, F. R Kernstown, Va 

Crawford, J Freeport, 111 

Crawford, J. B. Pa. A 77. Deceased 
Crawford, John D. Va.B 55 De- 
Crawford, J. G. . .Morristown, N Y 

Crawford, J. H Toledo, O 

Crawford, J. L.... Cedar Rapids, la 

Crawford, J. N Pittsburg, Pa 

Crawford, J. P Nachusa, 111 

Crawford, J. R New York, N Y 

Crawford, R. F.... Santa Rosa, Cal 

Crawford, R. P Pittsburg, Pa 

Crawford, S. E. .. .Philadelphia, Pa 
Crawford, T. W. 

New Cumberland, W Va 
Crawford, William C. Tenn.A 59. 

Crawford, W. H Meadville, Pa 

Crawley, T. W Prospect, Va 

Craycraft, A Noblesville, Ind 

Craycraft, G Noblesville, Ind 

Creager, M. H.... Kansas City, Mo 
Creed, Edward Kinney. Pa.B 73. 

Creese, M College Park, Md 

Creighton, J. T Springfield, 111 

Cremer, C. W Waynesboro, Pa 

Cremer, E. A Greensburg, Pa 

Cremer, W. C Chambersburg, Pa 

Crenshaw, J. W Versailles, Ky 

Crenshaw, Julius Baldwin. Va.D 
67. Deceased 



Crenshaw, T. B Hanover, Va 

Crenshaw, W. L. .. .Springfield, 111 

Crepps, E. E Indiana, Pa 

Cressinger, J. B Sunbury, Pa 

Cresswell, Howard Lowe. Pa. I De- 

Cressy, C. S Salem, Mass 

Crews, R. A Charleston, 111 

Crews, R. H Albuquerque, N M 

Cribb, F. D Canandaigua, N Y 

Crichton, J. H Chetopa, Kas 

Crick, C. W Anderson, Ind 

Crickard, C. L Elkins, W Va 

Criley, J. M E. Cleveland, O 

Crim, W. H Salem, Ind 

Crisler, Lewis A. Ohio A. Deceased 

Crissman, R. M Galena, 111 

Crist, C. L Hummelstown, Pa 

Crist, C. G Gettysburg, N J 

Crist, J. H Monero, N M 

*Crist, Robb Potter. Ohio A 10 
Cristman, M. V. . .Williamsport, Pa 

Criswell, J. R New York, N Y 

Critchfield, L. J. Ohio A. Deceased 

Crites. W. W Elida, O 

Croasdale, J. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Croasman, J. D Valier, Pa 

Crockett, C. C Dublin, Ga 

Crofford, J. H Warick, Va 

Croll, J., jr Middleton, Pa 

Cromer, C. E Chicago, 111 

Cromer, G. F Los Angeles, Cal 

Cromer, J. A Troy, 111 

Cromwell, G. N Brooklyn, Md 

Cromwell, W. K Baltimore, Md 

Cronkhite, C. C Chicago, 111 

Cronkhite, Philander C. Ind.G 70. 

Crook, C. E Wheeling, W Va 

Crook, C. W Washington, D C 

Crooks, B. S St. Paul, Minn 

Cropper, F. M-. Lincoln, Neb 

Crosbv, A. A New York, N Y 

Crosley. D. E Troy, Pa 

Cross, E. S Aiken, S C 

Cross, F. B Springfield, Mass 

Cross, LaD. R Oswego, N Y 

Cross, R. C Hawley, Pa 

Cross, S. H Jenkintown, Pa 

Cross, William Cyprean. Va.E 75. 

Crossette, M. F. . de Chihua, Mexico 

Crossette, R. G Denver, Colo 

Crossland, A. J. Pa.B 63. Deceased 
Crossley, M. C. . .Binghamton, N Y 

Crouch, A. N Trov, N Y 

Crouse, H. W New York, X Y 

Crouse, H. W Rockport, Tex 

Crow, L. W Chicago, 111 

Crowe, E. F New York, N Y 

Crowe. J. T Bramwell, W Va 

Crowell, A. G Corry, Pa 

Crowell, R. F.... Carson City, Nev 

Crowell, W. G. Easton, Pa 

Crowley, M. H Lawrence, Kas 

Crowther, S.. jr. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Croxton, G. B Merced, Cal 

Cruickshank, W. H. 

Big Indian, N Y 
Cruickshank, B. 

W. Somerville, Mass 
Cruickshank, F. P. 

W. Somerville, Mass 

Crum, O. C Clinton, Mass 

Crumbaugh, F. B ... .Lancaster, Pa 
Crumbaugh, J. W. .Kennett Sq, Pa 

Crumbie, G. B New York, N Y 

Crumrine, B Topeka, Kas 

Crumrine, B Washington, Pa 

Crumrine, E. E. .. .Washington, Pa 
Crumrine, L. McK. Washington, Pa 

Crunkleton, W Greencastle, Pa 

Cruse, H. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Culbertson, A. A Erie, Pa 

Culbertson, C. W Brazil, Ind 

Culbertson, Thomas. Pa. A. De- 
Culbertson, William Craig. Pa. A 68. 


Culler, A. A Pittsburg, Pa 

Culler, J. H Springfield, O 

Culler, R. M Apollo, Pa 

Culpepper, O. R.San Antonio, Tex 
Culver, Morton. 111. A. Deceased 

Culver, R. D Logan, O 

Culver, S. E Attleboro, Mass 

Cummer, A. G. .. .Jacksonville, Fla 
Cummer, W. E. .. .Jacksonville, Fla 
Cummings, A. R. . . .Brooklyn, N Y 
Cummings, Edwin Benoni. Pa.B 

61. Deceased 
Cummings, J. M. . . .Birchmore, Md 

Cummings, R. L Roscoe, 111 

Cummings, T. S. C.St. Paul. Minn 
Cummins, A. G. .Poughkeepsie, NY 
Cummins, A. U. .. .Wilmington, Del 

Cummins, F. S Des Moines, la 

Cummins, R. P Belaire, O 

Cunha, C. C Oakland, Cal 

Cunningham, Charles Gilman. Ohio 

D 94. Deceased 
Cunningham, G. A. .Evansville, Ind 
Cunningham, John Atkinson. Va.A 

66. Deceased 
Cunningham, J. R., jr. 

Jacksonville, Fla 

Cunningham, R. S Chicago, 111 

Cunningham, S Armagh, Pa 

Cunningham. S. H. 

Washington, D C 
Cunningham, T. D. . .Blairsville, Pa 
Cunningham, T. O.Kansas City, Mo 

Curdy, A. E New Haven, Conn 

Cure, G. A Norwich, N Y 

Cureton, Marquis Lafayette. Va.A 

54. Deceased 

Curran, G. R Mankato, Minn 

Curran, J. H Port Deposit, Md 

Currer, W. J Los Angeles, Cal 

Currey, H. W Evansville, Ind 

Currie, F. M.... Broken Bow, Neb 
Currie, James Lauchlin. Va.G 71. 

Curry, E. A Danville, Pa 




Curry, W. M Scranton, Pa 

Curtin, F. J Brooklyn, N Y 

Curtis, C. H. 

Colorado Springs, Colo 

Curtis, E. B Susquehanna, Pa 

Curtiss, F. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Curtis, H Mavsville, Ky 

Curtiss, J. C Chicago, 111 

Curtis, J. L Martin, Tex 

Curtis, L. E Long Beach, Calif 

Curtis, L. B Woodstock, Conn 

*Curtis, R. F. Pa.G 

Curtiss, R G Los Angeles, Cal 

Curtis, Ross. Ill.A 10 

Curtis, R Chicago, 111 

Curtis, S. W....San Francisco, Cal 

Curtis, W. A Wheeling, W Va 

Curtiss, W. W . . . Washington, D C 

Cuscaden, A Los Angeles, Cal 

Cuscaden, F. A Omaha, Neb 

Cushing, B. E Brockton, Mass 

Cushwa, F. W Exeter, N H 

Cusick, J. H Seattle, Wash 

Custer, Jacob R. Pa.E 64. Deceased 

Custer, M. D Coshocton, O 

Custis, H. H Washington, X> C 

Custis, J. B. G... Washington, D C 

Cutler, J. A Roton, N M 

Cutter, John Schatzell. Pa.A 55. 

Dabney, C University, Va 

Dabney. John W. Va.G 72. De- 

Dabney, R. H University, Va 

Dahl, H. B Washington, O 

Dale, A. H Scranton, Pa 

Dale, H. G Scranton, Pa 

Dale P. N Chicago, 111 

Dale, T. O Scranton, Pa 

Dale, Thomas Hanford. Pa.Theta 
92. Deceased 

Dale, W. W Denver, Colo 

Dallett, T. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Dalrymple, L. R. Pa.Theta 82. De- 

Daly, D. D Brushton, N Y 

Dampen, T. H Wesson, Miss 

Dana, F. C Hinsdale, 111 

Dana, L. B Columbus. O 

Danehv, C. C New York, N Y 

Danehy, G New York, N Y 

Daniel, C. G Vandalia, Mo 

Daniels, C. S Hartwellville, Vt 

Daniels, G. S Oakland, Cal 

Daniels, Homer Schoff. Ind.B 75. 

Daniels, W. S Denver, Colo 

Danks, J. C Patoka, Ind 

Dann, C. A New York, N Y 

Dann, H. M....East Orange, N J 
Dann, M. L. .Richmond Hill, N Y 
Dannehower, G. L. .Norristown, Pa 
Dannehower, W. F. . Norristown, Pa 


Dannehower, W. F., jr. 

Norristown, Pa 

Danziger, H., jr Buffalo, NY 

Dapp, F. B Harrisburg, Pa 

Papp, J. F Harrisburg, Pa 

Darby, W. J Evansville, Ind 

Danielle, H. C Muncie, Ind 

Darr, J. W New York, N Y 

Darr, W. T Brookville, Pa 

Darrow, E. M Ann Arbor, Me 

Darrow, F. L Brooklyn, N Y 

Darsie, W. P Palo Alto, Cal 

Dashiel, E. N Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Dashiell, J. I New York. N Y 

Dashiell, P. J Annapolis, Md 

Dashiell, W. H.. Princess Anne, Md 

Dashler, J. B Allentown, Pa 

Dassori, F. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Daugherty, N. R Pittsburg^ Pa 

Daumont, E. A Cincinnati, O 

Dautell, L Cleveland, O 

d'Autremont, C. M...Wickes, Mont 
d'Autremont, H. H...Duluth, Minn 
Davenport, Broxton. W.Va.A 90. 

Davenport, G. W Astoria, N Y 

Davenport, M Palestine, Tex 

Davenport, W. P Plymouth, Pa 

David, V. C Chicago, 111 

Davidson, A Evansville. Ind 

Davidson, Charles Andrew. Va.A 
55. Deceased 

Davidson, C. L Wichita, Kans 

Davidson, Charles Sprecher. Calif. G 
90. Deceased 

Davidson, F. P Berkeley, Cal 

Davidson, G New Brighton, Pa 

Davidson, Greenlee. Va.A 55. De- 
Davidson, James Johnston. Va.D 

78. Deceased 
Davidson, T. R. .. Jacksonville, Fla 

Davidson, L. R Wooster, O 

Davidson, Martin B. Minn. A 86 

Davidson, P. L Hinsdale. Ill 

Davidson. R. B Rockford, 111 

Davidsoon, W. S . . Sherbrooke, Que 

Davie, C. E New Lexington, O 

Davies, D. R Lansford, Pa 

Davies, O Chicago. Ill 

Davies, R. O Duluth, Minn 

Davies, W., ir Boulder. Colo 

Davies, W. W Delaware. O 

Davis, A Seattle, Wash 

Davis, A. S Bennington, Vt 

Davis, A. C Fairfield, la 

Davis, B. L Lawrence, Kas 

Davis, Byron L. Wis.G 81 

Davis, C. G Thorntown, Ind 

Davis, C. E Westville, N J 

Davis, C. F Monrovia, Cal 

Davis, C. S Muncie, Ind 

Davis, Dana Stone. Ia.A 00. De- 

Davis, D. R Brownsville, Pa 

Davis, D. M Bend, Ore 

Davis, E Philadelphia, Pa 

Davis, E. S Kansas City, Mo 

Davis, Eugene Frost. Va.A 98. De- 

Davis, E. S Cleveland, O 

Davis. F. U Faribault, Minn 

Davis, G. C Chicago, 111 

Davis, G. C. Philadelphia, Pa 

Davis, G. J Washington, D C 

Davis, G. M... North Adams, Mass 

Davis, G. G Philadelphia, Pa 

Davis, H. L Syracuse, N Y 

Davis, H. Y Washington, D C 

Davis, H. E Washington, D C 

Davis, H. S Duluth, Minn 

Davis, H Norfolk, Va 

Davis, J. W. Ia.A 67. Deceased 
Davis, James Bell. Va.A 55. De- 

Davis, J. D Tionesta, Pa 

Davis, J. G Washington, D C 

Davis, J. M. M. Va.A 66. De- 

Davis, J. Q Winnsboro, S C 

Davis, J. L Kayford, W Va 

Davis, J. S University, Va 

Davis, J. W Washington, D C 

Davis, J. C Terre Haute, Ind 

Davis, Joshua Butts. N.Y.E. De- 

Davis, L. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Davis, L. L Leadville, Colo 

Davis, L. P .Yonkers", N Y 

Davis, Lewis Parmenie. 111. A. De- 

Davis, M. B Beatrice, Neb 

Davis, M. T., jr. .Charleston, W Va 

Davis,, P. M. S Marion, Ind 

*Davis, Oscar King. N.Y.E 

Davis, P. G Indianapolis, Ind 

Davis, R. A Wartburg, Term 

Davis, R. H St. Louis, Mo 

Davis, R. M Columbia, S C 

Davis, Samuel Martin. Pa.B 59. 

Davis, S. W McKeesport, Pa 

Davis, T. D McAlester, Okla 

Davis, W. C Richmond, Ind 

Davis, W. M Iowa City, la 

Davis, W. W New York, N Y 

*Davis, W. J. C, jr Chicago, 111 

Davis, William Craft. Pa.B 80. De- 

Davis, W. S Arcade, N Y 

Davis, W. S Welland, Ont 

Davy, J. O Springfield, O 

Dawby, C. H Syracuse, N Y 

Dawson, D Huntington, W Va 

Dawson, G. L Uniontown, Pa 

Dawson, J. E Uniontown, Pa 

Dawson, J. N Uniontown, Pa 

Dawson, J. P Charleston, W Va 

Dawson, P. M Madison, Wis 

Dawson, Richard William. Pa.D 58. 

Day, A. C Evanston, 111 

Day, C. S., jr Brooklyn, N Y 


Day, E. H Minneapolis, Minn 

Day, M. F St. Paul, Minn 

Day, S. J Brooklyn, N Y 

Day, S. C Mexico City, Mex 

Day, W. B Chicago, 111 

Dayne, F. H N. Yakima, Wash 

Dayton, James F. Pa.B 59. De- 

Deadman, B. C Columbia, Tenn 

Deal, D. W Springfield, 111 

Deal, J. F. H ...Springfield, 111 

Deal, W. G San Francisco, Cal 

Deale, H. B Washington, D C 

Dean, A. D Scranton, Pa 

Dean, E. S Hinsdale, 111 

Dean, J. S Brazos, Tex 

Dean, J. S Topeka, Kans 

Dean, J. S., jr Topeka, Kans 

Dean, Milton Squires. N.Y.E. De- 
Dean, Robert L. Mich. A 93. De- 

Dean, W. W .Adams, Minn 

Deane, C. W Bridgeport. Conn 

Deane, S New York, N Y 

Dear, H. C Enterprise, Miss 

DeArmand, C Philadelphia, Pa 

De Armond, F. L.. Wilmington, Del 
DeArmond, Ross. Pa. I. Deceased 

Deary, W. A Bloomington, Neb 

Deaton, R. H Springfield, O 

Deats, G. M Jersey City, N J 

Deats, W. E Pittstown, N J 

DeBerard, H. I Denver, Colo 

DeBerard, W. W Denver, Colo 

De Camp, James Milton. Ohio A 63. 

Decker, F. D Santa Clara, Cal 

Decker, G. E Davenport, la 

Decker, H. M Davenport, la 

Deevey, E. S Albany, N Y 

Defenbacher, J. F. . Canal Dover, O 
Deffenbaugh, W. S. 

Washington, D C 
Deffenderfer, F. A. Pa. Eta 70. De- 

DeForest, J. S Washington, D C 

DeFrance, Allison Hugh. Pa.B 57. 

DeFrance, Claud M. Pa.B 77. De- 

DeFrance, H. M Portland, Ore 

DeFriest, A. B Riverhead, N Y 

DeHaven, H. E Lancaster, Pa 

DeHaven, T. C. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Dejarnatt, W. D Colusa, Cal 

DeKlvn, C. C.New Rochelle, N Y 
DeKnight, C. W. .Washington, D C 

Delaney, C. A Watonga, Okla 

Delaney. F. G Taloga, Okla 

DeLano, L. DeW Fulton, Kas 

DeLaveaga, E. I . San Francisco, Cal 
DeLaveaga, T. V. .Menlo Park, Cal 

Dellert. J. G New York, N Y 

Delling, A. S . , Syracuse, N Y 

DeLong, J. T Roanoke, Ind 

DeLong, wS. H Anoka, Minn 



Delzell, \V. R Lincoln, Xeb 

Delzell, W. S Lincoln. Xeb 

Dement, J. C, jr... San Diego, Cal 
DeMille, Henry Churchill. N.Y.G 
74. Deceased 

Dempsey, A. Y Flushing, N Y 

Dempsey. A. Van A . . Belvidere, 111 

Dempsey, W. A Brooklyn, N Y 

Dencer, F. W Chicago, 111 

Denham, H. G..S. Attleboro, Mass 
Denison. B. W....New York, N Y 

Denison, C. \Y Delaware, O 

Denison, L Delaware, O 

Denman, E Lancaster. O 

Dennett, E. P Stockton, Cal 

Dennett, L. L Modesto, Cal 

Denney, J. Y Columbus, O 

Dennis, E. B Cleveland, O 

Dennis, H. \Y. Ill.D 09. Deceased 

Dennis, \V. A Chicago, 111 

Dennis, W. H., jr Bradford, Pa 

Denniston, Paul H. Pa. I 96. De- 

Denny, C Richmond. Ya 

Denny, G. W Knoxville. Tenn 

Dennv. R. T Xicholasville, Kv 

Denslow, J. C Bellevue, Pa 

Denson, W. C. Tenn.B 69 

Dentan, \Y. K Evansville, Ind 

Denton, M. E Marks, Miss 

Denworth, H. F..\Yest Chester, Pa 

Denworth, R. K Baltimore, Md 

Deputy, C. S Norwood. O 

Deputy, C. \Y Cincinnati, Ohio 

Derby^ G. G La Junta, Colo 

Derr, A. F Wilkesbarre, Pa 

*Derr. Frank C. Pa.G 

Derr. X. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Derr. T. S., jr Lancaster, Pa 

Derr. William Farr. Pa.G. De- 

Deshler, J. B Allentown, Pa 

D'Esterre, L Brooklyn, X Y 

D'Esterre, W. H., jr. 

Brooklyn, X Y 
De Stordeur, A. G. O 

Xew York, X Y 

Detrick, L. F Ruxton. Md 

Denel, G. B Fulton. X Y 

Deupree, H. G Anderson Ind 

DeYeau, J. 

International Falls. Minn 
DeYeau, R. YV . .Minneapolis. Minn 
Deverall, Howard F. Kas.A 88 
Devereux, J. P ... .Philadelphia. Pa 
Devereux, John Ryan. Pa. I. De- 

Devers, J. R Sioux Falls, S D 

Dew, Andrew. J. Miss. A 59 

Deweese, F. M Dawson, Xeb 

Deweese. L. E Dawson. Xeb 

Dewey, E. R Buffalo, X Y 

Dewhurst. R. M Pittsburgh. Pa 

DeWolf, D Delevan, Wis 

Dewsnap. S. B Xew York, N Y 

Dexter, C. R. . . Edgewood Park. Pa 
Dexter, W. Y Brooklyn, X Y 


DeZavalla. A. P Houston, Tex 

Dezendorf, F. C Xorfolk, Ya 

Dial, G. S Springfield, O 

Dial, M. R La Grange, 111 

Dibble, R. B Springfield, Mass 

Dibble, W. E. ... .Springfield, Mass 

Dibell, C. D Joliet, 111 

Dibell, D Joliet, 111 

Dibert. G Pittsburgh, Pa 

Dice, Francis M. Ind. A. Deceased 

Dick. C. P Washington, D C 

Dick, Leonard White. S.C.A 57. 

Dick, R. I . . Waterloo. la 

Dickerman, X . . . Barranquilla. B C 

Dickes. H. K Portland. Ind 

Dickey, Albert Ford. W.Ya A 99. 

Dickey, Alfred Emil. Ind. A 93. 

Dicker. G. H Esmond. X D 

Dickev, Tohn J. Ohio A 67 

Dickey, P. S Baltimore. Md 

Dickey, R. W Covington, Ya 

Dickey, W. A., jr. . ; .Baltimore, Md 
Dickinson, B. C. . .Kalamazoo, Mich 
Dickinson, H. D.Minneapolis, Minn 
Dickinson. O. A. 

Plattsburg Barracks, X Y 
^Dickinson, W. H. Pa.G 

Dickson, F. X St. Paul, Minn 

Dickson, James Glenn. Pa. A 54. 

Dickson. John Shields. Pa. A. De- 
Dickson, Myron Low. Pa.Z 08. De- 

Dickson, W Canfield. O 

Dickson. William Oliver. Calif. A 
81. Deceased 

Diehl, F. W Woodsfield, O 

Dietz, J. W Chicago, 111 

Diffenderfer. F. A. . .Lancaster, Pa 
Diffenbaugh, G. L. . . .Lancaster, Pa 

Diggs, J- H Marion, Ind 

Dike. C. S Pennsburg, Pa 

Dike, O. A Lake Placid. ^X Y 

Dill, C. C Spokane, Wash 

Dill. T. G Wabasha, Minn 

Dill, J. M Richmond. Ya 

Dill, W Leavenworth. Kas 

Diller. H. W Pottsville. Pa 

Diller. W. E Xew York, X Y 

Dillon, A Hoboken. X T 

Dillon, E. B Columbus. 6 

Dillon, Henry Edward. Pa.Z 59. 

Dillon. T. F San Francisco. Cal 

Dillon, W G Cleveland, Tenn 

Dills, T. H Pomona, Cal 

Dilts. C. H Trenton. X J 

Dimm. J. R Selinsgrove, Pa 

Dimmick. F. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Dinwoodev, L. G. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dipboye, A. T Columbus, Ind 

Disette. T. K Cleveland, Ohio 


Disbrow, H. G....New York, N Y 

Dittmar, D. N Jefferson, N D 

Dittus, E. J Golden, Colo 

Dively, G. W Davenport, la 

Diven, J Anderson, Ind 

Diven, R. E Anderson, Ind 

Diven, W. A Anderson, Ind 

Divine, F. H New York, N Y 

Divine, W. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Dixon, G. L Burlington, la 

Dixon, G. W Chicago, 111 

Dixon, H. M., jr. .Washington, DC 

Dixon, J. E Ithaca, N Y 

Dixon, N. M Springfield, 111 

Dixon, S. G Philadelphia, Pa 

Dixon, T. J Chicago, 111 

Dobbins, J. Y Woodbury, N Y 

Dobbins, W. D Corinth, Miss 

Dock, G, jr St. Louis, Mo 

Dockery, E. J.... Boise City, Idaho 

Dockery, J. H Chicago, 111 

Dodd, Samuel Calvin T. Pa.A 54. 

Dodge, J. F Webster City, la 

Dodge, J Chicago, 111 

Doig, R. L San Diego, Cal 

Dolbear, Amos Emerson. Ohio A 
69. Deceased 

Dolder, H. C Frostproof, Fla 

Dole, Alfred E. Ind.G 88. De- 

Dole, G. V Paris, 111 

Domino, K. A Cleveland, O 

Donahue, J. J Joliet, 111 

Donahue, W. D... South Bend, Ind 
Donaldson, J. A. . . .Harrisburg, Pa 
Donaldson, J. H . .Georgetown, S C 
Donaldson, T. B .. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Donan, J. A St. Louis, Mo 

Don Carlos, H. E. 

San Francisco, Cal 

Donehoo, R. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Donnan, Charles Gordon. Va.G 78. 

Donnan, E. V Toledo, O 

Donnan, H. T Petersburg, Va 

Donnan, J. W Washington, Pa 

Donnan, W. C Washington, Pa 

Donnell, O. D Findlay, O 

Donnell, W. H. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Donovan, F. F. N.Y.G 

Donovan, *L. B Eureka, Cal 

Donovan, W. J Buffalo, N Y 

Dooley, C. R Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Dooling, J., jr Aurora, 111 

Doran, E. A Pittsburgh, Pa 

Doremus, G Newark, N J 

Dorland, A. J. .. .Vancouver, Wash 

Dornblaser, T. F Chicago, 111 

Dorr, A. M Milwaukee, Wis 

Dorr, E. E Des Moines, la 

Dorr, N Des Moines, la 

Dorr, R. K Kenosha, Wis 

Dorris, F. C Nashville, Tenn 

Dorsey, George Fred. W.Va.91. 

Dorsey, J. R Baltimore, Md 

Dorsey, R. W Columbia, Mo 

Dorsey, R. S Natchez, Miss 

Dorst, J. W New York, N Y 

Dorst, M. McK. .Charleston, W Va 

Dorste, L. T Anderson, Ind 

Dosh, Thomas William. Pa.A 55. 

Doss, A. L Hardy, Ark 

Dotts, W. M Tioga, Pa 

Doud, H. A Omaha, Neb 

Doud, P. R Fort Dodge, la 

Dougan, Z. E Danville, Ind 

Dougherty, B. J St. Louis, Mo 

Doughertv, L. A Piedmont, Cal 

Dougherty, W. H..New York, N Y 

Douglas. G. E Omaha, Neb 

Douglas, J. McQ St. Louis, Mo 

Douglas, S. C Kansas City, Mo 

Douglas, W. W Berkeley, Cal 

Douthett, Pizarro. Ohio G 78 
Dove, Theodore Franklin. Ohio A. 

Dow, C. I Manchester, N H 

Dow, H. M Roswell, N M 

Dow, J. W Mansfield. O 

Dow, R. C Carlsbad, N M 

Dowd, J. E Brooklyn, N Y 

*Dowdall, Guy G. Ind.G 93 
*Dowdall, Will T. Ind.G 93 

Dowden, C. W West Baden, Ind 

Dowds, C. G Mt. Vernon, O 

Dowlin, H E. Downington, Pa 

Dowling, T., jr. . .Washington, D C 

Downes, E. T Cleveland, O 

Downey, C. J Denver, Colo 

Downey, Daniel T. Ind. A. Deceased 

Downey, D. M Silver City, N M 

Downey, E. J. 

Colorado Springs, Colo 
Downey, G. E. .. .Washington, D C 

Downey, J. R Denver, Colo 

Downey, J. B Clifton, Ariz 

Downey, Samuel R. Ind. A. Deceased 

Downing, A. H Moylan, Pa 

Downing, S. R..San Francisco, Cal 

Downs, C. B Granville, O 

Downs, D. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Downs, IT. S Brooklyn, N Y 

Downs, I. B Brooklyn, N Y 

Downs, J. S Easton, Pa 

Dox, W. H Omaha, Neb 

Doyle, Ely Reese. Va.B 69. De- 

Doyle, L. C Amarillo, Tex 

Dozier, Peter C. Va.A 54. De- 

Drabelle, J. W St. Louis, Mo 

Drach, G. A Ludington, Mich 

Drake, C. B. Tex.A 05 

New Mexico 

Drake, C. F Highland Park, 111 

Drake, E. A Cleveland, O 

Drake, E. A Socorro, N M 

Drake, F. C Mitchell, S D 

Drake, G. A. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 
Drake, O. G Toledo, O 



Drake, W. A Dayton, O 

Draper, A. D Worcester, Mass 

Draper, G. L Cleveland, O 

Drees, F. B Xenia, O 

Draughon, John H. Miss. A. De- 

Dray, J. M Hackensack, N J 

Dreibelbis, C. C Yonkers, N Y 

Dreisbach, Hiram Grant. Pa.G 81. 

Dreisbach, W. M . . . .Lewisburg, Pa 

Drescher, T. B Rochester, N Y 

Dresser, H. L Detroit, Mich 

Dresser, H. W Buffalo, N Y 

Drew, W. W McKeesport, Pa 

Drickhoff, J. C. .Fort Atkinson, Wis 
Driscoll, Daniel. Ind.B 82. De- 

Driscoll, D Boise, Idaho 

Driscoll, J. L Boise, Idaho 

Driver, H. H Allegheny, Pa 

Driver, P. S Sacramento, Cal 

Driver, W. J New York, N Y 

Drummond, J., jr. .Amesbury, Mass 

Dryden, A. L Crisfield, Md 

Dubbs, E. E... Indiana Harbor, Ind 

Dubbs, H. A Denver, Colo 

Dubbs, T. W Lancaster, Pa 

Dubois, F. W Washington, D C 

Duchard, Walter. Tenn B 70. De- 

Duclos. A Dawson City, Canada 

Dudley, C. T Bennettsville, S C 

Dudley, C. H Hanover, N H 

Dudley, O. T. .. .Winnipeg, Canada 

Duerr, P. W Pueblo, Colo 

Duff, L. B Pittsburg, Pa 

Dufford, H. P Springfield, O 

Duffy, T. F Pittsfield, Mass 

Duffy, R. A Chicago, 111 

Duffy, S New York, N Y 

Dugro, F. A New York, N Y 

Dugro, P. H New York, N Y 

Dulanv, H. E...S0. Bethlehem, Pa 

Dumm, I. W Kansas City, Mo 

Dumont, J. R Toronto, Canada 

Dumont, R. E.Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dun, C. T Toledo, Ohio 

Dun, George W. Ohio D 79. De- 

Dun, J. D Toledo, Ohio 

Dun, John Gibson. Ind. A 74. De- 
Dunaway, J. W. . .Merrittstown, Pa 
Dunaway, J. W. E., 

Clay Centre, Kan 

Dunbar, E New York, N Y 

Dunbar, L. B Clarksville, Tenn 

Duncan, A. B Dallas, Tex 

Duncan, C. S Gettysburg, Pa 

Duncan, C. W Gettysburg, Pa 

Duncan, G. H . . . East Jaffrey, N H 

Duncan, R. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Duncan, S. G Lewisburg, Pa 

Duncan, W. M.Eureka Springs, Ark 
Dunham, C. T Atlanta, Ga 

Dunham, E. M Ferguson, Mo 

Dunham, G. H. . .Manchester, Iowa 

Dunlap, A Versailles, Ky 

Dunlap, C. G Lawrence, Kan 

Dunlap, J. R Gary, Ind 

Dunlap, John M. Va.B 56. De- 
Dunlap, Marcus Fulton. Iowa A 67. 

Dunlap, Robert. Pa.G. Deceased 
Dunlap, R. A.Windsor Locks, Conn 

Dunlap, W. B Covington, Ind 

Dunlop, D Petersburg, Va 

Dunlop, S. D Phoenix, Ariz 

Dunmire, R. A Lawrence, Kan 

Dunn, A. L Long Beach, Cal 

Dunn, A. R Pittsburg, Pa 

Dunn, D Kansas City, Mo 

Dunn, F. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Dunn, H. W Long Beach, Cal 

Dunn, J. A.... Anderson, Ind 

Dunn, John Gibson. N.Y.A 79. De- 

Dunn, J. H Washington, Pa 

Dunn, John Wesley. D.C.A 75. De- 

Dunn, L. H Prosperity, Pa 

Dunn, T. L Brockton, Mass 

Dunn, U. L Camanchee, Iowa 

Dunn, William F. Kan. A 91. De- 

Dunn, W. W Richmond, Va 

Dunne, E. F., jr Chicago, 111 

Dunne, M. F Springfield, 111 

Dunne, R. J Chicago, 111 

Dunning, A. S Duluth, Minn 

Dunning, C. T Osceola Mills, Pa 

Dunning, J. C Bay City, Mich 

Dunning, M. B Rochester, N Y 

Dunning, R. A Duluth. Minn 

Dunning, T. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Dunshee, F. S...Des Moines, Iowa 

Dunshee, G. M Big Lake, Minn 

Dunwiddie, S. G Janesville, Wis 

Dupee, F. W Earlville, 111 

Dupee, J. A Earlville, 111 

Dupee, Walter Ralph. Wis.G 93. 

Dupont, Thomas Sereven. S C.A 60. 

Durand, Herbert Cassius. I..B 95. 

Durban, E. J Phifadelphia, Pa 

Durborow, Allan Cathcart, jr. Ind. 
B 77. Deceased 

Durborrow, C. E Chicago, 111 

Durborrow, C. B Chicago, 111 

Durborrow, W. B.Williamsport, Ind 

Durell, E. D Reading, Pa 

Durgin, L. S Lewiston, Me 

Durkee, C. G Augusta, N Y 

Durkee, R. S . . . San Francisco, Cal 

Durley, B. H Aberdeen, Miss 

Durley, Jesse Hardy. Miss. A. De- 

Durr, W. M Pinola, Miss 



Durrant, W. E Everett, Wash 

Du Shane, James B. Wis. A oo. De- 

Dustin, C. W Dayton, O 

Dustin, Mighill. Ohio A. Deceased 

Dutrow, R. S. J Frederick, Md 

Dutton, J. M Portsmouth, N H 

Dutton, L. G Rutland, Vt 

Dutton, W Washington, D C 

Dutz, J. W East Orange, N J 

Duvall, C. R Washington, D C 

Duval, G. H New York, N Y 

Duvendeck, W. E Delaware, O 

Dwight, A. R Cone, N M 

Dwinnell, W. S., 

Black River Falls, Wis 

Dworak, C. W Schuyler, Neb 

Dwyer, L. R Buffalo, N Y 

Dye, C. B Columbus, O 

Dyer, J. M Cleveland, O 

Dyer, J. W Wichita, Kan 

Dyer, J. H .Kansas City, Mo 

Dyer, W Kansas City, Mo 

Dyer, W. A Hempstead, N Y 

Dymock, J. S Calumet, Mich 

Eaches, O. P Haddonfield, N J 

Eads, J. Ten B Paris, 111 

Eads, J. B Anderson, Ind 

Eagan, R Missoula, Mont 

Eager, G. B., jr Louisville, Ky 

Eager, W. H .. .Huntington, W Va 

Eagle, S. F Shippenburg, Pa 

Earhart, George. la. A 67 
Earle, Claudius E. Va.A 54. De- 
Earle, E. P. . . South Bethlehem, Pa 
Early, Stephen • Judsan. N.Y.E. De- 

Early, W- C Memphis, Tenn 

Earnest, J. A: Mifflinsburg, Pa 

Earnest, J. P Washington, I\ C 

Easley, William D. Va.A 53. De- 

East, W. J Senatobia, Miss 

Eastburn, A. M Doylestown, Pa 

Eastburn, David Jeffries. Ind.A 65. 

Eastburn, H. B., jr. Doylestown, Pa 

Eastman, E. E Hollywood, Cal 

Eastman, H Merrillstown, Pa 

*Eastman, Joseph Rilus. Ind.G 87 
Eastman, T. B ... .Indianapolis, Ind 

Eastman, W. H Evanston, 111 

Easton, S. H Central Falls, R I 

Easton, T. De M Sedalia, Mo 

Eastwood, T. M .. .Burlington, N. J 

Eaton, D. W Kansas City. Mo 

Eaton, M. E Wakefield, Mass 

Eaton, S. F Auburndale, Mass 

Eaton, W. D Jerseyville, 111 

Eavenson, T. B...West Chester, Pa 
Eccleston, J. C, 

Buenos Ayres, Argentina 
Echlin, S. B ....... .Janesville, Wis 

Echols, C. P West Point, N Y 

Echols, J. R Balcony Falls, Va 

Eck, R. A Toledo, Ohio 

Eckard, B. G Baltimore, Md 

Eckels, M. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Eckels, W. A Washington, D C 

Ecker, J. B Washington, D C 

Eckersley, J New Egypt, N.. J 

Eckersley, W Pennington, N. J 

Eckhardt, G. W Auburn, Cal 

Eckhart, G. B Auburn, Ind 

Eckles, C. A Kane, Va 

Eckman, J. R.So. Wilmington, Mass 

Eckstorm, R. P Chicago, 111 

Edbrooke, L. H Ottawa, 111 

Eddy, B. H Wellsboro, Pa 

Eddy, G. E Rochester, N Y 

Edgar, R. B Dayton, Tex 

Edgarton, A. M. . .Bouckville, N Y 
Edgecomb, R. W. E. .Phoenix, Ariz 

Edgerly, F. B Manchester, N H 

Edgeton, J. E Soldier, Idaho 

Edinger, McD. L ... Kingston, N Y 

Edmonds, J. E Bolivar, Miss 

Edmondson, S. B..I11.A. Deceased 
Edmunds, G. M. . .Hopkinsville, Ky 
Edmunds, Henry. Va.A 59. De- 
Edmunds, Henry Littleton. Va.A 
72. Deceased 

Edmunds, R. L Sumter, S C 

Edson, E. G Beaumont, Tex 

Edson, F. P Topeka, Kan 

Edson, W. H Duluth, Minn 

Edwards, G. B ... .Toronto, Canada 
Edwards, G. H.... Kansas City, Mo 

Edwards, H. R Emory, Tex 

Edwards, R. D.... Kansas City, Mo 

Edwards, W Shubuta, Miss 

Edwards, W. H.. Eagle Mills, N. Y 

Edwards, W. I Nashville, Tenn 

Edwards, William Milam. Ind.B 72 

Effinger, H. G Portland, Ore 

Efnnger, J. R Ann Arbor, Mich 

Egbert, S Philadelphia, Pa 

Egerton, S. W Baltimore, Md 

Eggers, J. H., jr Alameda, Cal 

Eggert, C. E Ann Arbor, Mich 

Eggert, C. F. A., 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Eggleston, H. W. .New York, N Y 
Eggleston, W. A.Minneapolis, Minn 

Egner, C. W Warsaw, Ind 

Ehlen, F. S Baltimore, Md 

Ehrenfeld, A. C York, Pa 

Ehrenfeld, C. H York, Pa 

Ehrenfeld, F Philadelphia, Pa 

Eiche, De A Lincoln, Neb 

Eichelberger, G. H. .. .Cleveland, O 

Eichholtz, W. F Sunbury, Pa 

Eichrodt, C. W Morenci, Ariz 

Eighmey, P. W Waterloo, Iowa 

Eighmy, L. W Buffalo, N Y 

Eisenhart, L. P Princeton, N J 

Eitel, F. J Seattle, Wash 

Elbert, Benjamin F. Ill.B 65. De- 



Elbert, Daniel C. 111. A. Deceased 

Elbert, G. T Albia, Iowa 

Elden, H. E.Richfield Springs, N Y 
Elder, E. H. . . . . .Harrisonville, Mo 

Elder, G. A Saybrook, Pa 

Elder, William W. Ind.A. De- 

Eldon, J Shippensburg, Pa 

Eldredge, Ezra George. X. Y.B. De- 
*Eldridge, James H. S. Pa.G. 

Eley, T. C Plymouth, Ind 

Elgin, G. L Greendale, Pa 

Eliason, A. O St. Paul, Minn 

Eliason, S. G. .. .Montevideo, Minn 

Elleman, J. H Richmond, Ind 

Ellenberger, A. S . . . Harrisburg, Pa 
Ellenson, E. P.Chippewa Falls, Wis 

Ellerby, H. T Hartford, Conn 

Ellett, W. H Monrovia, Cal 

Ellicott, C. E Melvale, Md 

Ellington, Andrew Monroe. Mo. A 
71. Deceased 

Elliott, C. H Hartletown, Pa 

Elliott, C. B Portland, Ore 

Elliott, C. M Mansfield, Pa 

Elliott, D. H Coronado, Cal 

Elliott, D. F Kokomo, Ind 

Elliott, E. C Kokomo, Ind 

Elliott, E. C Madison, Wis 

Elliott, E. L Claremont, N H 

Elliott, H. S Beaufort, S C 

Elliott, J. B Franklin, Pa 

Elliott, J. W Chicago. Ill 

Elliott, L. B Rochester, X Y 

Elliott, L. L Los Angeles, Cal 

Elliott, M. S., jr. .Washington, D C 

Elliott, R. C Indianapolis, Ind 

Elliott, Warren. Penn.K 09. De- 

Ellis, E. A Aurora, 111 

Ellis, G. E Grand Rapids, Iowa 

Ellis, John. 111. A 6a. Deceased 

Ellis, J. E Paris, Tex 

Ellis, J. H Kansas City, Mo 

Ellison, E. O Minot, X D 

Ellison, N Marion, Pa 

Ellison, R. W Seattle, Wash 

Elliston, T. E Edgefield. Tenn 

Ellmaker, C. L Lancaster, Pa 

Ellsworth, Elber J. Pa.B 97 
Ellsworth, E. M.Chattanooga, Tenn 
Ellsworth. W. W.Binghamton, X Y 

Elmore, C. E Englewood, X J 

Elrod, M. J Missoula, Mont 

Elsden. J. G Chicago, 111 

Elsey, George White. Calif.A 86. 

Elston, I. C, jr. . ..Philadelphia, Pa 

Elston, S. B Corry, Pa 

Eltinge, A. Van W. . Syracuse, N Y 

Elvins, G. A Atlantic City, X J 

Elvins, T. C Hammonton, N J 

Elwell, W. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Elwood, John Frank. Pa. A 88. De- 
Elwood, R. D., jr Verona, Pa 

Lly, Henry Judson. Pa.G 66 
Ely, Horatio, jr. Pa.G. Deceased 

Ely, L. H Sheboygan, Wis 

Embree, L. C Princeton, Ind 

Emerson, C. W Chicago, 111 

Emerson, H. McK Chicago, 111 

Emerson, S. W Cleveland, O 

Emerson, T. H Eureka, Cal 

Emerson, W. W Albion, 111 

Emery, A. L Portland, Ore 

Emison, E. R Vincennes, Ind 

Emison J. W., jr .. .Vincennes, Ind 

Emison, J. C Boston, Mass 

Emison, J. W Vincennes, Ind 

Emison, R. A Vincennes, Ind 

Emley, Joseph C Plainfield, X J 

Emley, W. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Emmert, E. J. . . Lawrenceburg, Ind 

Emmett, B. E Milwaukee, Wis 

Emory, M. J. A. . .Frenchtown, X J 
Emory, Rush. la. A 68. Deceased 
Emrick, A. B . . . . Schenectady, N Y 

Endicott, C. E Andrews, Ind 

Endicott, J. F Chicago, 111 

Endsley, G. F Somerfield, Pa 

Endsley, L. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Engel, Charles William. Xeb.A 98. 

Englar, T. S Medford, Md 

Engle, C. F Winchester, Ind 

Engle, W. H Sunbury, Pa 

Enoch, H. S Wichita, Kans 

Enochs, R. J.. Crystal Springs, Miss 

Entwisle, R. M Pittsburg, Pa 

Engart, A. D Rollins, Fla 

Epes, C. M Susquehanna, Pa 

Epes, Hamlin Harris. Va.G 56. De- 

Erf, J. W Yonkers, X Y 

Erickson, B. M Trinidad, Colo 

Ericsson, J. M Yonkers, X Y 

Ernest, R. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Ernsberger, C. S Springfield, O 

Ernsberger, H. B Cleveland, O 

Ernst, F. B Chicago, 111 

Ernst, H. C. E Dayton, O 

Erp, J. E Xorwalk, O 

Erskine, H. W San Francisco 

Erskine, J. G Louisville, O 

Erskine, M. W Vineberg, Cal 

Erskine, M Berkeley, Cal 

Ervien, R. P Clayton, X M 

Ervin, W. E Streator, 111 

Eshbach, H. C Albia, Iowa 

Eschbach, Elmer. Pa. Eta. Deceased 

Eshleman, F. M Boston, Mass 

Eshleman, H. L..Leaman Place, Pa 

Eskev, C. L Wheeling, W Va 

Essig, G. S Wallingford, Pa 

Estabrook, L. C . . . Estherville, Iowa 

Esterbrooks, F. E Glenora, N Y 

Esterly, Charles E. Ohio D. De- 

Esterly, D. E Topeka, Kans 

Esterly, G. A Lawrence, Kans 

Estes, Francis Marion. Tenn.B 73. 



Estill, Harry. Va.A 60. Deceased 

Estill, J. L Fresno, Cal 

Estell, W. C Waynesboro, Va 

Estill, VV. W Lexington, Ky 

Eubank, J. J Sherman, Tex 

Eurich, F., jr Hackensack, N J 

Evans, C. R. .. .Chattanooga, Tenn 

Evans, C. S. .Lbensburg, Pa 

Evans, C. T Germantown, Pa 

Evans, Clinton J Topeka, Kans 

Evans, Dudley. Pa.D 57. Deceased 
Evans, Edgar Grove. N.Y.E 01. De- 

Evans, E Dodgeville, Wis 

Evans, E. A. Pa.G. Deceased 

Evans, E. C Seattle, Wash 

Evans, E. E Topeka, Kans 

Evans, E. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Evans, E. W Easton, Pa 

Evans, F Lansdowne, Pa 

Evans, F. A Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Evans, F. M., jr . . Summerville, Pa 

Evans, F. N ...Emerson, Iowa 

Evans, G. W Los Angeles, Cal 

Evans, H. D Canodian, Tex 

Evans, Henry M. Pa.E 70. Deceased 

Evans, J. C Craf ton, Pa 

Evans, J. E. . . .Crawfordsville, Ind 
Evans, Joseph Horn. Pa.Theta. De- 

Evans, J. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Evans, J. LeG Emerson, Iowa 

Evans, J. M Pleasanton, Kans 

Evans, K. L Gilroy, Cal 

Evans, Lewis Kossuth. Pa.G 55. De- 

Evans, M Norristown, Pa 

Evans, M. G Tyrone, Pa 

Evans, M. G Chester, Pa 

Evans, M. L Emerson, Iowa 

Evans, P. C Easton, Pa 

Evans, P. H Milwaukee, Wis 

Evans, P. H. .' Owatonna, Minn 

Evans, P. K Lancaster, Pa 

Evans, R. B Moline, 111 

Evans, R. O Chicago, 111 

Evans, S. C, jr Riverside, Cal 

Evans, S. G Evansville, Ind 

Evans, S. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Evans, Thomas Jehu. Miss. A 88 

Evans, V. Le V Emerson, Iowa 

Evans, V. S Chicago, 111 

Evans, W. H Portland, Ore 

Eve, D., jr Nashville, Tenn 

Eve, P. F., jr Nashville, Tenn 

Eveland, W. P Manila, P I 

Eveleigh, R. E Bloomfield, Ind 

Everett, C. E Cincinnati, O 

Everett, E. A Roselle Park, N J 

Everett, J. R Nashua, N H 

Everett, J. S Augusta. Me 

Everett, W. H Tivoli, Pa 

Everett, W. M Atlanta, Ga 

Everingham, C Robinson, 111 

Everingham, E. »L Chicago, 111 

Everly, H. J Kirksville, Mo 

Everton, W. R Baltimore, Md 

Everts, E. A.... San Francisco, Cal 

Evia, D Merida, Yucatan 

Everts, W T . S Washington, D C 

Evins, W San Antonio, Tex 

Ewart, H. G. . .Hendersonville, N C 

Ewell, J. H Fort Worth, Tex 

Ewell, L Manchester, Tenn 

Ewing, Alexander Lacy. Va.A 92. 

Ewing, A. G Clinton, Iowa 

Ewing, C. A Port Deposit, Md 

Ewing, Henry W. Mo.A 71. De- 

Ewing, H. F Philadelphia, Pa 

Ewing, I. A Ocean Park, Cal 

Ewing, J. C. R. .Soharanpore, India 
Ewing, S. McC.San Francisco, Cal 

Ewing, T. D Fairfield Iowa 

Ewing, W. H. H.Meherrin P O, Va 

Ewing, W. McD Aurora, 111 

Exliar, F Rapid City, S D 

Extance, W. L., jr. .Brooklyn, N Y 

Eyler, C. A Waynesboro, Pa 

Eyster, L. B Philadelphia, Pa 

Eyster, L. L W. Philadelphia, Pa 

Eyster, R. M Clarksville, Ark 

Fager, C. B Harrisburg, Pa 

Fager, C. B., jr Harrisburg, Pa 

Fager, E. J., jr Belvidere, N J 

Fager, V. H Harrisburg, Pa 

Failor, I. N... Richmond Hill, N Y 
Fair, F. Adam. Pa.E 59. Deceased 

Fairall, J. A Des Moines, Iowa 

Fairall, Samuel Husband. Pa. A 55. 

Fairbanks, E. H. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Fairbanks, N. H., jr. .Springfield, O 
Fairbrother, J. Albert. Ia.A 67. De- 
bairchild, A. C, jr . . .Paterson, N J 

Fairchild, C Minneapolis, Minn 

Fairchild, F. T Vancouver, B C 

Fairchild, J. A.. San Francisco, Cal 

Fairchild, M. C Paterson, N J 

Fairhurst, Osianda. Ind.B 73. De- 

Fakes, T. J McCroy, Ark 

Falck, J. G. . Washington, D C 

Falconer, Irvine Campbell. Ohio B 

87. Deceased 
Falkenau, Harry. N.Y.A 85. De- 

Falconer, W. C Springfield, O 

Falconer, W. M . .Washington, D C 

Fall, J. H Nashville, Tenn 

Falls, C. E. ..... . .Kansas City, Mo 

Falson, Paris Hill. Pa.B 59. De- 
Fankhouser, E. J. . . .Durango, Colo 

Fanning, M. D'A Cleveland, O 

Fansler, D. S Manila, P I 

Fansler, R. L Evanston, 111 

Fansler, W. A Milwaukee, Wis 

Fant, Lewis Taylor. Miss. A. De- 




Farber, E. J Baltimore, Md 

Farber, Frederick Martin, Pa.E 74. 

Farber, H. J Baltimore, Md 

Farber, W. J Hooverville, Pa 

Fardy, T. A Randolph, Mass 

Faries, R Philadelphia, Pa 

Faris, A. V Bloomington, Iiid 

Faris, Eugene McD. Ind.B 85. De- 
Faris, George Washington. Ind.A 
70. Deceased 

Faris, J. H Florence, Neb 

Faris, J. M Columbus, Ind 

Faris, M. A Bloomington, Ind 

Faris, William B. Pa.Delta 55. De- 

Farish, J. D Columbus, Ga 

Farish, R. E., jr Columbus, Ga 

Farix, F. B Bloomington, Ind 

Farley, D. L Hernando, Miss 

Farley, J. B Tillar, Ark 

Farley, L. E Hernando, Miss 

Farley, L. J Hernando, Miss 

Farmer, H. H Syracuse, N Y 

Farnsworth, A Newton, Mass 

Farnum, E. T Berkeley, Cal 

Farr, C. \V Chicago, 111 

Farrah, J. A Dickinson, N D 

Farrar, H. D Columbus, O 

Farrell, A. T Escanaba, Mich 

Farrell, H. H Paoli, Ind 

Farrell, J. A Kansas City, Mo 

Farrington, F. J.. . .New York, N Y 

Farrington, R. C Syracuse, N Y 

Fassig, O. L Baltimore, Md 

Fates, W. D Washington, D C 

Faucett, R. C Laurium, Mich 

Fauntleroy, C. M...New Orleans, La 
Fauntleroy, Philip William. Va.A 70 

Fauver, H. W Cleveland, Ohio 

Fauvre, I. M Indianapolis, Ind 

Fawcett, George Ellsworth. Ill.A 88 
Deceased * 

Fawcett, J. M Carrolton, Ohio 

Fawsett, G. D New York, N Y 

Fay, D. A Urbana, 111 

Fay, F. C, jr Frankville, N Y 

Fay, H Boston, Mass 

Fay, O. C Hollidaysburg, Pa 

Fay, T. S Seattle, Wash 

Fay, W. M Franklinville. N Y 

Feagley, C. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Feagley, J. P .Lancaster, Pa 

Fearle. C. E Cincinnati, Ohio 

Fee, W. I Bloomington, Ind 

Fee, W. T Bremen, Germany 

Feek, C. Fred. N.Y.B. Deceased 

Feldhoff, E. W Allentown, Pa 

Fell, E. L .Philadelphia, Pa 

Fell, E. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Fell, J. A Doylestown, Pa 

Fellows, A. M Spokane, Wash 

Fellows. Stephen N. Ia.A 68. De- 

Fellows, W T illiam W. Ohio A. De- 

Fellows, W. K Chicago, 111 

Fells, C. E Kansas City, Mo 

Fenn, M. E Needham, Mass 

Fenn, P. T Wichita, Kans 

Fennell, J. J Cynthiana, Ky 

Fennell, Yv T . G Hartford, Conn 

Pernio, S. W Revere, Mass 

Fergus, J New Zealand 

Ferguson, C. P., jr... Brooklyn, N Y 

Ferguson, C, jr Brooklyn, N Y 

Ferguson, D. M New York, N Y 

Fergusson, H. B., jr. 

Washington, D C 

Ferguson, H. C Amsterdam, N Y 

Ferguson, J. A. ..Grand Island, Neb 
Ferguson, J. M.. . . . . .Jamaica, N Y 

Ferguson, L. P. . . .Bloomfield, N Y 

Ferguson, L. B.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Ferguson, S. T. . . .Brownsville, Tex 

Ferguson, V. S Sterling, 111 

Ferguson, W. S Rockville, Ind 

Ferguson, W. & Rockville, Ind 

Ferguson, W. M Newark, N J 

Ferguson, Wilson B. Ind.G 74. De- 

Ferner, C. R Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Feniman, G Albion, 111 

Ferris, G. S Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Ferriss, F St. Louis, Mo 

Ferry, A. M Evanston, 111 

Ferson, M. L Washington, D C 

Fertig, E. R Noblesville, Ind 

Fessenden, D. H. . . .New York, X Y 

Fetter, F. A Princeton, N J 

Fetterman, R. A Centralia, Pa 

Fetterman, Robert Dunlap. Pa. A 01 

Fickett, H. L Bessemer, Ala 

Field, C Philadelphia, Pa 

Field, L. D Binghamton, N Y 

Field, O. F Columbia, Mo 

Field, R. M Morristown, N J 

Field, W. S Washington, D C 

Field, William G. Va.A 5^. Deceased 

Field, W. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Fife, G. C Kansas City, Kans 

Fife, George Lee. Pa. A 84. Deceased 

Fife, R. O Kansas City, Kans 

Fineld. C. H Chicago. Ill 

Fineld, G. J Bismarck, N D 

Fifleld, O. G Lowell, Ind 

Files, C. A Providence, R I 

Fillman, F. G Muncie, Ind 

Fillmore, R Kansas City. Mo 

Finch, A. D West Union, Iowa 

Findlay, W. W. H.. Kansas City, Mo 

Findiey, A. I New York, N Y 

Fine, PL H. N. . .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Fink, W. H York, Pa 

Finkel, A. D Pittsburg, Pa 

Finletter, T. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Finlev, D. E Yorkville, S C 

Finlev, G. A Sugar Grove, 111 

Finley, G. W Fisherviile, Va 

Finley, R. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Finn, John Mustin. Pa.G 56. De- 



Finn, 0. B Philipsburg, Mont 

Finn, William Henry. Pa.G 56. De- 
Finney, A. C. . . . Minneapolis, Minn 
Finney, Arthur M. Kas.A 80 

Finney, ,C. J Attica, Ind 

Finney, S Chicago, 111 

Finney, W. E Goshen, Ind , 

Firmin, L., jr. . . .Pleasantville, N Y 
Firth, Edgar Harper. Pa.K 92. De- 

Fischer, H. W Dayton, Ohio 

Fischer, J. A Baltimore, Md 

Fischer, J. J Monroe, Wis 

Fischer, J. S Baltimore, Md 

Fiscus, Z. O Vandergrift, Pa 

Fish, F. T Buffalo, N Y 

Fish, Frank Marson. Wis. A 78. De- 

Fish, W. S Racine, Wis 

Fishburn, D. B Aurora, 111 

Fishburn, Mosheim Ross. Pa.E 84 

Fisher, A. B Salt Lake, Mo 

Fisher, A. W Harrisburg, Pa 

Fisher, B. F Loudonville, Ohio 

Fisher, C. A Pine Grove, Pa 

Fisher, C Johnstown, Pa 

Fisher, Daniel Webster. Pa.A 54. 

Fisher, E. F Summit, N J 

Fisher, E. G Underwood, Iowa 

Fisher, F. E Indianapolis, Ind 

Fisher, F. A. . . Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fisher, G. N Erie, Pa 

Fisher,- H. L Allegheny, Pa 

Fisher, J. F Beaumont, Tex 

Fisher, J. C Toledo, Ohio 

Fisher, John Alonzo. Ill.B 79 

Fisher, J. J Prescott, Ariz 

Fisher, N. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Fisher, R. M..- Indiana, Pa 

Fisher, S. D Northbridge, Mass 

Fisher, W. H Wissahickon, Pa 

Fisk, J. B Santa Fe, Cal 

Fiske, E. W Boston, Mass 

Fiske, R. C Portland, Ore 

Fiske, S. A Berlin, Conn 

Fiske, W. A Pasadena, Cal 

Fitch, E. C Chicago, 111 

Fitch, F. H Kansas City, Mo 

Fitch, H. A Kansas City, Mo 

Fitch, H. E Nekoosa, W T is 

Fitch, J. C Albion, 111 

Fitch, R. E Laramie, Wyo 

FitzGerald, A. M Springfield, 111 

Fitzgerald, J. D... Clarksburg, W Va 

Fitzgerald, J. P Farmville, Va 

Fitzgerald, L Richmond, Va 

Fitzgerald, N. W. . .Washington, D C 

FitzGerald, R. E Springfield, 111 

Fitzgerald, W. T Richmond, Va 

FitzHugh, A Vicksburg, Miss 

Fitzwilliams, Francis. Pa.A 55. De- 

Fixel, W. G Pittsburg, Pa 

Flack, Junius Brutus. Pa.B 57. De- 

Flanagan, T Kenlon, Ohio 

Flansburg, C. W Lincoln, Neb 

Flansburg, R. H Lincoln, Neb 

Flavell, G. K Philadelphia, Pa 

Flavelle, W Newark, N T 

Fleck, H. F Newport, Pa 

Fleek, George W. Ohio G 78. De- 

Fleet, A. F Culver, Ind 

Fleet, H. W..Fort MacKenzie, Wyo 

Fleet, J. S Atlanta, Ga 

Fleet, W. A. . . . Culver, Ind 

Fleischer, D Lancaster, Pa. 

Fleisher, G. P Kendallville, Ind 

Fleming, A. S Fairmont, W Va 

Fleming, A Fairmont, W Va 

Fleming, B Fairmont, W Va 

Fleming, C. N Brooklyn, N Y 

Fleming, F. C Paris, 111 

Fleming, H. W Campello, Mass 

Fleming, R. K Pittsburg, Pa 

Fleming, R. L Fairmont, W Va 

Fleming, R. B. L. . .Charleston, S C 

Fleming, T Washington, D C 

Fletchall, E. D Posey ville, Ind 

Fletcher, F. W Morris, Conn 

Fletcher, H. T Alphine, Tex 

Fletcher, L. M Nashville, Tenn 

Fletcher, R. B Worcester, Mass 

Fletcher, W. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Flick, H Cleveland, Ohio 

Flickenger, K. A Toledo, Ohio 

Flickinger, J. M., jr. 

Fannettsburg, Pa 

Flint, C Washington, D. C. 

Flint, R Jinoteoe, Nicaragua 

Flitcraft, C. A.. .... . .Oak Park, 111 

Flitcraft, L Oak Park, 111 

Flood, J. C Southboro, Mass 

Flood, J. H .Lexington, Ky 

Flood, Samuel L. Ohio B 74. De- 
Florentine, H. K. 

Downer's Grove, 111 

Florian, A. S San Antonio, Tex 

Flournoy, T Pittsfield, Mass 

Flournoy, W. C Farmville, Va 

Flower, A. R Passaic, N J 

Flower, L. B Chicago, 111 

Flower, W. C Passaic, N J 

Flowers, H. F New York, N Y 

Flowers, L. D Uvalde, Tex 

Floyd, F. N Trinidad, Colo 

Floyd, W. E Muskogee, Okla 

Flynn, L. J Washington, D C 

Focke, T. M Cleveland, Ohio 

Foley, Grattan S. Mich.A 96. De- 

Foley, W. O Point Marion, Pa 

Folks, W. K Lin wood, Kan 

Follansbee, A Chicago, 111 

Follmer, H. N Yeagerstown, Pa 



Folsom, P. H Biltmore. N C 

Folts, Louis Carey. Xeb.A 02. De- 

Foltz, T Washington, D C 

Fongera, E., jr Brook^n, N Y 

Foote, F. B St. Louis, Mo 

Foraker, B New York, N Y 

Foraker, F. R New York, N Y 

Foraker, J. B., jr. . .Cincinnati, Ohio 

Forbes, H Wheeling, W Ya 

Ford, A. W Ithaca, N Y 

Ford, B. B Macon, Ga 

Ford, B Cartersville, Va 

Ford, C. B Norfolk, Ya 

Ford, C. W Fruitport, Mich 

Ford, E. E Binghamton, N Y 

Ford, E. T San Francisco, Cal 

Ford, G. D New York, N Y 

Ford, Grant M. Mich. A 86. Deceased 

Ford, M. C Kansas City, Mo 

Ford, M. B Sedalia, Mo 

Ford, S. A Cartersville, Ya 

Ford, S. S Cleveland, Ohio 

Ford, W. B Chattanooga, Tenn 

Ford, W. J Richmond, Ohio 

Foreman, A. G. .... Greenwood, Neb 

Foreman, H. N Longview, Tex 

*Forman, Horace H., jr. Pa. I 

Forman, J. N Lahore, India 

Forman, S. E Washington, D C 

Fornev, D. P Hanover, Pa 

Fornof, J. R Streator, 111 

Forrest, C. T Le Grand, Cal 

Forrest, N. S Oakland, Cal 

Forster, R Arlington, N J 

Forsyth, T. M Richmond, Ya 

Forsyth, W Chicago 111 

Forsythe, R. D. ... Washington, D C 

Forsvthe. R. N Kansas City, Mo 

Fort; S. J Ellicott City, Md 

Fort, W. F Paris, Tex 

Foss, C. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Foss, G. E Springfield, Mass 

*Foster, Albert. Pa.G 72 

Foster, A. D Chicago. Ill 

Foster, C. C St. Paul, Minn 

Foster, C. C Altadena, Cal 

Foster, F. H.. jr. .. Springfield, Mass 

Foster, F. H. Chicago, 111 

Foster, G. A Tohnstown, Pa 

Foster, G. K St. Paul, Minn 

Foster, H. S. . . . Willimansett, Mass 
Foster, Howard Lawrence. Va.G 96 

Foster, J. C Calgary, Can 

Foster, John Middleton. Miss. A. De- 

Foster, L. A Chicago. Ill 

Foster, M Traverse City. Mich 

Foster, T. D New Iberia, La 

Foster, R. C Nashville, Tenn 

Foster, Thomas. Pa.D 60. Deceased 
Foulk, Charles Wesley. Pa.B 65. De- 
Foulke, Henry C. Pa.D 60. Deceased 

Foulks, J. C. . El Dorado, Kan 

Foust, Archie H. Ind. G 91. Deceased 


Fowler, A. V Waterloo, Iowa 

Fowler, C. C Gainesboro, Tenn 

Fowler, D. F New York, N Y 

Fowler, F. B Denver, Colo 

Fowler, F. D New York, N Y 

Fowler, H. E Providence, R I 

Fowler, I. H Spencer, Ind 

Fowler, R. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Fowler, T. L St. Thomas, Ont 

*Fowler, W. H. Ind.G 72 

Fox, A Stewartstown, Pa 

Fox, C. T Findlay, Ohio 

Fox, Henrv. Deceased 

Fox, H. W South Bend, Ind 

Fox, R. E New York, N Y 

Fox, W. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Fox, W. L Fox Haven, Ark 

Frailey, J. R...Fort Madison, Iowa 
Frake, James. 111. A 64. Deceased 
Frambes, Granville A. Ohio A. De- 

Frame, N. T Louisville, Ky 

France, E. F Superior, Wis 

Francis, J., jr Washington, D C 

Francis, J. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Francis, J. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Francis, S. A. K. ... Philadelphia, Pa 
Frankenheimer, J... New York, N Y 
Frankland, W. A. . .Washington, D C 

Franklin, G Franklin Park, 111 

Franklin, Isaac. Tenn.B 67. De- 

Franklin, L. P Newark, Ohio 

Frantz, D. H .Lancaster, Pa 

Frantz, J. A Lancaster, Pa 

Frantz, J. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Frantz, W. R New York, N Y 

Franzheim, Charles William. Ya.D 
69. Deceased 

Frary, G. S Great Falls, Mont 

Fraser, L New York, N Y 

Fraunfelter, C. E Canton, Ohio 

Frazee, D. T Marj-sville, Ky 

Frazer, E. H Atlanta, Ga 

Frazer, James Stokes. Tenn. A 78. 

Frazer, W. M Lyle, Minn 

Frazier, H. C Zanesville, Ohio 

Frazier, W. A Staunton, Va 

Frear, W State College, Pa 

Frederick, E. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Fredericks, G. S Madison, Cal 

Fredericks, H. L Berkeley, Cal 

Fredericks, L. H. K Joliet, 111 

Fredman, P. V Kansas City, Mo 

Free, G. P.. .New Paynesville, Minn 

Free, H. H Anderson, Ind 

Free, R. C Anderson, Ind 

Free, W. H Anderson, Ind 

Freel, L. P Marion, Ind 

Freeland, F. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Freeman, Charles E. Ohio D. De- 

Freeman, C. R Checotah, Okla 

Freeman, E. D New York, N Y 

Freeman, F. G Santa Ana, Cal 

Freeman, F. B Concord, N H 


Freeman, G. S Easton, Pa 

Freeman, P. J Richmond, Ind 

Freeman, R. R Milwaukee, Wis 

Freeman, R. M Lebanon, N H 

Freeman, T Easton, Pa 

Freeman, W. B Providence, R I 

Freeman, W. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Freer, H. H. . . Mount Vernon, Iowa 

French, A. H Kenosha, Wis 

French, G. R. W Taunton, Mass 

French, H. L Plymouth, Pa 

French, H. R Lynn, Mass 

Frenzel, J. F Indianapolis, Ind 

Frey, E. S York, Pa 

Frey, G. H Springfield, Ohio 

Frey, H. M Kansas City, Mo 

Frey, R. A Elyria, Ohio 

Friberg, J. T Helena, Ark 

Frick, A. G Fort Terry, N Y 

Frick, Charles. Md.A 80. Deceased 

Frick, F. C Brimfield, Ind 

Frick, O. H Milwaukee, Wis 

Frick, W Carbondale, Pa 

Frick, W. W Sewickly, Pa 

Fricke, A. A Plattsmouth, Neb 

Fricke, C. G Plattsmouth, Neb 

Fricke, E. A Plattsmouth, Neb 

Fricke, F. A Plattsmouth, Neb 

Fried, C. K Springfield, Ohio 

Friederich, L. R. ..Washington, D C 

Friend, J. H., jr Toluca, Mex 

Friend, L. L. . . .Charlestown, W Va 

Friend, W. S Covington, Va 

Frierson, James Julius. S.C.A 67. 

Frierson, S. W Florence, Ala 

Frierson, Thomas S. W. Tenn.A 59. 

Frierson, W. V. ..Port Gibson, Miss 
Frierson, William M. Ohio A. De- 
Fries, George W. Pa.G 55. Deceased 

Frisbee, W. S Salem, Mass 

Frisbie, George L. Ohio A. Deceased 

Fritz, T. S San Francisco, Cal 

Frizell, W. G Dayton, Ohio 

Frizzell, J. H State College, Pa 

Froemke, P. L Sheldon, N D 

Frontz, C. E Charleroi, Pa 

Frost, C. G Buffalo, N Y 

Frost, D. R Minneapolis, Minn 

Frost, R. M Cleveland, Ohio 

Frost, V. C Denver, Colo 

Frost, W. S Spokane, Wash 

Fugate, Elbert Sevier. Va.A 53. De- 

Fugitt, C. T Memphis, Tenn 

Fuik, A. G Wilmington, Del 

*Fullenwider, Herbert R. Ind.G 97 

Fuller, A. W Salina, Kan 

Fuller, C. G Bicknell, Ind 

Fuller, F Wayne, Neb 

Fuller, F. J New York, N Y 

Fuller, F. M... Mount Vernon, N Y 

Fuller, L. A Washington, D C 

Fuller, M. L St. Louis, Mo 

Fuller, Percival Strong. Wis.B 77. 

Fullerton, Elliot Y. Pa.B 77. De- 
Fulton, Andrew James. Pa. A 01. De- 

Fulton, C New Orleans, La 

Fulton, J. S Baltimore, Md 

Fulton, W. J Baltimore, Md 

Funk, Charles A. Ind. A. Deceased 

Funk, M. D Shirley, 111 

Funk, Wilbur N. Ind.A. Deceased 

Funkhouser, J Rockville, Ind 

Furbee, H. R. . .Mannington, W Va 

Furman, A. J Chadd's Ford, Pa 

Fusia, D. A Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Fussell, M. H., jr. ..Roxborough, Pa 
Fyffe, Thornton D. Ind.G 71. De- 

Gabbi, F. H Portland, Me 

Gabe, H. E Indianapolis, Ind 

Gabriel, C. N Baltimore, Md 

Gaddis, L. S Uniontown, Pa 

Gafafer, W. McK. Jersey City, N J 

Gage, C Philadelphia, Pa 

Gage, C. H., jr Chicago, 111 

Gage, F. J Chicago, 111 

Gage, W. A Mobile, Ala 

Gager, J. B Columbus, O 

Gahan, J. R Titusville, Pa 

Gaines, C M Bay City, Tex 

Gaines, J. P Bay City, Tex 

Gaines, Robert Henry. Va.A 59. 

Gair, S. R Oak Park, 111 

Gaither, R. H Memphis, Tenn 

Galbraith, J. C. . . .Govanstown, Md 

Galbraith, J. H Columbus, O 

Galbrath, C. R., jr Franklin, Pa 

Gale, A. B Brooklyn, N Y 

Gale, John Henry. Va.A 57. De- 
Galey, Clarence S. Ind.G 80. De- 

Gallagher, F. L Erie, Pa 

Gallagher, J. S Johnstown, Pa 

Gallagher, W. M Scranton, Pa 

Gallaher, T. J Denver, Colo 

Gallinger, W. H. 

Salisbury Heights, N H 
Gallois, J. E....San Francisco, Cal 
Galloway, Joseph Lawrence. Wis.G 
11. Deceased 

Galloway, W. B Home City, O 

Galloway, Will. Ia.G 68. Deceased 

Gait, J. S., jr Terre Hill, Pa 

Galusha, I Fulton, N Y 

Gamble, S. W Gourdin, S C 

Gamble, W. W Paulding, O 

Gamble, W. H. . . . . .Miamisburg, O 

Gamboa, L Merida, Yucatan 

Gambol, R. E St. Louis, Mo 

Gann, John A. Ohio A. Deceased 

Gano, C. W Dallas, Tex 

Gano, J. T Dallas, Tex 

Gano, J. T., jr Dallas, Tex 

Ganong, W Texarkana, Tex 

Gantert, G. H Philadelphia, Pa 



Gantert, R. McG. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Garcelan, A. B Los Angeles, Cal 

Gardiner, H. M Columbus, O 

Gardiner, P. S Laurel, Miss 

Gardiner, J. St. C Omaha, Neb 

Gardiner, W. P. .Los Angeles, Cal 

Gardner, A. C York Springs, Pa 

Gardner, C. C Jersey City, N J 

Gardner, C. H Roseburg, Ore 

Gardner, C. H Omaha, Neb 

Gardner, Charles J. Ohio A. De- 

Gardner, D. D Paisley, Ore 

Gardner, E. A Lansing, Mich 

Gardner, E. B Beloit, Wis 

Gardner, J. M Cleveland, O 

Gardner, J. M.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Gardner, N. B. H. .Wilmington, Del 

Gardner, R. G Qumcy, 111 

Gardner, R. P Youngstown, Pa 

-Gardner, S. La F...Cut Meat, S D 
Garee, Lloyd. W.Va.A 04. Deceased 

Garfield, C. W Humboldt, Iowa 

Garfield, J. P Claremont, N H 

Garfield, T. G Humboldt, Iowa 

Garner, W. S Ozark, Ala 

Garney, James W., jr. N.Y.A 94. 

Garrett, J. R. . .Leavenworth, Kans 

Garrett, P. B Austin, Tex 

Garretson, Joel R. Pa.A 55. De- 
Garrettson, J. E. . . .Escatawba, Ala 
Garrison, Milton E. Pa.B 55. De- 

Garrison, W. H Camden, N J 

Garrison, W. J Ridgway, Pa 

Garter, F. F Columbus, O 

Gartrell, J. E Poplarville, Miss 

Gartside, J. L. L Chicago, 111 

Garver, A. S Worcester, Mass 

Garver, B. G Columbus, Ohio 

Garver, F. R Pittsburg, Pa 

Garver, John Cormany. Ohio B 66. 

Garver, J. D ...... . Lawrence, Kans 

Garver, J. N Springfield, Ohio 

Garver, M. L Wichita, Kans 

Garver, R. D Topeka, Kans 

Garver, T. F Topeka, Kans 

Garvin, F. A Sanford, Me 

Gary, F. L Zanesville, O 

Gary, John Hillary. S. C.A 58. De- 

Gary, W. T Augusta, Ga 

Gaskill, J. F Lynn, Mass 

Gates, C. N Columbus, O 

Gates, E. N Buffalo, N Y 

Gates, H. R .Houston, Tex 

Gates, J. A Pasadena, Cal 

Gates, J. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Gates, S. E Spokane, Wash 

Gatewood, W. E. 

San Fraancisco, Cal 

Gatley, H. S Milwaukee, Wis 

Gaul, G Philadelphia, Pa 

Gault, F B Tacoma, Wash 

Gault, L. R Paris, Ky 

Gault, L. F Tacoma, Wash 

Garver, M. D. . . . Williamsport, Md 
Gawthrop, H. J.Kennett Square, Pa 
Gawthrop, R. M., 

Morgantown, W Va 

Gay, L. B Kansas City, Mo 

Gayer, F., jr Monmouth, 111 

Gaylord, E. D Oak Park, 111 

Gaylord, J. H. 

Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Gazley, J. G White Plains, N Y 

Geary, A. W Oil City, Pa 

Geddes, C .Astoria, N Y 

Geddes, F. B. R Swartmore, Pa 

Gedge, B. H., jr Anderson, Ind 

Gednev, A. H .. .Mamaroneck, N Y 

Geesey, A. F York, Pa 

Geesey, C. A York, Pa 

Gehr, Charles. Pa.E 67. Deceased 

Geiger, C. A _ Troy, O 

Geiger, Clement Laird. Ill.B 82. 

Geiger, E. F Marion, Ind 

Geiger, F. W Springfield, O 

Geiger, H. M Canton, O 

Geiger, R. G Canton, O 

Geisel, C. H Indianapolis, Ind 

Geisel, J. H Stoylestown, Pa 

Geiser, D. H Waynesboro, Pa 

Geisinger, L. S ... .Huntingdon, Pa 

Gelwix, D. E Springfield, Mo 

Gentry, R Kansas City, Mo 

Gentry, R. W Sedalia, Mo 

Gentzler, A. H. . .Constantine, Mich 

George, E. P., jr Chicago, 111 

George, James, jr Bradford, Pa 

George, J. C Lutherville, Md 

George, J. S East Palestine, O 

George, R. J New York, N Y 

George, T. I Monticello, Iowa 

George, T. J Monticello, Iowa 

Gephart, George Frederick. Md.A 
79. Deceased 

Geraghty, R. S Berwyn, 111 

Gere, Charles Henry. Pa.Z 60. De- 

Gere, J. B New York, N Y 

Gerhard, C. H Reading, Pa 

Gerhard, Jacob A. Pa.Eta 69. De- 

Gerlach, M. S Ellwood City, Pa 

Gerlack, H. C Ossining, N Y 

German, W. A Sioux Falls, S D 

German, F. F. . .Mamaroneck, N Y 

German, M. W Geneva, N Y 

German, W. McK Pittsburg, Pa 

Gerrish, Fred. S. Mich. A 93. De- 

Gesell, C. F Louisville, Ky 

Gesell, E. G Washington, Ind 

Gessler, H. H Indiana, Pa 

Gessler, W. F Marian, Ind 

Gettiker, Edwin. Wis.A 83. De- 

Gettys, J. W Athens, Tenn 

Ghiselin, C. .Shepherdstown, W Va 
Ghisilier, S. B. M. i 

Shepherdstown, W Va 



Gibb, J. A Aiea, Hawaii 

Gibbons, R. A . . South Roanoke, Va 

Gibbs, F. A Dover, N H 

Gibbs, G. C Jacksonville, Fla 

Gibbs, H. M. Va.A 94 

Gibbs, R. B Olean, N Y 

Gibbs, S. W Berkeley, Cal 

Gibbs, W. R Troy, O 

Giberson, D. A Easton, Pa 

Gibson, A. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Gibson, B. T Masontown, W Va 

Gibson, C. C Abingdon, Va 

Gibson, E. T Brooklyn, N Y 

Gibson, J Bethany, W Va 

Gibson, James White. Va.G 57. De- 

Gibson, J. V Kingwood, W Va 

Gibson, M. M Norristown, Pa 

Gibson, Patrick. Va.G 68. Deceased 

Gibson, R. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Giddings, C. G Atlanta, Ga 

Giffen, W Baltimore, Md 

Gifford, E. S ..Philadelphia, Pa 

Gifford, P. B Newark, N J 

Gifford, R. E...W Philadelphia, Pa 

Giger, I. F Toledo, Iowa 

Gignilliat, William R.obert, jr. Va.A 
58. Deceased 

Gilbert, C. A Woonsocket, R I 

Gilbert, David McConangbv. Pa.E 

Gilbert, D. DeM Chicago, 111 

Gilbert, G Lamor, Colo 

Gilbert, Hart. Pa.E 78. Deceased 

Gilbert, H. N Chambersburg, Pa 

Gilbert, J. L New York, N Y 

Gilbert, J. P Yonkers, N Y 

Gilbert, N. W Manila, P I 

Gilbert, O. B Woonsocket, R. I 

Gilbert, P. J Duluth, Minn 

Gilbert, W. C... Grand Rapids, Mich 

Gilchrist, C. F Bristol, Pa 

Gilchrist, E. P Medford, Ore 

Gilchrist, M. J., jr. .Courtland, Ala 
Giles, Branch Hosea. Penn.Theta 
84. Deceased 

Giles, C. W Syracuse, N Y 

Gilette, A. C Sterling, Colo 

Gilfillan, Joel S. Pa.Theta 78 
Gilhooley, T. J. .Clarksburg, W Va 
Gilkyson, H. H., jr.Phoenixville. Pa 

Gill, A. G Tusla, Okla 

Gill, M. M Columbus, O 

Gill, R. J Seattle, Wis 

Gill, T. A Germantown, Pa 

Gill, T. H Madison, Wis 

Gillam, R. H Lansing, Mich 

Gillan, A. W Chambersburg, Pa 

Gillen, C. W Stillwater, Minn 

Gillespie, E. F. . .Chambersburg, Pa 

Gillespie, G Starkville, Miss 

Gillespie, J. G. .. .Greenwood, Miss 
Gillespie, W. D. . .Greenwood, Miss 
Gillett, H. Halleck. Pa.A 52. De- 
Gillett, J Cleveland, Ohio 

Gillett, N. H. Pa.A 52. Deceased 
Gillette, B. T...San Francisco, Cal 

Gillette, C. A Salt Lake, Utah 

Gillilan, C. S Spokane, Wash 

Gillilan, F. A Delaware, O 

Gillilan, W. H Delaware, O 

Gilliland, R. V.. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Oilman, C. H... South Berwick, Me 

Gilman, J. A Camden, N J 

Gilman, J. S Lisbon, N H 

Gillman, W. A. New Brunswick, N J 
Gilmer, John Starr. Miss. A 91. De- 
Gilmer, Thomas Walker. Va.A 54. 

Gilmore, H. L Syracuse, N Y 

Gilmore, J. H. . . .Hedgeville, W Va 

Gilmore, S. T Kansas City, Mo 

Gilmore, W. F Decatur, 111 

Gilmore, W. S Riverside, Cal 

Gilmore, W. S Detroit, Mich 

Gilroy, A. S New York, N Y 

Gilruth, J. H West Plains, Mo 

Gilson, E. P. Ohio G 72 

Gilson, Joseph Wilber. Ohio G 72. 

Gisel, John H. Pa.E 78. Deceased 

Gissel, H. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Gist, J. W., jr. .. .Independence, Pa 
Gist, W. M. S.C.A 58. Deceased 

Gittings, D. S Baltimore, Md 

Gjiellefald, O. N. ..Forest City, Iowa 

Gladden, F. R Pittsburg, Pa 

Gladfelter, C. B Athens, N Y 

Gladfelter, W. S Boston, Mass 

Glai-ze, G. J Marion, Ind 

Glascock, D. M Cleveland, Ohio 

Glascock, Ervin C. Ohio A. Deceased 

Glaser, C. H Munhall, Pa 

Glasgow, J. W Monmouth, 111 

Glasgow, L. B Lakewood, Ohio 

Glasscock, A., jr. 

Washington C. H., Ohio 
Glasscock, W. E..Morgantown, W Va 

Glasser, F. C Forest Lawn, N Y 

Glatz, E. B New York, N Y 

Gleason, A. W Franklin, Pa 

Gleason, F. B. . . . San Francisco, Cal 

Gleason, P. E. Toledo, Ohio 

Gleason, T. M Toledo, Ohio 

Gleason, W. W Johnsburg, Pa 

Gleason, William Fogarty. N.H.A 02 

Gleason, W. S Johnsburg, Pa 

Gleed, C. S Topeka, Kan 

Gleed, J. W Topeka, Kan 

Gleich, J. F Delaware, Ohio 

Glenn, S. M Wooster, Ohio 

Glenn, W. L Emmonton, Md 

Glenn, W. L New York, N Y 

Glenn, William Milton. Ill.G 79. De- 


Glenn, W. S., jr... State College, Pa 

Glick, C. C Marshalltown, Iowa 

GIIdaYen, B. R Aberdeen, Wash 

Glidden, J. F Cleveland, Ohio 

Glock, C. S Akron, Ohio 



Glover, F. D .Pittsburg, Pa 

Glover, Horace Pellman. Pa.Theta 
69. Deceased 

Glover, J Charleston, S C 

Glover, M. B Collingdan, Pa 

Glover, R. V Scranton, Pa 

Gluck, C. R Brooklyn, N Y 

Gober, R. P Los Gatos, Cal 

Goble, A. S Chicago, 111 

Godbold, W. L McKinney, Tex 

Godcharles, F. A Milton, Pa 

Godcharles, W. A Milton, Pa 

Godcharles, \V. B Milton, Pa 

Goddard, C. H Baltimore, Md 

Goddard, F. M.,jr. . .Brooklyn, N Y 

Goddard, H. L Walpole, Mass 

Goddard, W. M....New York, N Y 

Godman, L. H Columbus, Ohio 

Godman, William Davis. Ohio A. De- 

Goehring, N. D Zelionople, Pa 

Goehring, R. R Zelionople, Pa 

Goettman, J. G Allegheny, Pa 

Gold, E. T Cincinatti, Ohio 

Gold, J. D. H Woodlawn, Pa 

Golden, W. E Brooklyn, X Y 

Goldman, E. J Kansas City, Mo 

Goldsberry, Warren. Ind.G. De- 

Goldsborough, Ed. Pa. Eta 81. De- 
Goldsborough, John S. Pa. Eta 81. 

*Goldstein, Harry. Mass. A 08 
Goltra, W. W. . .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Gonong, W Memphis, Tenn 

Good, C. E Springfield, 111 

Good, J. H. Va.D 62. Deceased 
Good, J. S. ...New Cumberland, Pa 

Goodall, E. L Pottsville, Pa 

Goodbread, H. L Nevada, Ohio 

Goode, S Cincinatti, Ohio 

Goodfellow, H. H... Springfield, Ohio 
Goodman, C. M.. . .Hagerstown, Md 
Goodman, E. H.. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Goodman, L Kansas City, Mo 

Goodman, P. S Chicago, 111 

Goodnough, Alfred E. N.Y.A 78. 

Goodridge, E. H.. . .Fitchburg, Mass 

Goodrich, F. R Terre Haute, Ind 

Goodrich, J. P Winchester, Ind 

Goodwin, E. F. . . .Clarksburg, W Va 
Goodwin, G. L. ...Santa Maria, Cal 

Goodwin, J. J Ratcliffe, Tex 

Goodwin, N Redwood City, Cal 

Goodwin, R. T Linton, Tex 

Googe, C. M Punxsutawney, Pa 

Goolrick, C. O. . .Fredericksburg, Va 
Gordon, Basil B. Deceased 
Gordon, Cary H. Mo. A 70. Deceased 

Gordon, D. S Washington, D C 

Gordon, D. H Baltimore, Md 

Gordon, E. C St. Louis, Mo 

Gordon, J. B Fayetteville, Tenn 

Gordon, L. B Waynesboro, Pa 

Gordy, W. F Springfield, Mass 

Gorgas, H. S Chicago, 111 

Gorham, I. B. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Gorham, S. F Seattle, Wash 

Gorman, H. J Baltimore, Md 

Gormly, G. C Bucyrus, Ohio 

Gorse, W. J Syracuse, N Y 

Gorsuch, R. A Gambier, Ohio 

Gosbey, P. F San Jose, Cal 

Gosh, John D . Pa.E 59. Deceased 
Gosling, Henry Lee. Tenn.B 71. De- 
Goss, Albert B. Ind.G 70. Deceased 

Goss, L. K Cleveland, Ohio 

Gott, G Baltimore, Md 

Gott, O. W New York, N Y 

Gotwald, D. K Springfield, Ohio 

Gotwald, F. G York, Pa 

Gotwald, George Daniel. Pa.E 78. 

Gotwald, Luther Alexander. Pa.E 
56. Deceased 

Gotwald, L. A York, Pa 

Gotwald, R. C Springfield, Ohio 

Gotwald, W. K. .Tippecanoe City, O 

Gotwalts, J. V Pottstown, Pa 

Gough, Harrison Dorsey. Pa.Z 59. 

Gough, John B. Ind. A. Deceased 

Gould, A. J Chicago, 111 

Gould, D. A. F. . . . Sherburne, N Y 

Gould, E. R. L New York, N Y 

Gould, F. A Worcester, Mass 

Gould, R. B Bend, Ore 

Gould, R. P El Paso, Tex 

Gower, J. L Lake, Ohio 

Gowing, F. A. . . . San Francisco, Cal 

Grabill, E. H Austin, Tex 

Grady, H. S Dallas, Tex 

Graf, F. D Wilkinsberg, Pa 

Graff, C. F Duluth, Minn 

Graff, C. R Fresno, Cal 

Graff, J. B Worthington, Pa 

Graff, J. F Worthington, Pa 

Graff, P. M Duluth, Minn 

Graff-Baker, W. S London, Eng 

Graham, A. T Lexington, Va 

Graham, A Chicago, 111 

Graham, D Roanoke, Va 

Graham, D. B Freeport, 111 

Graham, F. P Hiawatha, Kan 

Graham, H. S Monmouth, 111 

Graham, H. E Ashley, Pa 

Graham, James D. Ill.G 71. Deceased 
Graham, James McDowell. Va.A 57. 

Graham, J. R., jr. 

Tsing-Piang-Pu, China 
Graham, M. L. . ..Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Graham, M. S Forest, Miss 

Graham, P. B Washington, D C 

Graham, R. H Pinewood, Tenn 

Graham, S. W Tampa, Fla 

Graham, T. W Sumpterville, Fla 

Graham, W. B New York, N Y 

Graham, W. I Watertown, S D 

Graham, W. T. ..Max Meadows, Va 
Gramm, F. E Paris, France 



Granby, J. T Nashville, Tenn 

Granberry, S. C Macon, Miss 

Granbery, J. F Nashville, Tenn 

Grandin, C. L., jr. 

Minneapolis, Minn 
Grandin, John L. Pa.B 56. Deceased 
Granger, James H. Pa.B 80. De- 

Granger, R. S Knoxville, Iowa 

Grannis, F. C Brickton, 111 

Grant, A. C Eustis, Fla 

Grant, E. S Zanesville, Ohio 

Grant, H. P Norwich, N Y 

Grant, J. E Northville, N Y 

Grant, James Johnson. Pa.Theta 7$. 

Grant, O Kansas City, Mo 

Grant, Robert. Va.A 76. Deceased 

Grant, W. B Boston, Mass 

Grant, W. P Grass Valley, Cai 

Grant, \V. H Daguscahonda, Pa 

Grasett, D. B Glencoe, 111 

Grass, J. F., jr. .... .Woodland, Cal 

Grassie, H. H Chicago, 111 

Graul, C. L. O.. Mount Pleasant, Pa 

Graul, W. L Joliet, 111 

Gravely, J. S Brookline, Mass 

Graves, C. S Evanston, 111 

Graves, J. E Pasadena, Cal 

Graves, J. W Spokane, Wash 

Graves, T. A Goldfield, Nev 

Gray, A. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Gray, A Evansville, Ind 

Gray, C. V Binghamton, N Y 

Gray, Charles Sedgwick. Ohio D 86. 

Gray, F. W Terre Haute, Ind 

Gray, George, jr. N.Y.A 07. De- 

Gray, G. H Ironton, Ohio 

Gray, G. W. . . East Springfield, N Y 

Gray, G. L San Diego, Cal 

Gray, H ". Pasadena, Cal 

Gray, J. W. T Laramie, Wyo 

Gray, O. C Fort Bidwell, Cal 

Gray, P. M Chicago, 111 

Gray, Robert William. Miss. A. De- 

Gray, W. C Rockford, 111 

Gray, W. D Englewood, N J 

Gray, W. D., jr Englewood, N J 

Gray, W. E New York, N Y 

Gray, W. L Wooster, Ohio 

Graybill, Jonathan Walton. Va.G 73. 

Green, A. B Evanston, 111 

Green, Charles Abiel. Ind. 72. De- 

Green, C. A Minneapolis, Minn 

Green, C. B Easton, Pa 

Green, E. M Easton, Pa 

Greene, E. M Huntington, Pa 

Green, E. A Haverford, Pa 

Green, E. H Easton, Pa 

Greene, E. W Milford, Ohio 

Green, F. P Oak Park, 111 

Green, F. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Green, H. R Janesville, Wis 

Greene, I. B Washington, D C 

Greene, J. H Garrett, Ind 

Green, J. M Trenton, N J 

Green, J. S Columbia, S C 

Green, John Traill. Pa.Theta 81. 

Green, Nelson. Pa.B 55. Deceased 

Greene, R. C Sayville, N Y 

Greene, R Mount Union, Pa 

Green, R. C Omaha, Neb 

Greene, William August. Wis. A 91 

Green, W. H Legonier, Ind 

Greene, W. M Cincinatti, Ohio 

*Greenawald, H. L. Pa.Eta 87 
Greenawalt, Jacob W. Pa.G 58. De- 

Greenleaf, F. B Auburn, Me 

Greenleaf, W. A Auburn, Me 

Greenlee, F. F. . .Frederickton, Ohio 
Greenough, Edwin Abbott. D.C.A 86. 

Greenough, W. S. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Greenway, Addison White. Va.A 89. 

Greenway, J. C Coleraine, Minn 

Greer, C. C Johnstown, Pa 

Greer, D. H New York, N Y 

Greer, D. R New Castle, Pa 

Greer, F. E Beaumont, Tex 

Greer, H. I Beaumont, Tex 

Greer, Richard Foote. Miss. A 81. 

Greer, Thomas Jefferson. Pa.B 61. 

Greer, W. B Monmouth, 111 

Greer, W. H Unity Station, Pa 

Greeson, W. A Alta, Ind 

Gregg, A. S Greenwood, Ind 

Gregg, Charles Eli. S.C.A 58. De- 
Gregg, Edwin Timberlake. Ind. A 81. 

Gregg, Franklin M. Pa.B 55. De- 

Gregg, H. G Newport, N Y 

Gregg, J. G New York, N Y 

Gregg, James Potter. Pa.G 55. De- 

Gregg, J Chicago, 111 

Gregg, K. T Green Castle, Ind 

Gregoire, L. B Indianapolis, Ind 

Gregory, H. A Morris, 111 

Gregory, H. W. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Gregory, S. W Delavan, Wis 

Gretzinger, William Christian. Pa.G 
84. Deceased 

Grey, W. T Halquin, Cuba 

Gribbel, J. B Wyncote, Pa 

Gribbel, W. G Philadelphia, Pa 

Grider, W. U. . . .Bowling Green, Ky 

Grieb, W. C St. Davids, Pa 

Grier, J. A Bellevue, Pa 

Grier, J. P Evanston, 111 

Grier, R. J. Monmouth, 111 

Grier, Thomas J. Pa.B 61. Deceased 



Grier, W Pittsburg, Pa 

Gner, W. A. W Salem, N J 

Grier, W. C Blunt, S D 

Grier, William Thompson. Pa.G 67 

Grier, W. W Washington, D C 

Griesa, C. H Lawrence, Kan 

Griesa, T. S Lawrence, Kan 

Griesa, W Lawrence, Kans 

Gnesemer, H. A. . .Haddonfield, N J 

Griest, G. W Lancaster, Pa 

Griest, O. H Shoals, Ind 

Grieves, J. P Lacon, 111 

Grifhn, F Nakomis, 111 

Griffin, Samuel. Pa. A 59 

Griffis, W Coronado, Cal 

Griffith, A. A., jr... East Orange, N J 

Griffith, F. G Columbus, Ind 

Griffith, G. R Nesquehoning, Pa 

Griffith, John Lewis. Iowa A 74. De- 
Griffith, John Martin. Ind.B 99. De- 
Griffith, V. A Gulf port, Miss 

Griffith, V. H Chicago, 111 

Griffith, W Hendersonville, N C 

Griggs, A. C Topeka, Kans 

Griggs, E. M Streator, 111 

Griggs, Joseph Leonard. Miss.A 58. 

Grigsby, H. M Pulaski, Tenn 

Grigsby, H. W New Castle, Pa 

Grimes, G. E Omaha, Neb 

Grimes, H. W North Platte, Neb 

Grimke, E. St. J.. . .New York, N Y 

Grimm, J. F Newville, Pa 

Grimsley, G. P. .Morgantown, W Va 

Grinslade, K. C Clairton, Pa 

Griscom, C. A New York, N Y 

Griscom, J. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Griscom, W. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Griswold, C. M Childress, Tex 

Griswold, E Oakland, Cal 

Griswold, H New York, N Y 

Groff, J. C West Chester, Pa 

Groh, L Omaha, Neb 

Groninger, Frank C. Ind.B 88. De- 
Groninger, T. E. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Gross, George H. Pa. I 79. Deceased 

Gross, G. W York, Pa 

Gross, Joseph Peter. Pa.Z 68. De- 

Gross, R. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Gross, T. F Philadelphia, Pa 

Gross, W. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Gross, W. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Grosscup, D. P Spokane, Wash 

Grove, W. H Glasgow, Ky 

Grover, C. G Bellwood, Pa 

Groves, J. C Dana, Ind 

Grubb, Edwin Gilpin. Pa.I 91. De- 
Grubb, W. D. . . . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Grunder, H. A Woodson, 111 

Gruwell, Robert Lyon. Calif.A 89. 

Guard, W. J New York, N Y 

Gudzel, W. H Evansville, Ind ji 

Guenzel, E. U Lincoln, Neb 

Guernsey, S. K Orlando, Fla ' 

Guest, A. T Rochelle, 111 

Gufrey, R. L Portsmouth, 01 

Gugert, F. A Wayne, Pa j 

Guhlstorf, Louis William. Mass.A 
99. Deceased 

Guillan, W Valley Stream, N Y 

Guleke, J. O Amarillo, Tex • 

Gulick, J. C New York, N Y j 

Gullatt, Peter. S.C.A 59. Deceased 

Gunby, G Monroe, La 

Gunder, J. D Chicago, 111 j 

Gundy, Christian Van. Pa.G. De- 

Gundy, E. W Altoona, Pa 

Gundy, John A. Pa.G 57. De- 

Gundy, W. V Philadelphia, Pa 

Gurney, Edward. Ind.G 77. De- 
Gutelius, F. P. 

Moncton, N. B., Canada 

Guth, W. W Baltimore, Md 

Guthridge, E. M. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Guthrie, A. B Chouteau, Mon 

Guthrie, A. H Bedford, Ind 

Guthrie, C. E Bedford, Ind 

Guthrie, C. M. St. Joseph, Mo 

Guthrie, D. I Newark, N J 

Guthrie, M. B Bedford, Ind 

Guthrie, S. W Indiana, Pa 

Guthrie, W. A. . . .Coffeyville, Kans 
Guy, Cyrus Elliott. Pa.A 54. De- 
Guy, Daniel Dorsey. Md.A. 92 

Guy, S. J Homeworth, O 

Guyer, H. W Sunbury, Pa 

Guymes, J. F Hazlehurst, Miss 

Gwin, A. P Miami, Ariz 

Gwinn, F. H Noblesville, Ind 

Gwynn, Hugh R. Ohio A 61. De- 

Gwinn, R. W Bronxville, N Y 

Gwinn, R. H Lapel, Ind 

*Gyres, George B. Mich.A 76 

Haarvig, L. M Chicago, 111 

Hass, L. G London, Eng 

Habegger, J. A. Fort Robinson, Neb 

Habegger, L. E Spokane, Wash 

Hackett, P. T Bloomington, Ind 

Hackstaff, F. W. .. .Brooklyn, N Y 

Hadden, A. A Berlin, Conn 

Hadden, C. W Swarthmore, Pa 

Hadfield, J. P Fall River, Mass 

Hadley, H. S Kansas City, Mo 

Hadley, R Toledo, Ohio 

Hadley, R. V Providence, R I 

Hadlock, F. H Mansfield, Mass 

Haecker, A. L Lincoln, Neb 

Hafer, W. W. . Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Hagaman, C. A Albany, N Y 

Hagaman, R. S. . .Binghamton, N Y 



Hagan, R. C Uniontown, Pa 

Hagar, E. McK Chicago, 111 

Kagedorn, D. A Lansing, Mich 

Hager, C. F Lancaster, Pa 

Hager, C. S Albany, N Y 

Hager, D. I Huntington, W Va 

Hager, F. A Johnstown, Pa 

Hagerman, B. C. .. .Lexington, Ky 
Hagert, C. H . . Dingman's Ferry, Pa 
PXagert, H. I.. Dingman's Ferry, Pa 

Hagerty, C. A Providence, R I 

Hagerty, S Philadelphia, Pa 

Haggett, A. J Atchison, Kans 

Hagle, C. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Hagner, F. R Washington, D C 

Hagy, Joseph A. Pa.G 56. Deceased 

Hahn, B. D Springfield, Mass 

Hahn, D. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Plahn, Frederick Bender. Pa. Eta 72. 

Hahn, J. A Springfield, O 

Hahn, L. M Minneapolis, Minn 

Haight, A. H......Millbrook, N Y 

Haight, C. L Millertown, N Y 

Haile, C, jr St. Louis, Mo 

Haines, E. L Rising Sun, Md 

Haines, H. I Coatesville, Pa 

Haines, J Moorestown, N J 

Haines, J. S Marion, Ind 

Hains, F. W. Va.A 85 

Haire, J. R Newport, R I 

Hairston, J. M Gulfport, Miss 

Hairston, Robert Ervin. Miss. A. De- 

Hakes, O. F Detroit. Mich 

Halberstadt, T. B Pottsville, Pa 

Halbert, J. B Norwalk, Cal 

Haldeman, E. C. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Raldeman, W. S ... Philadelphia. Pa 

Halderman, C. W Marion, Ind 

Halderman, J. Finley. Deceased 

Hale, C. B Western Springs, 111 

Hale, H. C East Cleveland, O 

Hale, L. H., jr. Western Springs, 111 

Hale, O. L Minneapolis, Minn 

Hale, R New York, N Y 

Hales, J. L Morland, Wyo 

Haley, Samuel, jr. Va.A 60. De- 

Halford, D Washington, D C 

Halfpenny, J Lewisburg, Pa 

Hall, A. T St. Paul, Minn 

Hall, B. F .Palo Alto, Cal 

Hall, C. I Winnipeg, Canada 

Hall, C New York, N Y 

Hall, F. F Berkeley, Cal 

Hall, Frederick Willis. N.Y.A 89. 

Hall, George C. Pa.G. Deceased 

Hall, H Ames. Iowa 

Hall, Harlan Page. Ohio A. De- 

Hall, H. H Van Wert, O 

Hall, H. M Massena, N Y 

Hall, H. S Lexington, Mass 

Hall, H. W Salem, Wash 

Hall, H. W Pasadena, Cal 

Hall, I. G Brazil, Ind 

Hall, J. D Chulahoma, Miss 

Hall, J. H Lynchburg, Va 

Hall, J. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Hall, J. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Hall, J. L Williamsburg, Va 

Hall, J. N Berwyn, 111 

Hall, J. S Norfolk, Va 

Hall, J. W Hopedale, Mass 

Hall, R. E Boston, Mass 

Hall, R. J Denver, Colo 

Hall, R. O Philadelphia, Pa 

Hall, R. W Mansfield, Mass 

Hall, W Grayville, 111 

Hall, William Augustus. Ill.A 84. 

Hall, W. S Chicago, 111 

Hallagan, S. D Newark, N J 

Hallenbeck, B. Q Fayette, N Y 

Halley, S. H Payne's Depot, Ky 

Haliinan, C. T Chicago, 111 

Halliwell, E Fall River, Mass 

Halliwell. H. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Hallowell, C. E New York, N Y 

Hallowell, C. S . . Douglastown, N Y 

Hallowell, M New York, N Y 

Hallowell, W. H.Minneapolis, Minn 

Halsell, R. E Laurel, Miss 

Halsey, Don Pedro. Va.A 55. De- 

Halsey, R. H New York, N Y 

Halstead, D Philadelphia, Pa 

Halstead, G. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Halstead, H. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Halstead, J. D Oradel, N J 

Halstead, R. H .Lansing, Mich 

Halstead, William Kensley. Pa. I 
97. Deceased 

Halsted, J Chicago, 111 

Halsted, P New York, N Y 

Halverson, Edwin B. Wis.G. De- 

Ham, W 7 . H New York, N Y 

Hamann, A. W. .. .Davenport, Iowa 

Hamblen, J. G Detroit, Mich 

Hambright, G. T Lancaster, Pa 

Hamill, S. S Monmouth, 111 

Hamilton, Alexander. Pa.Z 63. De- 

Hamilton, A Baltimore, Md 

Hamilton, A. F Granville, Ohio 

Hamilton, C. L. .Minneapolis, Minn 
Hamilton, C. M...New York, N Y 

Hamilton, D. L Indianola, Iowa 

Hamilton, D Columbus, O 

Hamilton, F. B Johnstown, Pa 

Hamilton, Gilbert Dee. Ohio A 95 

Hamilton, G. C Chicago, 111 

Hamilton, G. W Cadiz, Ohio 

Hamilton, H. D Seattle, Wash 

Hamilton, Harry. Ind.B 77 

Hamilton, H. F Amherst, Mass 

Hamilton, Henry James. Pa.G 80. 

Hamilton, H. M.. Great Fails, Mont 

Hamilton, FI. M Marion, O 

Hamilton, H. R. . . .New York, N Y 



Hamilton, J. B., jr. .Palestine, Tex 
Hamilton, J. L., jr. . . .Columbus, O 

Hamilton, M South Bend, Ind 

Hamilton, N. C.East Cleveland, O 
Hamilton, R. R. .Bloomington, Ind 

Hamilton, R. Washington, D C 

Hamilton, R. C . .Bloomington, Ind 
Hamilton, Rpbert Stephen. Va.A 

^4. Deceased 
Hamilton, W. G. . .Wheeling, W Va 
Hamilton, W. G....San Diego, Cal 

Hamilton. W. J Cleveland, O 

Hamlin, F. E Brooklyn, X Y 

Hamlin, O. D Oakland, Cal 

Hamlin, William F. Kas.A 03. De- 
Hammack, D. M..Los Angeles, Cal 

Hammack, J. A Scooba, Miss 

Hammond, C. H Samoa, Cal 

Hammond, Clement Milton. Mich. 

A 76. Deceased 
Hammond, Edwin Pollock. Ind.B 
91. Deceased 

Hammond, H. W Chicago, 111 

Hammond, M. G Rutland, Vt 

Hammond, W. C . .Amsterdam, X Y 
Hammond, William Ansley. X.Y.B. 

Hampton, PI. H Cleveland, O 

Hampton, O. O Oxford, Miss 

Hampton, W. E Oxford, Miss 

Hampton, W. H . . Canaseraga, N Y 

Hanan, X". A Glen Ridge, X J 

Hanawalt, F. W....Tacoma, Wash 

Hanawalt, H. O Tacoma, Wash 

Hanbury, H. T Brooklyn, X Y 

Hanchett, D. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Hanchett, R. C Chicago, 111 

Hanchette, M. L Tyler, Tex 

Hancock, G. B Ardmore, Pa 

Hand, A. W Keene, X H 

Hand. T., jr Purvis, Miss 

Handy,' E. G St. Paul, Minn 

Handy, W. E Washington, D C 

Hanford, G. C Carbondale, 111 

Hanger, Marshall James. Va.A 53. 

Hanghey, J. P Watkins, N Y 

Hanitch, L... ..West Superior, Wis 

Hanks, C. F Trenton, X J 

Hanmer, H. H Harlan, Iowa 

Hanna, Bayless W. Ind.G 82. De- 

Hanna, F. L Oakland, Cal 

Hanna, J. R Chicago, 111 

Hanna, J. P Pittsburg, Pa 

Hanna, M Philadelphia, Pa 

Hanna, P. S Courtenay, N D 

Hanna. R Washington, D C 

Hanna, S. B Arbovale. W Va 

Hannah, W. S.... Kansas City. Mo 
*Hannum, Henr} r Wilson. Mich. A 

Hannum, H. E Chester, Pa 

Hanrahan, J. G., jr.Xew York, N Y 
Hanscom, J. F. 

Mineral Pond, Wis 

Hansell, W. H ... .Philadelphia, Pa 

Hansell, W. W Ottumwa, Iowa 

Hansen, E Syracuse, X Y 

Hansen, G. D Hanford, Cal 

Hansen, H. X ... Minneapolis, Minn 
Hanson, Almont Fremont. Mich. A 

Hanson, J. X Fargo, X D 

Hapgood, G. W Warren, O 

*Happel, William D. Pa. Eta 88 
Hardcastle, Yeatman. Va.D 64. De- 
Hardeman, J. L. . . .Porterville, Cal 

Hardin, E. C Monmouth, 111 

Harding, A. A Champaign, 111 

Harding, C Crawfordsville, Ind 

Harding, R. L Manila, P. I 

Hardinge, R. M., 

Grand Tunction, Colo 

Hardv, S. J *.De Soto, Mo 

Hardv, T. G Goodland, Ind 

Hardv, W. A Fallov, Xev 

Hardy, W. C Charleston, \Y Va 

Hare, F Xoblesville, Ind 

Hare, R. F Altoona, Pa 

Hare, Samuel Wesley. Pa Z 74. 

Harford, H. M Perris, Cal 

Hargrave, A. A Rockville, Ind 

Hargrave, W. P..Ind.A 74. De- 
Hargreaves, H. G...St. Joseph, Mo 

Hark, H. C Bethlehem, Pa 

Harkness, W. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Harlan, J. E Mt. Vernon, Iowa 

Harlan, W. S Coatesville, Pa 

Harley, M. F Devon, Pa 

Harlin, W. A South Bend, Ind 

Harlstone, F. J Harvard, 111 

Harman, J. F Plainfield, X J 

Harman, W.... Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Harmon, D. D Montrose, Pa 

Harmon, Luther. * Pa.B 57. De- 
Harmon, W. R. .Cedar Rapids. Iowa 
Harnesburger, W. E.. Ashland, Neb 
Harriish, Charles A. Pa. Eta 86. De- 
Harold, Anson F. Pa. Eta 88. De- 

Harold, E. B Kearnv, X T 

Harper, C. B Akron, 6 

Harper, C. A Madison, Wis 

Harper. Edward S. Va.B 88. De- 
Harper, George S. Miss. A 60. De- 

Harper, H. M South Bend, Ind 

Harper, Robert Lee. Va.B 88. De- 

Harper, W. R New York, N Y 

Harradon, C. G Chicago, 111 

Harrar, J. A Xew York, N Y 

Harriman, A. E . . . .Middleburv, Vt 

Harriman, C. K Exeter, N H 

Harriman, K. E .. .Philadelphia, Pa 



Harriman, S. P. . . . . . . .Chicago, 111 

Harrington, Benjamin Franklin. la. 
A 67. Deceased 

Harrington, C. O Vinton, Iowa 

Harrington, Leonard Wilson. De- 
Harrington, Pierce Irby. S.C.A 85. 

Harris, C. . . Cleveland, O 

Harris, C. G Washington, D C 

Harris, C. L. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Harris, C. L Springfield, O 

Harris, E. C Sterling, 111 

Harris, E. L S. Deerfield, Mass 

Harris, F. H Waupan, Wis 

Harris, F. M Ottawa, Kans 

Harris, F. T Susquehanna, Pa 

*Harris, G. W. Ind.B 82 

Harris, H. C Greenville, Tex 

Harris, H. S. T. .Washington, D C 

Harris, H. H Cleveland, O 

Harris, H. E Princeton, Ind 

Harris, H New York, N Y 

Harris, J. R Oxford, O 

Harris, J. B Los Angeles, Cal 

Harris, J. E Louisville, Ky 

Harris, J. L... Walter Valley, Miss 

Harris, J. B Audubon, Iowa 

Harris, M. B Fresno, Cal 

Harris, Paul B. S.C.A 59. De- 

Harris, R. F Cleveland, O 

Harris, R. S Omaha, Neb 

Harris, Tom Ferdinand. Wis.G 07. 


Harris, W. L Buffalo, N Y 

Harrison, B Omaha, Neb 

Harrison, C. F Susbury, Va 

Harrison, D. C. . .Washington, D C 

Harrison, E Hopkinsville, Ky 

Harrison, E. B Coleman, Tex 

Harrison, H. T.....Loch Haven, Md 

Harrison, J. G Duluth, Minn 

Harrison, J. W Topeka, Kans 

Harrison, R. L....New York, N Y 

Harrison, S Ringoes, N J 

Harrison, T. W. .. .Winchester, Va 
Harrison, William Henry. Pa.G 59. 

Harrold, A. F... Manor Station, Pa 
Harrold, Curtis B. Ohio A 04 

Harrell, S Fairchild, Ind 

Harrop, G. A South Bend, Ind 

Harrop, G. A., jr.. South Bend, Ind 

Harrop, H. S Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Harsen, O. Y Yonkers, N Y 

Harshaw, F., jr St. Louis, Mo 

Harshmann, G. W. .. Springfield, O 
Hart, C. A., jr. New Brighton, N Y 

Hart, E. C Milwaukee, Wis 

Hart, F. D Los Angeles, Cal 

Hart, F. W Los Angeles, Cal 

Hart, J. V Sacramento, Cal 

Hart, J. S Milwaukee, Wis 

Hart, Norman Edward. Pa.Theta 

98. Deceased 
Hart, R. N New York, N Y 

Hartel, W ....Buffalo, N Y 

Harter, H Anderson, Ind 

Harter, H. W Canton, O 

Hartegan, A. W St. Louis, Mo 

Hartinger, H. A. .. .Maxwell, Iowa 

Hartje, C. G Steubenville, O 

Hartje, R. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Hartley, E. C Carver, Minn 

Hartley, J. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Hartley, J. H Lawrence, Mass 

Hartley, W. T Paris, 111 

Hartman, C. S Bozeman, Mont 

Hartman, E. T Boston, Mass 

Hartman, H. C. Ohio D. Deceased 

Hartman, H. G Shamokin, Pa 

Hartmann, Hudson. Ohio D 85. De- 

Hartman, P. A Harrisburg, Pa 

Hartman, R. F. . . Chicago, 111 

Hartmann, W. S... Bozeman, Mont 

Hartung, F. C Canton, Pa 

Hartwell, A Detroit, Mich 

Hartwell, C Philadelphia, Pa 

Hartz, B. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Harvey, B. C New York, N Y 

Harvey, B. F Spokane, Wash 

Harvey, Charles Cole. la. A 89. De- 
Harvey, Charles Hargrove. Va.B 
88. Deceased 

Harvey, C. H Knoxville, Tenn 

Harvey, C. H Spokane, Wash 

Harvey, E. L Chicago, 111 

Harvey, E. M Media, Pa 

Harvey, G. C Danville, Ind 

Harvey, H. J Superior, Wis 

Harvey, J. D Oak Park, 111 

Harvey, J. P Rochelle, III 

Harvey, S. B Berkeley, Cal 

Harvey, W. W. Va.B 74. Deceased 

Harvey, W. W Bovina, Miss 

Harvie, W. J Hagerstown, Md 

Harwood, A. R Gonzales, Tex 

Harwood, M Gonzales, Tex 

Harwood, S. E. . . . .Carbondale, 111 

Hasbrook, C. P New York, N Y 

Haskell, F. M Pleasantville, Pa 

Haskell, G. F. .Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Haskell, W. A Pleasantville, Pa 

Haskell, William Henry. Pa.B 68. 

Haskins, C. A Lawrence, Kans 

Haskins, C. H. .. .Cambridge, Mass 
Homer, George Washington. Pa.B 

60. Deceased 
Haskins, H. S.. South Orange, N J 
Haslam, James Henry. Pa.G 88. 

Hassler, James Power. Pa.B 55. De- 


Hasson, C. D. Windier, Pa 

Hastings, Enos Worthington. Ohio 
A. Deceased 

Hastings, Frank Shelton. Ind.G 71. 

Hastings, Hezmer, C. Ill.B De- 



Hastings, R. J Lutherville, Mel 

Hastings, R. T. R., 

Highland Park, 111 

Hastings, T. W New York, N Y 

Haswell, W. E Columbus, O 

Hatch, C. F Washington, D C 

Hatch, C. M Erie, Pa 

Hatch, F. C, jr., 

Newton Center, Mass 
Hatch, John L. Pa.B 60. Deceased 

Hatch, P. L Coudersport, Pa 

Hatcher, E. B Louisville, Ky 

Hatcher, H. H Dayton, O 

Hatcher, R. E Springfield, 111 

Hatchman, H. E Tiverton, R I 

Hatfield, William J. Ind.B 74. De- 
Hattersley, William Richard. N.Y.A 
99. Deceased 

Haugan, C. M... Chicago, 111 

Haugan, J. R Emmett, Idaho 

Haugh, T., jr Rochester, N Y 

Haughton, M. W Seattle, Wash 

Haupt, E. M New York, N Y 

Haupt, H. . . ; Baltimore, Md 

Haupt, W. C Baltimore, Md 

Haven, S. C Ottumwa, Iowa 

Haven, W. S Racine, Wis 

Haversick, Levi M. Pa.Z 59. De- 
Haviland, C. F. . .Kings Park, N Y 

Haviland, F. R New York, N Y 

Haviland, F. H Aurora, 111 

Haviland, J. T Aurora, 111 

Haw. G. E Richmond, Va 

Hawkins, A. C Little Falls, N Y 

Hawkins, B. C Modesto, Cal 

Hawkins, C. N Hollister, Cal 

Hawkins, E Greencastle, Ind 

Hawkins, F Bay City, Tex 

Hawkins, G Brooklyn, N Y 

Hawkins, J. C Homing, Okla 

Hawkins, J. S Marion, Ind 

Hawkins, L. B ... .Indianapolis, Ind 

Hawkins, T. H Hollister, Cal 

Hawkins, W I.. San Francisco, Cal 
*Hawks, J. P. Ind.B 77 
Hawley, G. F., 

North Tonawanda, N Y 

Hawley, R. S Seattle, Wash 

Hawn, Abram De Hart. Pa.G 57. 

Haxall, W. N Barboursville, Va 

Hay, A. L. G Somerset, Pa 

Hav, B. K Des Moines, Iowa 

Hay, Edwin Barrett. D.C.A 69. De- 
Hay, H. C... Grand Junction, Colo 
Hay, H. R... Grand Junction, Colo 

Hay, J. W Harrisburg, Pa 

Hay, T. P Gainesville, Fla 

Hayden, A. J Cleveland, O 

Hayden, C. S Austin. Tex 

Hayden, F Memphis, Tenn 

Hayden, J. G Kansas City, Mo 

Hayden, W. R Scranton, Pa 

Hayes, Alfred. Pa.G 55. Deceased 

Hayes, A., ir Ithaca, N Y 

Hayes, D. D Hartleton, Pa 

Hayes, J. S Los Angeles, Cal 

Hayes, J. O San Jose, Cal 

Hayes, J. J •. . .St. Louis, Mo 

Hayes, R Washington, D C 

Hayes, W. W Nashville, Tenn 

Haymond, T. W Riverside, Cal 

Hayne, J. A Columbia, S C 

Haynes, E. C Centerville, Iowa 

Haynes, F. J Syracuse, N Y 

Hays, C. C Johnstown, Pa 

Hays, C. E Johnstown, Pa 

Hays, C. T Chicago, 111 

Hays, S. D. C Monmouth, 111 

Hays, F. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Hays, H. H Elmira, N Y 

Hays, H. M Stella, Neb 

Hays, J. R Norfolk, Neb 

Hays, Lewis Daniel. Ind. A 67. De- 

Hays, R. I Lincoln, Pa 

Hayslette, Andrew Jackson. Va.A 

56. Deceased 
Hayman, Levin H. Pa Z 64. De- 

Hayward, B. C Clarksville, Ga 

Haywood, M. E Lafayette, Ind 

Hazard, E. L Berkeley, Cal 

Hazard, F. A Whittier, Cal 

Hazeltine, J. N Boston, Mass 

Hazeltine, S. B Boston, Mass 

Hazelton, S. N Norton, Kans 

Hazen, G. B.... Kansas City, Kans 

Hazlett, A Beatrice, Neb | 

Hazlett, A. J. . . .Breckenbridge, Pa 

Hazlett, A. J Ontario, Canada 

Hazlett, J. J Greensburg, Pa 

Hazzard, Lynne Franklin. N.Y.G 

08. Deceased 
Hazzard, W. C . . . . Milwaukee, Wis 

Head, C. E Kenosha, Wis 

Head, H. O Sherman, Tex 

Head, Lee. Tenn.B 70. Deceased 
Headden, W. P. . .Ft. Collins, Colo 
Heald, F. A . . . . Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Heald, H. B Minneapolis, Minn 

Healy, C. H Rochelle, 111 

Healy, L. W .... East Liverpool, O 

Healy, V Clarence, 111 

Healy, W. C Rochelle, 111 

Healy, W. J Rochelle, 111 

Heard, O. E Freeport, 111 

Heard, W. S New York, N Y 

Hearne, J. C San Diego, Cal 

Heartt. W\ R Chicago, 111 

Heaslys, J. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Heath, A. H Holton, Kans 

Heath, H. E Hartford, Conn 

Heath, H. P New York, N Y 

Heath, T. W Port Gibson, Miss 

Heath, L. T Pittsburg, Pa 

Heath, S. W Milwaukee, Wis 

Hebb, Archer. D.C.A 69. De- 

Hebbard, G Spokane, Wash 

Heberling, J. G Redington, Pa 



Hechscher, R. P. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Hecht, E. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Hecht, John Peter. Penn.E 74. De- 

Hedden, D. C New Orleans, La 

Hedge, H. M Chicago, 111 

Hedges, B. R Columbus, O 

Hedley, J. B Paden City, W Va 

Hedrick,*G. F York, Pa 

Hedrick, W. M., 

Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama 

Heeb, J. R Valparaiso, Ind 

Heft'ner, R. C Denver, Colo 

Heg, E. E Seattle, Wash 

Heggie, T. M Chicago, 111 

Heilman, P. A Baltimore, Md 

Heins, F. A Williamsport, Pa 

Heimbaugh, S. L Woodcock, Pa 

Heiner, D. B Butler, Pa 

Heinig, G. O Wichita, Kans 

Heiskell, Isaac Pancake. Va.A 58. 

Heist, L. H Germantown, Pa 

Heitshu, W. A Lancaster, Pa 

Helers, W. A Morgantown, Ky 

Heifer, P. M Freeville, N Y 

Heller, C. W Wapwallopen, Pa 

Heller, F Fort Plain, N Y 

Heller, G. C. .. .Atlantic City, N J 

Heller, H. E Wapwallopen, Pa 

Keller, W. L Lancaster, N Y 

Helm, C. F New York, N Y 

Helm, J. C Denver, Colo 

Helm, M. P Marion, Ind 

Helm, N. W Evanston, 111 

Helm, T. K Louisville, Ky 

Helm, Verling Winchell. Ind. A 91. 

Helme, W. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Helmrich, G. L.New Rochelle, N Y 
Heminway, R. W. .Westfield, Mass 

Hendee, E. E San Diego, Cal 

Hendee, J. C. Anderson, Ind 

Henderson, A. C Cleveland, O 

Henderson, B. W Kenton, O 

Henderson, C. G. .Walterboro, S C 
Henderson, C. B.San Francisco, Cal 

Henderson, C. B Elko, Nev 

Henderson, H. B . .Montgomery, Pa 
Henderson, H. M.Hackensack, N J 

Henderson, I. R Columbus, O 

Henderson, J. H. Pa. Eta 64. De- 
Henderson, J. M . . . . Spokane, Wash 

Henderson, J. L Austin, Tex 

Henderson, J. W. .Montgomery, Pa 

Henderson, L. C .Chicago, 111 

Henderson, L. S . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Henderson, R. W. . .Lafayette, Ind 
Henderson, S. H., jr. Talladega, Ala 
Henderson, Samuel Tucker. Pa.A 
74. Deceased 

Henderson, T. J Topeka, Kans 

Henderson, W. B. . .Princeton, N J 

Henderson, W. P Kenton, O 

Hendrich, F. E Danville, 111 

Hendrick, C. S Pittsburg, Pa 

Hendricks, H. L Piedmont, Cal 

Hendricks, I. W.Chambersburg, Pa 

Hendricks, M. L Sunbury, Pa 

Hendrickson, G. L. 

New Haven, Conn 

Hendry, G. W Detroit, Mich 

Henley, C. C Carthage, Ind 

Henley, E. B...San Francisco, Cal 
*Henley, George W. Ind.B 76 
Henley, G. W., jr.Bloomington, Ind 

Henneberger, F. S Avalon, Pa 

Henneberger, J. C Portland, Ore 

Hennen, R. D. .Morgantown, W Va 

Hennessey, J. F Chicago, 111 

Hennessy, T. F Norfolk, _Va 

Henning, F. A. . . .Crown Point, Ind 
Henry, A. H.. North Yakima, Wash 

Henry, C. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Henry, L Anderson, Ind 

Henry, R. McK. . .Fairmont, W Va 

Henry, H New York, N Y 

Henry, W. T. Ind. A 72. Deceased 

Henry, W. E Seattle, Wash 

Henry, W. L High Bridge, N J 

Henschen, C. C Girard, Colo 

Henselman, S. F Hubbard, O 

Hensey, M. D Washington, D C 

Henshaw, W. P. . .Ridgefield, Conn 
Hensler, Emanuel, jr. Va.D 72. De- 

Henson, C. W Chicago. Ill 

Henson, Thomas S. N.Y.D 83. De- 

Henszey, W. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Hentz, John Peter. Pa.E 60. De- 

Heraty, E. J Mauch Chunk, Pa 

Herben, S. J Orange, N J 

Herbeuer, J. H Thomasville, Ga 

Herbert, E. R . .Nanticoke, Pa 

Hering, C. O Philadelphia, Pa 

Hering, G. C.,jr Felton, Del 

Herman, John Adair. Penn.Z 96. 

Herman, J. R Carlisle, Pa 

Herman, Martin C. Pa.Z 59. De- 

Herr, H. S Springfield, O 

Herrick, A. L New York, N Y 

Herrick, C. H Newark, N Y 

Herrick, C. M Waterloo, N Y 

Herrick, W. V. . .Vancouver, W r ash 
Herring, Ebenezer. la. A 69. De- 

Herrold, R. S San Jose, Cal 

Herron, David A. Pa.A 82. De- 
Herron, James Campbell. Ohio G 

83. Deceased 
Herron, James R. C. Pa.A 84. De- 

Herron, J Atlanta, Iowa 

Herron, J Telluride, Colo 

Herron, W. E Inverness, Fla 

Hershey, Peter. Pa.Eta 69. De- 
Hersperger, E. A Bryce, N M 



Hert, Kiah Owen. Ind.B 78. De- 

Herzog, E. R Syracuse, N Y 

Hess, A. K Boise, Idaho 

Hess, A. L Port Chester, N Y 

Hess, H. R. Ind.G 78. Deceased 

Hess, H. H Artesia, N M 

Hess, J. M Chicago, 111 

Hess, J. J Council Bluffy Iowa 

Hess, K. W New Orleans, La 

Hess, R. J New York, N Y 

Hesse, W. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Hessin, J. C, jr. .Manhattan, Kans 

Hester, F. O Indianapolis, Ind 

Hestwood, Samuel Linnars. Ia.D 89. 


Hethorn, J. W Jonesboro, Tenn 

Heunisch, A. G.San Francisco, Cal 

Hewitt, R. H New York, N Y 

Hey wood, J. C.San Francisco, Cal 

Hiatt, A Ceres, Cal 

Hiatt, H. H Broken Bone, Neb 

Hibberd, W. C Richmond, Ind 

Hibschman, Harrison Henry W. Pa. 

Eta 60. Deceased 
Hibshmann, R. S. .New York, N Y 
Hickerson, R. T.Minneapolis, Minn 

Hickham, H Spencer, Ind 

Hickham, W Spencer, Ind 

Hickham, W., jr Spencer, Ind 

Hickman, A. C. .Minneapolis, Minn 
Hickman, D. M. Mo.A 74. Deceased 

Hickok, E Ann Arbor, Mich 

Hickok, J. D...Port Angeles, Wash 
Hickok, Raymond Vinton. N.Y.B 

98. Deceased 

Hicks, E. R Oshkosh, Wis 

Hicks, F. C New York, N Y 

Hicks, P. M Avondale, Pa 

Hicks, W. G Harrisburg, Pa 

Hiemenz, H. J Lancaster, Pa 

Higbee, F. O Hinsdale, 111 

Higbie, Edwin De Graw. Deceased 
Higgason, A. E. . .Independence, Mo 
Higginbotham, B. K. .Lafayette, Ind 

Higgins, B. S Lebanon, Ind 

Higgins, Francis Marion. Pa.G 69. 


Higgins, G. E Syracuse, N Y 

Higgins, James Buren. Ind.G 98. 


Higgns, J. E Butte, Mont 

High, Johnson N. Ohio A 61 

High, R. B Los Angeles, Cal 

Highleymann, S. L. ..St. Louis, Mo 

Hightower, G. B Oxford, Miss 

Higley, L. S Cleveland, O 

Hildebrand, C. A Chicago, 111 

Hilderbrand. John I. Tenn.A 59. 


Hildreth, C Lincoln, Neb 

Hildreth, W Omaha, Neb 

Hill, A. B., jr Nashville, Tenn 

Hill, Edwin Forest. Va.A 89 

Hill, Eleazer Everett. Pa.G 62. De- 

Hill, E. R Oxnard, Cal 

Hill, F Anderson, Ind 

Hill, G. E Richmond, Ind 

Hill, G. H Schenectady, N Y 

Hill, G. H Paola, Kans 

Hill, H. H Locust Dale, Va 

Hill, J. B Baltimore, Md 

Hill, J. McC Gettysburg, Pa 

Hill, J. S Cherry Valley, Pa 

Hill, J. H Boston, Mass 

Hill, J. La F. Nashville, Tenn 

Hill, Nathanel Usher. Ind.B 73. 

Hill, N. U., jr Bloomington, Ind 

Hill, P. B Bloomington, Ind 

Hill, W. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Hill, William Foster. Pa.E 65. De- 

Hill, W. F Huntingdon, Pa 

Hill, W. S Marquette, Mich 

Hiller, Erasmus William. Ind.G. 


Hiller, G. B New York, N Y 

Hiller, J. F Fort Plain, N Y 

Hiller, R. H Springfield, Ohio 

Hilles, W. S Baltimore, Md 

Hillhouse, J. T. E..New York, N Y 

Hillier, J West Middlesex, Pa 

*Hillings, William P. Pa.G. 

Hillis, J. D Lafayette, Ind 

Hillman, C. W Evanston, 111 

Hillman, W Waterloo, Iowa 

Hills, C. E Mifflintown, Pa 

Hills, E. L Kansas City, Mo 

Hills, R. E Delaware, Ohio 

Hilscher, R Urbana, 111 

Himes, H. A Jersey City, N J 

Himoe, Hans Clarence. Kan. A 83. 


Himes, W. D New Oxford, Pa 

Hinckley, J. E Barnstable, Mass 

Hinckley, R. R Beloit, Wis 

Hind, O. A San Francisco, Cal 

Hindman, A. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Hindman, E. E Jackson, Miss 

Hindman, F. T Pittsburg, Pa 

Hindman, J. E Wilkinsburg, Pa 

Hine, J. B East Onondago, N Y 

Hine, W. G Muscatine, Iowa 

Hines, F. E Noblesville, Ind 

Hines, Harley C. .. .Noblesville, Ind 

Hines, L. N Crawfordsville, Ind 

Hines, S. D Bowling Green, Ky 

Hines, S. N Los Ammas, Colo 

Hinkle, R. R Roswell, N M 

Hinkle, W. F Fort Wayne, Ind 

Hinkson, F. O Stuart, Iowa 

Hippee, G. B Des Moines, Iowa 

Hirt, F. P Toronto, Can 

Hirt, H. O Dallas, Tex 

Hissem, J. T Mount Carroll, 111 

Hitchcock, C. H.. .Chittenango, N Y 

Hitchcock, J. E Syracuse, N Y 

Hitchcock, F. B. Ind.B 71. Deceased 

Hitchman, A. B Omaha, Neb 

Hitchman, J. C Havana, Cuba 

Hitt, Orlando. Mo.A 75- Deceased 
Hixon, J. W Crawfordsville, Ga 



Hoadley, A. G. .Mount Vernon, N Y 

Hoadley, C. B Redlands, Cal 

Hoadley, R. C Hollywood, Cal 

Hoag, W Denver, Colo 

Hoard, H. R Saunbury, Pa 

Hobbie, J. D Roanoke, Va 

Hoblit, W. A Beardstown, 111 

Hoch, William E. Pa.Z 71. Deceased 

Hodder, F. H Lawrence, Kans 

Hodell, C. W Baltimore, Md 

Hodge, F. W Washington, D C 

Hodge, H. L St. Louis, Mo 

Hodges, A. H Milford, Ohio 

Hodges, A. B Charleston, W Va 

Hodges, C. E.. .Morgantown, W Va 

Hodges, G. C Greenwood, S C 

Hodges, Sebastien. Md.A 79 

Hodgin, S. W Richmond, Ind 

Hodgkins, H. L Washington, D C 

Hodgkinson, C. H Meadville, Pa 

Hodkinson, W. A Crafton, Pa 

Hodgson, J. S Esmond, R I 

Hodson, E. J Washington, Ohio 

Hoen, H. H Westerwald, Md 

Hoerle, R. C Johnstown, Pa 

Hoerlin, P. F Hood River, Ore 

Hofer, T. R., jr.. Carson, Nev 

Hoffa, R. A Lewisburg, Pa 

HofTheins, W. L Hanover, Pa 

Hofmann, G. R Pittsburg, Pa 

Hoffmann, G. T Malta, Ohio 

Hoffman, H. A. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Hofman, O. C Decatur. Ill 

Hoffman, O. F : Omaha, Neb 

Hoffman, W Muscatine, Iowa 

Hodge, A. Whitlock. Va.G 58. De- 

Hodge, P. H Pewee Valley, Ky 

Hoge, T. R Wheeling, W Va 

Hogg, A Monroe, La 

Hogg, H. B Parkersburg, W Va 

Hogg, H. M.. Cortez, Colo 

Hogle, C. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Hogue, A Lexington, Va 

Hohanshelt, W. G Panora, Iowa 

Hoke, J. W Chambersburg, Pa 

Holcomb, L. C. .Mount Pleasant, N Y 

Holcombe, L Alexandria, Va 

Holden, G. E Wheeling, W Va 

Holden, J Pleasantville, N Y 

Holden, S Hamilton, N Y 

Holden, W. S Oak Park, 111 

Hole, C. B Montclair, N J 

Hole, L. H Montclair, N J 

Holladay, H. T., jr Rapidan, Va 

Holladay, James Porter. Va.G 83. 

Holladay, L Orange, Va 

Holland, J. E Milford, Del 

Holland, J. P Los Angeles, Cal 

Holland, M Cassopolis, Mich 

Holland, T. E Hot Springs, Ark 

Hollenbeck, A. H.. .Marathon, N Y 

Hollenbeck, F. B Seattle, Wash 

Hollenbeck, R. W. . Springfield, Ohio 

Holler, W. F Chambersburg, Pa 

Hollinger, G. G Abbottstown, Pa 

Hollinger, J. E Carlisle, Pa 

Hollingshead, J. S. ..Philadelphia, Pa 
Hollingsworth, E. L. 

Rensselaer, Ind 

Hollis, C. W Eckman, W Va 

Hollister, L. A. .. .Whitewater, Wis 
Hollopeter, S. L. ...San Diego, Cal 

Hollopeter, V. M Wabash, Ind 

Holloway, C. J Baltimore, Md 

Holloway, E. D Collins, Miss 

Holloway, P. D Collins, Miss 

Holloway, S. W Louisville, Ky 

Holman, W. H. Va.G 58. Deceased 

Holmes, A. B Montclair, N J 

Holmes, B. C Eva^isville, Wis 

Holmes, C. S Montclair, N J 

Holmes, D. J Chicago, 111 

Holmes, E. R New York, N Y 

Holmes, E. W. ..New Bedford, Mass 

Holmes, F. E Goshen, Ohio 

Holmes, F. E Beloit, Wis 

Holmes, J. M Germantown, Pa 

Holmes, R. W Pittsburg, Pa 

Holmes, R. W Gallipolis, Ohio 

Holmes, R. J Nyack, N Y 

Holmes, S. R Harrisburg, Pa 

Holmes, T. & . . Ridgefield Park, N J 

Holmes, W. C Portland, Ind 

Holmes, W. B. G. . .Cleveland, Ohio 

Holsteen, F. S Burlington, Iowa 

Holswarth, F. J Syracuse, N Y 

Holt, C. H Pawtucket, R I 

Holt, G. N Chicago, 111 

Holt, J. H Lewisburg, W Va 

Holt, William B. Pa.A 55. Deceased 

Holt, W. E Miles City, Mont 

Holter, A. L Seattle, Wash 

Holthusen, H. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Holzwarth, R C Syracuse, N Y 

Home, Edward Daniel. Wis.G. De- 

Honaker, S. A Shreveport, La 

Honaker, S. W Piano, Tex 

Honnold, F. E Cadiz, Ohio 

Honnold, J. R Paris, 111 

Hood, C. G Fairmont, W Va 

Hook, H. R La Porte, Ind 

Hooker, C. E Waupun, Wis 

Hooper, C. L Chicago, 111 

Hooper, Washington A. Pa.A 55 

Hoopes, A. W West Chester, Pa 

Hoopes, E. M., jr. .Wilmington, Dela 

Hoover, C. D Los Angeles, Cal 

Hoover, C. F Cleveland, Ohio 

Hoover, J. R Pickens, Miss 

Hoover, W. A Denver, Colo 

Hope, R. L Helena, Ark 

Hopkins, A. J., jr Aurora, 111 

Hopkins, C. T Brooklyn, N Y 

Hopkins, E. S.. . .Jeffersonville, Ind 

Hopkins, H. C Los Angeles, Cal 

Hopkins, J. S Chicago, 111 

Hopkins, M. S Aurora, 111 

Hopkins, R. P Carbondale, Pa 

Hopkins, R St. Louis, Mo 

Hopper, C. R North Troy, N Y 

Hopper, G. L Kansas City, Mo 



Hopper, J. W Lebanon, Ky 

Hopping, A. T New York, N Y 

Hopping, H. H New York, N Y 

Hopps, Herman K. Ill.B 68. De- 

Hopwood, J. G Harrisburg, Pa 

Horack, H. C Iowa City, Iowa 

Horine, M. C Reading, Pa 

Horn, D. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Horn, E. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Hornbrook, J rSt. Louis, Mo 

Home, B. J Anderson, Ind 

Home, B. S Gas City, Ind 

Horner, G. E Duquesne, Pa 

Horner, E Alameda, Cal 

Horner, E. C Helena, Ark 

Horner, S. W., jr. .Kansas City, Mo 
Horner, W. M. . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Hornor, W. M Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Horswell, C Kenilworth, 111 

Horswell, G. H Kenilworth, 111 

Horton, E. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Horton, F. C Winona, Minn 

Horton, H. P Ithaca, N Y 

Horton, Marcus Cornelius. Pa.B 59. 

Horton, W. D /Brooklyn, N Y 

Hose, T. S Little Falls, N Y 

Hosek, W. J Ravenna, Neb 

Hosick, H. N Chicago, 111 

Hosie, D. M Scranton, Pa 

Hoskins, J. C Brazil, Ind 

Hoskins, R. D Bismarck, N D 

Hoskinson, W. S. .. Sacramento, Cal 

Hosmer, E. S New York, N Y 

Hosmer, R Ashland, Wis 

Hoss, C. A Centralia, Wash 

Hoster, Herman A. Ohio D 99. De- 
Hosterman, A. D. ..Springfield, Ohio 
Hosterman, H. C... Springfield, Ohio 

Hostetler, L. G Lovington, 111 

Hostetter, A. B Duluth, Minn 

Hotaling, Albert Steuben. N.Y.B 90. 

Hotchkin, H. T Chicago, 111 

Hotchkiss, James B. Ohio B 67. De- 
Hotchkiss, W. W. . .Jamestown, N Y 
Hottenstein, D. E. 

Millersburg, Pa 
Houck, F. M.... Boiling Springs, Pa 

Houck, H. F Williamsport, Pa 

Hough, C. A Oak Park, 111 

Hough, H. G Lincoln, Neb 

Hough, J. K Erie, Pa 

Hough, W. A Greenfield, Ind 

Hough, W. C Lancaster, S C 

Hough, W. G Sibley, Iowa 

Houghton, Allen Josiah. D.C.A 87. 

Houghton, H. C Berkeley, Cal 

Houghton, W. R. . .Connersville, Ind 

Houk, D. C Ironwood, Mich 

Houk, R. A Newark, Ohio 

Hoult, W. F Chrisman, 111 

House, E. L., jr.. Los Angeles, Cal 

House, Erwin. Ind.A 66. Deceased 

House, F. E Kansas City, Mo 

Housemann, W. L. 

White Plains, N. Y 

Houser, N. T Arnot, Pa 

Houston, A. Y Sedalia, Mo 

Houston, Archie W. Pa.A 59. De- 
Houston, A. W. . . San Antonio, Tex 

Houston, C. B Chester, Pa 

Houston, D. N Washington, D C 

Houston, F Kansas City, Mo 

Houston, Hale. Deceased 
Houston, Henry H., jr. Pa. I 77. 

Houston, H Croton, N Y 

Houston, J. J. L Jamaica, N Y 

Houston, J. V Chicago, 111 

Houston, Livingston Waddell. Va.B 
82. Deceased 

Houston, M. H Nashville, Tenn 

Houts, C. A St. Louis, Mo 

Houts, O. L Warrensburg, Mo 

Hovey, John Julius. Pa. I 83. De- 
Hovey, L. R. . ..Rock Island, Quebec 

Howard, A. C Baltimore, Md 

Howard, B. S Moscow, Idaho 

Howard, C. J Barnesville, Ohio 

Howard, C. M Baltimore, Md 

Howard, D. C Washington, D C { 

Howard, E. D Columbus, Ohio 

Howard, E. G Richmond, Ind 

Howard, E. R Nashville, Tenn 

Howard, F. M Montreal, Can 

Howard, F. W Pittsburg, Pa 

Howard, F. T New York, N Y 

Howard, G. H New York, N Y 

Howard, H. C Kalamazoo, Mich 

Howard, H. D., jr Boston, Mass 

Howard, J. A Dowagiac, Mich 

Howard, J. J Wharton, N J 

Howard, J. L. 

West Baden Springs, Ind 

Howard, N. O Connecticut, R I 

Howard, O. F. 

Benton Harbor, Mich 

Howard, O Richmond, Va 

Howard, R New York, N Y 

Howard, Samuel King. Pa.A 73. 

Howard, S. E Hastings, Neb 

Howard, Thomas Lawrence. Pa. 
Theta 07. Deceased 

Howard, T. P Allendale, N J 

Howard, W. P Duquesne, Pa 

Howarth, E. J Utica, N Y 

Howe, A. C Lafayette, Colo 

Howe, A. G Bloomington, Ind 

Howe, A. R Louisville,* Ky 

Howe, Arthur C. N.Y.B 84 

Howe, E. W Miles City, Mont 

Howe, G North Salem, N Y 

Howe, J. R., jr Brooklyn, N Y 

Howe, L. P Bloomington, Ind 

Howe, L. M Wakefield, Mass 

Howe, O. C Boston, Mass 


Howe, Ross Maxwell. Ind.B 93. De- 
ceased ! 

Howe, S. L Carthage, N Y 

Howell, A. J San Francisco, Cal 

Howell, C. J Cleveland, Ohio 

Howell, E. H....San Francisco, Cal 

Howell, L. B.. Norwalk, Conn 

Howell, S. E Omaha, Neb 

Howenstine, E. J. 

Bellefontaine, Ohio 
Howes, H. W. 

Yarmouth Port, Mass 

Howie, J. H Jackson, Miss 

Howland, D. B Cincinnati, Ohio 

Howze, William Duke. Tenn.A 59^ 

Hoy, Adam. Pa.E 55. Deceased 
Hoy, Jeremiah Weckerly. Pa. A 59. 

Hoy, R. F Schuylkill Haven, Pa 

Hoy, W. E Lancaster, Pa 

Hoymond, P Fairmont, W Va 

Hoyne, T. T Chicago, 111 

Hoyt, Benjamin Thomas. Ohio A 65. 

Hoyt, Francis Southback. Ohio A 
66. Deceased 

Hoyt, H. B Rochester, N Y 

Hoyt, L. J Mt. Gilead, O 

Hoyt, M. A Milwaukee, Wis 

Hoyt, R. O Helena, Mont 

Hoyt, W. M Muncie, Ind 

Hubachek, F. B.Minneapolis, Minn 
Hubachek, F. R.Minneapolis, Minn 

Hubbard, C New York, N Y 

Hubbard, Dana List. Pa.Z 62. De- 
Hubbard, E. C.Couer d'Alene, Idaho 
Hubbard, E. J.... New Orleans, La 
Hubbard, Fred. W. Ohio D 80. De- 

Hubbard, G. M...New York, N Y 

Hubbard, G. H New York, N Y 

Hubbard, H. M Columbus, O 

Hubbard, H. W., 

Paotingfu, North China 

Hubbard, J. C Nashville, Tenn 

Hubbard, L. W . . . . Shuqualak, Miss 

Hubbard, R. N Columbus, O 

Hubbard, R. S..S. Braintree, Mass 

Hubbard, T. H New York, N Y 

Hubbell, C. T Peoria, 111 

Hubbeli, R. H Saginaw, Mich 

Huber, C Richmond, Ind 

Huber, D. R Akron, O 

Huber, H. W. M..New York, N Y 

Huber, J . H Gettysburg, Pa 

Huber, S. H Shelbyville, 111 

Huber, W Gwynedd Valley, Pa 

Hudson, C Chicago, 111 

Hudson, C. A Syracuse, N Y 

Hudson, C. B Washington, D C 

Hudson, E. J Gladstone, Mich 

Hudson, H Knoxville, Tenn 

Hudson, P. E City of Mexico 

Huff, C. A St. Louis, Mo 

Huff, John N. Ind.B 84. Deceased 


Huff, W. L Wabash, Ind 

Huffaker, F. M . . Jeffersontown, Ky 

Huffine, C. C Frankfort, Ind 

Huffman, D. C McKeesport, Pa 

Huffman, G. H Wakeman, Pa 

Huffman, Wills Webster. Pa.B 80. 

Hughel, H. H Anderson, Ind 

Hughes, A. G Kingwood, W Va 

Hughes, Charles James, jr. Mo. A 
72. Deceased 

Hughes, F. V Tyler, Tex 

Hughes, G. E Lagrange, Ind 

Hughes, H. H Alexandria, Ind 

Hughes, J. R Scranton, Pa 

Hughes, Joseph Mong. Pa.E 57. De- 

Hughes, P. M Syracuse, N Y 

Hughes, R. H New York, N Y 

Hughes, S. G Nashville, Tenn 

Hughes, T. J. .New Richmond, Wis 
Hughes, W. I.. New Richmond, Wis 
Hughes, William Ward. Mich. A 94. 

Hughes, W. W Welch, W Va 

Hugo, L. C. F Washington, D C 

Hugo, R. T Duluth, Minn 

Hugus, P. H Latrobe, Pa 

Hulbert, C. F Beloit, Wis 

Hulbert, E. H Ithaca, N Y 

*Hull, A. Pa.G 

Hull, A. G Kansas City, Mo 

Hull, A. M Chicago, 111 

Hull, E. B St. Louis, Mo 

Hull, H. H Youngstown, O 

Hull, H. W Scranton, Pa 

Hull, J. A Manila, P I 

Hull, J. C Chicago, 111 

Hull, W. E Mt. Vernon, O 

Hulley, E. N Allegan, Mich 

*Hulley, John O. Ind. B 71 

Hulse, S. V Newark, N J 

Hum, J. C Sharpville, Pa 

Hume, D. W... Benson City, Minn 
Hume, Frank. D.C.A 68. Deceased 

Hume, R. H Springfield, O 

Humes, Homer James. Pa B 67. De- 

Humes, L. D Union City, Pa 

Hummel, C. C New York, N Y 

Humphreville, H. K., 

Los Angeles, Cal 
Humphrey, A. S.. Kansas City, Mo 

Humphrey, D. W Scranton, Pa 

Humphrey, F. Q . . . .Bakersfield, Cal 
Humphrey, J. V.. Kansas City, Mo 
Humphrey, Jarvis Scott. Ohio D. 

Humphrey, R. N.Moundville, W Va 

Humphrey, W. E Evanston, 111 

Humphreys, C. H .. .Brooklyn, N Y 

Humphreys, J. H.. Linton, Ind 

Humphreys, W. M.Muscatine, Iowa 
Humphries, F. A... Lanes Mills, Pa 

Humpstone, J Brooklyn, N Y 

Humrichouse, J. W., 

Hagerstown, Md 


Humrichouser, H. L.Plymouth, Ind 

Huner, C. D Grenada, Miss 

Hunger, A. D Vandergrift, Pa 

Hungerford, C. I., 

E. Haddam, Conn 

Hunt, A. P Kansas City, Mo 

Hunt, C. D..' Sullivan, Ind 

Hunt, C. M Nashville, Tenn 

Hunt, D Tulsa, Ala 

Hunt, H. B Washington, D C 

Hunt, J. B Washington, D C 

Hunt, R. F Xewtonville, Mass 

Hunt, S., jr New York, N Y 

Hunt, W. E Hibbing, Minn 

Hunt, W. A Northfield, Minn 

Hunter, A. W Hoquiam, Wash 

Hunter, C. K. J Blaine, Wash 

Hunter, G. T Maysville, Kv 

Hunter, H. S Griggsville, 111 

Hunter, H. W Blaine, Wash 

Hunter, Leonidas H. Pa.B 64 

Hunter, R. A ■ Oxford, Pa 

Hunter, R. W Richmond, Va 

Hunter, S. A Pittsburg, Pa 

Hunter, T. G Philadelphia, Pa 

Hunter, T. J Towson, Md 

Hunter, W. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Huntington, P. W.Washington, D C 

Huntley, W. F Bristol, RI 

Huntoon, L. A. . . .Moorhead, Minn 

Huntsberger, F. E Delaware, O 

Hurlbut, W. H. M., 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Hurlbut, E. A Mansfield, O 

Hurlestone, F. J Harvard, 111 

Huron, Aaron H. Ind. A 92. De- 

Hurrell, A. S.'.".' N Buffalo, N Y 

Hurst, G. G Oxford, Miss 

Hurt, A. D New Orleans, La 

Huse, E. F Norfolk, Neb 

Huser, T. E New York, N Y 

Hussey, G. W Spokane, Wash 

Hussey, R. B Reading, Mass 

Husted, F. S Chattanooga, Tenn 

Husted, Frederick Monroe. 111. A. 

Huston, Harvey Effinger. Va.G 73. 

Hutchens, A. R. .. .Milwaukee, Wis 
Hutching, W. E., 

San Cristobal, Cuba 
Hutchings, B. M.Terre Haute, Ind 
Hutchings, C. F., jr. 

Monroe City, Mo 
Hutchings, F. D.Kansas City, Kans 
Hutchings, S. D.Kansas City, Kans 
Hutchings, William N. Ind.G. De- 
Hutchings, W. T.Minneapolis, Minn 

Hutchins, A. C Adel, Iowa 

Hutchins, D. C Chicago, 111 

Hutchins, H Lancaster, N H 

Hutchinson, A. J. L. .Palo Alto, Cal 

Hutchinson, B. N Altoona, Pa 

Hutchinson, E Marysville,. Kans 

Hutchinson, H. H St. Joe, Mo 

Hutchinson, J. H..New York, N Y 

Hutchinson, N Paris, France 

Hutchinson, P. E Richmond, O: 

Hutchinson, W. N. L.Palo Alto, Cal 
Hutchinson, Z. H. . . .Cloquet, Minn 

Hutchison, B. M Altoona, Pa 

Hutchison, Walter Eugene. la. A 97. 


Hutsinpillar, M. G Ironton, O 

Hutton, F. E Kingston, N Y 

Hyatt, E. A St. Albans, Vt 

Hyatt, R. C Washington, Ind 

Hyatt, Willard Isaac. N.H.A 97. 


Hvde, G. F Norwich, Conn 

Hyde, W. M Academia, Pa 

Hyde, W. F Los Altos, Cal 

Hyde, S. J. B . . . San Francisco Cal 
Hydon, W. M...Landy Creek, N Y 

Hyer, S. A Rockford 111 

Hynson, J. L Lebanon, Pa 

Ice, F. A. Fairmont, W Va 

Iddings, F, W Namekagan, Wis 

Iddings, H. W. . . .Namekagan, Wis 

Ide, E. M Three Rivers, Mass 

Ide, H. C Mt. Vernon, N Y 

Idleman, L. McK Whittier, Cal 

Ihrig, J. K Springfield, O 

Ikeler, D. F Bloomsbury, Pa 

lies, O. B Indianapolis, Ind 

Ilett, E. W La Grange, 111 

Illick, J. T Burlington, Iowa 

Illick, W. C Burlington, Iowa 

Iilingworth, R. W Tyrone, Pa 

Imadati, T Kiota, Japan 

Imes, W. A Bozeman, Mont 

Imhoff, C. E Urbana, O 

Imhoff, C. H Hopewell, N J 

Ince, J. W Fargo, N D 

Ingels, B. D....San Francisco, Cal 

Ingersoll, C. D Canton, 111 

Ingersoll, H. I Brooklyn, N Y 

Ingram, K. C Los Angeles, Cal 

Ingham, W Philadelphia, Pa 

Ingle, James Addison. Va.A 84. De- 

Ingle, J New York, N Y 

ingle, O Frederick, Md 

Ingraham, H. F. 111. A 69 

Ingram, J. L Richmond, Va 

Ingram, K. C Los Angeles, Cal 

Ingram, R. B Lewes, Del 

Ingram, William M. Tenn. A 60. De- 

Innis, W. H Columbus, O 

Insley, E Sacramento, Cal 

Irie, George Singoro. N.Y.B 93 

Irish, G. M Essex, N Y 

Irvine, John Lewis., jr. Va.G 90. 

Irvine, V. R Marshall, Tex 

Irving, R. P New York, N Y 

Irwin, A. F Peoria, 111 

Irwin, H. D Minneapolis, Minn 

Irwin, J. R Chappells, S C 



Irwin, T. R Munhall, Pa 

Irwin, L. W Radfprd, Va 

Irwin, W. B Munhall, Pa 

Irwin, W. P Lexington, Va 

Isaacs, H. R Georgetown, Del 

Isaacson, A. F. . . .Yocemento, Kans 

Ish, R. S Oakland, Cal 

Ives, D. S Meriden, Conn 

Ives, F. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Ives, V. S Detroit, Mich 

Ivins, M. H Langhorne, Pa 

Jack. B Washington, D C 

Jack, Samuel J. Va.B 74. Deceased 

Jackman, H. H Welch, Okla 

Jackson, Alfred Hill. Va.B 55. De- 

Jackson, D. F Corsicana, Tex 

Tackson, E Hazelhurst, Miss 

Jackson, E. C Wilmington, Del 

Jackson, G.. Colorado Springs, Colo 
Jackson, G. M..San Francisco, Cal 
Jackson, G. R. .. Clarksburg. W Va 

Jackson, H. E Oakland, Cal 

Jackson, H. H . . . East Orange, N J 

Jackson, J. A Montclair, N J 

Jackson, J. A Winchester, Ky 

Jackson, James Adolphus. Ohio A 
86. Deceased 

Jackson, J. C London, Ohio 

Jackson, J. F St. Paul, Minn 

Jackson, J. N., jr. Chattanooga, Tenn 

Jackson, L. C Wichita, Kans 

Jackson, M. B.. Grand Forks, N D 

Jackson, M. S Seattle, Wash 

Jackson, N. De L... Waterloo Iowa 
Jackson, R. A... Grand Forks. N D 
Jackson, Samuel Anderson. Miss. A. 

acobs, C. P New York, N Y 

Jacobs, C. S . . . : Mobile, Ala 

Jacobs, Francis Wayland. Pa.G 55. 

Tacobs, F. W Madison, Wis 

Jacobs, G. W., jr. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Jacobs, H. L Altoona, Pa 

Jacobs, H. L., jr. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Tacobs, L. D Emporia, Kans 

Jacobs, T. H. B Glen Loch Pa 

Tacobsen, A. W Baltimore, Md 

Jacobsen, E Pierre, S D 

Jacobson, G. X . . . . New York, N Y 
Jacobus, Mandeville Cornelius. X.Y. 
G 93. Deceased 

Jacoby, W. K Wells, Minn 

Tacoway, Henderson Madison. Miss. 
A 57. Deceased 

Jacques, E. G Warsaw Ind 

Jaeger, C. P. .Cleveland Heights. O 
Jagemast, Francis J. Pa.B 92. De- 

Jahn, H. R Brooklyn, N Y 

Tames, A. E Dayton, O 

Tames. A. P University, Va 

Tames, B. H Baltimore, Md 

Tames, B. M Ashley, Pa 

James, B. O... Richmond, Va 

James, C. H., jr. .Washington, D C 

James, E. A Johnstown, Pa 

James, E. J Urbana, 111 

James, G. F. ... .Minneapolis, Minn 

James, G. H Indianapolis, Ind 

James, H. G Urbana, 111 

James, J. C Aurora, 111 

James, J. M Cheraw, S C 

James, J. N Indiana, Pa 

James, J. W Chicago, 111 

James, R. E Evanston, 111 

James, Robert Erwin. Va.A 57. De- 

Tames, T. E Braddock, Pa 

James, W. H Rossville, 111 

Jameson, Albert L. Pa.B 70. De- 

Jamieson, J. M Spokane, Wash 

Jamieson, R. M. ... .Spokane, Wash 

Jamison, J. H., jr.. . Nashville, Tenn 
Jananshek, W. .... .New York, N Y 

Janeway, G. H. ...Los Angeles, Cal 

Janney, Charles Frederick. S.C.A 69 

Jannus, R. W. .. .Washington, D. C. 

Jaquith, A. B Omaha, Neb 

Jarratt, C. R Dialville, Tex 

Jarvis, H. S Syracuse, N Y 

Jarvis, L Inwood, Iowa 

Jarvis, R. M., jr.. .Jersey City, N J 

Jayne, A Clearmont, Wyo 

Jayne, H. P Coalinga, Cal 

Jayne, H Raymond, Wash 

Jaynes, A. W Twin Falls. Idaho 

Jeck, H. S . . . . New York, N Y 

Jeffers, George W. Pa. A 55 

Jefferys, E. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Teffrey, G. < . . . .Mount Vernon, N Y 

jeffris, D. H Chicago, 111 

Jeffris, F. J Chicago. Ill 

Teffris, K. B Janesville, Wis 

Jelbart, T. J Renovo, Pa 

Jellett, R. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Jelley, C. S Minneapolis, Minn 

Tenkins, H. H Shreveport, La 

Jenkins, H. B Beloit, Wis 

Jenkins, J. W Warren, Pa 

Jenkins, M. M Brooklyn, N Y 

"Jenkins, Owen B. Pa.G 
Jenkins, Peter Perkins. Tenn. A 59. 

Jenkins, W. E Bloomington, Ind 

Tenkins, W. F Chicago, 111 

Tenks, G. A Brookville, Pa 

Jenks, W. S Ottawa, Kan 

Jenner, A. G Milwaukee, Wis 

Jenner, Edward David. Wis. A or. 

Jennings, A. T Fulton, N Y 

Jennings, C. E Paducah, Ky 

Jennings, C. A Salisbury Mo 

Jennings, J. O Santa Monica, Cal 

Jennings, J. H Fenton, Mich 

Jennings, W. S. 

Mount Pleasant, Tenn 
Jennison, L. E Bayonne, N J 



Jeroloman, T Newark, N J 

Jervey, J. W Greenville, S C 

Jessup, R. J Vincennes, Ind 

Jester, H. C Germantown, Pa 

Jeter, John Abram. Va.A 53. De- 

Jewell, C. J Fayetteville, N Y 

Jewell, R Syracuse, N Y 

Jiggitts, David E. Miss. A. Deceased 

Joannes, L. H Green Bay, Wis 

Job, P. A Carlisle, Mass 

Joder, E. B Waterloo, Iowa 

Johns, A. S Washington, D C 

Johns, F. W Madison, Wis 

Johns, G. A. : Okmulgee, Okla 

Johns, G. W Fairfield, 111 

Johns, O. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Johns, R. L Bowman, Cal 

Johns, S. K Cleveland, Ohio 

Johns, Thomas Glover. Ind.G 72. 

Johns, U. W -. .Madison, Miss 

Johnson, A. B Pasadena, Cal 

Johnson, A. C.New Kensington, Pa 
Johnson, Arthur Michael. N.Y.G 03. 

Johnson, A. P. .. .Christiansburg, Va 

Johnson, B. F Hazlehurst, Miss 

Johnson, B. M Pittsburg, Pa 

Johnson, C Douglas, Alaska 

Johnson, C. B Portland, Ore 

Johnson, C. B.... Marble City, Okla 

Tohnson, C. H Sedaha, Mo 

Johnson, C. L Ebbvale, Md 

Johnson, C. T Washington, DC 

Johnson, Dana Carl. Ohio B 94. De- 
ceased ', 

Johnson, E. F Wilmette 111 

Johnson, E. G Minneapolis, Minn 

Johnson, E. P. ..New Brunswick, N J 

Johnson, E. T Newark, Ohio 

Johnson, E. W..Mechanicsburg, Ohio 

Tohnson, F., jr Rochester, N Y 

Johnson, F. D Seattle, Wash 

Johnson, Francis L. Va.A 54- -De- 

Johnson, F. M. .McConnellsburg, Pa 

Tohnson, F. P Denver, Colo 

Johnson, G Washington, D C 

Johnson, George Washington. Pa. Eta 
73. Deceased 

Johnson, G. W Des Moines, Iowa 

Johnson, H Napa Cal 

Johnson, H. B Flushing, N Y 

Tohnson, H.N Reefton, N Z 

Tohnson, H. P Chicago, 111 

tohnson, H. S New York, N \ 

Johnson, H. W Chicago. Ill 

Johnson, Jesse L. Pa.G 63. Deceased 
Johnson, John C. Iowa G 69. De- 

Johnson, T. F Swissvale, Pa 

Tohnson, J. R., jr Pikeville, Ky 

Johnson, John W. H. D.C.A 68. De- 

Johnson, J. W Tuscumba, Ala 

Johnson, P. S Grand Forks, N D 


Johnson, R Niwot, Colo 

Johnson, R. H. ..Northampton, Mass 

Johnson, R. M Xenia, Ohio , 

Johnson, Thomas Hamrickhouse. Pa. 

A 58. Deceased 
Johnson, T. L. Pa.Theta 85 

Johnson, W Parkersburg, W Va 

Johnson, W. A Chicago, 111 

Johnson, W T . De F. . .Brooklyn, N Y J 
* Johnson, W. R. Mich. A 

J ohnson, W. F Omaha, Xeb 

Johnson, W. H Charleston, S C 

Johnston, A. M Chillicothe, Mo 

Johnston, C. M Dayton, Ohio 

Johnston, D. C Charleston, 111 

Johnston, E Birmingham, Ala I 

Johnston, E. C... Sioux City, Iowa 

Johnston, E. S Elk Lick, Pa 

Johnston, G. F Lakin, Kan 

Johnston, G. S. . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Johnston, G. S Omaha, Neb 

Johnston, H. G Pearisburg, Va 

Johnston, H. V. .. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Johnston, J. F Lexington, Ky 

Johnston, J. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Johnston, J. W Chicago, 111 

Johnston, M Calumet, Ariz i 

Johnston, M Schlater, Miss 

Johnston, O. E. . . .Philiipsburg, Kan 

Johnston, R. C Chicago, 111 

Johnston, R. S Chicago, 111 

Johnston, U. S. G Canton, Ohio 

Johnston, W Seattle, Wash,' 

Johnston, W. A. . . . Santa Clara, Cal 

Johnston, W. W Chicago, 111 

Johnstone, W. D Macon, Ala 

Joice, C. M Chicago, 111 

Tolly, B Hardinsburg, Ky 

Jolly, W Washington, D C 

Jones, A. D., jr New York, N Y 

Jones, A. D Joplin, Mo 

Jones, C. C St. Paul, Minn 

Tones, C. H Providence, R I 

Jones, C. J. W Roanoke, Mo 

Tones, Daniel I. Ohio A. Deceased 

Jones, D. H Fort Wayne, Ind 

Jones, D. M Wabasha, Minn 

Tones, E. M West Point, Va 

Tones, E. R Lincoln, Neb 

Tones, E. V. Salem, Va 

tones, E. W El Paso, Tex 

Jones, F. B Brooklvn, N Y 

tones, G. P Findlay, Ohio 

Jones, G. W '. • .Utica, N Y 

Jones, H. D Portland, Me 

Jones, H. N. P. ..Des Moines, Iowa 

Tones, H. S Ridgefield, Conn 

tones, H. Van L Dundee, N Y 

Tones, I. O Walla W'alla, Wash 

tones, T. A Roselle Park, N J 

Jones, J. B Murfreesboro, Tenn 

Jones, J. E Temple, Tex 

Jones, J. E Genoa, Italy 

Tones, Tohn Greeley. N.Y.B. De- 
Jones, J. R Akron, Ohio 

Jones, J. Seward. Ind. A. Deceased 



Tones, John S. Ohio A. Deceased 

Jones, J. S Baltimore, Md 

Jones, J. T Paris, 111 

Jones, L. F Lebanon, Ind 

Jones, L. H Pasadena, Cal 

Jones, M. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Jones, M. W Winchester, Mass 

Jones, M. W Lancaster, Pa 

Jones, P Santa Maria, Cal 

Jones, P. N Pittsburg, Pa 

Jones, P. W. . Black River Falls, Wis 

Jones, R. A. P Wabasha, Minn - 

Jones, R. E Cromwell, Ind 

Jones, R. E San Antonio, Tex 

Jones, R. F Laurens, S C 

Jones, R. L Charleston, W Va 

Jones, S. F Marion, Ind 

Jones, S. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Jones, T New York, N Y 

Jones, T. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Jones, Thomas Arthur. Ohio A 98. 

Jones, T. R New York, N Y 

Jones, W. C New Orleans, La 

Jones, W. D Washington, D C 

Jones, William H. Pa.G 58. De- 

Jones, W. H. F Chaparal, Ariz 

Jones, W. R La Grande, Ore 

Jones, W. S Chicago, 111 

J6nes, W. W Pittsburg, Pa 

Jordan, A. A Deland, Fla 

Jordan, J. H Martinsville, Ind 

Jordan, Joseph. Pa.B 95. Deceased 
Jordan, M. A.. . .Cunningham, Mass 

Jordan, P. N McDonald, Pa 

Jordan, T. E Lebanon, N H 

Jordan, W. H. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Jordan, W. W Plainsfield, N H 

Jorgens, J. O. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Jorgenson, A Tokio, Japan 

Josef son, J. G. Du Bois, Pa 

Joseph, R. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Joslin, H. A Eugene, Ore 

Josselyn, G. S... Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Josselyn, H. E. ..Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Josselyn, L. W Jacksonville, Fla 

Josselyn, P. R Tientsin, China 

Josselyn, S Boston, Mass 

Journay, H. P Brooklyn, N Y 

Jova, E. A..Roseton-on-Hudson, N Y 

Joy, C. L Sioux City, Iowa 

Joy, C. L New Hampton, N H 

Joyce, W. J Columbus, Ohio 

Judd, G. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Judd, L. M Honolulu, Hawaii 

Judy, G. D Carlisle, Ky 

Jump, C. B Easton, Md 

Jump, W. H Harrington, Dela 

Junk, T. E Uniontown, Pa 

Junkin, William McCleary. Va.B 82. 

Juvenal, Carl Hord. Ohio B 07. De- 

Kaehler, D. F San Diego, Cal 

Kahl, H Pittsburg, Pa 

Kahle, A. W Buffalo, N Y 

Kahle, H. B Parnassus, Pa 

Kahle, R. F Buffalo, N Y 

Kahle, R. B Buffalo, N Y 

Kahler, Frank Roland. Pa.E 77. De- 
Kalberg, S. M....New Haven, Conn 
Kalbfleisch, K. H...Hackensack, N J 
Kalbfus, C. W. .. .Springfield, Ohio 

Kalk, C. N Minneapolis, Minn 

Kane, E. S Palestine, Tex 

Kane, William Penn. Ill.G 70. De- 

Kapp, G. E. R New Kingston, Pa 

Kappler, H. J Lakewood, Ohio 

Karcher, Louis. 111. A. Deceased 

Karnes, T. E Fort Worth, Tex 

Karnes, W. L Kansas City, Mo 

Karr, E. J Memphis, Tenn 

Kauffman, Andrew John. Pa. Eta 64. 

Kaufmann, G. L Chicago, 111 

Kauffman, H Raleigh, N C 

Kauke, Cary W. Ohio A 67. De- 


Kaup, W. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Kavanaugh, D. W. 

Lawrenceburg, Kv 

Kaylor, W. G New York, N Y 

Keady, William George. Pa. A 54. 

Keatley, Frank Graham. Pa.B 66. 


Keator, B Hartsdale, N Y 

Keator, R. M New York, N Y 

Keedy, E. R Yonkers, N Y 

Keedv, G. T Lewiston, Idaho 

Keedy, R. E Johnstown, Pa 

Keef er, W. B Reading, Pa 

Keegan, C. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Keehn, R. D Chicago, 111 

Keely, O. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Keen, Samuel Ashton. Ohio A. De- 


Keen, W. W Batavia, Ohio 

Keene, J. E Peoria. Ill 

Keene, T. B Cedar Falls, Iowa 

Keene, W. B Carroll Parish, La 

Keese, A. H Pasadena, Cal 

Keesey, H, O. .. .Saskatchewan, Can 

Keeffer, F. M Ligonier, Pa 

*Kehler, J. J., jr. Pa.Theta 00 

Kehlor, J. M Kenosha, Wis 

Kehoe, E. L Naugatuck, Conn 

Keifer, H. C Springfield, Ohio 

Keifer, J. M. Ohio B 68. Deceased 

Keifer, J. W Springfield, Ohio 

Keifer, W. W Springfield, Ohio 

Keiser, E. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Keister, J. R Irwin, Pa 

Keith, C Chicago, 111 

Keith, D. F Salt Lake City, Utah 

Keith, H. A Goshen, Ind 

Kelchner, W. W.. . .New York, N Y 

Kellam, R. H Spokane, Wash 

Kellenburger, C. W. . . Newark, Ohio 



Keller, C. H Hagerstown, Md 

Keller, William Henry. Pa.I. De- 
Kelley. See Kelly 

Kellis, P. P Shuqualak, Miss 

Kellogg, E. W Milwaukee, Wis 

Kellogg, J. D New York, N Y 

Kellogg, Joseph Bradford. Wis.B 77. 

Kellogg, P. M Fargo, N D 

Kellogg. R Toronto, Can 

Kellogg', W. A. . . : . .New York, N Y 

Kellum, J. W Wilmington, Del 

Kellv, C. C Sedalia, Mo 

Kelly, C. F Duluth, Minn 

Kelly, D. J Binghamton, N Y 

Kelly, E. P Columbus, Ohio 

Kelly, F. W Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Kelly, G. H Kansas City, Mo 

Kelly, H. G Omaha, Neb 

Kelly, H. M... Mount Vernon, Iowa 

Kelly, J. F., jr Jersey City, N J 

Kelley, J. S Binghamton, N Y 

Kelly, L. C Winnipeg, Can 

Kelley, L. E Des Moines, Iowa 

Kelly, L. H Latrobe, Pa 

Kelly, P. F Clinton, Iowa 

Kelly, R. B Goshen, Ind 

Kelley, R. J Hudson Falls, N Y 

Kelly, R. D Syracuse, N Y 

Kelly, Thomas Henry. Cal.B 08. De- 

Kelly, W. A Nashville, Tenn 

Kelly, W. D Jersey City, N J 

Kelley, W. E New York, N Y 

Kelly, W. H Duluth, Minn 

Kelly, W. J Lexington, Ky 

Kelsey, Alexander May. Ind.A. De- 


Kelsey, C. R Atchison, Kan 

Kelsey, J. C Chicago, 111 

Kelsey, P. G Evansville, Ind 

Kelso, Robert H. Va.G 55- Deceased 

Kemble, E. C Cambridge, Mass 

Kemler, T. D Platteville, Wis 

Kemp, George Albert. R.I.A 05. De- 

Kemper, C Granville, Ohio 

Kemper, Hugh Fulton. Ohio G 80. 

Kemper, Parke Fergus. Ohio G 85. 

Kemper, W. M Cincinnati, Ohio 

Kemper, W. R. ...Pawnee City, Neb 

Kendall, E. G Garden City, N Y 

Kendall, F. L Hillsboro, N H 

Kendall, T. M Concord, N H 

Kendall, Otis Howard. Pa.I 78. De- 

Kendig, W. C Cincinnati, Ohio 

Kendrick. W. H Chicago, 111 

Kenkel, G. A New London, Wis 

Kenna, Edward Benninghaus. W.Va. 
A 01. Deceased 

Kenna, J. E Charleston, W Va 

Kenna, J. N Charleston, W Va 


Kennard, Joseph Spencer. Pa.G 56. 


Kennedy, C. B Trenton, N J 

Kennedy, E. G Dayton, Ohio 

Kennedy, E. P Pittsburg, Pa 

Kennedy, E. T Pawhuska, Okla 

Kennedy, F. M. .. .Washington, Ohio 
Kennedy, George Hays. Pa. A 54. 

Kennedy, H. H. 

Washington C. H., Ohio 

Kennedy, I. G Dayton, Ohio 

Kennedy, J. D Piedmont, Cal 

Kennedy, J. D Brooklyn, N Y 

Kennedy, J. E. . . . .Livingston, Miss 
Kennedy, T. E. . . .Clarksburg, W Va 

Kennedy, J. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Kennedy, K. F San Jose, Cal 

Kennedy, M. E. ...Los Angeles, Cal 
Kennedy, S. C. .. .Honolulu, Hawaii 
Kennedy, Thomas Rush. Pa. A 53. 

Kennedy, T. W. . San Francisco, Cal 

Kennedy, W. A Gilroy, Cal 

Kennedy, W. C Dayton, Ohio 

Kennedy, W. M Fairmont, W Va 

Kenner, John W. Ind.B 76. De- 

Kenner, W. V Omaha, Neb 

Kennicott, Albert C. Ill.A. Deceased. 

Kennicott, J. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Kent, A. M Brownsville, Tex 

Kent, A. W Swarthmore, Pa 

Kent, C. W University, Va 

Kent, G. G Bellevue, Ohio 

Kent, G. R Wyncote, Pa 

Kent, H. S Spokane, Wash 

Kent, R. M., jr Richmond, Va 

Kenyon, A. G. . . .San Francisco, Cal 
Kenyon, C. A. . . .San Francisco, Cal 
Kenyon, E. D. . . .Bellingham, Wash 

Kenyon, J. R Binghamton, N Y 

Kenyon, S. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Kenyon, W. S....Fort Dodge, Iowa 
Kepler, George. Pa. Eta 93. Deceased 
Kepler, L. H... Mount Vernon, Iowa 
Kepner, Daniel K. Deceased 

Kerlinger, C. C York, Pa 

Kern, C. B Lafayette, Ind 

Kernan, T. F. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Kernoll, R. T Rochester, 111 

Kerr, Alfred. Pa. A 55. Deceased 

Kerr, H. C Ironton, Ohio 

Kerr, James Adam. Ia.G 68. De- 
Kerr, Tohn T. Miss. A. Deceased 

Kerr, R. S Columbus, Ohio 

Kerrigan, P. F. ..Michigan City, Ind 

Kerrigan, R. L Granite City, 111 

Kerschner, Joseph H. Pa. Eta 66. 

Kershaw, P. H Tacoma, Wash 

Kershner, Jacob Brewer. Pa.E 57. 

Kesler, L. W Syracuse, N Y 

Kesler, S. W Brooklyn, N Y 


Kessler, D. H Fayetteville, N Y 

Kessler, John Louis. Ohio A 70. De- 

Ketcham, C. B New York, N Y 

Ketcham, L. Y Ensenada, Mex 

Ketcham, P. S Conception, Mo 

Ketner, P Gallup, N M 

Kettlewell, W. A... Iowa City, Iowa 

Kettner, R. D Providence, R I 

Keyes, E. W Lakewood, Ohio 

Keyes, J. H Brookline, Mass 

Keyes, R. P Somerville, Mass 

Keyes, W. W Tacoma, Wash 

Keys, E. C New York, N Y 

Keyser, W. B. T....St. Paul, Minn 

Kibler, C. H Denver, Colo 

Kibler, S. S Newark, Ohio 

Kibler, E Newark, Ohio 

Kibler, E., jr Newark, Ohio 

Kidd, Samuel Hall. Ind.B 78. De- 


Kiddoo, G. C South Omaha, Neb 

Kiefer, P. J .Philadelphia, Pa 

Kiesewetter, L. F. .. Columbus, Ohio 

Kif er, E. E. . Leechburg, Pa 

Kiger, W. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Kightlinger, C. R Oil City, Pa 

Kightlinger, R. B Oil City. Pa 

Kilborn, R. C Yonkers, N Y 

Kile, W. T Paris, 111 

Kiley, M Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Kiley, R. P Marion, Ind 

Kilgore, W. C St. Paul, Minn 

Killen, F. H Dubuque, Iowa 

Killian, R. A Wahoo, Neb 

Killinger, E. B Litchfield, 111 

Kilmer, W. C. .. .Charleston, W Va 
Kilpatrick, John David. Mich. A 96. 


Kimball, D. E Evanston, 111 

Kimball, H. L Spokane, Wash 

Kimball, R. B Adamsville, R I 

Kimberland, H." M.. Wheeling, W Va 
Kimber, James Haven. Ohio A. De- 

Kimberlin, R. 0'B..Terre Haute, Ind 

Kindall, J. W Bellingham, Wash 

King, B New York, N Y 

King, B Fort Necessity, La 

King, Carl N. Ohio E 06. Deceased 

King, C. R New Richmond, Wis 

King, Charles Sherman. Ind.G 83. 


King, C Nutley, N J 

King, C. M New York, N Y 

King, F. A Danville, Ind 

King, F. H Parksville, N Y 

King, G. E Lewisburg, Pa 

King, H. S Indianapolis, Ind 

King, H. A. L Morristown, Ohio 

King. J. Holly. Va.D 69. Deceased 

King, T. P Kittanning. Pa 

King, J. O Harvard, 111 

King, T. T Baltimore, Md 

King, R. S Chicago, 111 

*King, Walter Alonzo. N.Y.E 
King, W. S Ashtabula, Ohio 

Kingsley, P. N. 

Strawberry Point, Iowa 

Kingston, E. J Glens Falls, N Y 

Kingston, John T., jr. W T is.A 80. 

D^C Gel sect 

Kinkade, J. F..Port Richmond, N Y 

Kinkade, T. H Marysville, Ohio 

Kinne, C." B Seattle, Wash 

Kinne, S. B Selah, Wash 

Kinnear, J. D Kansas City, Mo 

Kinnear, R. E. .Pocahontas, Alberta 

Kinney, M Butler, N J 

Kinney, R. M. 

Melrose Highlands, Mass 

Kinney, R. C Astoria, Ore 

Kinney, W Butler, N J 

Kinnicutt, B. H Lakewood, Ohio 

Kinsey, F. E Providence, R I 

Kinsey, J. H Lima, N Y 

Kinsley, E. N Whitefield, N H 

Kinsley, G. R. ...San Francisco, Cal 
Kinsports, Porter Boyd. Pa.G 58. 

Kintzing, P. C. . . . . .Lock Haven, Pa 

Kinzie, R. W York, Pa 

Kip, Irving D. Ohio E 06. Deceased 

Kipka, R. E Midland, Pa 

Kiplinger, H. W. . . .Renssalear, Ind 
Kirby, Julius G. Ind.D 01 

Kirchner, R. G Washington, Pa 

Kirk, E Washington, D C 

Kirk, M. T> Cumberland, Md 

Kirk, Robert C. Cal.B 94 

Kirk, S Garnet, Kan 

Kirk, T. A Roanoke, Va 

Kirk, W. H Peoria, 111 

Kirk, W. J Cokesbury, S C 

Kirkbridge. W. H. . .Sacramento, Cal 

Kirkland, F. W . Rome, N Y 

Kirkman, R. E Richmond, Ind 

Kirkpatrick, D. T Montclair, N J 

Kirkpatrick, E. C. . Cincinnati, Ohio 
Kirkpatrick, George Howard. Ind.G 


Kirkpatrick, H New Castle, Pa 

Kirkpatrick, J. J Marshall, Mo 

Kirkpatrick, V. B Ripley, Ohio 

Kirkpatrick, W. F. . Clark's Hill, Ind 

Kirkpatrick, W Sellersburg, Ind 

Kirkpatrick, William R. Pa. A 55. 


Kirtland, J. C Exeter, N H 

Kirtley, F. H Toledo, Ohio 

Kissell, A. J Louisville, Ky 

Kistler, C. H Shenandoah, Pa 

Kistler, E. W Shenandoah, Pa 

Kistler, J. D Pittsburg, Pa 

Kistner, Charles P. Ohio B 68. De- 


Kittle, F. G Philippi, W Va 

Klakring, A Washington, D C 

Klaner, F. A., jr Chicago, 111 

Klauser, A. O Kansas City, Mo 

Klauser, F. J Toledo, Ohio 

Klein, E. B Hawthorne, N Y 

Klein, H. L Nashville, Tenn 

Klement, A. E Brooklyn, N Y 




Klemm, J. P Bioomington, 111 

Klepfer, R. M Carlisle, Pa 

Klepper, M. R Pullman, Wash 

Kline, B. W Altoona, Pa 

Kline, C. PI Crawfordsville, Ind 

Kline, G. P Greensburg, Pa 

Kline, G. R San Francisco, Cal 

Kline, J. J Fort Wayne, Ind 

Kline, John. Deceased 

Kline, W. T Greensburg, Pa 

Klingberg, E. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Klotz, L. E. ..East Gloucester, Mass 

Klotz, R. L Hazelton, Pa 

Knap, J. D New York, N Y 

Knapp, C. M New York, N Y 

Knapp, E Savannah, Ga 

Knauer, P. S Providence, R I 

Knaus, H. E . Easton, Pa 

Knight, A. W Brazil, Ind 

Knight, C. H Baltimore, Md 

Knight, C. P Chicago, 111 

Knight, D. S Bayfield, Wis 

Knight, E. H Indianapolis, Ind 

Knight, E. B Delphi, Ind 

Knight, F. W Dayton, Ohio 

Knight, H. W Sedalia, Mo 

Knight, H. H Fanwood, N J 

Knight, H. B Fairfield, Iowa 

Knight, J. L New York, N Y 

Knight, J. M Sumter, S C 

Knight, W. L Carthage, Mo 

Knipe, George Victor. Pa.K 01. De- 

Knipe, J. O Norristown, Pa 

Knoedler, E. L Gloucester, N J 

Knoop, S. M Brooklyn, N Y 

Knowles, E. C. F Portland, Ore 

Knowlton, P Denver, Colo 

Knowlton, P. E Cleveland, Ohio 

Knox, F. A Seattle, Wash 

Knox, S. B. P. ..Santa Barbara, Cal 

Knox, W. L Chicago, 111 

Knox, W. J., jr New York, N Y 

Koch, H. P Brooklvn, N Y 

Koefod. H. O Boston, Mass 

Koelz, F. R Keyser, W Va 

Koelz, H. C Morgantown. W Va 

Koenig, George Augustus. Pa.I 78. 

Kohl, F. W Chicago, 111 

Kohler, F. U Boonviile, N Y 

Koller, T. C Hanover, Pa 

Koller, William C. Pa.E 72. De- 

Kolpin, R. N Hellertown, Pa 

Konantz, D. G St. Paul, Minn 

Konantz, G. E .St. Paul, Minn 

Konsberg, E. T Chicago, 111 

Koonce, C Youngstown, Ohio 

Koons, G. H Muncie, Ind 

Koontz, F. L Louisville, Ky 

Koontz, H. T...Sa!t Lake City, Utah 

Kooser, E. O Somerset, Pa 

Koplin, R. N Stroudsburg, Pa 

Korsmeyer. F. A. . . . New York, N Y 

Korsmeyer, L. W Lincoln, Neb 

Korst, D. B Janesville, Wis 

Kortepeter, R. E Southport, Ind 

Koupal, R. J Crown Point, Ind 

Krafft, W. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Kramer, H. W Hobart, Okla 

Kraus, E. H Ann Arbor, Mich 

Krause, A. C. ... Michigan City, Ind 

Krauser, W. H Milton, Pa 

Krauss, P. H Chicago, 111 

Krauth, John Morris. Pa.E 62. De- 
Kreiger, Frank Emil Ludwig. Pa.I 

Krell, E. H Rock Island, 111 

Kremer, E. P Lebanon, Pa 

Kremer, F. B. Philadelphia, Pa 

Kremer, W. N New York, N Y 

Kreuger, M. W Neenah, W r is 

Kreuzer, W. C. Syracuse, N Y 

Krieger, Frank E. Pa.I 04. De- 


Kroeschell, P. H Chicago, 111 

Kroh, H. F Pine Grove, Pa 

Krug, A. G Campinas, Brazil 

Krug, G. H Campinas, Brazil 

Krug, G. H Utica, N Y 

Kruse, J. G Creighton, Neb 

Kruse, R. W Indianapolis, Ind 

Kuendig, P Wayne, Pa 

Kuhn, A. G Peoria, 111 

Kuhn, Archie A. Pa.D 63. Deceased 

Kuhn, W. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Kuhnle, Charles Frederick. Pa.E 60. 

Kuhns, Henry Welty. Pa. A 55. De- 
Kulp, Charles J. la. A 01 

Kunkle, A. H Springfield, Ohio 

Kurtz, B Baltimore, Md 

Kurtz, F. A Baltimore, Md 

Kutsch, W. A Pekin, 111 

Kyte, O. Y Pittston, Pa 

Labbe, E. J Portland, Ore 

La Bounty, F. L Edinboro, Pa 

Lacy, R Plattsburg, N Y 

Lacy, Singleton W. Va.G 60. De- 

Lacy, W. H Shanghai, China 

Ladd, C. A Minneapolis, Minn 

Ladd, C. F Lincoln, Neb 

Ladd, L. F New York, N Y 

La Fevre, John Speck. Va.G 67. De- 

LafTer, C. C Meadville, Pa 

Laffer, Peter A. Pa.B 58. Deceased 

Lafferty, C. D Brockeville. Md 

Lafferty, L. N. Oakmont, Pa 

Lahey, T. A Hamilton, N Y | 

Lahr, C New York, N Y I 

Lahr, R. O Lincoln, Neb | 

Laidlaw, B. W Orange, N J 

Laidley, B. B Charleston, W Va 

Laing, G. D River Forest, 111 

Laing, W. A River Forest. Ill 

Laird, David Edward. Va.B 55. De- 
Laird, Henry Ruffner. Va.B. De 



Lake, A. W Colt, Ark 

Lake, Thomas H. S. C.A 57. De- 

Lamar, W. P Augusta, Ga 

Lamb, G. C Cincinnati, O 

*Lamb, Russell Denman. Tenn.D 

Lambert, A. R Anderson, Ind 

'Lamberton, E. H Erie, Pa 

Lamson, E. C Exeter, N Y 

Lamson, H. B Plymouth, Jnd 

Land, J. P New York, N Y 

Lander, Ralph Clinton. N.H.A 02. 

Landers, H. S Martinsville, Ind 

Landon, F. G. . . . Staatsburgh, N Y 

Landing, H. M Glenwood, Minn 

Landolt, P. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Landon, L. H De Kalb, N Y 

Landrine, L. B Jersey City, N J 

Landsrath, J. A. .. .Union City, Pa 

Lane, C. A Chula Vista, Cal 

Lane, E Columbus, O 

Lane, F. A Lanes Mills, Pa 

Lane, James Tiddings. Pa.G. De- 
Lane, Joseph Judson. Pa. A 55. De- 

Lane, W. P Hagerstown, Md 

Lang, J. T ..New York, N Y 

Lang, W. J Dallas, Tex 

Langdon, H. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Langeman, C. H ... .Brooklyn, N Y 
Landitt, William C. Ohio D 80 

Langsdorf , W. B Duarte, Cal 

Langspecht, H. T. . .Brooklyn, N Y 
Lanier, Berwick Bruce. Md.A 89. 

Lanier, R. De . . . .Brookhaven, Miss 

Laning, L. P Bridgton, N J 

Lankton, L. S Yonkers, N Y 

Lansing, J. P Missoula, Mont 

Lansinger, J. M Portland, Ore 

Lantz, Ezra D. Pa Eta 93 

Lapham, E. N New York, N Y 

Lapham, J .Decatur, 111 

Lardin, F. M Uniontown, Pa 

Lardner, J. L Evanston, 111 

Lardner, W. B Auburn, Cal 

Lare, W. S New York, N Y 

Larey, Henry Marsden. S.C.A 57. 

Large, I. N Florence, Colo 

Large, S. S Denver, Colo 

Largey, H. D Aspinwall, Pa 

Larimore, J. K. . . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Lark, C. T New York, N Y 

Larkin, J. W Syracuse, N Y 

Larmer, D. W. 

* Colorado Springs, Colo 

Larrabee, F Fort Dodge, Iowa 

Larrabee, W Clermont, Iowa 

Larson, T. M...New Britain, Conn 

Lary, H. R Chicago, 111 

Latham, J. C Canisteo, N Y 

Latham, R. T. . . .Harrodsburg, Ky 
Latham, Woodville. Va.A57. De- 

Lathrop, E. F., jr. . .Brooklyn, N Y 

Lathy, H. K Philadelphia, Pa 

Latimer, M. G New York, N Y 

Lattin, G. W Paw Paw, 111 

Laubach, P. J Catasauqua, Pa 

Laubie, R. W Cleveland, O 

Lauck, Charles Benny. Pa.Z 73. De- 
Lauderdale, Joseph Franklin. Miss. 

A. Deceased 
Laughead, B. M., 

Morgantown, W Va 

Laughlin, A Evansville, Ind 

Laughlin, George McCully. Pa.D 61. 

Laughlin, P. L Pittsburg, Pa 

Laughlin, R. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Laurason, Samuel McCuen. D.C.A 

Laurent, J. S Louisville, Ky 

Lautz, G. O Watsontown, Pa 

Lavell, C. D Los Angeles, Cal 

Lavin, R E Woodland, Me 

Lavino, E. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Law, G. A Northfield, Minn 

Law, H. E. Mason City, Iowa 

Law, P. R Charlotte, N C 

Law, W. C Dix, N Y 

Law, W. R Waterloo, Iowa 

Lawrason, S. McC. Bayou Sara, La 
Lawrence, C. M.Columbia City, Ind 
Lawrence, C. W....St. Paul, Minn 
Lawrence, Dana. Kans.A 76. De- 

Lawrence, D. H Sterling, 111 

Lawrence, G. M .. ..Philadelphia, Pa 

Lawrence, H. S Peabody. Kans 

Lawrence, James Allison. Kans.A 
80. Deceased 

Lawrence, J. E .Pontiac, Mich 

Lawrence, J. G St Paul, Minn 

Lawrence, J. F Tulsa, Okla 

Lawrence, O. M ... .Caledonia, Miss 

Lawrence, R. A Fargo, N D 

Lawrence, Vincent D. Ohio A 73. 

Lawrence, W. C.Minneapolis, Minn 

Lawrence, W. H Manila, P I 

Lawson, P. V Menasha, Wis 

Lawson, W. P Montclair, N J 

Lawyer, E. J Iola, Kans 

Lawyer, H. F .Iola, Kans 

Lawyer, J. R Pelham, N Y 

Laycock, J. H Cincinnati, O 

Layne, Josephus Winneld. Ind.G 73. 
' Deceased 

Layton, G. W Seattle, Wash 

Lazarus, R. G Indianapolis, Ind 

Lazear, D. W Chicago, 111 

Lazear, Jesse William. Pa. A 85. De- 

Lazear, W. B Aurora, 111 

Lazelere, N. H Norristown, Pa 

Lea, H. L Moline, 111 

Lea, John Overton. Va.D 63. De- 


Lea, R. W Moline, 111 

Lea, William. Miss.A 59. Deceased 



Leach, H. A Mt. Vernon, O 

Leach, H. H Kokomo, Ind 

Leach, R. C Lakewood, O 

Leakin, P. M Hartford, Conn 

Lean, Milton S. Deceased 
Learned, M, D ... .Philadelphia, Pa 

Leavell, S. C Frankford, Mo 

Leberthon, H. G. .. .Brooklyn, N Y 

Lebo, A. C Williamstown, Pa 

Le Boutillier, B. H Paoli, Pa 

Le Boutillier, E. H. . . Ardmore, Pa 

Lecky, J. H Moss Point, Miss 

Ledwith, J. T Lincoln, Neb 

Lee, C. R East Orange, N J 

Lee, E. N Webster City. Iowa 

Lee, Francis Bazeley. Pa. I 89. De- 

Lee, F. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Lee, F. L Kansas City, Mo 

Lee, G. T Galveston, Tex 

Lee, H , jr New York, N Y 

Lee, H. S Haverford, Pa 

Lee, Jerome. Pa. A 59. Deceased 

Lee, J. L. G Baltimore, Md 

Lee, M. B Dubuque, Iowa 

Lee, M. G Terre Haute, Ind 

Lee, O. H Bowling Green, Mo 

Lee, R. B Nashville, Tenn 

Lee, R. D Sumter, S C 

Lee, T. L Cincinnati, O 

Leebrick, R. J Long Beach, Cal 

Leech, Edward O. D.C.A 68. De- 
Leete, H. M....San Francisco, Cal 

Le Fevre, C. H Smyrna, Del 

Leffingwell, R. D Cleveland, O 

Leffingwell, W. C Sharon, Pa 

Leffler, G. F Pittsburg, Pa 

Leffler, J Millersburg, Pa 

Leffler, W. W Millersburg, Pa 

Legare, G. S Charleston, S. C 

Legg, I. V Pulaski, Tenn 

*Le Gore, Harry William. Pa.Theta 

Lehman, F. T. E. . .Argusville, N Y 

Lehman, F. S New York, N Y 

Lehmer, F. W. 

Tuxapec Oaxaca, Mexico 

Lehmer, H. K Omaha, Neb 

Lehmer, P. T Omaha, Neb 

Lehmers, C. H . . San Francisco, Cal 

Leidy, C Danville, Pa 

Leigh, William. Va.G 70. Deceased 

Leigh, W. R Brownsville, Tenn 

Leighton, K Syracuse, N Y 

Leiser, A. A Lewisburgh, Pa 

Leiser, A. A., jr. . .Lewisburgh, Pa 

Leiser, J Lewiston, 111 

Leiser, W., jr Lewisburg, Pa 

Leitch, Alexander Hamilton. Pa.B 

71. Deceased 
Leitner, Elias Pope. S.C.A 58. De- 

Leland, F. B Detroit, Mich 

Lemen, D. P. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 
Le Merle, E. L. . .Washington, D C 
Lemler, J. A Rochester, N Y 

Lemmon, R Fort Howard, Md 

Lemoine, J. D Gulfport, La 

Lemon, H. T. A. .Washington, D C 

Lenfesty, N. C Marion, Ind 

L'Engle, C. S Atlanta, Ga 

L'Engle, W. J New Orleans, La 

Lenhart, H. H Wauseon, O 

Lenhart, W. O Iola, Kans 

Lenhart, W. S Reading, Pa * 

Lenore, J. H Eulozz, Tex 

Leonard, B. E Portland, Ore 

Leonard, E. D Brattleboro, Vt 

Leonard, F. K. Ohio G 80. De- 

Leonard, F. E Pittsfield, Mass 

^Leonard, O. B. Pa.G 

Leonard, W. A. .. .Cambridge, N Y 

Le Roy, A. R. .. .Manchester, Iowa 

Lertik, H. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Lesh, L. B Chicago, 111 

Lesley, A. L. Pa. Eta 61. Deceased 

Leslie, C. E Evanston, 111 

Leslie, C. K., jr Coweta, Okla 

Leslie, E. A Brooklyn, N Y 

Leslie, R., jr Grant's Pass, Ore 

Lessig, J. S Warsaw, Ind 

Lester, F. V Talladega, Ala 

Lester, J. T Jackson, Miss 

Lester, J. D Ramsey, N T 

Letcher, J. R Salt Lake, Utah 

Lethen, T. H Chicago, 111 

Letterman, W. G.East St Louis, 111 
Letterman, William Henry. Pa. A 
52. Deceased 

Le Van, G. B Steubenville, O 

Levering, F. H. 

Secunderabad, India 
Levering, George K. Wis.B 77. De- 

Levin, A..... Merion, Pa 

Levkowicz, H. H Alameda, Cal 

Levy, R. M Longview, Tex 

Lewellyn, C. L Uniontown, Pa 

Lewellyn, F. B .Morgantown, W Va 

Lewis, A. I Cuyahaga Falls, O 

Lewis, B . . Charleston, W Va 

Lewis, B. G New York. N Y 

Lewis, C, jr St. Paul, Minn 

Lewis, E. A Wayland, N Y 

Lewis, Edward Parke Custis. Va.A 
54. Deceased 

Lewis, E. R Dubuque, Iowa 

Lewis, E. S Takoma Park, D C 

Lewis, G. W Berryville, Va 

Lewis, H Dundas. Ontario 

Lewis, Henry A. Ill.B 65. De- 

Lewis, H. M Tunkhannock, Pa 

Lewis, I. B...East Rochester, N Y 
Lewis, J. A . . Ohio G. Deceased 

Lewis, J. D Charleston, W Va 

Lewis, John Henry. Va.A 66. De- 

Lewis, T. L Carlisle, Pa 

Lewis, t. McL Glasgow, Mont 

Lewis, J. B Turtle Creek, Pa 

Lewis, J. S Montreal, Canada 



Lewis, J. W....San Francisco, Cal 

Lewis, L. B Hyannis, Mass 

Lewis, L. D Pocahontas, Va 

Lewis, L. D Pendleton, Ind 

Lewis, O. G. L Radnor, Pa 

Lewis, Philip Melancthon. Pa.Z 66. 

Lewis, R. . . . Madison, Me 

Lewis, R. C . . Janesville, Wis 

Lewis, R. L Springfield, O 

Lewis, T. G Rutland, Vt 

Lewis, W Seattle, Wash 

Lewis, W. A Pittsburg, Pa 

Lewis, W. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Lewis, W. G Beverly, N J 

Lewis, W. H. . . .Chattanooga, Tenn 
Lewis, William Herbert. 4 Wis.A 78. 

Lewisohn, Samuel A. N.Y.A 96. De- 
Leyburn, Alfred. Va.B 79. De- 

Leyburn, G. L Arlington, Cal 

Leyburn John. Va.A 56. Deceased 
Lichtenberger, F. 

New Harmony, Ind 
Lichtenthaler, Henry Curtis. Pa. I. 

Lieb, David Mitchell. Pa.Z 74. De- 

Lieber, J. A Hartford City, Ind 

Liebig, Gustav Adolph, jr. Md.A 81. 

Liebig, R. A.Colorado Springs, Colo 

Lientz, W. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Life, O. F Fairmount, Ind 

Ligget, H. B., jr. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Lightfoot, H. W Paris, Tex 

Lightner, Samuel Milton. Va.A 57. 

Lilly, W. D Baltimore, Md 

Lilly, Wethered L. Md.A 98. De- 
*Lime, Harry Hall. Pa.A 83 

Linahan, M. G Chicago, 111 

Lincoln, C. A Lowell, Mass 

Lincoln, G. D Cambridge, Mass 

Lincoln, L. L York, Neb 

Lind, John Horace. Pa.Z 69. De- 
Lindenberger, W. J. .Canon City, Colo 
Lindley, Clark T.Pa.B 62. Deceased 

Lindley, J. F Indianapolis, Ind 

Lindon, H. C ..Brooklyn, N Y 

Lindsay, G. F Duluth, Minn 

Lindsay, J. P. 

North Tonawanda, N Y 

Lindsay, S. I Beaver City, Neb 

Lindsay, W. C. 

North Tonawanda, N Y 
Lindsey, Anthony James. Pa.B 60. 

Ling, J. T Wilmette, 111 

Lingafelter, C. S Norfolk, Va 

Lingle, C. P New York, N Y 

Lingle, D. J Chicago, 111 

Linhart, C. P Columbus, Ohio 

Lininger, H. D Evanston, 111 

Link, G. . . . Indianapolis, Ind 

Link, W. C.New Martinsville, W Va 
*Linkswiler, George. Ind.G 80 

Linn, A. F Springfield, Ohio 

Linn, G. W Malvern, Pa 

Linn, James Merrill. Pa.G. Deceased 

Linn, S. P Carlisle, Pa 

Linscott, C. M..West Columbia, Tex 

Linscott, S. S Holton, Kan 

Linthicum, C. E. ...New York, N Y 

Linton, E. S Washington, Pa 

Linton, G. K .Urbana, 111 

Linton, Reuben McDowell. Pa.E 78. 

Linton, S. T Johnstown, Pa 

Linville, E. H Haddonfield, N Y 

Linville, Henry James. Pa.E 75. De- 
Linzell, L. E. ...Baroda Camp, India 

Lipe, O. O Irving, 111 

Lippincott, Clarence. Pa.K. De- 

Lippincott, E Philadelphia, Pa 

Lippincott, J. J.. .White Plains, N Y 
Lippincott, W. H. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Lippitt, E. L Petaluma, Cal 

Lippitt, M. I Charlestown, W Va 

Lipscomb, Horace Greeley. Tenn.G 
71. Deceased 

Lipscomb, M. L Columbia, Mo 

Lipscomb, W. E. ..Cape Charles, Va 

Lipsey, R. C Lexington, Miss 

Lisle, D. B Holland Patent, N Y 

Lisle, H Troy, N Y 

Lisle, S. D Minneapolis, Minn 

Lisle, W. E Troy, N Y 

List, D. C Washington, D C 

List, D. C Washington, D C 

List, Henry Weed. Va.D 69. De- 

*Liston, R. T. Ind.G 70 

Litchard, D. B Springfield, Mass 

Little, A. L Bedford, Pa 

Little, A. E Oakland, Cal 

Little, E. C Kansas City, Kan 

Little, F Riverside, 111 

Little, F. B Uniontown, Pa 

Little, G. B Fresno, Cal 

Little, H. F Goodland, Ind 

Little, J. E Fresno, Cal 

*Little, Leslie Torrance. R.I. A 

Little, W. C Oakland, Cal 

Little, W. D Geneva, 111 

Little, William Thomas. Kan. A 83. 


Littleton, F. L Cincinnati, Ohio 

Livermore, G. R. .. .Memphis, Tenn 

Livezey, B. M Doylestown, Pa 

Livingood, J. E Lancaster, Pa 

Livingood, L. J Womelsdorf, Pa 

Livingston, A. T. . .Jamestown, N Y 

Livingston, E. L Braddock, Pa 

Livingston, Robert Armstrong. N.Y. 

G 72. Deceased 



Llewellyn, F. B..Morganstown, W Va 
Lloyd, Charles Perry. Ohio A 63. 

Lloyd, L Lincoln, Neb 

Lloyd, Richard Bentley. Ohio A 80. 

Lloyd, Richard Melcher. Ohio A 62. 

Lobinger, Henry Schell. Va.D 69. 

Lock, R. L ' Cleveland, O 

Lockard, L. B Denver, Colo 

Lockett, J. W Macon, Ga 

Lockett, P Marion, Ala 

Lockwood, Arthur Sullivan. Ind.A 
02. Deceased 

Lockwood, C. W Marion, Ind 

Lockwood, E. H.. Stanford Univ., Cal 

Lockwood, G. B Muncie, Ind 

Lockwood, W. N. . . Shanghai, China 

Lodge, L. D Gaffney, S C 

Loeser, Abraham. N.Y.A 86. De- 

Loeser, N Cleveland, Ohio 

Logan, J. A Elgin, 111 

Logan, J, L New Orleans, La 

Logan, J. W Seaton, 111 

Logan, R. D Toledo, Ohio 

Logan, R. L San Francisco, Cal 

Logan, R. W Scranton, Pa 

Logan, S. J Washington, D C 

Logan, W. O Hopkinsville, Ky 

Lollesgard, H. A Joliet, 111 

Lommen, C. P Vermillion, S D 

Lonergon, C. A Arcade, N Y 

Loney, Francis H. Pa.Theta. De- 

Long, C. E Lancaster, Pa 

Long, C. S Pontiac, 111 

Long, D. R Superior, Wis 

Long, E. L Charleston, W Va 

Long, F. H Baltimore, Md 

Long, George A. Pa. A 55. Deceased 

Long, G. W Carlisle, Pa 

Long, J. B Chambersburg, Pa 

Long, J. R New Castle, Pa 

Long, Odel Squirer. Pa. A 55. De- 

Long, T. D Columbus, Ind 

Longbridge, V. E. Mich. A 81. De- 
Longbrake, L. L. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Longcope, W. T New York, N Y 

Longden, C. C Galesburg, 111 

Longfellow, N. A. .Minneapolis, Minn 
Longnecker, H. C. ..Philadelphia, Pa 

Longpre, E. L Kankakee, 111 

Longstreth, W. C. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Longueville, J. C. .. .Dubuque, Iowa 

Longwell, H. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Longwell, R. A Johnstown, Pa 

Longwell, W. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Loomis, Charles W. Pa.B 74 

Loomis, F New York, N Y 

Loomis, F. L Fort Dodge, Iowa 

Loomis, F. S Chicago, 111 

Loomis, J. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Loomis, N. M Marion, Ind 

Loomis, W. H Kansas City, Mo 

Loomis, W. M Rochester, Ind 

Loos, C. T Bethany, W Va 

Loos, F. V Liberty, Mo 

Loos, W. J Louisville, Kv 

Loose, Henry Clay. Pa.A. Deceased 

Loose, J. P Hagerstown, Md 

Lopez, A. R Los Angeles, Cal 

Lopez, C New York, N Y 

Loranger, E. F Ashland, Wis 

Lord, F. E Dixon, 111 

Lord, Frederick William. Ind.A 80. 

Lord, J. W Buffalo, N Y 

Lord, L. L Meadviile, Pa 

Lord, Lewis P. Minn.B 91 

Lord, M. M Meadviile, Pa 

Loren, J. M Columbus, Ohio 

Lose, C. J Williamsport, Pa 

Lose, J., jr Williamsport, Pa 

Losse, E. M San Jose, Cal 

Lott, E. L Morris, 111 

Lott, G. W Shepard, Ohio 

Lott, H. L Sparta, 111 

Loud, F. H Gary, Ind 

Loud, G. B Rogers City, Mich 

Loudon, Howard Carlisle. N.Y.G 93. 

Loudon, K. B Erie, Pa 

Loughbridge, Victor Edmund. Mich. 
A 81. Deceased 

Loughlin, C. P Pillsbury, Pa 

Loughry, L. C Monticello, Ind 

Loughry, M. A Monticello, Ind 

Love, A. W Columbia, S C 

Love, E. M Pittsburg, Pa 

Love, F. S .Pittsburg, Pa 

Love, George Frederick. Pa.G 88. 

Love, G. R Toledo, Ohio 

Love, H. M San Francisco, Cal 

Love, J. K Johnstown, Pa 

Love, R. C Johnstown, Pa 

Lovegren, L. E Burlington, la 

Lovelace, F. E Muskegon, Mich 

Loveland, L. I Pottstown, Pa 

Lovell, C. N Manchester, Conn 

Lovell, L. B Key West, Fla 

Lovett, C. H Langhorne, Pa 

Lovett, F. C Grants Pass, Ore 

Lowe, C. B Philadelphia, Pa 

Lowe, H. L St. Louis, Mo 

Lowe, A. M Wilber, Neb 

Lowe, J. R Harrodsburg, Ind 

Lowe, R. L Baltimore, Md 

Lowe, S. C Fairmont, W Va 

Lowe, S. B Bedford, Ind 

Lowe, W. C Syracuse, N Y 

Lower, Josiah C. Ohio B 81. De- 

Lowman, J. H Cleveland, Ohio 

Lowndes, Lloyd. Pa.B 64. Deceased 

Lowndes, R., jr Charleston, S C 

Lowny, A. G Hope, Ark 

Lowry, Robert. Pa.G 56. Deceased 
Lowrie, R., jr Philadelphia, Pa 



Lowther, A. H Johnstown, Pa 

Lowther, E. A. .. . Washington, D C 

Lowther, H. C Befiwood, Pa 

Lowther, H. S New York, N V 

Lowther, J. F. North Yakima, Wash 

Lowther, W. C Indiana, Pa 

Loyd, S. M Lynchburg, Va 

Loyd, W. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Lucas, F. P Chicago, 111 

Lucas, J. W Paris, Ky r 

Lucas, L. F San Francisco, Cal 

Lucas, S. H Newtown, Ky 

Luce, George Mantania. Cal.B. De- 

Luckenbach, E. S Hudson, N Y 

Luckenbach, W. D Allentown, Pa 

Ludlow, F. B Marco. Fla 

Ludwick, Ephraim Asbury. Pa.B 58. 

Luers, H. F Owatonna, Minn 

Lukenbill, D. R. Pa.Eta 69. 

Lukens, E. F Fort Wayne, Ind 

Luling, C. M. Wis.G 85 

Lum, B. F. . . , . . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Lum, C. H New York, N Y 

Lum, E. C Chatham, N J 

Lum, H. A Middletown, Conn 

Lum, R. E Chatham, N J 

Lunt, A. J Racine, Wis 

Lupfer, R. N Springfield, Ohio 

Luse, C. H Carmichaels, Pa 

Luse, C. Z Superior, Wis 

Lusk, A. E Carlsbad, N M 

Lusk, Chas Thorpe, Wis 

Lusk, F. H Stanley, Wis 

Lutch, R. G Washington, D C 

Luther, W. P Brazil, Ind 

Luttenberger, B. W. . .Lancaster, Pa 

Lutz, A. R Springfield, Ohio 

Lutz, C. A Washington, D C 

Lutz, H. E Seattle, Wash 

Lutz, W. T. . . ". Beloit, Kan 

Lutz, W. F Eddington, Pa 

Lyder, G. P Akron, Ohio 

Lyford, A. E Port Byron, 111 

Lyf ord, C. C Helena, Ark 

Lyle, A New York, N Y 

Lyle, D. C McDonogh, Md 

Lyle, F. B Kansas City, Mo 

Lyle, J. T Tacoma, Wash 

Lyle, S. H Timber Ridge, Va 

Lyle, S. D Madison, Wis 

Lyles, J. F Rish's Store, S C 

Lylle, Peyton Bell. Tenn.B 71. De- 

Lyman, N. A Lansing, Mich 

Lyman, T. Van K. .Washington, D C 
Lynch, G. C, jr. . . Sprinefield, Ohio 

Lynch, L. M... New York, N Y 

Lynch, M. A New York, N Y 

Lynch, W. De W. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Lyne, W. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Lynn, J. Richard. S.C.A 68. De- 

Lynn, J. A McAlister, Okla 

Lyon, A. B Brockton, Mass 

Lyon, E. R Joliet, 111 

Lyon, H. A Brockton, Mass 

Lyon, L. L Joliet, 111 

Lyon, O. A Akron, Ohio 

Lyon, W. P Eden Vale, Cal 

Lyons, P. J New York, N Y 

Lytle, N San Antonio, Tex 

Lytle, William. Iowa A 67. Deceased 

Mabey, C. G Wayland, Mich 

Mabie, A. E Evanston, Hi 

Mabon, A. L Newark, N J 

McAdoo, A. H....Los Angeles, Cal 

McAfee, J. E Detroit, Mich 

McAfee, S. L Toledo, Ohio 

McAllister, C Cleveland, Ohio 

McAllister, G. V Uniondale, Pa 

McAllister, H. R Gettysburg, Pa 

McAllister, H. J. . .McKeesport, Iowa 

McAllister, P. J Ocean City, N Y 

McAllister, W. B.. .Cleveland, Ohio 
McAllister, W. L. . .West Willow, Pa 

McAlpin, H Savannah, Ga 

McAndrew, W r Carbondale, 111 

McAndrew, W. A., jr. 

Vincennes, Ind 
McAnney, B. O. . . .Greencastle, Ind 
McAnney, L. Y. . . .Tarrytown, N Y 
MacArthur, Charles P. Pa.I 78. De- 

McArthur, J. M Cimarron, Kan 

McAuliff, G Chicago, 111 

MacAyeal, R. A Akron, Ohio 

McBaine, Turner, jr. Mo. A 71. De- 
MacBean, H. C... Niagara Falls, N Y 

McBeth, R. S Little Rock, Ark 

McBride, Thomas Kerr. Pa. A 11. 

McBride, W. H Connellsville, Pa 

McBride, W. T Wellington, Kan 

McBryde, J. M Blacksburg, Va 

McCabe, Charles Cardwell. Ohio A 

67. Deceased 
McCabe, C. M. . . Crawf ordsville, Ind 
*McCabe, Edward Franklin. Ind.G 

McCabe, Hugh August. Ohio D 96. 

McCafferty, W. M. .Cartersville, Ga 
"McCain, Arthur Albert. Ind.G 84 
McCain, A. W. . . Jonesborough, Ark 

McCain, D. R Camden, N. J. 

McCall, E. H Malvern, Ohio 

McCall, E. M Nevada, Iowa 

McCallister, F. W. .Kansas City, Mo 

McCallum, G Parchman, Miss 

McCammon, R. L., jr. . .Rutland, Vt 

McCammon, Z Lancaster, Ohio 

McCandless, Guy P. Pa.A 85 
McCandiess, H. A. ..St. Paul, Minn 
McCandliss, J. C. Honolulu, Hawaii 

McCann, G. C Danville, 111 

McCann, Thomas. Pa.A 82. De- 

McCann, W. R St. Louis, Mo 

McCann, W. R.... Little Rock, Ark 


mccann— Mcculloch 

McCann, X. Y. .. Clarksburg, W Va 

McCants, J. G Winnsboro, S C 

McCants, Thomas Jefferson. Pa.Z 
59. Deceased 

McCarrel, W. A Pittsburg, Pa 

McCarter, Henry Grattan. Pa.I. De- 

McCarthy, B. F Fitchburg, Mass 

McCarthy, K. B... Santa Maria, Cal 
Macartney, C. H. .Washington, D C 
McCartney, G. A. 

Heidelberg, Germany 
MacCartney, John I. Pa.Z 60. De- 


MacCarty, G. M Brooklyn, N Y 

McCarty, L. R Kokomo, Ind 

McCaskell, G. W. K. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
McCaskell, J. A. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

McCauley, J. E Chester, Pa 

McCaw, William Henry. S.C.A 67. 

McChesney, E. S Janesville, Wis 

McClain, R. A Acton, Ind 

McClane, J. A Washington, Pa 

McClane, W. H San Jose, Cal 

McClaren, John. Pa. A 55 

McClay, J. P Chambersburg, Pa 

McClay, S Pittsburg, Pa 

McClean, W. A Gettysburg, Pa 

McCleary, F. O.... Washington, D C 
McClelian, C. W...Fall River, Mass 
McClelland, F. ..Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

McClelland, H. t Easton, Md 

McClenahan, J. H. . ..Fairview, Ohio 
McClintock, F. R. ..Kansas City, Mo 
McClintock, G. L. 

Boothbag Harbor, Me 

McClintock, J. O Meadville, Pa 

McClintock, W. H. . Cleveland, Ohio 

McClintock, W. J Pueblo, Colo 

McClintock, W. R Carmi, 111 

McCloskey, F. H Marietta, Pa 

McCloskey, R. S Meadville, Pa 

McCling, G. W. P. . .Monmouth, 111 

McClung, S. A Pittsburg, Pa 

McClung, S. H. ...Los Angeles, Cal 

McClung, V. W Tipton, Ind 

McClure, A. S Wooster, O 

McClure, Charles, jr. Minn.B 93. 

McClure, G. G. .'. .Washington, D C 

McClure, J. C Omaha, Neb 

McClure, J. W. . . .Hughesville, Mo 

McClure, S. H Belief onte. Pa 

McClure, W. C Sakulpa, Okla 

McClurkin, J. M...Mt Carmel, Ind 

McCluskey, J. C Stuttgart, Ark 

McCole, G. M Xoblesville, Ind 

McCollin, E. G Overbrook, Pa 

McCollister, J. M..Io\va City, Iowa 

McCollum. G, A Aurora, 111 

McComb, W. W Pittsburg, Pa 

McConnell, C. S Maywood, 111 

McConnell, F. C Omaha, Neb 

MacConnell, H. T. .Brooklyn, N Y 


McConnell, J. C Chicago, 111 

McConnell, L. G.Minneapolis, Minn 
McConnell, R. N. 

Upper Sandusky, O 
McConnell, R. S .. .Philadelphia, Pa 
McConnell, S. D. .New York, N Y 

McCool, W. F Evansville, Ind 

McCord, B. F Compton, Cal 

McCord, E. M. . .Martinsville, Ind 

McCord, E. S Richmond, Ky 

McCord, G. W Columbus, O 

McCord, R. L Sac City, Iowa 

McCord, W. E Martinsville, Ind 

McCorkle, A. L Carrollton, Mo 

McCorkle, H. H...New York, N Y 
McCorkle, J. Baxter. Va.B 58. De- 

McCorkle, R. C. . . .New York, N Y 

McCorkle, T. M Lynchburg, Va 

McCorkle, W. A.Mooresburg, Tenn 
McCorkle, W. L. . .New York, N Y 
McCormick, C. K..New York, N Y 

McCormick, J. E Newark, N J 

McCormick, J. F... Norwich, Conn 

McCormick, M Bluefield, W Va 

McCormick, M. C.Indianapolis, Ind 
McCormick, M. H . .Stroudsbury, Pa 
McCormick, R. A. . . .Tacoma, Wash 
McCormick, W. J.Indianapolis, Ind 
McCormick, W. L... Tacoma, Wash 
McCormick, W. S.New York, N Y 

McCouch, G. P Philadelphia, Pa 

McCown, C. C Berkeley, Calif 

McCoy, Albert Gallatin. Ill.G 71. 

McCoy, Allen Lee. Ohio G 74. De- 

McCoy, B Oskaloosa, Iowa 

McCoy, G. L Wheeling, W Va 

McCoy, James F. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

McCoy, P Nutley, N J 

McCoy, R. W..New Richmond, Wis 
McCoy, Robert Stewart. Ohio G 74. 

MacCracken, H. F.New York, N Y 

McCracken, H. O '.Paxton, 111 

McCracken, W. K Paxton, 111 

McCracken, William Vance. Pa. A 

59. Deceased 
McCrea, A. C. T.. Jersey City, N J 

McCrea, J. C Brazil, Ind 

McCreary, A. R. .. .Cleveland, Ohio 
McCreary, Edward Davis. Pa.B 66. 

McCreary, James Shields. Pa.B 85. 

McCreary, R. W Indiana, Pa 

McCreedv, MacH .Montreal, Quebec 

McCreeght, L. W Indiana, Pa 

McCrindle, G Scranton, Pa 

McCrohan, G. O'C. . .Mobeetie, Tex 
McCubbin, R. C... Kansas City, Mo 
McCue, William A. Va.B 57. De- 

McCulloch, C Howardsville, Va 

McCulloch, E. M.New Albany, Ind 
McCulloch, H. V.Minneapolis, Minn 

Mcculloch— Mchenry 

I McCulloch, W. H..Bradv Bend, Pa 
!, McCullough, E. T. ...Marshall, Tex 
: McCullough, F. M. 

Huntington, W Va 

McCullough, W Greensburg, Pa 

' McCune, Calmer. Iowa G 60 

] McCurdy, D. W Clearfield, Pa 

! McCurdy, Edwin. Ind.B 75. De- 
McCurdy, H. B ... .Lawrence, Kans 

McCurdy, H. R Philadelphia, Pa 

McCurdy, I Baltimore, Md 

McCurdy, J. A Philadelphia, Pa 

McCurdy, John. Kans. A 80. De- 
McCurdy, J. E. .Chihuahua, Mexico 

McCurdy, J. P Clearfield. Pa 

McCurdy, R. K Portsmouth, O 

McCurdy, T. A Maudan, N D 

McCutchon, A. J. . . Evansville, Ind 
McDaniel, Perry. Pa. A 52. De- 
McDannold, William C.Ind.G 75. 

McDermond, David Rose. Pa.G 61. 

MacDonald, A. .Guanajuato, Mexico 

McDonald, A. R. Newman, 111 

McDonald, C. A Cleveland, O 

McDonald, C. K Cleveland, O 

MacDonald, C. P Whitney, Pa 

McDonald, Craig Woodrow. Va.A 

57. Deceased 
McDonald, D. F..Ft Wingate, N M 

McDonald, E McDonald, Pa 

McDonald, E Odell, 111 

MacDonald. George Alan. 111. A 99. 

McDonald, G. W.Indianapolis, Ind 
McDonald, H. A. .Hopkinsville, Ky 

McDonald, J. N, McDonald, Pa 

MacDonald, Marshall. Va.A 57. De- 

MacDonald, R. F Aurora, 111 

McDonald, Samuel Davis. Pa.G 70. 

McDonald, William Gaw. Ind.G 75- 

MacDonell, W. L. .Hamilton, N Y 

MacDougal, D. T Tucson, Ariz 

McDougal, E. W. . .Montclair, N J 

McDougall, H. K Newark, N J 

McDougall, J. C Duluth, Minn 

McDowell, A Hartford, Conn 

McDowell, H Tivoli, Tex 

McDowell, Harry. Pa. I 78. De- 


McDowell, H. H Tivoli, Tex 

McDowell, Henry Turner. Pa.B 57. 

McDowell, J. C. .Chambersburg, Pa 
McDowell, J. M. Chambersburg, Pa 
McDowell, Joseph J. .Pa. A 55. De- 
McDowell, Robert Wilson. Pa.D 60. 

McDowell, Samuel. Va.B 55. De- 

McDowell, W. B. Chambersburg, Pa 
McDowell, W. L. .Philadelphia, Pa 
McDuggald, A. W. . .Portville, N Y 
Mace, D. M. Pa.E 61. Deceased 
McEldowney, W. F. 

Chicago Heights, 111 

McElhinney, R Gambier, O 

McElraith, C. B Mercer, Pa 

McElrath, C Oakland, Cal 

McElroy, Francis Harvey. Ohio A 

88. Deceased 

McElroy, F. W Lockport, N Y 

McElroy, J. A Washington, Pa 

McElroy, James B. Pa. A 73. De- 

McElroy, R St. Louis, Mo 

McFadden, G. H . .Hackensack, N J 
McFadden, Harry Alexander. Ohio 

G 80. Deceased 

McFadden, J. S Rockville, Ind 

Macfarlan, D Philadelphia, Pa 

Macfarlan, D Philadelphia, Pa 

Macfarlan, G Philadelphia, Pa 

McFarland, A Monmouth, 111 

McFarland, F. H Topeka, Kans 

McFarland, H.... Spirit Lake, Iowa 

Macf arland, J. M Omaha, Neb 

McFarland, O. S.. Cross Creek, Pa 

McFarland, R Middleburg, Vt 

McFarland, R. D Folsom, Cal 

McFarland, W. H Hollister, Cal 

Macfarlane, C. T Seattle, Wash 

McFarlin, William K. Ohio D 80 

McFeeley, C. O Frugalty, Pa 

McFetridge, H. W.Philadelphia, Pa 

McGaw, L. G Portland, Ore 

McGee, W. T Raleigh, N C 

McGill, John Morrow.. W.Va 07. 

McGlaughlin, Charles Edward. Pa. 

Z 60. Deceased 
McGonigal, E. M .. .Brooklyn, N Y 

McGowan, E. L St. Louis, Mo 

McGowan, G. E Chicago, 111 

McGowan, Homer Leonidas. S.C.A 

57. Deceased 

McGowan, R. Z Pittsburg, Pa 

McGrath, Edwin Frank. Ill.B 09. 


McGrath, W. E Chicago. Ill 

McGraw, H. E Soperton, Wis 

McGregor, C....San Francisco, Cal 

McGregor, J Wellsville, Ohio 

McGrew, G. W. .Kansas City, Kans 

McGrew, J. T Kansas City, Mo 

McGriff, E. G.Salt Lake City, Utah 
McGriff, H. E...Des Moines, Iowa 

McGuffin, J. B Libertyville. Ill 

McGuire, H. H Richmond. Va 

McGunnigle. J New York, N Y 

MacHarg, M Chicago, 111 

MacHarg, W. B Chicago, 111 

Machen, A. W., jr. .Baltimore, Md 

Machen, H. B New York, N Y 

Machen, J. G Princeton, N J 

Machen, T. G.....New York, N Y 
McHenry, Charles Walter. Pa. A 54. 






Machetanze, K. G. A. 

Minneapolis, Minn 

McHugh, E. H Oak Park, 111 

Mcllhenny, D. .Martinsburg, W. Va 
Mcllhenny, J. S . .Washington, D C 
Mcllheny, John Kerr. Pa.A 56. De- 
Mcllvaine, C. L. 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Mcllvain, E. S Nashville, Tenn 

Mcllvaine, G. D Dehaven, Pa 

Mcllvaine, J. A. .. .Washington, Pa 

Mcllvaine, W Washington, Pa 

Mvllvaine, J. S Tyler, Tex 

Mcllwaine, R., jr Norfolk. Va 

Mclntire, H. J lone. Wash 

Mcintosh, Alexander McKenzie. Pa. 

D 60. Deceased 
Mcintosh, C. K.San Francisco, Cal 
*MacIntQsh, George Alexander. Ind. 

G 77 
Mclntyre, Alfred Riley. Ohio A 63. 

Mclntyre, J. E. 

Colorado Springs, Colo 
Mclntyre, J. W.W. Washington, Pa 

Mclver, M. N Oshkosh. Wis 

Mcjunkin, G. C Beaver, Pa 

Mcjunkin, T Toccoa, Ga 

Mcjunkin, J. M Oakdale, Pa 

Mcjunkin, Robert King. Pa.A 59. 


Mack, E. H .Sandusky, Ohio 

Mack, J. P Los Angeles, Cal 

Mack, R. L Wellsboro, Pa 

Mack, W. G Auburn, N Y 

Mack, W. L.. Grand Junction, Colo 

Mackall, W. H Elkton, Pa 

McKay, A. T Oshkosh, Wis 

McKay, C. R New York. N Y 

McKay, D. T Black Ash, Pa 

McKav, E Meadville, Pa 

McKay, P Meadville, Pa 

McKay, R Moorestown, N J 

McKee, A. B...San Francisco, Cal 

McKee, G. H Seattle, Wash 

McKee, W. P Mt Carroll, 111 

McKeehan, H. H . .Cleveland, Ohio 

McKeen, J San Francisco, Cal 

McKeever, A. C.Garden Citv, Kans 
McKeg, J. S... Montour Falls, N Y 
Mackelduff, J. F. . .Philadelphia, Pa 

McKelvey, J. R Pittsburg, Pa 

McKelvey, J. E Pittsburg, Pa 

McKelvey, J. W Swissvale. Pa 

McKelvy, James McGowan. Pa.A 

55. Deceased 
McKelvev, R. H . . . New York, N Y 

McKelvey, W. H ^ittsburg. Pa 

McKenna, Erwin John. N.Y.E 88. 

McKennan, J. W. .Washington, Pa 
McKennan, Lucius Stockton. Pa.A 

77. Deceased 
McKennan, T. K. T. . .Pittsburg, Pa 

McKennan, W Chicago, 111 

McKenney, D La Salle, Colo 

McKenney, F. D. .Washington, D C 

Mackenzie, A. S Halifax, N S 

Mackenzie, David Lemuel. Pa.E 65. 

Mackenzie, H. O Trenton, N T 

Mackenzie, J. C.Dobbs Ferry, N Y 

Mackenzie, J. G Toledo, Ohio 

Mackey, H. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Mackey, James F. Pa.A 99 

McKim, J. L Berkeley, Cal 

McKinley, J. W..Los Angeles, Cal 

McKinney, A Aledo, 111 

McKinney, C. E Meadville, Pa 

McKinney, F. F. .Washington, D C 

McKinney, J Aledo, 111 

McKinney, John Reynolds. Pa.A 63. 

McKinnie, R. R Evanston, 111 

McKinnon, Angus. Ind.G 73. De- 
McKinstray, H. R.Indianapolis. Ind 
McKinstry, C. B . . .Zumbrota, Minn 
McKinstry, James W. Pa.E 63. De- 
Mackintosh, Angus. Pa.B 68. De- 
MacKissick, N. L.West Chester, Pa 

Macklin, G. T Brooklyn, N Y 

McKnight, David Acheson. Pa.D 57. 

McKnight, E. B.Fond du Lac, Wis 

McKnight, G. W Bedford, Ind 

McKnight, Harvey Washington. Pa. 
E 63. Deceased 

McKnight, P. C Pittsburg, Pa 

McKnight, R. B Chicago, 111 

Mackublin, Henry Albert. Pa. I 77. 

McLanahan, M. H Moylan, Pa 

McLane, A Towson, Md 

McLane, Robert Milligan, jr. Md. 

A 85. Deceased 
McLauerhlin, F. H. . . .Meadville, Pa 
McLaughlin, N. D. 

Dobbs Ferry, N Y 
McLaughlin, R. H . .Cleveland, Ohio 
McLaughlin, T. N.Washington, D C 
McLaurin, H. L. .New York, N Y 
*Maclay, Otis Hardy. Ill.A 92 
Maclay, Ralph Lashell. Pa.A 55. 

McLean, D Chicago, 111 

McLean, E. G. .Walla Walla, Wash 

McLean, E. L Frederick, Md 

MacLean, H. W Cranston, 111 

McLean, R N. . .Minneapolis, Minn 

MacLellan, R. I Herkimer, N Y 

McLemore, J. H. Miss. A 60. De- 
McLennon, D. K. .Los Angeles, Cal 

McLennan, K. W Lincoln, Neb 

McLennan, W. E Chicago, Hi 

McLeod, George Ingalls. Pa.G 55. 

McLeod, J. W Temple, Tex 

McLeod, W. J.Brown's Valley, Ind 
McLure, J. H Strawn, Tex 



McLure, J. C Chester, S C 

MacMackin, B Philadelphia, Pa 

McMahon, B. B. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

McMahon, C. E Chicago, 111 

McMahon, T. A Chicago, 111 

McMahon, J Ithaca, N Y 

McMahon, Thomas S..Pa.G 64. De- 
McMasters, James. Pa.A 53- De- 
McMasters, R. P. Kans.A 92. De- 

MacMillan, H. R Portage, Wis 

McMillan, Melancthon W. Pa.A 55. 

McMillan, R. D. . .Beardstown, Tex 

MacMillan, W Cincinnati, Ohio 

McMillen, W. L. .Fort Wayne, Ind 
McMillin, John Warren. Ohio A 67. 

McMinn, Thomas Roach. W.Va.A 
09. Deceased 

McMorries, E. D Meridan, Miss 

McMurdo, A. D University, Va 

MacMurdo, W. R.. .Bakersfield, Cal 
MacMurray, D. A. . .Brooklyn, N Y 

McMurray, J. L Tacoma, Wash 

McMurtrie, U Marion, Ind 

McMurtry, C. T Marshall, Ind 

McNagney, P. M. Columbus City, Ind 

McNair, D. P Ozark, Ala 

McNair, Frank Clarence. Pa.G 09. 

McNair, John Milton. N.Y.A 71. 

McNair, M. L Los Angeles, Cal 

McNair, R Kalamazoo, Mich 

McNally, M. H..New Richmond, Wis 

McNally, R. F Springfield, Ohio 

McNally, R. A Willows, Cal 

McNamara, F, L. 

Chippewa Falls, Wis 

McNeal, A. F Brevard, N C 

McNeal, L. B Marion, Ohio" 

McNeff, W. W Phoenix, Ariz 

McNeil, G. W Danville, III 

McNeill, J Richmond, Ind 

McNulty, C. G. . . .Conneautville, Pa 
*McNutt, George Lorain. Ind.G 75 

Macomber, F. B Oak Park, 111 

MacOmber, M. F. Joliet, 111 

Macomber, S. B Boston, Mass 

Macon, J. A. Va.A 71 
McPhail, D. M. L. .. .Portland, Ore 
McPhail, John B., jr. Va. G. De- 
McPheeters, Thomas Shanks. Va.B 

7 O "D €' C £ rl S £ M_ 

McPherron, J. E Mt Sterling, 111 

McPherson, E Paducah, Ky 

McPherson, George Edward. Pa.A 

55. Deceased 

McPherson, J. A Midvale, Ohio 

McPherson, J. E. ..Kansas City, Mo 

McPherson, L. W Tickf aw, La 

McPherson, Samuel Davidson. Pa.A 

55. Deceased 

MacPherson, William Bruce. N.Y.D 

92. Deceased 
MacQueen, G. .New Richmond, Ohio 

McQuigg, F. W Chicago, 111 

McRae, J. A Huntington, W Va 

McRamey, O. C Collins, Miss 

McShane, F. M., jr. Kans.A 06. De- 
McSweeney, J., jr. . . .Wooster, Ohio 

McWhinney, R. R Homestead, Pa 

McWhorter, J. C. 

Buckhannon, W Va 
McWhorter, J. S..Lewisburg, W Va 
McWhorter, L. E. .Charleston, W Va 

Mac Williams, O Eureka, Kans 

Macy, N. W. . Harlan, Iowa 

Madden, H. R Everett, Wash 

Maddigan, R. J Chicago, 111 

Madison, John Patterson. Va.A 03 

Madtes, G. R Punxsutawney, Pa 

Madtes, H New Castle, Pa 

Maduska, A. M. .Leavenworth, Kans 

Maedie, C. W Cleveland, Ohio 

Magee, J. F Alpha, N J 

Magee, S. V Bloomsburg, Pa 

Magill, J. F Fairfield, Iowa 

Magner, W. C Morris, 111 

Magoun, C. E Sioux City, Iowa 

Magoun, J. A. H., jr.. .Newark, N J 

Mahin, H. J Neponset, N Y 

Mahon, J. H Merced, Cal 

Mahon, Thomas S. Pa.G 64. De- 

Mahoney, W. H Boston, Mass 

Mahony, F. C New York, N Y 

Main, W. R....West Haven, Conn 

Makin, H. T Washington, D C 

Malan, G. f Berlin, N J 

Malley, William Charles. Mich.A 86. 

Mallow, O. B Mt. Clemens, Mich 

Mallow, T. H. Ind.B 69. Deceased 

Malloy, J. D San Francisco, Cal 

Malone, Louis Agassiz. Va.D 77. 

Malone, W. H Denver, Colo 

Maloney, J. F Rutland, Vt 

Malott, C. G Bloomington, Ind 

Malott, J. R Manila, P I 

Maltman, S. A Washington, D C 

Mamer, J. G. ...Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Mamer, P. J Odell, 111 

Manchester, F. P Omaha, Neb 

Mand, F. G Milwaukee, Wis 

Manderson, E. W Ardmore, Pa 

Mangano, A Richmond Hill, N Y 

Manges, M Buffalo, N Y 

Mankin, C. E Detroit, Mich 

Manlev, J. R Duluth, Minn 

Manley, J. W Malta, Ohio 

Manley, L. K Denver, Colo 

Manley, R. E York, Pa 

Mann, A. D Chicago, 111 

Mann, A. S Kankakee, 111 

Mann, F Chicago, 111 

Mann, T. F Sparta, 111 

Mann, t., jr Petersburg, Va 



Mann, J. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Manning, Douglass Gordon. Va.A 
68. Deceased 

Manning, E. W Newark, Del 

Manning, M. J Clarendon, Ark 

Manning, Richard Irvine. S.C.A 58. 

Manning, R. C Trenton, N J 

Mansell, Henry. Pa.B 58. Deceased 

Mansfield, C. F Monticello, 111 

Manss, C. W Cincinnati, Ohio 

Manss, W. H Baltimore, Md 

Manuel, R. A. ...San Francisco, Cal 

Manwell, A. P Gloversville, N Y 

Mapes, T. A Helena, Mont 

Marble, M. S Marion, Ind 

Marbut, T. F Columbia, Mo 

March, Edward Reece. Ohio B 84. 

March, G. M Wilson, N C 

Marckworth, O. S. . .Columbus, Ohio 
Marcy, Edwin Lowell. Mass. A 00. 

Marcy, S. H Newark, N. J. 

Marden, M. G. N.H.A 00 

Mardis, F. G Salisbury, Pa 

Marine, Stephen Asbury. Ia.G 68. 

Marion, J. H Richburg, S C 

Mark, C. W San Francisco, Cal 

Markle, G. C Winchester, Ind 

Marks, L. M Davenport, Iowa 

Marks, William D. Pa.I 78. De- 

Marlatt, W: T Kenosha, Wis 

Marling, John Pascal. Iowa A 68. 

Marling, R. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Marple, C. A Cleveland, Ohio 

Marquis, E., jr. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Marquis, G. P Chicago, 111 

Marquis, J. L Evansville, Ind 

Marr, James Hervy. Pa.G. Deceased 
Marr, William Alexander. Pa.G 59. 

Mars, G. C New York, N Y 

Marsalis, W. J Auburn, Miss 

Marsden, R. R New York, N Y 

Marsh, C. D Chicago, 111 

Marsh, C. S Saltsburg, Pa 

Marsh, Claudius Andrew. N.Y.E. 

Marsh, E. E Savannah, Ga 

Marsh, E. T Evanston, 111 

Marsh, H. G Providence, R I 

Marsh, J. G Chicago, 111 

Marsh, Olin Whitefield. Cal.A 89. 

Marsh, Simeon. Miss. A 60. De- 
Marshall, C. E. 

Shepherdstown, W Va 
Marshall, C. C. .Edinburgh, Scotland 

Marshall, D. E Amherst, Mass 

Marshall, E. D Fairview, Ky 

Marshall, E. H. .. .Springfield, Ohio 

Marshall, Elwood Samuel. Ohio B 
97. Deceased 

Marshall, F. E Harvard, 111 

Marshall, F. W St. Davids, Pa 

Marshall, H. I. .Burma, British India 

Marshall, J. R Syracuse, N Y 

Marshall, James Markham. Va.A 57. 

Marshall, J Philadelphia, Pa 

Marshall, J. A Berkeley, Cal 

Marshall, J. Q Columbia, S C 

Marshall, L Cleveland, Ohio 

Marshall, O. S. 

New Cumberland, W Va 

Marshall, P. L Chicago, 111 

Marshall, R. S Connellsville, Pa 

Marshall, Richard M. 

Langhorne, Pa 

Marshall, R. V Louisville, Ky 

Marshall, T. B Allegheny, Pa 

Marshall, W. L...Hong Kong, China 

Marshall, W. B Fremont, Neb 

Marshall, W. S St. Joseph, Mo 

Marston, R. H Roxbury, Mass 

Martel, A., jr. . .Mountain View, Cal 
Martin, B., jr. 

Muskogee, Indian Ter 

Martin, E. C Columbus, Ohio 

Martin, E. A Kingston, Pa 

Martin, Edward Livingston. Va.A 

57. Deceased 
Martin, Fred Veeder. Ind.G 82. De- 

Martin, G. G Lincoln, Neb 

Martin, G. W Ocean Grove, N J 

Martin, H. C Darlington, Wis 

Martin, H. C- Attica, Ind 

Martin, H. L Midway, Ky 

Martin, J. E Elk Grove, 111 

Martin, J. G Indianapolis, Ind 

Martin, J. B Brentwood, N Y 

Martin, J. B Cameron, Miss 

Martin, J. C Central City, Neb 

Martin, J. C, jr Denver, Colo 

Martin, J. F Lebanon, Mo 

Martin, J. J Ceres, Cal 

Martin, John Massie. Va.A 54. De- 

Martin, John Scot. Ill.G 74- De- 

Martin, M. M Little Rock, Ark 

*Martin, N. L. Ind.B 76 

Martin, N. M Petersburg, Va 

Martin, O. B Atlanta, Ga 

Martin, O. C Laurel Hill, N Y 

Martin, Oscar Tbaddeus. Ohio B 66. 

Martin, P. .. Elmfield, Coventry, Eng 

Martin, P. A Gettysburg, Pa 

Martin, S. A .Easton, Pa 

Martin, S. A Muncie, Ind 

Martin, Thomas Stitt. S.C.A 84. De- 

Martin, W. B Chicago, 111 

Martin, W. E Watseka, 111 

Martin, W. L Altoona, Pa 



Martindale, Charles Ball. Mass. A. 

Martindale, C. P. . .Westchester, Pa 
Martindell, J. W. .. .Laurence, Kans 

Martindell, L. V Beallsville, Pa 

Martinez, D. S Oak Park, 111 

Martyn, A. G Toledo, Iowa 

Martz, J. E. Detroit, Mich 

Marvel, T. S Newburg, N Y 

Marvin, C. E Portland, Ore 

Marvin, C. F Washington, D C 

Marvin, Frank O. Pa.B 69. Deceased 

Mason, A. S Hagerstown, Md 

Mason, B. A Salina, Kans 

Mason, B. W Long Beach, Cal 

Mason, C. H Monterey, Cal 

Mason, C. W., jr Buffalo, N Y 

Mason, Grafton. D.C.A 87 

Mason, H. N Richmond, Va 

Mason, J Saybrook, Conn 

Mason, J. B Davenport, Iowa 

Mason, J. E Marion, Ind 

Mason, J. L Gouverneur, N Y 

Mason, John T. Va.A 70. Deceased 

Mason, R. E Sapulpa, Okla 

Mason, R. T , Albia, Iowa 

Mason, S. R Goldfield, Nev 

Mason, V. R Bladensberg, Iowa 

Mason, William Cecil. Pa.B 63. De- 

Mason, W. C Rockport, Ind 

Mason, William Thomas. N.Y.G 93. 

Massey, Mordecai Benton. Pa. A 56. 

Massie, Edwin Blackwell. Va.A 60. 

Massie, John Livingston. Va.A 57. 

Massingale, S. C. ...Fort Worth, Tex 

Mast, I. N Ottumwa, Iowa 

Masters, A. A. Cape Charles, Va 

Masters, F. W New Orleans, La 

Masters, George Herbert. Cal.G 99. 


Masters, P Westport, Mo 

Masters, S. G Berkeley, Cal 

Masterson, G. D Beaumont, Tex 

Masterson, W. E Austin, Tex 

Mastin, J Kansas City, Mo 

Matchett, Charles R. Pa.I 80. De- 

Matheson, G. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Mathews, Adrian. Pa.G7i. Deceased 

Mathews, F Philadelphia, Pa 

Mathews, J. J Gonzales, Tex 

Mathewson, A. A Coronado, Cal 

Mathias, W Evansville, 'Ind 

Mathieu, G. E Seattle, Wash 

Mathison, G. J., jr. .Wheeling, W Va 

Matlock, E Lansing, Mich 

Matlock, J. A Chicago, 111 

Mattern, F. L. R Reading, Pa 

Matters, H. W Evansville, Ind 

Matthews, A. H Chicago, 111 

Matthews, B Dover Plains, N Y 

Matthews, Enoch Wilson. Va.D 77. 

Matthews, J. E Parma, Mo 

Matthev/s, J. H Lafayette, Ind 

Matthews, John Peter. Pa.Z 63. De- 

Matthews, J. W Monmouth, 111 

Matthews, K. B Dubuque, Iowa 

Matthews, R. J. W. .Humboldt, Tenn 

Matthews, W. H Huntsville, Tex 

Matthews, William W. D.C.A 95 

Matthias, E. C Spokane, Wash 

Mattson, S. H., jr. .New York, N Y 

Mauger, D. F Douglassville, Pa 

Maughan, H. C. ..Minneapolis, Minn 
Maupin, Chapman. Va.A 65. De- 

Mauthy, E. A Green Bay, Wis 

Maverick, W. C. . . San Antonio, Tex 

Max, C. A Muncie, Ind 

Maxon, M. E Cortland, N Y 

Maxson, A Fon du Lac, Wis 

Maxson, J. S Homer, N Y 

Maxwell, James Henry. Pa.Theta 77. 

Maxwell, J. E Kansas City, Mo 

Maxwell, S. L Canebrake, La 

Maxwell, Thomas E. S.C.A 57. De- 
Maxwell, William Henry. Pa.Z 59. 

Maxwell, W. L. ..Kansas City, Kans 

May, A. J Reading, Pa 

May, C. H York, Pa 

May, E. A Oak Park, 111 

May, E. R New York, N Y 

May, R. G Buffalo, N Y 

May, W. F Lead, S D 

Mayer, A. E. . . . . .New Brighton, Pa 

Mayer, Benjamin Franklin. N.Y.G 

Mayer, E. P Greenfield, Ind 

Mayers, A. J Hubbard, Ohio 

Mayhew, M. H Oakland, Cal 

Maymder, R Baltimore, Md 

Maynard, C. E Concord, Mass 

Maynard, G. T Washington, D C 

Maynard, R. K., jr Oak Park, 111 

Mayo, S. D Norfolk, Va 

Mayo, W. S. P. Va.G 55. Deceased 
*Mayr, Frank, jr. Mich. A 01 
*Mayr, George Henry. Mich. A 02 

Mays, B. F Washington, D C 

Mazill, John Fulton. Pa.A 55. De- 
Meacham, R. Y. . . .Hopkinsville, Ky 

Mead, A. E . York, Neb 

Mead, E. J Santa Fe, N M 

Mead, L. C Geneva, 111 

Meade, E Springfield, Va 

Meade, F. K Boyce, Va 

Meade, Hodijer Baylies. Va.A 59. 

Meade, J Danville, Va 

Meader, G. F. . .Stuttgart, Germany 
Meagher, E. C Montclair, N J 



Meams, W. A Washington, D C 

Mease, D. J Mansfield, Ohio 

Mechem, Carlo Carroll. Pa.B 61. 


Mechlin, F. J Grove City, Pa 

Mecklem, Charles Gates. Mass. A 05. 


Meek, E. R Dallas, Tex 

Meek, G. S Painesville. Ohio 

Meek, R. S East Altoona, Pa 

Meeser, S. B Chester, Pa 

Meeter. E. T East Oranee, X T 

Mehl, T. W. Fort Wayne; Ind 

Mehl, W. W Goshen, Ind 

Meigs, T. B Chicago, 111 

Meigs, M. C Chicago, 111 

Meissner, C. E Miami, Ariz 

Meland, X Red Wing, Minn 

Melcer, A Montville. Conn 

Zxlelcher, J. B.Newton Center, Mass 

Melendez, D Brooklvn. X Y 

Mellander, F. B Mt Tewett, Pa 

Mellen, W. W Syracuse, X Y 

Meiov, A. D .New York, X Y 

Melton, P. La B Columbia. S C 

Melton, Samuel Davis. S.C.A 72. 


Melton, W. M Centerville, Tex 

Melville, A. J Port Deposit, Md 

Melzer. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Memzies. \Y Mt Yernon, Ind 

Mendell.' T. C Adams, X Y 

Mendenhall, J. H.. Glenn Mills. Pa 
Mendenhall, S. A..Bozeman. Mont 
Menefee, H. R. . . .New York, X" Y 

Mentzner. T. F Tenino, Y\*ash 

Mercer, A San Francisco, Cal 

Mercer, A. J Lincoln, Xeb 

Mercer, F. C Evanston. Ill 

Mercer, L. S Iowa City, Iowa 

Mercer, R. L Savannah, Ga 

Mercer, R. H Bloomsburg, Pa 

Mercer, R. S. . .Baldwinsville, N Y 

Mercer, W. C Lincoln, Xeb 

Mercer, \Y. W....Iowa City, Iowa 
Meredith, A. W. .Fairmont, W Ya 

Meredith, B Richmond. Ya 

Meredith, J. L Eldorado, Kans 

Mercer, F. C Chicago, 111 

Meredith. W. P. . .Providence, R I 

Mering, C. S Yolo, Cal 

Mering, E. B...San Francisco, Cal 

Merriam, C. C Logansport, Ind 

Merriam, E. A. . ..Soringfield, Mass 
Merrick. Edward. Ohio A 63. De- 


Merrick, F. C Willoughby. Ohio 

Merrick. Frederick. Ohio A. De- 


Merrick, R. S Pittsburg. Pa 

Merrick, W. C...E Cleveland, Ohio 
Merrick, William Wallace. Pa.Z 59. 


Merrill, A. M Memphis. Tenn 

Merrill. A. C Fairmont, W Ya 

Merrill, F. J Paola, Kans 

Merrill, F. W Peoria, 111 

Merrill, F. S Carthage, X Y 

Merrill, R. W Hinsdale, 111 

Merriman, G. B. .Washington. D C 

Merriman, J. R Springfield, 111 

iss, M. H.Mt Washington, Md 
Merritt, Charles Ewan. Ohio A 65. 

Merritt, C. W Denver, Colo 

Merritt, E. G Ithaca, X Y 

Merritt, H. Embry. Ya.A 54. De- 

Merritt, H. E Buffalo, X Y 

Merry, L. A Boston, Mass 

Mertens, R. E Xew York, X Y 

Meserve, S. E....Los Angeles, Cal 

Meserve, T. D Robinson, 111 

rrly. J. McR Sedalia, Mo 

Meservey, E. C... Kansas City, Mo 

Messiek. A. G Marion, Ind 

Messner, H. L... Roaring Fork, Pa 

Metcalf. T. E Fennimore, Wis 

Metcalfe. William S. Oio A 67 

Meteer, J. H Riverside, Cal 

Metts, C. H Muncie 

Metts, F South Omaha, Neb 

Metts, T. W Ossian, Ind 

Metz, A. L Dunkirk, X Y 

Metz, A. D Wooster, Ohio 

Metz, I. W Springfield. Ill 

Metzger, A. W.. .. Springfield, Ohio 

Metzger, D. A Altoona, Pa 

Metzger, G. B. M . .Williamsport, Pa 

Metzger, J. T ...Bedford, Pa 

Metzger, S Bradford. Pa 

Metzger, Thomas Martin. Pa.Theta 

96. Deceased 
Metzger, Yerus Hope. Pa.E 75. De- 

Metzler, J. A Dallas. Ore 

Mench, Abram Horatius. Pa.Z 66. 

Meuche, K. S Houghton, Mich 

Meuche, L. T Houghton, Mien 

Mevav, B. F Washington, Pa 

Mevav, T. C. F Philadelphia. Pa 

Meyer, A Xew York, X Y 

Meyer, C. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Merer, C. G Springfield, Ohio 

Meyer, E. F Woodstock, 111 

Meyer, F. P Lancaster, Wis 

Meyer, G. A Springfield, Ohio 

Meyer, G. A Omaha. >■ eb 

Meyer, J. D Altoona, Pa 

Meyer, L. C Sedalia, Mo 

Meyer, R., jr Lancaster, Wis 

Meyer, T. V Waterbury, Conn 

Meyer, W. C Spokane, Wash 

Meyers, P. L Lynne, Ind 

Mevers. S Portland, Ore 

Mevers, W. C Philadelphia. Pa 

Meylert. Asa Parker. Pa.G 58. De- 

Michael, G. E St. Paul. Minn 

Michael, T. A Greencastle, Ind 

Michael, *M. . S Lafayette, Ind 

Michie, Benjamin Franklin. Ya.A 
53. Deceased 



Middleton, A. E. H. 

Washington, D C 
*Middleton, Charles Rain. Pa.G 70 

Middleton, C. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Middleton, H. M.Door Village, Ind 

Middleton, J Buffalo, N Y 

Middough, M. W..Long Beach, Cal 

Midgley, F. S Newkirk, Okla 

Mifflin, E., sr Lansing, Mich 

Mifflin, E., jr Boston, Mass 

Mifflin, H Philadelphia, Pa 

Mifflin, S. E Lansing, Mich 

Mifflin, S. E., jr Lansing, Mich 

Mifflin, T. P North Hope, Pa 

Milburn, C. C Washington, D C 

Miles, E. H Danville, Pa 

Miles, G. F Pataskala, Ohio 

Milford, A. B. .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Milford, C. R • Attica, Ind 

Millar, Frank Robert. Ia.A 88 

Millar, F. W., jr Oak Park, 111 

Miller, A. C . .Louisville, Ky 

Miller, A. O Casey, Iowa 

Miller, Albertus Avawine. Pa.Z 64. 

Miller, Archibald Warnock. Ind.B 
93. Deceased 

Miller, B. F Meadville, Pa 

Miller, B. K Milwaukee, Wis 

Miller, Burr Churchill. N.Y.B 90 

Miller, C. A Princeton, Ind 

Miller, C. A Bolivar, Tenn 

Miller, C. E Harrisburg, Pa 

Miller, C. L Lancaster, Pa 

Miller, Christian A. Pa.B 14 

Miller, C. B Duluth, Minn 

Miller, C. J Rock Rapids, Iowa 

Miller, C. L Chicago, 111 

Miller, D. B Columbia, S C 

Miller, Daniel Bright. Pa.G 60. De- 

Miller, D. McQ Everett, Mass 

Miller, D. R P^ne Grove, Pa 

Miller, David McConnayghy. Pa.D 

56. Deceased 
Miller, DeW. C. R. 

Mason and Dixon, Pa 

Miller, E. E Youngstown, Ohio 

Miller, E. H St. Louis, Mo 

Miller, E. D. D .... Springfield, Ohio 
Miller, E. R... Arkansas City, Kans 

Miller, E. C Hamilton, N Y 

Miller, E. L Cumberland, Wis 

Miller, Frank B. Kans. A 93 

Miller, F. P Meadville, Pa 

*Miller, G. B. Pa.G 

Miller, G. B . . .Morgantown, W Va 

Miller, G. C, jr ..Peru, Ind 

Miller, G. F Lewisburg, Pa 

Miller, George Garrison. Pa.B 61. 

Miller, G. G Dixon, 111 

Miller, G. H Savannah, Ga 

Miller, G. J Ames, Iowa 

Miller, G. P Milwaukee, Wis 

Miller, G. P Denver, Colo 

Miller, George Washington. Pa.Z 
72. Deceased 

Miller, G. R Indianapolis, Ind 

Miller, Henry. Pa.Z 60. Deceased 

Miller, H. A Fort Morgan, Colo 

Miller, H. F Columbus, Ohio 

Miller, H. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Miller, H. L Peru, Ind 

Miller, H. McC Pittsburg, Pa 

Miller, H. R., jr Richmond, Va 

Miller, Isaac Horace. Pa. A 55. De- 

Miller, J Bloomington, 111 

Miller, J. C Irwin, Ohio 

Miller, J. E. C....New Oxford, Pa 

Miller, J. H Shiremastown, Pa 

Miller, J. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Miller, J. M Aurora, 111 

Miller, James Robinson. Pa.B 59. 

Miller, J. S Indianapolis, Ind 

Miller, J. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Miller, T. W .....Quincy, 111 

Miller, K. S Central Point, Ore 

Miller, L. L Cleveland, Ohio 

Miller, L. S Springfield, 111 

Miller, M. A Lincoln, Neb 

Miller, N. G Blairsville, Pa 

Miller, P Chillicothe, Ohio 

Miller, R Stillwater, Okla 

Miller, R. B Fredericton, Can 

Miller, R. C Vincennes, Ind 

Miller, R. E Lincoln, Neb 

Miller, R. E Bloomsbury, Pa 

Miller, R. H South Bend, Ind 

Miller, R. J Harrisburg, Pa 

Miller, R. J Springfield, Ohio 

Miller, R. P Pine Grove, Pa 

Miller, R. W Berkely, Cal 

Miller, R. W .Philadelphia, Pa 

Miller, S. FI Mercer, Pa 

Miller, S. S Frederick, Md 

Miller, W Chicago, 111 

Miller, W. R Mercer, Pa 

Miller, W. W N Yakima, Wash 

Miller, W. L Peru, Ind 

Miller, W. McN Columbia, Mo 

Miller, W. L.Guthrie Center, Iowa 

Miller, W Winchester, Va 

Miller, W. A Mt Vernon, N Y 

Miller, W. B Hazlehurst, Miss 

Miller, W. J., jr. . .Nashville, Tenn 

Milligan, A. B Spencer, Ind 

Milligan, H. J. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Milligan, H. S. .. .Springfield, Ohio 
Milligan, James P. Ohio D. Deceased 
Milligan, John L. Pa.D 56 Deceased 

Milligan, J. L Allegheny, Pa 

Milligan, L. F Cleveland, Ohio 

Milligan, L. H Columbus, Ohio 

Millikin, B. L Cleveland, Ohio 

Mills, C. E. Athens, Pa 

Mills, E. S Brooklyn, N Y 

Mills, F. Z Dallas, Tex 

Mills, F. B Woodbridge, Cal 

Mills, G. E Los Angeles, Cal 



Mills, H Omaha, Neb 

Mills, J. D Columbus, Ohio 

Mills, James Robinson. Pa.B 60. 

Mills, J. W., jr. .Collingswood, N J 
Mills, John Milton. Wis. A 75. De- 


Mills, L. A Rialto, Cal 

Mills, R. D., jr Nashville, Tenn 

Mills, R. W Glencoe, 111 

Mills, W. C, jr. San Francisco, Cal 

Mills, W. P...Newcomb City, Miss 

Mills, William Wilson. S.C.D 58. 

Millsaps, F. F West Monroe, La 

Milne, C. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Milner, D. C Chicago, 111 

Milton, A. L Wheeling, W Va 

Milton, C. L Milwaukee, Wis 

Minns, William Dinguid. Tenn.B 
60. Deceased 

Minear, J. F Springfield, Ohio 

Miner, C. J Galesburg, 111 

Miner, G. S . . .' Fuchau, China 

Miner, J. A Ann Arbor, Mich 

Miner, Joshua Lewis. Pa.Theta 75. 

Minisinger, H. M..New Castle, Ind 

Minnick, J Chicago, 111 

Minton, C. L Trenton, N J 

Minton, O Brooklyn, N Y 

Mirick, C. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Mirkil, L. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Mirkil, W. I Philadelphia, Pa 

Mirteens, O. C. . . .Philadelphia, Pa 

Mitchell, A Wheeling, W Va 

Mitchell, A. T Fulton, Ky 

Mitchell, B Washington, Pa 

Mitchell, Edward A. Va.B 60. De- 
Mitchell, E. W. .. .Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mitchell, E. R Ottumwa, Iowa 

Mitchell, F. G Sandusky, Ohio 

Mitchell, Frank H. Va.B 69. De- 


Mitchell, H Pittsburg, Pa 

Mitchell, H. B Buffalo, N Y 

Mitchell, H. G.Warm Springs, Mont 

Mitchell, H. W Cleveland, Ohio 

Mitchell, Harvey Wheeler. Pa.G. 

Mitchell, Henry C. S.C.A 57. De- 

Mitchell, H .Eleanore, 111 

Mitchell, J. F Washington, D C 

Mitchell, J. H Chicago, 111 

Mitchell, J. I Wellsboro, Pa 

Mitchell, K. W Fairfield, Ohio 

Mitchell, P Birmingham, Ala 

Mitchell, R. R Denver, Colo 

Mitchell. R. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Mitchell, T. F El Paso, Tex 

Mitchell, W. Z Memphis, Tenn 

Mitchell, Wayne De Frees. Ill.B 02. 

Mitchell, W. I Crenshaw, Miss 

Mitchell, W Milwaukee, Wis 

Mitchell, W. O Guthrie, Okla 

Mix, F. T St Paul, Minn 

Mize, J. H . Gulf port, Miss 

Mock, G. H Worthington, Ohio 

Moderwell, Erastus Cratty. Pa.A 55. 

Moderwell, J. B Bucyrus, Ohio 

Modin, J. E Center City, Minn 

Modisett, C. F Atherton, Ind 

Moe, Ernest Stiles. Wis.A 79. De- 

Moe, F. B South Whitley, Ind 

Moe, Newton Ardeene. Wis.A 79. 

Moellman, Carl. 111. A 79. Deceased 

Moffat, J. D., jr Washington, Pa 

Mogg, E. H Chicago, 111 

Mogg, H. W Hinsdale, 111 

Mohn, A. W Key West, Fla 

Mohr, A. C, jr Wausau, Wis 

Moll, A. M Kenton, Mich 

Molyneux, Harry Samuel. N.Y.E. 


Moncure, H Richmond, Va 

Moninger, J. A.... Kansas City, Mo 

Monlux, H. H Red Oak, Iowa 

Monnette, F. S Columbus, Ohio 

Monnette, O. E. ...Los Angeles, Cal 

Monroe, E. S Frankfort, Ind 

Monroe, J. D. Pa.B 71 
Montgomery, Alfred Cookman. Cal.B 


Montgomery, J. A Walton, N Y 

Montgomery, M. C Rome, N Y 

Montgomery, P Edgar, Neb 

Montgomery, R. D. 

Oriskany Falls, N Y 

Montgomery, R Asbourne, Pa 

Montgomery, R. .. .Philadelphia, Pa 
Montgomery, S. A. Ind.B 74. De- 
Montgomery, S. . . .Waynesburg, Pa 
Montgomery, W. H..Willard, N Y 
Montgomery, William J. Tenn. A 59. 


Monteith, W. S Columbia, S C 

Montz, J. McG Baltimore, Md 

Mooar, H. L Chicago, 111 

Mood, J. R Syracuse, N Y 

Moody, C. A Painesville, Ohio 

Moody, J. A Trinity, Tex 

Mook, R. H Roswell, N M 

Moore, A. L Franklin, Pa 

Moore, A. S Beaver, Pa 

Moore, Alvin Alexander. Ohio D 82. 

Moore, Andrew Charles. S.C.A 57. 


Moore, A Benjamin, Tex 

Moore, B. M McKeesport, Pa 

Moore, C. C Chicago, 111 

Moore, Charles Page Thomas. Va. 

A 53. Deceased 
Moore, Charles Tarener Beale. Pa. 

A 59. Deceased 

Moore, C. A Paris, France 

Moore, E. G Muskogee, Okla 



Moore, E. E Cleveland, Ohio 

Moore, F. D Seattle, Wash 

Moore, F Belington, W Va 

Moore, F. C Warrenton, N C 

Moore, G Kenton, Ohio 

Moore, G. A Detroit, Mich 

Moore, G. W Spencer, Ind 

Moore, H. A. . . Chicago, 111 

Moore, Heath. N.Y.G 99 
Moore. Henry Robert. Pa.A 64. De- 
Moore, H. T....San Francisco, Cal 

Moore, J. T Quitman, Miss 

Moore, J. P Tokio, Japan 

Moore, J. T.Sault Ste Marie, Mich 

Moore, J. H Lexington, Va 

Moore, J. W Marion, Kans 

Moore, Joseph T. Miss A 58. De- 

Moore, J. W Batavia, 111 

Moore, Judson R. Mo. A 73. De- 

Moore, K. S .Fort Scott, Kans 

Moore, L. H Blaine, Wash 

Moore, Maurice Gardner. Ind.B 88. 

Moore, N. L Mitchell, Ind 

Moore, P. O Brooklyn, N Y 

Moore, P. M Tuscola, 111 

Moore, R. P Trail, B C 

Moore, R. B Vineland. N J 

Moore, R. L Meadville, Pa 

Moore, S. B Taunton, Mass 

Moore, S. S Yarnallton, Ky 

Moore, Thomas. Pa. A97. De- 

Moore, T. J Moore, S C 

Moore, V. L Big Timber, Mont 

Moore, W. R Batavia, 111 

Moore, W. R Pine Grove, Ky 

Moore, W. W New York, N Y 

Moorehead, C. C.Des Moines, Iowa 

Moorehead, E. H Indiana, Pa 

Moorehead, J, D. Pa.A 60. De- 
Moorehead, W. W. .Greensburg, Pa 
Moorhead, Alexander Donaldson. 

Pa.A 86. Deceased 
Moorhead, W. P.Minneapolis, Minn 

Moorehouse, W. G Elmira, N Y 

Moorman, R. J Galion, Ohio 

Moraghan, E. W. 

San Francisco, Cal 

More, C. N Batavia, 111 

More, C. C Seattle, Wash 

More, D. H Seattle, Wash 

Morehead, J. S. . . . . .Greenburg, Pa 

Morehouse, R. H Omaha, Neb 

Morey, W. J Schenectady, N Y 

Morgan, Frank Hatch. Pa.B 80 

Morgan, G. G Wheaton, 111 

Morgan, H Springfield, 111 

Morgan, H. L Syracuse, N Y 

Morgan, J. H Carlisle. Pa 

Morgan, J. H Ossining, N Y 

Morgan, J. W Florence, Ala 

Morgan, J. T Trinidad, Colo 

Morgan, J. W. .. .Washington, D C 
Morgan, M. E. .Morgantown, W Va 
Morgan, R. C. . . .Knightstown, Ind 
Morgan, Silas M. Ohio B 72. De- 
Morgan, William Vick. Ind.B 69. 

Morley, E. L Chicago, 111 

Morrill, F. J Coupeville, Wash 

Morrill, R. V. S...New York, N Y 

Morrill, W. C New York, N Y 

Morris, Eli Thomas. Tenn.B 70. 

Morris, F. T., jr Chicago, 111 

Morris, F. D Toledo, Ohio 

Morris, G. V Laporte, Ind 

Morris, J. H Antigo, Wis 

Morris, L. B.. Junction City, Kans 

Morris, L. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Morris, M. E...San Francisco, Cal 
Morris, Michael C. la D 83. De- 
Morris, Robert. Ind. A 67. De- 

Morris, T Fairmont, W Va 

Morris, W. A.Havre de Grace, Md 
Morris, William Bates. Mo. A 72. 

Morris, W. F Pendleton, Ind 

Morris, W. N Philadelphia, Pa 

Morrissey, J. G St. Paul, Minn 

Morrison, A. J. .Washington, D C 
Morrison, H. L. . . Anacortes, Wash 
Morrison, Henry Rutherford. Va G 

60. Deceased 
Morrison, H. T.McClellanville, S C 

Morrison^ J. K Omaha, Neb 

Morrison, J. S Omaha, Neb 

Morrison, R. S Nashville, Tenn 

Morrison, R. C Anchorage, Ky 

Morrison, William Edward. N.Y.D 

85. Deceased 
Morrison, William H. Ill.A 64. De- 
Morrison, Winfield Scott. Penn.Z 
66. Deceased 

Morrow, B. B Muncie, Ind 

Morrow, J. W Berkeley, Cal 

Morrow, J. R Pittsburg, Pa 

Morrow, R. R Springfield, Ohio 

Morrow, S. J Uniontown, Pa 

Morrow, W Springfield, Ohio 

Morse, C. H., jr Chicago, 111 

Morse, C. P Syracuse, N Y 

Morse, G. T Riverside, Conn 

Morse, G. A Minneapolis, Minn 

Morse, M. M.. Grand Rapids, Mich 
Morse, W. A. . . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Morse, W. A Holyoke, Mass 

Morse, W. J Kansas City, Mo 

Morsman, E. M., jr. . . .Omaha, Neb 
Morsman, F. S. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Morsman, J. H Chicago, 111 

Morsman, R. P Omaha, Neb 

Mortland, J. K. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Morton, G. N New York, N Y 

Morton, J. E. .Merchantville, N J 



Morton, J. X Overly, Va 

Morton, Reuben Garratt. Cal.G 03. 


Morton, S. M Mitchell, Ind 

Morton, S. V. W..New York, N Y 

Morton, S. W Fort Worth, Tex 

Morton, S. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Morton, W. R..San Francisco, Cal 

Morton, W. S Hiilandale, Va 

Moseley, A. M Kissimmee, Fla 

Moseley, B. F Meridian, Miss 

Moseley, J. W., jr. . .Okolona, Miss 
Mosemiller, C. A.Bloomington, Ind 

Moser, F. W Gettysburg, Pa 

Moses, B. E Memphis, Tenn 

Mosher, G. C. .... .Kansas City, Mo 

Mosher, George Earl. Mich.A 80. 


Mosher, G. F Kansas City, Mo 

Moss, H. H Parkersburg, W Va 

Mosser, B. H Huntingdon, Pa 

Mosser, G. H Altoona, Pa 

Mosser, O. D Chicago, 111 

Motley, R. L., jr. West Point, Miss 
Mott, A. Randolph. Va.A 76. De- 

Mott, C. S Chicago, 111 

Mott, K. L. ..... . ..Northport, N Y 

Mott, Robins Storer. Ill.B 80. De- 
Mottier, H. H. . . .Bloomington, Ind 

Motz, C. C Nashville, Tenn 

Mouat, M. O Janesville, Wis 

Monk, J. A Chickies, Pa 

Mould, T. A Milwaukee, Wis 

Moulding, J. W Chicago, 111 

Moulding, T. C Wilmette, 111 

Moulton, C. H., 2d.Brookfield, Mass 
Moulton, C. N......... Chicago, 111 

Moulton, G. E. .Wallingford, Conn 

Mount, H. H Greensburg, Ind 

Mount, M. F.....Hot Springs, Ark 
Mountain, J. F. .. .Cleveland, Ohio 

Mountz, H. W Garrett, Ind 

Mowry, Arthur Lincoln. N.Y„D 85. 

Mowry, Charles Bonsell. N.Y.D 82. 

Mowry, D. R Greenfield, Mass 

Mowry, Phillip H. Pa.A 53 

Moyer, F. W Springfield, Ohio 

Moyer, J. K Woodstock, Va 

Mudge, W. D Toledo, Ohio 

Mueller, A. C Davenport, Iowa 

Mueller, Norman A. Mo. A 09. De- 

Mulford, J. B., 3d Wyncote, Pa 

Mulford, S. K Wyncote, Pa 

Mulford, W. H Wyncote, Pa 

Mullhollan, H. W Seattle, Wash 

Mulhollen, R. R Johnstown, Pa 

Mulkie, R. B Union City, Pa 

Mullen, J. M ..Baltimore, Md 

Mullen, J. A New York, N Y 

Miiller, A Brooklyn, N Y 

Mulliken, E... Grand Rapids, Mich 
Mullin, J. H Wilmington, Del 

Mullins, Frederick John. Ohio G 80. 

Mullins, Walter James. Ohio G 75. 

Mullins, W. H Salem, Ohio 

Mulock, E. J. H Duluth, Minn 

Mulvane, D. D Topeka, Kans 

Mulvane, James William. Kans. A 
83. Deceased 

Mumf ord, B Pittsfield, 111 

Mumford, E. B. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Mumma, S. L Highspire, Pa 

Mumper, H Trenton, N J 

Mumper, N. Mc . . . New York, N Y 

Mumper, W. N Trenton, N J 

Mundt, W. C Lima, Ohio 

Munger, H. H Cleveland, Ohio 

Munn, E. L Freeport, 111 

Munn, L. K Beloit, Wis 

Munro, H. C ...Muncie, Pa 

Munro, H. C Whitehead, Pa 

Munsel, Ernest Albert. Kans. A 81. 

Munson, Louis. Ind.B 75. Deceased 

Murdock, C. C Ithaca, N Y 

Murfree, William Law, jr. Tenn.G 

70. Deceased 
Murfree, W. L.Murfreesboro, Tenn 

Murkland, P. L Beloit, Wis 

Murlin, L H Boston, Mass 

Murphy, E. R. . .Clear Creek, Utah 

Murphy, J. A Crete, Neb 

Murphy, R. B ... .Jacksonville, Fla 
Murphy, Cyrus S. Pa. Eta 63. De- 

Murphy, F. H Butler, Pa 

Murphy, G. S St. Joseph, Mo 

Murphy, G. W Danbury, Iowa 

Murphy, G. R Iowa City, Iowa 

Murphy, J. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Murphy, M. E. .. .Columbus, Ohio 

Murphy, R. H Baltimore, Md 

Murray, C. E., jr Trenton, N J 

Murray, C. E Wilmington, Del 

Murray, Chris Hotter. Pa. Eta 89. 

Murray, D. M Ellicott City, Md 

*Murray, F. T. Ill.A 

Murray, H. L Charleston, 111 

Murray, James. Ohio A 61. De- 

Murray, J Wirsham, Va 

Murray, J. A New York, N Y 

Murray, J. G., jr. . .Baltimore, Md 

Murray, J. N New York, N Y 

Murray, O. E .Rochelle, 111 

Murray, P. G Lancaster, Pa 

Murray, Robert James. D.C.A 68. 

Murray, Samuel Thomas. Pa.A 54. 

Murray, W. S Cleveland, Ohio 

Murry, M Chicago, 111 

Musa, A. B. Philadelphia, Pa 

Mussell, W Dugout, W Va 

Musselman, A. S. 

Grand Rapids, Mich 



Musselman, G. K. . Kansas City, Mo 
Musselman, J. C. . Kansas City, Mo 

Musser, C. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Musser, C. M Lancaster, Pa 

Musser, C. S Aaronsburgh, Pa 

Musser, H. . . . Akron, Ohio 

Musser, H. H., jr Akron, Ohio 

Musser, J Philadelphia, Pa 

Musser, P. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Musser, U Shanksville, Pa 

*Mussett, L. Ind.B 85 

Mussey, W. L Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mustard, W. P Baltimore, Md 

Mutz, G. R edinburg, Ind 

Mutz, J. R Edinburg, Ind 

Myers. Benjamin Franklin. Pa.Z 59. 

Myers, C. L....New Carlisle, Ohio 

Myers, C. S Altoona, Pa 

Myers, D. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Myers, F. C Atlanta, Ga 

Myers, Harl. Ia.A 88. Deceased 

Myers, H. R Washington, Pa 

Myers, I. S . . . . Portland, Ore 

Myers, J. E Springfield, Ohio 

Myers, J. P Edinburg, Ind 

Myers, J. W. . . . Williamsport, Ohio 

Myers, W. R Mansfield, 111 

Myers, W. A Ishpening, Mich 

Myron, H Syracuse, N Y 

Nalley, G. M Richmond, Va 

Naret, J. Q Helena, Mont 

Narganes, F New York, N Y 

Nash, G H Holyoke, Mass 

Nash, G. L Waukegan, 111 

Nash, W. D Mattapan, Mass 

Nash, W. R Brooklyn, N Y 

Nauman, J. A Lancaster, Pa 

Neal, C. R "...New York, N Y 

Neal, J. L Pratt, Kans 

Neal, T. A New York, N Y 

Neathery, S McKinney, Tex 

Nebecker, L Wellington, Kans 

Neco, A Wabash, Ind 

Needham, A. H Berkeley, Cal 

Needham, J. C Modesto, Cal 

Needy, C. W Wavnesboro, Pa 

Neefus, H. C Rochester, N Y 

Neel, L. M Summit, N J 

Neely, C. L Memphis, Tenn 

Neely, F. M . . . . San Francisco, Cal 

Neely, H. T Amarillo, Tex 

Neely, J. H Bolivar, Tenn 

Neeley, M. L Fresno, Cal 

Neff, C. A. . . .Mechanicsburg, Ohio 

Neff, C. H ., Anderson, Ind 

Neff, Charles Wesley. Pa.Z 59. De- 

Neff, C. C Chicago, 111 

Neff, F. C Kansas City, Mo 

Neff, G. N Kansas City, Mo 

Neff, John. Pa.B 55. Deceased 

Neff, J. H Kansas City, Mo 

Neff, T. L Chicago, 111 

Neff, W. P Kansas City, Mo 

Neff, W. G Columbus, Ohio 

Neff, W. T Kansas City, Mo 

Nefg, J. J Sterling, 111 

Neighbor, J. H Dover, N J 

Neighbor, R. E. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Neill, A. G Elkins, W Va 

Neil, Joseph Anderson. Pa.B 56. De- 

Neill, S. T .Warren, Pa 

Neil, W Columbus, Ohio 

Neilson, J. T Gold Hill, Ore 

Neir, E. R Chicago, 111 

Neisley, C. M Manhasset, N Y 

Nelson, Alexander. Ohio A. De- 

Nelson, C. R Kirigsley, Iowa 

Nelson, D. W Whitestown, Ind 

Nelson, E. O. . Sibley, Iowa 

Nelson, E. T Columbus, Ohio 

Nelson, Edward Thomson. Ohio A 
63. Deceased 

Nelson, E. J Birmingham, Ala 

Nelson, F. A Chattanooga, Tenn 

Nelson, F. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Nelson, G. B Winchester, Ky 

Nelson, H. F Cincinnati, Ohio 

Nelson, H. M Colton, Cal 

Nelson, H. M Portland, Ore 

Nelson, Hugh Thomas. Va.A 74. De- 

Nelson, J. G Baltimore, Md 

Nelson, R. B Chambersburg, Pa 

Nelson, Thomas Alexander. Ind. A. 

Nelson, T. M Chambersburg, Pa 

Nelson, William. Va.A 65. Deceased 

Nelson, W. J Rock Hill, S C 

Neptune, C. I Chicago, 111 

Neptune, J. C Memphis, Tenn 

Neptune, R. C Memphis, Tenn 

Nesbitt, C. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Nesbit, D. M Washington, D C 

Nesbit, E. L Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Nesbit, Frank Woods. Pa.A 94. De-' 

Nesbit, H. J Carnegie, Pa 

Nesbit, J. M Maysville, Ky 

Nesbit, J. C Roanoke, Va 

Nesbit, W. L Norristown, Tenn 

Neustadt, B. R Decatur, 111 

Neustadt, G. A Decatur, 111 

Nevers, J. R..Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
Nevin, Charles W. Pa.I 77. Deceased 

Nevin, J. D .Easton, Pa 

*Nevin, Joseph C. Pa.A 52 

Nevin, S. W Easton, Pa 

Nevinger, F. J Johnsburg, N Y 

Nevins, H Buffalo, N Y 

*Nevins, T. L. Ind.G 80 

Nevling, R. F Beccuria, Pa 

Newberry, C. S....Los Angeles, Cal 

Newcomb, C.'H Brooklyn, N Y 

Newcomb, C. G Cleveland, Ohio 

Newcomb, W. C Newport, N J 

Newcomber, Dallas P. Va.D 62. De- 



Newell, Amos Jesse. Pa.B 76. De- 

Newell, C. C Goshen, Ind 

Newell, H. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Newell, H. C Springfield, Mass 

Newell, H. J Goshen, Ind 

Newell, J. B Berkeley, Cal 

Newell, J. M Los Angeles, Cal 

Newell, L. R Brooklyn, N Y 

Newhall, G. T Cleveland, Ohio 

Newhouse, E. J. Ind. A 77. Deceased 
Newhouse, Finley Deville. Ind. A 77. 

Newkirk, B. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Newland, J. H Fall River, Mass 

Newlands, J. A. . .Middletown, Conn 

Newlin, E. B McKeesport, Pa 

Newman, D. F Pittsburg, Pa 

Newman, F. R Austin, 111 

Newman, S. M Waynesboro, Va 

Newman, Thomas H. Va.G 55. De- 
Newman, Wilson Scott. Va.A 54. 

Newton, Adin. Ohio A 62. Deceased 
Newton, Almon Sanford Burnham. 

Ohio A 62. Deceased 
Newton, George Harley. Va.A 73. 

Newton, H. C... Crested Butte, Colo 

Newton, I. K Vicksburg, Miss 

Newton, Leon Ira. Mass. A. De- 

Newton, R. F Marengo, 111 

Newton, Virginius. Va.A 67. De- 

Niccolls, S. J St. Louis, Mo 

Nichol, E. S Columbus, Ohio 

Nichol, F. N Albia, Iowa 

Nichol, Henry. Kans.A 85. De- 
Nicholas, Jonathan. Pa.G 71. De- 

Nicholas, J. S Middletown, Pa 

Nichols, C. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Nichols, G. H Albany, N Y 

Nichols, H. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Nichols, L Salem, Mass 

Nicholls, S. W Dutch Flat, Cal 

Nichols, W. H., jr.. .Brooklyn, N Y 

Nicholson, D. A Seattle, Wash 

Nicholson, E. P Portsmouth, Va 

Nicholson, George Thomas. Kans.A 
76. Deceased 

Nicholson, R. B Vincennes, Ind 

Nicholson, W. C.Mt Vernon, N Y 
Nicholson, W. R., jr. Philadelphia, Pa 

Nickel, J. L San Francisco, Cal 

Nicklas, C. R. . . .Chambersburg, Pa 

Nicklin, G. L Franklin, Pa 

Nicklin, H. D Franklin, Pa 

Niebel, H. L Cleveland, Ohio 

Nigh, C. H Chicago, 111 

Nigh, G. K Huntington, W Va 

Niles, C. F. M Toledo, Ohio 

Niles, Charles S. Ind.D 02. De- 

Niles, Edward Grant. D.C.A 91. De- 

Nimmons, G. C Chicago, 111 

Nims, H. E Springfield, Mass 

Nind, J. N., jr. ... .Philadelphia, Pa 

Ninde, E. S Providence, R I 

Ninde, W. H...N0 Cambridge, Mass 
Ninde, William Xavier. 111. A 84. 

Niver, R. W Kane, Pa 

Nixon, B. R Newport, Ind 

Nixon, G. F Bee Lake, Miss 

Nixon, H. V Newport, Ind 

Noble, E. R Wilkes Barre, Pa 

Noble, G. C San Francisco, Cal 

Noble, G. L Syracuse, N Y 

Noble, H. A Kansas City, Mo 

Noble, J. T Hattiesburg, Miss 

Noble, J. K Yonkers. N Y 

Noble, R. P Portland, Ore 

Noble, W. F Omaha, Neb 

Noe, J. A Bergin, Ky 

Noel, H. G St. Louis, Mo 

Nolan, G. H New York, N Y 

Nolan, R. C.Salt Lake City, Utah 
Noland, Frank. Va.E 73. Deceased 

Noonan, R. J Hondo, Tex 

Norcross, H. F Los Angeles, Cal 

Norgren, H. W Chicago, 111 

Norgren, N. H. . Salt Lake City,Utah 
Norman, Allen D. Ind.B 72. De- 

Norman, F. I Chicago, 111 

Norman, G. S Brooklyn, N Y 

Norris, Archie D. Pa.B 58. Deceased 

Norris, A. W Grinnell, Iowa 

Norris, Augustus C. Pa.G 61. De- 

Norris, G Jersey City, N J 

Norris, H Gallatin, Mo 

Norris, H. M Washington, D C 

Norris, I. E Greencastle, Ind 

Norris, James L. Pa.Z 64. Deceased 

Norris, R. T Himrods, N Y 

North, E. W r Fort Worth, Tex 

North, H. L Hudson, Wis 

North, H. M Chicago, 111 

North, J. M Fort Worth, Tex 

North, K. B Lakewood, Ohio 

Northrup, G. H Louisville, Ky 

North wick, J. V Batavia, 111 

Norton, A. B....East Helena, Mont 
Norton, Clinton Scott. Neb.A 96. 

Norton, D. C Manchester, N H 

Norton, K. B. 

Hastings-on-Hudson, N Y 

Norton, L. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Norton, Lysander S. Pa.B 61. De- 

Norton, R. C New York, N Y 

Norton, R. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Norton, W. W Murray, Utah 

Norton, W. W... Grand Forks, N D 

Norvell, C Lynchburg, Va 

Norwood, W. Tully. S.C.A 57. De- 



Nottingham, C. A Muncie, Ind 

Nowland, R. CSalt Lake City, Utah 
Nowlin, T. W. . . .San Francisco, Cal 

Nugent, E. G Rochester, N Y 

•Null, G. B. Pa.G 

Nuss, C. C.. . Claysville, Pa 

Nuss, F. L Claysville, Pa 

Nussel, C. H Brazil, Ind 

Nutt, Adam Clark. Pa.B 58. De- 

Nutt, H. VV Brookline, Mass 

Nutter, F. C Kansas City, Mo 

Nye, F. A Kearney, Neb 

Nye, Stephen Girard. Pa.B 56. De- 
Nyland, F. C Glen Ridge, N Y 

Oakes, C. A New York, N Y 

Oakes, C. W Indianapolis, Ind 

Oates, H. F Chicago, 111 

Oates, J. F Chicago, 111 

Oatman, D Tampico, Mex 

O'Bannon, William B. Mo. A 72. De- 

Cf 3.SCQ 

Obear, W. W Somerville, Mass 

Obenschain, C. A. .Morgantown, Ind 

Oberlies, L. C Lincoln, Neb 

Oberne, J. E Knoxville, Tenn 

Obold, H Alexandria, Pa 

O'Brien, C Lawrenceburg, Ind 

O'Brien, D. B Syracuse, N Y 

O'Brien, G. W Berkeley, Cal 

O'Brien, J. M Los Angeles, Cal 

Ochiltree, H. C. Oklahoma City, Okla 

O'Daniel, E. V Parma, Mo 

Odell, C. L Chicago, 111 

Odell, F. I Evansville, Ind 

O'Donnel, E. C Mitchell, Ind 

Offield, C. K Chicago, 111 

Offield, J. R Chicago, 111 

Offutt, S.J Greenfield, Ind 

Ogan, A. M Jamestown, Ohio 

Ogan, J. S Ottawa, Ohio 

O'Gara, J. E Hanover, N H 

Ogden, F. N New Orleans, La 

Ogden, H. W Brookline, Ma'ss 

Ogden, J. W New Orleans, La 

Oglesby, J. E. . .Salt Lake City, Utah 

Oglvee, J. M Uniontown, Pa 

O'Hair, A. S ....Paris, 111 

O'Hair, F. L Greencastle, Ind 

O'Hair, N. C Greencastle, Ind 

O'Harrow, J. W., jr. 

Bloomineton, Ind 

Ohls, H. G Chicago, 111 

O'Kane. E. T Delaware, Ohio 

Okie, H. B Washington, D C 

Old, W. W., jr Norfolk, Va 

O'Leary, A. F Pittsburg, Pa 

O'Leary, D. H Lawrence, Kans 

Oliphant, C. M..New Lisbon, Ohio 

Oliphant. S. D Trenton, N J 

Oliver, G. G Wheeling, W Va 

Oliver, R. B...Cape Girardeau, Mo 
Oliver, T. J Bethany, Ma 

Olmstead, C. M Scranton, Pa 

Olmstead, H. M... Kansas City, Mo 

Olson, E. R Stillwater, Minn 

Olson, G. W Stillwater, Minn 

Olson, H. J Beloit, Wis 

Olwin, H. C Boulder, Colo 

O'Neal, E. A Florence, Ala 

O'Neil. R. T Vicksburg, Miss 

Ong, Albert L. Pa.B 69. Deceased 
Ong, Lemuel W. Pa.B 64. De- 

One, O. B Smithfield, Ohio 

Opfe, E. L St Louis, Mo 

Opie, R. S Baltimore, Md 

Opp, Milton. Pa.G 55. Deceased 

Orahood, C. C Camden, Ind 

Orcutt, O. G Chicago, 111 

Orme, Frank John William. Minn. 

B 97. Deceased 

Orion, W. H Spokane, Wash 

Ormsby, F. G Easton, Pa 

O'Rourke, J. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Orr, C. A Cleveland, Ohio 

Orr, G. R Quincy, Cal 

Orr, H. D Chicago, 111 

Orr, J. E Michigan City, Ind 

Orr, J. M Morgantown, W Va 

Orr, L. P Cleveland, O 

Orr, L. W Mercer, Pa 

Orr, S. J Greenville, Pa 

Orr, W. B Pittsburg, Pa 

Ort, Charles Henking. Ohio B 95. 


Ort, R. A Chicago, 111 

Ort, Samuel Alfred. Ohio B. 66. 


Orth, W. S Chicago, 111 

Orwig, J. R Hahatonka, Mo 

Orwig, S. H Harrisburg, Pa 

Orwig, Thomas Rishel. Pa.G 61. 


Osborn, A. E Marion, Ind 

Osborne, D. W Jamestown, Ind 

Osborne, J. H . Xrawfordsville, Ind 
Osborne, J. P., jr. Los Angeles, Cal 

Osborne, K. M Norfolk, Va 

Osborn, T. W Denver, Colo 

Osburn, H. G Los Gatos, Cal 

Osburn, R. D Riverside, Cal 

Osgood, David Frank. N.Y.E 87. 


Osgood, E. C Indianapolis, Ind 

Osier, F. B Leonia, N J 

Osterkamp, F. E Flushing, N Y 

Ostrander, C. E Dillon, Mont 

Ostrander, H. S Butte, Mont 

Otis, William Alfred. Kans A 81. 


Otstot, R. R Springfield, Ohio 

Ott, F. M Harrisburg. Pa 

Ottman, F. C Stanford, Conn 

Ott, C. L Brooklyn, N Y 

Otto, J. H .Wheeling, W Va 

Ouderkirk, W. R.Honolulu, Hawaii 

Oughton, J. H Dwight. Ill 

Out, G. B Syracuse, N Y 

Outram, J. B Urbana, Ohio 



Outterson, John A. Ohio E. De- 

Over, W. G Kane, Pa 

Overall, John H. Mo. A 70. De- 
Overmyer, G. E. . . . S Pasadena, Cal 
Overocker, D. W. . . .Syracuse, N Y 
Overton, F. H. Va.D 58. Deceased. 
Overton, Walter. Va.D 58. De- 
Overton, W. W... Kansas City, Mo 

Ovitz, E. G.... Chicago, 111 

Owen, A. D., jr...Mt Vernon, Ind 

Owen, H South Richmond, Va 

Owen, J Cripple Creek, Colo 

Owen, J. H ■ » Chemung, N Y 

Owen, J. C Plainfield, 111 

Owen, J. A Turberville, Va 

Owen, Joseph Kent. Ohio A 78. De- 

Owen, Malcolm Neff Dale. Ind.B 

86. Deceased 
Owen, R. D....New Harmony, Ind 

Owen, M Chicago, 111 

Owen, T. J Clarks Fork, Idaho 

Owens, A. W Bacone, Okla 

Owens, H. H San Mateo, Cal 

Owens, John Gundy. Pa.G 83. De- 

Owens, R. W Tyrone, Pa 

Owens, W. R. D. 

New Harmony, Ind 
Owens, W. D. .. .Washington, D C 

Owens, W. G Lewisburg, Pa 

Owings, T. B Baltimore, Md 

Oxly, P. E.... Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Oyler, A. P Newville, Pa 

Pace, C. A Chicago, 111 

Pace, T. W Richmond, Va 

Pachees, David. Pa. I 84. Deceased 

Packer, J Philadelphia, Pa 

Paddock, C. E. .. .Springfield, Mass 

Paddock, F Memphis, N Y 

Paddock, F. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Paden, R. H. . .Parkersburg, W Va 

Padgett, F. W Pittsburg, Pa 

Page, C Chicago, 111 

Page, E Chicago, 111 

Page, G. J Chicago, 111 

Page, H Princess Anne, Md 

Page, H. D Mason City, Iowa 

Page, L. A., ir . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Page, P. A. /. Cleveland, O 

Page, R Peoria, 111 

Page, W. E Nutley, N J 

Page, W. L New York, N Y 

Paige, M. C Dorchester, Mass 

Paine, Harry Martin. Pa. A 59. De- 
Paine, James Basle. Ohio A 68. De- 
Paine, John Baxter. Va B 55. De- 

Paine, W Eleanore, 111 

Painter, C. D Alliance, Ohio 

Painter, William Warren. Pa.B 65. 

Paisley, T. F Dubuque, Iowa 

Paisley, W. W Dubuque, Iowa 

Palfrey, T. R Vincennes, Ind 

Palm, F. J South Lorraine, Ohio 

Palmer, A. M Stroudsburg, Pa 

Palmer, B. M Janesville, Wis 

Palmer, C Weilsburg, W Va 

Palmer, G. H. M Kenton, Ohio 

Palmer, H. E Dayton, Ohio 

Palmer, J. J .Kenton, Ohio 

Palmer, J P East Pittsburg, Pa 

Palmer, Nelson. Md.A 79. De- 

Palmer, R. C Indianapolis, Ind 

Palmer, W. F New York, N Y 

Pancoast, H. K Philadelphia, Pa 

Pardee, J. T Cleveland, Ohio 

Pardessus, George Florian. N.Y.A 

04. Deceased 
Pardoe, Charles Summerfield. Pa.Z 
81. Deceased 

Parish; R. B Portville, N Y 

Parish, R. N Paris, 111 

Parish, S Portville, N Y 

Park, B. N., jr Franklin, Pa 

Park, Frank. la A 87 

Park, H. M Katonah, N Y 

Park, H. M Cranf ord. N T 

Park, J. B Memphis, Tenn 

Park, John Franklin. Miss. A. De- 
• ceased 

Park, R. E Wallaston, Mass 

Park, S. A Madison, Wis 

Parke, B. B Stevens Point, Wis 

Parker, A. S Detroit, Mich 

Parker, C. H Newark, N T 

Parker, C. P Niles, Mich 

Parker, C. M Clarks Green, Pa 

Parker, E. H . . . Minneapolis, Minn 

Earker, E. E New York, N Y 

Parker, E. S Geneva, N Y 

Parker, F Georgetown, S C 

Parker, G. P. .East Pepperell, Mass 

Parker, G. L Tacoma, Wash 

Parker, H. C Indianapolis, Ind 

Parker, J. W Chicago, 111 

Parker, J. J.... San Francisco, Cal 

Parker, J. S Bridgeboro. N T 

Parker, R. L Chicago, 111 

Parker, Thomas U. Pa.B 91 

Parker, T. V Binghamton, N Y 

Parkes, C. H Chicago, 111 

Parkhust, C. P Columbus, Ohio 

Parkinson, B. S Palo Alto, Gal 

Parkinson, G. H Monmouth, 111 

Parkinson, R. R Palo Alto, Cal 

Parks, E. L Washington, D C 

Parks, G. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Parks, R. E Michigan City, Ind 

*Parks, Robert. Ind.B 77 

Parks, S. C, jr Cody, Wyo 

Parks, S. C Lander, Wyo 

Parks, W. J-, jr. .Ranchester, Wvo 

Parliman, C. R New York, N "Y 

Parmenter, E. L Alpena, Mich 



Parnall, C. G Jackson, Mich 

Parramore, John W. Pa A 52. De- 

Parrett, F. C London, Ohio 

Parrett, R. A. .. .Hutchinson, Kana 

Parrish, A. J Paris, 111 

Parrish, Arza Guy. 111. A 74. De- 

Parrish, E. B St Joseph, Mich 

Parrish, H. C Riverton, N J 

Parrish, P Philadelphia, Pa 

Parrish, R. C Cincinnati, O 

Parrott, R. W Waterloo, Iowa 

Parr}?-, Francis John. Pa.G. De- 

Parry, O. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Parshall, D. A Akron, Ohio 

Parshall, E. P Akron, Ohio 

Parson, J Ashland, Ore 

Parson, W. E Washington, D C 

Parsons, A. J Freeport, 111 

Parsons, D. E . . .Pittsburg, Pa 

Parsons, George Beardsley. Minn. 
B 95. Deceased 

Parsons, H. E Cleveland, O 

Parsons, J. C Knoxville, Tenn 

Parsons, J. W Buena Vista, Va 

Parsons, J. P Dudley, Mass 

Parsons, Page Walter. Pa.B 93- De- 
Fartenheimer, H. P. 

New York, N Y 
Partenheimer, J. E.Greenfield, Mass 
Partlow, D. K. . . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Parton, F. A San Jose, Cal 

Parvis, G. C New York, N Y 

Paschall, J. P Richmond, Va 

Passage, George Aked. N.H.A. 96. 

Passavant, C. S Zelienople, Pa 

Passmore, E. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Passmore, J Phillipsburg, Pa 

Passmore, J. W. . . .Nottingham, Pa 

Patch, A. J Milwaukee, Wis 

Patch, R. S Plainfield, N J 

Pate, C. O Brooklyn, N Y 

Pate, W. L New York, N Y 

Paton, J Saylesville, R I 

Patrick, D. H Carmi, 111 

Patrick, J. K Westch ester, Pa 

Patrick, Orsain Walker. Ohio A 94. 

Pattee, C. S Britton, S D 

Pattee, G. T Minneapolis, Minn 

Pattee, R. S Scanlon, Minn 

Patten, Henry Taylor. Pa.B 57. De- 


Patten, N. N Homestead, Pa 

Patterson, A Flint, Mich 

Patterson, C. L Denver, Colo 

Patterson, C. C Greensburg, Pa 

Patterson, D. F Pittsburg, Pa 

Patterson, D. H. E. M. Pa.A 75- 

Patterson, Frank K. Ohio A 78. De- 
Patterson, G. B Orlando, Fla 

Patterson, J. J Shaver, Ark 

Patterson, J. J., jr .Mifflingtown, Pa 

Patterson, J. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Patterson, J. P .Pittsburg, Pa 

Patterson, J. T. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Patterson, K. A New York, N Y 

Patterson, Leander. Ohio A 92 

Patterson, M Fair Haven, Vt 

Patterson, Robert Baird. Pa.A 58. 

Patterson, R. C Toledo, Ohio 

Patterson, Robert Howard. Pa.B 59. 

Patterson, T. H. B Pittsburg, Pa 

Patterson, W. C Defiance, Ohio 

Patterson, W. E Ardmore, Pa 

Patteson, G. W Gary, Ind 

Pattison, D. D. 

Rockefeller Hills, Mo 

Patton, C. L Springfield, 111 

Patton, E. A Chicago, 111 

Patton, H. L Springfield, 111 

Patton, Harry Wilbur. W.V.A 95. 

Patton, H. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Patton, L. T... Cattlesburg, Ky 

Patton, W. M Blacksburg, Va 

Patton, W. S Springfield, Ohio 

Paul, I. E Washington, Pa 

Paul, Jacob M. Ohio A ^2 

Paul, J. W. Pittsburg, Pa 

Paull, Aaron Thomas. Pa.A 56. De- 

Paulsen, W. A Chicago, 111 

Paulson, C. A. . .Minneapolis, Minn 
Paulson, W. M . .Minneapolis, Minn 
Pawling, Lemuel Davis. Pa.G 64. 

Paxson, V. E South Bend, Ind 

Paxson, W. S Cincinnati, Ohio 

Payne, F New York, N Y 

Payne, G. M Wabash, Ind 

Payne, H. E New York, N Y 

Payne, H. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Payne, John Claiborne. Ohio G 80. 

Paynes, J. M Amherst, Va- 

Peabody, Charles A. Kans.A 90. 

Peacock, Charles Getz. Pa. I 90. De- 

Peacock, C. J Brooklyn, N Y 

Peacock, J. C . . . . Oconomowee, Wis 
Pearce, C. S. . . . . ..Nashville, Tenn 

Pearce, F Minneapolis, Minn 

Pearce, W. M Baltimore, Md 

Pearce, W. E Delhi, N Y 

Pearce, W. R. . ..Minneapolis, Minn 

Pearch. A. R Columbus, O 

Pearl, R Orono, Me 

Pearsall, C. J Evansville, Wis 

Pearsall, H. W Batavia, 111 

Pearsall, R. E Elgin, 111 

Pearse, A. S Madison, Wis 

Pearson, A. T Argyle, 111 

Pearson, Charles Williams. 111. A 69. 



Pearson, O. W Argyle, 111 

Pearson, W. F Manila, P I 

Peck, C. L Fulton, N Y 

Peck, D. M Crawfordsville, Ind 

Peck, H. O Kansas City, Mo 

Peck, J. L Noblesville, Ind 

Peck, Lewis. N.Y.B 05. Deceased 

Peck, L Omaha, Neb 

Peckens, Edwin Ruthven. Pa.G. De- 
Peckham,, N. R. .Georgetown, N Y 
Peckinpaugh, F. C.Wooster, Ohio 

Pedigo, E. S Corry, Pa 

Pedrick, F. B Ionia, Mich 

Peek. W. S East Dedham, Mass 

Peel, F. W Bentonville, Ark 

Peelor, L. M Indiana, Pa 

Pegram, H New York, N Y 

Pegram, W. M New York, N Y 

Pegues, H. S ... .Hutchinson, Kans 

Peightal, T. C Altoona, Pa 

Pelham, H. M.Iron Mountain, Mich 

Pell, H. M Indianapolis, Ind 

Pellas, S. F Nicaragua, C A 

Pelton, E. F Lordsburg, N M 

Pember, A. H Janesville, Wis 

Pembroke, E. R. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Pendleton, A. R Winchester, Va 

Pendleton, Dudley Digges. Va.B 60. 

Pendleton, F. H.Louisa County, Va 

Pendleton, W. C Warren, Ohio 

Penett, J. W Midway, Ala 

Penn, Davidson Bradfute. Va.A 56. 

Pennepacker, J. J. Pa. Eta 61. De- 

Penney, F. S Fullerton, Neb 

Penniman, E. D..Fort Scott, Kans 

Penniman, G. D Baltimore, Md 

Penniman, G. D Baltimore, Md 

Penniman, J. B...Fort Scott, Kans 
Penniman, J. A. D. 

Baltimore, Md 
Penniman, J. H .. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Penniman, L. W Rockford, 111 

Penniman, T. D Baltimore, Md 

Penniman, W. R. .. .Baltimore, Md 
Pennington, W. R. 

Pennington Gap, Va 

Penniwell, D Greenwood, Del 

Pennock, E. M . .Minneapolis, Minn 
Pennypacker, Josiah J. Pa. Eta 61. 

Penrod, H. H Johnstown, Pa 

Pentacost, J. H. Pa.D 56. Deceased 

Penter, E Ashland, Mo 

Penton. G. W Cleveland. Ohio 

Peoples, John Moorehead. Ohio G 
72. Deceased 

Peoples, S. C Bangkok, Siam 

Peoples, W. C Greensburg, Pa 

Pepper, C. M Washington, D C 

Perce, LeG. W., jr. .Baltimore, Md 

Perkins, B. C New York, N Y 

Perkins, C. K Manchester, Vt 

Perkins, E. C Columbus, Ohio 

Perkins, J. D Scottsville, Va 

Perkins, J. H Penn Yan, N Y 

Perkins, J. B Crawford, Miss 

Perkins, O. R New York, N Y 

Perkins, P. L .Lowell, Mass 

Perkins, Prescott Dudley. N.Y.B 
86. Deceased 

Perkins, R. C Manchester, Vt 

Perks, A. W Berkeley, Cal 

Perks, G. W Springfield, Ohio 

Perley, L. O Omaha, Neb 

Perrin, G. C Union, S C 

*Perrin, H. H. Ind.G 87 

Perrin, H. C Larchmont, N Y 

Perrin, Joel Smith. S.C.A 67. De- 

Perrine, S. A Newark, N J 

Perry, A. T Chicago, 111 

Perry, C. N .. South Sudbury, Mass 

Perry, W. H Greenville, S C 

Person, J. R Branchville, Va 

*Persons, Morton. Ill.B 80 

Peters, A. A Los Angeles, Cal 

Peters, A., jr Brooklyn, N Y 

Peters, C. A Lockbourne. Ohio 

Peters, C. H Lake Charles, La 

Peters, D. P University, Va 

Peters, Gus F. Ohio D 89. De- 
Peters, Gus Trimble. N.Y.A 94. De- 
Peters, H. W. 

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 

Peters, J. A El Paso, Tex 

Peters, J. F Latrobe, Pa 

Peters, J. W. S ... Kansas City, Mo 

Peters, J. G Middletown, Pa 

Peters, John Wesley. Ohio A 61. 

Peters, Mahlan Gaylord. N.Y.A 72. 

Peters, R., jr Uniontown, Pa 

Peters, Samuel Ritter. Ohio A 61. 

Peters, W. E., jr. . . .University, Va 
Peters, W. H. 

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 

Peters, W. L Riverside, Cal 

Peters, William R. Pa.Eta 83 

Peterson, C. F Fort Worth, Tex 

Peterson, E. H Janesville, Wis 

Peterson, E. M... Kansas City, Mo 

Peterson, F. A Pittsfield, Mass 

Peterson, G. W.Long Prairie, Minn 
Peterson, J. A. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Peterson, J. R Greensburg, Pa 

Peterson, L. L New York, N Y 

Pettes, B. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Pettigrew, P. F San Jose, Cal 

Pettit, B. M Boston, Mass 

Pettit, F New York, N Y 

Pettit, F. E., jr... Los Angeles. Cal 

Pettit, F. R Racine, Wis 

Pettit, L. S New York, N Y 

Pettit, M. L Visalia, Cal 

Pettit, M. H Racine, Wis 


Pettus, Thomas Franklin, jr. Miss. 
A. 88 

Pew, R. M St. Paul, Minn 

Peyton, Cornwell K. N.Y.G 74- De- 
Peyton, G. W. ...;.. . .Rapidan, Va 

Peyton, J. W University, Va 

Peyton, J. B Lebanon, Tenn 

Pfaff, W. P Indianapolis, Ind 

Pfahler, A. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Pfau, O. L Poland, Ohio 

Pfeiffer, H. M... Cedar Falls, Iowa 

Pfund, S. R San Francisco, Cal 

Phares, J. S. Va.D 61. Deceased 

Phelan, C. A Chicago, 111 

Phelps, Cyrus T. D. Mich.A 76. De- 

Phelps, Franklin W. Pa.B 61. De- 

Phelps, H. J Rochelle, 111 

Phelps, H Lewiston, 111 

Phelps, John Wilson. Pa.B 58. De- 
Phelps, Milton Moore. Pa.B 59. De- 

Phelps, P Milwaukee, Wis 

Phelps, S Bellevue, Pa 

Phelps, W. L Chicago, 111 

Phetteplace, A. T. S. 

Providence, R I 

Philbrick, C. H Providence, R I 

Philthower, C. A.Mountainville, N J 
-Philips, A. J. Pa.G 

Philips, C New York, N Y 

Philips, D. P Kenton, Ohio 

Philips, E. S....Kennet Square, Pa 
Phillips, Frances Mason. Miss. A. 

*Phillips, Frank C. Ohio D 

Phillips, F. H New York, N Y 

Phillips, F. H New York, N Y 

Phillips, F. L Pittsburg, Pa 

Phillips, G. C Hershey, Pa 

Phillips, G. F Biuefield, W Va 

Phillips, G. W Scranton, Pa 

Philips, G. M Westchester, Pa 

Phillips, G. B Springfield, Ohio 

Phillips, H. E Buffalo, N Y 

Phillips, H. O Indianapolis, Ind 

Phillips, J. K Mortonville, Pa 

Phillips, John Bovier. Pa E 75. De- 


Phillips, John Wilson. Pa.B 58. De- 

ppo SCO. 

Phillips, M. G Victoria, B C 

Phillips, P. P St Louis, Mo 

Phillips, Phillip, jr. Ohio A 86. De- 

Phillips, R Atlanta, Ga 

Phillips, T New York, N Y 

Phillips, W. C. .. .Birmingham, Ala 

Phillips, W. K Nashville, Tenn 

Philp, W. R Omaha, Neb 

Phinney, A. A Seattle, Wash 

Phinney, W. G Seattle, Wash 

Phipps, C. McC Tampa, Fla 

Pipps, J. G . . .Bedford, Ind 

Piatt, W. H. H... Kansas City, Mo 

Pickard, A. C Tamestown, N Y 

Pickard, J. P Rochester, N Y 

Pickard, J. P Brookville, Pa 

Pickard, R. F Jamestown, N Y 

Pickens, E. R Plymouth, Pa 

Pickens, P. D Phillipi, W Va 

Pickering, William. la. A 69. De- 

Pickett, C. W .-Allegheny, Pa 

Pickett, J. C....San Francisco, Cal 

Pickler, J. A Faulkton, S D 

Piel, A. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Piel, E. W Indianapolis, Ind 

Pierce, Bayard J. Ind. A 69. De- 

Pierce, E. E Franklin, Mass 

Pierce, F. E New York, N Y 

Pierce, H. R Wrentham, Mass 

Pierce, James Bayard. Ind A 69. 

Pierce, J. P., jr Milford, Del 

Pierce, M. W Syracuse, N Y 

Pierce, P. E Pittsfield, Mass 

Pierce, R. G Dorchester, Mass 

Pierce, T. D Columbus, Ohio 

Pierce, T. W St Louis, Mo 

Pierce, W. I New York, N Y 

Pierce, W. E Newburyport, Mass 

Pierson, F. F Wilmington, Del 

Pike, J Jerseyville, 111 

Pike, R. A St. Louis, Mo 

Pike, R. O Bloomington, Ind 

Pillsbury, F. L Milwaukee, Wis 

Pinder, C. F Johnstown, Pa 

Pinder, T. F Philadelphia, Pa 

Pineres, H Brooklyn, N Y 

Pineres, W Brooklyn, N Y 

Pingree, Melvin Augustine. 111. A 

64. Deceased 
Pinkerton, T. N...New York, N Y 
Pinney, H. H. Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Pinney, J. I Cleveland, Ohio 

Pinney, S. N..Ausable Forks, N Y 

Pinto, C. H Chillicothe, Ohio 

Piollet, V. E Spokane, Wash 

Piper, C. E Berwyn, 111 

Piper, J. D Madison, N J 

Piper, L Marysville, Ohio 

Piper, P. F Buffalo, N Y 

Piper, R. G Berwyn, 111 

Piper, W. F Seattle, Wash 

Pirie, G.. L Evanston, 111 

Pirkey, F. W Sedalia, Mo 

Piser, Arthur Le Roy. Ind.G 92. 

Piszczek, S. R Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Petcairn, R Denver, Colo 

Pitcher, A. M Woodbury, N J 

Pitcher, E. A Dover, N J 

Pitcher, Edwin Frank. Pa.Z 62. De- 

Pitcher, G. C Lakeland, La 

Pitcher, H. C Lakeland, La 

Pitner, John Lloyd. Ind.B 69. De- 
Pitney, J. O Norristown, Pa 



Pitt, James F. Mo. A 6g. Deceased 

Pittenger, A. C Boston, Mass 

Pittenger, N. O . ..Bloomington, Ind 
Pittenger, O. M. . ..Alexandria, Ind 
Pittenger, \V. E. . ..Alexandria, Ind 

Pittman, F. K Tonopah, Nev 

Pittman, George Washington Maley. 

Ind. A 65. Deceased 
Pittman, Johnson. Ind. A 65. De- 

Pitts, J. G. Va.B 70. Deceased 

Plain, F. G Aurora, 111 

Plaister, D. M Dubuque, Iowa 

Piatt, C. A Fairport, N Y 

Piatt, Cyrus G. Ohio A 61. De- 


Piatt, E. M Chicago, 111 

Piatt, Frederick Sailley. N.H.A 09. 

Piatt, J. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Piatt, R. E Youngstown, Ohio 

Player, J. P....Va.D 63. Deceased 

Playter, P Los Angeles, Cal 

Pleasants, J Baltimore, Md 

Pleasants, M'Lain. Va.E 77. De- 
Pleasants, R. H., jr. .Baltimore. Md 
Plumer, Arnold Gilmore. Pa.Theta. 

Piummer, R. W. .Washington, D C 
Poague, James Edgar. Va.A 60. De- 

Poague, P Ashland, Ky 

Poague, William Thomas. Va.B 55. 

Poe, S. J. : Baltimore, Md 

Poff enberger, A. T . . New York, N Y 
Pomnberger, J. N . . .Leechburg, Fa 

Pogue, P. L Cincinnati, Ohio 

Pogue, P. McC. .. .Cincinnati, Ohio 
Poindexter, E. W. 

Kansas City, Kans 

Points, G Bedford, Pa 

Points, H Bradford, Pa 

Points, Moses Allen. Pa.Theta 62. 

Pole, J. S Chicago, 111 

Poler, John Wellington. Pa.G 66. 

Polk, C. F Oaktown, Ind 

Polkinhorn, S. . . . Washington, D C 
Polkinhorn, W. O . Washington, D C 
Pollard, B. C. VaG 58. Deceased 

Pollard, J. M El Paso, Tex 

Pollock, F. M Girard, Ohio 

Pollock, G. E. ...... .Dubuaue, Iowa 

Pollock, J. B Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Pomeroy, E. M.San Francisco, Cal 

Pomeroy, J. H Shenandoah, Pa 

Pomeroy, T. W. ., . . .Ben Avon, Pa 

Pond, A. G Akron, Ohio 

Pond, G. K Greenfield, Maes 

Pond, R. A Syracuse, N Y 

Pond, W. F Greenfield, Mass 

Pontius, H. C Canton. Ohio 

Pool, C. F Charleston, W Va 

Pool, L. H Raymond, S D 

Pope, F. S Gardner, Mass 

Porch, F. M Columbus, Ohio 

Pore, Theodore N. Pa. Eta 76. De- 

Porter, A. D Pennvilie, Ind 

Porter, Alfred A. Pa. A 59. De- 
Porter, Arthur Leon. Pa.B 92. De- 

Porter, B. T Greenwood, Miss 

Porter, E. T. Va.D 58. Deceased 

Porter, E. S Chicago, 111 

Porter, E. H Vicksburg, Miss 

Porter, F. G Chicago, 111 

Porter, George U. Pa.E 71. De- 
cease d 

Porter, G. W. W Newark, N J 

Porter, G. M . . . Nebraska City, Neb 

Porter, J. B East Orange, N J 

Porter, J. G Oakland, Cal 

*Porter, James Hiram. N.Y.E 
Porter, James Palmer. Ohio A 62. 

Porter, J. E Yonkers, N Y 

Porter, J. L Pittsburg, Pa 

Porter, Nelson D. Pa. A 59. De- 

Porter, R. E Nashville, Tenn 

Porter, R. E Fairmont, Ohio 

Porter, S. F Los Amgeles, Cal 

Porter, W. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Porterfield, A. W. .New York, N Y 

Porterfteld, E. E.. Kansas City, Mo 

•Porterfield, W. M ... .Lancaster, Pa 

Posey, W. A Washington, D C 

Posey, W. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Post, A. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Post, A. W Westbury, N Y 

Post, E Greencastle, Ind 

Post, H. W Lincoln, Neb 

Post, H. L Asotin, Wash 

Post, N. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Postelwaite, A. W. . .Cheney, Kans 
Postlethwaite, P. B.Cincinnati, Ohio 

Poston, E. D Springfield, 111 

Potter, A. B Ballston Spa, N Y 

*Potter, Frank D. Ohio D. 

Potter, F. M., jr Rome, N Y 

Potter, G. A Altoona, Pa 

Potter, M. A Mason City, la 

Potter, P. H Chicago. Ill 

Pottinger, G Buffalo. N Y 

Poucher, G. E Rochester, Pa 

Poucher, T Petersburg, Ind 

Poucher, W. T Tekamah, Neb 

Poust, G. S Hughesville, Pa 

Powell, B. S Chicago, 111 

Powell, C. S Cleveland, Ohio 

Powell, D Omaha, Neb 

Powell, D. A Columbus, Ohio 

Powell, E. R New York, N Y 

Powell, E Edmonton, N Y 

Powell, F. A Terre Haute, Ind 

Powell, F. J Kittanning, Pa 

Powell, G Carmi. Ill 

Powell, H. R Hempstead, N Y 

Powell, S. W Buffalo, N Y 



Powell, W. A Kansas City, Mo 

Power, Frederick Dunglison. Va.D 

68. Deceased 
Power, Joseph Torence. Pa. A 56. 

Powers, J. L Muncie, Ind 

Powers, P. A. Chicago, 111 

Poyntz, S. M Denver, Colo 

Prather, J. W. 

Woodland Mills, Tenn 

Pratt, D. W Wilmington, N C 

Pratt, F. K.Colorado Springs, Colo 

Pratt, G. N Chicago, 111 

Pratt, K. H Cleveland, Ohio 

Pratt, Orville Charles. Cal.B 97. De- 

Pratt, W. A Healey, Kans 

Pray, T. B Stevens Point, Wis 

Preble, E. C, Fla 

Prebbie, N. H Chicago, 111 

Preble, R. B , . . . Chicago, 111 

Prendergast, J. W.. Brooklyn, NY 

Prentiss,* J. H Chicago, 111 

Prentiss, T. C Watertown, Wis 

Prentiss, W. C. . .Washington, D C 

Prescott, A. Z Lorain, Ohio 

Prescott, J. A Kansas City, Mo 

Prescott, L. L Duluth, Minn 

Prescott, P. M. . .Washington, D C 
Preston, Edmund Randolph. Va.B 

60. Deceased 
Preston, Edward Carrington. Va.A 

54. Deceased 
Preston, Frank. Va.B 57. Deceased 

Preston, G. H Baltimore, Md 

Preston, George Junkin. Va.A 75. 

Preston, H. M New Orleans, La 

Preston, John Alexander. Va.B 69. 

Preston, J. D. .-. .Lewisburg, W Va 
Preston, J. M . Seven Mile Ford, Va 

Preston, R. E Charlotte, N C 

Preston, R. L. .. .Washington, D C 

Preston, R. S Marion, Va 

Preston, S. P Staunton, Va 

Preston, T. B New York, N Y 

Preston, T. S Lynchburg, Va 

Preston, W. C .Lewisburg, Va 

Preston, W. C Richmond Va 

Preuss, P. G Mt. Vernon, N Y 

Price D B Hazleton, Pa 

Price! F. N Trenton, N J 

Price, H. Shell City, Mo 

Price, Harry L Baltimore, Md 

Price, Herbert L Baltimore, Md 

Price, H. H.. Grand Junction, Colo 
Price, Hugh H. Wis.A 78. De- 

Price, J. B Hazleton, Pa 

Price, J. C Washington, D C 

Price, J. E New York, N Y 

Price, J. H Roaring Spring, Pa 

Price, J. R Syracuse, N Y 

Price, Marcus Edward. Ky.A 65. 

Deceased . 

Price, R. E Cleveland, Ohio 

Price, R. M Hazleton, Pa 

Price, S. C Hazleton, Pa 

Price, William. Miss. A 57- De- 

*Price, William B. Pa.Eta 81 
Prichard, J. G ... .Fairmont, W Va 
Prichard, K C . . Huntington., W Va 

Prien, W. F Rochester, N Y 

Priest, Asa Beaumont. N.Y.A 93. 

Priest, E. B Fond du Lac, Wis 

Priestly, W Lodi, Cal 

Prince, B. F Springfield, Ohio 

Prince J. R Tuolumne, Cal 

Prince, S. W Buffalo, NY 

Prindle, J. P., jr Batavia, 111 

Prior, E. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Prior,' J. H Minneapolis, Minn 

Pritchard, M. T Roxbury, Mass 

Pritchett, G. S Evansville, Ind 

Probasco, John Buck. Penn.G 62. 
Deceased ^ T 

Probasco, N. H Plainfield, NT 

Probasco, W. E Chicago, 111 

"Probst, R. W Archibald, Pa 

Proffitt, C. C Garnerville, N Y 

Prosey, H. H ..St. Louis, Mo 

Protheroe, T. G Cleveland, Ohio 

Prout, H. A Springfield, Ohio 

Provost, W. R Chester, Pa 

Prudhomme, Jacques Alphonse. Va. 
B 57- Deceased 

Pruit, A. J Chicago, II 

Pruitt, R. L Evanston, 111 

Pryor, J. H Ireton, Iowa 

Puett, N Austin, Tex 

Puffer, R. A Loveland, Colo 

Pullen P. P Evansville, Wis 

Purcell, T. N. De L. .London, Eng 

Purdy, A. J Buffalo,. NY 

Purdy, D. F Philadelphia, Pa 

Purdy, E... Saratoga Springs, NY 

Purdy, H. L Sunbury, Pa 

Purdy, M. M.So Manchester, Conn 
Purdy, M. D ... .Minneapolis, Minn 
Purdy, Truman Harvey. Pa.G 57- 

Purdy, T. J Sunbury, Pa 

Purkheiser, R. C. . .Columbus, Ohio 
Pursell, William Wilson. Pa.Theta 

75. Deceased 
Purviance, Frank S. Pa. A 73. De- 
ceased , , . _ 

Pursely, W. C Philadelphia, Pa 

T>usey, L. B La Tuque, Canada 

Putnam, C. C, jr. .Brooklyn, N Y 

Putnam, F. D Red Wing, Minn 

Putnam, F. W Red Wing, Minn 

Putnam, G. W. . . .New York, N Y 

Putnam, R. W Red Wing, Mum 

Putnam, W. R.Salt Lake City, Utah 

Pyle F. B Washington, D C 

Pyle, Robert H. Pa. I 79- De- 

Quackenbush, E, B Aurora, 111 



Quarles, J Louisville, Ky 

Quarles, James Addison. Va.A 55. 

Queen, S. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Queisser, C. F.East Cleveland, Ohio 

Querns, A. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Quick, C. A Danville, 111 

Quigley, J. B Lock Haven, Pa 

Quinby, I Monmouth, 111 

Quint, W. S...West Medway, Mass 

Rabb, F. C Portland, Ore 

Rabbitts, J. H Springfield, Ohio 

Raby, J. B Wanesboro, Pa 

Race, H. R Couperville, Wash 

Race, W. P Couperville, Wash 

Racey, R. S Vincennes, Ind 

Radir, P. L Los Angeles, Cal 

Raegener, L. C New York, N Y 

Rafert, G. O Indianapolis, Ind 

Raff, Edward Schneider. Ohio G 77. 


Raff, N. C Canton, Ohio 

Raffensperger, Guy Samuel. Pa.E 

08. Deceased 

Rafert, G. O Indianaoolis, Ind 

Rafter, DeV Holton, Kans 

Railey, R. B Selma, Okla 

Rainey, C. W Pueblo, Colo 

Ralston, B. B Washington, D C 

Ralston, D Cadillac, Mich 

Ralston, D. E Argyle, 111 

Ralston, J. McA.. Ocean Grove, NJ 
Rammelsberg, G. F.New York, N Y 

Ramsay, J. A Collins, Miss 

Ramsey, J. A Houston, Tex 

Ramsey, J. R Lawrence, Kans 

Ramsey, W. C Omaha, Neb 

Randall, D. R Baltimore, Md 

Randall, A Baltimore, Md 

Randall, B Baltimore, Md 

Randall, E. J Chicago, 111 

Randall, G. E. . . .Waynesville, Ohio 

Randall, T. E Indianapolis, Ind 

Randall, L St Paul, Minn 

Randall, R H Chicago, 111 

Randall, Samuel Bond. Ill.B 80. 

Randall. T. H New York, N Y 

Randall, W. R Buffalo, N Y 

Randall, W. D Muscatine, la 

Randall, H. W Baltimore. Md 

Randle, E. H Springfield, 111 

Randle, F. S Aurora, 111 

Randle, G. D Chicago, 111 

Randle, H. F Chicago, 111 

Randolph, A. F Boulder, Colo 

Randolph, C. M Norfolk, Va 

Randolph, H. B Gibson City, 111 

Randolph, P. L Evergreen, La 

Randolph. William W. Va.A 82 
Raney, Robert A. Va.E 73 

Rank, J. E Van Wert, Ohio 

Rankin, H. P Franklin, Pa 

Rankin, W. F Tarkio, Mo 

Ranney, H. P. Va.D 74. Deceased 

Ransom, C. G.... Albert Lea, Minn 
Ransom, J. B, jr. .Nashville, Tenn 

Ransom, M. W Garysburg, N C 

Ransom, M Nashville, Tenn 

Ransom, W. G. .. .Davenport, Iowa 

Ranson, J. H Houston, Tex 

Ranson, T. D Staunton, Va 

Rapelje, W. S Brooklyn, N Y 

Rast, H. H Warrington, Fla 

Rathbone, H. B Leonardo, N J 

Rathburn, M. C Springfield, 111 

Rathvon, S. F Boulder, Colo 

Rathvon, W. R Boulder, Colo 

Ratliff, T A Washington, D C 

Rau, C. D Indianapolis, Ind 

Raub, F. R Monticello, Ind 

Raub, H. L., jr Lancaster, Pa 

Raub, W. S Lancaster, Pa 

Raup, Gustavus P. Ohio B 71. De 

Rawley, Jonathan. Pa.B 58. De- 

Rawlings, J. H Lynchburg, Va 

Rawlings, James M. Va.A 65. De- 
Rawlings, John R. Va.E 71 
Rawlings, Phillip Thomas. Pa.Z 66 

Rawls, C. A Platsmouth, Neb 

Ray, D. P Johnstown, Pa 

Ray, D. C Columbia, S C 

Ray, F. D New York, N Y 

Ray, J. E. R Washington, D C 

Ray, Luke E. Kans. A 76. Deceased 

Ray, P. B Washington, D C 

Ray, Prosser K. Mo. A 69. De- 

Rayher, E. R New York, N Y 

Raymond, A Omaha, Neb 

Raymond, H. I., jr. 

Indianapolis, Ind 

Raymond, H Norfolk, Neb 

Raymond, James Kennard. Pa.Z 80. 

Raymond, J. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Raymond, J. N Chicago, 111 

Raymond, S. B Chicago, 111 

Raymond, S. M Pittsburg, Pa 

Raymond, W. G. . .Iowa City, Iowa 
Raymond, William M..I11.A. De- 
Raynor, W. P. .. .Washington, D C 

Rea, F. I Chicago, 111 

Rea, G. S Loysville, Pa 

Rea, George W. Miss. A 59. De- 

Rea, J. C Pasadena, Cal 

Rea, J. N Johnstown, Pa 

Rea, J. W San Jose, Cal 

Rea, J Mill Valley, Cal 

Rea, J Tacoma, Wash 

Rea, John Patterson. Ohio A 65. 

Read. D. P New York, N Y 

Read, F. W Coffeyville, Kans 

Read, J. S Brooklyn, N Y 

Read, S Washington, D C 



Reade, Thaddeus Constantine. Ohio 
A. Deceased 

Reading, J. G Williamsport, Pa 

Reagan, J. M. Tenn.B 69. De- 

Ream, W. T Green Bay, Wis 

Reavill, D. A... Rock Springs, Wyo 

Reckhow, L. M Rockford, 111 

Reckhow, W. A Rockford, 111 

Redcay, W. F St. Louis, Mo 

Reddick, Earl Wagoner. Ind.B 82. 

Reddick. H. W . . . Knightstown, Ind 

Reddick. C Le Roy, N Y 

Redick, G. M Omaha, Neb 

Redmon, J. C Peru, Ind 

Redmon, J. T Frankfort, Ind 

Reebie, A. W Chicago, 111 

Reed, A. C Mansfield, Ohio 

Reed, C. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Reed, Colin M. Pa. A 67. Deceased 
Reed, Edgar C. Pa.Eta 61. De- 
c Prised 

Reed, E. D Auburn, Me 

Reed, E. T Portsmouth, Ohio 

Reed, E. T Moorhead, Minn 

Reed, G. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Reed, G. A.... Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Reed, G. W. Pittsburg, Pa 

Reed, H. B San Diego, Cal 

Reed, H. F Omaha, Neb 

Reed, H. M Waterloo, Iowa 

Reed, H. M Washington, D C 

Reed, Joseph C. Ind.A 66. De- 

Reed, M. V Lincoln, Neb 

Reed, P Bedford, Pa 

Reed, R. B La Grange. Ill 

Reed, R. D Vicksburg, Miss 

Reed, R. M Holland, Tex 

Reed, R. R River Falls, Wis 

Reed, R. S Fairmont, W Va 

Reed, Will. Ind.B 88. Deceased 
Reed, William. Ohio A 81. Deceased 

Reed, W. A Savannah, Ga 

Reed, W. C New York, N Y 

Reed, W. D San Acacio, Colo 

Reed, W. F Portsmouth, Ohio 

Reed, W. P Portsmouth, Ohio 

Reed, W. S Lincoln, Neb 

Reeder, C. J Carthage, N Y 

Reeder, J. H Schreiber, Canada 

Reeder, N. S., jr Montreal, Can 

Reeg, C. M Findlay, O 

Reese, A. P Mansfield, Pa 

Reese, C. F West Point, Ga 

Reese, Charles W T illiam. Pa.B 74. 

Reese, R. G New York, N Y 

Reese, R. P Johnstown, Pa 

Reese, W. F Edmonton, Canada 

Reeser, T. F Hollidaysburg, Pa 

Reeve, F. E. .Western Springs, 111 

Reeves, D. W Chicago, 111 

Reeves, E. C... Johnson City, Tenn 

Reeves, I. E Jonesboro, Tenn 

Reeves, J Washington, D C 

Reeves, J. D. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Reevs, H. L Rhinelander, Wis 

Reger, D. B . . .Morgantown„ W Va 

Reger, R Charleston, W Va 

Rehkopf, N. B .. .Washington, D C 

Reid, E. H Torrington, Wyo 

*Reid, Henry K. Ind.B 77 

Reid, James Taylor Suter. Va.G 57. 


Reid, J. B Detroit, Mich 

Reid, J. D Mt. Sterling, Ky 

Reid, Samuel McDowell, jr. Va.B 

55. Deceased 

Reiley, W. E Indianapolis, Ind 

Reimer, H Kensington, Md 

Reimers, F. W Rock Island, 111 

Reinhart, C. H Hinton, W Va 

Reinhart, C. S Flushing, N Y 

Reinoehl, Adam Cyrus. Pa.Eta 60. 

Reinoehl, H. W. Ohio B 66. De- 

Reinoehl, W. A Pittsburg, Pa 

Reitler, E. J Beloit, Wis 

Reitzell, W. R Cynwyd, Pa 

Reley, J. W Halifax, Va 

Remensnyder; J. B . New York, N Y 
Remsberg, F. A. .. Springfield, Ohio 

Remschel, R. H Falls City, Tex 

Remsen, J. J Brooklyn, N Y 

Remsen, M. J Queens, N Y 

Remsen, R New York, N Y 

Rencher, G. J De Kalb, Miss 

Renfrew, W. H. . . .Brookline, Mass 

Rengier, R. C Mount Joy, Pa 

Renn, A. E Atchison, Kans 

Renn, P. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Rennolds, R. G Richmond, Va 

Renshaw, David Leslie. Minn.B 09. 

Renshaw, J. W. . . .Coffeeville, Miss 

Renshaw, K Monoma, Iowa 

Renshaw, P Indianola, Miss 

Renwick, J. S Chicago, 111 

Rentz, W. F Atchison, Kans 

Repplier, J. G Reading, Pa 

Reshore, L. T Dowagiac. Mich 

Resley, W. H. Va.D64. Deceased 

Reton, C. G Elizabeth, N J 

Reuling, Robert Charles. Md.A 90. 


Revels, F. W Syracuse, N Y 

Reyer, G. W Nashville, Tenn 

Reynell, C New York, N Y 

Reynolds, B. B .. .Wilmington, N C 
Reynolds, C. L. .Williamsburg, Ind 
Reynolds, Charles W. Ohio A 89.' 


Reynolds, F. C Keyser, W Va 

Reynolds, H. A. 

Walla Walla, Wash 
Reynolds, H. G. 

Stamping Ground, Kv 

Reynolds, H. H Chicago, 111 

Reynolds, H. L Pittsburg, Pa 

Reynolds, Henry Singleton. Va.G 

55. Deceased 



Reynolds, J. F South Bend, Ind 

Reynolds, J. M Norfolk, Va 

Reynolds, J. N. 

Boeus de Toro, Panama 
Reynolds, J. N....New York, N Y 
Reynolds, Nelson Bradford. Pa. Eta 

87. Deceased 
Reynolds, R. W.Newport News, Va 
Reynolds, R. F. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Reynolds, R. V. R. Washington, D C 
Reynolds, W. D...Chun Ju, Korea 
Reynolds, William Watkins. Va.G 
93. Deceased 

Rhater, J. H Harrisburg, Pa 

Rhen, J. C Lebanon, Pa 

Rhoades, J. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Rhoades, Lewis Addison. Mich. A 
81. Deceased 

Rhoades, R. L Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Rhoades, H. B Greencastle, Ind 

Rhodes, B. C Erie, Pa 

Rhodes, C. D Washington, D C 

Rhodes, C. R. . .Kansas City, Kans 
Rhodes, Frank N. Ohio A 75. De- 
Rhodes, H. C Paducah, Ky 

Rhodes, Otis Herbert. Ind.B 92. 

Rhodes, Will E. Ind. A 85. De- 

Rhodes, W St Paul, Minn 

Ribeyre, R R. .New Harmony, Ind 

Riblet, H. G Montreal, Canada 

Rice, A. M. Miss. A 60. Deceased 

Rice, C. E., jr New York, N Y 

Rice, Elmer Grant. Ohio D 89. De- 

Rice, H. W Lexington, S C 

Rice, H. A Elgin, 111 

Rice, Hezekiah C. Va.A 55. De- 
Rice, Jonas Merriam. N.Y.B 88. 

Rice, L. A Oak Park, 111 

Rice, Ulysses Lorenzo. Cal.A 87. 

Rich, Charles B. Pa.B 60. De- 

Rich, E. L Hollister, Cal 

Rich, F. D Rochester, N Y 

Rich, R. F Woolrich, Pa 

Richard, Benjamin. Pa. A 55. De- 
Richard, F. A.... Turtle Creek, Pa 

Richards, A. E Chicago, 111 

Richards, C. C Highland, Ohio 

Richards, C. W Dubuque, Iowa 

Richards, E. M. .. .Virginia, Minn 
*Richards, Harry Slade. Mich. A 78 

Richards, J. C Virginia, Minn 

Richards, J. E..San Francisco, Cal 
Richards, J. H... Boise City, Idaho 
Richards, Joseph Gillespie. Neb. A 
98. Deceased 

Richards, J. W Lancaster, Pa 

Richards, M. W Duluth, Minn 

Richards, Madison Abijah. Ohio A 
63. Deceased 

Richards, V. C Chico, Cal 

Richardson, A. F. .Lancaster, Ohio 

Richardson, A. M Chicago, 111 

Richardson, C. P... Spokane, Wash 
Richardson, C. W.Washington, D 1 

Richardson, D Baltimore, Md 

Richardson, H. C. .Georgetown, Cal 

Richardson, H. B Fulton, S C 

Richardson, H. D . .Hanna, Ind 

Richardson, John Cross Smith. D. 

C.A 74. Deceased 
Richardson, K. F. . Savannah, N Y 
* Richardson, Leland M. Ind.B 13 
Richardson, L. W. . .Hyatsville, Md 
Richardson, M. P. . . Janesville, Wis 
Richardson, M. N.Washington, DC 

Richardson, R. W Oak Park, 111 

Richey, W. N Pittsburg, Pa 

Richie, Newton. Ind. A 65. De- 
Richmond, A. R. 

Dallas Center, Iowa 

Richmond, E. A Ithaca, N Y 

Richmond, G. T. .Prophetstown, 111 
Richmond, L. B.. Dallas Center, la 
Richmond, R. E. .Dallas Center, la 

Richmond, R. M Omaha, Neb | 

Richmond, T. . . .Chattanooga, Tenn 
Richter, William Harrison. Pa.G 55. 

Rickard, J. B Plymouth, Pa 

Rickards, H. S Woonsocket, R I 

Ricker, G. A Meadville, Pa 

Ricketts, P Fort Collins, Colo 

Riddle, F. H Lincoln, Cal 

Riddle, S Media, Pa 

Rider, C. B Chicago, 111 

Rider, W. N Kansas City, Mo 

Ridgaway, C. B Laramie, Wyo 

Ridgely, C., jr.... Kansas City, Mo 

Ridgely, T. E Chicago, 111 

Ridgeway, Charles Nelson. W.Va 

A 94. Deceased 
Riedall, A. H .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Rieley, C. F. Cleveland, Ohio 

Rifenburg, G. La F. .Oak Hill, N Y 

Rigby, W. T Vicksburg, Miss 

Riggins, J. W Clinton, Mo 

Riggs, B Cameron, Mo 

Rightmeyer, William Meredith. Pa. 
E 61. Deceased 

Rigley, J. G Owosso, Mich 

Riheldaffer, W. A. 

Charlottesville, W Va? 

Riker, A B Pat kersburg, W Va 

Rile, A. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Rilev, A. J Altoona, Pa 

Riley, C. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Riley, Jacob Drake. Va.D 63. De- 

Riley, J. B Wheeling. W Va 

Riley, J. W Indianapolis, Ind 

Rilev, M. B Richmond, Ohio 

Rind, R. C Springfield, Ohio 



Rindlaub, J. H Fargo, N D 

Rinear, S. H E Cleveland, Ohio 

Ringer, J. D South Omaha, Neb 

Ringer, W. H Paoli, Kans 

Rinn, J. C . . . Indiana, Pa 

Rinn, S. W Indiana, Pa 

Ripley, G. W Portland, Ore 

Ripley, J. W Maiden, Mass 

Riplev, W. H New York, N Y 

Rippin, W. L Galena, 111 

Risley, W. C Sidney, N S 

Risser, C. H St. Louis. Mo 

Ritchey, J. C Bellevue, Pa 

Ritchey, John Hamilton. Pa. A 62. 

Ritchie, Albert. Va.A 55. Deceased 

Ritchie, A. S Racine, Wis 

Ritchie, M. D Pittsburg, Pa 

Ritchie, M Chambersburg, Pa 

Ritchie, Newton. Ind.A 65. De- 

Riter, L. C Salt Lake, Utah 

Ritter, D Punxsutawney, Pa 

Ritter, John E. Ind.A 72. De- 

Pdtterspach, F. J Adrian, Tex 

Rives, Charles Edward. Va.A 6s- 

Rives, Jefferson. Pa.Z 65. Deceased 
Rives, John C. Pa Z 65. Deceased 

Roach, E. R Baltimore, Md 

Roach, T New York, N Y 

Roach, L. J Muskogee, Okla 

Roach, P. R... ..Rock Rapids, Iowa 

Road, H. C Muskegon, Mich 

Roark, Burchard Hayes. Ind.B 00. 

Robb, C. S Hebron, 111 

Robb, C. K Philadelphia, Pa 

Robb, E. F ' Hopkins, Mo 

Robb, F. N Chicago, 111 

Robb, J. K ...Gettysburg, Pa 

Robb, L. J . New Cumberland, W Va 

Robb, M. S Detroit, Minn 

Robbins, A. M Cleveland, Ohio 

Robbins, C. P Washington, D C 

Robbins, C. H. North Yakima, Wash 
Robbins, C. LeR. . Wilkes-Barre, Pa 

Robbins, L. J Cleveland, Ohio 

Roberson, W. W. Ia.A 69 
Roberts. Alfred C. Pa.I 78. De- 
Roberts, Charles Chester. Ohio A 85 
Roberts, D. C . Salt Lake City, Utah 
Roberts, E. E. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Roberts, F. A. New Richmond, Ohio 
Roberts, F. T.Salt Lake City, Utah 
Roberts, G. M . . Lawrenceburg, Ind 
Roberts, H. L.Salt Lake City, Utah 

Roberts, H. F Manhattan, Kans 

Roberts, J. H. R St. Louis, Mo 

Roberts, L New York, N Y 

Roberts, M. T New York, N Y 

Roberts, R. R ...Waterman. HI 

Roberts, T Minneapolis, Minn 

Roberts, T. H Waterman, 111 

Roberts, W. M Redlands, Cal 

Robert!? W. L Manchester, N H 

Roberts, W. M Altoona, Pa 

Roberts, W. N.Holland Patent, N Y 

Robertson, D Conde, S D 

Robertson, F. H...New York, NY 
Robertson, James S. Pa. A 58. De- 
Robertson, J. W., jr. 

New York, N Y 

Robertson, T. C Columbia, S C 

Robertson, T. R Charlotte, N C 

Robertson, W. H. Minneapolis, Minn 
Robertson, W. K. . River Forest, 111 
Robertson, William M. Pa. A 59. 

Robins, A. B Marvsville, Ohio 

Robinson. C Charleston, W Va 

Robinson, Charles Dickens. Ind.B 

89. Deceased 
Robinson, C. P. . . . . .. Pittsburp- Pa 

Robinson, C. S Parker, Pa 

Robinson, E. B Riverhead, N Y 

Robinson, E. B Johnstown, Pa 

Robmson, E. S Scottsdale, Pa 

Robinson, E. A Sharpsburg, Pa 

Robinson, E. S Springfield, 111 

Robinson, E. M Cleveland, Ohio 

Robinson, E. P.Sodus Center, N Y 
Robinson, Elisha Marshall. Pa.B 79. 

Robinson, Emery. Pa.G. Deceased 

Robinson, E. F Kansas City, Mo 

Robinson, G. A ... Kansas City, Mo 

Robinson, H. J Brooklyn, N Y 

Robinson, PI. R Pitman, N Y 

Robinson, J. B Evanston, 111 

Robmson, J. F ..Nevada, Mo 

Robinson, J. J Princeton, Ind 

Robinson, L. B... Sioux City, Iowa 
Robinson, L. St. C.Bakersfield, Cal 

Robinson, P. C Kenton, Ohio 

Robinson, P. A Bolivar Pa 

Robmson, P Ocala,' Fla 

Robmson, R Baltimore, Mr] 

Robinson, Richard Alexander, Va.P. 

93- Deceased 
Robinson, Robert F. Fa. Eta 67. De- 

Robinosn, R. M Englewood, N I 

Robinson, Thomas PI. Ohio G 7.4. 

Robinson, T. L Akron, Ohio 

Robmson, W. A. . .Cincinnati, Ohio 
Robinson, W.Colorado Springs, Colo 
Robinson, William Henry. Pa.B 58. 

Robinson, William Houts. N.Y.A 
83. Deceased 

Robinson, W. W Perry, N Y 

Robinson, W. D Princeton, Ind 

Robison, Thomas Ashley. Ohio G 
74. Deceased 

^obison, W. S Cleveland. Ohio 

Roby, F. McB Cleveland, Ohio 

Rochow, C. A. W York Pa 



Rockey, C. H Waynesboro, Pa 

Rockwell, L. H. 

Rockville Centre, N Y 

Rockwood. C. A Culver, Ind 

Rockwood, J. A Portland, Ore 

Rodgers, A. S Springfield, Ohio 

Rodgers, G. D Muskogee. Okla 

Rodgers, John Bland. Pa. A 01 

Rodgers, J. L Chicago, 111 

Rodgers, W Lexington, Ky 

Rodgers, William Hammond, Pa.G 
94. Deceased 

Rodman, W. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Rodolph. F. E Mill Valley, Cal 

Rodriguez, Flaminio Aimisto. Va.G 
76. Deceased 

Roe. R. E Ketchitzan. Alaska 

Roehl, Charles Werner. Ind. A 88. 

Roessel, L. C. H Brooklyn, X Y 

Roettinger, S. C ... .Wyoming. Ohio 
Roffensperger, G. S . Arendsville, Pa 

Rogers, A Washington, Ind 

Rogers, A. J Chicago, 111 

Rogers, B. E Danville, Pa 

Rogers, C. J Kansas City, Mo 

Rogers, Perry. Ia.x\ 64. Deceased 

Rogers, E. A Canisteo, N Y 

Rogers, F. R Haverhill, X H 

Rogers, G. P... Michigan City, Ind 
Rogers, H. G... Michigan City, Ind 

Rogers, H. T Champaign, 111 

Rogers, Joseph Milton. Ind.B 78. 

Rogers, O. M Dixon, 111 

Rogers, P Louisville, Ky 

Rogers, S. W Portage, Wis 

Rogers, S. C San Angelo, Tex 

Rogers, W. B Laurel, Miss 

Rogers, W. X . . . Sanbornville, X" H 

Rohrkaste, E Pittsburg, Pa 

Rohrer, John Quincy Adams. Pa.G 

^7. Deceased 
Rollins, Charles Willard. Ia.G 68. 

Rollins, Frank Blair. Mo. A. De- 

Rollins, H. E Austin. Tex 

Rollow. J. D Clarksville, Tenn 

Ralph. W. H Portland, Ore 

Romer, A. S White Plains, X Y 

Rommel, F. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Rooks, B. A Whittier, Cal 

Roome, Edward. D.C.A 84. De- 

Roonev, T. J Scarsdale, X Y 

Roop, H. W McKeekin. Fla 

Roose, W. S.. jr. .Washington, D C 

Root, C. G Hindsdale, 111 

Root. C. L Lyons, Iowa 

Root, C. W Lvons, Iowa 

Root, R. W. G Hinsdale, 111 

Root. Z. D Chicago, 111 

Rootes, E. W Grand View, Tex 

Rosbrook, H. W Dixon, 111 

Rosborough, J. J Oakland. Cal 

Roscoe, B. L Xashville, Tenn 

Rose, B. B Memphis, Tenn 

Rose, H. A. Pa.D 61 
Rose, H. H. 

Xew Martinsville, W Ya 

Rose, R. H Xew York, X Y 

Rosenberg, P. W Rochelle, 111 

Rosenblatt, L. G . . . Xew York, X Y 
Rosendale, E. A. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Rosenmiller, David Porter. Pa. Eta 
61. Deceased 

Rosenmiiller, G. F Astoria, Ore 

Ross. A. C Wooster, Ohio 

Ross. C. B Cleveland, Ohio 

Ross, D. L. .. .Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Ross, E. Y Xewport. R I 

Ross, F. C San Jose, Cal 

Ross, F. E Ripley, Ohio 

Ross, G. C Parkersburg, W Ya 

Ross, Gerald Grant. Ind. A 89. De- 

Ross, G. G Mt. Ayr, Iowa 

Ross, G. W... Indian Harbor, Mich 

Ross, H. X Boston, Mass 

Ross, James C Lafayette, Ind 

Ross, J. A Robinson. Ill 

Ross, J. D Brooklvn. X Y 

Ross, T. P Bakersfield, Cal 

Ross. J. W Modesto, Cal 

Ross, X Albany, X Y 

Ross, P Evanston, 111 

Ross. R. S Albany, X Y 

Ross, W. A Lafayette, Ind 

Ross. W. X Providence, R I 

Rossberg. F. H Garfield. L'tah 

Roswell, E. S Xew York, X Y 

Roswell, G. C Chicago, III 

Rote, A. F Monroe, Wis 

Rote, R. L Monroe, Wis 

Roth, G. W Rock Island, 111 

Roth, W. F Rock Island, 111 

Rothermel, A. H Reading, Pa 

Rothrock, J. H Xew York, X Y 

Rothrock, J. J Lansdale. Pa 

Roudenbush, F. W.. Memphis, Tenn 
Round, George F. Pa.Z 59. De- 
Round, William C. Pa.Z 59. De- 

Rous, F. P Xew York. X Y 

Rouss. A. H. S . . Kobletown, W Va 

Routh, H, B Logansport, Ind 

Routh, J. E., jr. .Xew" Orleans, La 

Row. A. L Clearfield, Pa 

Rowan, S. L Indianapolis. Ind 

Rowand, A. T Pittsburg, Pa 

Rowand, H. H Verona, Pa 

Rowe, A. O Houghton. Mich 

Rowe, G. G. 111. A 07. Deceased 

Rowe, T. P Missoula, Mont 

Rowell." E. S Fordham, X Y 

Rowell, W. A Milwaukee, Wis 

Rowland, A. J Philadelphia, Pa 

Rowland, H. A Baltimore, Md 

Rowland, J. T., jr. Jersey City, X J 
Rowland. S. C . .Crawfordsville, Ind 
Rowland, S. E....Port Deposit, Md 
Rowland, W. L Philadelphia, Pa 


Rowlands, D. D Detroit, Mich 

Rowley, Jonathan. Pa.B 58, De- 
*Rownd, William E. Ohio A 06 

Royer, K. H Rebersburg, Pa 

Royse, C. D Rapid City, S D 

Royse, W. B Rapid City, S D 

Rubus, f. R London, Ind 

Rubey, H. K West Stayton, Ore 

Ruby,Lucius Henry. Pa. A 73. De- 

Ruckman, H. B .Helena, Tex 

Ruddell, A. G. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Ruddell, F. S Indianapolis, Ind 

Rudolph, E P... East Cleveland, O 

Rudy, F. T Lacygne, Kans 

Rue, David Edgar. Pa.G. Deceased 
Ruenning, Lewis C. . . .Wis.G 96 

Ruffner, E. L Iliola, Panay, P I 

Ruffner, W. A. . .Charleston, W Va 

Rugg, W. F Peekskill, N Y 

Ruggles, D. G Houston, Tex 

Ruggles, W. B Houston, Tex 

Ruhe, A. S New York, N Y 

Ruhe, E. B Bucyrus, Ohio 

Ruhl, J. H Middletown, Pa 

Rule, H. V Mason City, Iowa 

Rumbaugh, L. F. .Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Rumsey, J. D Princeton, 111 

Runcie, J. W Princeton, Ind 

Runk, C. E Harrisburg, Pa 

Runk, H. A Harrisburg, Pa 

Runkle, H. L ...Kenton, Ohio 

Runyan, Bentley Hill. Mo. A 69. 

Runyan, E. L Hollister, Cal 

Runyon, W. K Newark, N J 

Rupe, W. A Rock Port, Mo 

Rupley, F. A... .Mechanicsburg, Pa 

Rush, G. A Lawrence, Kans 

Rush, G. F Chicago, 111 

*Rush, J. F. Pa.G 

Rush, J. A Denver, Colo 

Rush, R. J Fort Wayne, Ind 

Rush, William Terrell. Miss. A 81. 

Rushman, H. F Salina, Kans 

Russell, A Niagara Falls, N Y 

Russell, A. McP Bedford, Pa 

Russell, A. C. H..Fort Valley, Ga 

Russel, C. A Hughesville, Pa 

Russell, E. B Massena, N Y 

Russell, E. P Chicago, 111 

Russell, E. W Los Angeles, Cal 

Russell, G. W Springfield, Ohio 

Russell, Howard Carlyle. D.C.A 85. 

Russell, J. W Bonham, Tex 

Russell, J. St. C.Saranac Lake, N Y 
Russell, Reister Kephart. Pa.E 93. 

Rust, E. S Berkeley, Cal 

*Rust, Richard F. Ohio A 

Ruth, David. Pa.G 57. Deceased 

Ruth, R. W Aurora, 111 

Ruth, T. De C Princeton, N J 

Ruth, V. A Des Moines, Iowa 

Rutledge, H. W Oakland, Cal 

Rutledge, W. O Summit, Miss 

Ryan, E. E. . .Jamaica Plains, Mass 

Ryan, E Dubuque, Iowa 

Ryan, H. J Stanford Univ, Cal 

Ryan, James A Dubuque, Iowa 

Ryan, John A Dubuque, Iowa 

Ryan, J. E Janesville, Wis 

Ryan, M Anderson, Ind 

Ryan, T. M.McLallen's Corners, Pa 

Ryder, B. F Cotuit, Mass 

Ryder, R. L Boston, Mass 

Ryder, S Carmel, N Y 

Ryman, G. H Marion, Ind 

Ryman, William Penn. N.Y.A 70. 

Ryne, M Hunts County, N S 

Sackett, Ozias Harlan. Pa.B 59. 


Saddler, F New York, N Y 

Sadtler, E. B Richmond, Va 

Sadtler, H. P..Mt Washington, Md 

Sadtler, S. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Sadtler, S. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Safely, C. H... Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Sage, A. P. H Cockrun, Miss 

Sage, R. H Delavan, Wis 

Sagebeer, J. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Sagendorph, G. A. 

Newton Centre, Mass 

Sailer, J Philadelphia, Pa 

Saint, H. Y. .North Yakima, Wash 

Saint, O. R Hackensack, N J 

St. Amant, L. . ..Bordeaux, France 
St. Goar, C. E..San Francisco, Cal 
St. Johns, W. I... Los Angeles, Cal 
Sale, George. Wis.G 94. Deceased 

Salisbury, H. A Omaha, Neb 

Salsbury, A. G....Los Angeles, Cal 

Salter, W. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Sample, Benjamin, F. Miss. A 60. 

Sample, Jones Harvey. Miss. A 60. 


Samuels, H. W Oakland, Cal 

Sanborn, E. R Erie, Pa 

Sanborn, G. F Fruitvale, Cal 

Sanders, A. P Emory, Va 

Sanders, C. P Spartanburg, S C 

Sanders, C. E Cleveland, Ohio 

Sanders, E Kosciusko, Miss 

Sanders, G. W Detroit, Mich 

Sanders, James William. Pa.Z 59. 


Sanders, J. A Manhattan, Nev 

Sanders, R. A Providence, R I 

Sanderson, H. B .. .Milwaukee, Wis 
Sanderson, M. H. 

Holly Springs, Miss 

Sanderson, R. H Waltham, Mass 

Sands, C. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Sands, J. E., jr. . . T Yardley, Pa 

Sands, Joseph F. N.Y.G 76. De- 

Sanford, B Palo Alto, Cal 

Sanford, E. M Milledgville, Ga 




Sanford, W. F Berkeley, Cal 

Sanger, F. M., jr..Norwalk, Conn 

Sanger, U. G Denver, Colo 

Santley, W. R Wellington, Ohio 

Sargeant, F. C.Salt Lake City, Utah 

Sargeant, F. P Arlington, N J 

Sargeant, G Paris, France 

Sargeant, P. E. . .Manchester, N H 

Sargent, R Sandy Creek, N Y 

Sartorios, A. M Brooklyn, N Y 

Sartorius, H. U Brooklyn, N Y 

Sar'torius, O. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Sass, F Chicago, 111 

Sass, G Chicago, 111 

Sass, Louis. Ill.B 94. Deceased 

Satterlee, F. P Hay ward, Cal 

Sattley, H. V Dallas, Tex 

Saunders, C. L...Los Angeles, Cal 
Saunders, J. K....New York, N Y 
Saunders, John Wales. N.Y.D 87. 

Saunders, R. C, jr. . .Seattle, Wash 
Saunders, Thomas Walker. Va.A 06. 

Saunderson, F. W.Cedarhurst, N Y 

Savage, E. P St Paul, Minn 

Savage, H. S. Ill.G 78. 
Savage, William H. Ohio A 68. De- 
Sawbridge, B. M..N Yakima, Wash 

Sawhill, W. H Ames, Iowa 

Sawtelle, A. L Wheeling, W Va 

Sawyer, A. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Sawyer, B. F Bucyrus, Ohio 

Sawyer, E. E Toronto, Canada 

Sawyer, E. E Marysville, Ohio 

Sawyer, L. M., jr. Kansas City, Mo 

Sawyer, W. A Marysville, Ohio 

Saxby, C. L Superior, Wis 

Sayers, S. R Wytheville, Va 

Sayler, A Huntington, Ind 

Sayler, J. M Huntington, Ind 

Sayler, S. M Huntington, Ind 

Sayre, F. M Westerville, Ohio 

Sayre, H. E Westerville, Ohio 

Sayre, W. N Mt Hood, Ore 

Scaife, M. G. B...Carmel Hill, S C 
Scantelbury, P. F. 

Winchester, Idaho 
Scarritt, Edward L. Ind.A 78. De- 
Scarritt, Eugene Winthrop. Ind.A 
78. Deceased 

Scarritt, W. T Kansas City, Mo 

Schaefer, C. A Chicago, 111 

Schaeffer, C. H Reading, Pa 

Schaeffer, E. H Peoria, 111 

Schaeffer, G. F. .Spartanburg, S C 

Schaeffer, P. H Philadelphia. Pa 

Schaeffle, Ernest Hershell. Pa.G 67. 

Schafer. C. C Decatur, Ind 

Schafer, F. F Faceville, Fla 

Schafer, S. B Martinsburg, Pa 

Schafer, W. B Ottumwa, Iowa 

Schaffner, A. M Catawissa, Pa 

Schaffner, W Marion, Ohio 

Schaub, E. L. F. . ..Columbus, Ohio 

Schell, E. A Mt Pleasant, Iowa 

Schell, William Trumbanor. Pa.E 
64. Deceased 

Schellenger, R. W Beloit, Wis 

Schelling, F. E. .. .Philadelphia, Pa 

Schenck, C. R Great Neck, N Y 

Schentz, E Brooklyn, N Y 

^Scherck, Isaac Lewis. Miss. A 02. 
Schermerhorn, H. B.Lexington, Va 

Schick, R. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Schiener, Edgar Noe. Pa.Theta 90. 

Schiller, H. E Central City, Neb 

Schilling, A. H..New Britain, Conn 

Schilling, C Oakland, Cal 

Schilling, F. E Buffalo, N Y 

Schillo, E. W Chicago, 111 

Schindewolf, T. E Kenton, O 

Schlottman, G New York, N Y 

Schlueter, T Oakland, Cal 

Schmid, J. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Schmid, R. C. . ..Minneapolis, Minn 

Schmid, R. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Schmid, V. A Johnstown, Pa 

Schmidt, C. O Wheeling, W Va 

Schmidt, C. B Springfield, Ohio 

Schmidt, P. S...E Cleveland, Ohio 
Schmidt, W. G. W.Lake Forest, 111 

Schmilker, R. C Christman, 111 

Schmoeger, H. J Sterling, 111 

Schmucker, Samuel Davies. Penn. 
E 62. Deceased 

Schnauber, F. J Syracuse, N Y 

Schneider, Frederick Herbert. Ohio 

G 77. Deceased 
Schneider, J. P... .Springfield, Ohio 

Schnitker, R. C Christman, 111 

Schnur, G. E Chicago, 111 

Schnure, Charles H. Ohio B 73. De- 
Schnure, Karl Wilhelm. N.Y.B 94. 

Schoch, S. H Selin's Grove, Pa 

Schock, P. F Mt Joy, Pa 

Schofield, Charles T. Pa.B 83. De- 

Scholler, H. M..Crawfordsville, Ind 
Schoolcraft, J. L.San Francisco, Cal 

Schooley, E. F Kansas City, Mo 

Schooley, William Fowler. Pa.G 69. 

Schoonmaker, H. S.New York, N Y 
Schow, Karl. 111. A 68. Deceased 
Schramm, T. E..San Antonio, Tex 
Schraudenback, H. M.. Chicago, 111 

Schreyer, J. Y Milton, Pa 

Schroeder, C. H Spencer, Iowa 

Schroeder, F. E. D. .Lancaster, Pa 

Schroeder, P. E Racine, Wis 

Schrontz, C. A Washington, Pa 

Schrontz, J. F Washington, Pa 

Schubert, F. R Akron, Ohio 

Schucht, H. O Racine, Wis 

Schuette, R. W New York, N Y 

Schuler, E. J Gadsden, Ala 

Schultz, C. D Washington, Pa 



Schultz, C. G. . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Schultz, R. S Hannibal, Mo 

Schuman, A. P.Grand Rapids, Mich 
Schurz, Carl. N.Y.A 70. Deceased 
Schuyler, H. H. C. 

Webster Grove, Mo 

Schuyler, H. McC Chicago, 111 

Schwake, F. W.Nebraska City, Neb 
Schwartz, David Lewis. Pa. Eta 60. 


Scobey, W. P Franklin, Tenn 

Scoble, W. D Washington, Ind 

Scofield, W. H Mayville, N Y 

Scotney, W. C Ridley Park, Pa 

Scott, Alexander Wenfield. Pa.A 58. 


Scott, C. H Fredericksburg, Va 

Scott, C. R Belvidere, II! 

Scott, C. T Mayville, N Y 

Scott, C. J .Wilmington, Del 

Scott, E. L New York, N Y 

Scott, F. E. New York, N Y 

Scott, G .Aurora, 111 

Scott, G. V Chester, W Va 

Scott, Henry Franklin. Tenn. A 59. 


Scott, J. A Duluth, Minn 

Scott, J. H Lafayette, Ind 

Scott, J. K Newark, Ohio 

Scott, J. McP Hagerstown, Md 

Scott, J. T. la. A 71. Deceased 
Scott, John Waverly. Va.A 76. De- 

Scott, L. M New York, N Y 

Scott, O. L Wabash, Ind 

Scott, Robert Taylor. Va.A 54. De- 

Scott, W. A Charlotte, Va 

Scott, W. G.., Lincoln, Neb 

Scott, W. L Prentiss, Miss 

Scott, Wesley Bartlett. Cal.G 99. 

Scott, W. R Halsted, Kans 

Scott, W. W Fargo, N D 

Scovill, H. T Evanston, 111 

Scranton, E. W. Ind.G 84. De- 

Scribner, A. H Omaha, Neb 

Scroggs, George. Ill.B 66. De- 

Scudder, H. T New York, N Y 

Sealand, Orlen W. Ohio E. De- 

Seaman, G. A Williamsport, Pa 

Seaman, J. H Yonkers, N Y 

Seaman, P. C Leetsdale, Pa 

Seaman, William H., jr. Pa.A 05. 

Seaman, W. L Glen Cove, N Y 

Seamans, R. L. . . .Kendalville, Ind 
Searles, Francis Marion. Ohio A 63. 

Searles, J. C Kansas City, Mo 

Searight. W. H. . . .Logansport, Ind 
Sears, Charles Wilbur. Ia.A 93. 
Sears, Clinton Brooks. Ohio A 62. 

Sears, J. D Bloomfield, N J 

Sears, W. C....New Britain, Conn 

Seaton, J. C Atchison, Kans 

Seaton, S. G Cleveland, Ohio 

Seaver, R. W Columbus, Pa 

Sebring, K. C Sebring, Ohio 

Seddon, J. A St. Louis, Mo 

Seddon, W. C Baltimore, Md 

Sedgwick, A. E...Los Angeles, Cal 
Sedgwick, F. G. .Minneapolis, Minn 
Sedgwick, J. P. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Seebree, F. B Kansas City, Mo 

Seeburger, W. H.Terre Haute, Ind 
Seeger, Edgar Percival. N.Y.A 95. 

Seelbach, W. L. .E Cleveland, Ohio 

Seeley, W. L Yonkers, N Y 

Seeman, G. McH. .. .Superior, Neb 
Seerley, H. H.... Cedar Falls, Iowa 

Seger,' J. P Edison Park, 111 

Seibels, J. T Columbia, S C 

Seiberling, A. S Akron, Ohio 

Seiberling, J. F Akron, Ohio 

Seibold, A. B Washington, D C 

Seip, T. L Allentown, Pa 

Selby, A. D Wooster, Ohio 

Selby, H. R Portsmouth, Ohio 

Selby, M. W Portsmouth, Ohio 

Selden, G. W St Louis, Mo 

Seligman, E New York, N Y 

Seligman, G. W...New York, N Y 

Seligman, I. N New York, N Y 

Seligman, J New York, N Y 

Selkirk, R. W Fishtail, Mont 

Selleck, W. A Lincoln, Neb 

Seller, W, W Greencastle, Ind 

Sellers, C. E Emmitsburg, Md 

Sellers, J. P Marysville, Ohio 

Sellers, J. W Springfield, Ohio 

Sellers, L. B York, Pa 

Sellers, M. P Carlisle, Pa 

Sellers, W. C Marysville, Ohio 

Selleseth, I. F Glenwood, Minn 

Selzer, M. R. . . Nebraska City, Neb 

Semans, E. M Delaware, Ohio 

Semans, H. M Columbus, Ohio 

Semans, R. L Kendallville, Ind 

Semans, W. M Delaware, Ohio 

Semans, William Oliver. Ohio A 68. 

Semans, W. O., jr. .Delaware, Ohio 

Sencenbaugh, C. V Aurora, 111 

Sergeant, Joseph. Pa.G 68. De- 

Servis, J. H New York, N Y 

Sessions, C. N. .. .Muskegon, Mich 
Settelmeyer, F. H.Gardnerville, Nev 
Settlemyer, W. H.Middletown, Md 

Seward, B. F Neck City, Mo 

Seward, J. J Erie, Pa 

Seward, O. P Mattawan, Mich 

Sexton, D. P Nashville, Tenn 

Sexton, L. A New York, N Y 

Sexton, L. S Hazlehurst, Miss 

Sexton, R. L Everett, Wash 

Seyfert, E. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Seyl, P. W Chicago, 111 



Seymour, C. M Seattle, Wash 

Seymour, E. N Coffeeville, Miss 

Seymour, P. H Duluth, Minn 

Shackleford, D. S...E1 Reno, Okla 
Shafer, Dudley Conn. Ill.B 85. De- 

Shafer, E. C. Brunswick, Md 

Shafer, Joseph. Va.A 82. Deceased 
Shafer, Noah Webster. Jeff. A 59. 

Shafer, W. R Long Beach, Cal 

Shaffer, J. F Prosperity, Mo 

Shaffer. J. S Cannelton, W Va 

Shaffer, P. A St. Louis, Mo 

Shaffer, R. L Morristown, N.J 

Shakespeare, Edward Oram. Pa.Z 

64. Deceased 
Shakespeare, G. O.Philadelphia, Pa 
Shakespeare, J. H.Philadelphia, Pa 
Shallenberger, William Shadrach. 
Penn.G 59. Deceased 

Shallow, E. B New York, N Y 

Shalter, Irenaeus. Pa. Eta 60. De- 

Shanahan, E. J Svracuse, N Y 

Shand, G. E Borkville, S C 

Shand, Robert Coffin. S.C.A 88. De- 

Shanks, L. N Austin, Tex 

Shannahan, E. McN. . . .Easton, Md 

Shannon, J. W Elysburg, Pa 

Shannon, Thomas Jenkins. Ind. A 
77. Deceased 

Shane, P. B Medina, Ohio 

Shaut, P. F Ashland, Ky 

Sharman, James. Miss. A. Deceased 
Sharp, Abraham. Pa.Z 62. De- 

Sharp, N. S Waterloo, Iowa 

Sharp, Robert Nicholson. Wis. A De- 
Sharpe, W. S.. Valley Junction, la 

Shatto, O. B Weldin, Ohio 

*Shattuck, S. M. Kans.A 83 

Shaub, B. W Lancaster, Pa 

Shaver, H. L Chicago, 111 

Shaw, A Lawrenceburg, Ind 

Shaw, E. L Denver, Colo 

Shaw, E. R Indianapolis, Ind 

Shaw, F. H Canal Dover, Ohio 

Shaw, H. E Norwood, Mass 

Shaw, H. F Lawrenceburg, Ind 

Shaw, J. A Manila, P I 

Shaw, R. F Gloversville, N Y 

Shaw, S Chicago, 111 

Shaw, W. I Clearfield, Pa 

Shawloo, M Moulmein, Burma 

Shea, T. E New York, N Y 

Shearer, Richard Baxter. Va.G 56. 

Shedd, C. B Columbus, Ohio 

Shedd, F Columbus, Ohio 

Shedd, G. C Omaha, Neb 

Shedd, Harry. Ohio D 82. Deceased 

Shedd, H. G Omaha, Neb 

Sheean, J. M St. Paul, Minn 

Sheehy, J. F Watsonville, Cal 

Sheerin, D. D. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Sheerin, T. De S.Indianapolis, Ind 

Sheets, A Leesburg, Va 

Sheets, J. C Mooresville, Ind 

Sheibley, B. E York, Pa 

Shelby, David D. Tenn.D;o. De- 

Sheldon, G. H Evanston, 111 

Sheldon, H. M Brooklyn, N Y 

Sheldon, H. G Syracuse, N Y 

Sheldon, R. S ...... Houghton, Mich 

Sheldon, W. B Red Wing, Minn 

Shellabarger, J. M. .Plainfield, N J 

Shelley, C. B Steelton, Pa 

Shelley, D. H. . .Mechanicsburg, Pa 
Shelley, J. L . . . . Mechanicsburg, Pa 
Shelley, T. L., jr. Mechanicsburg. Pa 

Shellito, A. M Sioux Falls, S D 

Shellito, W. H.... Sioux Falls, S D 
Shelton, Charles Oscar. Va.A 54. 

Shelton, David Campbell. Tenn.B 

70. Deceased 
Shelton, Joseph Lincoln. Va.A 58. 

Shelton, M. F Howland, Tex 

Shelton, W. M Seattle, Wash 

Shenk, John W. Pa.Eta 66. De- 

Shenton, R. W Cleveland, Ohio 

Shepard, C. S., jr. .New York, N Y 
Shepard, E. E. Va.D 75 
Shepard, E. A. .Merchantville, N J 
Shepard, F. H. . .Minneapolis, Mm. 
Shepard, H. W. .Merchantville, N J 
Shepard, H. C. .. .Wheeling, W Va 
Shepard, J. C. la. A 74 

Shepard, N. H Columbia, Mo 

Sheperd, D. H Vincennes, Ind 

Sheperd, H. C Vincennes, Ind 

Shepherd, M. P Carbondale, Pa 

Sheppard, J. G. . . .Fort Scott, Kans 

Sheppard, J. H Trenton, N J 

*Sheppard, Robert Dickinson. 111. A 

-Sheppard, Theo. W. Pa.G 
Sheppard, W. L. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Sheppard, W. F. . .Lumberville, Pa 

Sheridan, B. L Paola, Kans 

Sheridan, J. W Paola, Kans 

Sherman, A. F.... Kansas City, Mo 
Sherman, F. T., jr. New York, N Y 

Sherman, H. E Redlands, Cal 

Sherman, H. I Brookston, Ind 

Sherman, James. Miss. A. Deceased 
Sherman, James Silas.- Mo. A .74. 

Sherman, J., jr .Chicago, 111 

Sherman, R Washington, D C 

Sherman, R. E. .. .Morristown, Ind 

Shermer, F. H Bridgeton, N J 

Sherrard, Harry Gray. Mich. A 78. 

Sherred, A Meadville, Pa 

Sherrill, G. P Temple, Tex 

Sherill, R. L Temple, Tex 

Sherwin, F. W New York, N Y 



Sherwood, A. H Fullerton, Cal 

Sherwood, A. J.... Union City, Pa 

Sheurer, J. A Greensburg, Pa 

Sheurer, W. G Greensburg, Pa 

Shewalter, C. W. .Washington, D C 

Shields, E Muncie, Ind 

Shields, John L. Ind.G 72. De- 
Shields, P. L... South Omaha, Neb 

Shields, R. T Lexington, Va 

Shinier, C. E Denver, Colo 

Shinier, H. W. .San Francisco, Cal 

Shimp, F. S Canton, Ohio 

Shinkle, C. V Covington, Ky 

Shipley, J. L Baltimore, Md 

Shipman, C. G.... Ocean Park, Cal 

Shipnes, W. C '.Chicago, 111 

Shippen, Franklin. Pa.B 55. De- 

Shippen, J Seattle, Wash 

Shippy, W. S Richards, Mo 

Shiras, O St. Louis, Mo 

Shirk, Abram P. Pa. Eta 78. De- 

Shirley, H. W Shoals, Ind 

Shirley, R. A Indianapolis, Ind 

Shirts, John Clayton. Pa.A 63. De- 

Shirts. W Noblesville, Ind 

Shiveiey, G. J South Bend, Ind 

Shiveley, J. J South Bend, Ind 

Shivers, I Phoenixville, Pa 

Shoch, J. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Shock, W. G Washington, D C 

Shockley, W. G Phoenix, Ariz 

Shoemaker, H Los Angeles, Cal 

Shoemaker, W. M . .Norristown, Pa 
Sholar, W. J. 

Newton Highlands, Mass 
Shollenberger, C. L... Auburn, N J 

Shonts, T. P New York, N Y 

Shopp, J. H Harrisburg, Pa 

Shore, H. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Shorkley, Elisha. Pa.G 57- De- 
Shorkley, G. Pa.G 90. Deceased 

Shorkley, T. M Rochester, N Y 

Shorse, R. F Milwaukee, Wis 

Short, John T. Ohio A 78. De- 

Short, O. B Chicago, 111 

Short, R. W Mechanicsburg, Pa 

Short, Sidney Howe. Ohio D 76. 

Shortlidge, E. D.San Francisco, Cal 

Shorts, R. P Saginaw, Mich 

Shoup, A. H Greensburg, Pa 

Shoup, F. P New York, N Y 

Shouvlin, D. R. E. Springfield, Ohio 

Showers, R Iowa City, Iowa 

Showers, W. E. . .Bloomington, Ind 

Shrech, J. M York, Neb 

Shreve, Richard Southern. Pa.Z 59. 

Shriber, G Chicago, 111 

Shringer, H. H Chicago, 111 

Shriver, W. P New York, N Y 

Shuart, H. H... Battle Creek, Mich 
Shuart, K. P. .Honeoye Falls, N Y 
Shubrick, A. G. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Shubrick, A. G. . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Shufelt, F. G Malone, N Y 

Shultz, W. Mel Florence, Colo 

Shumacher, R. W Akron, Ohio 

Shumaker, F. W. .Amityville, N Y 

Shumaker, H. K Neenah, Wis 

Shumate, C. P Hickman, Ky 

Shumway, C. E Melrose, Mass 

Shumway, O. M . .Portsmouth, Ohio 
Shumway, R. B . .Portsmouth, Ohio 

Shuster, C. E Rochester, N Y 

Shuter, G Elyria, Ohio 

Shutts, I. E Joliet, 111 

Sibert, E. Luther . .Cincinnati, Ohio 

Sibert, H. W Gatun, Panama 

Sibert, W. O Miami, Fla 

Sibley, J. A.... ...Omaha, Neb 

Sibley, W. E., jr.. Sioux City, Iowa 

Sickels, L. N St. Paul, Minn 

Sickels, W. W..San Francisco, Cal 

Sickler, J. B Peckville, Pa 

Sidener, C. H St. Louis. Mo 

Siebenthal, T Ishpeming, Mich 

Siegenthaler, E. F. 

Walla Walla, Wash 
Siegenthaler, H. N. Springfield, Ohio 

Siemens, W. M St. Joseph, Mo 

Sierer, E Chambersburg, Pa 

Sifferd, W. D Springfield, Ohio 

Sifritt, G. E Marion, Ohio 

Siggins, Alexander Hood. Pa.B 78. 


Siggins, J. B Oil City, Pa 

Sikes, G. C Chicago, 111 

Sill, E. T Pittsburg, Pa 

Silleck, W. M . . . Spartansburg, S C 

Silliman, J. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Simkins, E. J Beaufort, S C 

Simmerman, W G. . .Pendleton, Ind 

Simmons, C. L Richmond, Ky 

Simmons, F. M .. .Wheeling, W Va 
Simmons,' J. D....New York, N Y 

Simmons, R. M Chicago, 111 

Simmons, William Augustus. D.C. 

A 68. Deceased 

Simon, S. M Canfield, Ohio 

Simond, J. J. Deceased 

Simons, F. M Swarthmore, Pa 

Simcns, G. H Troy, N Y 

Simons, G. W Boston, Mass 

Simons, H. J Port Chester, N Y 

Simons, J Carleston, S C 

Simons, T Burlington, N J 

Simonson, W Mineola, N Y 

Simonton, C. S Altoona, Pa 

Simpich, B. G Spokane, Wash 

Simpson, C Long Beach, Cal 

Simpson, F. M Urbana, 111 

Simpson, H. M..Fort Morgan, Colo 

Simpson, H Vincennes, Ind 

Simpson, J. A... Kansas City, Kans 
Simpson, J. P. . . .. Wilmington, Del 
Simpson, John W T ilson. Ohio,G 79. 




Simpson, McN T... Cross Hill, S C 

Simpson, M. A Denver, Colo 

Simpson, M. G Elizabeth, N J 

Simpson, R. W Oak Park, 111 

Simpson, S. S Roscoe, Ohio 

Simpson, W. G Elizabeth, N J 

Simpson, W. A Chicago, 111 

Sims, C. E Washington, D C 

Sims, G. R Chicago, 111 

Sims. G. T Santuc, S C 

Sims, J. D Chicago, 111 

Sinclair, H. W Pocopson, Pa 

Sindlinger, J. H. . . .Waterloo, Iowa 

Sindlinger, J. R Manila. P I 

Siner, John Armstrong. Pa.G 63. 

Singleton H, ....Kansas City, Kans 

Singley, G. L Meadville, Pa 

Singley, W. H Shelby, Ohio 

Sites, F. J Elyria, Ohio 

Sites, J. S Lancaster, Ohio 

Skeele, O. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Skellie, F. A.... Long Beach, Miss 

Skerry, A. W Denver, Colo 

Skerrv, L. M Denver, Colo 

Skiff, *R. F Iowa Falls, Iowa 

Skiff, W. M Cleveland, Ohio 

Skiles, A. R Chicago, 111 

Skillington, D. L.Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Skinner, A. N. . .Washington, D C 
Skinner, E. R. . .Southbridge, Mass 
Skinner, P. R. . . .Chambersburg, Pa 

Skipwith, P. H St. Louis, Mo 

Slaby, F. J., jr Algoma, Wis 

Slack, L. W T Trenton, N J 

Slade, A. A Newark, N J 

Slade, W. C .Pittsfield, Mass 

Slade, W T illiam Sutton. N.Y.D 86. 

Slape, Harry L. Pa.Z 6.6. Deceased 
Slater, D. J.. Richland Center, Wis 

Slater, R. J Warren, Ohio 

Slaughter, C. D.San Francisco, Cal 
Slaughter, D. R.... Green Bay, Wis 

Slaughter, S. C Seattle, Wash 

Slayden, P. L. . . .Steilacoon, Wash 

Slif er, G Greenfield, Ind 

Sloan, A. K Brooklyn, N Y 

Sloan, E. D Cookeville, Tenn 

Sloan, J. T Columbia, S C 

Slocum, J. A Chicago, 111 

Slonaker, J. M Garnett, Kans 

Slutes, M C Cincinnati, Ohio 

Slutz, E. R Atlanta, Ga 

Slutz, R. M Athens, Ohio 

Slyfield, E. U Los Angeles, Cal 

Smale, J. A Chicago, 111 

Smale, W. P New York, N Y 

Small, A. A Anderson, Ind 

Small, Charles Hopkins. Pa. I 83. 


Small, G Tusla, Okla 

Small, O. A Pittsburg, Pa 

Small, R. D Kansas City. Mo 

Small, W. G Taunton, Mass 

Small, W. S Bellevue, Ky 

Smalley, G. R Stanford, Cal 

Smalley, J Bridgeton, N J 

Smalley, J. B Bay City, Mich 

Smallwood, C. B.... Warsaw, N Y 
Smallwocd, I. H. .. .Syracuse, N Y 

Smallwood, M. S Warsaw, N Y 

Smallwood, W. M. . .Syracuse, N Y 

Smallwood, W. T Chicago, 111 

Smallwood, W. F Erie, Pa 

Smart, D. O Kansas City, Mo 

Smart, G Cleveland, Ohio 

Smead, H. B Lead, S D 

Smeallie, J. D. .. .Amsterdam, N Y 
Smedes, Charles Edwards. Wis.G 81 

Smeltzer, C. B...Fort Dodge, Iowa 

Smenner, J. E Cumberland, Md 

Smiley, J. B New York. N Y 

Smiley, W. M Union City, Pa 

Smith, A. J Rio Janeiro, Brazil 

Smith, A. Meade. Va.A 56. Deceased 

Smith, Abraham P Rockford, 111 

Smith, Alan P., jr. . .Baltimore, Md 
Smith, Albert F..E Haddam, Conn 

Smith, Albert T Johnstown, Pa 

Smith, Alexander C. . . .Atlanta, Ga 

Smith, Allard J Milwaukee, Wis 

Smith, Allen J Philadelphia, Pa 

Smith, Andrew B . . .Uniontown, Pa 

Smith, Andrew I Oakland, Cal 

Smith, Archibald M.Winchester, Va 
Smith, Arthur F. .Westminster, Md 

Smith, Arthur F Chicago, 111 

Smith, Barton E Brush, Colo 

Smith, Benjamin L. 

Knightstown, Ind 
Smith, Benjamin P. 

Brookhaven, Miss 

Smith, Carl H Port Deposit, Md 

Smith, Charles A. .. .Concord, N H 
Smith, Charles A., jr. 

Chester, W Va 
Smith, Charles C... Lyndon, Kans 
Smith, Charles H... .Richmond, Ind 
Smith, Charles L. .Los Angeles, Cal 
Smith, Charles M. 

Fredericksburg, Va 

Smith, Charles S Shamokin, Pa 

Smith, Claire H. W....Blanca, Colo 
Smith, Clarence M . . . Springfield, O 
Smith, Clarence W. H. Iowa A 90. 

Smith, Clifford T. 

Fort Gibson, Miss 
Smith, Cornelius M.. Richmond, Va 

Smith, Curtis Q Chicago, 111 

Smith, Cyril A. . . .Somerville, Mass 
Smith, Daniel Snively. Pa.Z 64. De- 


Smith, D. L Mt Vernon, N Y 

Smith, Dill B Conneaut, Ohio 

Smith, Douglas Hasting. Ind.A 85. 

Smith, Earl E. . ..Youngstown, Ohio 
Smith, Edgar F. . . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Smith, Edward D. . .Delaware,, Ohio 
Smith, Edward J. 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 



Smith, Edward N. 

Elizabeth City, N C 
Smith, Edward S ... .Norwood, Ohio 
Smith, Edwin James. Wis.G 80 

Smith, Edwin R Richmond, Ind 

Smith, Edwin Stanley. Ohio G 81. 

Smith, Ellison Du R. 

Lynchburg, S C 
Smith, Elmer H .... .Johnstown, Pa 

Smith, Elwin J Ordway, Colo 

Smith, Ephraim J Newport, Vt 

Smith, Ernest D. .Port Arthur, Tex 
Smith, Ernest S ...... . .Chicago, 111 

Smith, Estel O. . . .Cincinnati, Ohio 

Smith, Eugene, jr Detroit. Mich 

Smith, Everett J. 

Walla Walla, Wash 
Smith, Fielding H .. .Anderson, Ind 

Smith, Frank C Monmouth, 111 

Smith, Frank C Chicago, 111 

Smith, Frank E Modesto, Cal 

Smith, Fred G Johnstown, Pa 

Smith, Frederick F. Pa.D 59. De- 
Smith, George A. .. .Syracuse, N Y 
Smith, George Channing. Kans.A 

78. Deceased 
Smith, George H. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Smith, George M. Pa.I 03. De- 
Smith, George M. . .Brooklyn, N Y 

Smith, George S Latrobe, Pa 

Smith, George T Brooklyn, N Y 

Smith, Gessner Harrison. Va.A 77. 

Smith, Gibson ...Butte, Mont 

Smith, Guy V Chicago, 111 

Smith, H. F.-OhioB 77. Deceased 
Smith, Harold L. .Woonsocket, R I 

Smith, Harry B Springfield, 111 

Smith, Harry W T .. Washington, D *C 
Smith, Harvey F. . .Harrisburg, Pa 

Smith, Hassel W Chicago, 111 

Smith, Henry E. . . .Saegertown, Pa 
Smith, Henry F.W Medford, Mass 

Smith, Henry S Menasha, Wis 

Smith, Herbert J Oswego, N Y 

Smith, Howard H. 

White Plains, N Y 
Smith, Hugh E...Los Angeles, Cal 

Smith, Irving R Arlington, N J 

Smith, J. C. Ohio D 07. Deceased 
Smith, J. Morrison. Va.G 57. De- 

Smith, Jacob L Ligonier, Pa 

Smith, James A. 

Havre de Grace, Md 
Smith, James E. .Washington, D C 
Smith, James H. 

Grand Junction, Colo 

Smith, James M .Minister, Cal 

Smith, James W Meadville, Pa 

Smith, John W Meridian, Miss 

Smith, John W. % 

Grand Junction, Tenn 

Smith, John Wesley. Ohio A. 62. 

Smith, Joseph. Pa.G 60. Deceased 
Smith. Joseph A.Niagara Falls, N Y 

Smith, Josiah S Clio, Ala 

Smith, Julius Arthur. Pa. A 55. De- 
Smith, Kenneth C.Beaver Dam, Wis 

Smith, Kenneth M Latrobe, Pa 

Smith, La Fayette K. 

Springfield, Mass 
Smith, Lawrence H. . .Olyphant, Pa 
Smith, Lawrence L.Waterloo, Iov/a 

Smith, Lee W Wakasha, Minn 

Smith, Lewis W Pittsburg, Pa 

Smith, Lisle A Portland, Ore 

Smith, Livingston. .Philadelphia, Pa 
Smith, Livingston W. 

Lexington, Va 

Smith, Lloyd S Omaha, Neb 

Smith, Lyman Dunning. Ohio A 70. 

Smith, Marcus D Cumby, Tex 

Smith, Melville W. ...Tremp, Spain 
Smith, Mumford, jr. 

Mt. Pleasant, Tenn 

Smith, Nathan R Baltimore, Md 

Smith, Newton B Kokomo, Ind 

Smith, Owen P Austin, Tex 

Smith, Paul G Harrisburg, Pa 

Smith, Paul W Waterloo, Iowa 

Smith, Percy G. . .Washington, D C 
Smith, Phineas C.Clarksburg, W Va 
Smith, Pinckney William. Ind. A 80. 

Smith, Prescott. Ohio A 75. De- 

Smith, Preston H . .Plainfield, N J 
Smith, Ralph K. .E Liverpool, Ohio 

Smith, Ray M Newark, N J 

Smith, Rayburn C.Philadelphia, Pa 
Smith, Raymond H....Ogden, Utah 

Smith, Robert F Wooster, Ohio 

Smith, Robert J..Terre Haute, Ind 

Smith, Robert L Ligonier, Pa 

Smith, Robert P.. Mason City, Iowa 
Smith, Rtfbert W... Stewart, W Va 
Smith, Roger W. .. .Waterloo, Iowa 
Smith Roscoe W. 

Walla Walla, Wash 
Smith, Royal P.. Hess Flats, Ohio 
Smith, S. Decatur, jr. Pa.I 79. De- 
Smith, Samuel C.Hollidaysburg, Pa 
Smith, Samuel E. . ..Richmond, Ind 
Smith, Samuel M. . . Janesville, Wis 
Smith, Samuel R. . . .Richmond, Ind 
Smith, Sheldon H..St. Paul, Minn 
Smith, Sion Bass. Pa.B 58. De- 

Smith, Sion B Bellevue, Pa 

Smith, Stafford B..New York, N Y 

Smith, Stanley J Oakland, Cal 

Smith, Stanton R. .Stroudsburg. Pa 
Smith, Thomas A. .New York, N Y 
Smith, Thomas R. . .Delaware, Ohio 



Smith, Ulysses G. .. Santiago, Chile 
Smith, Vernon D. 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Smith, Vinton Pittsburg, Pa 

Smith, Walter F Goshen, Ind 

Smith, Wilbur H Buffalo, N Y 

Smith, William B . . . Longview, Tex 
Smith, William D.Washington, D C 
Smith, William H., jr. 

Mamaroneck, N Y 
Smith, William J . . . Cleveland, Ohio 

Smith, William S Denver, Colo 

Smith, William S Hinsdale, 111 

Smith, William T...San Diego, Cal 
Smith, William W. Little Rock, Ark 
Smith, Willis B. 

Hampton-Sidney, Va 
Smithey, Frank Holcomb. Va.D 79. 


Smithey, R. B Ashland, Va 

Smithmeyer, F. P. .Lawrence, Kans 

Smutz, B. S Seattle, Wash 

Smyser, M. L Wooster, Ohio 

Smyth, C. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Smyth, D. W Elmhurst, N Y 

Smyth, G. W Uvalde, Tex 

Smyth, S., jr New York, N Y 

Snare, F., jr New York, N Y 

Sneck, H. W Rochester, N Y 

Snedicor, M. D Chicago, 111 

Sneeringer, W. J., jr. Baltimore, Md 

Snell, A. C Rochester, N Y 

Snell, A. V... Oklahoma City, Okla 

Snitzler, J. McC Chicago, 111 

Snell, J. A Pittsburg, Pa 

Snively, Summerfield Emory. Pa.Z 

66. Deceased 

Snively, T. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Snow, B. S Batavia, 111 

Snow, C. A Washington, D C 

Snow, M. McC Nashville, Tenn 

Snow, S. C Chicago, 111 

Snow, T. M Greenfield, Ind 

Snow, W. S Los Angeles, Cal 

Snow, W. T Batavia, 111 

Snow, William Appleton. Kans. A 

87. Deceased 
*Snowden, James H. Pa. A 73 
Snyder, A. E. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Snyder, C. C Riverside, 111 

Snyder, C. R Columbus, Ohio 

Snyder, C. B....N Bloomfield, Ohio 

Snyder, H. H New York, N Y 

Snyder, J. L Uniontown, Pa 

Snyder, L. E New York, N Y 

Snyder, R. B New York, N Y 

Snyder, W. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Snyder, W. B. 

Shepherdstown, W Va 

Soares, T. G Chicago, 111 

Solenberger, A. R. 

Colorado Springs, Colo 

Soles, R. S McKeesport, Pa 

Soles, T. F... Oklahoma City, Okla 

*Sobey, D. A. Pa.G 

Somers, C. R Bridgeport, Conn 

Somers, H San Francisco, Cal 

Somerville, J. H.Clarksburg, W Va 

Somerville, R Greenville, Miss 

Sooy, G Kalamazoo, Mich 

Soper, E. B Emmetsburg, Iowa 

Soper, H. C Palo Alto, Cal 

Soper, M. A Ulster, Pa 

Soper, R. H Palo Alto, Cal 

Sornberger, F. F. .. .Cortland, N Y 

Souder, P. B Lancaster, Pa 

Soule, J. F San Francisco, Cal 

Soule, R. F Freeport, Me 

Southard, D. B Chicago, 111 

Southgate, Llewellyn. Va.A 57. De- 
Southward, A. W....St. Louis, Mo 

Southwick, H. J Friend, Neb 

Southwick, P. O Friend, Neb 

Spalding, A. M . . . . Lawrence, Kans 
Spalding, E. W. .Washington, D C 
Spalding, J. H .. .Washington, D C 
Spangler, A. J.. St Anthony, Minn 
Spangler, F. M. . .Birmingham, Ala 
Spangler, K. B. .. .Lawrence, Kans 
Spangler, William Cornelius. Kans 

A 79. Deceased 
Spangler, W. W. 

Auburn Junction, Ind 

Sparfield, L. J ..Buffalo, N Y 

Sparks, E. V Boone, Iowa 

Sparks, G. F. . . . Youngstown, Ohio 

Sparks, J„ D Sierre Madre, Cal 

Sparks, Samuel Preston. Mo. A 69. 

Sparks, V. K Newark, Ohio 

Sparver, E. C Harrisburg, Pa 

Spatcher, W. S Attleboro, Mass 

Spaulding, R. B Rutland, Vt 

Spaulding, W. V. .Worcester, Mass 
Speaker, John Q. Pa.B 68. De- 

Speaks, S. A Columbus, Ohio 

Spear, E. B Metuchen, N J 

Spear," H., jr Metuchen, N J 

Spearman, C. H..Air Mount, Miss 

Spear, H. F Wheeling, W Va 

Speck, H Lyons, Kans 

Speed, S. B Hudson, N Y 

Speelman, J.... Grand Rapids, Mich 
*Speer, Henry D. Kans. A 91 

Speer, S. C Allentown, Pa 

Spellman, J. M Dallas, Tex 

Spelman, H Brooklyn, N Y 

Spence, Thomas W. Ohio A 68. De- 

Spencer, C. B Iola, Kans 

Spencer, C. C Monticello, Ind 

Spencer, C. E Yorkville, S C 

Spencer, C L Seattle, Wash 

Spencer, D Racine, Wis 

Spencer, E. A St. Paul, Minn 

Spencer, G. W Cleveland, Ohio 

Spencer, James Beaumont. Pa.Z 72. 

Spencer, J. A Bristol, Tenn 

Spencer, John Tuttle. Pa.B 67. De- 



Spencer, L. M..San Francisco, Cal 

Spencer, L. C Baltimore, Md 

Spencer, R. P., jr. .. .Columbus, Ga 

Spencer, R. H Houston, Tex 

Spencer, W. -H.Martinsburg, W Va 

Spencer, W Walla Walla, Wash 

Speoks, C Columbus, Ohio 

Speron, W. P. .Martinsburg, W V.a 

Spe%ry, B. N Englewood, N J 

Sperry, J. C New York, N Y 

Spiegle, R. G Philadelphia, Pa 

Spieker, G. F Allentown, Pa 

Spiker, N. T Cincinnati, Ohio 

Spiller, Elliott. Va.G 76. Deceased 
Spindler, Harry Lytle. Ohio A 69. 

Spitler, M. L. .Oklahoma City, Okla 

Spooner, F. M Toledo, Ohio 

Spotts, R. H Lawrence, Kans 

Spottswood, W. F.Kansas City, Mo 
Sprackman, G. D.. . .Coatesville, Pa 

Sprague, C Haverhill, Mass 

Sprankle, S. K Detroit, Mich 

Sprecher, Samuel. Pa.Theta 70. De- 
Spriggs, A. R... Charles City, Iowa 
Spring, A. D ... .Minneapolis, Minn 
Spring, W. W..West Duluth, Minn 
Springer, C. H . . .Bloomington, Ind 
Springer, Charles Thomas. Cal. A 
81. Deceased 

Springer, G. W Chicago, 111 

Springer, Henry Harwood. N.Y.A 
90. Deceased 

Springer, I. E Barre, Vt 

Springer, J. F. ..New Lebanon, Ind 

Springer, J. W Denver, Colo 

Springer, L. F.. Independence, Iowa 
Springer, Milton Cushing. 111. A 64. 

Springer, T. B..New Lebanon, Ind 

Springer, W. B Sullivan, Ind 

Sproull, C. W Lawrence, Kans 

Sproull, R. D Lawrence, Kans 

Sprout, C. E Williamsport, Pa 

Sprowl, J. R Chester, Pa 

Sprowl, W. C Chester, Pa 

Sprowls, H. V Claysville, Pa 

Sprowls, J. S Keokuk, Iowa 

Squire, W. C Stanley, N Y 

Squires, C. N Brighton, N Y 

Squyer, F. S Friendship, N Y 

Staats, W. A New York, N Y 

Stackpole, E. G. .Washington, D C 

Stacy, H. M Oswego, N Y 

Stafford, E. J. E Chicago, 111 

Stafford, F. W Keene, N H 

Stafford, G. W. .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Stafford, P. G Sedalia, Mo 

Stahl, G. C Milton, Pa 

Stahle, R Crestline, Ohio 

Stahle, Wallace. Ohio A 67. De- 

Stahley, G. D Gettysburg, Pa 

Stair, L. D Erie, Pa 

Staley, H. R Ardmore, Pa 

Stamps, Edward Roe. Va.G 59. De- 
Stamps, T.... Lumber Bridge, N C 

Stanberry, F Evanston, 111 

Stande, E. M St Louis, Mo 

Standifer, J. N..Mt Carbon, W Va 

Standiford, W. R Manila, PI 

Standley, H. L Wittsburg, Ark 

Stanfield, A. E Renfrew, Pa 

Stangland, R. S...New York, N Y 
Stanhope, H. T. .Washington, D C 
Stanley, E. W. . » .Washington, D C 

Stanley, S. W Sioux Falls, S D 

Stansbury, H Douglas, Wyo 

Stantiford, W. F. .Plattsburg, N Y 

Stanton, F Wheeling, W Va 

Stanton, F. W Cleveland, Ohio 

Stanton, F. L Spokane, Wash 

Stanton, H. S New York, N Y 

Stanton, Irving. Pa.B 71. Deceased 

Stanton, W. L Claremont, Cal 

Stanwood, H. C. . . .Milwaukee, Wis 

Stapleton, W. M Pottsville, Pa 

Starett, W. A Chicago, 111 

Stark, C. J New York, N Y 

Stark, H. F., jr. 

St Anthony Park, Minn 

Starnes, W. D. Evanston, 111 

Starr, C. D....San Francisco, Cal 

Starr, G. E San Francisco, Cal 

Starr, J. W Anderson, Ind 

Starr, L. M Portland, Ore 

Starr, M . . . . .' Cory, Colo 

States, H. J Lander, Wyo 

Statham, G. K Plattsburg, N Y 

Stathers, M . . . .Morgantown, W Va 

Stathers, S. C Weston, W Va 

Statler, R. O Middletown, Pa 

Staud, J. E Pittsburg, Pa 

Staudt, F. H Aurora, 111 

Stauffer, N. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Steadman, N. R. 

Melbourne, Australia 
Steagall, G. W. . . .Tullahoma. Tenn 

Steans, W. I Westfiel'd, N J 

Stebbings, H. E....Park Ridge, 111 

Steeg, L. A Toledo, Ohio 

Steel, C. H Robinson, 111 

Steel, C. W Corydon, Iowa 

Steel, Francis B., jr. Pa. I. De- 

Steel, O. F Princeton, Cal 

Steel, W. B Port Deposit, Md 

Steele, C. H Middletown, Pa 

Steele, E. S Moravia, N Y 

Steele, J. P Winterset, Iowa 

Steele, J". B Chattanooga, Tenn 

Steele, T. D Xenia, Ohio 

Steele, Robert McCaw. Va.A 68. 

Steele, S. S Pleasant Unity, Pa 

Steele, W. L Galesburg, 111 

Steffens, J. W Chicago, 111 

Steffens, W. L Hartwell, Ohio 

Stein, E. J Lancaster, Pa 

Stein, J. H Lancaster, Pa 




Steinberger, C. C. . ..Okolona, Miss 
Steiner, F. M. . .Minneapolis, Minn 
Steinhart, M . . . Nebraska City, ft eb 

Siemons, E. S Butte, Mont 

Stemple, F. W Columbus, Ohio 

Stemple, Rodney Milton. W.Va. 07. 

Stephens, A. H ..... Washington, D C 

Stephens, C. E Anderson, Ind 

Stephens, D. S.. Kansas City, Kans 
Stephens, E. J... New Albany, Miss 
Stephens, Edward W. Pa.D 60. De- 
Stephens, F. H. . .Washington, D C 
Stephens, Horace R. Pa.I 77. De- 
Stephens, H. D..New Albany, Miss 

Stephens, J Moundsville, W Va 

*SteDhens, L. Ill.A 

Stephenson, A. T Hebron, III 

Stephenson, C. J. Ohio B 94 
Stephenson, C. W . . . Medf ord, Okia 
Stephenson, E. J.Libertyville, Iowa 
Stephenson, F. N. W. Ohio B 66. 

Stephenson, L. B . Libertyville, Iowa 
Stephenson, Oscar. Va.A 55. De- 

Sterling, C. S Watkins, N Y 

Sterling, G. R. .Princess Anne, Md 
Sterling, M. W. .. .Lawrence, Kans 

Stern, C.^E Ruther Glen, Va 

Sterrett, james D. Ill.G 70. De- 

Sterritt, F. M Thackerville, Okla 

Stetson, C. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Steuernagel, C. O Pittsburg, Pa 

Stevens, Benjamin F. Miss. A. De- 

Stevens, C. Z Hattiesburg, Miss 

Stevens, C. H Augusta, Miss 

Stevens, E. J Chicago, 111 

Stevens, G. L Kansas City, Mo 

Stevens, F. L Urbana, 111 

Stevens, H. L.Webster Groves, Mo 
Stevens, J. R., jr. .Huntsviile, Ala 
Stevens, J. T . . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss 

Stevens, R. H Clayton, Mo 

Stevens, T London, England 

Stevens, Welsely Daws. Pa. A 55 
Stevens, William Forest. Miss.A. 

Stevens, W. N Armagh, Pa 

Stevens, W. W . . . Waterville, Wash 
Stevenson, C. B. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Stevenson, C. K...Lock Haven, Pa 

Stevenson, E. T Franklin, Pa 

Stevenson, E. J Webb City, Mo 

Stevenson, G. B . . . Lock Haven, Pa 
Stevenson, H. G. .Kansas City, Mo 

Stevenson, H. T Sharon, Pa 

Stevenson, L. G. .Washington, D C 
Stevenson, P. A.Crawfordsville, Ind 
Stevenson, R. W. 

Prince Edward's Island 
Stever, C. W . . . San Francisco, Cal 
Stever, R. F....San Francisco, Cal 

Stewart, C. E .Pittsfield. Mass 

Stewart, C. H Cleveland, Ohio 

Stewart, C. L Redlands, Cal 

Stewart, C. M Evanston, 111 

Stewart, C. W.Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stewart, C Springfield, Ohio 

Stewart, G. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Stewart, G. W Iowa City, Iowa 

Stewart, H. T Columbus, C)hio 

Stewart, H. S New York, N Y 

Stewart, J Aurora, 111 

Stewart, J. E Baltimore, Md 

Stewart, J. E Webb City, Mo 

Stewart, L. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Stewart, O. M Columbia, Mo 

Stewart, P. B Warren, Pa 

Stewart, R. L Springfield, Ohio 

Stewart, V. W Wilson, N C 

Stewart, W. C Kansas City, Mo 

Stewart, W. H Kittanine, Pa 

Stewart, W. R Beaver, Pa 

Stewart, W T . S Verona, Pa 

Stibbitt, G. A Hoopeston, 111 

Stickle, F. K Weedsport, N Y 

Stickney, W. TV Webb City, Mo 

Stifel, H. G Wheeling, W Va 

Stiger, T. A Everett, Wash 

Stiles, Edward Howard. Miss A. De- 

Stiles, W. P Amherst, Mass 

Stillman, C. H. N.Y.G 75 

Stilwell, D. L Detroit, Mich 

Stillwell, L. D Syracuse, N Y 

Stimson, F Huntingburg, Ind 

Stinson, E Evansville, Ind 

Stinson, J. E Buffalo, N Y 

Stires, E. M New York, N Y 

Stitely, Charles Eugene. Pa.E. 86. 

Stitelev, L C Westminster, Md 

Stitt, E. W... Martin's Ferry, Ohio 

Stivers, A. J Ripley, Ohio 

Stivers, A. D. .Independence, Kans 

Stivers, F. A Riplev, Ohio 

Stobbs, T. W Wheeling,' W Va 

Stockhausen, T. G. V. 

Philadelphia, Pa 
Stocking, Oliver Eastborn. Pa.Z 78. 

Stocks, Fred Asa. Kans. A 79. De- 

Stocks, F. L Los Angeles, Cal 

Stockstill, David Clark. D.C.A 76. 

Stockton, A. N. 

Huntington Valley, Pa 

Stoddard, F. P Newburgh, N Y 

Stoddard, G. C....New York, N Y 
Stoddart, John Gilbert. Pa.I 89. De- 

Stoddart, W. L New York, N Y 

Stogden, O. E Easton, Pa 

Stoker, F New York, N Y 

Stokes, Harry S. Tenn.B 70. De- 

Stokes, H. T Farmville. Va 

Stokes, J., sr Nashville, Tenn 



Stokes, J,, jr. .... .Nashville, Term 

Stokes, J. W Nashville, Term 

Stokes, W. R Thorntown, Ind 

Stone, B. A Pasadena, Cai 

Stone, Charles Albert. Pa.G 61. De- 

Stone, C. W Minneapolis, Minn 

Stone, C. H Gunnison, Colo 

Stone, E. A Los Angeles, Cai 

Stone, E. T Minneapolis, Minn 

Stone, J. P Vaiden, Miss 

Stone, R. M Winchester, Mass 

Stone, V Chicago, 111 

Stoner, H. K Berlin, Penn 

Stoner, W. B Indianapolis, Ind 

Stong, E. S Humboldt, Iowa 

Stoos, H. N Owatonna, # Minn 

Stopp, J. J.. Columbus Junction, la 

Storb, R. C Pottstown, Pa 

Storb, L. M 'New Holland, Pa 

Storer, A Pitman, N J 

Storer, C. B New York, N Y 

Storey, D. D Johnstown, Pa 

Storey, H. W., Jr. . .Johnstown, Pa 

Storey, J. A. Omaha, Neb 

Storey, T. A New York, N Y 

Storm, A. L New York, N Y 

Storms, C. L Buffalo, N Y 

Story, G. B Portland, Ore 

Story, W., jr Ouray, Colo 

Stotler, Andrew M. Pa. A 63. De- 

Stott, C. G Washington, D C 

Stott, E. C St. Louis, Mo 

Stotz, Eugene Franklin. Pa. Eta 80. 

Stouder, Osborne Clarence. Ohio B 
79. Deceased 

Stout, A. L. . .- Salem, Ind 

Stout, L. W Wilmington, Del 

Stout, R. D Springfield, 111 

Stout, S. E Paoli, Ind 

Stout, S. P Springfield, 111 

Stout, V. A San Francisco, Cai 

Stoute, M. H. P.. 

Barbados Islands, West Indies 
Stoutenburgh, G. H...Far Hills, N J 

Stover, C. B New York, N Y 

Stover, Edwin Harvey. Va.G 78. De- 

Stowe, G. T Lakewood, Ohio 

Stradling, F Earlville, N Y 

Stranahan, J. O Rome, N Y 

Strandberg, E. L Seattle, Wash 

Strassman, R. K New York, N Y 

Strattan, C. L Mount Vernon, 111 

Strattan, C. F Clarion, Pa 

Stratton, H. S Memphis, Tenn 

Stratton, P. B Sedalia, Mo 

Stratton, R. D Rocky Ford, Colo 

Stratton, William J. Iowa D 87. De- 

Strauss, O Des Moines, Iowa 

Strawn, Aaron Franklin. Miss.A 93 

Streator, H. H Washington, Pa 

Street, D. B., jr.. ..Washington, D C 
Street, H. M Oakland, Cai 

Street, J. V Cambridge, 111 

Street, J. A Salt Lake City, Utah 

Street, L. N Schenectady, N Y 

Street, W. W Syracuse, N Y 

Streeter, M. J Fresno, Cai 

Strickland, C. E Jennings, Kans 

Strickland, R. T Memphis, Tenn 

Stricler, D. L Marion, Ind 

Strider, John Philip. Va.B 65. De- 


String, W. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Strite, A. C Hagerstown, Md 

Strite, A Chambersburg, Pa 

Strite, C. E Hagerstown, Md 

Strite, E. D Chambersburg, Pa 

Strite, J. A Chambersburg, Pa 

Strite, L. M Hagerstown, Md 

Strobach, R. M Rolla, Mo 

"Strobridge, T. R. 111. A 

Stroh, C. W Crawfordsville, Ind 

Stroll, W. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Strohm, J. G Portland, Ore 

Strom, E. N Austin, 111 

Strong, A. C Burlington, Iowa 

Strong, S. D Seattle, Wash 

Strother, D. P Belton, Mo 

Stroup, E. E Shelbyville, Ind 

Stryker, F. H.... South Omaha, Neb 

Stuart, A. T Washington, D C 

Stuart, Benjamin S. Pa.D 56. De- 
Stuart, Briscoe Baldwin. Va.A 54. 


Stuart, C. M Evanston, 111 

Stuart, D. E. . . . Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Stuart, G. S Carlisle, Pa 

Stuart, James Coleman. S.C.A 84. 

Stuart, K. D. . . .Laurel Springs, N J 
Stuart, Monroe Samuel. Tenn.B 74. 


Stuart, W. S Marion, Va 

Stubblefield, C. F. . Deasonville, Miss 

Stubbs, G. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Stubbs, Joseph Edward. Ohio A 69. 


Stubbs, R. N Cattaraugus, N Y 

Stubbs, William M. G. Ohio A 73. 

Stuckey, G. H.. ..Hutchinson, Kans 

Stuckey, M. M Newport, Ark 

Studley, W. H. 8 Milwaukee, Wis 

Studwell, C. A... Port Chester, N Y 
Studwell, L. W...Port Chester, N Y 

Stulb, J., jr Philadelphia, Pa 

Stunkard, William Perry. Ind.D 09. 


Stuntz, R. E. St. Louis, Mo 

Stuntz, R. C , Bellevue, Ohio 

Sturgeon, E. T. . . .Pocatello, Idaho 

Sturgis, D. D Uniontown, Pa 

Sturtevant, C. L. . .Washington, D C 

Sturtevant, G. R Attleboro, Mass 

Sturtevant, M. G...New York, N Y 
Sturtevant, W. P...New York, N Y 

Stutesman, F. M Peru, Ind 

Stutsman, C. R. ...Los Angeles, Cai 



Stutsman, W. H Mandan, N D 

Suddarth, J. L Washington, D C 

Sudduth, K. T Springfield, 111 

Sudduth, L. T Springfield, 111 

Sudduth, W, H... Minneapolis, Minn 

Sudler, F Sudlersville, Md 

Sudler, William Jackson. Pa.Z 68. 


Suhr, E. J Chicago, 111 

Sullivan, C. E Parma, Mo 

Sullivan, Daniel. Mo. A 74. Deceased 

Sullivan, D. C Stillwater, Minn 

*Sullivan, Florence Francis. N.H.A 


Sullivan, F. O Chicago, 111 

Sullivan, F. B Dorchester, Mass 

Sullivan, H. R. 

Massena Springs, N Y 
Sullivan, Isaac C. Pa.Z 59. Deceased 

Sullivan, J. C, jr Butte, Mont 

Sullivan, R. B Chicago, 111 

Sullivan, T. L. .. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Sullivan, T. S Indianapolis, Ind 

Sullivan, T. T. .Massena Springs, N Y 

Sullivan, W New York, N Y 

Sullivan, W. S Chicago, 111 

Summerfield, S. E. .New York, N Y 
Summers, A. N. ... Springfield, Ohio 

Summers, G. W Gunnison, Colo 

Summers, H. F. ... Springfield, Ohio 

Summers, J. H Bolivar, Ohio 

Summers, J. F Malvern, Iowa 

Sumner, Charles P. T. Ind.A 67. 

Sumrall, J. H. . . .Brookhaven, Miss 

Sumwalt, J. A Elwood, Ind 

Susman, S. W Omaha, Neb 

Sutherland, B Washington, D C 

Sutherland, C. H Janesville, Wis 

Sutherland, F. E. .. .Janesville, Wis 
Sutherland, F. E. .. .Janesville, Wis 
Sutherland, W. C. .Birmingham, Ala 
Sutherlin, H. E. . . .Indianapolis, Ind 

Sutlifr, M. H Washington, D C 

Sutphin, J. O Bloomington, Ind 

Sutphin, W. A Indianapolis, Ind 

Sutter, H. M Johnsburg, Pa 

Swain, C. W Chicago, 111 

Swain, E. O Brooklyn, N Y 

Swale, T. N Everett, Wash 

Swall, J. B Everett, Wash 

Swalley, J. F Toledo, Ohio 

Swaney, W. G. 

New Cumberland, W Va 

Swank, C. H Chicago, 111 

Swank, W. C Harrisonburg, Va 

Swann, E Nashville, Tenn 

Swannell, D. G Champaign, 111 

Swannell, F. W Kankakee, 111 

Swannell, H. C. ... Birmingham, Ala 

Swannell, W. L Kankakee, 111 

Swartley, F. K North W T ales, Pa 

Swartley, W Philadelphia. Pa 

Swartout. F. R Detroit, Mich 

Swartwood, F. A Waseca, Minn 

Swartwood, H. P Waseca, Minn 

Swartz, C. C. ..South Norwalk, Conn 

Swartz, O. E Clarksburg, W Va 

Swartzbaugh, C. E., jr. .Toledo, Ohio 

Swartzbaugh, J. B Toledo, Ohio 

Swasey, H. C. ...South Berwick, Me 

Swayzee, J. W Tombstone, Ariz 

Swearinger, J. M Ingram, Pa 

Sweeney, A. F Chicago, 111 

Sweeney, T. E Helena, Mont 

Sweeny, J. R., jr. .White Plains, N Y 

Sweet, F. T Westminster, Mass 

Sweet, L. D Munhall, Pa 

Sweet, W. E Denver, Colo 

Sweetman, A. H. ..... . .Chicago, 111 

Swenson, V. F Susquehanna, Pa 

Swentzel, H. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Swezy, R. B Portland, Ore 

Swift, C. C Kenton, Ohio 

Swift, D Denver, Colo 

Swift, E. P Norway, Mich 

Swift, J Oswego, N Y 

Swift, W. F Cleveland, Ohio 

Swineford, O., jr Richmond, Va 

Swinford, S. T Houston, Tex 

Swinney, A. E Lexington, Miss 

Swinney, C. C Lexington, Miss 

Swisher, A. I Iowa City, Iowa 

Swisher, Abram E. Iowa A 67. De- 

Swisher, A. R Iowa City, Iowa 

Swisher, B. F. Waterloo, Iowa 

Swisher, C. L Los Angeles, Cal 

Swisher, G. B Oil City, Pa 

Swisher, J. P. Iowa A 74. Deceased 

Swisher, L Iowa City, Iowa 

Switzer, C. M Phillippi, W Va 

Switzler, R. M Omaha, Neb 

Switzler, W Omaha, Neb 

Swoney, William Grafton. W.Va.A 
93. Deceased 

Swope, E. L Kansas Citv, Mo 

Sykes, G. W Galeto'n, Pa 

Sykes, R. O Buffalo, N Y 

Sykes, W. P Cleveland, Ohio 

Sykes, W. C Conifer, N Y 

Sylvester, J. M.. Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Symonds, G. P New York, N Y 

Syrett, E. C Springfield, Mass 

Syverson, J. A. . .Cooperstown, N D 

Tabor. R. S Cleveland, Tenn 

Tackaberry, Robert Clark. Ohio A 93. 

Tackett, J. R Meridian, Miss 

Tackett, Walter Perdew. Miss. A 81. 

Taf t, R Hawley, Pa 

Tag, A. H Brooklyn, N Y 

Taggart, Bert King. Mass. A 06. De- 

Taggart, H. I Massillon, Ohio 

Taggart, I. Q Tchula, Miss 

Tainter, R Veroqua, Wis 

Tait, G Spring Garden, Va 

Tait, J. C Norfolk, Va 

Takami. T. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Talbot, W. H Richmond, Va 



Talbott, H. J.. .Salt Lake City, Utah 

Talbott, J. J New Albany, Ind 

Talbott, W. N .Orleans, Ind 

Talburt, William C. Ind.A 72. De- 

*Talbut, J. A. Ill.B 80 

Talcott, S. D Waukegan, 111 

Taliaferro, F Mazon, 111 

Taliaferro, S. W Roseville, 111 

Talkes, L. N Buffalo, N Y 

Talley, H. B Terre Haute, Ind 

Talley, W. W Terre Haute, Ind 

Talley, W. L Nashville, Tenn 

Tangeman, C. H New York, N Y 

Tanner, E. W Lawrence, Kans 

Tappan, R. E Helena, Ark 

Tarbell, R. P Cleveland, Ohio 

Tarbell, R. R Saguache, Colo 

Tarbill, J. W Cincinnati, Ohio 

Tarble, N. E Chicago, 111 

Tarver, A. S Russell Co., Ala 

Tassey, J. C Sherman, Tex 

Tate, D. R Seattle, Wash 

Tate, G. S Lynnville, Tenn 

Tauchert, E. A Nutley, N J 

Tawney, J. M Winona, Minn 

Tawney, W. M Winona, Minn 

Tayler, S. M Huntington, Ind 

Taylor, A New Castle, Ky 

Taylor, Albert Benj. Chas. Miss. A 

81. Deceased 

Taylor, A. K Cantonsville, Md 

Taylor, A. L Brooklyn, N Y 

Taylor, C. H Los Angeles, Cal 

Taylor, C. O., jr. . . .Ottumwa, Iowa 

Taylor, C. W Eureka, Cal 

Taylor, C. H Chicago, 111 

Taylor, C. T White Plains, N Y 

Taylor, D. W.; .. .Washington, D C 

Tavlor, DeW. C Tyrone, Pa 

Taylor, E. W South Orange, N J 

Taylor, Edgar. Ind.B 86. Deceased 

Taylor, E. H Brownsville, Tenn 

Taylor, E. O Boston, Mass 

Taylor, Frank Philo. Ind.B 77. De- 


Tavlor, F. L Plainfield, N J 

Taylor, G. H Warren, Ohio 

Taylor, George Lancing. Ohi,o A 68. 


Taylor, H Richmond, Va 

Taylor, Harry J. Wis.A 76. De- 


Taylor, H. N Maricopa, Cal 

Taylor, H. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Taylor, H. S.. Cambridge Springs, Pa 
Taylor, H. S....San Francisco, Cal 

Taylor, I Springer, N M 

Taylor, Irvin Willard. Ohio G 76. 

Taylor, Isaac N..Pa.B 60 Deceased 

Taylor, J Columbia, S C 

Taylor, J. A Vermillion, S D 

Taylor, J. C.Salt Lake City, Utah 

Taylor, J. M Columbus, Ohio 

Taylor, J. M Denver, Colo 

Taylor, J. S....Salt Lake City, Utah 

Taylor, J. S Altoona, Pa 

Taylor, J. W Corinth, Miss 

Taylor, L. B Cape May, N J 

Taylor, M. D Moran, Kans 

Taylor, N New York, N Y 

Taylor, N. E New York, N Y 

Taylor, O B. .. .Leavenworth, Kans 

Taylor, R. L Wichita, Kans 

Taylor, R. N Canton, Ohio 

Taylor, T. H. . .Chandlersville, Ohio 

Taylor, T. H Como, Miss 

Taylor, W Asbury Park, N J 

Taylor, W Eureka, Cal 

Taylor, W. F Memphis Tenn 

TayloT, W. F Lafayette, Ind 

Taylor, W. I Whitetown, Ind 

Taylor, W. L Indianapolis, Ind 

Taylor, W. M Evanston, 111 

Taylor, W. P., jr. . .Georgetown, Del 

Taylor, W. M Washington, Pa 

Taylor, Z. B. . . .Minnewaukon, N- D 

Taynan, P. M Bassein, Burmah 

Tebbs, R. H Leesburg, Va 

Techenton, H. W. .Los Angeles, Cal 

Telfer, A. J., jr Coatesville, Pa 

Telfer, W. A Bloomington, Ind 

Telleman, J. F Green Bay, Wis 

Temple, D. E Greenfield, Mass 

Temple, E. B Swarthmore, Pa 

Temple, LeR. B. .. .Lexington, Neb 

Temple, P. N Lexington, Neb 

Temple, R. G. Va.G 59. Deceased 
Temple. Richard W. Ill.A 78. De- 

Temple, W. A Oxford, Miss 

Templeton, A. M. . .Washington, Pa 

Templeton, E. R Buffalo, N Y 

Templeton, F Chicago, 111 

Templeton, H. E Dayton, Ohio 

Templeton, H. R Buffalo, N Y 

Templeton, I. R Buffalo, N Y 

Templeton, R. H Buffalo, N Y 

Tennant, Lincoln D. Ind.A 08. De- 

Tennant, M. E Indianapolis, Ind 

Tennant, R. S Terre Haute, Ind 

Tennent, E. G Chicago, 111 

Tenney, F. W Los Angeles, Cal 

Tenney, R. T. ..Minneapolis, Minn 
Tenney, R. B., jr. . Schenectady, N Y 

Terhune, T. J Lebanon, Ind 

Terhune, W. S Lebanon, Ind 

Terrell, F. B Washington, D C 

Terrell, H., jr. ...San Antonio, Tex 
Terrell, R. W. B. . San Antonio, Tex 

Terry, D. W Cazenovia, N Y 

Terrv, H. W Chicago, 111 

Terry, L. W Tacoma, Wash 

Terry, Samuel H. Pa. I. Deceased 

Teter, S. F Bloomington, Ind 

Teter, W. A Noblesville, Ind 

Teter, W. J Indianapolis, Ind 

Tetley, E. F...N0 Chelmsford, Mass 

Tetter, C. T Phillippi, W Va 

Tewksbury, R. B.. ..Cleveland, Ohio 

Thaine, R. J Chicago, 111 

Tharn, E. L Kokomo, Ind 



Thatcher, William Mowry. Kas.A 80 

Thayer, B. W Wilmette, 111 

Thayer, E. P Golden. Colo 

Thayer, G. A Greenfield, Ind 

Thayer, S. E Everett, Wash 

Thayer, W. C Wilmette, 111 

Therkelson, C Portland, Ore 

Theuer, W. G Washington, Pa 

Thing, M. J. P Springfield, Xeb 

Thistlewaite, C. J . . . .Macedon, X Y 

Thoburn, J. M Meadville, Pa 

Tholen, C. W Camden, X J 

Thomas, A. J. Pa.B 59. Deceased 
Thomas, Charles H. Wis. A 83. De- 

Thomas, C. R Westminster, Md 

Thomas, D. C Abingdon, Va 

Thomas, DeL., jr Roanoke, Va 

Thomas, E. B Chicago, 111 

Thomas, E. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Thomas, F. B Chicago, 111 

Thomas, F. J New York, N Y 

Thomas, F. S Baltimore, Md 

Thomas, F. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Thomas, G. W Adamstown, Md 

Thomas, H. R Omaha, Xeb 

Thomas, H. S Greenfield, Ohio 

Thomas, H. M Baltimore, Md 

Thomas, Henry Milton. Ind. A 90. 

Thomas, H. R Santa Fe, N M 

Thomas, J. H. Pa.B 61. Deceased 

Thomas, J. M., jr Roanoke, Va 

Thomas, J. R. . v . . .Paradise, Mont 
Thomas, T. H., jr. . .Nashville, Tenn 
Thomas, Joseph. Pa.B 98. Deceased 

Thomas, N Gallatin, Tenn 

*Thomas, Patterson Mitchell. Ind.G 

Thomas, Richard Sidney, jr. \ a. A 
91. Deceased 

Thomas, R. B Watkins, N Y 

Thomas, S. B Chicago, 111 

Thomas, T. M Uniontown, Pa 

Thomas, W. D Pottstown, Pa 

Thomas, W. H Los Anareles, Cal 

Thomas, W. S Springfield, Ohio 

Thomas, W. S Pittsburg, Pa 

Thome, James L. Ill.G 70. Deceased 

Thompson, A. S Beloit, Wis 

Thompson, A. A Chariton, Pa 

Thompson, A. C Franklin, Pa 

Thompson, C Indianapolis, Tnd 

Thompson, Charles Lowrv. Wis. A 98 

Thompson, C. C Joliet, 111 

Thompson, C. Y West Point. Neb 

Thompson, E. B. ... Nashville, Tenn 
Thompson, E. E....New York, N Y 
Thompson, E. G. . .Washington, D C 

Thompson, E. O Amarillo, Tex 

Thompson, F. C Topeka, Kans 

Thompson, H Thompson. Ky 

Thompson, H. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Thompson, Holland Dewitt. W.Va. 

A 98. Deceased 
Thompson, H. E. . .Wiiliamstown, Pa 
Thompson, H. M.. Minneapolis, Minn 


Thompson, John. Ind.A 74. De- 
Thompson, John Elmer. Iowa D 84. 

Thompson, J. F. .Buenos Ayres, S A 
Thompson, J. M.. Kansas City, Kans 

Thompson, J. M Potsdam, N Y 

Thompson, J. R Franklin, Pa 

Thompson, J. S....New York, N Y 

Thompson, J. W Coatesville, Pa 

Thompson, J. W Beloit., Wis 

Thompson, K. O. .. .Cleveland, Ohio 

Thompson, L Marion, Kans 

Thompson, L. J St. Joseph, Mo 

Thompson, M. S Janesville, Wis 

Thompson, N. B Janesville, Wis 

Thompson, O. C Bloomfield, Ind 

Thompson, R. H. .. .Bloomfield, N J 

Thompson, R. E Temple, Tex 

Thompson, R. T Seneca, Kans 

Thompson, R Milroy, Pa 

Thompson, R. T Cazenovia, N Y 

Thompson, R. W Ellenville, N Y 

Thompson, T. M. .. .Uniontown, Pa 
Thompson, W. B. Tenn.B 69 
Thompson, W. D. 

Junction City, Kans 
Thompson, W. H. .Indianapolis, Ind 
Thompson, W. R. .. .Washington, Pa 

Thompson, W. T Edinburg, Ind 

Thompson, W. D., jr. .Concord, N H 
Thompson, W. W. ..Birmingham, Ala 

Thorns, C. S Moline, 111 

Thorns. G. B Rochester, N Y 

Thomson, C. A Palo Alto, Cal 

Thomson, E. P. . . . Springfield, Ohio 
Thomson, H. D. .. Springfield, Ohio 
Thomson, John Howseal. S.C.A 57. 

Thomson, R. W. ..San Francisco, Cal 

Thornburg, C. K Linden, Iowa 

Thornburg, M. G Ames, Iowa 

Thornburg, T. H Linden, Iowa 

Thornburg. W. V Yale. Iowa 

Thornburgh, D. W.Indianapolis, Ind 

Thornburgh, G Little Rock, Ark 

Thorne, C. J Komo, Ind 

Thornton, A. W Pittsburg, Pa 

Thornton, Frank Irving. Va.A 77. 

Thornton, Harrison Robertson. Va. 

G 71. Deceased 
Thornton, J. R. 

Hampden-Sidney, Va 

Thornton, W. M University, Va 

Thorpe, F. C Dayton, Ohio 

Thurber, H. R Hoquian, Wash 

Thwing, C. B Philadelphia. Pa 

Tiebout, C. H., jr...Brooklvn. N Y 
Tiedman, T. H. A.Los Angeles, Cal 
Tierman, J. R., jr. 

San Francisco, Cal 
Tierney, J. P. . . .Clarksburg, W Va 

Tieste. L. E Brooklyn, N Y 

Tiffany, F. L..Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 

Tillisch, J. H .Canby, Minn 

Tilman, C. G Wabash, Ind 


Tilton, Theodore. Ohio A 68. De- 

Tily, H. C Cynwyd, Pa 

Tily, L. H Cynwyd, Pa 

Timberlake, B. H. 

Minneapolis, Minn 
Timberlake, H. C. 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Timm, H. R Dixon, Cal 

Timmons, F. P Batavia, Ohio 

Timmons, John W. Ohio A 66. De- 
Timmons, Marion J. Ohio A. De- 
Tincher, Harrison Taylor. Ind.A 76. 

Tingley, H. W Evansyille, Ind 

Tingley, R. H Hamilton, Canada 

Tinslev, V. F Ames, Iowa 

Tipton, H. C Little Rock, Ark 

Titsworth, A. D. 

Western Springs, 111 
Tittle, E. F. . . Christiansburg, Ohio 

Tittle, F. R Springfield, Ohio 

Tobias, W. A. Pa. Eta 90. De- 

Tobin, B. F., jr. . .Muskegon, Mich 
Tobin, Richard Francis. N.Y.E 04. 

Tobin, R. G Chicago, 111 

Todd, E. H Tacoma, Wash 

Todd, F. A Indianapolis, Ind 

Todd, H. C New York, N Y 

Todd, H. C Philadelphia. Pa 

Todd, J Wilmington, Del 

Todd, J Pittsburg. Pa 

Todd, James J. Pa.Theta 7 A- De- 
Todd, Martin -Luther. Pa.A 59. De- 

Todd, R. S. Aurora, 111 

Todd, Samuel Calvin Tait. Pa.A 54. 

Todd, William. Pa.B 68. Deceased 
Todd, William Elmer. Wis.A 76. 

Todd, W. M St. Clair, Mich 

Todd, W. T Pittsburg, Pa 

Todhunter, W. H.Middletown, Ohio 

Togin, C. G Visalia. Cal 

Tolerton, Elihu Warner. Pa.B 67. 

Tomkins, J. B Edgefield, S C 

Tompkins, E. D... Clear Lake, Iowa 

Tompkins, S. G San Jose, Cal 

Tompkins, W. F. ..'. .Richmond, Va 
Tomlinson, G., jr .Rhodestown, N J 

Tomlinson, J. B Mt Holly, N T 

Tone, F. J Niagara Falls, N Y 

Toner, E. S Indianapolis, Ind 

Tonkin, W. H Oil City, Pa 

Tool, C Alden, Iowa 

Topham, E. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Topping, J. P Muskegon, Mich 

Topping, W Chicago, HI 

Torrance, E. S Winfield, Kans 

Torrance, G Birmingham, Ala 

Torrence, A. H Indiana, Pa 

Torrence, J. M., jr Indiana, Pa 

Torrey, A. G Elgin, 111 

Torrey, W. H ....... .Fayette, Miss 

Toulmin, H. A., jr... Dayton, Ohio 

Towne, A. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Towne, L. J Evanston, 111 

Towne, S. B Greencastle, Ind 

Towne, S. L South Bend, Ind 

Townes, W. W., jr. .Petersburg, Va 

Townsend, A. R Ithaca, N Y 

Townsend, H. G Chicago, 111 

Townsend, J. G Racine, Wis 

Townsend, L. McD. . .Raeford, N C 

Townsend, R. E Ithaca, N Y 

Townsend, S._ M Syracuse, N Y 

Townsend, W. W. .Lake City, Iowa 
Townsend, William Fiske. Pa.Z 59. 

Towson, M. S Cleveland, Ohio 

Tracy, C. A Meriden, N H 

Tracy, Edward Claflin. Mass. A 97. 

Tracy, L. H Peoria, 111 

Tracy, P. W Detroit, Mich 

Trantham, W. H. B.Los Gatos, Cal 

Traphaaren, G« V Lincoln, Neb 

Trautschold, R Montclair, N J 

Traver, G. W Kenilworth, 111 

Travis, J. L Germantown, Ohio 

Travis, L. M... Ossining, N Y 

Trawick, T. L Learned, Miss 

Treat, B. B Rockf ord, 111 

Trefz, J. J Owensboro, Ky 

Treger, W. L Oakland, Cal 

Tregloan, J. B... Amador City, Cal 

Trego, A. C San Francisco, Cal 

Treichler, C. G... Honey Brook, Pa 

Trelease, J Sheldon, 111 

Trent, W. P New York, N Y 

Tressler, David Loy. Pa.E 59. De- 

Trexler, J. E Kansas City, Mo 

Trigg, J. H Noble, La 

Trigg, R. L. W Noble, La 

Triggs, F. W Darien, Conn 

Triggs, O. L Point Loma, Cal 

Triggs, W. R Acampo, Cal 

Trimble, Isaac Ridgeway. Md.A 80. 

Trimble, James Evington. Pa.A 54. 

Trimble, J. D Washington, Ark 

Trimble, K. W.. Cloud Croft, N M 

Trimble, M. F Washington, D C 

Tripician, L. N.. Atlantic City, N J 

Tripp, D. H North Vernon, Ind 

Trippeer, A. G Peru, Ind 

Trivitt, R. W Riddle, Ore 

Trotter, A Mathersville, Miss 

Trottey, J. R. .Morganstown, W Va 
Trottman, J. R. F.Milwaukee, Wis 

Troup, F Baltimore, Md 

Troup, H. J Kankakee, 111 

Troupe, J. Robert. Va.A 54. De- 

Trout, D. E Brattleboro, Vt 

Trout, H. G Nelsonville, Ohio 



Trout, H. H Roanoke, Va 

Trout, J. R Nelsonville, Ohio 

Trout, L. E Fort Wayne, Ind 

Trout, V. F Springfield, Ohio 

Trow, W. C Sherburne, N Y 

Trowbridge, H. G.. . .Hayward, Wis 

Troxell, C. W Gettysburg, Pa 

Trubee, J. H Derby, N Y 

Truby, R. A Ledgerwood, N Y 

True, Albert Lyman. N.H.A 97 

Trueblood, F. W Marion, Ind 

Trumbo, H. T. Calif. B 91 
Trunkey, William Garvin. Pa.Theta 

72. Deceased 
Truscott, F. W.Morgantown, W Va 

Truxal, A. E Meyersdale, Pa 

Truxal, A. P Meyersdale, Pa 

Truxal, C. W Lancaster, Pa 

Truxal, J. G., jr. . . .Greensburg, Pa 

Truxal, W. C Somerset, Pa 

Tubman, J. R Washington, D C 

Tucker, J. P Greencastle, Ind 

Tucker, O. N Akron, Ohio 

Tucker, W. F Woodville, Miss 

Tuckett, N. C Freeport, 111 

Tudor, O. H Cincinnati, Ohio 

Tufts, C. V Consumni, Cal 

Tufts, J. M San Francisco, Cal 

Tufts, J. A Roxbury, Mass 

Tufts, O. M Kansas City, Mo 

Tuhey, R. C Muncie, Ind 

Tukey, W. B Marion, Ind 

Tulloss, R. E. . . .Constantine, Mich 

Tunell, G. G Chicago, 111 

Tunstall, R. B Norfolk, Va 

Tunstall, R. W...Port Deposit, Md 

Tunstall, W. B Baltimore, Md 

Turkle, A. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Turley, J. D Coldwater, Miss 

Turley, T. F Memphis, Tenn 

Turner, A St. Paul, Minn 

Turner, A. V Seattle, Wash 

Turner, C. W Salem, Ohio 

Turner, C. McN Bremen, Ohio 

Turner, F. G Baltimore, Md 

Turner, H. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Turner, H. C Wilmington, Del 

Turner, H. G Modesto, Cal 

Turner, H. H Avondale, Pa 

Turner, J Springfield, Ohio 

Turner, John Walker. Tenn.B 72. 

Turner, J. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Turner, L. T Seattle, Wash 

Turner, P. LeR Elkhart, Ind 

Turner, R. F : Bethany, W Va 

Turner, W. W Philadelphia, Pa 

Turney, M Paris, Kv 

Turnure, J. H.. White Plains, N J 

Turpin, R Kansas City, Mo 

Turtle, W. O'H Chicago, 111 

Tussey, Robert Sanford. Pa. Eta 09. 

Tussing, R. M Columbus, Ohio 

Tustin, Abraham Lincoln. Pa.G. De- 
Tustin, E. L Philadelphia, Pa 

Tustin, Francis Wayland. Pa.G 55. 

Tustin, G. P Philadelphia, Pa 

Tustin, J. C Philadelphia, Pa 

Tustin, P Bloomsburg, Pa 

Tuttle, C Berwyn, 111 

Tuttle, E. M Newark, N J 

Tuttle, R. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Tuttle, W. H Berwyn, 111 

Tuttle, William H. N.Y.G 92. De- 

Tway, W. J Danville, 111 

Twining, W. S....New York, N Y 
Twiss, W. B . . . New Bedford, Mass 

Twist, C. C Rochester, 111 

Twist, J. F Rochester, 111 

Twitcheii, Albert John. Ohio A. De- 
Twitchell, R. E.E Las Vegas, N M 

Tyler, D. G Williamsburg, Va 

Tyler, R Maiden, Mass 

Tyndall, D. H Decatur, Ind 

Tynes, W. A., jr Summit, Miss 

Tyng, F. C . . . Salt Lake City, Utah 

Tyra, E. G Spokane, Wash 

Tyree, J. I Webb City, Mo 

Tyson, O. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Udall, J. C New York, N Y 

Ughetta, P. J. C Brooklyn, N Y 

Uhl, C. J Vacaville, Cal 

Uhler, H. T Philadelphia, Pa 

Uhlmann, P. G. E. .. Springfield, O 

Ulery, H. D .Pomona, Cal 

Ulric, W. W Indianapolis, Ind 

Ulsh, A. K Washington, D C 

Ultes, C, jr Spokane, Wash 

Umphred, E. F Oakland, Cal 

Unander, S. M Portland, Ore 

Underhill, J. G Brooklyn, N Y 

Underhill, L Wilmette, 111 

Underhill, M. S Superior, Wis 

Underwood, A. W.Clear Lake, Iowa 

Underwood, C. V Scranton, Pa 

Underwood, J. C Louisville, Ky 

Underwood, W. G. ..Villescia, Iowa 
Underwood, W. G. . .Hertford, N C 

Unger, D. F Mercersburg, Pa 

Ungro, L. W Braddock, Pa 

Upson, H. T Buffalo, N Y 

Upton, Lloyd Peter. R.I.A 02. De- 

Urmy, R. B Morristown, N J 

Urquhart, J. W. .. Southampton, Va 

Usher, F. C Houston, Tex 

Usner, E. L W Lafayette, Ind 

Utley, W. E Toledo, Ohio 

Utterback, W. G Shubert, Neb 

Utz, Calvin. Va.B 60. Deceased 

Vail, B Washington, D C 

Vail, G. T Michigan City, Ind 

Vail, K. V ..Chicago, 111 

Vail, S. M San Francisco, Cal 

Valdez, F. C San Angelo, Tex 



Vale, E. M Carlisle, Pa 

Vale, R. R Philadelphia, Pa 

Vale, T. E Carlisle, Pa 

Valentine, J. J New York, N Y 

Valz, A Staunton, Va 

Valz, E. V Staunton, Va 

Van Allen, F. H Clinton, Iowa 

Van Anda, Carmia A. Ohio A 69. 

Vanatta, J. K. 

Colorado Springs, Colo 

Van Atta, R. M ...Marion, Ind 

Van Auken, H. C, jr. 

New York, N Y 
Van Benschotten, J. M. 

Fishkill, N Y 

Van Camp, C. F Girard, Pa 

Vance, C. N Noblesville, Ind 

Vance, R. B Joliet, 111 

Vance, R. B Omaha, Neb 

Vance, Samuel Netherland. Tenn.B 

69. Deceased 
Vance, W. R. .. .Minneapolis, Minn 

Van Cleave, B Springfield, 111 

Van Cleave, W Springfield, 111 

Van Cleve, C. F Toledo, Ohio 

Van Cleve, Charles Liggett. Ohio A 

J7. Deceased 
Van Cleve, E. M..New York, N Y 

Van Cleve, M. R Toledo, Ohio 

Vandament, D. L. .Greencastle, Ind 
Vandeman, R. H. 

Leavenworth, Kans 
Van Denburg, C. H.Syracuse, N Y 
Vandersliche, Paul St. Clair. Pa.G 

86. Deceased 
Van Deusen, E. H.Philadelphia, Pa 
Van Deusen, L. W. 

- New Rochelle, N Y 

Vandeventer, B Norfolk, Va 

Van Deventer, George Edwin. Ind. 

D 13. Deceased 
Vandewater, W. W., jr. 

Brooklyn, N Y 

Van Duzen, D. L Detroit, Mich 

Van Epps, L. I. .. .Cleveland, Ohio 

Van Fossan, E. H Lisbon, Ohio 

Van Fossan, L. M.... Lisbon, Ohio 
Van Gundry, Christian. Pa.G 56. 

Van Gundry, M. C. 

Port Arthur, Tex 
Van Harlingen, Edward McClimans. 
Ohio D 80. Deceased 

Van Hook, W. A Chicago, 111 

Van Horn, J. D Scottdale, Pa 

Van Houten, Edwin A. Kans. A 10. 

Vankirk, W. H Pittsburg, Pa 

Van Levan, E. M ... .Portland, Ore 
Van Meter, Isaac. Pa. A 52. De- 
Van Meter, James. Pa. A 52. De- 
Vanniman, J. S. 

Havre de Grace, Md 
Van Orsdale, L. F Erie, Pa 

Van Riper, G Indianapolis, Md 

Van Sackett, G Geneva, N Y 

*Van Sant, G. Ill.A 

Van Sant, N. G Sterling, 111 

*Van Seller, Frank Collins. Ind.G 

Van Sickle, G. O . . . . Sunbury, Ohio 
Van Sickle, R. M . . . Sunbury, Ohio 

Van Slyke, J. D Madison, Wis 

Van Swearingen, H. B. 

Circleville, Ohio 

Van Tassel, A. H Beloit, Wis 

Van Trump, D. H. . . Silverside, Del 
Van Velsor, H. H. S. 

Spokane, Wash 
Van Voorhis, B. W., jr. 

New Brighton, N Y 
Van Voorhis, D. .Washington, D C 

Van Voorst, F Monticello, Ind 

Van Vranken, J. K. 

Hempstead, N Y 

Van Wart, D Beloit, Wis 

Van Why, E. . ..Northampton, Mass 

Van Wie, C. D Ontario, Cal 

Varian, B. S Weiser, Idaho 

Varian, M. G Los Angeles, Cal 

Varier, C. E South Bend, Ind 

*Varner, W. F. Ind.B 84 

Vaughn, J. W Denver, Colo 

Vaughn, James B. Miss. A 59. De- 
Veblen, R. N. . . .Minneapolis, Minn 

Vecki, M San Francisco, Cal 

Veech, J. N Louisville, Ky 

Vellom, R. C Saltillo, Ind 

Venable, F Petersburg, Va 

Venable, Richard M. Va.A 58. De- 

Venable, S. W Durham, N C 

Venable, W. H Kashing, China 

Veneman, N. E Dayton, Ohio 

Veness, T. W.... Albert Lea, Minn 

Verlenden, A. T Darby, Pa 

Verlenden, J. S Darby, Pa 

Vermilion, R. R Wichita, Kans 

Vermillion, J. L Anderson, Ind 

Vernay, J. S Evanston, 111 

Verner, W. F. . . .Ann Arbor, Mich 

Vernon, C. F Pomeroy, Pa 

Vernon, C. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Vernon, R. B Pomeroy, Pa 

Ver Nooy, L. C Cortland, N Y 

Verree, J. E Chicago, 111 

Vibbard, H. L Syracuse, N Y 

Vickers, E. C Kirkwood, Mo 

Vickers, E. H. .Morgantown, W Va 

Vickery, C. R Minoa, N Y 

Viele, Herman Knickerbocker. N. 

Y.G 73. Deceased 
Viewig, G. B .. .Morgantown, W Va 

Viley, J. T Hannibal, Mo 

Villalon, J. A Cleveland, Ohio 

Vivian, J., jr Laurium, Mich 

Vivian, W. R., jr. . .Laurium, Mich 

Voegtly, J. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Vogel, Frederick B. Pa.Theta 73. 




Vogelsberg, H. T Seattle, Wis 

Voges, R. C Springfield, Ohio 

Voigt, Charles Henry .Pittsburg, Pa 

Volk, C. B Chicago, 111 

Volk, R Chicago, 111 

Vollmer, F Davenport, Iowa 

Vollmer, K Davenport, Iowa 

Vollrath, E Bucyrus, Ohio 

Volovick, G. G....New York, N Y 
Von Ende, Henry L. la. A 05. De- 

Von Glahn, C. H Dover, N J 

Von Hutchings, \V. Ind.G 89. De- 
Vonnegut, E. G. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Vonnegut, R. C. . .Indianapolis, Ind 
Von Tackey, C. L. . . .Titusville, Pa 

Von Tesmar, F Coronado, Cal 

Voorhees, A. H. 

New Brunswick, N J 
Voorhees, C. M .... Columbus, Ohio 
Voorhees, E. McC. 

Amsterdam, N Y 
Voorhees, I. S.. Klamath Falls, Ore 
Voorhees, J. J. 

New Brunswick, N J 

Vorhes, J. H Columbus, Ohio 

Voorhies, Clarence G. Pa.Theta 69. 

Vorse, Albert B. Pa.G 57. De- 
Vrooman, F. E. . . .Kansas City, Mo 

Waddell, B. H .Annapolis, Md 

Waddell, C. W. .. .Fairmont, W Va 

Waddell, H. D Cincinnati, Ohio 

Waddell, James Henry. Va.A 58. 

Wade, C. I., jr Bristol, Tenn 

Wade, F. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Wade, F. E New York, N Y 

Wade, G. P Nashville, Tenn 

Wade, Melancthon Armstrong. Ohio 

G 83. Deceased 
Wade, Micajab T. Miss. A. De- 

Wade, S. C Chicago, 111 

Wadsworth, H. D. .. Syracuse, N Y 
Wadsworth, H. C. .Washington, Ind 
Wadsworth, R. D.Los Angeles, Cal 

Wager, R. E Potsdam, N Y 

Wagner, C North Vernon, Ind 

Wagner, C. E......Lock Haven, Pa 

Wagner, John Shockey. Pa. Eta 72. 

Wagner, P. E Chicago, 111 

Wagoner, G. W Johnstown, Pa 

Waid, A. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Wait, J. O Erie, Pa 

Waite, D Duluth, Minn 

Waite, L. M Daytona, Fla 

Waite, R. A., jr Lincoln, Neb 

Waite, W. J Springfield, Ohio 

Waite, W. H Watertown, N Y 

Wakfield, J. W Pulaski, Tenn 

Walbridge, C. M.. Kansas City, Mo 

Walbridge, E. F Toledo, Ohio 

Walden, J. A Columbia, Mo 

Walden, John Morgan. Ohio A 82. 

Waldenmaier, B. C. 

Washington, D C 
Waldo, G. E. 

Black River Falls, Wis 

Waldo, M. A Bartow, Fla 

Waldron, C. B. . .Bloomington, Ind 

Wales, C. M New York, N Y 

Wales, P. G Monterey, Cal 

Walk, G. E.... Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Walker, A. J Pittsburg, Pa 

Walker, B. B Springfield, Ohio 

Walker, C. M Springfield, Mass 

Walker, C. A West Chester, Pa 

Walker, G. W. .Martinsburg, W Va 

Walker, G. C Springfield, Ohio 

Walker, G. M New York, N Y 

Walker, H. S Charleston, W Va 

Walker, H. M....Gorr's Falls, N H , 
Walker, James A. Va.A 54. De- 

Walker, J. P Horn Lake, Miss 

Walker, J. B. ..Arkansas City, Kans 

Walker, J. C Orange, Va 

Walker, L. G. . . . Chattanooga, Tenn 

Walker, L. H Good Hope, Ohio 

Walker, L. A Philadelphia, Pa 

Walker, L. E Austin, Tex 

Walker, M. N. A. ..Indianapolis, Ind 

Walker, M. R New York, N Y 

Walker, O. DeM.. .Indianapolis, Ind 

Walker, R. J Horn Lake, Miss 

Walker, R. L Brenham, Kans 

Walker, R. M New York, N Y 

Walker, R. T Cedar Falls, Fla 

Walker, R. W Butler, Pa 

Walker, Samuel Calvin. Pa.E 56. 

Walker, S., jr Chicago, 111 

Walker, W. D Frostburg, Md 

Walker, W. D Manchester, N H 

Walker, W. E Amsterdam, N Y 

Walker, W. F Indianapolis, Ind 

Walker, W. J. L Gap, Pa 

Walkinshaw, H. W...Greensburg, Pa 
Walkinshaw, L. C. . . Greensburg, Pa 
Wall, Joseph McKenna. Va.A 93. 

Wallace, A Greenville, S C 

Wallace, A. G Chicago, 111 

Wallace, A. L Nashua, N H 

Wallace, B. P Washington, Iowa 

Wallace, C, jr Marietta, Ga 

Wallace, C. S Winfield, Kans 

Wallace, D. W Montclair, N J 

Wallace, E. S Oxford, Miss 

Wallace, E. S Ardmore, Pa 

Wallace, G. E Centropolis, Mo 

Wallace, H. E Shoals, Ind 

Wallace, J. C. Ill.G 79. Deceased 
Wallace, Pearl Donilson. Ohio B 94. 

Wallace, R. S .Pittsburg, Pa 

Wallace, R. J Huntington, Pa 



Wallace, T. C, jr. .. .Allegheny, Pa 

Wallace, T. D Hinsdale, 111 

Wallace, T. F Zacatecas, Mex 

Wallace, W. W Indianapolis, Ind 

Waller, A. C Dubuque, Iowa 

Walling, C. W Kingstown, Ind 

Walls, W. L Bedford, Ind 

Walrath, M. H Troy, N Y 

Walraven, C. A.. . .Philadelphia, Pa 
Walser, Edward W. Wis. A 03. De- 


Walser, J.J Chicago, 111 

Walsh, D. W Redfield, Ohio 

Walsh, J. J Seattle, Wash 

Walsh, R Fort Terry, N Y 

Walsh, W. M Denver, Colo 

Walsh, W. S Pittsburg, Pa 

Walter, E. P West Chester, Pa 

Walter, T. H. .'. . . Auburndale, Mass 

Walter, W. E Swarthmore, Pa 

Walters, B Circleville, Ohio 

Walters, F. R Circleville, Ohio 

Walters, William. Pa.A 60. De- 

Walther, J. B Woonsocket, R I 

Walther, P., jr Meadville, Pa 

Walterick, J. H Florence, Ky 

Walton, C. H Trenton, N J 

Walton, E. A Detroit, Mich 

W T alton, H. A Yuba City, Cal 

Walton, H. F Torresdale, Pa 

Walton, L. S Altoona, Pa 

Waltz, P West Cairo, Ohio 

Waltz, S S Louisville. Ky 

W T alz, J. A Cambridge. Mass 

Wambold, J Sellersville, Pa 

Wangerein, C. J Portland, Ore 

Ward, Alan Haworth. N.Y.G 94- 

Ward, E. St. J Beirut, Syria 

Ward, E. W Sheridan, 111 

Ward, E. F East Poultney, Vt 

Ward, Eugene A. Mo. A 71. De- 

Ward, F. J., jr Leicester, Mass 

Ward, H. J Peoria, 111 

Ward, J. A New York, N Y 

Ward, M. H New York, N Y 

Ward, M. L San Diego. 

Ward, Paul Theodore B. Mass. A 95. 

Ward, R Morgantown, W Va 

Ward, Wilbert. Ind. A 83. Deceased 

Ward, W., jr New York, N Y 

Ward, W. A Senecaville, Ohio 

Ward, W. B., jr. . .Skaneateles, N Y 

Ward, W. D Los Angeles, Cal 

Ward, W. E. D Boston, Mass 

Ward, W. G Boston, Mass 

Ward, W. J Gold Beach, Ore 

Warden, J. W Montgomery, Ala 

Warden, Loris Freeman. Deceased 
Warden, Roswell Randall. Wis.A75. 

Wardle, E. B New York, N Y 

Wardle, J. F Scranton, Pa 

Wardley, G. P Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Ware, G. A Dayton, Ohio 

Ware, J. E Minneapolis, Minn 

Ware, John G. Va.A 54. Deceased 

Ware, J. W Dayton, Ohio 

Ware, P. S Dayton, Ohio 

Ware, S. H Salem, Mo 

Warfel, J. L Lancaster, Pa 

Warneld, J. D Ammendale, Md 

Warinner, H. C Memphis, Tenn 

W r armington, W. C.Los Angeles, Cal 

Warne, G. B Chicago, 111 

Warner, C. M Chicago, 111 

Warner, F. B Shansi, China 

Warner, F. M New York, N Y 

Warner, H. E Seattle, Wash 

W r arner, J. W Paris, 111 

Warner, M. F Lynn, Mass 

Warner, R. M Pittsburg, Pa 

Warner, W. E. . . Fort Morgan, Colo 

Warren, C. C Rapid City, S D 

Warren, Ernest Haven. Mich. A 90. 

Warren, F. M. Deceased 

Warren, H. M New York, N Y 

Warren, J. H Dallas, Tex 

Warren, W. W Butte, Mont 

Warren, William Dalton. S.C.A 62. 

Warrum, H Indianapolis, Ind 

Warrum, N Salt Lake City, Utah 

Warton, C. T. . ..Newburgport, Mass 

Warwick, A. D Lynchburg, Va 

Warwick, E Philadelphia, Pa 

Wasem, L Mount Vernon, Ind 

Washburn, A. M. . .Burlington, Iowa 

Washburn, E. B Chicago, 111 

Washburn, E. E Philadelphia, Pa 

Washington, R. J Oak Grove, Va 

Wasson, J. R Hagerstown, Md 

Waterbury, C. H. .Mamaroneck, N Y 

Waterman, G. H Yonkers, N Y 

Waterman, G. W.. .Providence, R I 
Waterman, W. L. . .Mansfield, Mass 

Waterman, W. R Providence, R I 

Waters, E. J Logansport, Ind 

Waters, W. B Baltimore, Md 

Watkins, A. C Phoenix, N Y 

Watkins, A. D Farmville, Va 

Watkins, Charles A. Mo.A 72. De- 

Watkins, D. B Springfield, Ohio 

Watkins, H. J So. Boston, Va 

*Watkins, John Sims. Va.A 65 

Watkins, P Lincoln, Neb 

Watling, J. W Detroit, Mich 

Watrous, E. A New York, N Y 

Watrous, H. O Carbondale, Pa 

Watson, B. A Columbia, Mo 

Watson, C. L Winchester, Ind 

Watson, C. R Staunton, Va 

Watson, C. E Council, Idaho 

Watson, D. T Pittsburg, Pa 

Watson, E. G Rushville, Ind 

Watson, Embra Scott. Va.G 85. 

Watson, G. D Indianapolis, Ind 

Watson, J. E Rushville, Ind 



Watson, O. E Gambier, Ohio 

Watson, P. W Chicago, 111 

Watson, R. L Petersburg, Va 

Watson, Samuel. Pa. A 54 

Watson, W. R Albany, N Y 

Watt, C. C, jr Philadelphia, Pa 

Watt, J Lancaster, Pa 

Watt, J. C Pittsburg, Pa 

Watts, C. S Washington, D C 

Watts, H. M Philadelphia, Pa 

Watts, James. S.C.A 60. Deceased 
Watts, William Dendy. S.C.A 90. 

Waugh, E. N Roland, Iowa 

Waugh, L. A.. . .Crawfordsville, Ind 

Waugh, M. G Kosciusko, Miss 

Waugh, William David. Miss. A 81. 

Way, C West Chester, Pa 

Way, M. W Rochester, N Y 

Wayman, C. E Fairmont, W Va 

Wayt, H. H Staunton, Va 

Wayt, W. B Astoria, N Y 

Weagley, M. D Waynesboro, Pa 

Wearin, J. F. . Malvern, Iowa 

Weatherly, A. H .. .Kosciusko, Miss 

Weaver, B. S Toledo, Ohio 

Weaver, Frederick Charles. Ohio A 

Weaver, G. D. . . . Youngstown, Ohio 
Weaver, H. N. . . San Francisco, Cal 

Weaver, H. J Los Angeles, Cal 

Weaver, J. K. Norristown, Pa 

Weaver, J. R Greencastle, Ind 

Weaver, John S. Ohio B 66. De- 

Weaver, J. W Greencastle, Ind 

Weaver, K. M. . . San Francisco, Cal 

Weaver, L. S York, Pa 

Weaver, N. H. . . .Londonville, Ohio 
Weaver, N. P. .Morganstown, W Va 

Weaver, R. C Bethlehem, Pa 

Weaver, S. F Plainfield, N J 

Weaver, W. H Springfield, Ohio 

Webb, C. C Mt. Vernon, N Y 

Webb, E. H...New Brunswick, N J 

Webb, J. B Washington, D C 

Webb, John Boyd. Miss. A. De- 

Webb, J. L New York, N Y 

*Webb, L. B. Ill.A 

Webb, L. S...New Brunswick, N J 

Webb-Peploe, R. H. . .Baltimore, Md 

Weber, E. A Columbia City, Ind 

Webster, B. A Wancoma, Iowa 

Webster, C. E Hudson, Wis 

Webster, D S Pomeroy, Ohio 

Webster, E. M Hudson, Wis 

Webster, F. L Denver, Colo 

Webster, H. C Toledo, Ohio 

Webster, I. D Philadelphia, Pa 

Webster, J. W Danville, 111 

Webster, R. . . East New Market, Ind 
Webster, Wendell Phillips. Wis.G 

02. Deceased 
Webster, W. B Madison, Wis 

Webster, William Herr. Ohio A. De- 


Webster, W. P Tula, Miss 

*Weckerly, F. Pa.G 

Weddell, T. R Hinsdale, 111 

Week, E. R Spokane, Wash 

Week, E. F. . Spokane, Wash 

Weeks, C. D Newberry, S C 

Weeks, D. O Marion, Ohio 

Weeks, F. P Allegheny, Pa 

Weeks, Frank P. N.Y.A 77. De- 

Weeks, F. E Brookline, Mass 

Weeks, G. R Berkeley, Cal 

Weeks, H. J Exeter, N H 

Weeks, J. A Dallas, Tex 

Weeks, O. D Marion, Ohio 

Weeks, P Los Angeles, Cal 

Weidmann, A Brooklyn, N Y 

Weidman, J Clifton Heights, Pa 

Weidmann/ O. O Brooklyn, N Y 

Weidmann, O. W Brooklyn, N Y 

Weidman, W. M Reading, Pa 

Weightman, Malcolm R. Pa. I 91. 

Weigle, K. E Cleveland, Ohio 

Weigle, V. A Cleveland, Ohio 

Weimer, C. A Peru, Ind 

Weimer, F. C Cleveland, Ohio 

Weimer, J. G Toledo, Ohio 

Weimer, P. C Springfield, Ohio 

Weiner, S. F New York, N Y 

Weinschenk, L New York, N Y 

Weir, Alfred Newton. Pa.E 90. De- 

Weir, S Mitchell, S D 

Weiser, R. G .Brooklyn, N Y 

Weishaar, J. A. . . . Williamsport, Pa 
Weiting, Jacob H. Pa.E 60. De- 

Welch, C. S Columbus, Ohio 

Welch, E. B Utica, N Y 

Welch, E. R San Francisco, Cal 

Welch, H. C Binghamton, N Y 

Welch, H. S Delaware, Ohio 

Welch, J. R San Jose, Cal 

Welch, R. A Keyser, W Va 

Welchens, W. S Lancaster, Pa 

Weller, E. J Waterloo, Iowa 

Weilers, C. H Kearney, Neb 

Wellford, A. L Richmond, Va 

Wellford, B. R Richmond, Va 

Wellford, J. H Warsaw, Va 

Wellford, R. C Warsaw, Va 

Wellman, F. C Walpole, Mass 

Wellman, J. W. L. 

New Haven, Ind 
Wellman, W. H...New York, N Y 
Wells, Bard. Pa.Theta 78. De- 

Wells, H. S N Syracuse, N Y 

Wells, L. A Riverside, R I 

Wells, R. H Middleport, Ohio 

Wells, Stephen K. .Bloomsburg. Pa 

Wells, W. T Denver, Colo 

Wells, W. G Pottsville, Pa 



Welsh, J. W Pittsburg, Pa 

Welsh, J. C Portland, Ore 

Welsh, L. W Kansas City, Mo 

Welsh, N. J. E Organ, N M 

Welsh, R. K Rockford, 111 

Welsh, S. A Oak Lane, Pa 

Welty, Frank Randolph. Pa.E 90. 


Wendell, W. F Seattle, Wash 

Wenner, G. U New York, N Y 

Wentworth, H Portland, Ore 

Wentz, A. C Hanover, Pa 

Wertenbaker, C. C. .University, Va 
Wertenbaker, T. J. 

College Station, Tex 
Wertenbaker, G. L. 

Washington, D C 
Wertenbaker, W...New Castle, Del 

W r estcott, J. B Lacon, 111 

Wesselins, G. W. Detroit, Mich 

Wessling, H. L. . Evanston, 111 

W r est, C. E.. Portland, Me 

West, F. O Iowa City, Iowa 

West, G. B San Francisco, Cal 

West, J. E Belief ontaine, Ohio 

West, L. A Iowa City, Iowa 

West, M. E Helena, Ark 

West, Samuel Albert. Ohio G 78. 

West, W. A. .. .Belief ontaine, Ohio 

Westcott, J. B Chicago, 111 

Westcott, T. S Philadelphia, Pa 

Westerman, C Columbia, Pa 

Westerman, J., jr Columbia, Pa 

Westerman, J. H..New York, N Y 

Westf all, R. E Columbus, Ohio 

Westphall, Thomas Cameron. Pa.B 

57. Deceased 

Westlake, J. F Sitka, Alaska 

Westman, H. O Danville, 111 

Weston, B. F...San Francisco, Cal 
Westphal, A. F...Terre Haute, Ind 
Wetherill, E. K. K.Philadelphia, Pa 

Wetherill, J. L Chester, Pa 

W T etherspoon, L., jr. Va.B. De- 

Wettner, F. P. .Brandonville, W Va 

Wetter, C. H Philadelphia. Pa 

Weybrecht, C. C . . . .Massilon, Ohio 
Weymouth, C. A . . . WynnewoocL, Pa 

Wharton, G. L Hurda, India 

Wharton, W. W. . . .Lansdowne, Pa 

Whealton, C. W Salisbury, Md 

Wheatlev, L. A.. Rock Rapids, Iowa 

Wheatley, W. A Fairfield. Conn 

Wheatley, W. H Whitehall, N Y 

Wheaton, Robert Archibald. Minn. 
A 85. Deceased 

Wheaton, R. J Columbus, Ohio 

Wheeler, A. T. .. .Dorchester. Mass 
*Wheeler, Charles E. Pa.B 72 

Wheeler, C. M Harrisburg, Pa 

Wheeler, C. W Marshall, Mo 

Wheeler, E. B. 

Arlington Heights, 111 
Wheeler, F. E Huntington, Ind 

Wheeler, George H. Ohio G 73- De- 

Wheeler, H. L New York, N Y 

W 7 heeler, H. F... Ocean Grove, N J 
Wheeler, J. W. . .Crown Point, Ind 
Wheeler, J. L. . . . .Los Angeles, Cal 

Wheeler, M. C. W Peoria, 111 

Wheeler, R. W....New York, N Y 

Wheeler, T. F Sallisaw, Okla 

Wheeler, W. L New York, N Y 

Wheeler, W. O New York, N Y 

Wheelock, D. L. . .Kansas City, Mo 
Wheelock, H. E... Kansas City, Mo 

Wheldon, M. M Jackson, Ohio 

Whetstone, Charles T. Ohio B 83. 

Whipp, C. E Burkettsville, Md 

Whipple, J. S Urbana, Ohio 

♦Whipple, L. A. Ind.G 76 

Whipple, L. R Gordon, Wis 

Whipple, W. L Cheyenne, Wyo 

Whitacre, W. H ... .Cleveland, Ohio 

Whitaker, E. F Brooklyn, N Y 

Whitaker, F. B.... South Bend, Ind 

Whitaker, M. L St. Paul, Minn 

Whitbeck, L. H ; Sodus, N Y 

Whitcomb, B . . . . Des Moines, Iowa 

Whitcomb, C Terre Haute, Ind 

Whitcomb, D. H . . . Shelbyville, Ind 
Whitcomb, Harry. Ind. A 66. De- 

White. Abbott B. S.C.A 58. De- 

White, B. F., jr Bradford. Pa 

White, C. A Washington, D C 

White, C. M McKeesport, Pa 

White, Charles Rodgers. Ohio B 67. 

White, C Seattle, Wash 

White, C. G Millersberg, Pa 

W T hite, David Frizzell. Ind.B 73. 

White, E San Francisco. Cal 

White, E. E Glen White, W Va 

White, E. S Washington, Pa 

White, E. S Boston, Mass 

White, F San Francisco, Cal 

White, F. S Chicago, 111 

White, George S Wales, Tenn 

White, H Irwin, Pa 

White, H., jr Indiana, Pa 

White, H. K Victor, Mont 

White, H. M Moorefield, W T Va 

White, J. A Oxford, N C 

White, James Spratt. S.C.A 60. De- 

White, J. B Spokane, Wash 

White. J. B Hillsboro, 111 

White, T. J Atlanta, Ga 

White, John Whitney. Ohio A 68. 

White, J. W Cambridge, Mass 

White, Johnstone Duffield. Pa. A 
73. Deceased 

White, L. H Ashland, Neb 

White, L. R... Sioux Rapids, Iowa 



White, L. T . .Raleigh, N C 

White, Matthew X. Va.B 55- De- 

White, M. A Fremont, Mich 

*White, Robert Hall. Pa. A 57 
White, Robert Manley. Tenn.A 60. 

White, S. A Washington, D C 

Whte, U. F Cape Charles, Va 

W T hite, V Berkeley, Cal 

White, William. Ohio B 68. De- 
White, W. F. . . .Edmonton, Canada 

White, W. H Olisville, N Y 

White, William H. S.C.A 57. De- 

W r hite, W. J Dayton, Ohio 

White, W. W. R . . . . Pittsfield, Mass 
White, William Willshire. Ohio A 

White, W. M Akron, Iowa 

White, Y. M Spokane, Wash 

Whitehead, N. P Urbana, 111 

Whitelock, W. W..New Y'ork, N \ 

Whiteman, C. F Latrobe, Pa 

Whiriield, W. V Chicago, 111 

Whiting, D Detroit, Mich 

Whiting, F. B Berryville, Va 

Whiting, F. S Chicago, 111 

Whiting, L. H Chicago, 111 

Whitley, G. C. Webster City, Iowa 
Whitlock, Francis E. Ohio A 00. 

Whitlock, M. H Charleston, 111 

Whitlock, W. G Fostoria, Ohio 

Whitman, F. P Cumberland, Md 

Whitman, F. S Belvidere, 111 

Whitman, R. B New York, IS Y 

Whitman, R. B...Toms River, X J 

Whitmer, S. E Newport, Pa 

Whitmore, David H. Pa.Eeta 72. 

Whitney, A. L Swartmore, Pa 

Whitney, C. R Waukegan, 111